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World I War Markers
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Australia, Victoria, Guildford — Guilford Honor Row — War Memorial
Guilford Honor Row List of Guilford veterans — Map (db m45802) HM
Australia, Victoria, Warrnambool — Aboriginal Soldiers
This memorial is dedicated to all Aboriginal men and women from South West Victoria who served their country proudly along with fellow Australians since World War 1. — Map (db m52646) HM
Alberta, Lake Louise — Castle Mountain Internment Camp
During Canada’s first national internment operations in World War One, thousands of immigrants from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the majority of Ukrainian origin, some citizens of Canada, were imprisoned as “enemy aliens”. Internment operations lasted from 1914 to 1920. This plaque is in memory of those held at the Castle Mountain camp from 14 July 1915 to 15 July 1917. Camp D’Internement du Mont-Castle. Lors des premiθres operations nationale d’internement Durant la . . . — Map (db m8827) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Sidney — War Memorial
In memory of the men of this district who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1918 ——— • ——— W.I. Apps • James Arden • H.H. Bedford • V. Cleaves • G.J. Coward • G.C. Cruse • Dean Arnold • H.A. Dennis • C.R. Gillan H. Grainger • T. Holliday • T. Ibrotson • F.C. John • W.S.J. Lalt John McNally • L.H. Norris • P. Robertson • C.F. Stutchbury C. Toogood • F. Toogood • F. Wilkinson Their Name Liveth For Evermore . . . — Map (db m75480) WM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — British Columbia Indians World Wars Memorial
This tablet in memory of the British Columbia Indians who gave their lives in the World Wars 1914 • 1918 - 1939 • 1945 — Map (db m74139) WM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Coast Defence Artillery Positions: 1878-1956 — Positions de l’artillerie cτtiθre: 1878-1956
The harbours at Victoria and Esquimalt, and the adjacent coastline were defended by temporary gun emplacements from 1878. International crises during the latter part of the century led to an agreement between the Canadian and British governments to improve and expand these defences with permanent fortifications and modern guns. Fort Rodd Hill was one part of this new development and continued in service until 1956. ———————— ΐ partir . . . — Map (db m75210) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Fifth Regiment of Garrison Artillery
The Fifth Regiment of Garrison Artillery marches down Government Street in December 1915 on their way to the Inner Harbour, where they boarded a steamer to Vancouver. They would join other Canadian troops fighting in Europe in World War I. The tall building in the back of is photo is the Pantages Theatre, now the McPherson Playhouse. The other building stood until the redevelopment of Centennial Square in the early 1960s. [Photo credit] Image # B-04181 courtesy of British Columbia Archives. — Map (db m49153) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — The Guardhouse / Corps de garde
This structure was designed to accommodate the guard when the battery was fully manned. Consisting of three or four soldiers commanded by a non-commissioned officer, the guard provided sentries to control the gate and patrol the battery perimeter. There was a small kitchen, a living room and a bedroom that could also be used to hold short-term prisoners. The bedroom extended beyond the defensible wall and served as a concrete blockhouse. Loopholes in the bedroom permitted soldiers . . . — Map (db m75775) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — To Our Glorious Dead — 1914 – 1919 — 1939 – 1945
“They died the noblest death a man may die, fighting for god, and right and liberty, and such a death is immortality.”

Korea 1950 – 1953 [On the back] In Recognition of the Services of the Canadian Forces and Canadian Citizens In The Service of Peace — Map (db m48933) WM

British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Upper Battery / Batterie supιrieure
A coast artillery battery consists of one or more gun emplacements and supporting structures and equipment. Its role was defensive; to prevent attack by enemy warships through the use of artillery. The layout of Upper Battery is typical of a coast defence battery of this period: High ground and a commanding position... + a clear field of fire for the gun... + a secure magazine to safely store ammunition close to the gun... + a communication system to control gun . . . — Map (db m75248) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Upper, Lower, Belmont Batteries — Batteries supιrieure, infιrieure et Belmont
These batteries were constructed at Fort Rodd Hill between 1895 and 1900, as part of the defences of Esquimalt Harbour. Upper and Lower Batteries, with their three large 6 inch guns, were designed to counter bombard enemy warships. Belmont Battery was equipped to engage fast torpedo boats, with smaller quick firing guns. ———————— Ces batteries furent construites au fort Rodd Hill entre 1895 et 1900 pour faire partie du systθme . . . — Map (db m75216) HM
British Columbia (National Capital Region), Victoria — Gun Emplacement / Emplacement du canon
One 6-inch gun on a disappearing carriage was mounted in this emplacement. The wall and sunken emplacement helped to conceal and protect the gun and crew from enemy bombardment. The concrete apron and earth glacis extending away from the top of the wall was designed to deflect incoming shells. Cet emplacement comprenait un canon de 6 pouces montι sur un affϋt ΰ ιclipse. Le mur et la fosse aidaient ΰ dissimuler le canon et servaients ΰ les protιger contre les bombardements ennemis. Le . . . — Map (db m76336) HM
New Brunswick (Charlotte County), St. Andrews — Lest We Forget — They died that we may be free
W.W.I Anning, William • Bartlett, George Leonard • Boone, George • Cork, Alfred • Crichton, Clarence M. • Greenlaw, Ernest • Grimmer, Harold Mackie • Jack, Edward • Key, William James • Markee, Percy • McMullin, Herbert • MacQuoid, Charles Loren • MacQuoid, Fraser • Raymond Paul, Alexander Thompson • Polis, Joseph • Purton, Frank • Quinn, Thomas • Reid, Otis • Richie, Clifford • Rogers, Thomas • Storr, Melbourne Roy • Stuart, Robert Albert • Williamson, Frederick S. • Woodbury, Frederick A. . . . — Map (db m77394) WM
Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Canadian Sailor's Monument
The sailor statue represents those valiant young Canadians who served in both war and peace is symbolic of the thousands of sailors who were instrumental in the victory at sea and a fitting acknowledgement to those who continue to maintain the peace. — Map (db m77597) WM
Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Fort Needham Memorial Park — and the Halifax Explosion
This marker is composted exclusively pictures and their captions. There is a left side and a right side to the marker. Captions are presented left to right, then top to bottom. Click on the marker image to enlarge it. Left side • This view from Fort Needham was drawn and engraved by Lieutenant Colonel Edward Hick, a British officier stationed in Halifax with the 70th Regiment of Foot from 1778 to 1782. The fort consisted of wooden buildings, for the defence of the . . . — Map (db m77955) HM
Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — France and Canada — La France et le Canada — Theirs is a story of enduring friendship./ C’est l’histoire d’une longe amitiι.
France and Canada share a long history. Theirs is a story of enduring friendship. It began 400 years ago, in Nova Scotia, the birthplace of Acadie, with the arrival of the first French settlers and of Samuel de Champlain at Port-Royal in 1605. Halifax had its first contact with France at the beginning of the 18th century. In 1711, the French engineer Delabat drew fortification plans for Chebucto Bay (present day Halifax harbour). In autumn of 1746, the Duc D’Anville led an ill-fated . . . — Map (db m77622) HM
Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Pier 21 — Canada’s National Immigration Museum — Musιe national de l’immigration au Canada
English When the Canadian immigration complex known as Pier 21 closed its doors in March of 1971, it marked the end of a more than forty-year saga of human hope, vision, courage and resilience. From its opening on the Halifax waterfront in 1928 to its final months of operation, Pier 21 served as a bridge to new beginnings. More than a million immigrants, refugees, displaced persons and war brides passed through its transit shed on their way to becoming Canadian citizens. During the . . . — Map (db m77616) HM
Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Ships and Men of the Royal Canadian Navy
This memorial was erected by the Atlantic Chief and Petty Officies Association to commemorate the Ships and Men of the Royal Canadian Navy who failed to return through enemy action, stress of weather and accidents during The Battle of the Atlantic and to remind future generations of The Price of Victory They are one with the tides of the sea They are one with the tides of our hearts Dedicated in the fifty seventh year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the . . . — Map (db m77646) WM
Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — The View from the Citadel / Le panorama vu de la citadelle — The Halifax Explosion / L’explosion d’Halifax — The Convoys / Les Convois
This marker is composed of five plaques on the same mounting. The marker stands on north wall of the Citadel overlooking Halifax Harbor. The markers are presented left to right. The Halifax Explosion / L’explosion d’Halifax English From where you are standing, you can see Ground Zero for the Halifax Explosion, the largest man-made explosion prior to the first atomic bomb. On December 6, 1917, as the First World War raged around the globe, the Norwegian relief . . . — Map (db m78257) HM
Ontario, Toronto — Canadian Airmen Monument
Panel 1: Per Arua Ad Astra In Memory of our Canadian Airmen who fought in the Skies to preserve freedom and order in the world. Panel 2: Canadian Airmen Awarded the Victoria Cross World War I: William Avery Bishop Alan Arnett McLeod William George Barker World War II: Andrew Charles Mynarski David Ernest Hornell Ian Willoughby Bazalgette Robert Hampton Gray Panel 3: This Monument was dedicated by Her Majesty Queen . . . — Map (db m57901) HM
Ontario (Chatham-Kent), Chatham — Chatham Armoury — 100th Anniversary — 1905-2005
chatham Armoury The Chatham Armoury was constructed in 1905 as a result of reform and expansion of the volunteer militia. The first unit to occupy the Armoury was the 24th Kent Regiment that was formed in 1901. It was the centre for local recruitment and training for the 186th Kent Overseas Battalion, CE.F. during the First World War, 1914-1918. In 1920 the Armoury became the home of the renamed Kent Regiment and, in 1936, the Kent Regiment, Machine Gun. During the Second . . . — Map (db m71382) HM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — "Holy Roller"
Presented to the City of London by 1st Hussars, 4th June 1950 in memory of the First Hussars who fell in two World Wars The only tank of 6th Canadian Armoured Regiment (1st Hussars) to complete campaign in North-West Europe D-Day 6th June 1944 VE-Day 8th May 1945 — Map (db m18922) HM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — Harold A. Rogers, O.C., O.B.E. — 1899 - 1994
The founder of Kinsmen & Kinette Clubs of Canada was born and raised at 324 Dundas Street, directly across from the armouries. Seeking the camaraderie he had experienced in the army during the First World War, “Hal” Rogers began the first Kinsmen Club in Hamilton in 1920. Under his guidance other clubs soon formed, each dedicated to “serving the community's greatest need.” Ongoing contributions from women prompted the formation of the Kinettes in 1942. During the Second . . . — Map (db m18933) HM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — London War Cenotaph
East facade: MCM XIV The Glorious Dead West facade:MCM XXXIX 1950 - 1953 Bronze plaque on West facade: In honour of those who died in war and conflict Erected 1934 by the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) Rededicated 1999 by the London Municipal Chapter IODE North facade: United Nations Peacekeepers We Will Remember Them Nearby usage informational sign: Memorial Services This Cenotaph is reserved for . . . — Map (db m18966) WM
Ontario (Niagara Region), St. Catharines — In Honoured Memory of the Men of the Township of Grantham
[base] In honoured memory of the men of the Township of Grantham who gave their lives in the Great War. 1914 1918 Canada [apex] Their name liveth for evermore. [left] Vimy Ridge Passchendaele Amiens Arras Drocourt Dury Bourlon Wood — Map (db m76098) WM
Ontario (Niagara Region), St. Catharines — In Memorium Reqviescant in Pace
'The men were very good unto us and we were not hurt. They were a wall unto us both by night and day' 1914·World War I·1918 1939·World War II·1945 1950·Korea·1953 United Nations Peacekeepers Canadian Merchant Navy [right] Passchendaele Amiens Arras Somme Vimy 1914-1918 [rear] This cenotaph was dedicated on August 7th AD 1927 and the first wreath placed hereon by His Royal Highness Edward Prince of Wales after the cenotaph had been unveiled by Brigadier General . . . — Map (db m76294) WM
Ontario (Niagara Region), St. Catharines — Lance Corporal Fred Fisher, V.C. — 1894 - 1915
Born in St, Catharines, Fred Fisher abandoned his studies at McGill University when World War I broke out and served with the 13th Battalion, First Division, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Fisher was awarded the Victoria Cross for his exceptional courage in action near St. Julien, Belgium, on April 23, 1915, during the second battle of Ypres. Under very heavy fire he led a machine-gun detachment covering the withdrawal of an artillery battery. Though his crew fell to enemy attack, Fisher held . . . — Map (db m76094) HM WM
Ontario (Niagara Region), St. Catharines — St. Paul Street United Church
[on brick] Exterior designated 1990. Of Italianate styling constructed in red brick (favoured by Methodist Church) between 1861 and 1863. Modeled after the Grace Methodist Church in Buffalo. Significant features: round-headed windows, corbelled brickwork trim at various levels, pinnacles at the building corners, the centre tower and tall central spire and hooded dormers on three sides of the steeple for ventilation. Also significant is the many years of religious worship in this . . . — Map (db m76307) HM WM
Prince Edward Island (Kings County), Georgetown — Georgetown War Memorial
To the glorious memory of our native sons who paid the supreme sacrifice in the two World Wars. 1914 — 1918 Our Honoured Dead Stephen F. Cherry • John P. Dalton • Martin P. Dalton • John W. Lavers • Temple W. Macdonald, M.C. • Guy MacPhee • John W. MacPhee 1939 — 1945 Our Honored Dead Oliver J. Babieau • Newman J. Batchilder • Rudolph J. Fouchere • Walter X. Jamieson • James D. Keenan • Hugh A. Macdonald • Francis A. McEachern • Fredrick W. Walker . . . — Map (db m80294) WM
Prince Edward Island (Queens County), Charlottetown — Prince Edward Island War Memorial
Side A Erected by the Citizens of Charlottetown in memory of those from Prince Edward Island who gloriously laid down their lives in the Great War in honour forevermore of all who served therein 1914 - 1918 1939 - 1945 Korea 1950 - 1953 Side B Lest We Forget 1914 - 1918 1939 - 1945 Korea 1950 - 1953 — Map (db m80280) WM
Quebec (Capitale-Nationale (region)), Quιbec — In Memory of Our Fallen Soldiers — La mιmoire des combattants
English: Unveiled on July 1, 1924, the Cross of Sacrifice originally honoured the memory of the Canadian soldiers killed during the Great War of 1914-1918. Over 66,000 lost their lives in the conflict. A handful of earth from Vimy, the site of Canada’s most decisive involvement in the war, was placed under the base of the monument. As subsequent conflicts arose over the years, more inscriptions were added to the monument to commemorate the sacrifice of soldiers lost in the Second . . . — Map (db m80846) HM WM
Quebec (Gaspιsie– Ξles-de-la-Madeleine (region)), Percι — Percι Great War Memorial — 1914 - 1918
English: To Commemorate the valour of Officers and Men of Percι who fought in the Great War with his Majesty’s Forces for honour and freedom Our heroic dead French: En mιmoire de la vaillance des officiers et soldats de Percι qui ont combattu dans les armιes de sa majestι pour l’honneur et la libertι Nos morts hιroiques Lieut. J. Herbert Lamb • Spr. John Boucher • Jean Laflamme English: and in honour also of those who served . . . — Map (db m80643) WM
France, Provence-Alpes-Cτte dAzur (Var), Aups — Aux Enfants d’Aups Mort pour la France
Aux Enfants d’Aups Mort pour la France (English: The children of Aups, died for France) Abeille, Francois • Archier, Jules • Armelin, Jules • Auzende, Marius • Aymes, Frederic • Bagarry, Francois • Bagarry, Gustave • Bernard, Henri • Bernard, Louis • Blanc, Eugene • Boeuf, Jules • Boniot, Margelin • Borme, Gasimir • Bounic, Louis • Bonic, Lucien • Bourjac, Edouard • Bourjac, Leon Ed • Cablat, Jean • Carvonnel, Jn Bte • Chauvin, Albert • Chauvin, Marius • Chiapello, Leonge • Constantin, . . . — Map (db m61680) WM
