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Cold War Markers
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British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — 90 mm Anti-Aircraft GunCanon Antiaérien de 90 mm
During the 1950s this type of anti-aircraft gun was part of the Victoria-Esquimalt defences, although it was not used here at Fort Rodd Hill. This American-made weapon had begun to replace the British-designed 3.7-inch gun as the Canadian Army’s heavy AA defence after the Second World War. It had a maximum vertical range of 30,000 feet and fired 22 rounds a minute. ——————————————— . . . — Map (db m75031) HM
Ontario (Ottawa), Carp — The Central Emergency Government HeadquartersLe Siège Central du Gouvernement d'Urgence
Irreverently known as the "Diefenbunker," this structure is a powerful symbol of Canada's response to the Cold War. Designed in the 1950s to withstand all but a direct his by a nuclear weapon, it was intended to shelter key political and military personnel during a nuclear attack. Fortunately, it never served its intended purpose, although the Diefenbaker government made plans to retreat to its protection during the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. The bunker functioned as the hub of a . . . — Map (db m75715) HM
El Salvador, La Libertad, Santa Elena — In Memory of Those Americans Who Lost Their Lives in El Salvador
[Seal of the United States of America and Seal of El Salvador] Michael Hammer Mark Pearlman SSGT Bobby J. Dickson SSGT Thomas T. Handwork SGT Gregory H. Weber SGT Patrick R. Kwiatkowski Christopher Babcock John Sullivan John Hoagland Barry Castiglione Sister Dorothy Kazel Michael J. Kline Jean Donovan Sister Maura Clarke Sister Ita Ford Francisco Peccorini Joseph La Palme BIlly Murphy Thomas Bracken LCDR Albert Schaufelberger . . . — Map (db m70661) HM WM
El Salvador, Morazán, Arambala — El Mozote Children's MemorialJardín de Reflexión Los Inocentes
En este lugar se encontraron en 1992 los restos de 146 personas, 140 menores de 12 años. Todos ellos se encuentran enterrados ahora en el monumento El Mozote Nunca Mas English translation: In this place in 1992 were recovered the remains of 146 people, 140 of them under 12 years old. All of them now are buried in the monument. El Mozote Never Again — Map (db m83152) HM
Germany, Berlin — Baudenkmal Berliner Mauer[Berlin Wall Monument]
German Text: … English Text: The Berlin Wall became an international symbol of the division of Germany after the Second World War and also of the Cold War between East and West. The construction of the Berlin Wall began on August 13, 1961. The government of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) built this more than 150-km-long barrier to hermetically seal off East Berlin and the rest of the GDR. More than 2.7 million people had fled the GDR between October 1949 and . . . — Map (db m57785) HM
Germany, Berlin — Checkpoint Charlie Site
[Panel 1:] During the time Germany and Berlin were divided by THE WALL, the sign which symbolizes world history was standing here: The victorious powers of World War II and the two Germanies confronted each other here, and the Western powers defended the fundamental rights of the special Berlin-Status until the confrontation between USA/USSR tanks. This sign is a copy. The original sign still exists and can be seen in the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie – 40 meters from here. . . . — Map (db m56213) HM
Germany, Berlin — Pariser Platz
[English text] Pariser Plaz (Paris Square) is one of Berlin’s most distinctive squares and occupies a unique place within the groundplan of the city. Its planning is attributed to Philipp Gerlach (1697-1738), the architect commissioned by Frederick William I to extend the city’s development westward, which had begun in 1688. In 1732, at the request of the “Soldier King”, Gerlach extended Friedrichstrasse to intersect with Lindenstrasse, where he laid out a circus (now . . . — Map (db m56361) HM
Germany, Thuringia (Weimarer Land Kreis (District)), Buchenwald Memorial — National Buchenwald MemorialNationale Mahn- und Gedenkstätte Buchenwald
Die vernichtung des Nazismus mit seinen wurzeln ist unsere losung Der aufbau einer neuen welt des friedens und der freiheit ist unser ziel ———————— The destruction of Nazism and its roots is our slogan The construction of a new world of peace and freedom is our goal — Map (db m76953) HM
South Korea, Gyeonggi-do Province (Demilitarized Zone), Panmunjom — Axe Murder Incident Memorial
On this spot was located the yellow poplar tree which was the focal point of the axe murders of two United Nations Command officers, Captain Arthur Bonifas and First Lieutenant Mark Barrett, who were attacked and killed by North Korean guards while supervising a work party trimming the tree. On 18 August 1976. (On alternate lines is translation in Korean) Map (db m35594) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — “Gooney Bird” Propeller
This Hamilton-Standard 23E50-505 hydromatic propeller is from Douglas Aircraft C-47 transport plane known as the Gooney Bird. The C-47s operated in both the European and Pacific theaters of W.W. II as troop and cargo transports, and initiated the Berlin Airlift. More than 10,000 of these aircraft were produced by the Douglas Aircraft Company for military service. — Map (db m69659) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Lieutenant Colonel R. Edward YeildingUnited States Air Force
This F-4D Phantom is displayed in honor of Lt. Col. Edward Yeilding and all Veterans who served with the Phantom aircraft. Captain Ed Yeiding’s name is painted on the front canopy to honor his nine years flying Phantoms similar to this F-4D and because of his unusual six years as a SR-71 Blackbird pilot. Born 1949 and raised in Florence, Alabama, Lt. Col. Yeilding was an active-duty Phantom pilot from 1974-1983, with assignments in the RF-4C, F-4D, and F-4E. During his Okinawa assignment . . . — Map (db m84028) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Cold War-Global 1945-/ Cold War-Germany 1945-1990
(side 1) Cold War-Global 1945- I am Petty Officer Richard Williamson, Jr. I am proud that my dad served on the first nuclear powered fast attack submarine, the USS Nautilus (SSN 571) which set all kinds of records in the 1950s for length of submerged missions around the world including under the North Pole. SSN is the Navy’s hull classification symbol for nuclear powered: SS means “Submarine” and N means “nuclearpowered.” Because of my dad, I too, . . . — Map (db m85491) HM WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Korean War/ Cold War-Korea 1953-
(side 1) Korean War I am Carlos Jesus Rodriguez, Rifle Squad Leader in F(Fox) Company 31st Regimental Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division (The Bayonet Division). I was stationed in Japan. As an occupation Army, we GIs (Government Issue, i.e. US soldier) trained a bit and thought we had it made in the shade with a lot of off-duty time. However, in June 1950 when the North Korean Army attacked South Korea, the depleted 1st Cavalry Division and the 2nd Infantry Division were sent . . . — Map (db m85535) HM WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Air University Commanders
Maj Gen Muir S. Fairchild February 1946 – May 1948 Maj Gen Robert W. Harper May 1948 – October 1948 Gen George C. Kenney November 1948 – July 1951 Lt Gen Idwal H. Edwards August 1951 – February 1953 Lt Gen Laurence S. Kuter April 1953 – May 1955 Lt Gen Dean G. Strother May 1955 – Jun 1958 Lt Gen Walter E. Todd August 1958 – July 1961 Lt Gen Troup Miller, Jr. August 1961 – . . . — Map (db m64368) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Boeing B-52D "Stratofortress"
Remaining in operation longer than any bomber in U.S. military history, the B-52 was the Strategic Air Command's principal long-range heavy bomber from the time it became operational in 1955. Affectionately known as the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fellow), it first flew on April 15, 1952. Nearly 750 B-52s (170 of them B-52Ds) had been built when production ended in October 1962. The B-52Ds were modified to carry the largest conventional bomb load of any in the series and due to the "Big Belly" and . . . — Map (db m64474) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Establishment of Air University 1946
The Army Air Forces school was assigned its first commander, Major General Muir S. Fairchild, in February 1946, and renamed Air University in March. The dedication ceremony occurred 3 Sep 1946. The first classes at the Air War College and the Air Command and Staff School began 4 Sep 1946. ”We conceive it to be the high and noble goal of Air University to educate and to aid in producing the planners and future leaders of that Air Force.” General Muir S. Fairchild, 3 Sep 1946 — Map (db m64370) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Expansion of Air University
During the early 1950’s, Air Force leaders decided to consolidate and relocate professional military and continuing education activities, as well as commissioning and specialized schools to Maxwell and Gunter Air Force Bases. ”(Air University’s) anticipated influence is measured only by the reach of Air Power. Its horizon is unlimited.” General Carl Spaatz, 3 Sep 1946 — Map (db m64371) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — General Larry D. Welch12th Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force — Served 1951 - 1990, Aviation Cadet 1953
General (ret) Welch was born in 1934 in Guymon, Okla., and graduated from Liberal (Kan.) High School in 1952. He enlisted in the Kansas National Guard in October 1951, serving with the 161st Armored Field Artillery until enlisting in the U.S. Air Force. In November 1953, he entered the aviation cadet program and subsequently received his pilot wings and commission as a second lieutenant. He served initially as a flight instructor until his assignment in July 1958 to Headquarters, Air . . . — Map (db m64500) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Joint Programs
Air University began new Air War College and Air Command and Staff College programs in 1987 which met newly mandated “Joint” education requirements. These programs emphasized joint war fighting. ”The basic reason for the essentiality of Air University lies in the fact that it trains, prepares, and inspires the future leaders of all our commands.” Lieutenant General Ira C. Eaker, 17 Mar 1961 — Map (db m64378) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — McDonnell Douglas F-4D "Phantom II"
First flown in May 1958, the Phantom II originally was developed for U.S. Navy fleet defense and entered service in 1961. The USAF evaluated it for close air support, interdiction, and counter-air operations and, in 1962, approved a USAF version. The USAF's Phantom II, designated F-4C, made its first flight in November 1963. The F-4D was an improved F-4C and made its first flight on December 9, 1965. The F-4D offered an improved bombing and air-to-air capability. The USAF credited F-4D . . . — Map (db m64504) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — McDonnell RF-101C "Voodoo"
Ordered in 1951 by the Strategic Air command as a long-range escort fighter, the F-101 lineage included several versions: Low-altitude fighter-bomber; photo-reconnaissance; two-seat interceptor; and transition trainer. To accelerate production, no prototypes were built and the first Voodoo, an F-101A, made its initial flight on September 29, 1954. When production ended in March 1961, nearly 800 Voodoos had been built. Development of the unarmed RF-101, the world's first supersonic . . . — Map (db m64503) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — North American F-100D "Super Sabre"
Developed as a follow-on to the F-86 Sabrejet used in the Korean Conflict, the F-100 was the world's first production airplane capable of flying faster than the speed of sound in level flight (760 mph). The prototype, the YF-100A, made its first flight on May 25, 1953, at Edwards Air Force Base, California. Of the 2,294 F-100s built before production ended in 1959, 1,274 were F-100Ds, more than all other series combined. The F-100D, which made its first flight on January 24, 1956, was the . . . — Map (db m64553) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — North American F-86A "Sabre"
The F-86, the USAF's first swept-wing jet fighter, made its initial flight on October 1, 1947. The first production mode flew on May 20, 1948, and on September 15, 1948, an F-86A set a new world speed record of 670.9 mph. Originally designed as a high-altitude day fighter, it was subsequently redesigned into an all-weather interceptor (F-86D) and a fighter-bomber (F-86H). As a day fighter, the airplane saw service in Korea in three successive series (F-86A, E, and F), where it engaged . . . — Map (db m64586) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Northrop T-38A "Talon"
In the mid-1950s, the USAF required a trainer with higher performance than the T-33 to better prepare student pilots for the latest tactical aircraft that were then coming into service. The aircraft chosen was the T-38A which offered high performance with low maintenance and operating costs. Destined to become the USAF's first supersonic trainer, the T-38A prototype first flew on April 10, 1959, and production continued until 1972. A total of 1,189 T-38As were built. Some were later . . . — Map (db m64433) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Reorganization
During the late 1950’s three courses at Air Command and Staff College: the Weapons course, the Squadron Officer course, and the Academic Instructor course, became separate schools under the AU umbrella. ”…It is regrettable that what is being done at the Air University is not known by the millions of our citizens; they would worry less and sleep better.” Lieutenant General Harold L. George, 5 Feb 1954 — Map (db m64373) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Reorganization
HQ USAF realigned AU under Air Training Command (ATC) in 1978. For five years AU remained a part of ATC. On 1 July 1983, AU regained its major command status. ROTC was reassigned to ATC. The College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, was born to research and analyze current and future issues of concern to the USAF. ”Air University turns out tomorrow’s leaders.” Army Times Headlines, 1 Mar 1947 — Map (db m64376) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Republic F-105D "Thunderchief"
In 1951, Republic Aviation began a project to develop a supersonic tactical fighter-bomber to replace the F-84F. The result was the F-105 "Thunderchief," later affectionately nicknamed the "Thud." The prototype YF-105A first flew on October 22, 1955, but the first F-105D did not fly until June 9, 1959. F-105s were produced in the single-seat F-105B and F-105D series, and in the two-seat F-105F model. Later, some F-105Fs were modified to become F-105Gs. A total of 833 Thunderchiefs of all . . . — Map (db m64505) HM
Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Alaska Native Veterans Memorial
Monument against east wall of house off Whittier Way: This memorial is dedicated to all Alaska Native Veterans, Southeast who served in the United States Armed Forces. Let us not dwell on their passing but remember their shining Spirits that will live on forever. World War I, World War II, Korea Vietnam, Gulf War era, Panama, Granada, Bosnia, and Afghanistan We honor all Veterans who served their country US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Air Force, US . . . — Map (db m69127) WM
Arizona (Pima County), Green Valley — Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Museum
Tucson Air Museum Foundation of Pima County Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Museum Established May 8, 1986 571st SMS, 390th SMW Davis-Monthan AFB Strategic Alert July 1963 – November 1982 National Historic Landmark April 6, 1994 Dedicated October 14, 1994 — Map (db m26926) HM
Arkansas (Benton County), Rogers — F-101B Voodoo
USAF Century Series aircraft flown by active interceptor squadrons, the Air Defense Command, and the Air National Guard from 1959 - 1983. The Voodoo is well known for its NATO role as a nuclear deterrent during the Cold War. The RF-101 variant is famous for performing reconnaissance missions in Cuba during the 1962 Missile Crisis and in Southeast Asia. McDonnell Douglas Corporation Designer and builder of over 800 F-101s 12 July 1991 — Map (db m62520) HM
Arkansas (Carroll County), Eureka Springs — The Berlin WallActual 10 x 10 Section

