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Patriots & Patriotism Markers
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Argentina, Buenos Aires — La Recoleta CemeteryCementerio de la Recoleta
This plot was part of the lands donated by don Fernando de Valdez e Incian and his wife Gregoria de Herrera y Hurtado to the secluded order for the construction of the adjoining Convent and Church. The friars had their orchard here until the order was expelled in 1822 due to the Ecclesiastical Reform. The same year, the French engineer Prospero Catelin was commissioned the design of a public cemetery, inaugurated on November 17th in 1881, the city mayor Torcuato de Alvear entrusted . . . — Map (db m79382) HM
Australia, Victoria, Warrnambool — Aboriginal Soldiers
This memorial is dedicated to all Aboriginal men and women from South West Victoria who served their country proudly along with fellow Australians since World War 1. — Map (db m52646) HM
Austria, Tyrol, Innsbruck — Andreas Hofer
In diesem Hause hatte anno 1809 Andreas Hofer wiederholt Aufenthalt während der Kämpfe für die Befreiung des Vaterlandes. Hier wurde auch am 2. Novemb. 1809 die Unterwerfung beschlossen: “Nun in Gottes Namen, es wirds unser lieber Herrgott wohl alles recht machen” sprach gottergeben Hofer im festen Vertrauen auf die endliche Befreiung Tirols und seine Wiedervereinigung mit dem geliebten Kaiserhause. Dem Andenken des Sandwirts u. seiner Mitkämpfer setzte diesen Stein zur . . . — Map (db m68138) HM
Belize, Cayo, Belmopan — Rt. Hon. George C. Price
Father of Belize's Independence 1981 Founder of the City of Belmopan 1970 A man who has dedicated fifty eight (58) years of his life to the Government and people of Belize — Map (db m94508) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Sidney — War Memorial
Dedicated in proud memory of the ultimate sacrifice given for their countrymen by all of Canada's Armed Forces by the first recipient of the Star of Military Valour Sergeant Patrick Tower, S.M.V., C.D. June 30, 2007 — Map (db m75469) HM WM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Sidney — War Memorial
In memory of the men of this district who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1918 ——— • ——— W.I. Apps • James Arden • H.H. Bedford • V. Cleaves • G.J. Coward • G.C. Cruse • Dean Arnold • H.A. Dennis • C.R. Gillan H. Grainger • T. Holliday • T. Ibrotson • F.C. John • W.S.J. Lalt John McNally • L.H. Norris • P. Robertson • C.F. Stutchbury C. Toogood • F. Toogood • F. Wilkinson Their Name Liveth For Evermore . . . — Map (db m75480) WM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Hosaqami
a replica of the original pole carved in 1960 by Chief Mungo Martin Carved by Chief Tony Hunt and Raised on 8 September 2012 in the presence of The Honourable Steven L. Point, OBC Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and dedicated to all Aboriginal Veterans This pole was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Government House Foundation and in cooperation with the Esquimalt and Songhees First . . . — Map (db m75002) HM WM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Order of Canada / Ordre du Canada
In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Order of Canada and the 125th anniversary of Canada as a nation this plaque has been erected by the recipients of the Order resident in the Province of British Columbia. The Order recognizes accomplishments that have influenced the economic, cultural, scientific and community life of the nation and are representative of the characteristics and qualities that define a Canadian. Unveiled October 27th, 1992 by His Excellency . . . — Map (db m75023) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Royal and Distinguished Visitors
As the representative of the Crown, the Lieutenant Governor plays an important ceremonial role that includes hosting royal visitors, heads of state, the Governor General, and other dignitaries. Members of the royal family have toured Canada since 1860 to maintain close ties between Canadians and the Crown. Canada’s Royal family continues to tour regularly and stays at Government House while in Victoria. [Photo captions read] 1. Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen . . . — Map (db m75026) HM
New Brunswick (Charlotte County), Welshpool — Roosevelt Campobello International ParkLe Parc International Roosevelt de Campobello
The Roosevelt Campobello International Park is a unique example of international cooperation - jointly administered, staffed, and funded by the peoples of Canada and the United States. Established by international treaty in 1964, the 1,134-hectare (2800-acre) park remains a symbol of the close relationship between our two countries. When she declared the Park Visitor Center open in 1967, the Queen Mother Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth expressed the sentiments of both countries with these . . . — Map (db m63591) HM
New Brunswick (Charlotte County), Wilson's Beach — World War II Memorial1939 - 1945
To the Glory of God and the memory of our Immortal Dead Howard Mallock • Lawson Searles Those who served our King and Country Alison Alexander • Ronald Anthony • Wesley Anthony • George Babcock • Lydie Brown • Manning Brown • Raye Brown • Whitney Brown • Alexander Calder • Emerson Calder • Hilton Calder • Ryder Cline • Durrell Fitzgerald • Herbert Fitzsimmons • John Fitzsimmons • Clayton Fletcher • William Galley • Stanley Henderson • Andrew Hooper • Calvin Mallock • Elwood . . . — Map (db m54938) HM
Ontario, Ottawa — Thomas D'Arcy McGee1825 - 1868
Journalist, poet, Irish patriot, Canadian statesman and Father of Confederation, McGee was born in Ireland, where he was involved in nationalist politics. Forced to flee to America in 1848, he worked for several years in the United States before settling in Montréal in 1857. In 1858 he was first elected to the legislature for Montréal West. An eloquent orator in support of Confederation, McGee attended the Charlottetown and Québec Conferences, and later represented Montréal West in the . . . — Map (db m75714) HM
Ontario (Essex County), Amherstburg — Capture of the Anne, 1838
On January 9, 1838, a force of Canadians and Americans sympathizing with Mackenzie's rebellion, sailed from United States territory and landed on Bois Blane Island. The schooner "Anne," supporting the invasion, cruised along the Canadian mainland firing on structures near Fort Malden. Defending militia under Col. T. Radcliff returned the fire, disabling the helmsman and damaging the rigging. The "Anne" grounded on Elliott's Point and those aboard were captured. Their leader, Dr. E.A.Theller, an . . . — Map (db m37246) HM
Ontario (Essex County), Amherstburg — Colonel Matthew Elliott1739 - 1814
Near this site stood the house erected in 1784 by Matthew Elliott. Born in Ireland, he emigrated to the American Colonies in 1761, and during the Revolution served with the British forces as a captain in the Indian Department. He was an Indian agent for the western tribes 1790-95 and deputy superintendent of the Indian Department 1795-98. Elliott represented Essex in the legislative assembly 1801-12. As colonel of the 1st Essex Militia he took part in the capture of Detroit , August 16, 1812, . . . — Map (db m37286) HM
Ontario (Essex County), Amherstburg — Lt. - Colonel William Caldwell
Born about 1750 in Fermanagh County, Ireland, Caldwell emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1773. During the American Revolution he served with the British forces as a captain in Butler's Rangers at Niagara and Detroit. In 1784 he obtained land near the mouth of the Detroit River and became one of this area's earliest settlers. Caldwell's exceptional influence with the local Indians enabled him to obtain control of some 11,000 additional acres on the north shore of Lake Erie where he encouraged former . . . — Map (db m37291) HM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — "Holy Roller"
Presented to the City of London by 1st Hussars, 4th June 1950 in memory of the First Hussars who fell in two World Wars The only tank of 6th Canadian Armoured Regiment (1st Hussars) to complete campaign in North-West Europe D-Day 6th June 1944 VE-Day 8th May 1945 — Map (db m18922) HM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — Crimean War Cannons
These cannon were used at the seige of Sebastopol, and were brought to this country after the capture of that city by the British in 1855. Sir John Carling was instrumental in procuring these three pieces for this city. This gun is a British piece. The other two are Russian. This tablet was erected by the London and Middlesex Historical Society, 1907 Restored 1987 — Map (db m18928) HM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — London South African War Memorial1899 - 1902
“In Honour of the Men from the London District who Fought for the Empire in South Africa, and in Memory of Those Who Fell.” 1899 - 1902 [First Panel] Pte. D. L. Moore, R.C.R.- Feb 14th, 1900 Pte. J. A. Donegan, 26th M.Lt.I.- Feb 18th, 1900 Pte. R. Smith, 26th M.Lt.I.- Feb 18th, 1900 Pte. W. G. Adams, 7th Regt. Fus.- April 16th, 1900 Pte. F.G.W. Floyd, 7th Regt. Fus.- May 10th, 1900 Pte. E. Mullins, R.C.R.I.- June 11th, 1900 [Second Panel] Royal . . . — Map (db m18927) HM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — London War Cenotaph
East facade: MCM XIV The Glorious Dead West facade:MCM XXXIX 1950 - 1953 Bronze plaque on West facade: In honour of those who died in war and conflict Erected 1934 by the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) Rededicated 1999 by the London Municipal Chapter IODE North facade: United Nations Peacekeepers We Will Remember Them Nearby usage informational sign: Memorial Services This Cenotaph is reserved for . . . — Map (db m18966) WM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — The 1st Hussars
To the everlasting memory of the members of THE 1ST HUSSARS both the living and the dead, who together with other Canadian and Allied servicemen participated in the glorious campaign of 1944-1945 that led to the liberation of the Netherlands. Presented by: The Grateful Dutch Canadians of London May 1970 Re-dedicated June 6, 1998 by: The Dutch Canadians Remember Committee of 1995 — Map (db m18921) HM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — Veterans' Garden2005 - Year of the Veteran
Dedicated November 4, 2005 to remember, honour, and celebrate our Canadian Veterans. May the memory of their achievements and sacrifices be kept alive. This garden was made possible thanks to the generous donation by Angus and Mabe McLennan - for the love and enjoyment of Victoria Park. — Map (db m18969) HM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — Veterans' Memorial Carillon2005 - Year of the Veteran — "We Will Never Forget"
With deepest gratitude to those who so generously contributed to this visible and resonant remembrance of our Canadian Veterans Separate Stone marker nearby: Thank You Canada Thank You Veterans 1940 - 1945 This musical tribute is a gift to all Canadians from the Dutch community and friends out of gratitude for the Liberation of the Netherlands during 1944 - 1945 Dedicated Sept. 22, 2006 A map on the stone marker depicts the following Canadian War . . . — Map (db m18968) HM
Ontario (Niagara Region), Niagara Falls — Edgeworth Ussher, Esq.