Germany, Baden-Wόrttemberg (Tuttlingen District), Frittlingen — World War I Memorial
Den tapferen Helden vom Weltkrieg 1914 - 1918 gewidmet von der dankbaren Gemeinde 1921. Bernhard Anger 38 J.a. verh. • Paul Anger 23 J.a. • Stephan Baier 21 J.a. • Johannes Bantle 27 J.a. • Otto Bantle 21 J.a. • Anton Braun, Lehrer 26 J.a. • Hermann Braun 38 J.a. verh. • Pius Braun 21 J.a. • Karl Effinegr 21 J.a. • Aloys Faulhaber 25 J.a. • George Faulhaber 21 J.a. • Josef Faulhaber 21 J.a. • Josef Faulhaber, Schreiner, 23 J.a. • Franz Geiger 22 J.a. • Hermann Hδring 24 J.a. • . . . — Map (db m77726) WM
Germany, Bavaria, Wόrzburg — Faulenberg Barracks — Faulenberg Kaserne
Die Kaserne diente von 1879 bis zur Auflφsung der Bayer. Armee dem k. b. 2. Feldartillerie Regiment “Horn” als Unterkunft. Es bestand von 1824 bis 1919 und hat an den Feldzuegen 1848, 1866, 1870-71 und am Weltkrieg 1914-18 ruhmvollen Anteil genommen. Marker translated into English: From 1879 until the dissolution of Bavarian Army, this barracks housed the Royal Bavarian 2nd Field Artillery Regiment "Horn". During its existence from 1824 to 1919, it admirably performed . . . — Map (db m78262) HM
Germany, Bavaria (Ansbach District), Rothenburg ob der Tauber — St. Jakob's Church World War I Memorial
Im kampf fόrs Vaterland starben: Karl Wδgerlein - Maurer u. Steinhauer in Frankreich am 2. Jan. 1915 Georg Lindner - Steinmetzpalier in Rumδnien am 9. Nov. 1917 David Neumeister - Maurer in Frankreich am 14. Okt. 1918 Ehre ihrem Andenken ———————— In the fight for the fatherland died: Karl Wδgerlein - Mason and Stonecutter in France on January 2, 1915 Georg Lindner - Mason in Romania on November 9, . . . — Map (db m77712) WM
Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Thomas M. Kettle — 1880 - 1916
Born in County Dublin 9th February 1880 Killed at Guinchy 9th September 1916 Poet•Essayist•Patriot ____________________ Killed at Guinchy during the Great War, September 1916. “Died not for Flag nor King nor Emperor But for a dream born in a herdsman's shed And for the sacred scripture of the poor.” The bronze bust erected in 1937, is by A.G. Power and was cast by Compagnie des Bronzes, Brussels. [From the Monuments of St. Stephen's Green marker found in . . . — Map (db m22489) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Longford), Longford — County Longford Great War Memorial — 1914 - 1918
[Northeast Face] To Perpetuate the Memory of the 284 Gallant Soldiers of the County Longford who fell in the Great World War. This Cross was erected by the generous subscriptions of their sorrowing relatives, comrades and sympathisers. R. I. P. [Handwritten note hanging below reads:] In memory of the 325 Longford men and women who died in World Wars One and Two and other conflicts R. I. P. [Southwest face] Those loving Heroes good and . . . — Map (db m27355) HM
Italy, South Tyrol, Bolzano — First World War Military Hospital
Questo edificio, giΰ convento dei padri Domenicani dal 1276 al 1790, venne adibito durante la prima guerra mondaile ad imperial-regio ospedale militare. Il Capitano Medico Dr. Lorenz Bφhler, VI fondo nell’agosto del 1916 la moderna traumatologia. Dieses Gebδude, von 1276 bis 1790 Dominikanerkloster, diente im 1. Weltkrieg als K.u.K. Kriegslazarett. Hier bergόndete im August 1916 der Regimentsarzt Dr. Lorenz Bφhler die moderne unfallchirurgie. Italian/German – English . . . — Map (db m68733) HM
Italy, South Tyrol, Ortisei — Ortisei War Memorial
This marker is in three languages; Ladin, the local language of South Tyrol, German and Italian. (Ladin) La capela di turnei foya unida fata su do la Prima Gran Viera sciche luech de lecort per i 96 saudeies dla pluania de Urtijλi turnei o nia plu ruvei a cλsa. Do la Segonda Gran Viera fova unic juntei pro i 83 inuemes de saudeies tumei o nia plu ruvei de reviers danter l 1939 y l 1945. La ciampana sun chλsta capela ie na copia dl „cuse da Sacun”, coche chλi de Ghλrdeina ti a . . . — Map (db m69172) HM WM
Liechtenstein, Schaan — I Had a Comerade — Ich hatte einen Kameraden — 1914-1918
The initial part of this transcription presents the center vertical part of the marker: Seine Durchlaucht Prinz Heinrich Alois von und zu Liechtenstein Maj. d. k.u.k. Drag. Rgt. 13 Bes. des Signum laudis des Ordens der Eisernen Krone III. Kl. u.s.w. geb. 21.VI.1877 gest. 16.VIII.1915 i. Warschau infolge Verwundung beim Vormarsch gegen Brest-Litovsk English translation: His Highness Prince Heinrich Alois of Liechtenstein Major of . . . — Map (db m78135) WM
Philippines, Metro Manila, Taguig — Manila American Cemetery and Memorial — The American Battle Monuments Commission
Manila American Cemetery, the largest of 24 cemeteries built and administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission, both in area and number of graves. 16,636 military dead of the United States of America from World War II rest here, alongside 570 Philippine Nationals who were serving with U.S. Forces in the southwest Pacific. Most of those buried here lost their lives in the epic defense of the Philippines and the East Indies in 1941 and 1942 or in the long but victorious return of the . . . — Map (db m73079) HM WM
Ukraine, Volyn, Lutsk — Monument Kupriyan Sivy
One of the 4 forts under Lutsk , built in 1887 -1890 -ies . This fort was buried Kupriyan Sivy and a memorial cross in his honor : Magazine - Niva number 37 on September 10, 1916 wrote : "Tomb of the hero " Place and the tomb of the martyr penalty arrow 8th Siberian shelf Kupriyan Sivy . Having escaped from Austrian captivity , he reached his native village Boratin near Lutsk occupied by the Austrians , he settled in the neighboring Czech Boratin colony , the widow of professor Gorlichko . . . — Map (db m72236) WM
United Kingdom, City of Edinburgh (Scotland), Edinburgh — Scottish-American War Memorial
This memorial was initiated by the Scottish-American War Memorial Committee. the statue and bas-relief were sculpted by Canadian Robert Tait Mackenzie (1867-1938) and cast at the Roman Bronze Works, Brooklyn, New York, Mackenzie was a physician and Director of Physical Education at the University of Pennsylvania. The Craigleith sandstone setting was designed by architect Reginald Fairlie. The memorial was unveiled on the 7th September 1927 by U.S. Ambassador Houghton, who . . . — Map (db m34255) HM
United Kingdom, Highland (Sutherland), Dornoch — Seaforth Highlanders — 1914 – 1919
Erected by The Seaforth Highlanders to the undying memory of 8432 comrades belonging to the ten battalions of the regiment who gave their lives for their country in the Great War Scotland For Ever — Map (db m34064) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Antrim), Bushmills — Sgt. Robert Quigg
Dedicated to the memory of Sgt. Robert Quigg, 12th Battalion R.I.R. who won the V.C. at the Battle of the Somme on the 1st July 1916 Died 14th May 1955 — Map (db m70774) HM WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Antrim), Bushmills — World Wars Memorial
To the men of this town & district who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1914 – 1919 [Rolls of Honored Dead] Killed in the 1939-1945 War [Roll of Honored Dead] — Map (db m70773) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Fermanagh), Enniskillen — German 21cm Mortar, 1918
Captured during the Great War 1914-1918 Presented in commemoration of the award of the Victoria Cross on 29th October, 1914 to Lieutenant J.A.O. Brooke 2nd Battn. The Gordon Highlanders "For conspicuous bravery and great ability near Gheluvelt, on the 29th October in leading two attacks on the German trenches under heavy rifle and machine-gun fire, regaining a lost trench at a very critical moment. He was killed on that day. By his marked coolness and promptitude on . . . — Map (db m72647) HM WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Fermanagh), Enniskillen — German 77mm Light Artillery Gun
This gun was originally a German 77mm Light Artillery Gun from the first world war [sic]. It was captured in Belgium in 1918 by men of the Inniskillings in the 36th (Ulster) Division. The gun was placed in the Regimental Depot of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in Omagh (St Lucia Barracks). At the approach of the second world war [sic] it was removed to Woolrich Arsenal, London and converted for coastal artillery. This is what you see now. After the war it was returned to . . . — Map (db m72649) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Fermanagh), Enniskillen — World Wars Memorial
Our Glorious Dead 1914 - 1918 1939 - 1945 [Roll of Honored Dead] — Map (db m72620) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — World Wars Memorial
To Our Honoured Dead and Those Who Served 1914 - 1918 1939 - 1945 Names of the Fallen [Panels not transcribed] Sculptures by Vernon March, 1926 — Map (db m71133) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Garvagh — World Wars Memorial
The Great War 1914 - 1918 "The Fallen" Faithful unto death Black H.C. • Bradley J. • Bradley P. • Caldwell, W. • Caskey M. • Collins R. • Dale T. • Dempsey J. • Faith J. • Gavin R. F. Capt. • Hall T. Cpl. • Hazlett J.B. • Lynch J. Cpl. • Macausland O.B. Lieut. • Maclean J.G. • McCooke J. • McCurdy W. • McElfatrick S. • McIlwrath M. L/C. • McIlrath R. L/C. • Morrison J.D. L/C. • Mulholland J. • O’Kane D. • O’Kane T. • Patton W. • Stewart W. • Thompson W.J. • Torrens J. • Torrens T. . . . — Map (db m70726) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Tyrone), Moy — World Wars Memorial
The Great War 1914-1918 In Memoriam Aird A. • Allen R. • Allen W. • Allen W.J. • Bradley F.E. • Bradley F.H. • Bradley R.I. • Carson R. • Carson W. • Coleman G. • Davies C.C. • Duke W. • Fullerton J. • Gray J. • Hagan T.J. • Harkin C. • Herron C. • Hetherington J.W. • Igoe H. • Jones R.J. • Kilpatrick W.R. • Lutton G. • Morrison J.D. • McGuigan H. • McGuigan J. • Proctor J.C.B. • Reid J. • Rose-Cleland A.M.B. • Stafford J. • Tottenham E.L. M.C. • Tottenham A.H. • Watson E. • . . . — Map (db m70725) WM
United Kingdom, Suffolk (Mid Suffolk), Botesdale — In Grateful Memory
In grateful Memory of those men from the parishes of Botesdale-Redgrave-Rickinghall Superior and Inferior who fell in The Great War 1914-1918 Also in affectionate memory of those who gave their lives in the 1939-45 War Peter Le M Andrew • Sidney C Bailey • William Doddington • Kenneth J Erith • Charles F Francis • Jasper F Caught • Edward Kirk • Edward C A Plarce • Ronald W Pearce • Gordon E Ray • John K Ray — Map (db m52451) HM
Alabama (Baldwin County), Fort Morgan — The Pride of Seven Flags
(East Face): Tribute dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives in the defense of our country here at Fort Morgan. Here lies the pride of seven flags entombed in our ancestor’s worth, who heard the thunder of the fray break o’er the field beneath knew the watchword of the day was “Victory or Death.” (North Face): Dates of battles and some events relative to Fort Morgan. 1711 – Battle, France – England 1719 – Battle, . . . — Map (db m4649) HM
Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — Battery Dearborn (1900-1924)
Constructed between 1899 and 1900, the battery was named in honor of Major General Henry Dearborn, a Revolutionary War hero. The battery mounted eight 12” breech-loading mortars. Each mortar weighed 13 tons and was 11’ 9” long. The battery’s mortars did not fire directly at a target, but rather into one of eight “zones.” Different weights of projectiles and powder charges were used in each zone. Projectiles weighted between 824 and 1046 pounds and were propelled by . . . — Map (db m69919) HM
Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — U.S. Model 1918M1 155mm Gun and Model 1918A1 Carriage
The U.S. Model 1918M1 155mm Gun, more commonly known as the “G.P.F.”, was a French heavy artillery piece manufactured in the U.S. for use by the U.S. Army during World War I. Due to the gun’s mobility and hitting power, it was used during the 1920’s and 1930’s as a coast defense weapon. By 1944, the M1918M1 gun and the M1918AA carriage with its solid rubber tires were no longer in front line service and had been relegated to a support role. During World War II, Battery F of the . . . — Map (db m69910) HM
Alabama (Blount County), Blountsville — None — Blountsville Court Square Timeline
1813: Colonel John Coffee and 800 Tennessee Volunteers see Bear Meat Cabin Cherokee Settlement near Blountsville 1816: Town settles around square 1820: Newly named Blountsville becomes county seat 1827: Town incorporated with Trustee System 1833: First courthouse built 1853: Town incorporated with new system; immediately un-incorporated 1863: Forrest-Streight Civil War Raid 1864: Rousseau Civil War Raid 1865-71: Reconstruction unrest 1880: Croquet dominates Court Square . . . — Map (db m49176) HM
Alabama (Butler County), Greenville — Butler County World War I Memorial
In Memory of Butler County Veterans of World War I 1917-1918 — Map (db m70772) WM
Alabama (Calhoun County), Anniston — Anniston World War
Erected by the Anniston Post American Legion to the Calhoun County Men who served in the World War — Map (db m53334) HM
Alabama (Calhoun County), Saks — 27th. Division Veterans Memorial
Dedicated Oct. 15, 1980 and given in memory of those members who gave their lives in World War I & II by the 27th. Division Association whose members trained on this ground 1940-1941 — Map (db m53009) HM
Alabama (Chambers County), LaFayette — Chambers County War Memorial
In Memory of Chambers Co. Veterans Who Gave Their Lives In Following Wars World War II Askew, Arthur L. Pvt. • Austin, George L. Jr. 1st Lt. • Baker, Edwin H. Sgt. • Bassett, Wilma M. Pvt. • Belcher, Guy E. PFC. • Bishop, Ulysses H. Tec. 4 • Brown, John T. Sgt. • Brown, William A. Cpl. • Butler, Cecil C. Pvt. • Crowder, Robert L. Pvt. • Dardy, James Jr. Pvt. • Davis, Charles W. Sgt. • Farrar, James L. PFC. • Fitzpatrick, John W. PFC. • Floyd, Wilbur Pvt. • Ford, Dwight H. . . . — Map (db m18163) WM
Alabama (Chambers County), Valley — Armed Forces Tribute
A Tribute to the men of our community who have served in the Armed Forces for our country Lest We Forget — Map (db m71652) WM
Alabama (Clarke County), Grove Hill — Colored and White Soldiers of World War I
This is a replica of the original tablet from the 1924 World War I monument located in front of the Clarke County Courthouse. The monument was the first memorial ever erected to honor county war dead. It cost $1,650 and was paid for with donations. This tablet has historical significance. It is unique in that it shows racial tolerance for the time by honoring Blacks and Whites on the same stone. Tolerant though it may have been, it is a relic of a segregation era and a reminder that all . . . — Map (db m57385) HM
Alabama (Clay County), Ashland — Clay County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the veterans of Clay County who so unselfishly served and to those who died in defense of their country Let it be said “We will never forget” Left Panel List of World War I, World War II and Korean War veterans Right Panel List of World War II and Vietnam War veterans — Map (db m14302) WM
Alabama (Colbert County), Sheffield — Village One
Front In 1918, during World War I, the U.S. Government built this unique village of 85 bungalows, school, and officers barracks to house personnel at nearby Nitrate Plant No. 1. Prefabricated and standard size materials were used in construction along with red tile roofs and stucco exteriors. Streets were laid out in an unusual "Liberty Bell" design. Reverse The Village was owned by TVA from 1933~1949. Its employees occupied the houses and their children attended a . . . — Map (db m28577) HM
Alabama (Dale County), Ariton — Veterans Memorial Bridge - 1921 / Grist Mill - Indian Battle - Recreation
(Front):Veterans Memorial Bridge - 1921This reinforced concrete river bridge, thought to be the first in Alabama. Was erected over Pea River in 1920-21 at a cost of $92,108.97. It was dedicated on August 3, 1921 as a memorial to the 57 men from Dale County who lost their lives in World War 1. Engineers were Mitcham, Keller, Smith and Land. County officials were Windham, Sessions, Roberts, Ziglar, Mullins and Archer. In 1977, through the efforts of the Dale County Historical Society, The . . . — Map (db m36511) HM
Alabama (Dale County), Ozark — Dale Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of those Dale County veterans who died in defense of our country World War I Obie A. Alpin • Sam E. Andrews • Marlin R. Arnett • Robert Arrington • Lester Avant • Ivey Y. Beasley • Jere Brown • Mose Canter • Glen Causlerr • Malcomb Cook • Willie W. Cotten • Willie E. Cotter • Buck Dean • Payton V. Deese • Hubert Dixon • Henry Ezelle • Alto Gibson • Henry C. Godwin • James F. Griggs • John B. Hardwick • James H. Harris • Edgar Lee Jordan • Alexander Kirkland • . . . — Map (db m36561) WM
Alabama (Dallas County), Selma — John Tillman Melvin — United States Navy R.F.