• Between 1945-1961 2.7 million escaped East Germany • In 1960, 200,000 East Germans escaped to Freedom • Order given to build Wall - Sunday, Aug. 13, 1961 Construction began Aug. 16, 1961; completed 2 mos. later • Initially 6 ft. high bricks topped with barbed wire • 1970 - Wall raised to 10 ft. steel-reinforced concrete • Length 103 miles • 200 East Germans killed trying to escape • Most artwork on wall done at night • In darkness, this artist saw light; in . . . — Map (db m80171) HM

California (Los Angeles County), Palmdale — Blackbird Air ParkAir Force Plant 42
[Panel #1] Blackbird Wind Tunnel Model (One-Twelfth Scale) Aircraft models such as this are used in high-speed wind tunnels to test aerodynamic shapes, stresses, and temperatures. This particular model was used for testing all three versions of the Blackbird--the A-12, YF-12, and SR-71--through the use of different nose sections. It is displayed with an SR-71 nose section installed. The nose section on the left is a YF-12 and the one on the right is an A-12. [Panel . . . — Map (db m51182) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — Battery Osgood-Farley Historic Site"Home of the Fort MacArthur Museum" — Battle Honors, Third Coast Artillery
+ Battle Honors Third Coast Artillery War of 1812 Fort Nelson, VA. - June 22, 1813 Fort Oswego, NY. - May 5-6, 1814 Mexican War Palo Alto - May 8. 1846 Resaca de La Palma - May 9, 1846 Monterey - Sept. 21-23, 1846 Vera Cruz - March 9-28, 1847 Cerro Gordo Contreras Churubusco Molino Del Rey Chapultepec Indian Wars Seminole - 1832-39 Creek - 1836 Cherokee - 1838 Seminole - 1849-50 Rogue River -1855 Washington - 1858 Civil War . . . — Map (db m81750) HM
California (Marin County), Tiburon — Ayala Cove
Lieut. Juan de Ayala of the Royal Spanish Navy sailed through the Golden Gate on Aug. 5, 1775. He commanded the packet-boat San Carlos, which was the first known ship in the waters of San Francisco Bay. On the 13th day of August, Ayala anchored this vessel in the cove of an island he named ‘Isla de los Angeles’, or Angel Island and from here directed the first survey of the bay. In commemoration of these events this cove is hereby dedicated as Ayala Cove on the 6th day of September, 1969. — Map (db m69206) HM
California (Marin County), Tiburon — Cold War Defense
In 1954 Angel Island became one of nineteen Nike Missile sites in the Bay Area. There were three underground magazines, each storing 12 Nike – Ajax anti-aircraft missiles. The missiles had a range of 25 miles and were raised to the surface by hydraulic elevators and pushed manually on rails to the launchers. A radar control station was placed on Mt. Livermore and three notches were carved in the hill to improve line of sight. With the development of ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistics . . . — Map (db m69253) HM
California (Mono County), Lee Vining — Navy Beach
During the Cold War, Mono County was home to one of many remote facilities used by the US Military to test new weapons and weapons systems. A "secret military installation" operated by the US Navy was located along the south shoreline of Mono Lake. During the 1950's and 1960's several branches of the US Armed Forces utilized this test facility to conduct various research. Numerous top-secret exercises were actually performed here during what was called "seismic testing." However with the . . . — Map (db m20739) HM
California (Riverside County), Blythe — 127 — Desert Strike
In May 1964, U.S. Strike Command (STRICOM) launched the largest military war game since World War II. Known as Joint Exercise Desert Strike, this two-week training exercise simulated a nuclear air and ground battle between the mythical governments of Nezona and Calonia over water rights within the Colorado River watershed south of Las Vegas. Two joint task forces, Mojave and Phoenix, involving 100,00 U.S. Army and Air Force personnel, and utilizing over 900 aircraft and 500 tanks, were . . . — Map (db m78531) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — McClellan Air Force Base
[Panel 1a:] The 1930s With war clouds gathering over the Pacific, in 1936 Congress authorized the construction of the Sacramento Air Depot. The Army Air Corp envisioned that the new depot would support operations on the West Coast, as well as provide a staging area for aircraft and material bound for the Pacific. Built under the supervision of the Army Quartermaster Corps, construction of the Sacramento Air Depot began in late 1936. The depot took shape rapidly, and the . . . — Map (db m57199) WM
California (San Bernardino County), Ludlow — 139 — Project Carryall
...and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. Micah 4:3 With the end of World War II and the onset of the Cold War, America embarked on an ambitious program to ensure the nation's preeminence in the nuclear arms race. To this end Edward Teller and the Atomic Energy Commission detonated hundreds of nuclear devices underwater, underground, and in the atmosphere. . . . — Map (db m78521) HM
California (Santa Barbara County), Vandenberg Air Force Base — American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Historic Aerospace SiteVandenberg Air Force Base
Bearing witness to the birth of the Space Age, Vandenberg Air Force Base has been the launch site of many of America's missiles and rockets, from military missions to voyages of exploration. Here launched the first polar orbiting satellite Discoverer I in 1959. The Discoverer series of satellites were the public name of the now declassified Corona Program, America's first photo reconnaissance satellite. This site has also been home to the training of the crews and test flights of many of . . . — Map (db m81129) HM
California (Santa Barbara County), Vandenberg Air Force Base — Ronald W. Reagan Missile Defense Site
Dedicated to Ronald W. Reagan 40th President of the United States of America For his steadfast commitment to develop and deploy missile defenses to protect our nation, our forces, our allies and friends "Wouldn't it be better to save lives than to avenge them? Are we not capable of demonstrating our peaceful intentions by applying all our abilities and our ingenuity to achieving a truly lasting stability? I think we are. Indeed, we must." 23 March 1983 Presented on . . . — Map (db m81108) WM
Colorado (El Paso County), Colorado Springs — B-52D Stratofortress"Diamond Lil" — 1957 - 1983
Dedicated to the men and women of the Strategic Air Command who flew and maintained the B-52D throughout its 26-year history in the command. Aircraft 55-083, with over 15,000 flying hours, is one of two B-52Ds credited with a confirmed MIG kill during the Vietnam Conflict. Flying out of U-Tapao Royal Thai Naval Airfield in Southern Thailand, the crew of “Diamond Lil” shot down a MIG northeast of Hanoi during “Linebacker II” action on Christmas Eve, 1972. — Map (db m43208) HM
Connecticut (New London County), New London — Cold War
World War II ended in 1945 with the surrender of Germany and Japan, but it was an uneasy peace that followed. Although the U.S.S.R. had been America’s ally during the war, after the war, the Soviet Union asserted control over eastern Europe, forming a communist bloc of nations hostile to the United States and western Europe. In the postwar years the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the dominant world powers, locked in a philosophical conflict between democracy and communism. An . . . — Map (db m48405) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Stonington — USS Pawcatuck Veterans Monument
In Honor Of All Veterans Who Served During The Cold War – 1940’s to 1990’s ----------------------------------------------- USS Pawcatuck AO-108 A Fleet Oiler Named After The Pawcatuck River A Joint Project of Harvey P. Chase VFW Post 1265 & The Town of Stonington — Map (db m68231) WM
Delaware (Kent County), Dover — KC-68 — Hangar 1301
Constructed in 1944, Hangar 1301 served as the headquarters and engineering facility for the 4146th Base Unit from 1944 to 1946. Highly secret testing and development work was done here on air-launched rocket weapons. Aircraft used in testing ranged from P-47 Thunderbolts to four-engine bombers including B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberators. Even single engine light planes were outfitted with multiple rocket launchers to test the feasibility of providing additional firepower for all types . . . — Map (db m50623) HM
Delaware (Kent County), Dover — T-33A Shooting Star
The two-seater T-33 was developed as a variant of Lockheed's P-80 fighter which had a high accident rate until more training with an onboard instructor reversed that trend. In service for over 50 years, the T-33, known as the Shooting Star of T-Bird, was used by the U.S. Air Force to train pilots already qualified to fly propeller-driven aircraft and as an advanced trainer.

In the early 1960s, the T-33 was replaced by the T-37 and T-38 Talon in the USAF's undergraduate pilot training . . . — Map (db m50626) HM