Edgeworth Ussher, Esq. November 16, 1838 Here rests, in the hope of a joyful resurrection, the mortal remains of Edgeworth Ussher, Esq., whose devotion to his sovereign and exertions in the cause of his country at a critical period of the history of Canada, marked him out as an object for the vengeance of the enemies of peace and good order by whom he was cruelly assassinated in the night of 16th November, 1838, in his own house near Chippawa at the early age . . . — Map (db m75852) HM WM
Ontario (Niagara Region), Niagara Falls — Laura Secord
[Front Side of the Monument]: To perpetuate the name and fame of Laura Secord who walked alone nearly 20 miles by a circuitous difficult and perilous route, through woods and swamps and over miry roads to warn a British outpost at DeCew’s Falls of an intended attack and thereby enabled Lt. FitzGibbon on the 24th June 1813, with less than 50 men of H.M. 49th Regt., about 15 militiamen and a small force of Six Nations and other . . . — Map (db m49694) HM
Ontario (Niagara Region), Queenston — Home of Laura Ingersoll Secord
[Text inscribed on stone monument]: Home of Laura Ingersoll Secord. [Text on lower plaque]: This stone marker was placed in 1901 by the Women's Literary Club of St. Catharines to honour Laura Secord and was re- dedicated in 1972 by members of the Club on the occasion of their 80th annual pilgrimage. — Map (db m51612) HM
Ontario (Niagara Region), Queenston — Laura Ingersoll Secord 1775-1868
Born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, Laura Ingersoll came to Upper Canada with her father in 1795, and settled in this area. About two years later she married James Secord, a United Empire Loyalist, and within seven years they had moved to this site from nearby St. David's. From here during the war of 1812, Laura Secord set out on an arduous 19-mile journey to warn the local British commander, Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon, of an impending American attack. The courage and tenacity displayed . . . — Map (db m49160) HM
Ontario (Niagara Region), Queenston — Laura Secord (1775-1868)
[English text]: The celebrated heroine of the war of 1812 is a renowned figure in Canadian History. Determined to warn the British of an impending attack on Beaver Dams, Secord set out from her home on June 22, 1813, on a dangerous mission. She traveled alone for over 30 kilometers, behind enemy lines, struggling to make it to the De Cew farmhouse, where she informed Lieutenant Fitzgibbon about the American plan. Later in the 19th century, a first generation of women historians . . . — Map (db m51613) HM
Ontario (Niagara Region), Thorold — Laura Ingersoll Secord1775 - 1868
Who set out from her home in Queenston early in the morning of June 22, 1813, to walk an arduous nineteen miles to warn the British outpost at DeCew Falls of an impending American attack. The information enabled the local British commander, Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon, and his detachment, to surprise and capture the entire enemy force at the Battle of Beaver Dams on June 24, 1813, thereby marking the turning point in the War of 1812. To perpetuate her memory. — Map (db m53392) HM
Ontario (Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Counties), South Dundas — Loyalist American Regiments / Loyalists of the Indian Nations / Sir John Johnson
[ Front of Monument ] Loyalists American Regiments 1775-84 This monument has been erected by a grateful province to commemorate the services of His Majesty's Forces in North America, 1775-84 In particular the following which were disbanded as units and settled along the St. Lawrence River in the new province of Upper Canada. The 84th Regiment (Royal Highland Emigrants) The King's Royal Regiment of New York (Royal Greens) The King's Rangers (Rogers' Corps) The Loyal . . . — Map (db m39747) HM
Prince Edward Island (Queens County), Charlottetown — Andrew Archibald Macdonald1829 - 1912
English: Born at Three Rivers, Brudenell Point, Macdonald, a merchant and shipbuilder, served as a member of the Legislative Assembly (1853-58) and of the Legislative Council (1867-72). He attended the Charlottetown and Quebec Conferences of 1864 and on the latter occasion compiled notes which provide one of the few original sources of information on that conference. After the entrance of the Island into Confederation in 1873 he became provincial Post Master General and later . . . — Map (db m80271) HM
Quebec (Capitale-Nationale (region)), Québec — O Canada!
English: This glorious national anthem, verse by Sir Adolphe Routhier, music by Calixa Lavallée, was sung at the First Congrès Catholique des Canadiens-Français, on the Fête de Saint-Jean-Baptiste, 24th June, 1880. French: Célèbre hymne national, paroles de Sir Adolphe Routhier, musique de Calixa Lavallée, fut exécuté pour la première fois lors du premier Congrès Catholique des Canadiens-Français, le jour de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste, le 24 juin 1880. — Map (db m80849) HM
Quebec (Ville-Marie Borough), Montréal — The Nelson Column, Montreal
North face : In memory of the Right Honorable Lord Viscount Nelson Duke of Bronte who terminated his career of Naval Glory in the memorable Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of Oct 1806 after inculcating by signal a maxim that can never be forgotten by his country: “England expects every man will do his duty.” This monumental pillar was erected by a subscription of the inhabitants of Montreal in the year 1808. West face : On the 1st and 2nd of August 1798, Rear . . . — Map (db m33963) HM
Costa Rica, San José — Andrés Bello
Don Andres Bello 1781-1865 Donacion del Dr. Luis Herrera Campins Presidente de la Republica de Venezuela A Costa Rica en ocasión del Bicentenario del nacimiento del gran sabio venezolano 29-noviembre-1981 English translation: Andrés Bello 1781-1865 Donated by Dr. Luis Herrera Campins President of the Republic of Venezuela To Costa Rica on occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Venezuelan genius November 29, 1981 — Map (db m92455) HM
Costa Rica, San José — Miguel Hidalgo
Miguel Hidalgo 1753-1811 Padre de la Independencia Mexicana del pueblo de Mexico al pueblo de Costa Rica Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Presidente Constitucional de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos 1966 English translation: Miguel Hidalgo 1753-1811 Father of Mexican Independence from the people of Mexico to the people of Costa Rica Gustavo Diaz Ordaz President of the United States of Mexico 1966 — Map (db m92454) HM WM
Costa Rica, San José — The National Monument of Costa RicaMonumento Nacional de Costa Rica
. . . — Map (db m92443) WM
Dominica, St George, Roseau — Cecil E. A. Rawle
Dominica Cecil E. A. Rawle 1891-1938 Faithfully he strove for progress in Dominica and for West Indian Unity — Map (db m93898) HM
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo — Antonio Maceo
En este local funciono el "Hotel Europa" en el que se hospedo el heroe de la independencia cubana, Antonio Maceo, el 18 de mayo de 1880. Gobierno Dominicano Centenario de la muerte de Antonio Maceo 7 de deciembre de 1996 English translation: In this building operated the "Hotel Europa" where Antonio Maceo, the hero of Cuban Independence, stayed on May 18, 1880. Dominican Government 100th anniversary of the death of Antonio Maceo December 7, 1996 — Map (db m92253) HM
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo — Francisco del Rosario Sánchez
La Sociedad Patriotica "Hijos de la Fe" Al Padre de la Patria Francisco del Rosario Sanchez Nacio este gran heroe y martyr en esta casa el dia 9 de marzo de 1817. Santo Domingo 27 de febrero de 1898 English translation: The Patriotic Society "Sons of the Faith" To the Father of the Nation Francisco del Rosario Sanchez The great hero and martyr was born in this house on March 9, 1817. Santo Domingo, February 27, 1898 — Map (db m92557) HM
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo — Juan Bosch
Juan Bosch Escritor, cuentista, novelista, historiador y ensayista. Fundador del PRD y del PLD. Prócer, maestro politico dominicano y de América. Presidente moral eterno de la República. 1909-2001 English translation: Juan Bosch Writer, of both short-stories and novels, historian and essayist. Founder of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) and the Dominican Freedom Party (PLD). Founder and master of Dominican and American politics. Eternal moral President of the Republic. . . . — Map (db m92496) HM
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo — Juan Pablo Duarte
Fundador de la Republica Dominicana 1813-1838-1844-1876 English translation: Juan Pablo Duarte Founder of the Dominican Republic 1813-1838-1844-1876 — Map (db m92898) HM
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo — Plaza Patriótica a los Caídos de AbrilPatriotic Plaza Dedicated to those that Fell in April
Homenaje del pueblo dominicano a los héroes y mártires de la Guerra Patria de 1965 Gobierno Constitucional Dr. Fernández Reyna 2008-2012 English translation: Tribute from the Dominican people to the heros and martyrs of the War of 1965 Constitutional Government of Dr. Fernández Reyna 2008-2012 — Map (db m87597) WM
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo — President Coronel Francisco Alberto Caamaño
Plaza Patriotica Coronel Francisco Alberto Caamaño 11 de junio de 1932-16 de febrero de 1973 En esta plaza frente al Altar de la Patria, el coronel Caamaño, héroe de la revolución de abril de 1965, para garantizar el proceso democrático en nuestro país, se juramentó como presidente de la República Dominicana en Armas el día 4 de mayo de 1965. Comisión Permanente de Efemérides Patrias Ayuntamiento del Distrito Nacional Gobierno Constitucional Dr. Leonel Fernández 2004-2008 Santo Domingo, . . . — Map (db m92694) HM
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo — The Pantheon of the NationEl Panteón de la Patria
Ministerio de Cultura Templo de San Ignacio de Loyola Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús (Jesuitas) Se terminó su construcción hacia 1745, como templo y aula magna de la Real y Pontificia Universidad de Santiago de la Paz (1745-1767) De 1792 a 1798 fue la capilla del Seminario Real y Conciliar de San Fernando. Mediante Ley No. 4463 del 2 de junio de 1956 fue consagrada como Panteón de la Patria para acoger en un ambiente religioso, de amor y veneración, los restos de las figuras que han . . . — Map (db m92807) HM
Ecuador, Guayas, Guayaquil — Monument to SucreMonumento a Sucre
Guayaquil el 20 de septiembre de 1908 con el fin de rendir homenaje a la memoria del "Abel Americano". Su altura total es de 8.50 metros, contando con una base principal que contiene 2 placas de bronce hacia los costados y el Escudo del Ecuador hacia al frente, flanqueado con las palabras "A Sucre Guayaquil". Sobre la base en mención se desarrolla un conjunto escultórico en el que se aprecia un instante de la Batalla de Pichincha y en él, las imágenes del General José María Córdova, sable en . . . — Map (db m94514) HM WM
El Salvador, Chalatenango — José Maria San Martin
14 de febrero 1855-1955 Loor a Jose Maria San Martin Preclaro hijo de esta tierra Creador del Departmento de Chalatenango English translation: February 14 1855-1955 Tribute to Jose Maria San Martin Illustrious son of these lands Creator of the Department of Chalatenango — Map (db m87979) HM WM
El Salvador, Cuscatlán, San Esteban Catarina — Father Alirio Napoleon Macias
Monumento Padre: Alirio Napoleon Macias 1941-1979 Por el aporte que proporciono a la comunidad cristiana de San Esteban Catarina Alcalde: Argenio Olmes Carrillo Abarga y su Concejo Municipal · Marcial Antonio Bolaños Rivas · Petrona Alvarado de Carrillo · Pedro Antonio Panameño Garcia · Dolores Antonio Landaverde Rodriguez · Teresa de Jesus Abarca · Luz Marina Alvarado Manzanares · Jose Anselmo Mejia Mendez 04 de agosto de 2010 Escultor: Ricardo Sorto English translation: Father . . . — Map (db m94746) HM
El Salvador, La Libertad, Antiguo Cuscatlán — General José María Cañas HighwayAutopista General José María Cañas
En honor al héroe y victorioso defensor de la soberanía y la unión centroamericana, capitán del Ejercito de la República Federal de Centroamérica y comandante en jefe de la gran campaña patriótica que coronó con la derrota y expulsión del filibustero William Walker del istmo centroamericano. Salvador Sánchez Cerén Presidente de la República Gerson Martínez Ministro de Obras Públicas English translation: In honor of the hero and victorious defender of our sovereignty and the . . . — Map (db m93104) WM
El Salvador, San Salvador — Dr. José Matías Delgado
Al Presbítero Dr. José Matías Delgado Prócer de la Independencia de Centro América 5 de noviembre de 1911. Homenaje de la Colonia Alemana English translation: To Presbyter Dr. José Matías Delgado Supporter of the Independence of Central America November 5, 1911. Tribute from the German Community of San Salvador — Map (db m83906) HM
El Salvador, San Salvador — Father Nicolas AguilarPadre Nicolas Aguilar
Tonacatepeque, Dic. 16 1742 San Salvador, Sept. 12 1818 Con gran vocacion para la carrerra elesiastica; ejemplo que siguieron posteriormente sus hermanos Vicente y Manuel, Proceres de la Independencia, de quienes era hermano mayor, en 1824 mientras su hermano Manuel se encontraba encarcelado y Don Vicente reconcentrado en Guatemala; Don Nicolas, si bien libre por consideracion a sus años, era vigilado pues aunque viejo y decrepito, era un formidable enemigo, siempre dispuesto a defender . . . — Map (db m83872) HM
El Salvador, Santa Ana, Metapán — Bicentennial of the First Cry of Central American Independence
Conmemorando los 200 años del Primer Grito de Independencia Centroamericana… Plasmamos un reconocimiento en Metapán a los y las patriotas reconocidos históricamente y a los aun anónimos que participaron en el movimiento independencista de 1811. El pueblo salvadoreño y las autoridades civiles militares y municipales les recordamos Con admiración y gratitud. “Ne techan Metapan, tajipaluli ipal simuat iuan takat”, “El pueblo de Metapan saluda a sus . . . — Map (db m88420) HM WM
El Salvador, Usulután, Santiago de Maria — Field Marshal Santiago González
El pueblo de Santiago de María como imperecedera gratitud al insigne ex-Presidente y estadista Mariscal Don Santiago González bajo cuyos auspicios se dio titulo de pueblo con el nombre actual a esta ciudad conocida entonces como "Valle del Gramal" 7 marzo 1874. 23 julio 1958. English translation: The people of Santiago de María show their eternal gratitude to the famous ex-President and statist Field Marshal Santiago González in whose period in office the city was given its . . . — Map (db m94813) HM
Estonia, Harjumaa MaakondTallinn — Residence of Konstantin Päts — [Finnish Embassy]
Text in Finnish: ... Text in Estonian:... Text in English: Konstantin Päts, first President of Estonia, lived in this building from 1922 to 1940. The Finnish Embassy was located here from 1923 to 1940, and has been again since 1996. — Map (db m57227) HM
France, Upper Normandy, Rouen — Le Bucher
Emplacement ou Jeanne d'Arc fut brulee le 30 Mai 1431.