Erected by the Citizens of Selma to Commemorate the Heroism of Lieutenant John Tillman Melvin United States Navy, R.F. Born Selma, Alabama Oct. 16, 1887 Among the first to volunteer and the first American Naval officer killed in action in our war with Germany. Lost his life by a torpedo from a German submarine while aboard the U.S. Ship Alcedo off the coast of France Nov. 5, 1917. He gave his life that Democracy and Liberty might live. — Map (db m37660) HM
Alabama (Etowah County), Gadsden — Etowah County War Memorial
World War I Ables, Crawford Aderholt, Carl Atwood, Joe I. Bagley, Hugh Battles, Fred Benton, Edwin J. Berry, C. Birchfield, Sam Brewster, Everett Buffington, Hugh G. Bullard, Leo Campbell, Earl C. Cason, Floyd Christenberry, Curn Cochran, Grady Coxwell, Elsie B. Faucett Lester C. Flemming, Joe Fletcher, Newman W. Garrison, Ed T. Gattis, Paul Gay, Margie Gentry, John Glenn, James E. Gray, Earnest E. Gray, Julius B. Gregory, Ben T. . . . — Map (db m53844) WM
Alabama (Henry County), Headland — Headland World War I Monument
South side To those who made the supreme sacrifice 1917 - World War - 1918 — Till the day breaks and the shadows flee away North side Erected by Headland Chapter, U.D.C. To the soldiers of the Confederacy Valiant—Courageous—Unconquered — "Lest We Forget" — Map (db m71871) WM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Bessemer — Doughboy Monument
North side To the memory of our World War heroes who died that civilization might not perish from the earth. West Side HONOR ROLL WORLD WAR Allbright Rufie PVT. Co. D. 167th Inf. KA Bailey Andrew SGT. Co. D. 167th Inf. DD Bailey Jas. T. PVT. Co. D. 9th Inf. DW Barr Sam CORP. M.G. 167th Inf. DW Benton Guy D. PVT. 76 Co. 6th Reg. U.S.Marines KA Burnett Usry CORP. Co. D. 167th Inf. KA Canoles Carl CORP. Co. D. 167th Inf. KA Carson Wm. W. PVT. 1st Class . . . — Map (db m39928) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Disabled American Veterans
(Side 1) Disabled American Veterans Formed December 25, 1920. Birmingham Chapter No. 4 Chartered January 25, 1926. This Memorial Dedicated To Our Military Forces And To All Who Have Given Their Blood And Lives That The Republic Might Live Forever. How Sleep The Brave Who Sink To Rest By All Their Country's Wishes Blest! This Tenth Day Of November Nineteen Hundred Eighty One. (Side 2) United States Army Authorized By The Continental Congress June 14, 1775 * . . . — Map (db m24347) WM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Osmond Kelly Ingram — 1887 - 1917
. . . — Map (db m63762) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — The Rainbow Viaduct — Dedicated to the Brave Men of the 167th Infantry who fought to Preserve Our Freedom
On May 10, 1919, soon after its completion, this 21st Street Viaduct was named the Rainbow Viaduct in tribute to Alabama's famous 167th Infantry of the Rainbow Division, renowned for Bravery and Honor. The 167th was the Nation's only regiment in World War 1 referred to by its home state -- "The Alabama," made up of men from throughout Alabama, including a large number from Birmingham, this regiment had to its credit the following brave deeds, among countless others: * Advanced farthest . . . — Map (db m26991) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Homewood — Union Hill Cemetery
Union Hill Cemetery is the burial grounds of many pioneers and early settlers of the Shades Valley area. It was established in the 1870s. but includes gravestones dating back to the early 1850s due to the relocation of two earlier, smaller cemeteries to Union Hill - the Daniel Watkins Cemetery in 1946 and the Enoch Anderson Watkins Cemetery in 2004. Union Hill Cemetery is also the final resting place of many veterans who served in the Civil War, Spanish - American War, WWI, WWII, and the Korean . . . — Map (db m26293) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Trussville — Trussville Furnace — 1889-1919
Operated on this site under the ownership of seven companies to produce foundry pig iron. Supplied pig iron during World War 1. Closed for the last time in the Spring of 1919. Dismantled in 1933, and the land sold in 1935 for a Federal Housing Project. — Map (db m26229) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — 75mm Field Gun
This 75mm field gun is a modification of a French gun that was designed in 1917. The 75mm was the most effective light field gun in W.W. I. It was also used against infantry, tanks, and other armored targets in W.W.II. This gun is 17’-3” long, and weighs 3,400 lbs. Its range was 13,870 yards, and fired 6 rounds per minute. The 75mm shell weighted 19 lbs., and could be fixed, high-explosive, chemical, smoke, or armor-piercing. The 105mm now replaced the 75mm gun as the light artillery weapon. — Map (db m69662) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Homer Givens — 1898 - 1971 — America's First World War I Hero
The home of Homer Givens, America's first hero in World War I was located .4 of a mile north of this intersection. Following a bloody two-hour battle on November 1, 1917 Corporal Givens stood alone after his comrades had fallen. He then managed to kill three enemy soldiers before being severely wounded by twenty-three pieces of shrapnel. Givens was decorated with France's highest military honor, the Croix De Guerre, His award ceremony was attended by General John J Pershing, Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces. — Map (db m28163) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — The American Legion — 1919
Side A The American Legion, an organization of U.S. War Veterans was founded in Paris, France, March 15~17, 1919 by delegates from combat and service units of the American Expeditionary Force assembled in response to a call by a committee headed by Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. A national charter was granted by Congress on September 16, 1919. The charter has been amended over the years to admit veterans of all American Wars to its membership. Nonsectarian and nonpolitical, . . . — Map (db m35220) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — World War I Memorial
Dedicated to the following heroes who sacrificed their lives in the defense of our Nation during World War I. Adams, Jesse • Agnew, Jesse • Alexander, John C. • Brewer, William Calvin • Burks, Tommie • Couch, William A. • William M Creasy • Crunk, Percy • Foster, Solomon • Hall, John Wesley • Harden, Naila • Hill, Price • Hines, Luther • Holland, Henry • Houston, John W. • Howell, T.A. Jr. • Heupel, Jacob W. • Hulsey, Thomas W. • Jones, Jesse • Johnson, Robert • Lanier, Charles E • Lawson, . . . — Map (db m69641) WM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — World War I Memorial Trees
On February 20, 1919, a row of memorial trees was planted along the east side of what was then Seminary Street (now Harrison Entrance) on city property fronting two new State Normal School dormitories. These trees were planted in honor of the men of Lauderdale County who gave their lives during World War I. On April 20, 1919, an additional tree from the battlefields of France, sent by the President of that country, was planted shortly thereafter. This monument was erected near the trees. The . . . — Map (db m35643) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Greenhill — World War I
In Memory of Our loved ones who were our heroes in the World's War of 1917-1918 Soldier Rest Thy Work is Done. Tommie Burks, Price Hill, Luther Hines, Alvin McKinney, Barney Liles, Clyde Wilcoxson — Map (db m48182) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Hillsboro — Home of Annie Wheeler
Born July 31, 1868 ~ Died April 10, 1955 Daughter of General Joseph Wheeler Gallantly served her country three times on foreign soil. Volunteer nurse, Santiago, Cuba~1898. Spanish~American War and Manila, P.I. ~1899 during Philippine Insurrection. Red Cross Worker with A.E.F. France, World War I ~1918. Beloved as a humanitarian and benefactor of mankind. — Map (db m29558) HM
Alabama (Lee County), Opelika — Lieutenant Colonel Dallas B. Smith — March 9, 1883 - August 1, 1935
Dallas “Dal” Smith was a veteran of the First World War. During his time of service, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart and a Regimental Citation. He commanded the 3rd Battalion of the 167th Regiment. After the war, Lieutenant Colonel Smith served in several regional and national positions with the Veterans Insurance Program. The Armory was named in his honor in 1938. He is remembered for his community service in the Rotary Club, the Boy Scouts of America and the Masons. — Map (db m75133) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Memorial Fountains — Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial
The Memorial Fountain System begins with a flow of water cascading over the continuous weir, which is punctuated by 8 Black Granite Markers. This flow symbolizes the blood which has been spilled defending our nation's freedom and flows into the Sacrifice Pool, the Courage Pool, and the Defender Fountain. The small white headstones in the Defenders Fountain are replicas of those in Arlington National Cemetery and represent all of our fallen warriors. Water feeds through the Defender Fountain . . . — Map (db m68728) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — World War I — Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial
Known by many as “the War to end all Wars,” 
World War I broke out in Europe in the summer
 of 1914 between the allied powers (United Kingdom, France, Russia, Italy) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungry, The Ottoman Empire). As the first global conflict of the industrial age, World War I introduced new weapons such as the airplane, tank, poison gas, submarine, and machine gun that took the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians. The United Stated . . . — Map (db m71392) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — World War I (Great War)/1914 – 1918
I am First Sergeant Jo Frank Fox of the 167th Infantry Regiment, 42nd (Rainbow) Division, I’m the top sergeant of my company which means when I say ‘JUMP!” all the men jump and ask “How high?” on the way up. I got a glare that can make a platoon of men faint dead away just by glancing at’em! The 167th is an Alabama National Guard unit that until 1917 was the old 4th Alabama Regiment, which traces its history back to the civil War. We are brigaded with Yankees of the 165th . . . — Map (db m71490) HM WM
Alabama (Marshall County), Guntersville — Veterans of Foreign Wars Marshall County
Honoring those who served in combat - Especially those who made the supreme sacrificeWorld War I Richardson,Robert C. Mashburn, Millard J. Totherow, Charlie Shuttleworth, Walter F. Searcy, Charles H. Parrish, Steve R. Walker, Thomas P. Leach, William G. Sanders, Allie S. Powers, Ernest A. Pope, Hershell A. Wright, Jesse C. Taylor, Lester Payne, Orville B. Poarch, Peter E. Fletcher, Newman Minor, Thomas L. Johnson, Will Morris, Green Kent, . . . — Map (db m53153) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Air University / Maxwell Air Force Base
(Side A) Air University The Air Corps Tactical School moved to Maxwell in 1931. Brilliant young officers like Chennault, Eaker, Fairchild, Hansell, Kuter, LeMay, Quesada, and Vandenberg formulated the aerial strategies and tactics employed in World War II. In 1940, Maxwell became the home of HQ Southeast Air Corps Training Center responsible for pilot, Navigator and bombardier training, producing over 100,000 aviation cadets. Air University was established in 1946 as the USAF . . . — Map (db m64437) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Lt. William C. Maxwell / Air Force ROTC
Lt. William C. Maxwell (Side A) William Calvin Maxwell was born Nov. 9, 1892 in Natchez, Ala. An Army ROTC student at the University of Alabama, he left in 1917 to enlist in the Army. He received his commission in April 1918, after completing flight training at Kelly Field, Texas. In 1919, he was assigned to 3rd Aero Squadron, Philippines. On August 12, 1920, engine trouble forced Lt. Maxwell to attempt to land his DH-4 in a sugarcane field. Maneuvering to avoid a group of children . . . — Map (db m64367) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — 167th Infantry / Alabama’s Own — (4th Alabama)
An Alabama regiment was formed in 1836 to defend Fort Foster in Florida. Same unit, designated the 1st Alabama Volunteers ten years later, served in Mexican War. Mustered again May 4, 1861 as the 4th Alabama Infantry Regiment, it fought in every major battle in the Eastern Theater of the Civil War. The 4th distinguished itself in Battle of Manassas, the first major battle of the War, when it plugged gap in Confederate lines beside Brig. Gen. T. J. Jackson’s brigade and repulsed several Union . . . — Map (db m38897) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — 37th Division The Buckeye Division — World War I / World War II & Korea
World War I Camp Sheridan was the site of the August 1917 organization of the Buckeye Division, made up of Ohio National Guardsmen who previously had been serving on the Mexican Border. After training, the 37th went to France in June 1918, fighting in the Lorraine, Ypres - Lys, and Meuse - Argonne Campaigns. It took 5,387 casualties and won a Medal of Honor before returning to the U.S. in March 1919 to be demobilized. 2nd Lieutenant Albert E. Baesel, 148th Infantry, was awarded the . . . — Map (db m38895) WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — 9th Infantry Division / “The Old Reliables”