Delaware (Sussex County), Lewes — The U.S. Navy at Cape HenlopenA Century of Service
The United States Navy's ties to Cape Henlopen spanned nearly 100 years. The Navy first came to the Cape in 1898 to build a signal tower during the Spanish American War. In the 20th century, the Navy kept a communications station he, beginning with a wireless station in 1904. During World War I, a naval base helped protect the cities and industries along the Delaware River. And in World War II, the Navy watched over shipping in the area and maintained a post to guard the Delaware Bay. From 1962 . . . — Map (db m79201) HM
District of Columbia, Washington — Lithuania's March to FreedomKeeping a Nation Alive — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail
Since 1924 this mansion has housed representatives of the Republic of Lithuania, even during the 50 years when the country was occupied by the Soviet Union. In the late 1700s, the Russian Empire annexed Lithuania's territory, ending the 500-year-old state known as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1918, at the close of World War I, Lithuania re-emerged as an independent nation. But once World War II broke out in 1939, Lithuania endured invasions by the Soviet Union, then Nazi Germany, and . . . — Map (db m82751) HM
District of Columbia (Southeast), Washington — Welcome Aboard the Display Ship BARRY (DD-993)(sic)
BARRY is named after Commodore John Barry. She is the third vessel to bear the name of the illustrious Revolutionary War naval hero. The ship was built in 1954 in Bath Iron Works, Bath Maine; and commissioned on September 7th, 1956 in Boston, Massachusetts. The BARRY was one of three ships of the FOREST SHERMAN class destroyers involved in support of landing by Marines and Army Airborne units at Beirut, Lebanon in July 1958. In the autumn of 1962 USS BARRY was one of eight DD-931 class ships . . . — Map (db m89976) HM WM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — Victims of Communism Memorial,National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C. — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.
“These voices cry out to all, and they’re legion,” President George W. Bush, June 12, 2007" The Victims of Communism Memorial enshrines the more than 100 million men, women, and children struck down by 20th century totalitarian communist regimes. Communist leaders attracted countless millions throughout the world with their “big lie” promises of a classless, egalitarian society free of poverty and oppression. But in fact communist dictators wielded . . . — Map (db m36178) WM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Edward TellerProfessor of Physics, 1935 to 1945
This plaque commemorates the seminal research of the renowned Dr. Edward Teller during his tenure at The George Washington University. By agreement with GW Professor George Gamow, President Cloyd Heck Marvin invited the Hungarian-born Teller to join the Physics Department in 1935. During the next six years, while enthusiastically reaching the new quantum theory and before taking a leave of absence for the war effort, Teller lent his wide knowledge and clear thinking to a series of . . . — Map (db m47326) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), National Mall — German-American Friendship GardenCelebrating 300 Years of Friendship — National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C.
“One magnificent symbol of the bonds that tie our two great peoples together is the German-American Friendship Garden. This symbol of eternally renewing growth and strength will be dedicated this autumn here in the Capital. In its growth, our own commitments to the well-being of America and Germany shall be cultivated and nurtured.” – President Ronald Reagan, October 6, 1988. On October 6, 1683, the first organized group of German immigrants arrived on these . . . — Map (db m38849) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Northwest — Taras Shevchenko Memorial
[Inscription on south face of the Shevchenko statue base:] Taras Shevchenko 1814-1861 Bard of Ukraine [Inscription on north face of statue base:] Dedicated to the Liberation, Freedom and Independence of all Captive Nations This monument of Taras Shevchenko, 19th century Ukrainian poet and fighter for the independence of Ukraine and the freedom of all mankind, who under foreign Russian imperialist tyranny and colonial rule appealed for “The New and . . . — Map (db m31136) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Tenleytown — 7 — In Touch with the WorldTop of the Town — Tenleytown Heritage Trail
“Tenley Tower,” behind you, dates from the mid-1940s. Western Union Telegraph Co. built it as part of an experimental system using microwaves to transmit telegrams in the mid-Atlantic region. This new technology helped erase telegraph wires and poles from the landscape. In addition, the tower was designed to relay recently invented television signals, which gave Western Union and its partner RCA a decided head start in the television revolution of the 1950s. During the Cold War . . . — Map (db m51838) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Satellite Beach — United States Air Force1976 - 2075
The men and women of the Air Force Eastern Test Range proudly dedicate this monument to our national progress in missile and space technology in recognition of the American revolution Bicentennial. Erected on site of support elements for early space development, this marker contains memorabilia symbolic of the great national effort that launched the United States into the space age. To be opened in the year 2075, contents of this time capsule are preserved for use by patriotic citizens . . . — Map (db m57602) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Florida City — F-739 — Operation Pedro PanOperación Pedro Pan
On this site, which was officially known as the Florida City Shelter of the Catholic Welfare Bureau’s Children’s Program, thousands of Operation Pedro Pan children found refuge from Communist Cuba between 1961 and 1966. Operation Pedro Pan was conceived and organized by Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh of the Archdiocese of Miami and James Baker, headmaster of Ruston Academy in Havana, Cuba, at the request of parents who sought to prevent Communist indoctrination of their children. It was financed . . . — Map (db m71917) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — The Tower of SnowEnrique Martínez Celaya — American (born in Cuba, 1964)
2012, Bronze 132 x 89 x 64 in. The Tower of Snow by distinguished Cuban-born artist Enrique Martínez Celaya honors the 50th anniversary of Operation Pedro Pan, which brought thousands of Cuban children, without their parents, to the United States in pursuit of freedom and stability. “For years, feelings of displacement and foreignness had seemed specific to my experience, then I began to read about the ‘Operación Pedro Pan’ and I found my story in many of their accounts. This . . . — Map (db m71941) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Islamorada — Rafters
This plaque is in memory of the many Cubans who were desperate to leave Castros' communist Cuba. They left their homes and families trying to cross the 90 miles of sea in rafts, innertubes or anything that would float. Not knowing what rough seas and storms would be encountered, hundreds or even thousands were lost and never heard from again. This is in memory of those who lost their lives, and those who made it to this country. They are now free, contributing to their new homeland . . . — Map (db m83553) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Key West — The Little White House
Built in 1890 on the waterfront as a two-family dwelling for the base commandant and paymaster, this building was known as Quarters A and B. It was converted into a single-family residence in 1911. President William Howard Taft visited this site in December 1912. Thomas Edison lived here for six months during World War I while inventing 41 new weapons. President Harry S. Truman used this house for 175 days during his administration of 1945-1953. In 1948, the joint chiefs of staff met at this . . . — Map (db m32659) HM
Georgia (Ben Hill County), Fitzgerald — 009-3 — Jefferson Davis Memorial State Park
On May 4, 1865, Jefferson Davis arrived in Washington, Georgia (178 miles NE of the Park), where he performed his last duties as President of the Confederate States of America. Shortly thereafter, with a small staff and escort, he departed enroute to the trans-Mississippi Department where, supported by those Confederate forces not yet surrendered, he hoped to negotiate a just peace. After a difficult journey via Sandersville, Dublin and Abbeville, he camped a mile north or Irwinville (9 . . . — Map (db m40378) HM
Georgia (Camden County), Kings Bay — USS George BancroftForty-one for Freedom Cold War Warrior Peace through Deterrance
USS George Bancroft SSBN- 643 Commissioned 22 January 1966   Decommissioned 21 September 1993 (Associated Sponsor plaque excerpt) USS George Bancroft SSBN- 643 was a 640-class Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) submarine homeported in Charleston, South Carolina and Kings Bay, Georgia. Built in Groton, Connecticut the boat was launched 20 March 1965 and commissioned 22 January 1966. The boat completed 19 deterrent patrols with the Polaris A-3 missle, 27 deterrent . . . — Map (db m68749) HM
Georgia (Crisp County), Cordele — Titan I Missile
This is the site of Confederate Air Force Pad No. 1 Holding 98', this giant missile was dismantled in California and flown to Warner Robins Air Force Base. The missile was then transported along I-75 to Cordele. The Rotory Club of Cordele initiated this project, a dream of it's President, John S. Pate, Jr. The dream became reality when Confederate Air Force Pad No. I was christened July 17, 1969. The Titan was donated to the Cordele Rotary Club by the Federal . . . — Map (db m55339) HM
Georgia (Muscogee County), Columbus — 1918 Diamond Jubilee 1993 Camp Benning / Fort Benning
Side 1: In October 1918, the Infantry School of Arms was established on 80 acres of land near here. Camp Benning, later Fort Benning, was named in honor of Confederate Infantry General Lewis Benning, a Columbus resident. The camp’s first commander was Col. Henry Eames. Constructed in just 7 days, the temporary camp had some 300 tents, mess halls, offices and warehouses. It was built under the supervision Major J. Paul Jones. Hundreds of thousands of young men received their military . . . — Map (db m23176) HM
Georgia (Walker County), Fort Oglethorpe — 872 — 17th Kentucky Infantry (USA)
17th Kentucky Inf. U.S. vols. Map (db m62498) HM WM
Idaho (Butte County), Arco — 297 — Nuclear Reactors
Since 1949, more nuclear reactors – over 50 of them – have been built on this plain than anywhere else in the world. This 900-square-mile Idaho National Laboratory is the birthplace of the Nuclear Navy. Commercial power reactor prototypes, including reactors that breed more fuel than they consume were developed here. Also, internationally renown for its materials testing reactors and reactor programs, this laboratory has become a major research center for developing peaceful uses of atomic energy. — Map (db m70447) HM
Idaho (Shoshone County), Avery — Little in Name Only
[Cyrillic text] (Little Joes, The Locomotives Big Joe Stalin Never Got!) Made for Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union, the United States embargoed these magnificent locomotives as strategic material at the start of the “Cold War”. The Milwaukee Road bought twelve of these 586,00 pound giants in 1950 and they quickly became known as, “Little Joes”. The test locomotive still had its Russian/Cyrillic labels. The 5,530 horsepower EP/EF-4 . . . — Map (db m45633) HM
Illinois (Lee County), Dixon — Berlin Wall Replica
General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace-- if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe-- if you seek liberalization. come here, to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev. Open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev. Tear down this wall. President Reagan's speech card from his remarks in Berlin, June 12, 1987 National Archives, Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, California — Map (db m78278) HM
Illinois (Lee County), Dixon — The Wings of Peace and Freedom
In 1991 Nick Tanev, an immigrant to the United States from Bulgaria, presented to then Mayor James Dixon and the City of Dixon, the sculpture called “The Wings of Peace and Freedom.” The presentation was made during a sister cities convocation of Dixonites and Russians who had come together in peace and friendship following years of conflict between the governments of the United States and the Soviet Union. The sculpture is an expression of Mr. Tanev's gratitude to President . . . — Map (db m78277) HM
Iowa (Cerro Gordo County), Mason City — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this replica of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty 40th Anniversary Crusade to Strengthen the Arm of Liberty — Map (db m89676) HM
Iowa (Montgomery County), Red Oak — Iowa National Guard Memorial1879 - 1979 — Red Oak

To Honor All Who Served — Map (db m87967) WM

Kansas (Anderson County), Garnett — Replica of the Statue of Liberty

Presented to The Citizens of Garnett by Ben and Lena Kay honoring Garnett Boy Scout Troop No. 126

July 4, 1950 — Map (db m89195) HM

Kansas (Clay County), Clay Center — M60 Tank

Weight 52 tons Crew 4 men Engine VV12 diesel 750 horsepower Fuel cap. 385 gals Cruising range 310 Ave. speed 35 m.p.h. 1963 cost $235,000 Armament 105mm main gun M85 50 cal. M219 7.62 mach. gun

Donated by Co. C 2nd Battalion 635th Armor, 69th Inf. Ks. Ar. National Guard 4-25-91 — Map (db m81010) WM

Kansas (Geary County), Fort Riley — M113 Armored Personnel Carrier

Armament: .50 cal. machine gun Crew: 2 plus 11 infantry Weight: 24,600 lbs Speed: 42 mph Range: 300 miles

The M113 was introduced in 1960 and used by the 1st Infantry Division as the primary armored personnel carrier throughout the Vietnam War. It continued to be so used until the mid-1980's when it was replaced by the M2 Bradley fighting vehicle. It is still in service today as a combat support vehicle. — Map (db m80746) HM