The location of where Joan of Arch was burnt on May 30th 1431.

Die Stelle an der die-Jungfrau von Orleans am 30.Mai 1432 verbrannt wurde. — Map (db m92127) HM

Germany, Baden-Württemberg (Tuttlingen District), Frittlingen — World War I Memorial
Den tapferen Helden vom Weltkrieg 1914 - 1918 gewidmet von der dankbaren Gemeinde 1921. Bernhard Anger 38 J.a. verh. • Paul Anger 23 J.a. • Stephan Baier 21 J.a. • Johannes Bantle 27 J.a. • Otto Bantle 21 J.a. • Anton Braun, Lehrer 26 J.a. • Hermann Braun 38 J.a. verh. • Pius Braun 21 J.a. • Karl Effinegr 21 J.a. • Aloys Faulhaber 25 J.a. • George Faulhaber 21 J.a. • Josef Faulhaber 21 J.a. • Josef Faulhaber, Schreiner, 23 J.a. • Franz Geiger 22 J.a. • Hermann Häring 24 J.a. • . . . — Map (db m82805) WM
Germany, Bavaria (Ansbach District), Rothenburg ob der Tauber — St. Jakob's Church World War I Memorial
Im kampf fürs Vaterland starben: Karl Wägerlein - Maurer u. Steinhauer in Frankreich am 2. Jan. 1915 Georg Lindner - Steinmetzpalier in Rumänien am 9. Nov. 1917 David Neumeister - Maurer in Frankreich am 14. Okt. 1918 Ehre ihrem Andenken ———————— In the fight for the fatherland died: Karl Wägerlein - Mason and Stonecutter in France on January 2, 1915 Georg Lindner - Mason in Romania on November 9, . . . — Map (db m77712) WM
Germany, Saxony-Anhalt (Mansfeld-Südharz District), Mansfeld-Lutherstadt — War Memorial
Zur Erinnerung an die bedeutungsvollen Siegesjahre 1864 1866 1870-71 —————————— To commemorate the significant war years 1864 1866 1870-71 — Map (db m70340) WM
Germany, Thuringia (Weimarer Land Kreis (District)), Buchenwald Memorial — British and Canadian Military Victims of Buchenwald
In honour of the memory of the members of the British and Canadian Forces murdered in Buchenwald Concentration Camp. The lives of four British patriots were saved by the solidarity of German antifascists. They were all imprisoned in Block 17. ———————— [German and Russian text not transcribed] — Map (db m76558) HM WM
Germany, Thuringia (Weimarer Land Kreis (District)), Buchenwald Memorial — Ernst Thälmann
Eternal Glory The great son of the German people, the leader the German working class Ernst Thälmann on 18th August 1944 at this point of fascism was murdered ———————— Ewiger Ruhm dem grossen sohn des Deutschen volkes, dem führer der Deutschen Arbeitklasse Ernst Thälmann der am 18. august 1944 an dieser stelle vom faschismus ermordet wurde ———————— This . . . — Map (db m76540) HM WM
Germany, Thuringia (Weimarer Land Kreis (District)), Buchenwald Memorial — Female Victims of Buchenwald
No one said farewell No one erected a cross or a stone but they live as long as people remember the more than 27,000 women and girls from over 30 countries who in 1944 and 1945 were detainees in 27 outside sub-camps of Buchenwald used as slave labor victims of Nazi violence and the death marches Non omnis moriar [Not all die] ———————— Niemand nahm abschied niemand errichtete ein kreuz oder einen stein doch ihr . . . — Map (db m76557) HM
Germany, Thuringia (Weimarer Land Kreis (District)), Buchenwald Memorial — Polish Patriots / Polischen Patrioten
In October 1939, 2098 Polish patriots came to this special camp. 1650 died in 5 months. 123 were locked in a barbed wire cage where after 12 days they froze and starved to death. They suffered and died for the freedom of Poland. ———————— Im Oktober 1939 kamen 2098 Polnische patrioten in dieses sonderlager. 1650 starben in 5 monaten. 123 wurden in einen stacheldrahtkäfig gesperrt, in dem sie nach 12 tagen erfroren und verhungerten. Sie . . . — Map (db m76538) HM WM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — The Heroon at the Crossroads: an early sanctuary of Ancient Corinth
English Text: On the hillside where the Bema of the Roman Forum was later built and alongside a road leading southward to Acrocorinth, a cemetery had been delevoped during the Geometric period (1050 - 720 B.C.) Later on, during the Early Corinthian period (620 - 590 B.C.) one of the cemetery's graves was looted; it was the grave of an arthritic male, about 40-45 years old and 1.72 meters tall. As a direct result of this action, a cult activity started on the site, presumably . . . — Map (db m84915) HM
Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Antigua Guatemala — Signers of the Act of December 25, 1919El Acta de los Tres Dobleces
La gratitud del pueblo ¿Graba con caracteres de cariño? Los nombres de los valientes que firmaron la memorable Acta del 25 de Diciembre de 1919 Julio Bianchi. ∙ Jose Azmitia. ∙ Eduardo Camacho. ∙ Manuel Cobos Batres. ∙ Luis P. Aguirre. ∙ Emilio Escamilla. ∙ Tacito Molina Y. ∙ Adalberto A. Saravia. ∙ Luis Beltranena. ∙ Salvador Matheu ∙ Guillermo Rosales A. ∙ Jose Alvarado. ∙ Alberto Mejicanos. ∙ Enrique Forno. . . . — Map (db m91733) HM
Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, San Lucas Sacatepéquez — Battle of San Lucas MonumentMonumento a la Batalla de San Lucas
A los Heroes del 71 Junio 30 1928 English translation: To the Heroes of 1871 June 30, 1928 — Map (db m91770) WM
Ireland, Connacht (County Galway), Kinvara — Francis A. Fahy1854 - 1935
Poet, Writer, Life-Long Worker in the Irish Cause was born in this house Sept. 29. 1854. ——•—— “For peace of mind I'll never find until my own I call that little Irish cailín in her ould plaid shawl” — Map (db m28091) HM
Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Murrisk — Squadron Leader R. F. C. Garvey
In loving memory of Squadron Leader R.F.C. Garvey D.F.C. & Bar Only son of J.C. & Gladys Garvey Born at Murrisk Abbey 11th July 1918 Killed in a flying accident at Shawbury, England, on 14th January 1948 & buried there Dearly loved — Map (db m28259) HM
Ireland, Connacht (County Mayo), Westport — Major John Mac Bride / Seán Mac Giolla Bríde
IgCuimhne ar an maor Seán Mac Giolla Bríde Major John Mac Bride Vice-Commandant Irish Republican Army, Major in the Army of the South African Republic, Organizer of the Transvaal Irish Brigade, who died for Ireland 5th May, 1916. Go nDéana dia trócaire ar a anam. — Map (db m27564) HM
Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Ballinlough — Glynn - Glavey - Keane Memorial
This memorial was erected to commemorate the memory of Comdt. Patrick Glynn Lieut. Michael Glavey Vol. Michael Keane who gave their lives for the cause of freedom during an attack on Ballinlough R.I.C. Barracks on Sept. 14th 1920. ————— “They rose in dark and evil days to free our native land They started here a living flame that nothing can withstand” Tógadh an leacht cuimhneacháin seo i mbuan chuimhne ar an . . . — Map (db m27768) HM
Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Strokestown — The Sharkey Sisters
The Sharkey Sisters Una and Lena resided here. Leading members of Cumann na mBan during War of Independence — Map (db m27553) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Countess Constance Markievicz1869 - 1927 — Major, Irish Citizen Army, 1916
A valiant woman who fought for Ireland in 1916 _________________________ In the 1916 Rising she was Second-in-Command to Michael Mallin in the College of Surgeons. She was sentenced to death for her activities but was released from prison in 1917 in the general amnesty. The bronze bust show Countess Markievicz in the uniform tunic of the Irish Citizen Army. The work was unveiled in 1956. [From the Monuments of St. Stephen's Green marker found in the park.] — Map (db m22504) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Fusiliers’ Arch
In memory of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers who fell in the South African War A.D.1899·1900 Fortissimis suis militibus hoc monumentum eblana dedicavit MCMVII Hartshill•Ladysmith•Talana•Colenso• Tulega Heights•Laings Nek Fusiliers' Arch [Inscription is from the Monuments of St. Stephen's Green marker found in the park] The form of this arch, 12 feet in width, is that of a Roman Triumphal Arch. It stands 32 feet 6 inches high. . . . — Map (db m22470) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa / Ó Donnabháin Rosa(1831 - 1915)
Ni dhéanfaidh gáeil bhearmao orc go brách [Gaelic transcription is best effort] ——— Erected in 1954. An uncut rock of Wicklow granite symbolises the patriot's unbreakable spirit. Into the rock is set a plaque bearing an impression of O'Donovan Rossa's head. — Map (db m25316) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — National Memorial to members of the Defence Forceswho died in the service of the State — "An Dún Cuimhneacháin"
The National Memorial to members of the Defence Forces is a place of contemplation and remembrance, providing a focal point where families, relatives and members of the public can reflect on the contribution and sacrifice made by members of the Defence Forces who died in the service of the State. The pyramid shape of the memorial, which was designed by Brian King, captures historic references to burial and is a standing testament to the dead. It also reflects the shape of a military tent. . . . — Map (db m26868) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Robert Emmet(1778 - 1803)
Presented to the People of Ireland by The Robert Emmet Statue Committee of the United States of America April 13, 1966 Francis J. Kane, Chairman Ambassador Scott McLeod Devlin W. Dormer, Esq. Hon. Michael J. Kirwan, M.C. Hon. Thomas P. O'Neill, M.C. Hon. Daniel J. Flood, M.C. Hon. John E. Fogarty, M.C. N. Mike Devlin, Esq. The statue, erected in 1968, in a small enclave on the west side of the park faces the house in which Robert Emmet was born (now . . . — Map (db m25304) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Theobald Wolfe Tone(1763-98)
An Irish patriot convicted of treason. He died mysteriously in prison in November 1798. The memorial consists of a ten-foot figure of Wolfe Tone backed by a wall of rough granite columns of varying width and rising to 16 feet in height. Behind the granite columns is a group of bronze figures that symbolize the past unhappy subjugation of the Irish people. This group represents the cause for which Tone sacrificed his life. He was thirty-five years old. The memorial was unveiled by President de Valera in 1967. — Map (db m25303) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Thomas M. Kettle1880 - 1916
Born in County Dublin 9th February 1880 Killed at Guinchy 9th September 1916 Poet•Essayist•Patriot ____________________ Killed at Guinchy during the Great War, September 1916. “Died not for Flag nor King nor Emperor But for a dream born in a herdsman's shed And for the sacred scripture of the poor.” The bronze bust erected in 1937, is by A.G. Power and was cast by Compagnie des Bronzes, Brussels. [From the Monuments of St. Stephen's Green marker found in . . . — Map (db m22489) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — William Butler Yeats(1865 - 1939)
“He may be regarded as the pivot around which Irish literature turned from instinctive to conscious art.” (George W. Russell). The memorial, erected in [October] 1967, is a tribute in bronze by Henry Moore, the sculptor. — Map (db m27039) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Fingal), Howth — Howth The Village / Binn Éadair ______The Fingal Way / Sli Fhine Gall
A Fishing Village References to the fishing industry in Howth can be found from the twelfth century, although in the seventeenth century the port was also known in the area as a base for pirates roaming Dublin Bay. In Elizabethan times a wooden quay was built but as vessel size increased the importance of Howth for goods and passenger traffic declined. In the nineteenth century various plans were put forward for a harbour at Howth and in 1807 construction commenced using stone quarried . . . — Map (db m27057) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Longford), Longford — County Longford Great War Memorial1914 - 1918
[Northeast Face] To Perpetuate the Memory of the 284 Gallant Soldiers of the County Longford who fell in the Great World War. This Cross was erected by the generous subscriptions of their sorrowing relatives, comrades and sympathisers. R. I. P. [Handwritten note hanging below reads:] In memory of the 325 Longford men and women who died in World Wars One and Two and other conflicts R. I. P. [Southwest face] Those loving Heroes good and . . . — Map (db m27355) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Culmullen — Culmullen & 1798They Gave Their Lives For Their Cause
Erected by the People of Culmullen and District to the memory of the Men and Women of Wexford and Meath who died for their Country and lie buried in the surrounding area There were two periods of intense Rising activity around Culmullen in 1798 Thursday May 24, 1798 Dunshaughlin was the rallying point for the United Irishmen of Meath, Dublin and North Kildare where a Tree of Liberty was planted. The following day, the rebels moved to one side of the Bog of Culmullen . . . — Map (db m33354) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Duleek — Duleek 1916 - 1981 Hunger Strike Monumentand Memorial Garden