The 9th Division was organized on 18 July 1918 at Camp Sheridan for service in World War I. When the War ended, 11 November 1918, deployment of the Division to France was canceled and it was demobilized on 15 February 1919. Reactivated on 1 August 1940, 9th Infantry Division soldiers fought valiantly in 8 crucial World War II campaigns in North Africa, Sicily, France, Belgium, and Germany. After a short inactivation, the 9th returned to the active force on 15 July 1947 as a training division at . . . — Map (db m76161) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Flame of Freedom
Honoring Alabama * War * Veterans Erected in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the American Legion Department of Alabama March 15,1969 — Map (db m69308) WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Remount Depot / Keyton Station
Side 1 Remount Depot During World War I, in the summer of 1917 the U.S. Army opened a remount depot here to buy horses and mules for Camp Sheridan's 27,000-man 37th Division from Ohio. Despite the introduction of motor transport to war, an infantry division still needed nearly 4,000 horses and 2,700 mules as draft, riding and pack animals to pull 40-wagon trains, guns and field ambulances in 1918. This post occupied 160 acres alongside the Central of Georgia R.R. on the . . . — Map (db m71340) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — World War I Memorial
This memorial was dedicated on April 6, 1918. After a parade through downtown Montgomery by 30,000 predominately Ohio troops stationed at nearby Camp Sheridan. The original flagpole was purchased with the contributions of the school children of Alabama. The addition of the flags of the fifty states of the union gives added significance to this memorial to the heroes from Alabama who along with patriots from other states have paid the supreme sacrifice in defense of . . . — Map (db m74270) WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Pike Road — Taylor Field
Montgomery's first military flying installation was established 200 yards south of this spot in November of 1917. The facility was named for Captain Ralph L. Taylor, who was killed in an airplane crash at Mineola Field, New York in August of 1917. The primary flying school here included 16 hangers, repair shops, warehouses, quarters, a hospital, and nearly 200 JN-4 and DH-4 aircraft on its 800 acres. One hundred and thirty-nine fledgling pilots completed the eight-week course and some served in . . . — Map (db m72016) HM
Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — World War One
In Memory of those who died for our country during 1917-18 John Alexander Jr.,Dorsey L. Baker, Fred S. Baker, Sam Black, James W. Bunch, Harkless Byrd, Joe Campbell, James L. Culpepper, William J. Eaton, Buford L. Flack, Owen Fowler, Claud M Graham, Charner L. Harp, Floyd Herbert, Florin Hodges, James Hopkins, Napoleon Jones, Solomon H. Kitchens, Willie D. Means, Gette Montgomery, William D. Moore, Francis Nunn, Thomas Parker, Virgil C. Parker, George E. Patterson, Will Patterson, James . . . — Map (db m48189) HM
Alabama (Pike County), Troy — Pike County WWI Memorial
In honor of the men of Pike County who served in the World War 1914-1918. — Map (db m76759) WM
Alabama (Russell County), Phenix City — Albert Love Patterson — January 27, 1891 - June 18, 1954
(side 1) Born at New Site, Alabama, he grew up working on his parents’ farm. In 1916 he worked in the oil fields in Texas and joined the Texas National Guard. He married Agnes Benson of Alabama in 1917. In 1918 he was commissioned an officer in the 36th Infantry Division. He was wounded by machine gun fire at St. Etienne, France, during World War I and awarded the French Croix de Guerre with gilt star for bravery. He later received the Purple Heart. His wounds left him crippled for . . . — Map (db m69114) HM
Alabama (Russell County), Phenix City — POW * MIA Monument
POW*MIA You Are Not Forgotten Dedicated to all Our Nation's POW * MIA Past - Present Fort Benning Sergeants Major Association 19 September 2009 — Map (db m69092) WM
Alabama (Russell County), Seale — Holland McTyeire Smith
(obverse) South of this site was the homeplace of Holland McTyeire Smith, born April 20, 1882. He completed the preparatory school at Seale, College at Alabama Polytechnic Institute and the University of Alabama Law School. He was commissioned Lieutenant in the Marine Corps in 1915; Brigadier General, 1939; Major General, 1941; Lieutenant General 1944; and General, 1946. During his tenure he was the highest ranked general in the Marine Corps. He participated in numerous campaigns and . . . — Map (db m69406) HM
Alabama (Russell County), Seale — John Bacon McDonald
(obverse) Near here is the site of the plantation of John Bacon McDonald who was born February 8, 1859. He entered the United States Military Academy on June 14, 1876, after finishing the tutelage of Colonel John M. Brannon of Seale and Captain Jerry J. Slade of Columbus. On June 11, 1881, he was graduated from West Point. He served in the Geronimo Campaign in 1885 and as an Indian Scout; the Philippines; and later Europe during World War I. In 1923 he was promoted to Brigadier . . . — Map (db m69408) HM
Alabama (Russell County), Seale — William Augustus Mitchell
(obverse) On this lot and in the house thereon, was born William Augustus Mitchell, November 30, 1877. Mitchell entered the United States Military Academy on June 20, 1898, after finishing the schools at Seale and Alabama Polytechnic Institute. He graduated number one in his class in 1902. During World War I he was promoted to Brigadier General. After the War General Mitchell become a member of the faculty at West Point. (reverse) General Mitchell received the . . . — Map (db m69411) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Alabaster — Harless Cemetery
Harless Cemetery was established as a burying ground in the early 1800s. It is on land homesteaded by Henry Harless, Jr., that was later owned and subsequently deeded to the cemetery by members of the Wyatt family. The oldest surviving marker is for Henry Harless, Jr.'s sister, Hannah Harless Wilson (1783-1833). Hannah and her husband, Benjamin Wilson, arrived to this area about 1814 and are believed to be the first white settlers to the Ebenezer community. The cemetery is sometimes referred to . . . — Map (db m24914) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Columbiana — Shelby County War Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of the brave men from Shelby County who gave their lives that freedom and justice should not perish from the earth World War I 1917-1918 List of WWI dead World War II 1941-1945 List of WWII dead Korean War 1950-1953 List of Korean War dead (Reverse side of memorial) Vietnam War 1964-1975 List of Vietnam War dead Map (db m76255) WM
Alabama (Tallapoosa County), Dadeville — Tallapoosa County World War I Memorial
. . . — Map (db m68068) WM
Alabama (Tuscaloosa County), Tuscaloosa — French 75 Millimeter Feldhase
This 1916 gun was used by the American Expeditionary Forces in World War 1 as part of a horse drawn caisson. During the war, American forces were loaned guns, planes, and other equipment from the French arsenal. This gun was moved to Veterans Memorial Park in 1993 when Capitol Park was renovated. — Map (db m35506) HM
Alabama (Walker County), Jasper — Walker County War Memorial
World War I Adams, Halbert Adamson, Henry Bagwell, Tom Banks, William Beck, Claude Beck, Edward Bell, George Bradford, Shepherd Cagle, Harvey Cannon, Wiley Cantley, James Carlisle, Luther Carter, William Cole, Homer Cooner, Elmer Dorsey, Gus Evans, Oscar Ferguson, Lester Flippo, John Fomby, McCager Gregg, Laudo Haley, Olie Hamby, Oscar Hammer, Charles Hogan, Alfred Holcomb, William Hood, William Jackson, Reuben Kidd, John . . . — Map (db m53843) WM
Alaska (Anchorage Borough), Fort Richardson — Fort Richardson National Cemetery-Gate
This gate is dedicated to men of the Armed Forces of the United States who died while serving their country in war and in peace.---In Memory of Kermit Roosevelt. Born 1859-Died 1943-Who fought in the British and American Armies during World Wars I and II (bronze plaque below the marker): Acknowledgement this National Cemetery has been made possible through the cooperation of Eklutna, Inc. in yielding its native claim and legal rights to the land, for this noble and patriotic gesture . . . — Map (db m72794) WM
Alaska (Skagway Borough), Skagway — Skagway Remembers
The citizens of Skagway, Alaska wish to forever remember the sacrifices of our military servicemen who died in wartime. These young men left home and community to answer the call to help preserve peace and freedom in the world. World War I Vincent Dortero • Lenard Haslett World War II Bill Phelps • Harry Lee • Harry Dallas • Ed Kast Korean Conflict Lloyd Sullivan • Michael Tierney — Map (db m72787) WM
Arizona (Cochise County), Bisbee — City of Bisbee Warrior Memorial
The City of Bisbee honors by this memorial her warriors who died in defense of the principles of American Democracy against enemies of freedom in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the War in Vietnam that their patriotic sacrifice will be an inspiration to safe guard liberty in the United States forever. — Map (db m28279) WM
Arizona (Cochise County), Sierra Vista — Alvarado Hall
Built 1979 – 1980 Master Sergeant Lorenzo Alvarado 1893 – 1974 In memory of all Americans who served their country with valor and gallantry during World War I and World War II in the pursuit of freedom and liberty for all. — Map (db m49433) HM
Arizona (Maricopa County), Phoenix — In Memory of the Students of this School who Enlisted in the Army and Navy during the World War
Killed in Action Lee Rainbow * Wallace Antone Honor Roll: Charles Laws • Isaac Jese • Oliver Sneed • Wm. T. Moore • Joe McCarthy • Peter Moore • Charles Gougn • Seth Oldman • Harvier Adams • George Bell • Roy Left Hand • Guy Maktima • Joseph Pallan • Juan P. Enas • Hudson Lockwood • Fred V. Jackson • Blaine Carlisle • Jose Martinez • Marcus Carbaha l • Harley Shipes • James Little Son • Charley George • Conrado Martinez • Edward Johnson • . . . — Map (db m27252) HM
Arizona (Maricopa County), Phoenix — Lt. Frank Luke, Jr. — 1898 – 1918
[Front of Monument]: The State of Arizona Erects this monument as its tribute to his valor, extraordinary bravery and distinguished service in the World War and gratitude to all her sons who served. 1930 Memorial committee appointed by Governor J. C. Phillips Frank Luke, Sr. Neri Osborn Jr. J. M. Nixon [Rear of Monument]: Honor Roll of the Silent Ones. Comrades of Frank Luke, Jr., Who Fought for God and Country [Left Column]: . . . — Map (db m27631) HM
Arizona (Mohave County), Bullhead City — Arizona Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States Armed Forces to those who distinguish themselves "…conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of their lives above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in action against an enemy of the United States…" The first Medal of Honor action in our nation's history occurred at Apache Pass, Arizona on February 13, 1861 by U. S. Army Assistant Surgeon Bernard J. D. Irwin. During the Indian . . . — Map (db m29435) HM
Arizona (Mohave County), Kingman — Kingman Veteran's Memorial
In eternal memory of all Veterans of Kingman Past, Present and Future May your deeds and service never be forgotten or taken for granted. With the sincerest of appreciation to the following, who made this memorial a reality: Dean w. Reiter Det. 887, Marine Corps League Rotary Clubs of Kingman Desert Construction K&L DC Concrete Zorn Masonry True Value Hardware Arizona State Prison – Kingman Hoffman Pumping Dedicated this 11th Day of November 2006 . . . — Map (db m29359) WM
Arizona (Mohave County), Kingman — World War I Memorial
In Memory of The men and women Of Mohave County Who served in the World War 1917-1918 — Map (db m29398) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Whiteriver — White Mountain Apache War Memorial — January 11, 1969
Roy Burnette Ross Colelay Ross Pinal Cyrus Burnette — Map (db m49552) HM
Arizona (Pima County), Tucson — John Campbell Greenway — 1872-1926
Rough Rider, mining engineer, developer of the Ajo copper mines and designer of the town of Ajo for Calumet and Arizona Mining Co., Brigadier General, Army Reserve, and Regent, University of Arizona. The other original casting, representing Arizona, is located in the Capitol, Washington, D.C. Sculptor - Gutzon Borglum Map (db m41974) HM
Arizona (Pima County), Tucson — World War I Memorial
1917 World War 1918 Dedicated to Those Who Served Lest We Forget — Map (db m38994) HM
Arizona (Pinal County), Sacaton — Dedicated to the Memory of Matthew B. Juan — Co K 28th Infantry — First Arizonan Killed in the World War
Dedicated to the Memory of Matthew B. Juan Co K 28th Infantry First Arizonian Killed in the World War Battle of Cantingy May 28th 1918 — Map (db m42026) HM
Arizona (Pinal County), Sacaton — Honoring Native American Women Veterans
Honoring Native American Women Veterans Dedicated February 22, 2003 American Legion Post 84 Sacaton, AZ Sculptor: Oscar Urrea Artist: Jim Covarrubias — Map (db m32844) WM
Arkansas (Carroll County), Eureka Springs — Spanish-American and World War Veterans Memorial
In memory of our deceased World War Veterans Western District of Carroll County In Memoriam United Spanish War Veterans 1898 — Map (db m59973) HM
Arkansas (Mississippi County), Manila — Herman Davis — Pvt. Co. I 113th Inf. — Sharpshooter and Company Runner