Kansas (Geary County), Fort Riley — The Atomic Cannon
Model. M65 280 m.m. Weight. 42,500 lbs. Length. 42 feet (1) One of only (3) three in existence, the other two are located at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and the U.S. Army Ordinance Center in Aberdeen, Maryland. It was placed in service November 17, 1952 and deactivated August 1963. (2) 375 hp engines at 35 m.p.h. transported the cannon. It can fire a projectile, 11 inches in diameter for more than 20 miles. The cannon was never fired. — Map (db m60887) HM
Kansas (Kingman County), Kingman — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty The Crusade to Strengthen Liberty — Map (db m62635) HM
Kansas (Lyon County), Emporia — Lebanon, Grenada, and Panama Veterans Memorial
In honor of Veterans who served in Lebanon and Grenada August 24, 1981 - July 31, 1984 Panama December 20, 1989 - January 31, 1990 — Map (db m49833) HM
Kansas (Saline County), Salina — M60 Main Battle Tank
The M60 Main Battle Tank was developed to take the place of the aging M48 Patton Tank. It began production in 1959 and included an improved 105mm Main gun instead of the 90mm and a 750 cu. in. diesel engine instead of the gas engine of the Patton. 900 of them were produced for the Army with most being sent to Europe to counter the Soviet T-54 tank. It was later replaced by the improved M60A1 and then M60A3 tank. Statistics Height 10 ft • Length 24 ft • Width 12 ft • Weight 54 tons . . . — Map (db m57174) HM
Kansas (Sedgwick County), Wichita — Fifty Star FlagBicentennial Flag Memorial
With the admission of Alaska in 1959 and Hawaii in 1960, the present fifty-star flag came into being. Like other flags of our nation, the fifty-star flag has seen the varied conditions that can beset a dynamic association of peoples. Under it, the United States has seen, as it did under most all of the nation's flags, far-flung exploration; under it, internal and external conflicts have arisen and sometimes been resolved; under it, economic, environmental and humanitarian highs and lows have . . . — Map (db m56971) HM
Kansas (Shawnee County), Topeka — Palm Park
Main marker: Dedicated in Memory of Major Willard G. Palm who died while serving his country 1921 - 1960 Major Willard G. Palm and his fellow crew members *Maj. Eugene E. Posa, *Capt. Oscar L. Goforth, *Capt. Dean B. Phillips, Capt. Freeman B. Olmstead, Capt. John R. McKone, were shot down over Barents Sea July 1, 1960, by a Russian fighter plane while on a peaceful reconnaissance mission. *Died in this incident. E.J. Camp, Mayor Preston Hale     Louis Howard Frank Warren . . . — Map (db m20547) WM
Kentucky (Fulton County), Hickman — Elvis J. Stahr, Jr.March 9, 1916 - November 11, 1998
Born in Hickman, Mr. Stahr became one of the towns most decorated citizens. Having studied in England as a Rhodes Scholar, Mr. Stahr went on to become President John F. Kennedy's selection as Secretary of the Army in 1961. During his tenure, the country faced both the Berlin Crisis and the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion. In 1968 Mr. Stahr became President of the National Audubon Society and served in this position until 1979. He also served as President of West Virginia and Indiana Universities. . . . — Map (db m18448) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Dawn of the Atomic Age
Urgency was the order of the day, as construction of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, TVA's Shawnee Steam Plant, and Electric Energy Inc.'s Joppa, Il Steam Plant all began early in 1951. Recognizing the importance to national security, workers of the region pulled together to meet the nation's needs. That tradition of service to the nation continues today. General Chemical, now operating as Honeywell-Metropolis Works, was added to the group of associated plants in 1958 to provide uranium . . . — Map (db m48696) HM
Louisiana (Rapides Parish), Alexandria — North American F-86 Sabre
The Flying Tigers flew the F-86, one of the first swept-wing jet fighters, in the early 1950s. Known as the 23rd Fighter Interceptor Group, the unit provided air defense for the Northeastern United States while stationed at Presque Isle AFB, Maine. This F-86 has been painted to duplicate the aircraft flow by Lt Col John England, for whom England AFB is named. — Map (db m10112) HM
Maryland (Allegany County), Barton — Major Robert E. Townley
In loving memory of Major Robert E. Townley, Strategic Air Command, May 3, 1921 - Jan. 13, 1964. — Map (db m67308) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Fort Meade — Cavalry AreaFort George G. Meade — United States Army
As the Cold War intensified in the late 1940s, security of the nation's Capital became a major concern of Defense Department planners. To protect the Capital, a ring of conventional and nuclear weapons was established around Washington, D.C. As part of this defensive perimeter, the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment was organized here on November 5, 1948. To house the newly assigned troops, construction of the perimeter cinder block buildings in this area commenced. From here, heading south down . . . — Map (db m19643) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Fort Meade — EA-3B Skywarrior... to the memory of all the U.S. Naval aircrews that gave their lives ...
[Panel 1:] The EA-3B Skywarrior was in service for more than three decades in the U.S. Navy’s secret reconnaissance war against the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Conceived at the dawn of th Cold War as an aircraft carrier-based nuclear bomber, the A-3 Skywarrior was the largest aircraft ever designed to operate from an aircraft carrier - hence its nickname, “the Whale.” The aircraft was also an ideal platform for electronic reconnaissance, a mission it filled around the . . . — Map (db m17025) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Fort Meade — National Vigilance Park
On September 2, 1958 Soviet MIG Fighters shot down United States Air Force C-130 #60528 over Armenia. This memorial is dedicated in memory of the seventeen airmen who perished that day, and their Armed Forces compatriots who were killed, injured, taken prisoner, or unaccounted for in other incidents while performing a mission vital to America’s security. Plaque donated by Freedom Through Vigilance Association. — Map (db m2923) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Fort Meade — U.S.S. Liberty
In memory of the men who gave their lives on June 8, 1967 in support of our freedom and happiness while serving aboard the U.S.S. Liberty (AGTR-5). LCDR P.M Armstrong, USN LT J.C. Pierce, USN LT S.S. Toth, USN CTC M.D. Smith, USN CTC R.E. Linn, USN RM1 F.J. Walton, USN CT1 C.A. Graves, USN CT1 W.E. Hersey, USN CT1 J.C. Smith, Jr., USN CT2 R.J. Campbell, USN CT2 R.B. Eisenberg, USN CT2 R.W. Keene, Jr., USN CT2 A.P. Mendle, USN PC2 J.C. Spicher, USN SGT. J.L. . . . — Map (db m19705) WM
Maryland (Frederick County), Thurmont — Thurmont Memorial Park
Dedicated to the memory of all the men and women of this community who have served their country. In memory of the unknown veterans who gave their all in the service of their country. Established by the Town of Thurmont with the help of community citizens and local service organizations. This memorial is erected and dedicated to those of Thurmont District who served their country and in honor of those who gave their all for the cause of liberty, justice, democracy. . . . — Map (db m14030) WM
Maryland (Garrett County), Grantsville — Crash of a United States B-52 Bomber — Mountain District American Legion Monument
This monument is dedicated to the citizens of this area who gave their time and their energy and their skill, for more than five days in sub zero weather and deep snow, to assist the air and ground rescue teams in recovering the victims of a crash of a United States B-52 bomber on a routine flight over this area on January 13, 1964. (left pane) In memory and as a tribute to Major Robert L. Payne, Major Robert E. Townley, S/Sgt. Melvin Wooten, and the survivors Major Thomas W. . . . — Map (db m71195) HM
Maryland (Garrett County), Grantsville — Robert Lee Payne
In memory of Robert Lee Payne, Major U.S.A.F., who died here from the crash of a B-52 Jan. 13, 1964. A kind and loving husband and father. — Map (db m67300) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Gaithersburg — Nike Missile Local Park
This park occupies seven parcels of land in Montgomery county used by the U. S. Army for the air defense of Washington D.C. from the mid-1950's to the mid-1970's In the early days of the Cold War, the Soviet Union produced high-speed high-altitude bombers, similar to the U.S. B-29, capable of delivering nuclear weapons on targets in the United States. These advanced planes flew too high and fast to be stopped by the Army's anti-aircraft artillery of the day. To counter this threat, the . . . — Map (db m61671) HM
Minnesota (Dakota County), Inver Grove Heights — B-52 Crash SiteCold War Veterans Memorial
On this spot on September 16, 1958, a U.S. Air force B-52D bomber crashed while on a Cold War training mission originating from Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, Maine. Seven crewmen gave their lives for their country. They were: Captain Wm. C. Horstman, pilot, Kansas City, MO Captain Richard J. Cantwell, navigator, Phoenix, AZ Major S. O. Gillespie, Jr., radar observer, Atlanta, GA 1st Lt. Wm. F. Huskey, engineer, Norman, OK T/Sgt. Leon R. Lew, tail gunner, . . . — Map (db m45193) HM
Minnesota (Ramsey County), Saint Paul — Hubert H. Humphrey1911 - 1978
[Major accomplishments on statue base] Vice President · U.S. Senator · Mayor Peace Corps · Civil Rights Nuclear Test Ban Treaty [Adjoining panels read] Mayor, City of Minneapolis 1945-1948 United States Senator 1949-1964, 1971-1978 Vice-President of the United States 1965-1969 "The time has arrived in America for the Democratic Party to get out of the shadow of the state's rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights." (1948 Democratic National . . . — Map (db m79385) HM
Minnesota (Saint Louis County), Proctor — Gonyea, Verville and National Guardsmen Memorial
Dedicated in memory of Sherman L. Gonyea Capt. Minn ANG 1937 - 1971 James L. Verville Capt. Minn ANG 1940 - 1971 who died in the crash of their F-101 jet interceptor on 17 December 1971 and so gave their lives for that great American privilege of liberty. And to Honor All National Guardsmen who have given their lives that this great privilege will remain forever secure. — Map (db m78612) WM
Missouri (Callaway County), Fulton — The Berlin Wall
Following the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, the country was divided into four zones of occupation by the World War II Allies. The United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union. Berlin, located deep within the Soviet zone also was subjected to four-power control. Three years later, the Soviets tried to force the Western presence out of the city by severing highway, rail and water links between West Berlin and the rest of Germany. After an eleven-month Airlift organized by the . . . — Map (db m59080) HM
Missouri (Callaway County), Fulton — The National Winston Churchill Museum
Commemorates Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech delivered at Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri on March 5, 1946, in which he warned:

"From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an IRON CURTAIN has descended across the Continent. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe.

Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia, all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the . . . — Map (db m59085) HM