The Memorial Garden is named after Vol. Joe Coombes, Platin Road. Vol. Noel Gallagher, Mountfield, Co. Tyrone Vol. Harry McCormick, Prioryland, Duleek and is in memory of all those who dedicated their lives to and for the cause of Irish freedom. This monument was unveiled by Paddy Sheils (Snr), Garballagh and Jimmy Lynch, Kentstown The Memorial Garden Was Officially Opened On 15th June 2008 By Ex-Portlaoise Hungerstriker . . . — Map (db m27220) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Duleek — The Lime TreeDuleek Heritage Trail
William of Orange and Mary accepted the throne of England in 1698, supplanting King James II who took refuge with his ally and sponsor Louis XIV of France. The tensions between James and William would reach their highpoint in 1690 at the battle of the Boyne in Meath, where James was defeated. In Duleek at the time there was a very significant colony of Huguenots (French Protestants) who had fled persecution in France. Subsequently to the Battle of the Boyne the people of Duleek planted . . . — Map (db m24802) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Fordstown — Girley / FordstownMeath Villages
An introduction to Fordstown Fordstown is named after the Norman-Irish Ford family, who lived in the area. One part of the townland is sometimes referred to as Ballaghboy. Today, Fordstown is a growing, vibrant community. ‘Fordstown Street Fair’ is an old world fair, hosted by Fordstown in October each year since 2004. Fordrew Rovers Fordrew Rovers Football Club was formed in 1997 and play in Drewstown. They progressed from Division 4A to Division 1 in four years. They won . . . — Map (db m27318) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Kells — Market CrossKells Heritage Trail
This 9th century high cross, the cross of the gate of the Kells monastery, is one of five high crosses still surviving in Kells. The cross of the gate, currently at or near its original site, was a termon cross and signified that a fugitive could claim sanctuary once inside the boundary of the monastic area. The carved faces of the high crosses depict scenes from the Old and New Testament and were used primarily for the religious instruction of the faithful. These scenes may originally have . . . — Map (db m27341) HM
Ireland, Munster (County Limerick), Abbeyfeale — Reverend William Casey
His grateful fellow countrymen at home and beyond the seas have erected this monument to the memory of Rev. William Casey, for a quarter of a century prior to his death, the parish priest of this parish. He found his people struggling in the toils of landlordism: he left them owners of the soil and freemen. By his death, religion lost a shining light; the cause of temperance a strenuous advocate; the poor without distinction of creed, an ever helpful friend; and Ireland a devoted son. But . . . — Map (db m24739) HM
Ireland, Ulster (County Donegal), Donegal Town — 6 — Donegal Castle / Caisleán Dhún na nGall
Donegal Castle was built by Red Hugh O'Donnell, the young 'Eagle of the North', in the late 15th Century beside the River Eske. During the Plantation of Ulster that followed 'The Flight of the Earls' in 1607, the Castle, historic home of the O'Donnell's, was granted to Captain Basil Brooke who came to Ireland with the English Army in 1598 and fought in Munster. It is generally accepted that Red Hugh O'Donnell, who was proclaimed "The O'Donnell' in 1592, burned the castle to prevent it . . . — Map (db m71570) HM
Israel, Southern District (Mehoz HaDarom), Arad — The "Casemate of the Scrolls"
A large and rare concentration of finds from the time of the revolt was found in a corner of the room of the wall in which we stand: inscribed sheets of papyrus, fragments of scrolls, silver shekel coins, textiles, sandals, and glass vessels and bone implements. Among the finds was the pay record of a Roman cavalryman in the Tenth Legion. The most interesting finds were the scroll fragments, some of which show that during the siege there were members of different sects on the mountain. The . . . — Map (db m64071) HM
Israel, Southern District (Mehoz HaDarom), Arad — The Breaching Pointנקודת הפריצה
Here the siege of Masada ended. The ramp that the Romans had built up to the summit of the mountain reached to below this point. At the top of the ramp rose the siege tower, and in it was the battering ram with which the Romans assaulted the casemate wall. However, the rebels had built a wall of earth and wood, against which the battering ram was ineffective: "Observing this, Silva, thinking it easier to destroy this wall by fire, ordered his soldiers to hurl at it showers of burning . . . — Map (db m64069) HM
Israel, Southern District (Mehoz HaDarom), Arad — The Discovery Location of the "Lots"
"...then, having chosen by lot ten of their number to dispatch the rest... these, having unswervingly slaughtered all, ordained the same rule of the lot for one another, that he on whom it fell should slay first the nine nd then himself last of all." Josephus Flavius Here several hundred inscribed pottery shards (ostraca) were found. Outstanding among them was a group consisting of names and nicknames, including the name "Ben Ya'ir." Yigael Yadin, the most distinguished of . . . — Map (db m64101) HM
Israel, Southern District (Mehoz HaDarom), Arad — The Synagogue
"Long since, my brave men, we determined neither to serve the Romans nor any other save God ..." Josephus Flavius The rebels' way of life on Masada required a building suitable for community meetings and Torah readings. This building, which became a synagogue during the revolt, was built in Herod's time, most likely as a stable. The rebels changed its internal structure and even closed off a small room in the corner of the hall, which apparently served for storage of Torah . . . — Map (db m64076) HM
Italy, Lazio (Rome Province), Rome — Evangelical Methodist Church World War I MemorialChiesa Evangelica Metodisti Memoriale la Prima Guerra Mondiale

Al Methodisti Caduti in Guerra MCMXV - MCMXVIII

[Roll of Honored Dead] — Map (db m84590) WM

Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Andrés Quintana Roo
Insurgente Nacio en Merida en el año de 1787 Se recibio de abogado en Mexico, abrazo la causa insurgente al lado de Morelos Lucho contantemente por la Patria Murio en Mexico en el año de 1851. English translation: Andrés Quintana Roo Independence fighter Born in Mérida in 1787. Became a lawyer in Mexico City and joined the cause of Independence, together with Morelos. He constantly fought for the Nation. He died in Mexico City in 1851. — Map (db m91665) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Antonio León
Heroe Nacional Nacio en 1794 en Huajuapan Oaxaca. Primer Gobernador de su estado; Valiente General Defendio a la Patria Contra la invasion Norteamericana Murio en la Batalla del Molino del Rey en Septiembre de 1847. English translation: Antonio León National Hero Born in 1794 in Huajuapan, Oaxaca. First Governor of the state; Brave General, defended the nation against the United States invasion. Died at the Battle of Molino del Rey in September 1847. — Map (db m91609) HM WM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Cuitlahuac
Cuitlahuac — Map (db m92073) HM WM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Esteban Coronado
Reformista Hijo de Chihuahua, Nacio en 1832 Abogado y militar, combatio contra los Norteamericanos en 1847; sucumbio en defensa del pensamiento liberal, en el año de 1859. English translation: Esteban Coronado Reformer Son of Chihuahua, born in 1832. Lawyer and member of the military, fought against the United States invasion in 1847; succumbed finally in the defense of liberal thought, in 1859 — Map (db m91589) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Fr. Servando Teresa de Mier
Gran Patriota Nacio en Monterrey N.L. en el año de 1763 Fue fraile dominico, sufrio destierro y prisiones por sus ideas liberales. Escritor y orador brillantisimo. Murio en Mexico en el año de 1827 English translation: Friar Servando Teresa de Mier True Patriot Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in 1763. He was a Dominican friar, suffered exile and prison for his liberal ideas. A brilliant speaker and writer. Died in Mexico in 1827. — Map (db m91627) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Francisco González Bocanegra
En esta casa vivió y murió el Poeta Francisco González Bocanegra, y donde escribió las estrofas del Himno Nacinoal. Año 1853. Dirección de Monumentos Coloniales. English translation: In this house lived and died the Poet Francisco González Bocanegra, and where he wrote the words of the Mexican National Anthem in 1853. — Map (db m90824) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Francisco M. S. de Tagle
Insigne Poeta Michoacano Nacio en Valladolid (Morelia) en 1772 Partidario de la libertad Redacto el Acta de Independencia en 1821 Diputado y Senador Fallecio en 1847 English translation: Francisco M. S. de Tagle Distinguished Poet Born in Valladolid (now Morelia), Michoacán in 1772 Supporter of liberty Wrote the Act of Independence in 1821 Congressman and Senator Died in 1847 — Map (db m91232) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Francisco Marquez, Child Hero of MexicoFrancisco Márquez, Niño Héroe
En este lugar murio la mañana del 13 de Septiembre de 1847, en defensa de la patria contra la invasión norteamericana el cadete del Colegio Militar Francisco Marquez Homenaje de la Asociacion del Heroico Colegio Militar fundada en 1871 México, D.F. a 13 de Septiembre de 1970 English translation: In this place during the morning of September 13, 1847, while in defense of the homeland against the North American invasion, died the cadet of the Military College . . . — Map (db m88532) HM WM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos
Lic. Verdad Martir de la Independencia Nacio en 1760 en Aguascalientes Sindico del Ayuntamiento de Mexico en 1808 Proclamo la soberania popular fue protomartir de la Independencia Nacional Murio in 1808 English translation: Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos Martyr for Independence Born in 1760 in Aguascalientes, became the principal administrator of the City Hall of Mexico City in 1808. Proclaimed the concept of popular sovereignty and is considered one of the first martyrs to . . . — Map (db m91548) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos
A la imperecedera memoria del protomártir de la independencia nacional, Lic D. Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos, síndico del Ayuntamiento de México de 1808 en cuyo seno germinaron los primeros planes de emancipación política de la Nueva España. Murió misteriosamente el 4 de octubre del mismo año por haber invocado ante la junta de notables reunida el 9 de agosto anterior el principio de la soberanía popular; siendo inhumado su cadáver en esta basílica. El Ayuntamiento Constitucional de . . . — Map (db m92311) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Francisco Zarco
Politico Nacio en Durango en el año de 1834 Periodista liberal hombre de gran talento y cultura Diputado Constituyente Murio en 1869 English translation: Francisco Zarco Politician Born in Durango in 1834. Liberal journalist and man of great talent and culture. Congressman and member of the Constituent Congress of 1856-1857. Died in 1869. — Map (db m91591) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — General José Frontera
Calle General José FronteraSe cuenta que el traidor Santa Anna presenció desde una loma el combate de Padierna en la que perdió la vida el general Frontera cuyo nombre lleva una calle de esta villa y lejos de auxiliar a las tropas mexicanas se retiró para asistir a un banquete dado en su honor en la casa del Mayorazgo de Fagoaga. Los prisioneros mexicanos fueron azotados y después colgados de uno de los árboles de la plaza del Carmen. Cuando de retiraron las tropas enemigos, los vecinos . . . — Map (db m91170) HM WM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Hermenegildo Galeana
Insurgente Nacio en Tecpan hoy edo. de Guerrero en 1762 Dedicado a labores campesinas Uniose a Morelos luchando con valor por la libertad Murio en campaña en el año de 1814 English translation: Independence fighter Born in Tecpán, today the state of Guerrero, in 1762. He was working as a farmer when he joined Morelos to fight for liberty. He died during the campaign in 1814. — Map (db m91480) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Jesús Garcia Morales