Enlisted March 14th 1918; Honorably discharged May 29th 1919 Cited for bravery for extraordinary heroism in action and decorated with: U.S. Distinguished Service Cross: Oct. 10th 1918 French Croix de Guerre with Palm: Apr. 19th 1919 Gilt Star for Croix de Guerre: Apr. 23rd 1919 French Medaille Militaire: May 10th 1919 "A most courageous runner who singlehanded attacked a machine gun nest which was preventing the advance of his platoon and killed the four gunners." From Citation . . . — Map (db m30388) HM
Arkansas (Mississippi County), Osceola — South Mississippi County War Memorial
In Memoriam To those men from South Mississippi County who gave their lives in World Wars I & II, Korea, and Southeast Asia Lt. John McGavock Grider - PVT. William A. Charles PFC Clarence Croft - CPL. Billie W. Craine PFC Hershel Brock - PVT. Billy E. Hooper PFC Abe Nichols - PFC Billy R. Aven PVT. O.M. Hill - SGT. G.D. Hollins PVT. Robert Kersey - LT. Geo. F. Anderson LT. Clay Hampson - LT. Elliott B. Sartain, Jr. SGT. Gerald Leslie - CPL. Charles L. Reece PFC. Valvie . . . — Map (db m36534) WM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — World War I 1917-1918
Erected in honor of The Men & Women of Phillips County Who Served in the World War 1917-1918 — Map (db m51924) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — “Spirit of the American Doughboy” — Fort Smith, Arkansas
Dedicated to the memory of our comrades who entered the service of their country from Fort Smith, Arkansas and who gave their lives in the World War. — Map (db m5544) HM
California (Alameda County), Berkeley — Berkeley Veterans Memorial Grove
[Marker #1] In Memory of Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice in the World War C T Vinther • J T Gimbel • A H Ohman Berkeley Parlor No 210 Native Sons of the Golden West [Marker #2] This Tree Dedicated to the Memory of the Grand Army of the Republic by Lookout Mountain Relief Corp No 35 April, 6, 1924 [Marker #3] In Memory of Cadet Chester F.M. Buchanan United States Army Air Corps 1910-1934 Erected . . . — Map (db m54338) HM
California (Alameda County), Oakland — Oakland War Memorial
In memory of the heroes of the Civil War, Spanish War and the World War who gave their lives that liberty shall not perish June 14, 1920 — Map (db m72915) WM
California (Alameda County), Piedmont — Honor Roll
World War I Egbert Williams Beach • Henry Augustus Butters • Otto Julius Carlsen • Frank Jay Field • Thomas Edward Graves • Carl Castlemayne Jones • Hunter McClure World War II George David Anderson • John R. Anderson, Jr. • James M. Aver • Joseph G. Baker • John A. Beidman, Jr. • Geary Bundshu • Estiban B. Calbite • Thomas W. Carlson • Arthur Chamberlin, Jr. • Winslow K. Chase • William H. Chickering II • William A. Cluthe • Gordon H. Craig • Joseph DeGraftenreid • Theodore . . . — Map (db m72281) WM
California (Alameda County), Piedmont — World War I Memorial
A Memorial Erected to the boys of Piedmont who gave their lives in the World War Egbert Williams Beach • Henry Augustus Butters • Otto Julius Carlsen • Frank Jay Field • Thomas Edward Graves • Carl Castlemayne Jones 1918 “It is for us to be... rededicated to the great task remaining... that these dead shall not have died in vain.” – Lincoln Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori — Map (db m72300) HM
California (Amador County), Plymouth — Memorial Entrance — 1942
[Left Pillar:] Boys of World War I W.H. Pritchard • A. Kretcher • J.R. Hyland • T. Trelese • B. Packard • R. Pew • C.P. Sevey • L.E. Walton • L. Jack • T. Pinder • J.A. Doherty [Right Pillar:] Pioneers Dr. R.H. Dungan • Marvin Brace • Mat Brace • F.M. Purtom • L. Hank • S.G. Lewis • J.J. Ekel • N. Hinlson • A. Geisler • R Claiborn • W. Dickin • W. Pearson • J.F. McGee • R. Gilmore • J. C. Williams • N. Ventich • W. Hooper • T . . . — Map (db m44137) HM
California (Amador County), Sutter Creek — To Remember the Men of Amador County Who Died in The World War
[There are four markers mounted on the monument; one each for World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. The first three are mounted on the north side and the fourth is mounted on the south side of monument] [World War I] To Remember THE MEN OF AMADOR COUNTY Who Died in the World War Left Column: G. Bulaich, J.A. Cuneo, F.S. Ferrari, E.L. Flitcraft, E.F. Forbes, L. Griesback, P.W. Hamm, J.R. Hyland, A. Kretcher, G. Koprivica Right Column: R.E. Noce, . . . — Map (db m13421) WM
California (Butte County), Chico — Chico World War I Memorial
In Memory of Our Honored Dead of The World War 1917 – 1918 William H. Aitken • Wyatt L. Arbuckle • Edwin W. Boggs • Russell C. Doyle • Harry A. Elliott • Elbert P. Esmond • Edward N. Fairo • Nelson Coe • Aaron S. Harris • Hjalmr Helenius • Clyde D. Jenkins • Howard Linn • Jack H. Lucas • Raymond P. Lynn • William M. Marshall • James F. Morris • Fredrick Moyer • Hugh E. Overton • Frank Patocka • George H. Pearson • Edgar E. Roberts • Porter L. Sanders • Lee Shaw • Clinton . . . — Map (db m29758) HM
California (Calaveras County), Copperopolis — 296 — Copperopolis — The Town of
With the discovery of copper ore in 1860 by Thomas McCarty and William K. Reed, the town of Copperopolis sprang into existence and soon became the largest producer of copper in the western United States. The population of Copperopolis grew to exceed 10,000 by 1863. The Union Mine was the largest producing mine in the area, working three shafts and hundreds of men on the payroll. During the nations three recent wars, the Civil War, World War I and World War II, much of the copper ore that was . . . — Map (db m13004) HM
California (El Dorado County), Placerville — El Dorado County Veterans Monument
[Marker located on right planter stand on walkway of entrance to Monument:] El Dorado County Veterans Monument Dedicated on Veterans Day November 11, 2006 By The Friends of the Monument And The Grateful Citizens Of El Dorado County To Honor Those Who Have Served The Cause of Freedom Marker located on Stand Holding Eagle Sculpture - left side of entrance walkway.] El Dorado County Veterans Monument Monument Founders Richard W. . . . — Map (db m21750) WM
California (Fresno County), Clovis — Clovis Veterans Memorial — On Behalf of a Grateful Nation
A memorial to the men and women of the United States armed forces who have given their lives in service to their Country and the Clovis Community. Dedicated November 11, 2003 Clovis Memorial District Tom Wright, Chairman • Joan Lassley, Vice Chairman • Susan Franzich, Director • Russ Greathouse, Director • Gordon Pickett, Director • Dennis Byrns, Director • Judy Hille, District Manager Thomas King, Sculpture — Map (db m47246) WM
California (Humboldt County), Myers Flat — Colonel Raynal C. Bolling
This grove is dedicated to the memory of Col. Raynal C. Bolling S.C. U.S.A. Lawyer Patriot Soldier Born 1 Sept. 1877 at Hot Springs Arkansas Killed in action during the German offensive near Amiens France 26 March 1918 The first American officer of high rank to fall in the World War — Map (db m48537) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — The Medal of Honor — In Memory of United States Air Force — Medal of Honor Recipients
Main Plaque: The medal of honor is the highest U.S. military decoration awarded to individuals who, while serving in the U.S. armed services, have distinguished themselves by conspicuous gallantry and courage at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty. Each decoration awarded represents an incontestable act of bravery or self-sacrifice involving obvious risk of life and, if the risk had not been taken, there would be no grounds for censure. The President of the United . . . — Map (db m62138) WM
California (Los Angeles County), Lakewood — The Boys of Del Valle Park
We climbed aboard that huge winged rocket, and rode it to the sky. Our minds would soar for hours and hours, we're never gonna die. With pitch and yaw, dives and rolls, we'd blast bad guys to heaven. We'd crash and burn and walk away, heck, we're only seven. But jets give way to bats and balls, to hoop and football too. "We've got great potential," they'd say, "The rest is up to you." How quick time travels from innocent days, of running in the sun. 'till . . . — Map (db m66477) WM
California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — In Honor
Homage to Our Mexican-American Heroes Veterans of America's Wars. Covered with glory, their ideals of service provide power to America, for peace and for human dignity. Long live America during this time of such power. Homenaje a nuestros heroes Mexicano-Americanos veteranos de las guerras de Los Estados Unidos de America para la paz y dignidad humana. Viva America durante el tiempo de tal poder! — Map (db m54554) HM
California (Marin County), Tiburon — Shipping Out and Coming Home — Fort McDowell
During WW I and WW II, Fort McDowell served as a Recruit Depot and later as an overseas Discharge and Replacement Depot. While some soldiers were stationed at Fort McDowell, others were here for only a week before being shipped overseas. During their stay, they were housed, fed, drilled, played sports, watched movies and preformed maintenance and KP (kitchen patrol) duties. With the onset of WW II, Fort McDowell became part of the San Francisco Port of Embarkation, a complex operation that . . . — Map (db m69280) HM
California (Monterey County), Carmel-by-the-Sea — World War I Memorial
This memorial is dedicated to the men of Carmel who responded to their country's call during World War I We Salute Them Restored and rededicated November 11, 1977 — Map (db m41106) HM
California (Monterey County), Gonzales — Gonzales Veterans Memorial
Panel 1 Dedicated to The Men and Women Of this Community Who served In the Armed Forces Of the United States World War II Erected in Gratitude By The Community 1946 Panel 2: Dedicated to The Men and Women Of this Community Who served In the Armed Forces Of the United States Korean War Erected in Gratitude By American Legion Post 81 2009 (There are also similar plaques for the veterans of World War I and . . . — Map (db m64258) WM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — San Carlos Parish Veterans Memorial
No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13 This San Carlos parish community gratefully remembers those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States during times of war and peace whose courage and personal sacrifices defended and preserved our freedom. — Map (db m63504) WM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — World War Memorial
This tree was planted by the Red Cross May 30, 1919 in memory of Monterey’s sons who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War — Map (db m63550) WM
California (Nevada County), Truckee — World War I Memorial / Victory Highway Monument
[Located on Front of Monument:] Dedicated to California’s Sons and Daughters Who Served Their Country In the World War 1917 -1918 And to the Memory of Those Who Gave the “Last Full Measure of Devotion” [Located on Back of Monument:] Victory Highway Monument Rededication July 24, 1998 This monument was originally sited on old Highway 40 near the California/Nevada State line in 1928 and removed in the mid 1970’s due to vandalism. It was one . . . — Map (db m23519) HM
California (Placer County), Colfax — Memorial Hall
Built in honor of World War 1 Veterans on the site of W.H. Russell’s Livery Stable by Colfax Post 192 American Legion 23 Apr. 1927 Cornerstone laid & building dedicated for community use 26 June 1928 Agreement: Joint ownership by county and city Became City Hall and County Court 24 Aug. 2000 Cornerstone Opened 10 Sept. 2000 Founders Day – New time capsule sealed to be opened year 2050 Map (db m45232) HM
California (Plumas County), Quincy — World War Memorial
This tablet erected to honor those Citizens of Plumas County who served their county in time of War — Map (db m66187) WM
California (Riverside County), Riverside — National POW MIA Memorial
We honor here the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Americans held prisoner of war, and those still listed as Missing In Action since the time of the American Revolution. Some died from disease and starvation, some perished in death marches, some were tortured, and some were lost, gone forever from their families. All were deprived of their liberties so that you may enjoy yours. This Monument Declared as The National Prisoner of War Missing in Action Memorial by President . . . — Map (db m54380) WM
California (Sacramento County), Galt — George A. Lippi / Joseph F. Smith
In Memory of George A. Lippi and Joseph F. Smith First World War and all others who gave their lives and have served their country — Map (db m72339) WM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — U.S.S. Sacramento 1914 – 1942 — The Galloping Ghost of the China Coast
Brought into service in 1914 to join the United States “Great White Fleet”, dubbed such for the sparkling white paint used on naval ships at the time, she was in service 28 years and two world wars. A 226-foot gleaming white steam gunboat with a crew of 160, she earned her many names and associations. In Japan she was called the “Sacramento Moru”, and in Central America she was part of the “Banana Fleet.” In 1919, she served in Murmansk, Russia, . . . — Map (db m16475) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — USS Sacramento (PG-19) — “The Galloping Ghost of the China Coast” — 1914 – 1946
As part of our nation’s maritime history, USS Sacramento steamed more than one-half million miles during her proud service in the United States Navy.