Missouri (Callaway County), Fulton — Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain" SpeechWestminster College Gymnasium
In this building 5 March 1946 the Right Honorable Winston Churchill Wartime Prime Minister of Great Britain delivered his "Iron Curtain" Speech having been introduced by Harry S. Truman President of the United States of America Erected MCML —————————— Westminster College Gymnasium has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark under the provisions of the . . . — Map (db m70417) HM
Missouri (Clay County), Liberty — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America Dedicate this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty 40th Anniversary Crusade to strengthen the arm of Liberty 1950 Rededicated November 1, 1992 — Map (db m68481) HM
Missouri (Clay County), North Kansas City — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this replica of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty 40th Anniversary Crusade to strengthen the arm of liberty — Map (db m73540) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Springfield — USS Nathanael GreeneSSBN-636
This memorial is dedicated to all U.S. submarine sailors both living and deceased that dared to "take her deep," and especially those submariners that manned the fleet ballistic missile submarine USS NATHANAEL GREENE SSBN-636 during her 40 plus nuclear deterrent patrols from 1964 to 1986. These boomer patrols comprised the 3rd leg of our country's nuclear triad which so effectively contained the Soviet Union and contributed greatly to our winning the Cold War. PRIDE RUNS DEEP Map (db m70341) HM
Missouri (Jackson County), Independence — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America Dedicate this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty 40th Anniversary Crusade to strengthen the arm of Liberty 1950 In celebration of the freedom we enjoy as citizens of these United States, and in recognition of the history of our community this restored copy of the Statue of Liberty is . . . — Map (db m68494) HM
Missouri (Jackson County), Kansas City — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this replica of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty 40th Anniversary Crusade to strengthen the arm of liberty — Map (db m88255) HM
Missouri (Johnson County), Whiteman AFB — 37th ARRS Memorial11 June 1982
On 11 June 1982, six Airmen perished while performing missile convoy duty. This memorial is to remind those who serve to defend our nation of the ultimate sacrifice these men made fulfilling their commitment to peace and freedom. This memorial is dedicated in memory of the two pilots assigned to Detachment 9, 37th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron and the four Security Policemen assigned to the 352nd Missile Security Squadron. — Map (db m77309) HM WM
Missouri (Lafayette County), Lexington — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and loyalty The Crusade to Strengthen Liberty — Map (db m90904) HM
Nebraska (Lancaster County), Lincoln — 376 — Lincoln Army Air Field - Lincoln Air Force Base
Lincoln Army Air Field was constructed in 1942 on the former Lincoln Municipal Airport. The 2,750-acre property was leased to the army by the City of Lincoln. The base provided technical training for aircraft mechanics, basic training for army aviation cadets, and served as an overseas deployment staging area for bombardment groups and fighter squadrons. It was one of eleven U.S. Army Air Forces training centers built in Nebraska during World War II. At war's end the airfield served as a . . . — Map (db m66966) HM
Nebraska (Otoe County), Nebraska City — 468 — U.S. Air Force Atlas Missile Site
The Atlas-F ICBM (operational 1961-65) was an important component of national defense during the Cold War. Twelve Atlas sites, one located half a mile west, were manned by the 551st Strategic Missile Squadron, Lincoln Air Force Base. On November 22, 1964, a crew from this site died in a plane crash a mile south of here. The victims were Maj. Lee Craft, 1st Lt. Chester Higgenbotham, S/Sgt. Harold Hrenchir, A/1C Donald Moore, A/2C David Theriot, and pilot Maj. Robert Wilson. — Map (db m54341) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Las Vegas — Neon / Atomic Testing
This is a two sided marker Side A: Neon Neon lighting, introduced in Paris in 1910, offered a brilliant, and efficient, alternative to the incandescent light bulb. In the United States, neon's popularity soared, used to advertise motels, restaurants, theatres, and it even appeared on the Goodyear Blimp. The spectacular signs of Broadway's "Great White Way" became the ultimate neon display.
Map (db m47755) HM
New Hampshire (Sullivan County), Charlestown — Charlestown War Memorial
Given in memory to those who gave their lives and those who served in defense of freedom and democracy in Vietnam - Lebanon - Granada Panama - Persian Gulf * David E Gardner Vietnam * Todd C Ritch Persian Gulf — Map (db m66281) WM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Hackensack — Polaris A-1 Missle
Prime Contractor: Lockheed Missiles and Space Company Type: Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) Diameter: 4’ – 6” Length: 28’ Weight: 28,000 lbs Wing or Fin Span: None Power Plant: Solid Propellant Speed: Hypersonic Range: 1,380 miles Guidance: Inertial, Celestial Armament: Nuclear The Navy ordered five existing submarines to be modified to carry the Polaris Missile. The first of the modified subs was called SSBM 598 George Washington, (originally the SSN 598 Scorpion). All five of the . . . — Map (db m64477) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Hackensack — Regulus I SSM-N-8Submarine Launched Surface to Surface Missile
Specifications: Diameter: 56”       Length: 32’ – 2” Weight: 10,311 lbs       Wings: 21’ – 0” Range: 500 Nautical Miles Engines: Ramjet Warhead: 3,000 lbs or a 10 kiloton nuclear device Navigation: Radio controlled by Radar Picket Submarines Booster: Two JATO (Jet Assisted Take-Off) with 1,752 lbs of thrust each First tested 29 March 1951, 514 were built by December 1958. This was the United States first true cruise missile. The time it took to ready the missile . . . — Map (db m64479) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Hackensack — Talos SAM-N-6Ship Launched Surface to Air Missile
Specifications: Diameter: 28” Length: 19’-2” Weight: 2,700 lbs Wings: 9’-2” Range: 65 Miles Engines: Ramjet Warhead: Conventional 300 lbs - Nuclear Navigation: Radio Controlled Booster: 2,950 lbs of Thrust Solid Fuel First test October 1951. Used on US Navy Cruiser between 1957 and 1979. This missile could also use nuclear warheads to destroy a bomber group or mass formation of aircraft. It was replaced by the current standard naval missile. — Map (db m64493) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Hackensack — Terrier SAM-N-7Ship Launched Surface to Air Missile
Specifications: Diameter: 12” Length: 27 ft Weight: 3000 lbs Wings: 47” Range: 15 Miles – Ceiling of 10 Miles Warhead: 218 lbs Navigation: Radio Controlled Speed: Mach 1.8 Booster: 1,290 lbs of Thrust The Terrier Missile was used by most US Naval vessels until replaced by the standard missile. — Map (db m64492) HM
New Jersey (Camden County), Camden — USS New Jersey Marine Detachments
Dedicated to the memory of the Marines of the Marine Detachments that served aboard the USS New Jersey from 1942–1991 Sember Fidelis — Map (db m7432) WM
New Jersey (Hunterdon County), Raven Rock — Uranium Ore
Found here in 1956 near Raven Rock. Mining company formed by prospectors responding to the cold war craze was never commercially viable. — Map (db m34266) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Highlands — Nike Missile Site
Missiles emerged from silos beneath the pavement, and waited on launching racks while radar tracked the skies. During the 1950’s – the Cold War Era – Nike missiles were stationed here to defend the New York-Philadelphia corridor against long-range bombers. The peninsula of Sandy Hook provided an isolated location for newly-developed forms of radar. Like other batteries in the area these weapons were mounted as deterrent rather than aggressor. The missile base was closed in 1974, . . . — Map (db m41714) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Red Bank — 1941-2007 Red Bank Veterans Monument
Four sided monument ingraved with names of veterans serving from 1941 through 2007. Map (db m12974) WM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Rumson — 1945 - 2005 Rumson Veterans Monument
1945 - 1955 Berlin Cold War Korea [127 names are engraved for the decade 1955-1965] 1955 - 1965 Berlin Cuba Lebanon Taiwan Vietnam [72 names are engraved for the decade 1955-1965] 1965 - 1975 Cambodia Laos Thailand Vietnam [102 names are engraved for the decade 1965-1975] 1975 - 1985 Cold War Lebanon Grenada [18 names are engraved for the decade 1975-1985] 1985 - 1995 Kuwait Panama . . . — Map (db m13042) WM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Sandy Hook — Nike Ajax Explosion Memorial
Nike Ajax Explosion Battery B. 526th Missile Battalion Leonardo, New Jersey In Memoriam 22 May 1958 Sgt. Daniel J. Lavengood Sgt. Jerome W. Mould SP3 Walter E. Berry SP3 William I. Cochran PFC Donald L. Marsh Pvt. Nicklos J. Composino Ord. Corps Civilians Joseph Arciere Joseph F. Brokos Lee A. Parker Charles Romanow — Map (db m22642) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), Picatinny Arsenal — 1500 Former Army Rocket Test Area Historic District (1946-1989)
This area served as Picatinny’s rocket engine test facility where functional and performance tests were conducted. The following rockets were tested here: Redstone, Honest John (first U.S. tactical nuclear weapon), Loki, Nike Ajax, Shillelagh, Pershing I and the SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment). Construction dates for the buildings span the Cold War era when a perceived Soviet military threat influenced objectives and policy in the U.S. In response, one of Picatinny’s primary functions was the development of rockets and missile systems. — Map (db m53087) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), Picatinny Arsenal — NARTS Test Area D & E Historic Districts (1946-1989)
The Naval Air Rocket Test Station (NARTS) was grouped into eight (8) test area located along Snake Hill and Lake Denmark Roads. Utilized by both the Navy and a private company, Reaction Motors, Inc., these areas were considered to be the Navy’s premier rocket-engine test facilities. Area D tested the Bell X-1 (XLR-11) rocket engine in which Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier on October 14, 1947; Area E tested the X-15 (XLR-99) rocket engine and was one of the largest static test stands on the . . . — Map (db m59726) HM
New Mexico (Bernalillo County), Kirtland Air Force Base — "Hercules Way"
Dedicated 2 April 1987 In Memory of the Crew of King 11 Lt Col Stephen J. Tullis Capt David S. Miller · Capt William L. Stogsdill TSgt John R. McGee · TSgt Antonio C. Medina SSgt Michael D. Perron · SSgt Robert W. Kimbrell · SSgt Johnny Reyes Sgt David Garcia · Sgt Leo M. Purchlaroni · Sgt Arthur R. Zozaya They Trained Others To Have The Courage to Succeed — Map (db m81240) HM
New Mexico (Bernalillo County), Kirtland Air Force Base — Rescue Memorial Park
Upper Plaque: Rescue Memorial Park Dedicated to The Airmen Who Gave Their Lives That Others May Live Lower Plaque: Dedicated By General Paul K. Carlton 27 September 1974 For The Jolly Green Pilots Association — Map (db m81239) WM
New Mexico (Bernalillo County), Kirtland Air Force Base — Taco Park
Dedicated to the Memory of Lt Col "CATO" Williams "Sierra Hotel" Fighter Pilot 1967-1992 188th Fighter Squadron "The Tacos" New Mexico Air National Guard — Map (db m81241) WM
New Mexico (Chaves County), Roswell — Atlas Missile Silos
During the Cold War (1946-1989), this area became home for twelve Atlas missile silo sites — America’s first operational Intercontinental Ballistic Missile system. They protected the Strategic Air Command facilities at Walker Air Force Base south of Roswell. Due to problems with the Atlas missile, these sites were deactivated in 1965 shortly before the closure of Walker AFB. The abandoned silos are now privately owned. — Map (db m73724) HM
New Mexico (Dona Ana County), Las Cruces — Nike Hercules Missile
Anti-aircraft missiles like this Nike Hercules once stood guard around many major U.S. cities and facilities during the Cold War. They were capable of knocking down high-flying, fast-moving bombers with high-explosive warheads or, equipped with a nuclear warhead, destroying a whole formation of attacking enemy airplanes with one missile. The Nike Hercules is typical of weapon systems tested at White Sands Missile Range from many launch complexes stretching east from here. It was America's . . . — Map (db m38295) HM
New York (Kings County), Brooklyn — Lt. Kenneth E Aimee
In Memory of Lt. Kenneth Aimee, 331st Fighter Squadron, Who gave his life in the service of his country: July 8, 1954. This memorial lovingly erected by friends and neighbors of this community — Map (db m19305) WM
New York (New York County), Governors Island — Reagan-Gorbachev Meeting 1988Quarters 403
Chairman Gorbachev made his final preparations here before participating in the historic luncheon at Quarters 1 with President Reagan and Vice President Bush on 7 December 1988. During that time, he also composed his first communique to the U.S.S.R. following initial report of the Armenian Earthquake Disaster. — Map (db m21156) HM
New York (Niagara County), Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station — Fairchild C-119 "Flying Boxcar"
This cold war transport entered the Air Force inventory in 1949, its nickname referring to its blocky fuselage and cargo carrying capability. The C-119F displayed here (serial #22105) was built in 1953 by Fairchild Aircraft in Hagerstown, MD. It served with the Royal Canadian Air Force until 1965, and afterwards fought forest fires in the U.S. northwest before becoming a static display in 1989 at General Mitchell Air Reserve Station in Milwaukee (440th AW). The aircraft, on loan from the . . . — Map (db m75901) HM
New York (Niagara County), Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station — The C-119G "Flying Boxcar"
The venerable C-119, developed after World War II by Fairchild Aircraft Corporation, carried cargo, personnel, litter patients and mechanized equipment, and dropped cargo and troops by parachute. The first C-119 flew in November 1947. By the time production ceased in 1955, more than 1100 had been built. The Air Force used the C-119 extensively during the Korean Conflict. Many were employed also by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps and the Air Forces of Canada, Belgium, Italy, and India. In . . . — Map (db m75929) HM
New York (Orange County), West Point — Twentieth Century Wars
The Cold War (1946-1991) Peace Operations (1991-2000) Shortly after its victory in World War II, the United States faced new international security challenges. The Soviet Union established Communist governments in central and eastern Europe and sought to spread its influence into other regions of the world. Communist China likewise threatened American interests – it fought directly against the United States in Korea and, along with the Soviet Union, supported the insurgency in . . . — Map (db m35504) HM
New York (Queens County), Queens — Fort Totten Park59.5 acres
History       This park takes its name from the Civil War era fortress on the property. Originally referred to by its location on Willets Point, the Army officially named it for General Joseph Totten (1788-1864), following his demise in the Battle of the Wilderness, in Virginia.       Although Robert E. Lee, it is believed, prepared the fort’s plans in 1857, construction did not begin until 1862. Built at the mouth of the Long Island Sound, across from its counterpart Fort Schuyler, the . . . — Map (db m65125) HM
New York (Queens County), Queens — Fort Totten Park59.5 acres
History       This park takes its name from the Civil War era fortress on the property. Originally referred to by its location on Willets Point, the Army officially named it for General Joseph Totten (1788-1864), following his demise in the Battle of the Wilderness, in Virginia.       Although Robert E. Lee, it is believed, prepared the fort’s plans in 1857, construction did not begin until 1862. Built at the mouth of the Long Island Sound, across from its counterpart Fort Schuyler, the . . . — Map (db m65126) HM
New York (Seneca County), Romulus — U.S. Air Force Training Base1950-1956
Over 300,000 airmen received training here in preparation for the Korean War and to support the NATO defense of Western Europe — Map (db m66074) HM
North Carolina (Alamance County), Graham — Alamance County War Memorial
The Memorial Is Dedicated To The Honor Of All The Brave Men And Women Of Alamance County Who Fought In Service To Their Country And In Memory Of Those Inscribed Here Who Died In Defense Of Our Freedom. Civil War Jacob Adams, W.B. Adams, Calvin Albright, George M.G. Albright, Henry C. Albright, John S. Albright, Joseph A. Albright, Lawrence Albright, Samuel A. Albright, Sauren Albright, E.M. Allen, Lea Allison, Thomas Allred, Calvander Andrews, S. Andrews, Jacob Anthony, Alfred . . . — Map (db m31485) WM
North Carolina (Cumberland County), Fort Bragg — 82d Infantry Division
Activated 25 August 1917 Reactivated 25 March 1942 Reorganized and redesignated an airborne division 15 Augus 1942 To Our Honored Dead Campaigns Lorraine • St. Mihiel • Meuse-Argonne Sicily • Naples-Foggia • Anzio Normandy • Holland • Ardennes Central Europe Dominican Republic Vietnam Grenada • Panama Persian Gulf Afghanistan • Iraq …There will always be an 82d Airborne Division, because it lives in the hearts of men. And somewhere young men . . . — Map (db m31179) WM
North Carolina (Cumberland County), Fort Bragg — C-119 "Packet"
(top) C-119C, Serial Number 50-33182. This aircraft was originally Serial Number 50-0128. On loan from the U.S. Air Force Museum Program. (middle) The Fairchild C-119, better known as the "Flying Boxcar", was capable of carrying 42 troops or up to 10,000 lbs of cargo. A versatile aircraft, it could also be used to tow up to a 30,000 lb glider. The C-119 was stationed at Pope AFB from 1952 to 1958. Engines 2 3500 hp, radial, F&W R-4360 Crew: 2 pilots, 1 . . . — Map (db m44001) HM
North Carolina (Cumberland County), Fort Bragg — C-123 "Provider"
(top) C-123K, Serial Number 54-0372. This aircraft was originally Serial Number 54-0669. It is on loan from the U.S. Air Force Museum Program. (middle) The Fairchild C-123 was capable of carrying 60 fully equipped troops while operating from short airfields. The C-123 was stationed at Pope AFB from 1958 to 1964. Engines: 2 2500 hp, radial, P&W R-2800 Crew: 2 pilots, 1 flight mechanic, 1 loadmaster Length: 76 feet Wing Span: 110 feet Cruise: 190 mph . . . — Map (db m44002) HM
North Carolina (Cumberland County), Fort Bragg — C-130 "Hercules"
The mission of the Lockheed C-130 is to provide rapid transportation of personnel or cargo for delivery by air-drop or by air-land. The aircraft can be used as a tactical transport carrying 92 ground troops or 64 paratroopers and equipment. It can be readily converted for ambulance or aerial delivery missions. Engines: 4 Allison T-56 turboprops Crew: 5 Length: 99 feet 6 inches Cruise: 295 knots Max Gross Weight: 155,000 pounds Wing Span: 132 feet 7 inches Range: 2130 . . . — Map (db m44003) HM
North Carolina (Currituck County), Corolla — The Whalehead Club
Constructing the Residence In 1922, Edward Collings Knight, Jr. and Marie-Louise LeBel Knight purchased this property for its access to excellent waterfowl hunting and to entertain guests. They named the property "Corolla Island" due to the canals and boat basin that were dredged and made the site an island. Construction began with pilings being driven into the ground and the foundation being set. A brick-walled basement followed and included brass plumbing pipes and a French drain . . . — Map (db m79260) HM
North Carolina (Onslow County), Topsail Beach — D 104 — Missile Tests
U.S. Navy successfully tested ram jet engines in rocket flights, 1946-48. Observation towers line Topsail Island; Assembly Building 2 blocks west. — Map (db m77115) HM
North Carolina (Pitt County), Greenville — F-67 — Voice Of America
Cold War broadcasts relayed from Greenville to Europe, Africa, and Latin America, 1963-89, via station 2 mi. S.W. — Map (db m64900) HM
North Carolina (Warren County), Norlina — Admiral Kirk DonaldUnited States Navy — Director, Naval Propulsion Program
A native of Norlina, North Carolina and son of Howard A. Donald and Doris Donald. Kirk Donald joined the United States Navy on June 30, 1971 as a midshipman of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering and volunteered for service in the Submarine Force. He made numerous deployments in the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean from 1977 to 1987 on submarines USS Batfish (SSN 681) USS Mariano G. . . . — Map (db m69953) HM
North Carolina (Wayne County), Eureka — F-70 — Nuclear Mishap
B-52 transporting two nuclear bombs crashed, Jan. 1961. Widespread disaster averted; three crewmen died 3 mi. S. — Map (db m64597) HM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Forest Lawn Veterans Memorial
Dedicated November 11, 2006 to the men and women of Franklin County Ohio that served our country bravely and honorably so our freedoms endure. The sacrifices of few ensured the freedom of many. A grateful community remembers those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States during times of war and peace, whose courage and personal sacrifices defended and preserved our freedom. Medal of Honor Recipients for Franklin County Civil War David Cockley Army Oliver Colwell . . . — Map (db m13487) WM
Ohio (Franklin County), Haubrich Armory, Columbus — 166th Infantry Regiment
[Insignia of the 166th Infantry Regiment]: Follow Me Presented by Rainbow Div. Veteran Assn. to 166th Inf. Regt. Camp Shelby 1941 Re-presented June 21 1959 to 166th Combat Team at Robert Haubrich Armory — Map (db m12516) HM
Ohio (Logan County), Bellefontaine — 6-46 — Campbell HillThe Highest Point in Ohio
Campbell Hill is named for Charles D. Campbell of Bellefontaine, who owned this land from 1896 to 1937. A marble stone marker atop the hill, set in 1900 by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, marks it as the highest point in Ohio at an elevation of 1549.09 feet. In 1951, the federal government established the 664th Aircraft Control and Warning (AC&W) Squadron here as part of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD). Its military and civilian operators used sophisticated radar and computer . . . — Map (db m61994) HM
Ohio (Logan County), Bellefontaine — Remembrance 1951- 1969664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron — Ohio Hi- Point Career Center
Remembrance 1951- 1969 Bellefontaine, Ohio was home of the 664th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron of the United States Air Force. Young men from all over America served here as part of our nation’s Air Defense Forces. To honor those who served here and dedicated a part of their lives in service to their country, we dedicate this historical marker. God bless America and long live the memory of those who served. Marker designed, paid for, installed here, and dedicated . . . — Map (db m81887) HM WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Dayton — John Glenn1962 — Inventing Flight: The Centennial Celebration Series #9)
“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” -William Shakespeare In the midst of the Cold War, the United States was losing face to the Soviet Union's superior space program. The Soviets had already put cosmonauts in space and were looking toward the moon. In the summer of 1961, with only one fifteen-minute space flight under the nation's belt, President Kennedy vowed to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. . . . — Map (db m29560) HM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 134th Fighter Interceptor GroupTennessee Air National Guard
Dedicated to the members of the 134th Fighter Interceptor Group, Tennessee Air National Guard who served with distinction during the Berlin Crisis. November 1961 - August 1962 Dedicated November 1991 — Map (db m51351) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 1708th Ferrying Wing