General Republicano Nacio en Arizpe, Sonora en 1823; Desde muy joven se alisto para defender a la Patria. Lucho por la Causa Liberal Republicana. Goberno su estado Fue Senador. Murio en el año de 1883. English translation: Jesús Garcia Morales Republican General Born in Arizpe, Sonora in 1823; At a young age enlisted to defender the Nation. Fought for the Liberal Republican cause. Governed his state and was a Senator. Died in 1883. — Map (db m91628) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — José Eduardo de Cárdenas
Educador Nacio en Cunduacan Tabasco en 1765 Maestro del Colegio de S. Juan de Letran Diputado a las Cortes de Cadiz en 1810 Fomento la enseñanza de la niñez Murio en su tierra natal en 1821 English translation: José Eduardo de Cárdenas Educator Born in Cunduacán, Tabasco in 1765 Teacher at the San Juan de Letrán School Deputy to the Court of Cádiz in 1810 Promoted teaching of children Died in his homeland in 1821 — Map (db m91587) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — José María Morelos y Pavón
Siervo de la Nación 1765-1815 English translation: José María Morelos y Pavón Servant of the Nation 1765-1815 — Map (db m91230) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — José María Morelos y Pavón Stopped to Pray Here
En esta capilla se detuvo a orar el mas grande de los caudillos insurgentes, El Generalisimo Don Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, al pasar por esta ciudad en la mañana del 22 de diciembre de 1815 rumbo a San Cristobal Ecatepec para ser sacrificado. El Ayuntamiento Constitucional de Guadalupe Hidalgo dedica esta lapida a la memoria de tan eximio patriota hoy primer centenario de la consumación de la independencia de Mexico 27 de septiembre de 1921. English translation: In this chapel . . . — Map (db m92315) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Leandro Valle
Defensor de la Reforma Nacio en Mexico en 1833 Alumno del Colegio Militar de Chapultepec Lucho hasta morir sacrificado en favor de las leyes de Reforma en el Monte de las Cruces en 1861 English translation: Leandro Valle Defender of the Reform Born in Mexico City in 1833. Cadet of the Military College at Chapultepec. Fought to the death, sacrificed for the good of the Reform Laws at Monte de las Cruces in 1861. — Map (db m91667) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Monument to Cuauhtémoc and His Warriors
Cuitlahuac A la memoria de Quahtemoc y de los guerreros que combatieron heroicamente en defensa de su patria MDXXI Cacama Relieve de "La entrevista de Cuauhtémoc, prisionero, con Cortés" Tetlepanquetzal Ordenaron La erección de este monumento Porfirio Diaz Presidente de la Republica y Vicente Riva Palacio Secretario de Fomento MDCCCLXXVII Erigiose por mandato de Manuel Gonzalez Presidente de la Republica y de su Secretario de Fomento Carlos Pacheco MDCCCLXXXIII Coanacoch Relieve . . . — Map (db m92030) HM WM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Monument to Mexican IndependenceMonumento a la Independencia Mexicana — Ángel de la Independencia
Este monumento reguarda a manera de recinto funerario, los restos de doce héroes del movimiento insurgente iniciado en 1810. Estos son: Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, José María Morelos y Pavón, Ignacio María Allende, Juan Aldama, José Mariano Jiménez, Nicolás Bravo, Vicente Guerrero, Guadalupe Victoria, Mariano Matamoros, Leona Vicario y Andrés Quintana Roo; otros restos, sin identificar, se atribuyen a Francisco Javier Mina. En el vestíbulo del mausoleo se encuentra la estatua de Guillén de . . . — Map (db m90051) HM WM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Ponciano Arriaga
Constituyente Nacio en San Luis Potosi en el año de 1811 Defensor entusiasta del Liberalismo a su empeño se debe la Constitucion de 1857 Fallecio en Mexico en el año de 1865 English translation: Ponciano Arriaga Member of the Constituent Congress Born in San Luis Potosí in 1811. Enthusiastic defender of Liberalism. The Constitution of 1857 was in great part his work. Died in Mexico in 1865. — Map (db m91594) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Ramón Carmona
General Republicano Nacio en Tuxcueca Jalisco en 1837; Sirvio a la causa Liberal Republicana con patriotismo; Fue diplomatico y goberno en su estado natal. Fallecio en 1889. English translation: Republican General Born in Tuxcueca, Jalisco in 1837; Served the liberal republican cause with patriotism; Was a diplomat and governor of his native state. Died in 1889. — Map (db m91479) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — The Banner of Atotonilco and the Parish of the NativesLa Guadalupana de Atotonilco y la Parroquia de los Indios
En el altar mayor de esta iglesia. Estuvo depositada del 12 de diciembre de 1853 al 17 de febrero de 1896, la imagen de la Virgen de Guadalupe, que el egregio caudillo Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, iniciador de la emancipación política de Mexico, tomo en Atotonilco, Gto. El 16 de septiembre de 1810. Para que fuese la bandera del improvisado ejercito insurgente: encontrándose en la actualidad en el Museo Nacional de Arqueologia. El Ayuntamiento Constitucional de Guadalupe Hidalgo coloca esta . . . — Map (db m92262) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — The March of LoyaltyLa Marcha de la Lealtad
México Gobierno de la República en Conmemoración del Centenario de la Marcha de la Lealtad en la que cadetes del Heroico Colegio Militar custodiaron al Presidente Francisco I. Madero rumbo a Palacio Nacional, refrendando su patriotismo y respeto a las instituciones. Gobierno de la República 9 de febrero de 2013 English translation: Mexico Government of the Republic In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the March of Loyalty, where cadets of the Heroic Military College . . . — Map (db m88705) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Vicente Suarez, Child Hero of MexicoVicente Suárez, Niño Héroe
En este lugar murio la mañana del 13 de Septiembre de 1847, en defensa de la patria contra la invasión norteamericana el cadete del Colegio Militar Vicente Suarez Homenaje de la Asociacion del Heroico Colegio Militar fundada en 1871 México, D.F. a 13 de Septiembre de 1970 English translation: In this place during the morning of September 13, 1847, while in defense of the homeland against the North American invasion, died the cadet of the Military College Vicente . . . — Map (db m88528) HM WM
Mexico, Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro — Damián Carmona
El Honorable Ayuntamiento del Municipio de Querétaro rinde homenaje a José Cosme Damián Carmona Ortiz (1844-1869) Soldado raso al servicio de la República, que durante el sitio de Querétaro, el 27 de abril de 1867, en este sitio estando de servicio como centinela, una granada de la artillería conservadora despedazó la culata de su arma, y en vez de alejarse del lugar, con voz firme exclamó: ¡Cabo de cuarto! Estoy desarmado, denme otro fusil. frase que sintetiza el valor, estoicismo y la . . . — Map (db m90538) HM WM
Mexico, Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro — General José María Arteaga Magallanes
Gral. D. Jose Maria Arteaga Magallanes 1828-1865 Nacio en la Cd. de Mexico. Eminente militar y político que destaco por su integridad moral, como un alto exponente del liberalismo mexicano en el siglo XIX, como defensor de la soberanía nacional en la intervención francesa. Goberno nuestra entidad en periodos azarosos para la nación, el Gral. Imperialista D. Ramon Mendez lo tomo prisionero y ordeno su fusilamiento en Uruapan, Mich. Como homenaje a su memoria, nuestro estado de denomina . . . — Map (db m90472) HM
Mexico, Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro — Historical Events at the Temple of the Holy CrossEventos Históricos en el Templo de la Santa Cruz
El 14 de septiembre de 1810, una celda de este edificio sirvió de prisión al Sr. Lic. D. Miguel Domínguez, Corregidor de Querétaro. En este convento, el 28 de junio de 1821 D. Agustín de Iturbide y Arámburu al frente del ejército trigarante hizo capitular al Brigadier Domingo Luaces: terminando en esta fecha al Gobierno Virreinal en Querétaro. Del 13 de marzo al 15 de mayo de 1867 estuvo aquí el Cuartel General de Fernando Maximiliano de Habsburgo, y del 15 al 17 del mismo mes y año fue aquí . . . — Map (db m90366) HM
Mexico, Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro — Ignacio Pérez
A la memoria del patriota Alcalde Ignacio Pérez portador del mensaje de la Insigne Corregidora Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez para Don Ignacio Allende El 14 de Septiembre de 1810. English translation: To the memory of the patriot Mayor Ignacio Pérez carrier of the message of the Magistrate Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez for Ignacio Allende on September 14, 1810. — Map (db m90269) HM
Mexico, Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro — Licenciado Lorenzo de la Parra
En esta casa vivió el señor Licenciado Parra, Distinguido Patriota de la Junta Revolucionario de 1810. Querétaro, Qro., noviembre de 1950. H. Comisión Local de Turismo, 1950. English translation: In this house lived Lorenzo de la Parra, Distinguished Patriot of the Mexican Revolution of 1810. Querétaro, Querétaro, November 1950. Honorable Local Tourism Commission. — Map (db m90052) HM WM
Mexico, Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro — Venustiano Carranza Garza
Sociedad y Gobierno del Estado de Querérato rinden homenaje a: Don Venustiano Carranza Garza (1859-1920) Quien tuvo la visión de reunir en un gran pacto social y político los intereses de los Mexicanos para plasmar en la Carta Magna el orden jurídico como premisa del proyecto Nacional. English translation: The Society and the Government of the state of Querétaro pay homage to: Venustiano Carranza Garza (1859-1920) who had the vision to bring together in a wide-ranging . . . — Map (db m90379) HM
Nicaragua, Managua — Assassination of General Augusto C. Sandino
Una de las verjas de la entrada a las carceles de El Hormiguero por donde paso el General Augusto C. Sandino la noche en que fue asesinado el 21 de febrero de 1934 English translation: Here were one of the entrance gates to the jail cells of El Hormiguero (The Anthill) where General Augusto C. Sandino passed before being assassinated the night of February 21, 1934 — Map (db m93529) HM
Nicaragua, Managua — Dr. Pedro Joaquin Chamorro Cardenal
En conmemoracion al martir de las libertades publicas, el Dr. Pedro Joaquin Chamorro Cardenal detenido y torturado en las instalaciones de la Loma de Tiscapa en varias ocasiones y asesinado el 10 de enero de 1978. Managua, 25 de abril de 1996. "A tus hijos diles, que mi patria son ellos, y otros niños como ellos por los cuales hay que sufrir, y a veces, hasta morir." Pedro Joaquin Chamorro C. 12 de julio de 1959. English translation: In commemoration of the martyr to public . . . — Map (db m93564) HM
Nicaragua, Managua — Francisco Morazán
Nicaragua en el Centenario de su muerte 15 Septiembre 1942 English translation: Francisco Morazán Nicaragua on the 100th Anniversary of his death September 15, 1942 — Map (db m93575) HM
Nicaragua, Managua — Martyrs of the National Workers Front
Solo los obreros y campesinos iran hasta el fin A.C. Sandino FNT Plaqueta en un costado del monumento A nuestros precursores por su ejemplo inmortal Lidia Maradiaga · Catalino Flores · Bernardino Diaz Ochoa · Jose Benito Escobar · Silvia Ferrufino · German Pomares · Julio Gomez Mejia · Pablo Martinez Viquez Viva la lucha popular Frente Nacional de Trabajadores F.N.T. Ni un paso atras. 1999 English translation: Only the workers and small farmers will keep going to the end A.C. . . . — Map (db m93609) WM
Nicaragua, Managua — Monument to the Heroes of April 4, 1954Monumento a los Héroes del 4 de Abril de 1954
El 4 de Abril de 1954 un heróico puñado de patriotas civiles y militares se alzó en armas contra la dictadura dinástica de la familia Somoza fueron hechos prisioneros, sufrieron la mas atroces torturas y fueron luego asesinadas y enterrados en lugares secretos. A los cincuenta años de su sacrificio, su ejemplo y su memoria viven entre nosotros. 1954-2004 Epitafio Te mataron y no nos dijeron donde enterraron tu cuerpo, pero desde entonces todo el territorio nacional es tu sepulcro o más bien . . . — Map (db m93464) WM
Nicaragua, Managua — Tomb of Three Founders of the SandinistasMausoleo de Tres Fundadores del Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional
Jefe de la Revolucion Comandante Carlos Fonseca Amador 23 Junio 1936 · 7 Noviembre 1976 Nicaragua entera te dice Presente 7 Noviembre 1979 Año de la Liberación Carlos es de los muertos que nunca mueren! Comandante Tomas Borge Martinez 13 Agosto 1930 · 30 Abril 2012 Nicaragua entera te dice Presente 30 Abril 2012 Santos Lopez eslabon vital entre Sandino y el F.S.L.N. Managua Nicaragua Libre 3 de Marzo de 1984 "Jamas se os perdonara nicaraguenses que presentareis la otra mejilla al . . . — Map (db m93577) HM
Nicaragua, Masaya — Carlos Ulloa A.