She logged 64,000 miles convoying 483 ships through submarine-infested European waters during World War I. Moved to the Pacific in 1922, the gun boat’s presence was witnessed during the Russian and Chinese revolutions. Called the “Galloping Ghost of the China Coast”, USS Sacramento was a positive symbol of America’s concern for . . . — Map (db m16483) HM
California (San Benito County), San Juan Bautista — Veterans of the World War — Charles F. Patrick
Dedicated MDCCCCXXIII by the citizens of San Juan Bautista under the auspices of the San Juan Bautista Parlor Native Daughters of the Golden West to the Veterans of the World War and in memory of Charles F. Patrick who died in this conflict. — Map (db m62722) WM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — Ingram Plaza — Preble Field, Naval Training Center San Diego — — Liberty Station —
Panel 1 This plaza is dedicated to the memory of Osmond K. Ingram Gunner's Mate First Class United States Navy who sacrificed his life in an effort to save his ship and shipmates during an engagement between the U.S.S. Cassin and a German submarine on October 15, 1917 "Greater love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends." Panel 2 Ingram Plaza Ingram Plaza was the site of the original tent camps in the 1920s. The . . . — Map (db m51535) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Ashurbanipal Monument — The Assyrians
The Assyrians formed one of the earliest great empires in the world. Their civilization dates from 2700 B.C. with the important cultural centers at Ashur and Nineveh north of modern Baghdad. Beginning as a river civilization in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates, the empire spread east and west to touch the lives of all Near Eastern people. This is a statue of Ashurbanipal, one of the great kings of Assyria. A noted patron of the arts, he helped to build a culture that inspired . . . — Map (db m32080) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Chinese-American War Memorial
We Salute These Americans of Chinese Ancestry who Gave Their Lives for America in World Wars I & II Tom Kwong, Leo Sai, Bill Tom, Donald Ginn Chong, Lincoln Mark, Tung Ling Yee, Harry Wong, Daniel Lim, Clifford S. Low, Hon Y. Lee, John Wing Yee, Get G. Chung, Harry Choy, Collin S. Chong, Alfred W. Chin, Leslie Y. Gee, Ed Sam Fong, Ah Fong, Goom G. Lee, Chin T. Tom, Yuen Hop, Walter Tom Lum, Tow Jer, Ging Gin, Benjamin Ralph Kimlau, Samuel Choy Sin, Clinton J. Lok, Choy Young, Douglas C. . . . — Map (db m71450) WM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Setting A Deadly Obstacle Course — Fort Point Mine Depot
The Fort Point Mine Depot was created to defend the West Coast’s greatest harbor from enemy attack. Here, U.S. Army personnel assembled mines, loaded them on ships and planted them in minefields outside the Golden Gate. An enemy ship attempting to enter San Francisco Bay would have had to maneuver through a deadly obstacle course. Completed in 1910, the depot remained in service through World War II. — Map (db m63415) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — The Doughboy
This grove is dedicated to the memory of the members of the San Francisco Parlors, Native Sons of the Golden West, who gave their lives in the World's Wars I and II. World War I 1917-1918 Thomas J. Brady • Sylvan Brilliant • Herman Gassens • Angelo Cincotta • Victor H. Davis • Narcisco de Santi • Dennis A. Dineen • Harold C. Feldbusch • John F. Fitzpatrick • William Griffin • William Hagedorn • Ernest C. Hartmann • Raymond Healy • Leonard Husing • Leon Jacquemet • . . . — Map (db m80405) WM
California (San Joaquin County), Manteca — Liberty Plot
Dedicated to the boys Who Fought Overseas — In 1917 — — Map (db m19532) HM
California (San Joaquin County), Stockton — 45 — Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium — 1924 – 1925
The Classic Revival Style building by local Architects Glenn Allen, Ivan C. Satterlee and W. J. Wright features sculptured panels over the seven front entrances. A California marble floor and an art glass skylight, in the center of the flat dome. Stocktonians conducted bond drives to fund construction of the Memorial Auditorium to honor those who gave their lives while serving in the Armed Forces in World War I. Stockton Historical Landmark No. 45 Designated by Stockton City Council 1990 — Map (db m24002) HM
California (San Mateo County), San Mateo — 1923 — Central Park Veterans Memorial – World War I
This tree planted May 30th 1923 By San Mateo Post No.82 American Legion In Honor of those who served in World War I 1917 – 1919 — Map (db m29181) HM
California (Santa Barbara County), Lompoc — Lompoc World War I Monument
In honor of our World War heroes — Map (db m67213) WM
California (Santa Barbara County), Vandenberg AFB — USAF Medal of Honor Recipients
In memory of USAF Medal of Honor Recipients World War I 2d Lt. Erwin R. Bleckley - Oct. 6, 1918, Binarville, France • 2d Lt. Harold E. Goettler - Oct. 6, 1918, Binarville, France • 2d Lt. Frank Luke, Jr. - Sept. 29, 1918, Murvaux, France • Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker - Sept. 25, 1918, Billy, France World War II Lt. Col. Addison E. Baker - Aug. 1, 1943, Ploesti, Romania • Maj. Richard I. Bong - Oct. 10-Nov. 15, 1944, Southwest Pacific • Maj. Horace S. Carswell, Jr. . . . — Map (db m50514) HM
California (Santa Clara County), Palo Alto — 895 — Hostess House
This building originally served Camp Fremont as a meeting place for servicemen and visitors. When moved from its original site to Palo Alto, it became the first municipally sponsored community center in the nation. It is the only remaining structure from California’s World War I Army training camps. Designed by Julia Morgan in 1918 for the YMCA, it was dedicated one year later to those who died in this war. — Map (db m54017) HM
California (Santa Clara County), Palo Alto — The Hostess House War and Veterans Memorial
[Several veterans memorials are located at the base of the flagstaff in front of the Hostess House.] Side A: 1861 – 1865 McKinley Post Number 187 Dept. of Calif. And Nev. Grand Army of the Republic Veterans of the Civil War Organized in Palo Alto January 21st 1905 There are at this date fourteen living members whose average age is seventy-five years. This plaque was dedicated and placed in position on Decoration Day May 30th 1918 . . . — Map (db m54117) HM
California (Santa Clara County), Saratoga — Saratoga World War I Memorial
In Memoriam Frank William Mann John P. Pourroy Frederick Edward Sanders Clark Booth Waterhouse Who gave their lives For their Country 1917 – 1918 Christian N. Pedersen Fred Gordon Thomson — Map (db m68939) WM
California (Santa Cruz County), Santa Cruz — Santa Cruz County World War Memorial
(There are two markers, front and back, on this memorial.) Front: Dedicated to those from Santa Cruz County who served their country in the World War, and to the memory of these who "gave the last full measure of devotion" 1914 – 1918 Walter F. Bronstrom • Vance W. Bliss • James Brown • Irvin I. Cruts • Manuel Christodoulon • Louis D. Chaney • Chris E. Ciges • Clarence L. Cory • Clyde L. Clausen • Edward H. Carr • Luther Leon Clark • Wm. Felix DeWitt • Thos. . . . — Map (db m62527) WM
California (Santa Cruz County), Watsonville — Donald Leon Rose
Dedicated to the memory of Donald Leon Rose Born July 1888 Killed in Action August 10, 1918. St. Miniel, France 4th Military Police 91st Division — Map (db m54902) HM
California (Santa Cruz County), Watsonville — Men Die O Liberty That Thou Endurs — Watsonville Union High School Veterans Memorial
World War I: Men Die O Liberty That Thou Endurs 1918 Joseph Rebeiro • Lester Rowe • Reuben Silva • William Sullivan World War II: Plaque 1: May the memory of those alumni of Watsonville Union High School Who gave their lives on the battlefield of World War II be enshrined in our hearts forever. Plaque 2: Peter Dugger • William John Crosettil • Hurbert Curtis Jackson • Vernon Baker • Charlie Ojeda • Alfred Raymond Moore • Clarence A. Ray • . . . — Map (db m62798) WM
California (Siskiyou County), Fort Jones — World Wars Memorial
To the memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice for out county in the World Wars World War I Ed Del Ray • Maud Evans • Perry Harris • George V. Mathews • Leonard Schull • William A. Sheffield • Hallett Smith • Joe Silva • Frank J. Terra • Charles Leo Wayne World War II William H Besoain • Arthur Case • Norman H. Eastlick • James J. Mathews • Jack Norris • Donald H. Pinkerton • Eugene Rivallier — Map (db m70267) WM
California (Solano County), Benicia — World War I Memorial
IN MEMORY of Edmund Rudolf Anderson Karl H. Dauber Walter E. Erickson James John Pometta David Allen Richie Arthur Rood Chris Condare Who gave their lives in the World War — Map (db m16354) WM
California (Stanislaus County), Ceres — Ceres War Memorial
Remember those who Remembered us. The Living – The Dead The POW – The MIA They Will Not Be Forgotten. Dedicated November 11. 1989 Founder Glen R. Perales Vietnam Vet W.W. I Sterling Pack • H. Barker • Harold Johnson • Oscar Snover • Cecil Thompson • Edgar Annear W.W. II Tillson Barrows • Paul Hickey • John Boyd • Dale Swift + • Walter F. Perra • Richard T. Everts • Poney L. Amant + • Fred E. Koepky • Stan E. Stevens • Jerold . . . — Map (db m19462) WM
California (Stanislaus County), Modesto — Modesto War Memorial
[Panel 1:] PEACE This silent tribute to the fallen heros of Stanislaus County who gave their lives for family and country that Freedom and Peace may endure. They bravely fought not for fame or glory but for Liberty and Right. We treasure their memory and honor their deeds for they belong to us for eternity. Their names shall not be forgotten. WORLD WAR I Herbert H Adams • Edgar H Annear • H Barker • Lenne E Bean • Guy W Boardman • Arthur W . . . — Map (db m19482) WM
California (Sutter County), Yuba City — Sutter County Veterans Memorial
Entrance to the Memorial Panel 1: We as a community have committed ourselves to honor our Veterans, the living and the dead, We must embrace the fact that we are the benefactors of their sacrifices. We must also remember to honor the Veterans who gave their ultimate sacrifice – their lives! Their names must not be lost nor forgotten. Our community has the responsibility to cherish their sacrifice to us – Their Gift – ensuring our Freedom. For every . . . — Map (db m64329) WM
California (Sutter County), Yuba City — Veterans Memorial Monument — City of Yuba City, Ca
On Memorial Day, May 30, 1922, the Veterans Memorial Monument was dedicated to honor Sutter County service veterans who had paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Great War of 1914 – 1918. The original memorial monument was made possible through the efforts of Dr. & Mrs. J. A. Barr, C. C. Cline, H. H. Wolfskill and Edward Von Geldren. Over time due to levee reconstruction and park modifications the original Veterans Memorial Monument deteriorated. All that remained intact was a bronze . . . — Map (db m63209) WM
California (Yolo County), West Sacramento — Veterans Plaza
[First Marker] SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR 1898 The Spanish-American War was a turning point in American history. It marked the first time that we sent troops overseas to defend freedom. Whether at San Juan Hill or Manila Bay, these founders of the VFW distinguished themselves heroically. We Pause to Remember VFW Post #8762 [Second Marker] WORLD WAR I 1917 - 1918 America's veterans rose to the challenge of the first world war with courage and dedication. In doing so, they won . . . — Map (db m15707) WM
California (Yolo County), Woodland — Yolo County War Memorial
"From these honored dead, we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave their last full measure of devotion, that we highly resolve that the dead shall not have died in vain." World War I Virgil W. Agard • Charles V. Alford • Harry Bauer • W. H. Bellows • Thurston R. Chamberlain • Edward C. Delray • Claude J. Dince • Percy C. Eugene • Oliver O. Grayson • Roy Hamilton • Christ Hegelan • Frank J. Hermle • Joseph D. Holman • Charles D. Hunt • Harry . . . — Map (db m57595) WM
California (Yuba County), Marysville — Yuba County Veterans Memorial
We as a community have committed ourselves to honor our Veterans…the living and the dead. We must embrace the fact that we are the benefactors of their sacrifices. We must also remember to honor the Veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice – their lives! Their names must not be lost nor forgotten. Our community has the responsibility to cherish their sacrifice to us – Their Gift ensuring our Freedom. For every thing we do and every thing we have we owe to them. Have . . . — Map (db m40196) WM
California (Yuba County), Smartsville — Edward James McGanney
Born Oct. 31, 1891. Killed in action in the Argonne, France Oct. 5th, 1918 He died that others might live — Map (db m39872) HM
Colorado (Adams County), Aurora — Colorado Freedom Memorial
"It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here... to the great task remaining before us... that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion, that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain." Abraham Lincoln — Map (db m75613) WM
Colorado (Adams County), Buckley Air Force Base — Buckley
In honor of 1Lt John Harold Buckley (1896-1918) Longmont, Colorado Lost his life in World War I, on a mission behind German lines. Buckley Field 1942-1947 Denver Naval Air Station 1947-1959 Buckley Air National Guard Base 1959-2000 Buckley Air Force Base 2000- — Map (db m75593) HM WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Bethel — Bethel World War I Monument
Erected By The Community Association Of Bethel In Honor Of Her War Veterans 1928 — Map (db m21233) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Danbury — Danbury Veterans Monument
Center Marker:In Honor of The Men and Women of Danbury who served in the World War 1917 – 1919 In Memory of these men who made the supreme sacrifice for liberty Toby Asmar Co. M. 325th Infantry Killed In Action October 11, 1918 Martin J. Brennan Headquarters Co. 138th Field Artillery Died in France October 26, 1918 George A. Byrnes Merchant Marine Service Died at Brookline, Mass. September 21, 1918 Joseph T. . . . — Map (db m23084) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Danbury — Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
[ Inscribed around the bronze base ] Dedicated to the Soldiers and Sailors of Danbury 1776 1861 1898 1917 Donald E. Curran SC Map (db m22785) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Darien — Darien Civil War and World War I Memorial
(left plaque) Civil War (1861 – 1865) Carl Acherman • James H. Bates • Lewis H. Benedict • Joseph Bushy • Nathan R. Byxbee • Charles H. Clock • Horace Curtis • Phillip Fortune • Michael Harmo • Frederick Henderson • William H. Howe • William H. Howman • Edward S. Hoyt • Elias Johnson • George D. Jordan • Frank Laroche • Samuel Maglue • John Mallon • William H. Northrop • Gabriel W. Platt • John Price • Franklin H. Scofield • Albert O. Seeley • Silas F. Slawson • Thomas Smith • . . . — Map (db m80179) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Darien — Spring Grove Cemetery Veterans Memorial
(inscribed around the base) Dedicated to the Veterans of the Nation 1861 • 1898 • 1917 — Map (db m80263) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Easton — Easton Remembers