The 1708th Ferrying Wing was formed on 20 October 1955 under the command of Colonel Tarleton H. Walkins. The unit was established to consolidate responsibilities previously held by the 1708th Ferrying Group and numerous detachments scattered worldwide. Colonel Charles W. Stark assumed command of the wing on 30 June 1956. The wing was inactivated on 1 March 1958. During its brief history the wing and its dedicated aircrews delivered thousands of aircraft to USAF and Allied air forces over . . . — Map (db m84951) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 19th Bomb Group"In Alis Vincimus" • "On Wings We Conquer" — The Black Knights • "Checkmate to Aggression"
"In The Beginning" 1927-1932 The 19th Observation Group Rockwell AAF, CA - March AAF, CA 1932 - 1953 14th, 28th, 30th, 93rd, 435th [Squadrons] 5th Air Force • 20th Air Force • FEAF 1953 - 2008 19th Bombardment Wing • 19th Air Refueling Wing "The Lineage" Bomb Wings/SAC Squadrons: 28th, 30th, 93rd, 525th, 526th, 659th AR [Air Refueling] G/W Squadrons: 7th, 19th, 99th, 100th, 303rd, 384th, 407th, 712th, 912th — Map (db m51655) HM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 1st AACS, MobileFrom March 1952 Until January 1975 — "1st In Last Out"

Provided mobile communications and air traffic control support to operations in Korea, the Pacific, South Pacific and Vietnam.

Decorations Presidential Unit Citations (Southeast Asia) Three Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards with Combat "V" device Five Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation Philippine Republic Unit Citation Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm

[Border of marker reads] Palmyra • Quemoy • Matsu • Taiwan • Penhyrn . . . — Map (db m84955) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 1st Tactical Depot SquadronRAF Station Sculthorpe — 1954 – 1959

Dedicated to those who served including 1st TSS & 9th AFDS

Detachments 1. Wethersfield 2. Bentwaters 3. Sculthorpe 4. Manston 5. Woodbridge 6. Wethersfield 7. Alconbury 8. Sheperds Grove — Map (db m82735) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 307th Bomb Wing (M)Lincoln AFB, Nebraska (1954 - 1965)

370 BS • 371 BS • 372 BS • 424 BS 307 ARS • 307 AEMS • 307 FMS • 307 OMS

To the members of the 307th and to their families May their sacrifices never be forgotten.

Dedicated 21 June 1996 — Map (db m86127) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 317th Veterans Group

Dedicated to the 317th Troop Carrier Group 317th Troop Carrier Wing 317th Tactical Airlift Wing

In honor of those who served 1942 – 1993

September 2003 — Map (db m82626) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 3276th Crypto School SquadronLackland AFB, TX

Dedicated to the Students, Instructors and Staff from the 1958 Veterans Group — Map (db m85713) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 354th Tactical Fighter Wing
Dedicated to the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing A7-D Myrtle Beach AFB 1970 – 1977

In honor of those pilots who flew, fought and died 353 Sq Panthers • 355 Sq Eagles 356 Sq Green Demons

In memory of LTC Anthony C. Shine, 355 Sq, shot down on 2 Dec 72 and Capt Jeremiah F. Costello, TDY with the 354 TFW, shot down on 25 May 73

[Dedicated] 2 June 2007 — Map (db m82745) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 40th & 68th Troop Carrier Squadrons1950 – The Cold War – 1954 — Airlift for NATO

Dedicated to the personnel and families of the 68th Troop Carrier Squadron 433rd Troop Carrier Wing and 40th Troop Carrier Squadron 317th Troop Carrier Wing

Donaldson – Rhein Main Neubiberg – Sculthorpe — Map (db m82998) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 4134th / 320th Bombardment Wing (H)Strategic Air Command — B-52 • KC-135
In commemoration of those who preserved our priceless heritage and peace with honor May 1958 - July 1989 Dedicated 13 August 1993 — Map (db m51367) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 420th Air Refueling Squadron

First Air Refueling Squadron in the Tactical Air Command England AFB 1954-1955 RAF Sculthorpe, England 1955-1964 KB-29P – KB-50J – Aerial Refueling Tankers

To the memory of those comrades who made the supreme sacrifice and those privileged to have served — Map (db m82594) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 433rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron“Satan’s Angels” — F-89 Scorpion

Truax Field, Wisconsin 1952 – 1954 Ladd AFB, Alaska 1954 – 1957

In Honor of Those Who Served That We Might Live In Peace — Map (db m82769) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 442nd Troop Carrier Wing
Memorium In memory of the members of the 442nd Troop Carrier Wing who gave their lives to help preserve world peace. December 19, 1961 Maj Jacob T Battenberg Jr Capt Bobby E Wunsch Capt Brodie E Bryant Lt Warren R High MSgt DeWitt F Edgar MSgt Garland C Van Meter A1C Dale R Willert — Map (db m27664) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 445th Fighter Interceptor SquadronF-89 [and] F-101

Air Defense Command Wurtsmith Air Force Base Michigan Aug 1955 – Sep 1968

F-101 First Place Winners William Tell 1961, 1963

Dedicated to those who served 13 October 2005 — Map (db m82722) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 44th Strategic Missile WingAggressor Beware
Commemoration of the Patriots who served on the Plains of Western South Dakota 1962 - 1994 — Map (db m51309) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 463 Tactical Airlift Wing

In honor of those who served Airlifters

Dedicated 11 July 2003 — Map (db m82584) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 465th Troop Carrier WingFrance — 1953 - 1957
To Honor Those Who Served With Pride and Distinction Dedicated September 1994 — Map (db m51390) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 50th Troop Carrier • Tactical Airlift • Airlft Squadron1942 - 1992 — 50 Years of Airlift Service
And For All Who Served Dedicated 17 September 1992 — Map (db m51726) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 551st AEW&C WingOtis AFB, Cape Cod, Ma., 1954 – 1969 — “Videre Est Parari”

Dedicated to the men and women who supported or flew the RC121D & EC121H. Fifty of our group made the ultimate sacrifice. — Map (db m82628) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 5th Air Force
Dedicated to the men and women who served in the 5th Air Force in World War II The 5th Air Force Commanded initially by General George C. Kenney the 5th Air Force, although holding a low priority for men and equipment, wrested control of the air from the Japanese over the skies of New Guinea in late 1942 and helped stop the Japanese drive in Papua. From there the 5th led the way for a combination of Army and Navy forces to neutralize the islands of the Bismarck Archipelago, . . . — Map (db m27407) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 601st Tactical Control Wing1945 – 1995 — “Control of the Skies over Germany”

In honor of all members of the groups, squadrons, detachments, & flights of the 601st Tactical Control Wing and antecedent organizations — Map (db m82754) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 610th Military Airlift Support Squadron

Dedicated to all the men and women of the 610th Military Airlift Support Squadron, Yokota AB, Japan, for their commitment to the support of air evacuations, freight, and personnel from April 1966 to October 1978. — Map (db m82742) HM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 613th, 847th [and] 848th Aircraft Control & Warning SquadronsRadar Sites on Honshu & Hokkaido — 1946 – 1960

Isolated radar detachments guarded northern Japan under extreme weather conditions

A Cold War in a Cold Place — Map (db m82813) HM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 622nd Air Refueling SquadronKB-29P [and] KB-50D/J — England AFB, La

In Memory Of All Who Served 18 Jul 55 thru 1 Apr 64

Dedicated 27 July 2007 — Map (db m82747) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 71st and 341st Air Refueling Squadrons4060th Air Refueling Wing — Strategic Air Command
Dedicated to those who served Dow Air Force Base, Maine January 1955 to June 1966 — Map (db m51738) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 740th, 741st & 742nd Strategic Missile Squadrons (MM I)

Dedicated to the 740th, 741st and 742nd SMS Minuteman I Missile Crews Minot ND 1962-1971

Dedicated May 2010 — Map (db m83004) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 75th Air Depot Wing1951 - 1955 — Kelly AFB, Texas

Korea • Japan

France • England

Dedicated To All Who Served

Dedicated October 12, 2001 — Map (db m85729) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing10 Nov 1948 - 8 Nov 1957

Dedicated to those who served during war and peace

[Dedicated] 24 April 1998 — Map (db m86592) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 966th AEW&C Squadron“Gold Diggers”

McCoy AFB, Orlando, Florida December 1961 - January 1970 — Map (db m82746) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — 96th Bombardment Wing (M)337 Bomb Sq – 338 Bomb Sq – 339 Bomb Sq – 413 Bomb Sq

Dedicated to the memory of B-47 Stratojet Crews who served during the Cold War

Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma 1953 – 1957 Dyess Air Force Base, Texas 1957 – 1963 — Map (db m82814) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — AACS / AFCS / AFCC Facility Checking UnitsEC-47D [and] C-140A — 1941 In Peace and War 1991

In honor of all who served

For flight inspection and evaluation of military and civil air traffic control facilities navigation aids and landing systems worldwide

Dedicated September 2009 — Map (db m83002) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Air Defense Command Iceland1953 - 2003

To honor all those that served at remote radar sites in Iceland, whose dedication to duty helped preserve world peace

932 ACS 667th ACWS – 932nd ACWS 933rd ACWS – 934th ACWS — Map (db m82581) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Air Resupply and Communications Special Operations580th • 581st • 582nd — 1952 • 1956

[Title is text] — Map (db m84944) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — B/G Edward J Hopkins

Comm. 1932 2Lt (USA Res), USAAC 1940, 1946 Capt (USAF Reg, S/N 1180A), Ret 1965

42nd Bomb Wg, 17th Bomb Gp, Pentagon, JTF Eniwetok, 3rd AF, AMC, AF Fin Cen, AFLC, and SAC