Cdte. Carlos Ulloa A. piloto, combatiente internacionalista que lucho por la causa sandinista y la soberania del pueblo cubano. -16-mayo-1929 -17-abril-1961 Patria Libre o Morir English translation: Commander Carlos Ulloa A. Pilot and international soldier who fought for the Sandinista cause and for the sovereignty of the Cuban people. May 16, 1929 April 17, 1961 A Free Nation or Death — Map (db m92584) WM
Nicaragua, Masaya — General Rigoberto Cabezas
Gral. Rigoberto Cabezas Reincorporador de la Mosquitia Año 1894 1860 · 1896 A los 101 años de la Revolucion Liberal P.L.C. English translation: General Rigoberto Cabezas Reincorporated la Mosquitia region 1894 1860 · 1896 On the 101st anniversary of the Liberal Revolution Liberal P.L.C. (Constitutional Liberal Party) — Map (db m93652) HM
Nicaragua, Masaya — Here Were Shot Four Patriots
Aqui fueron fusilados por las fuerzas de Walker cuatro patriotas de Masaya: Felipe Perez Domingo Antonio Berroteran Moises Avendaño y Desiderio Calvo a las 6 de la tarde del 30 de julio de 1856 Honor y Gloria Instituto Nicaraguense de Cultura Alcaldia de Masaya Septiembre 2006 English translation: Here were shot four patriots of Masaya by Walker's forces: Felipe Perez Domingo Antonio Berroteran Moises Avendaño and Desiderio Calvo At 6 p.m. on July 30, 1856 Honor and Glory Nicaraguan . . . — Map (db m92583) WM
Nicaragua, Masaya — Heroes of October 17, 1977
Parque 17 de Octubre Del pueblo de Masaya en memoria de los martires y heroes caidos en la lucha por la liberacion nacional en aquella epopeya gloriosa del 17 de octubre de 1977 Francisco Castellon P. · Max Somarriba T. · Juan Carlos Herrera C. · Manuel Sanchez · Rolando Lopez P. · Norman Lopez P. · Francisco Garcia · Cmdte Israel Lewites R. Masaya Octubre 27 de 1979 Año de la Liberacion Patria Libre o Morir Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional (F.S.L.N.) English translation: . . . — Map (db m93587) WM
Philippines, Cavite Province, Corregidor Island — 503rd Airborne- "The Rock Force" -Memorial
Marker panel 1 on top of monument: ”I see the old flagpole still stands. Have your troops hoist the colors to its peak, and let no enemy ever haul them down.” These historic words were spoken by General Douglas MacArthur near the site of this memorial on 2 March 1945 after the recapture of Corregidor by the 503rd Parachute Regimental Combat Team. The “Rock Force” commander, Colonel George M. Jones in the presence of his regiment saluted and said in a clear . . . — Map (db m66173) WM
Philippines, Manila, San Nicolas — Where “Ang Kalayaan” Was Printed
This house was occupied by Dr. Pio Valenzuela together with Ulpiano Fernandez and Faustino Duque, Filipino printers who turned out for Dr. Valenzuela and Emilio Jacinto 2,000 copies of the newspaper entitled “Ang Kalayaan,” giving Yokohama as the place of publication to evade suspicion. The first issue was dated January 18, 1896, but was not circulated until the middle of March. The second issue, in preparation, was seized by the Spanish authorities when the revolution broke out . . . — Map (db m25221) HM
Philippines, Metro Manila, Binondo — Filipino-Chinese World War II Martyrs Memorial
Marker Panels 1 and 2: on the north face of the memorial's base with text in Chinese and English [portions illegible] - listed units include: “Phil-Chinese Volunteer Corps”, “Anti-Jap[anese] & Puppets," "... Grand League, Squadrons", etc. Marker Panel 3: This memorial was erected on June 12, 1995 by Confederation of Filipino Chinese Veterans in remembering and honoring the anti-Japanese heroes who died in defense of our country during the Second World War . . . — Map (db m64666) WM
Ukraine, Volyn, Lutsk — Monument Kupriyan Sivy
One of the 4 forts under Lutsk , built in 1887 -1890 -ies . This fort was buried Kupriyan Sivy and a memorial cross in his honor : Magazine - Niva number 37 on September 10, 1916 wrote : "Tomb of the hero " Place and the tomb of the martyr penalty arrow 8th Siberian shelf Kupriyan Sivy . Having escaped from Austrian captivity , he reached his native village Boratin near Lutsk occupied by the Austrians , he settled in the neighboring Czech Boratin colony , the widow of professor Gorlichko . . . — Map (db m72236) WM
United Kingdom, England, London — To The Immortal Memory of Sir William Wallace
To The Immortal Memory Of SIR WILLIAM WALLACE Scottish Patriot Born at Elderslie Renfrewshire Circa 1270 A.D. Who From The Year 1296 Fought Dauntlessly In Defence Of His Country’s Liberty And Independence In The Face Of Fearful Odds And Great Hardship Being Eventually Betrayed And Captured Brought To London And Put To Death Near This Spot On The 23rd August 1305 His Example Heroism And Devotion Inspired Those Who Came After Him To Win Victory From Defeat And His . . . — Map (db m85736) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Antrim), Bushmills — Sgt. Robert Quigg
Dedicated to the memory of Sgt. Robert Quigg, 12th Battalion R.I.R. who won the V.C. at the Battle of the Somme on the 1st July 1916 Died 14th May 1955 — Map (db m70774) HM WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Antrim), Bushmills — World Wars Memorial
To the men of this town & district who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1914 – 1919 [Rolls of Honored Dead] Killed in the 1939-1945 War [Roll of Honored Dead] — Map (db m70773) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Fermanagh), Belleek — Donegal Corridor
During the Second World War (1939-1945) Sunderland and Catalina Flying Boats from RAF Castle Archdale were given permission by the neutral Irish Free State government to fly along the River Erne between Belleek and Ballyshannon. This was known as the Donegal Corridor. Young airmen flew out to the mid-Atlantic to give protection to shipping convoys. A number of planes crashed in the locality. This plaque is in memory of the airmen and seamen from America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, . . . — Map (db m72536) HM WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Fermanagh), Enniskillen — Cole's Monument
In memory of General the Honorable Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole, G.C.B. Colonel of the 27th Regiment Pyrenees • Nivelle • Orthez Toulouse • Olivença • Albuera Salamanca • Vittoria • Martinique Guadaloupe • Egypt • Maida — Map (db m72631) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Fermanagh), Enniskillen — German 21cm Mortar, 1918
Captured during the Great War 1914-1918 Presented in commemoration of the award of the Victoria Cross on 29th October, 1914 to Lieutenant J.A.O. Brooke 2nd Battn. The Gordon Highlanders "For conspicuous bravery and great ability near Gheluvelt, on the 29th October in leading two attacks on the German trenches under heavy rifle and machine-gun fire, regaining a lost trench at a very critical moment. He was killed on that day. By his marked coolness and promptitude on . . . — Map (db m72647) HM WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Fermanagh), Enniskillen — South Africa War Memorial1899 - 1902
In Honoured Memory of 20 Officers 47 Non-commissioned Officers and 215 Men of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons and Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers who sustained the great reputation of these distinguished regiments for prowess in arms and devotion to their Sovereign and Country, fell in battle or died of wounds or sickness in South Africa 1899-1902 [Regimental Rolls of Honored Dead] — Map (db m72651) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Fermanagh), Enniskillen — The Watergate and Flag of St George
The Watergate The Watergate is the name given to the twin turreted building added to the outer wall of the castle c. 1615. Scottish in style, it was almost certainly built by William Cole, constable of the castle and founder of Enniskillen town. Its name may have come from an earlier gate nearby, marked 'Watergatte' on a map of 1594, which opened on to the water but has long since disappeared. Immediately inside the 'Watergate' is a deep well, an important feature for a castle under . . . — Map (db m72648) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Fermanagh), Enniskillen — World Wars Memorial
Our Glorious Dead 1914 - 1918 1939 - 1945 [Roll of Honored Dead] — Map (db m72620) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Battle of the BogsideThe Guide to Free Derry
[Side A] On 12 August 1969, as the Apprentice Boys Parade passed the edge of the Bogside, nationalists clashed with parade followers and police. The police and loyalists followed the nationalists back into the Bogside, where defences had been prepared. For the next three days this community held off a sustained attack from the police, who couldn’t pass the defenders on the roof of Rossville Flats. On 14 August the British army was brought in to replace the defeated and exhausted . . . — Map (db m71441) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Bernadette
The Artists' first coloured mural is a tribute to the women of Derry and their role in the civil rights campaign. Bernadette Devlin, Britain's youngest MP, addresses the crowd during the Battle of the Bogside: her actions resulted in a six month jail sentence for inciting and taking part in a riot. The woman to her left bangs a dustbin lid on the ground to alert neighbours to the arrival of the authorities. The triangle motif inspired by the gable end is repeated throughout the painting. . . . — Map (db m71187) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Bloody Sunday
This mural depicts the events of 30th January 1972 when the British Army opened fire on a civil rights demonstration, killing 14 people. A local priest waves a bloodstained handkerchief at the soldiers as he leads a group of men, carry the body of the youngest victim, away from the scene of the shooting. A soldier stands on a civil rights banner: this speaks of the price that people pay for democratic freedom. What makes our work unique is that, both as artists and as citizens, we are . . . — Map (db m71215) HM WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Bloody Sunday30 January 1972
On 30 January 1972, a massive British military operation in Derry's Bogside ended in the murder of thirteen unarmed civil rights demonstrators and the wounding of fifteen others - one of whom died later of his injuries on 16 June 1972. The British army labelled the victims gunmen and bombers. They claimed their soldiers had met a "fusillade of fire". No soldier or vehicle was hit. Derry Coroner Hubert O'Neill later declared the killings "sheer unadulterated murder". The hundreds of . . . — Map (db m71306) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Bloody SundayThe Guide to Free Derry
On 30 January 1972 the ‘elite’ British Parachute Regiment opened fire on a peaceful civil rights march along this street, killing 14 unarmed marchers and wounding 14 more. The dead and wounded were labelled gunmen and bombers by a partisan British judicial inquiry, and it was to be another 38 years before a second public inquiry forced the British government to admit what everyone else already knew, that all those killed and injured were innocent, and the shootings were “unjustified . . . — Map (db m71435) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Civil Rights
This mural captures the mood of a typical civil rights march in the years up to 1972. Inspired by the civil disobedience campaign of Martin Luther King in the United States, young and old, Catholics and Protestants, politicians and mothers took to the streets to march for their democratic rights. Our intention was to describe it as it was, a happy, almost festive occasion conducted by people who were content that they were standing up, at long last, against prolonged injustice. — Map (db m71434) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Free Derry CornerYou Are Now Entering Free Derry — The Guide to Free Derry
On 5 January 1969, after a night of rioting and sustained police attacks on the Bogside, the words "You Are Now Entering Free Derry" were painted on the gable wall of 33 Lecky Road. This simple graffiti became the defining symbol of the civil rights era and an internationally recognised symbol of resistance to state injustice. The wall remains today, though the rest of the street was demolished in 1975. Binn Dhoire Saor Ar an 5 Eanáir 1969, tar éis oíche círéibe agus ionsaithe . . . — Map (db m71204) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — H Block Hunger Strike Memorial
IRA. Vol. Bobby Sands, Born 9th March 1954 Died 5th May 1981 Age: 27 (66 Days). IRA. Vol. Francis Hughes, Born 28th Feb 1956 Died 12th May 1981 Age: 25 (59 Days) INLA. Vol. Patsy O'Hara, Born 11th July 1957 Died 21st May 1981 Age: 23 (61 Days) IRA. Vol. Raymond McCreesh, Born 25th Feb 1957 Died 21st May 1981 Age: 24 (61 Days) IRA. Vol. Joe McDonnell, Born 14th Step 1951 Died 8th July 1981 Age: 30 [sic - 29] (61 Days) Let Our Revenge Be The . . . — Map (db m71219) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Hunger Strike