1914   1919 Easton Remembers The Great War These Served Dr. C. Lincoln Banks • Frank G. Davis • Howard Elderd • Marna W. Gilbert • Carlton, Gordon • Victor E. Gustafson • Andrew Jaros • John G. Keller • Joseph H. Keller • Daniel Klein • Fred Knight • Josef Lastovica • Charles H. Logan • John E. Logan • Joseph A. Lucas • Herbert Mills • E. Perkins Nichols • Richard O'Donnell • William O'Donnell • Benjamin F. Parker • Frank Parker • George Parker • George L. Pearson • Harold Robinson • . . . — Map (db m30943) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Fairfield — Fairfield Honor Roll
. . . — Map (db m27370) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Fairfield — Fairfield Sons Memorial
In Grateful Loving Memory Of All Fairfield Sons Who Have Laid Down Their Lives For Our Country World War I World War II Korea Vietnam Dedicated Nov. 11, 1988 Southport, Conn. — Map (db m27151) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Greenwich — Greenwich World War I Memorial
[ south side ] In Honor of The Men and Women Of Greenwich Who Served In The World War [ east side ] In Memory Of Those Who Died And an Inspiration To All Who Follow [ west side ] Second Battle Of The Marne North Sea St. Mihiel Ypres Lys Meuse Argonne Verdun — Map (db m38427) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Greenwich — Raynal C. Bolling
[ front ] Bolling [ back ] Raynal C. Bolling Born September 1, 1877 Foresaw His Nation's Call to Arms And Left a Brilliant Career To Prepare Himself for Service In the World War Colonel of Aviation American Expeditionary Forces He Laid the Foundation For Our Aerial Warfare in France He Fell In Action Near Amiens March 26, 1918 In the Vanguard Of the Thousands of Americans Who Gave All for Their Country — Map (db m38426) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Monroe — Monroe World War I Memorial
In grateful recognition of the valor and devotion of the young men of this community who served in the World War for liberty and justice 1914 – 1919 Adams Fred Leroy • Anderlot William • Bachman George • Beardsley L Ben • Beardsley Ray M • Bevens Howard • Blakeman Philip S • Crouch William • Fohrenbach Fred W • Fohrenbach Henry • Fuller Leonard * • Jacot Herman • Judson Frank L • Levine Louis • Levine Max • Lucas Joseph P • Lucas Vincent S • Michlein John C • Pulaski Joseph • . . . — Map (db m25332) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Monroe — Monroe World War I Memorial
In Grateful Recognition Of the Valor and Devotion of The Young Men of this Community Who Served in the World War For Liberty and Justice 1914 -- 1919 Adams Fred Leroy • Anderlot William • Bachman George * • Bachman John Jr • Beardsley L Ben • Beardsley Ray M • Bevens Howard • Blakemas Philip S • Crouch William • Fohrenbach Fred W • Fohrenbach Henry • Fuller Leonard • Jacot Herman • Judson Frank L • Levine Louis • Levine Max • Lucas Joseph P • Lucas Vincent S • Michlein . . . — Map (db m26091) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), New Fairfield — New Fairfield Veterans Memorial
They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn them. French & Indian War Samuel Fairchild Militia K.I.A. Aug. 4, 1759 Burmell Barnum Militia K.I.A. Aug. 4, 1761 Civil War Frederick C. Barnum Cpl. U.S. Army K.I.A. June 22, 1863 Augustus E. Bronson U.S. Army K.I.A. June 1, 1864 Edward Griffin Pvt. U.S. Army K.I.A. July 5, 1863 William B. Leach U.S. Army K.I.A. June 19, 1864 Henry H. Hyatt U.S. Army K.I.A. June 22, 1864 Homer B. Barnum . . . — Map (db m23063) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Norwalk — Norwalk World War I Memorial
This monument is erected as a tribute of honor to the Citizens of Norwalk, Conn. who devoted themselves to the cause of freedom in the service of our country during the Great World War, 1917 – 1919 and as a memorial to the men who made the supreme sacrifice Abbott Fred E. • Amundsen Fred W. • Bates Charles • Bennett Edward • Birdsall Cortland V. • Blake Mortimer G. • Bloom Charles H. • Burwell John C. • Caffrey Thomas P. • Cantoni James G. • Cifatte Stephen • Coleman James E. • Grotty . . . — Map (db m53763) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Redding — Town of Redding World War I Memorial
Town of Redding 1914   Roll of Honor   1918 Erected in Appreciation of The Services of Our Men and Women Who Served in the World War Harold Albin • Carl A. Anderson • Hubert Anderson • Sigurd Anderson • Edward Babcock • Harry Barrett • Benjamin H. Bell • Elsie Bennett • Sarah Bennett • Douglas Boddie • Edward M. Bradley • Howard Brown • John H. Carson • William B. Claflin • Harold Connery • Seth Couch • Raymond Cunningham • Niles Curtis • Robert Darragh • Thomas . . . — Map (db m26815) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Ridgefield — Ridgefield Veterans Monument
[ west side ] To the Memory of The Citizens of Ridgefield Who Served Their Country In the Wars of the Republic 1775 – 1918 Erected by the People of Ridgefield MCMXXIV [ east side ] War of the Revolution Patrick Ambrose • Amos Baker • Bartholomew Baker • Seth Baker • John Baldwin • John Barns • Wakeman Barrett • Stephen Beers • Abijah Benedict • Daniel Benedict • Darius Benedict • Gamaliel Benedict • Jesse Benedict • John Benedict • Benjamin Bennett • . . . — Map (db m31972) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Rowayton — Rowayton Veterans Memorial
Memorial Gun A Cannon of the Heroic Deeds of Our Soldiers and Sailors of the Republic in the War of the Rebellion for the Preservation of the Union Erected 1901 From U.S.S. Tallapossa (south side plaque) In Honor of the Citizens of Rowayton, Conn.. Who Served Their Country During the Great War, 1914 – 1919 * G. Lester G. James Wallace C. Ackerty • Charles G. Adcock • Tracy B. Ambier • Charles M. Arnold • Stanley Baker • Elwood I. Broadway • Robert Brown • Ralph . . . — Map (db m80306) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Shelton — Shelton Veterans Monument
A Victory Denied Vietnam War 1961 – 1975 The Forgotten War Korean War 1950 – 1953 Freedom Is Not Free World War II 1941 – 1945 The War To End All Wars World War I 1917 – 1918 [ Names inscribed on the back ] World War I Charles W. Sutter   USA • Thomas Arena   USA • Joseph Bernabeo   USA • Chester A. Burke   USMC • John Dudginsky   USA • Edward Gardner   USA • William R. Dunn   USA • John McKay   USA • . . . — Map (db m25613) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Shelton — Shelton World War I Monument
Honor Roll Tablet Erected By The City of Shelton In Honor of the Men of This Community In the Military or Naval Forces of Our Country Erected November 1918 [ center column ] Died In Service Thomas Arena • Joseph Bernabeo • John Budzensky • William R. Dunn • Shester A. Gade • Edward Gardner • Peter T. Gibbons • T. F. Haussler • John McKay • Raymond B. Scranton • Charles W. Sutter • William H. Von Werder Carlo Aiello • Daniel Alberico • Richard J. Allen • . . . — Map (db m28282) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Shelton — To Honor the Men and Women of the City of Shelton
To Honor The Men and Women of the City of Shelton Who Served Their Country and In Memory of Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice Killed In Action World War I Arena, Thomas USA • Bernabeo, Joseph USA • Burke, Chester Arthur USA • Dudginski, John USA • Gardner, Edward USA • Gibbons, Peter USA • Lowensky, Frank USA World War II Amaral, George R.  USA • Beatrice, Louis J.  USA • Billotto, Anthony USA • Buccelly, Dante H.  USAAF • Donovan, John J., Jr.  USA • Geoghan, . . . — Map (db m25615) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Sherman — Sherman World War I Memorial
In Honor of the Citizens of The Town of Sherman Who Served Their Country in the World War 1914 1918 Alfredson David • Atkins Charles S. • * Blantin Ernest • Blantin John Jr. • Boo Axel • Burch Elvin H. • Cussler Edward • Gentles Robert B. • Herterich William • Humphreys Frederick B. • Hungerford Louis R. • Hungerford Reid M. • Johnson Charles L. • Lundmark August E. • Lundmark Herman O. • O’Connor George • Parker William H. • Swanson John A. • Szaboly Peter • Tiebout Donald C. • . . . — Map (db m24434) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Stamford — Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients
W. W. I John Cridland Latham Mar. 3, 1888 – Nov. 5, 1975 W. W. II Homer Lee Wise Feb. 27, 1917 – Apr. 22, 1974 Always remembered Dedicated July 4th, 2009 City of Stamford VFW Post 9617 Springdale Stamford American Legion Post 3 — Map (db m53764) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Stamford — Stamford Veterans Monument
[ inscription around the top ] In Everlasting Memory of Stamford's Patriots 1641 – 1918 [ battle names inscribed in the panel between the fluted columns ] 1689 – 1763 Port Royal • Schenectady • Haverhill • Louisburg • Braddock's Defeat • Duquesne • Quebec 1775 – 1783 Lexington • Concord • Bunker Hill • Ticonderoga • Trenton • Saratoga • Bennington • Yorktown 1812 – 1814 Constitution Guerriere • Lake Erie • Chippewa • Lundy's Lane • Lake . . . — Map (db m38430) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Stamford — Stamford World War I Memorial
The Citizens of Stamford Erect This Memorial In Memory Of Those Who Served and Died For Their Country 1916 - 1918 — Map (db m38429) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Stratford — Stratford World War I Memorial
World War I Apr. 6, 1917 – Nov. 11, 1918 Dedicated to the Soldiers From Stratford Who Served Our Country During World War I Killed In Action George C Anderson Martin Cunningham George Desario Charles Dunn Vincenzo Gioia Erwin S. Haug Peter J. Kochiss Osborn Lundgren John McDonald Owen McSweeney Stephen Palaschak Maryan Dymowski Herbert Williams * Original World War I Memorial Is On West Broad Street — Map (db m25784) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Stratford — Stratford World War I Monument
In Grateful Recognition Of All Those Who Served Our Country In Time Of War The Town Of Stratford Dedicates This Memorial A.D. 1931 — Map (db m25898) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Trumbull — Long Hill World War I Memorial
In Grateful Recognition Of the Valor and Devotion of The Young Men of this Community Who Served in the World War For Liberty and Justice 1914 -------- 1919 Beach, E. Merrill • Brewster, Frederick P. • Burroughs, Stephen J. • Clark, Merlin • Clark, Samuel • Cole, Clifford M. • Cornell, Edward • Davis, Clyde L. • Dillistin, Howard • Dillistin, William • Downs, Edward P. • Edwards, John K. • French, Harold • Green, Archie • Griswold, Frederick L. • Hamann, Emil E. • . . . — Map (db m26090) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Trumbull — Nichols, Conn. World War Veterans Memorial
[ front tablet ] Nichols, Conn. World War Veterans 1917 – 1918 Alexander Nacy. • Nathan S. Mac Donald. • Stephen C. Onofrey. • Edward F. Marshall. • Stephen E. Stancisko. • Clarence A. Cooper. • Frederick W. Weller. • Frank C. Noonan. • Fisk W. Scudder. • Andrew Nacy. • Jacob Goldstein. • Frank Sadusky. • Walter E. Waite. • Richard N. Curtiss. • Joseph Crinock. • Ernest R. Owen. • Joseph B. Curtiss. • John D. Mills. [ top tablet ] In Memory Of The Men . . . — Map (db m25912) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Trumbull — Trumbull World War I Memorial
World War Veterans Trumbull Center, Conn. 1914 – 1919 Brelsford, William • Crocker, Ernest F. • Crocker, Lloyd C. • Evans, B. Ira • Machalowski, Charles • Machalowski, George • Machalowski, Gustave • Machalowski, Julius • Moody, Charles F. • Neilson, Carl P. • Noyes, Julius W. • Parks, William • Schlottmann, John • Shaw, James M. • Stodolnik, John • Strobel, Edward • Strobel, Herman • Tomek, Stephen • Ward, Earl D. • Warwick, George • Worth, Clarence G. — Map (db m26084) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Weston — Honor Roll Weston, Connecticut
Honor Roll Weston, Connecticut World War I Berglund, Reuben W. • Gifford, Vernon • Gustafson, Axel C. • Hurlbutt, Horace C., Jr. • Jacobi, Frank • Jacobi, Fred • Jacobi, Rudolph • Kramer, Herbert L. • Merwin, Harold • * Miller, Kenneth • * Moore, Frederick • Piersall Leonard World War II Adams, Anthony • Baehr, George • Bannin, Robert • Bannin, Thomas • Barnes, George • Barnes, Lewis A. • Bartholomew, Eliot K. • Beaudry, Raymond • Bergendahl, Ivar • Blossom, David • Brigs, . . . — Map (db m30816) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Westport — Westport World War I Monument
[ south side ] 1917 – 1918 Dedicated To The Citizens Of Westport Who Served In The World War Erected Nov. 11, 1930 [ west side ] Honor Roll Gold Star These Gave Their Lives Carusone, Patsy • Clinton, Joseph J. • Divita, Michael • Fagan, Joseph J. • Hansen, Frank R. • Hermenzie, Anthony • Matthias, Charles A. -------- Ackerman, Jacob F. • Allen, George E. • Allen, Kenneth W. • Allen, Leslie D. • Anderson, Ernest • Anderson, Werner • Bailey, . . . — Map (db m30792) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Wilton — Hillside Cemetery World War Memorial
In Memory Of Those Who Gave Their Lives World Wars I and II James B. Whipple • Edward A. Bass • Ralph H. Cooke • Willis M. DeForest Jr. • Birchard E. Evans • Martyn A. Ficke • David F. Keeler • Daniel P. McNamara • William L. Meyer • Henry H.N. Shriver • Roy A. Sodergrin • Ernest Urban — Map (db m30468) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Wilton — Wilton Roll of Honor
Roll Of Honor 1917 – 1918 * James B. Whipple Harry E. Aurmack • George Barringer • Sante Bananni • Charles D. Bennett • Clinton Bennett • Lansing Bennett • Kingsley Birdsall • Edward D. Bolley • Edward Bouterlier • Floyd Bouton • James S. Brown • William Buckley • Edward Bousquet • Charles Burt • Arthur E. Canterbury • William Chappa • Sherwood Chichester • Charles E. Comstock • Edward Cross • Frederick H. Davis • Frederick R. Dusenbueg • Charles O. Eakland, Jr. • Augusto Ferentini • . . . — Map (db m32255) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Wilton — Wilton Veterans Memorial
Wilton Veterans Memorial Honoring Those who served Revolutionary War   1775 – 1784 War of 1812   1812 – 1814 Mexican War   1846 – 1848 Civil War   1861 1865 Spanish – American War   1989 – 1902 World War I   1917 – 1918 World War II   1941 – 1946 Korean Conflict   1950 – 1955 Vietnam War   1964 – 1973 Dedicated Memorial Day 1988 by The American Legion James B. Whipple Post 86 and Rotary Club of . . . — Map (db m32254) WM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Avon — Avon Veterans Monument
[ center panel ] Avon Remembers "No Greater Gift" Mexican War Sperry, Orrin Civil War Beman, Job • Booth, Austin C • Brewer, Gilbert F • Buckley, Frederick O • Calkins, Obed H • Clark, Henry W • Evans, Henry D • Evans, Newton J • Fra, John M • Hawley, Robert A • Hurd, Btron W • McArthur, Henry • Parsons, Norton D • Porter, Henry C • Rice, Eli • Rogers, Chauncey • Rogers, William H • Opson, Charles • Willard, James S • Willard, John L • Woodford, Edgar M • Woodford, Sheldon . . . — Map (db m33168) WM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Berlin — Berlin Veterans Monument
1920 Erected By The Town Of Berlin In Honor Of Her Patriotic Men And Women Who Served Their Country In Time Of War For The Dead – A Tribute For The Living – A Memory For Posterity – An Emblem Of Loyalty To The Flag Of Their Country [ back ] The World War 1914 – 1918 [ back ] The Spanish-American War 1898 [ back ] The Civil War 1861 – 1865 [ stone in front ] Operation Desert Storm Jan 17 . . . — Map (db m47327) WM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Bristol — Bristol World War I Memorial