Presented in honor of their father’s service Edward D. Hopkins, USAFA 1960, 331 FIS, 526 FIS Robert S. Hopkins, USAFA 1962, 555 TFS, 417 TFS — Map (db m82552) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — B-45 Tornado

In Honor Of All Who Served 47th Bomb Wing 1st USAF Jet Bomber Cold War Hero England 1952 – 1958 RAF Sculthorpe [and] RAF Alconbury — Map (db m82752) HM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — B-47 StratojetStrategic Air Command
In memory of all those who supported, maintained and flew the B-47 in defense of freedom during the Cold War B-47 Stratojet Wings 2nd BW • 9th BW • 19th BW • 22nd BW 40th BW • 43rd BW • 44th BW • 68th BW 70th BW • 93rd BW • 96th BW • 97th BW 98th BW • 100th BW • 301st BW • 303rd BW 305th BW • 306th BW • 307th BW • 308th BW 310th BW • 320th BW • 321st BW • 340th BW 341st BW • 376th BW • 379th BW • 380th BW 384th BW • 509th BW 26th SRW • 55th SRW • 70th SRW • . . . — Map (db m51675) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Col Charles (Chuck) E. Minihan, Sr.Forever Faithful

Army / Army Air Corps / Air Force Infantry / Combat Pilot / Master Missile Man WWII – Korea – Cold War Service: 1942 – 1969 — Map (db m82556) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Col Charles E. Jones, USAF (Ret)In Memory Of

Killed 9-11-01 while in the service of our nation’s Space/Defense Programs — Map (db m82579) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Flight Test Crews
To those who gave their lives in flight test activities, this memorial is dedicated by those who survive. Flight Test Division, Wright Field October 12, 1989 — Map (db m51686) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Iwo Jima Veterans6415th Air Base Squadron • 1964th AACS Squadron

Dedicated to all Iwo Jima veterans who served on the Black Pearl of the South Pacific 1945 – 1968

Dedicated September 29, 2009 — Map (db m82991) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Lockbourne AFB, Ohio

26th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 1952 – 1958 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 1950 – 1957 301st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 1958 – 1964 376th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing 1957 – 1965

Dedicated to those early Cold War Warriors 5 September 2003 — Map (db m82621) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Lt Charles A. DempseyAirplane Commander B-24M #44-50928 — Forty Years Service [1943-1983] to USAAF, USAF

USAF Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory Civilian Scientist

ETF-80 Prone Fighter Cockpit First Tiltable Ejection Seat ETB-47 80 Hour Endurance Flight Cockpit, WS-125A Nuclear Powered Aircraft High Altitude Bail-Out Program, 102,400 feet Space Radiation Tests, Discoverer Rockets 30, 31, 32, 33 NASA Project Mercury Landing Impact Program — Map (db m86353) HM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Lt. David E. Axthelm USAF DFC1930 – 1953 — In Memory Of

He directed his disabled F86D away from populated areas and crashed into the Detroit River His selfless action resulted in his death while saving many other lives — Map (db m82631) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Maj (Ret) Angelo "Tony" TononiIn Memory Of — 5 Dec 1922 – 19 Feb 2001

Commemorates 45 years of service “He was the spirit of the USAF Orientation Group”

Dedicate 2 Aug 03 — Map (db m82586) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Major Richard A Keylor Sr
Gallantly served his country 9 October 1957 - 31 March 1987 Command Pilot • Instructor Safety Officer U-2 • F-4 • T-38 • UH-1 — Map (db m51435) WM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Michael Slepecky, Jr.P-47 • 7th Air Force

In honor of Lieutenant Colonel (USAFR) Michael Slepecky, Jr. 1919 - 1998

Served from 13 December 1942 until 24 October 1979 While assigned to the 19th Fighter Squadron, 318th Fighter Group, performed aerial assaults on Truk, Marcus and Iwo Jima islands and shot down three Japanese aircraft — Map (db m84939) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Misawa Air Base & Remote Radar Sites511th Aircraft Control & Warning Group — 39th Air Division, 1952 – 1968

Protected the air space of northern Japan during the Korean War & the Cold War — Map (db m82772) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Nuclear Weapons Technicians Association

Dedicated to all Air Force Nuclear Weapons Maintainers, past, present and future.

Dedicated October 2007 — Map (db m82749) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — OCS Class 54BUnited States Air Force — Lackland Air Force Base Texas

18 June 1954 124 Non Commissioned Officers and Airmen were commissioned on this date These dedicated men and women went on to become decorated leaders and experts in their career fields — Map (db m82736) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Ohioans Who Served in the 8th Air Force

To the men and women, Citizens of Ohio who have served their country in time of war or peace in the Eighth Air Force

[Dedicated] May 21, 1988 — Map (db m83515) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Pilot Training Class 52E

We were young men from the military academies, college campuses, the National Guard and the business world We answered the call to serve our country We fought in Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War Two walked on the Moon We served our country as patriots We remember those who died in the line of duty and we salute them — Map (db m82725) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — RAF Burtonwood
Dedicated to all American and British personnel who served at RAF Burtonwood, Warrington, England at any time from its opening in 1940 to its closing in 1993. Burtonwood supported United States Army Air Forces in Europe 1942-1946, the Berlin Airlift 1948-1949, and from the 1950's to 1993 it was a depot supporting NATO and the Desert War. — Map (db m51478) HM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — S/Sgt James E. BurnsIn Memory of

Flight Engineer 1611 ATW

Died in the Line of Duty 25 June 65 — Map (db m84962) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Sampson Air Force Base Veterans

This plaque placed by SAFB Veterans Assoc. Inc. in recognition of the men and women who served with the 3650th Basic Military Training Wing. Sampson Air Force Base Geneva New York 1950 - 1956 — Map (db m84969) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — Strategic Air Command1946 - 1992 — "Peace Is Our Profession"
"The Cold War Didn't Just End... It Was Won" In June 1992, the strongest, most professional military organization the world has ever known furled its banner and bid farewell to a grateful nation whose freedom it had safeguarded for nearly half a century. The spirit, sacrifice and dedication of the Strategic Air Command endures in the hearts and minds of those who served. We are... "Victors in the Cold War" — Map (db m51727) HM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — TAC MissileersDedicated To — TM-61 “Matador” 1954-1962 [and] TM-76 “Mace” 1959-1969

A group of Air Force men that stepped forward at a pivotal time of the Cold War and performed their duty in isolated sites world wide in an outstanding manner with little or no recognition for a job well done. Bravo — Map (db m82771) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — TAC Tankers Association Memorial1953 - 1965

Dedicated to the military organizations and families of Air Force personnel who supported the tactical Air Refueling Squadrons during the Cold War and the Vietnam War

These dedicated aircrews and support personnel maintained and flew the KB-29s and KB-50s in projecting tactical airpower around the globe

In 1958 their rapid response and exemplary support were vital in the Tactical Air Command's being selected to receive the Mackay Trophy

Clarence Mackay Trophy National . . . — Map (db m83461) HM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — The F-86 "Sabre"

In memory of the world's first swept-wing, supersonic, operational jet fighter aircraft -- the F-86 SABRE".

Legendary in duty as the world's frontline fighter during the Korean War, the F-86 and its pilots created a legacy of combat performance that stands high in the history of fighter aviation.

We, the pilots who flew her, dedicate this memorial to a great fighter plane and to our deeply loved comrades who sacrificed their lives flying the F-86 SABRE for our country. — Map (db m83505) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — TSgt John D WillisIn Memory Of

Honorably served USAF 1982 – 2002 Member of the 38th and 41st Pararescue Team Lived by the motto [That Others May Live]

Twin Towers 9/11 – California Earthquake – NASA – Kosovo – Exercise Caltrop – Lung Yue – Lucky Transporter – Tiger Rescue – Southern Watch – Desert Storm — Map (db m82633) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — USAF HospitalTachikawa AFB, Japan

In Tribute To Those Who Served 1948 – 1977 — Map (db m82757) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — USAF MATS Salt Water Division and USN Transport SquadronsVR-3, VR-6, VR-7, VR-7A, VR-8, VR-22 — 1948 – 1967

Anything – Anywhere – Anytime — Map (db m83000) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — USAF OCS Class 63CThe Penultimate Class

[Title is text] — Map (db m82723) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — USAF Pilot Class 1954E'Awesome Aviators'

"In the 'Vanguard' who took aviation from props to the jet age"

Presented 12 May 2000 by the Aviation Cadets of 54E in memory of our departed classmates — Map (db m84937) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — USAF Pilot Class 48-CFirst USAF Pilot Class in Training — In Honor Of

USAF Anniversary Date 18 September 1947 48-C commenced training 15 October 1947 Randolph AFB – Goodfellow AFB Graduated 8 October 1948 Barksdale AFB – Williams AFB — Map (db m82551) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — USAF Pilot Class 49C“First in Blues”

Dedicated in honor of our classmates who served in Korea – Viet Nam – The Cold War in preservation of our freedoms

Dedicated 28 September 2001 — Map (db m82546) HM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — USAF Pilot Training Class 49-B

This class began their training in the T-6, June 1948

Perrin AFB • Goodfellow AFB Randolph AFB • Waco AFB Las Vegas AFB • Williams AFB Enid AFB • Barksdale AFB

This class logged over 2 million USAF flying hours — Map (db m86133) HM WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — USAF Pilot Training Class 52G and H

Training Bases

Bryan – Craig – Laredo – Pine Castle Reese – Vance – Webb – Williams — Map (db m83116) HM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — USAF Pilot Training Class 55-Q

Dedicated to the members of USAF Pilot Training Class 55-Q

26 March 1954 - 30 June 1955 — Map (db m86351) WM

Ohio (Montgomery County), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — USAF Texas Towers

Dedicated to those who served aboard the Texas Towers. Built in the 1950's and placed on the eastern Continental Shelf, these platforms were part of the first line of air defense in the Cold War. 32 men lost their lives to the sea.