This mural depicts one of the surviving hunger strikers as he looked after 53 days without food. He was one of seven men who went on hunger strike at the Maze prison in Belfast from 28th October, 1980 in protest against loss of their rights as political prisoners. His image was beamed around the world on television. He is joined by one of the women from Armagh jail who went on strike in sympathy. Both are wrapped in blankets marking their refusal to wear prison uniform. Ours is a . . . — Map (db m71436) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — IRA Volunteers Honor Roll
Throughout this city the Republican Movement has marked the spots, with commemorative plaques where IRA Volunteers died on active service. This stone is dedicated to those Volunteers who died in places where circumstances do not permit the erection of a commemorative plaque. [Gaelic not transcribed due to stylized script] — Map (db m71283) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Mc Nutt, Phelan, and Mc Shane Memorial
In proud and loving memory of I.N.L.A. Volunteer Colm Mc Nutt Killed in Action 12th Decembert 1977 Comrade Patrick “Hessy” Phelan Murdered in New York, 21st January 1996 Comrade Dermot “Tonto” Mc Shane Murdered by British Army, 13th July 1996 “thig leo an reabhlóideach a mharú, Ach ní thig leo an réabhlóid a mharú choiche” — Map (db m71442) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Michael Browning
Near this spot was landed the body of Michael Browning Master of the ship Mountjoy of Londonderry - killed in action at the breaking of the boom, July 28th 1689.o.s. while leading the van of the relieving squadron against the forces of James II & Louis XIV. "He died by the most enviable of all deaths, in sight of the city which was his birth place, which was his home, and which had just been saved by his bravery and self-devotion from the most frightful form of . . . — Map (db m70925) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Motorman
Free Derry ended at 4am on 30th July 1972 when thousands of British troops in tanks and armoured cars invaded the Bogside and Creggan 'no-go' areas. During Operation Motorman, they tore down the barricades with bulldozers. The Artists chose the image of a soldier battering down a door to express the sheer ferocity of the onslaught. With its contrasting light and shadow, the mural becomes a powerful statement against war. Our work commemorates the real price paid by a naïve and . . . — Map (db m71284) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Royal Bastion
The siege governors The Royal Bastion is associated with the city's four governors during the 1689 siege. Professional soldier Robert Lundy was unconvinced that the city could be defended against Jacobite attack. His indecisiveness and refusal to admit additional troops into the overcrowded city led to his overthrow and flight. Major Henry Baker and Rev George Walker replaced him as joint governors. When Baker died of fever, Colonel John Mitchelburne took over his military duties. . . . — Map (db m70987) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Seán Keenan / Ó Cianáin
In proud and loving memory of Seán Keenan 1914 - 1993 Volunteer. Óglaigh na h-Éireann Chairperson. Derry Citizens' Defence Association Honorary Vice-President, Republican Sinn Fein Fluent Irish Speaker and active G.A.A. Supporter He spent 15 years interned without trial His life-long struggle against oppression and for the All-Ireland Republic continues to inspire his people His wife Nancy died 1st October 1970 Also his son Colm Died in active service on 14th . . . — Map (db m71208) HM WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — The Peace Process
After the 1981 hunger strikes the republican movement embarked on a political process that resulted in the IRA ceasefire in August 1994. Loyalist paramilitaries declared their ceasefire in October 1994. In 1998 local politicians and the British and Irish governments signed the Good Friday Agreement, which paved the way for the current locally elected assembly at Stormont. An Próiséas Síochána Tar éis stailceanna ocrais 1981 ghabh gluaiseacht na poblachta do phróiséas polaitiúil a . . . — Map (db m71218) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — The Petrol Bomber
For two days in August, 1969 local people resisted attempts by the Royal Ulster Constabulary to break down the barricades which they had erected to defend their community. The Battle of the Bogside ended when the British government sent in the Army. The mural depicts a young boy wearing a gas mask to protect himself from CS gas: he is holding a petrol bomb made from a milk bottle. This was our first mural and thought to be our best. As soon as the three of us painted it we knew we had . . . — Map (db m71168) HM WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Walker Memorial Pillar
This monument was erected to perpetuate the memory of the Rev. George Walker, who, aided by the garrison and brave inhabitants of this City, most gallantly defended it through a protracted siege, viz., from the 7th Dec. 1688 O.S. to the 12th of August following against an arbitrary and bigoted Monarch, heading an army of upwards of 20,000 men, many of whom were foreign mercenaries, and by such valiant conduct in numerous sorties, and by patiently enduring extreme privations and . . . — Map (db m70988) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — World Wars Memorial
To Our Honoured Dead and Those Who Served 1914 - 1918 1939 - 1945 Names of the Fallen [Panels not transcribed] Sculptures by Vernon March, 1926 — Map (db m71133) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Garvagh — Welcome to Garvagh
The town of Garvagh owes its 17th century origins and subsequent development to the Canning family. George Canning was the first family member to come to Ireland when, in September 1614, he arrived at Agivey on the banks of the Bann as an agent for the Ironmongers' Company of London. He established the hamlet of Ballinameen to the south of the town in 1620, but this was destroyed during the 1641 rebellion. The hamlet was re-established in subsequent years and is still known as . . . — Map (db m70740) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Garvagh — Welcome to Garvagh
Side A Welcome to the historic town of Garvagh, situated on the banks of the Agivey River. We hope you enjoy your visit. Please use the information and maps on this sign to find out about the history of Garvagh and to discover its many attractions. The name Garvagh comes from an old Irish term meaning 'rough place'. The area around the town is steeped in history, and there are many intriguing relics from the past, such as old church ruins, ancient graves and stone circles. . . . — Map (db m70748) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Garvagh — World Wars Memorial
The Great War 1914 - 1918 "The Fallen" Faithful unto death Black H.C. • Bradley J. • Bradley P. • Caldwell, W. • Caskey M. • Collins R. • Dale T. • Dempsey J. • Faith J. • Gavin R. F. Capt. • Hall T. Cpl. • Hazlett J.B. • Lynch J. Cpl. • Macausland O.B. Lieut. • Maclean J.G. • McCooke J. • McCurdy W. • McElfatrick S. • McIlwrath M. L/C. • McIlrath R. L/C. • Morrison J.D. L/C. • Mulholland J. • O’Kane D. • O’Kane T. • Patton W. • Stewart W. • Thompson W.J. • Torrens J. • Torrens T. . . . — Map (db m70726) WM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Tyrone), Moy — World Wars Memorial
The Great War 1914-1918 In Memoriam Aird A. • Allen R. • Allen W. • Allen W.J. • Bradley F.E. • Bradley F.H. • Bradley R.I. • Carson R. • Carson W. • Coleman G. • Davies C.C. • Duke W. • Fullerton J. • Gray J. • Hagan T.J. • Harkin C. • Herron C. • Hetherington J.W. • Igoe H. • Jones R.J. • Kilpatrick W.R. • Lutton G. • Morrison J.D. • McGuigan H. • McGuigan J. • Proctor J.C.B. • Reid J. • Rose-Cleland A.M.B. • Stafford J. • Tottenham E.L. M.C. • Tottenham A.H. • Watson E. • . . . — Map (db m70725) WM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Glasgow), Robroyston — Wallace's Well
WALLACE'S MONUMENT The Celtic cross monument to Sir William Wallace was raised by public subscription through the efforts of the Rev David McCrea and the Scottish Patriotic Society. The monument marks the reputed site of the house in which William Wallace was betrayed. The cross was executed by McGlashen, sculptors, Edinburgh and is derived from St. Martin's cross, Iona. The 20 foot high Celtic cross was unveiled before a crowd of 1000 at 4.30pm on Saturday 4th August 1900 by . . . — Map (db m86605) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Renfrewshire), Elderslie — The MemorialWilliam Wallace Birthplace
This granite monument was erected in 1912 through the efforts of the London Renfrewshire Society. The column is carved from a single piece of stone. The architects were John C T Murray and J Andrew Minty. The panels illustrating important events in Wallace's life were modelled in plaster by the sculptor Albert Hodge at the time of the monument's original construction. They were added to the monument in 1970 through the generosity of the Clan Wallace Society. Wallace Raises the Scottish . . . — Map (db m86407) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Renfrewshire), Elderslie — The Yew Tree, The Wallace Oak, and The Cult of William Wallace
The Yew Tree This tree is known locally as the Wallace Yew. It is thought to be 300 years old. It has been surveyed and a programme of treatment is under way to improve its health. The Wallace Oak An ancient oak which stood by the burn on the north side of the main road was the traditional site of an incident in the epic 15th century about Wallace by Blind Harry. Like Robin Hood, Wallace was said to have hidden from his enemies in the tree, along with an impossible number of . . . — Map (db m86456) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Renfrewshire), Elderslie — Welcome to the traditional site of William Wallace's birthplace
Wallace was a hero of Scotland's Wars of Independence against England during the 13th and 14th centuries. Recent archaeological work on this site proves that during the 13th/14th centuries there was a significant fortified structure here which may have been the Wallace family home. The foundation walls which you can see, are the remains of a 15th/17th century building known as Wallace's House. They contained the medieval kitchen and a later dovecot. The Memorial was erected in . . . — Map (db m86406) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Scottish Borders), Bemersyde — An Eccentric VisionWilliam Wallace Statue
An eccentric vision Along this path a dramatic statue of William Wallace gazes out across the Tweed. This is just one of a number of features in the area built by David Stuart Erskine, the 11th Earl of Buchan: if you continue down the hill you can find another, the enchanting Temple of the Muses. The path to the statue is about on third a mile, (ten to fifteen minutes' walk) with a good surface all the way. The Earl was a vain, eccentric man, but he was passionate about . . . — Map (db m85740) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (South Ayrshire), Craigie — Barnweil TowerWilliam Wallace Tower
The tower, designed by the builder and Mason Robert Snodgrass, was erected in 1855 by one William Patrick of Roughwood. It was in tribute to William Wallace "Guardian of Scotland." It is one of series of Wallace monuments built throughout the country in the 19th Century, from the tower the whole of the Ayrshire landscape, coast, and Firth of Clyde can be seen. Erected by Kyle & Carrick District Council — Map (db m85831) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Stirlingshire), Wallacestone — Wallacestone MemorialSir William Wallace
Front: Erected to the Memory of that celebrated Scottish Hero Sir William Wallace 2nd August 1810 Back: HIC STETIT IIdie Augufic A.D. 1298 — Map (db m85738) HM
Alabama (Autauga County), Prattville — Sidney LanierMusician - Poet - Patriot - Seer
Beloved teacher of Prattville Academy 1867 • on this site • 1868 whose memory will be forever cherished by people of Prattville, Ala. whom he loved and served — Map (db m70820) HM
Alabama (Clay County), Ashland — Clay County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the veterans of Clay County who so unselfishly served and to those who died in defense of their country Let it be said “We will never forget” Left Panel List of World War I, World War II and Korean War veterans Right Panel List of World War II and Vietnam War veterans — Map (db m14302) WM
Alabama (Covington County), Andalusia — Purple Heart MemorialCombat Wounded
To Honor Covington County Purple Heart Recipients — Map (db m94900) WM
Alabama (Dallas County), Selma — Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument
Front Defender of Selma Wizard of the Saddle Untutored Genius The First With the Most This monument stands as testament of our perpetual devotion and respect for Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest CSA, 1821-1877, one of the south's finest heroes. In honor of Gen. Forrest's unwavering defense of Selma the great state of Alabama and the Confederacy this memorial is dedicated Deo Vindice. Right . . . — Map (db m92363) HM WM
Alabama (Dallas County), Selma — Take Her DownGilmore, Howard Walter - Commander, U.S.N. — Born 29 September 1902, Selma, Ala.