This memorial was erected to honor those soldiers from Bristol, Connecticut who lost their lives during World War I. A pin-oak tree has been planted along the Memorial Boulevard, which was donated to the City of Bristol by Albert F. Rockwell, in memoriam for each soldier who made the supreme sacrifice. This commemorative tree was planted on November 11, Veterans Day, 1968 Board of Park Commissioners Mayor Henry J. Wojtusik, Chairman • Joseph J. Riley, Jr.,Vice Chairman and Superintendent • . . . — Map (db m33515) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Bristol — Bristol WW I Monument
[ west side ] The City of Bristol To Honor Its Residents Who Served in The World War, Here Records Their Names [ southwest side ] These Gave Their Lives John J. Bresnahan • Reginald L. Brown • Sebastiano Carenza • Carl S. Carlson • Bertrand J. Carroll • James J. Coverty Jr. • Theron B. Davis • Herman Dikol • James E. Dooley • George A. Downs • Verne R. Downs • Timothy J. Driscoll [ southeast side ] These Gave Their Lives Walter E. Durgin • . . . — Map (db m33460) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Bristol — Dedicated to the Memory of Our Fallen Comrades
Dedicated to the Memory Of Our Fallen Comrades And Presented to the City of Bristol By Harold F. Emmett Post No. 994 Veterans of Foreign Wars Of The United States. July 17, 1926 — Map (db m33461) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Bristol — Memorial Boulevard Commemoration
Memorial Boulevard Commemoration 1921 – 1996 WW I Supreme Sacrifice Recognition Anthony Benaliark • Leslie E. Billings • William R. Bolton • William Neumann • Eugene Ridolpi • Frederick D. Sheldon — Map (db m33462) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Burlington — Burlington Civil War – WW I Memorial
[ west side ] Civil War The Town Of Burlington Has Not Forgotten Her Beloved Brothers Who Offered Their Lives To Preserve The Union 1861 - 1865 Solomon A. Adkins • * Elijah W. Bacon • * Erastus S. Bacon • Samuel M. Bailey • Elias H. Baldwin • * Gideon S. Barnes • Sylvester T. Bassett • * Job Beman • * Roland D. Benham • Edgar B. Bennett • Dwight F. Benton • Edward J. Bolin • * Hoyt H. Bradley • James W. Bradley • Samuel G. Bradley • George E. Buck • Augustus F. Bull • Peter . . . — Map (db m33229) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), East Hartford — East Hartford World War I Monument
1917 ― 1918 In Honor Of The Men And Women Of East Hartford Who Answered Their Country’s Call To Service In The World War To The Dead A Tribute To The Living A Memory To Posterity A Token Of Loyalty To The Flag Of Their Country ― Erected By The Citizens Of East Hartford A.D. 1929 ( plaque on the rear ) Dedicated To The Memory Of Those Who Gave Their Lives In The World War 1917 ― 1918 Barrows, Merlin A.   Company E, 212th Engs. . . . — Map (db m74740) WM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Granby — World War I Memorial
1917 1918 In Honor of the Men of Granby who served in The World War Andrews, Evelyn S. • Appredries, Charles • Armitage, Harold Raymond • Avery, Paul L. • Boyko, Peter • Bradley, Barnard • Brigham, Storrs T. • Brooks, George • Broughton, Roscoe Lee • Bryant, George L. • Carlson, David E. • Clark, Merrill W. • Correll, Howard • Cowles, George A. • Cushman, Harold J. • Dewey, LeRoy G. • Floyd, William R. • Frazier, Everett • Godard, Ensworth M. • Godard, Jewell W. • Godard, Miles F. • Goddard, . . . — Map (db m56098) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Hartford — Major General Clarence Ransom Edwards DSM
Major General Clarence Ransom Edwards DSM 1859 – 1931 Beloved commander of the 26th Division who led the sons of New England to glorious victory on the battlefields of France in the World War 1917 - - - 1918 Sponsored by the Connecticut Department Yankee Division Veterans Association This memorial was erected by the State of Connecticut and dedicated May 30, 1942 — Map (db m52191) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), New Britain — New Britain World War I Monument
[ south side ] To Her Sons Who Gave Their Lives To Their Country In The World War Their Names Are Here Inscribed Their Memory Lives In The Heart Of A Grateful City [ north side ] MDCCCCXXVII The City Of New Britain Here Records With Pride That Of Her Citizens More Than Four Thousand Served In The World War 1917 * 1918 [ names on the bronze plaques surrounding the column ] Albert Adams Private Hdqrs Company 102nd Infantry 26th Division A . . . — Map (db m41383) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), New Britain — This Captured Gun
1914   1918 This Captured Gun Is A Memento Of The World War And of The Valor and Sacrifice Of Our Forces — Map (db m41652) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Newington — Newington Veterans Memorial
Our Newington Veterans Forever Loved Forever Mourned Presented by the Kiwanis Club Of Newington and Caring Community Citizens 1986 World War I Howard G. Davis • Frank A. Stotzer • Clifford E. May World War II Russell Ahlgren • Merrill Atwell Jr. • Roger E. Atwood • Frank E. Benson Jr. • William H. Bolles • Malcolm Carlson • Hilton W. Couser • Charles Dziob • Hillary Grabowski • Thomas H. Kane • John J. Kornak • Julian Rudek • Howard P. Ryder • Francis Tracy • Herbert Wunsch • . . . — Map (db m46043) WM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Newington — Newington World War I Monument
1917   1918 In Honor Of The Citizens Of Newington Who Served In The World War And In Memory Of Those Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice Abucewicz, Charles • Anderson, Frederick • Backus, Charles L. Jr. • Banford, Laurie B. • Baukat, James G. • Belfiori, Samuel • Bent, Bartlett T. • Blinn, Harold R. • Blinn, Howard W. • Brown, Edward M. • Cames, Joseph W. • Camp, J. Phillip • Camp, Paul F. • Chaffie, Robert G. • Chalko, Frank • Conti, Aldo • Crawford, M. Ozro • Darko, Jack • Davis, . . . — Map (db m46098) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Plainville — Plainville World War I & II Monument
In Honor Of The Men And Women Of 1917 – 1918 The Town Of Plainville 1941 – 1950 Who Served In The Armed Forces During World War I & II To The Eternal Memory Of Those Who Gave The Last Full Measure Of Devotion & Sacrifice World War I * Barnes, Francis L. • * Bates, Arthur C. • * Brock, Monica S. • * Green, Joseph P. • * Mac Ildowie, James • * Madeley, Earl W. • * O'Hara, Arthur • * Roberts, Leon R. • * Saviano, Frank World War II * Bourgoin, Alphonse • * Casciello, . . . — Map (db m33167) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Southington — Southington Veterans Memorial
[ south side ] This Tablet Is Dedicated To Those Brave Men From The Town Of Southington Who Served The United States In The Revolutionary War, The War Of 1812, The Mexican War And The Spanish War Revolutionary War 1775 – 1783 Oliver Adams • Charles Adkins • Chauncey Adkins • Samuel Adkins • Thomas Adkins • Amos Andrews Jr. • Capt. Obadiah Andrews • Ezekial Andrews • Gideon Andrews • Ichabod Andrews • Jonathan Andrews • Lieut. David Andrews • Ozias Andrews • Samuel . . . — Map (db m33755) WM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Unionville — Unionville Veterans Monument
. . . — Map (db m33172) WM
Connecticut (Hartford County), West Hartford — Connecticut Veterans Memorial West Hartford
Connecticut Veterans Memorial West Hartford The Connecticut Veterans Memorial was commisioned by the Town Council of West Hartford in June 2001. This memorial honors West Hartford men and women who gave their lives during war. The black granite Wall of Peace is engraved with the names of local fallen heroes. The spiraling Wall of Peace is broken each time the United States entered war. The Walk of Remembrance, encircling the Wall of Peace, contains the names of men and women from across . . . — Map (db m53159) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Barkhamsted — Barkhamsted Soldiers Memorial
[ north side ] 1776 The Tribute Of The People Of Barkhamsted To The Memory Of Her Sons And Daughters Who Fought To Establish Defend And Preserve The Nation --- Erected 1897 [ lower plaque ] World War II Jespersen, Donald • Jones, Edward E. • Kaiser, Herbert J. • Kelly, Harold M. • Lauff, John • Lavender, Charles • Lavieri, Carmine E. • Lavieri, Carmine R. • LeGeyt, Charles H. Jr. • LeGeyt, Henry A. • Lemioux, Edgar • Lemioux, Girard • . . . — Map (db m29847) WM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Bethlehem — Bethlehem Civil War and World War I Memorial
A Tribute to the Valor Of The Men of Bethlehem Who Fought For Freedom and Humanity Civil War 1861 – 1865 Frederick Adkins • Joseph Boyce • Gideon D. Crane • William B. Crane • Francis Dugan • John Ferry • George W. Garthwait • James H. Gilbert • Frederick D. Holmes • Daniel Hunt • Alexander N. Kasson • Albert J. Lounsbury • Charles Lynn • Richard Magee • Olin Nash • Dexter Northrop • Horson Northrop • John K. Northrop • Patrick O’Rourke • James Oswald • Timothy . . . — Map (db m26491) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Bridgewater — Bridgewater WW I Memorial
Dedicated to those who gave their lives and in honor of those who left their daily tasks among us to serve our country in the World War 1917-1918 In Memoriam John Sheskey • Joseph C. Wellwood Honor Roll William Anderson • Lewis C. Beardsley • Carl MacMasters Crawford • Frederick McDonald Crawford • Charles E. Carlson • Harold Carlson • Franklyn Disbrow • Howard C. Johnson • George B. Marsh • Henry G. McClure • Robert Lewis McClure • Carl Anar Neilson • Benjamin Olsen • Gilbert Parmalee • . . . — Map (db m20537) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Cornwall — Cornwall World War I – World War II Veterans Monument
[ upper plaque ] Cornwall Honor Roll 1914 World War 1918 Peter L. Barrett • Fred J. Bate • William L. Behn • Harry W. Breen • R. William Carlson • Abraham B. Cohen • Benjamin J. Cole • Francis P. Cole • Robert T. Davison • Stanley P. Drobish • Frederick W. Ench • Walter J. Engisch • Edward M. Foote • Lloyd B. Gale • Louis F. Gekeler • R.J. Grand-Lienard • Burnham C. Hart • Charles E. Hart • C. Whittlesey Hart • Frank L. Hart • Donald S. Hedden • Vincent Z. Hotchkiss • Allyn H. . . . — Map (db m41829) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), East Canaan — East Canaan Veterans Monument
[ north side ] This Memorial Was Erected By The Citizens & Friends of East Canaan Conn 1928 [ west side ] In Memory Of Those Who Answered Their Country's Call 1917 – 1918 [ east side ] In Memory Of Those Who Defended Their Country 1776 – 1812 1865 - 1898 — Map (db m41853) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Falls Village — Falls Village Veterans Monument
[ stone on left ] Dedicated to The Honor Of Those of Our Town Who Served and Sacrificed In Love of Our Country [ bronze plaque ] World War I Alfred C. Abbe • Harry Beebe • Harry S. Blake • Alfred J. Brown • Carroll W. Burkett • Louis Conti • * Howard B. Egleston • Alice Goodwin • Frederick C. Howe • James Perry • Nicholas L. Rogers • Clarence E. Sanford • Andreo Sondrini • Antonio Turra World War II Aldo Alquesta • Robert G. Alquesta • Carroll Bailey • James . . . — Map (db m41851) WM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Harwinton — Harwinton Veterans Memorial
Dedicated To Those Who Served Our Country World War I Balch, Walter • Casson, Walter • Delay, Edmond • Hamm, Michael Sr. • Hooper, Frederick J. • Pregna, Joseph • Pregna, William • Reynolds, Alfred H. • Weingart, Fred World War II Arnold, Francis T. • Arnold, Henry D. • Arnold, John R. • Arnold, William • Arsego, Angelo • Banziruk, Daniel • Banziruk, Harry • Banziruk, John N. • Barber, Charles • Barber, Henry A. • Barella, Ernest • Baroff, Harrison • Basile, Daniel • Basile, . . . — Map (db m29789) WM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Litchfield — Litchfield World War I Monument
In Honor Of The Men Of Litchfield Who Rendered Service In The World War 1917 – 1919 Duval Allen • Paul Allen, Jr. • Leslie F. Andrews • Stanley Axelby • William Axelby • Charles I. Bachman • George H. Baldwin • Robert L. Baldwin • Thomas C. Baldwin • John F. Barrett • William M. Beach • Sutherland A. Beckwith • Elmore M. Bostwick • Edward J. Brahen • Hugo Bramer • Edward A. Brennan • Garrett F. Brennan • Matthew E. Brennan, Jr. • James Brewster • Ernest W. Brown • Carleton L. . . . — Map (db m28424) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), New Hartford — New Hartford Remembers
New Hartford Remembers Those Who Served In The 1917 World War 1919 Adams Edwin C • Banfield William G • Bartolucci Antonio • Brennan Daniel • Brochu Andrew • Brochu Joseph • Brown Nicoll • Caine Howard P • Caine William H Jr • Carlo Michael • Carlson Carl C • Castonguay Charles • Chapin Catherine L • Collen Axel D • Cozza Celestino • Dietz Charles • Dungan Henry • Ellsworth Bradford • Ellsworth Edward J • Ellsworth William • Fearn David Jr • * Fiker Charles R • Follert Bernard • Gagnon . . . — Map (db m29846) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), New Milford — New Milford WW I Memorial
This tablet is dedicated In Commemoration Of The Men of New Milford who served their country in the World War 1917 – 1919 Edwin H. Acker • Frank W. Adams • F.A. Franklin Anderson • George Anderson • Andrew B. Armstrong • Robert L. Armstrong • William E. Ashman • Francis M. Baldwin • Ralph H. Baldwin • J. Creighton Barker • * Edwin L. Barney • Paul B. Barton • Raymond G. Barton • John L. Benedict • William Benson • Oscar W. Bjork • Frank W. Booth • George W. Broughton • Henry J. . . . — Map (db m20918) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Norfolk — Norfolk World War I Monument
[ south plaque ] 1917 The World War 1918 In honor of those who gave and those who offered their lives for liberty the people of Norfolk have built this monument and crowned it with The Liberty Bell in the faith that it will ring the knell of war and proclaim the brotherhood of man [ lower left] The bell was donated by Mary Eldridge It is a careful reproduction of the Original Liberty Bell in Independence Hall [ lower right] Dedicated Nov. . . . — Map (db m29685) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), North Canaan — North Canaan Veterans Monument
[ east side ] This Tablet Is Reverently Inscribed to the Memory Of Those Who Went From That Part Of The Town of Canaan Which Later Became North Canaan, And Who, With Valor and Patriotism, Defended the Flag of Our Country In The Colonial Wars The War of The Revolution The War of 1812 Although time has dimmed the record of their Names, their deeds are held in everlasting Remembrance [ west side ] 1861   In Memory   1865 Of These Men of North Canaan . . . — Map (db m42098) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Plymouth — Loyal Sons and Daughters — of the Town of Plymouth, Connecticut
1917-1918 1941-1945 Dedicated to the loyal sons and daughters of Plymouth, Connecticut, who served their country during World Wars I and II. Erected though the generosity of Judge Andrew W. Granniss, 1953 — Map (db m29861) HM
Connecticut (Litchfield County), Roxbury — Roxbury Veterans Monument
The Town of Roxbury Honors Her Sons & Daughters Who Served During Times of War World War I John Francis Acton • Percy Peck Beardsley • John Milo Bolt • John Grimes Butler • Robert Callahan • Harold Collins • John H. Collins • Richard W. Collins • John Leo Daly • Frank Emerson • Francis J. Fanning • Sherry E. Fry • John Hersey Humphrey II • Charles Ray Innous • Hubert Oliver Johnson • Harry Arthur Larson • Dana T. Leavenworth • Raymond Leavenworth • Joseph Loretz • Frank D. Lowitz • . . . — Map (db m43513) HM
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