[Dedicated 14 September 2001] — Map (db m85747) HM WM

Ohio (Union County), Marysville — 4-80 — Major General Robert Sprague Beightler
Side A: Robert Sprague Beightler was born in 1892 in Marysville. A graduate of Marysville High School, he began his career as a soldier in 1911, when he enlisted as a private in Marysville's guard unit, Company E, Fourth Ohio Infantry Regiment. He served in Mexico from 1916-1917, World War I from 1917-1919, and World War II from 1940-1945. From his stint with the Ohio Infantry, he rose in rank to command the famous 37th Ohio National Guard Buckeye Division as Major General during WWII. . . . — Map (db m20452) HM
Oklahoma (Comanche County), Fort Sill — 280mm Heavy Motorized Gun M65(Gun Nr. 21 on Carriage Nr. 3)
(left plaque) At 8:31 a.m. on 25 May 1953 this gun fired the world's first atomic artillery round, at Camp Desert Rock, Nevada. 19 seconds later and 7¾ miles distant, the shell that could wipe out an enemy division exploded on target with a roaring violence equal to 15,000 tons of TNT. 3,100 participating military officers and men crouched some 5,000 yards from the churning mass of heat and flame that surrounded the core of the atomic fireball. The event was a milestone in military . . . — Map (db m60886) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Eisenhower National Historic Site
To Visit: The site is only a seven minute shuttle bus ride from the Visitors Center. Tickets are available in the Visitor Center lobby. Eisenhower National Historic Site is the presidential and retirement home of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Purchased by the Eisenhowers in 1950, the farm served as a presidential retreat, a meeting place for world leaders, and as the temporary White House in times of illness. Today, the site remains largely unchanged from those Cold War years when the President . . . — Map (db m8043) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — President Eisenhower’s Gettysburg Farm
Eisenhower National Historic Site The farm has never looked better, mainly by virtue of the frequent gentle rains we have had since we have been here, and I have been happily renewing my acquaintance with my tiny Angus herd. Eisenhower letter during recuperation from surgery, July 1956 The Eisenhower farm was the presidential and retirement home of Dwight D. Eisenhower, General of the Army and 34th President of the United States. Eisenhower purchased the 189-acre farm in 1950. . . . — Map (db m6196) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Richboro — Richboro Nike Missile Battery PH-07
One of thirteen installations in the Philadelphia area that provided protection from Soviet aerial attack during the 1954–1970 period of the Cold War. The Nike system here used radar to guide Ajax anti-aircraft missiles. From the mid-1960s through the early 1970s, this missile system was replaced as technology and terms of arms control treaties evolved. The missile launch area and magazine are located near here. — Map (db m86028) HM
Pennsylvania (Centre County), Boalsburg — 112th Infantry RegimentTwenty-Eighth Division
(Front):112th Infantry Twenty Eighth Division Forever Honored Forever Mourned For God and Country (Back):Dedicated to the honor of the men who served in this regiment Civil War Spanish American War Mexican Border Service World War I World War II N.A.T.O. — Map (db m27327) HM
Pennsylvania (Centre County), Boalsburg — Twin 40mm Self-propelled Gun, M42A1 DusterPennsylvania Military Museum
By the time the M42 "Duster" anti-aircraft weapon system was deployed in 1953, the Soviet Union had developed high-speed aircraft that were too fast for the Duster to track. The Duster, however, found its role in the dense jungles of Vietnam. Its awesome firepower proved effective in suppressing enemy ground fire on convoy duty and in fixed defensive positions. ACF industries of Berwick, Pennsylvania, built M42 Dusters in the 1950s. About the M42A1 Duster First accepted: 1951 . . . — Map (db m27813) HM
Pennsylvania (Lebanon County), Fort Indiantown Gap — 40 & 8 Boxcar
This 40 & 8 Boxcar is one of forty-nine cars that comprised the merci or gratitude train, a gift to the American people from the citizens of France. Pennsylvania received it at a ceremony in Harrisburg on February 6, 1949. All forty-eight states received a boxcar filled with gifts, ranging from humble offerings to priceless art and antiques. The District of Columbia and the Territory of Hawaii shared the forty-ninth car. Gifts of sacrifice from individuals conveyed each donor's depth of . . . — Map (db m12546) HM
Pennsylvania (Lebanon County), Fort Indiantown Gap — F-102 Jet Fighter
The Convair F-102 Jet Fighter "Delta Dagger" was a part of the backbone of the United States Air Defense System in the late 1950's. Beginning its service to the country in 1956, its main purpose was to intercept enemy aircraft in US Air Space, mainly of potential Soviet bomber fleets during the Cold War. However, due to the project being troubled, the aircraft was soon replaced by the F-101 (Voodoo) and the F-4 (Phantom II's) and thus many of the aircraft were transferred to the United States . . . — Map (db m12580) HM
Pennsylvania (Lebanon County), Fort Indiantown Gap — Nike "Ajax" Missile
Developed during the first decade of the Cold War to combat possible Soviet aircraft the Nike System was the world's first successful, widely-deployed, guided surface-to-air missile system. It was named "Nike" for the mythical Greek Goddess of Victory. Nike Ajax was a slender, two-stage guided missile powered by a liquid-fueled motor. The Ajax was blasted off of its launcher by means of a jettisonable solid rocket booster which fired for about 3 seconds, accelerating the missile with a power of . . . — Map (db m12575) HM
Pennsylvania (Lebanon County), Fort Indiantown Gap — Nike "Hercules" Missile
The successor to the first Nike missile, the Nike "Ajax", the "Hercules" was a much more capable missile in every way. Designated as MIM-14 it came in three different models A/B/C and over 25,000 missiles were made with the most being the MIM-14B model. It was designed to combat bomber or air supported missiles at altitudes up to 100,000 feet and could detect a missile traveling at Mach 3. The Hercules was also designed to carry a nuclear warhead designated "W-31" in three different yields: low . . . — Map (db m12584) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Cruiser Olympia - Submarine Becuna — Independence Seaport Museum
OLYMPIA Cruiser OLYMPIA, launched in 1892, is the oldest steel warship afloat today. OLYMPIA is best known as Commodore George Dewey’s flagship in the Battle of Manila Bay, Philippine Islands during the 1898 Spanish American War. After defeating the Spanish fleet, the United States was propelled into a future legacy as a world power. Following the War, OLYMPIA was often used as a visible reminder of President Teddy Roosevelt’s gunboat diplomacy, “Walk softly and carry a big . . . — Map (db m19242) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Glomar Explorer
In a covert CIA plan named the Jennifer Project, this ship was built at Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Chester, in the early 1970s and played a key role in US Cold War espionage. Its mission was to obtain intelligence by recovering a sunken Soviet submarine, three miles deep in the Pacific Ocean. Portions of the ship were raised by the ship's huge claw in the summer of 1974; six Soviet submariners were recovered and given a burial at sea. — Map (db m34483) HM
Pennsylvania (Somerset County), West Salisbury — T/Sgt. Melvin F. Wooten
In memory of T/Sgt. Melvin F. Wooten of the U.S.A.F. who lost his life on the ill fated B-52 bomber on Jan. 13, 1964. Donated by Johnson Memorial Co. & Salisbury Vol. Fire Dept. — Map (db m67306) HM
South Carolina (Aiken County), near Jackson — Savannah River Site
Fifty Years ago today, November 28, 1950, President Harry S.Truman announced that the Savannah River Plant would be built. This marker is dedicated to families who originally lived on this property and to the patriotic men and woman who have made possible the safe operations and successful missions of the Savannah River Site — Map (db m10001) HM
South Carolina (Aiken County), New Ellenton — 2-27 — Savannah River Plant
The Savannah River Plant (SRP) was built 1950–56 by Du Pont for the Atomic Energy Commission. SRP, a nuclear production plant, produced tritium and plutonium for national defense during the Cold War. Creating a 310-sq.-mi. site in three counties meant moving all residents from their homes in Ellenton, Dunbarton, Meyers Mill, Leigh, and other area communities. (Reverse text) The first reactor at SRP went online in 1953 and the free “neutrino,” a subatomic . . . — Map (db m9941) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — E-1B TracerBuNo. 147225
The carrier-based E-1B Tracer provided a carrier task force with early warning and guidence capability. Based on the C-1A Trader, the most distinguishing of the Tracer is the large aerodynamic radome above the fuselage. Joining the fleet in 1960, Tracers were the "eyes of the fleet" until replaced by the all weather E-2 Hawkeye aboard Forrestal-class carriers in the mid 1960s. Tracers continued to serve aboard Essex-class carriers until 1976 ( the hanger deck was too shallow for . . . — Map (db m19134) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — F-4J Phantom IIBuNo. 153077
The F-4 Phantom II was a two seat supersonic long range all weather fighter-bomber originally built for the US Navy. The Phantom II began service aboard aircraft carriers in the early 1960s, and would set many speed and performance records. During the Vietnam War, the Phantom II would be used by the Navy, Marines, and Air Force. The Navy began replacing the Phantom II with the F-14 Tomcat in the mid 1970s. Marines used the Phantom II until replaced by the F/A-18 Hornet in the early . . . — Map (db m19135) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — In Memoriam • USS Thresher and USS Scorpion
In Memoriam To those who sacrificed their lives while serving in and supporting our submarine forces during the Cold War. USS Thresher (SSN 593) Lost at sea with all hands April 10, 1963 USS Scorpion (SSN 589) Lost at sea with all hands June 2, 1968 There is a port of no return, where ships May ride at anchor for a little space And then, some starless night, the cable slips, Leaving an eddy at the mooring place..... Gulls, veer no longer. . . . — Map (db m42756) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — Talos Missile
The Talos Series of shipborn missiles was one of the most powerful in the U.S. Navy. It's main function was anti-aircraft for fleet defense. But later versions had surface-to-surface capability. Range: Over 75 miles Speed Mach 2.5 Weight: 7,000 lbs. Warhead: Nuclear or Conventional The Talos Missile system was operation on 7 guided missile cruisers from 1959 to 1979. — Map (db m19217) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — USS Pollack (SSN 603) USS Haddo (SSN 604)
The initial two nuclear attack submarines home ported in Charleston — Map (db m42728) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mt. Pleasant — Cold War Submarine Memorial1947 - 1989
A Tribute to Professional Excellence Dedication, Sacrifice, and National Will Our submarines went to sea a silent invisible force solemnly dedicated to maintaining peace, but ready to fight if necessary to defend our nation and allies Constructed and Donated by The Cold War Submarine Memorial Foundation Vice Admiral Albert J. Bagiocco. Jr.. USN (RET)-Chairman Captain Thomas A Mayberry, Jr., USN (RET)-Vice Chairman James R. Fel. P.E. - Secretary Commander John P. . . . — Map (db m19581) WM
South Carolina (Charleston County), North Charleston — 41 For Freedom
The Navy's SSBN (Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine) force enjoyed a unique relationship with Charleston. Operating from here with other submarines-the SS's (Diesel powered subs) and SSN's (Nuclear powered subs), these SSBN's, each with a Blue Crew and a Gold Crew, relied on the Charleston Naval Complex to provide in a timely manner the vast array of weapons, supplies and training required for the successful conduct of their repetitive 70 day submerged patrols in the oceans . . . — Map (db m66180) HM
South Carolina (Edgefield County), Edgefield — M60A3 Main Battle Tank
The M60A3 was designed in 1956 and entered service in 1960. The M60 is a big, tall tank with a rounded turret and heavy armor for its time. The A1 and A2 versions both fought in Vietnam. The A3 version has improved night sights, laser rather than stereoscopic rangefinder, a ballistic computer, full stabilization, reactive armor boxes plating the turret front and side, and defensive smoke systems. Weight: 52 Tons Crew: 4 Engine: 750 HP Diesel Max Road Speed: 48 kph Main . . . — Map (db m80343) HM
South Carolina (Florence County), Florence — 21-26 — Atomic Bomb Accident at Mars Bluff, March 11, 1958
[Marker Front] In 1958, in the midst of the Cold War, the U.S. Air Force accidentally dropped an atomic bomb near here. The unarmed 7,600-lb., 10'8"-long bomb was aboard a B-47E bomber on a training mission headed for England. Its high-explosive trigger detonated on impact, making a crater as large as 35 feet deep and 70 feet wide. [Marker Reverse] The bomb landed in the woods behind the asbestos-shingle sided home of railroad conductor Walter “Bill” Gregg . . . — Map (db m23628) HM
South Carolina (Greenville County), Greenville — 23-26 — Donaldson Air Force Base / Captain John O. Donaldson
Donaldson Air Force Base Greenville Army Air Base opened on this site in 1942 and trained B-25 bomber crews during World War II. Emphasizing air transport after 1945 and renamed Donaldson Air Force Base in 1951. It was the home to C-124 transports and called "The Airlift Capital of the World" for its role in the Berlin airlift, Korean War, and Cold War. Closed in 1962, it has been an industrial park since 1963. Captain John O. Donaldson John Owen Donaldson (1897-1930) for whom the . . . — Map (db m9332) HM
South Carolina (Greenville County), Greenville — 23-26 — Donaldson Air Force Base / Captain John O. Donaldson
Donaldson Air Force Base Greenville Army Air Base opened on this site in 1942 and trained B-25 bomber crews during World War II. Emphasizing air transport after 1945 and renamed Donaldson Air Force Base in 1951. It was the home to C-124 transports and called "The Airlift Capital of the World" for its role in the Berlin airlift, Korean War, and Cold War. Closed in 1962, it has been an industrial park since 1963. Captain John O. Donaldson John Owen Donaldson (1897-1930) for whom the . . . — Map (db m12118) HM
South Carolina (Spartanburg County), Spartanburg — Berlin Wall
[Left Marker] "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" President Ronald W. Reagan Berlin, June 12, 1987 [Right Marker] "Ich bin ein Berliner!" President John F. Kennedy Berlin, June 26, 1963 — Map (db m14171) WM
South Dakota (Jackson County), Kadoka — Closer than You Imagined
...for years, countless travellers had driven across Interstate 90 in western South Dakota, en route to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, or Yellowstone National Park,...within sight of nearly a dozen nuclear missile sites.... Tim Pavek, Ellsworth Air Force Base, Minuteman Program Deactivation Manager & Missile Engineer Are you on your way to or from the Black Hills or Yellowstone? You may be surprised to learn that during the Cold War parts of South Dakota, Wyoming, . . . — Map (db m34295) HM
South Dakota (Pennington County), Wall — High Security
The fence in front of you once guarded the Delta-09 Launch Facility which held a Minuteman II intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). During the Cold War, anyone or anything that crossed this fence was in serious trouble. Standing orders meant the use of deadly force was authorized. Motion sensors recorded activity day and night. Now imagine one thousand ICBM silos like this, each roughly the size of a football field, scattered widely across the American heartlands. Here you see part of . . . — Map (db m66953) HM
Tennessee (Hamilton County), Chattanooga — 270 — 17th Ohio InfantryTurchin's Brig., Baird's Div., 14th Corps. — Maj. Benjamin F. Butterfield.
17th Ohio Infantry. Turchin's Brig., Baird's Div., 14th Corps. Maj. Benjamin F. Butterfield. Capt. Benjamin H. Showers. Nov. 25, 1863. The morning of Nov. 25th the 17th, with its Brigade and Division, marched to support Gen. Sherman at Tunnel Hill. Returning it formed with the Brigade on the left of Wood's Division. In the general assault on Missionary Ridge it reached the summit near this point. Major Butterfield was severely wounded at the foot of the . . . — Map (db m45303) HM
Texas (Bexar County), Lackland Air Force Base — C-121 "Constellation"General William V. McBride
The C-121, so designated by the USAF in 1948, was developed from the C-69 military transport that had originated as a commercial transport for TransWorld and Pan American Airlines. The C-69's were assigned to Air Transport Command during the last stages of WW II and thereafter were resold to the airlines as surplus. Massive modifications were made to the “Super Connie” beginning in 1962 and extending into the seventies. The long-range transport C-121C (Model 1049) became the . . . — Map (db m31584) HM
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