Medal of Honor Citation For distinguished gallantry and valor above and beyond the call of duty as Commanding Officer of U. S. submarine GROWLER (SS-215) during her fourth war patrol in the Southwest Pacific from 10 January to 7 February 1943 boldly striking at the enemy in spite of continuous hostile air and anti-submarine patrols, Commander Gilmore sank one Japanese freighter and damaged another by torpedo fire, successfully evading severe depth charges following . . . — Map (db m82036) HM
Alabama (Escambia County), Flomaton — Flomaton, Alabama
Front As railroads were reconstructed following the Civil War, a junction of north-south and east-west lines was established along the Alabama-Florida border near the confluence of Big Escambia Creek and the Conecuh-Escambia River. A settlement followed which became knows as Reuterville, for Major Reuter, the contractor who on April 9, 1872, drove the last spikes joining the different railroads. The community was also known as Pensacola Junction, or simply the Junction, as well as . . . — Map (db m47484) HM
Alabama (Etowah County), Gadsden — Paul Harvey Loyalty Day
On Loyalty Day this 30th day of April, 1967, we do pay honor and tribute to a great American - Paul Harvey - a man who has contributed much toward making this nation and especially Gadsden a better place to live. We salute a true champion of freedom! "God bless you" — Map (db m83737) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Disabled American Veterans
(Side 1) Disabled American Veterans Formed December 25, 1920. Birmingham Chapter No. 4 Chartered January 25, 1926. This Memorial Dedicated To Our Military Forces And To All Who Have Given Their Blood And Lives That The Republic Might Live Forever. How Sleep The Brave Who Sink To Rest By All Their Country's Wishes Blest! This Tenth Day Of November Nineteen Hundred Eighty One. (Side 2) United States Army Authorized By The Continental Congress June 14, 1775 * . . . — Map (db m24347) WM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Fort WillinghamNational Guard Armory
(side 1) The United States flag that flies at the base of this hill stands as a sentry over the site that was the home of Fort Willingham Armory from 1937-1979. The Armory was named after Dr. Henry J. Willingham, president of Florence State Normal School, and later, Florence State Teachers College for 25 years. In addition to its military functions, the Armory also served as the focal point for community sporting events and social gatherings. In 1935, an extensive building . . . — Map (db m83987) HM
Alabama (Lee County), Opelika — Lieutenant Colonel Dallas B. SmithMarch 9, 1883 - August 1, 1935
Dallas “Dal” Smith was a veteran of the First World War. During his time of service, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart and a Regimental Citation. He commanded the 3rd Battalion of the 167th Regiment. After the war, Lieutenant Colonel Smith served in several regional and national positions with the Veterans Insurance Program. The Armory was named in his honor in 1938. He is remembered for his community service in the Rotary Club, the Boy Scouts of America and the Masons. — Map (db m75133) HM
Alabama (Limestone County), Greenbrier — Druid's Grove Plantation / Jones-Donnell Cemetery
VA native John Nelson Spotswood Jones, son of Rev. War Capt. Lewellen Jones, cousin of Martha Washington, and descendant of Rev. Rowland Jones of Williamsburg's Bruton Parish, built Druid's Grove near this site before 1820 and established the community of Greenbrier. Jones graduated from Yale and married Eliza Ann, dau. of Judge John Haywood of NC and TN. Jones's law office, recreated in Alabama's Constitutional Village in Huntsville, served as the first public library in Alabama. Druid's Grove . . . — Map (db m70235) HM
Alabama (Limestone County), Salem — Abner Alloway Strange, Sr.1761-1835 — Veteran of the American Revolution
Approximately 200 yards east of this site are the unmarked graves of Abner Alloway Strange, Sr., and other family members. (The markers were moved to Salem Methodist Cemetery in 1977.) A Sergeant in the Virginia Militia, Strange was at Yorktown under General LaFayette during the American War for Independence. In 1825 he moved from Fluvanna County, Virginia, and erected his log house approximately 100 yards west of this site. At least three of his married children came along in the caravan to . . . — Map (db m32561) HM
Alabama (Macon County), Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site — A Bit to Eat
Known as the Tea Room, this small lunchroom was built during the initial expansion phase of Moton Field in 1942 and 1943, when amenities such as offices and bathrooms not built into the original hangar were added. Here, personnel stationed at Moton Field could get a bite to eat. Cadets ate at Tuskegee Institute, but they could also buy a snack in the Tea Room if they had the time. . . . cadets, instructors, and people in the area. . . come and have a snack, a bit to eat, because . . . — Map (db m64362) HM
Alabama (Macon County), Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site — A Typical Day
Try to imagine how Moton Field looked and sounded when the cadets trained here. Compare the scene today to the photograph below, taken from your vantage point around 1944. As the pace of training accelerated during the war, Moton Field became a very busy place. Between the two hangars, aircraft were refueled from one of six fuel tanks, which remain in the ground near where you are standing. Planes in need of maintenance taxied to the hangar. Everywhere, there were flight instructors, . . . — Map (db m64366) HM
Alabama (Macon County), Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site — Bath and Locker House
This building was completed in 1941 as a restroom, shower, and locker room for administrative and support personnel. It had facilities for both men and women. Both black and white may have used the building. If so, it almost certainly would have been the only integrated facility of its kind in the South at that time. The Bath and Locker House was probably not used by cadets, since they were at Moton field only a few hours a day. But mechanics, such as the one shown in this photo, needed . . . — Map (db m64361) HM
Alabama (Macon County), Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site — FIRE!
The Fire Protection Shed in front of you was used to store equipment such as hoses, fire extinguishers, and tools for fighting fires. Fire was always a danger at the airfield because of the flammable materials used in airplanes and the fuels stored on site. [Background photo caption reads] In 1941 a fire damaged the Bath and Locker House. Imagine what could have happened if this fire had spread to the fuel tanks nearby. [Inset photo caption reads] The Physical Plant Director . . . — Map (db m64364) HM
Alabama (Macon County), Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site — Hangar No. 1
In Hangar No. 1 flying became real for the aviation cadet. The hangar housed the main activities of the airfield, including flight debriefings, flight record-keeping, aircraft maintenance, and military and civilian management. Several smaller rooms surrounding the original space were added as the program grew. The door to your left originally led to the Machine Shop where metal parts for aircraft were repaired. Through those doors you will now find an orientation and information area, . . . — Map (db m64365) HM
Alabama (Macon County), Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site — The Control Tower
From Moton Field’s Control Tower, controllers directed flight operations and signaled landing instructions to pilots through a system of flashing colored lights. Dispatchers called cadets for their flights. The tower overlooked the busy – and noisy – flow of aircraft, pedestrian, and vehicle traffic between two hangars. The tower was where the dispatcher would look out on the field and call the cadets over the loudspeaker to tell them about their flight assignments. Also . . . — Map (db m64363) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Barbary Coast Wars1801 - 1805, 1815
I am Sergeant Michael Dunn of the 1st Marine Battalion. I fought in the First Barbary War, also known as the Tripolitan War, because we battled pirates off the coast of Tripoli. The Mediterranean coast of North Africa had been a hotbed of piracy for a long time. Our country and many others had to pay bribes to the rulers of the Barbary States of Morocco, Algiers, Tripoli and Tunisia to keep pirates from attacking our ships and ransoming captured sailors. We sent Navy ships in 1801-1804 to fight . . . — Map (db m85488) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Commitment/Oath, Creed, And Code of Conduct
Make no mistake - our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen have committed their lives to defending freedom and our American way of life. The Soldier’s Oath "I, (state your name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers . . . — Map (db m71403) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Harris Hill Cemetery
Harris Hill Cemetery is located Sec. 17, T3, and R1E, on the south side of Highway 72 East at the intersection of Moores Mill Road and Highway 72 East in a large clump of trees on a small rise. This is the old home place and family graveyard of Francis Eppes Harris; without a doubt, he and his wife are buried here, but no stones mark their graves. In 2007 with the help of the present owner, Cole Walker, family members and the Twickenham Town Chapter, NSDAR, the old graves and cemetery . . . — Map (db m43878) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — I am an American Warrior
fighting in the forces, which guard my country and our way of life. Welcome to your Patriots Walkway. You’re invited to take a short walk through our American military history from the Revolutionary War through today’s conflicts. Did you know our brave men and women have fought in over 30 wars and combat operations? Our history is one filled with stories of my brothers and sisters who have placed duty first, demonstrated courage and made extraordinary sacrifices while defending our Nation and . . . — Map (db m85533) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Seminole Wars / Mexican War
Seminole Wars 1814-1858 I am Private Pet Younger of the 4th US Infantry Regiment. I joined the Regular Army in November 1835 at age 15. I was specially trained as part of the light infantry company whose main jobs were scouting and skirmishing. My training was mighty timely because I had stumbled right into the Second Seminole War! The Seminoles were a mixture of original Florida natives, Creeks fleeing Alabama and Georgia after the Creek War, and fugitive slaves. The conflict dates . . . — Map (db m85604) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Veterans Memorial Time Capsule
Interred on November 17, 2012 to commemorate Madison County's military history and to preserve items reminiscent of our Veterans' proud service to this great nation. To be opened November 11, 2062 — Map (db m85613) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — War of 18121812 - 1815
I am Private Darbin Abolt of the 7th US Infantry Regiment, part of which is commanded by Captain Zachary Taylor, our future president. I was already in the Army when we declared war on the British in June 1812. We were fed up with the British interfering with our trade with France, whom they were already at war with, attacking and boarding our ships and impressing our sailors into their Navy, and supporting the Indians against our settlements. It was insulting to our national honor and we were . . . — Map (db m85617) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Madison — Madison County Veterans
Dedicated to the men and women of the community of Madison who devotedly served their country in the wars. — Map (db m36493) HM
Alabama (Marshall County), Albertville — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after “The Liberty Tree: Our Country’s first Symbol of Freedom.” On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the hated Stamp Act. From that day forward, that elm became known as “The Liberty Tree.” It stood in silent witness to countless meetings, speeches and celebrations, and became the rallying place for the Sons of Liberty. In August of 1775, . . . — Map (db m85848) HM WM
Alabama (Marshall County), Arab — Brashier's Chapel CemeteryMarshall County
Brashier's Chapel community was named for Hiram Brashier who emigrated from South Carolina in 1885 and settled near the present day Brashier's Chapel Cemetery. The oldest grave dates to 1866 and is for Mary Tuttle, the maternal grandmother of Stephen Tuttle Thompson, the founder of Arab. In 1891, Mariah C. Brashier sold an acre of land that formally established this site as a community cemetery. Most of the people buried here are linked by blood or marriage and their lives tell the history of . . . — Map (db m83810) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Home of Raphael Semmes
Rear Admiral, Confederate States Navy, Brigadier General, Confederate States Army, Commander of the Alabama, the greatest sea raider of all times. — — — — In this house, a gift of the people of Mobile, Admiral Semmes spent his late years. — Map (db m86572) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — 1Lt Karl W. RichterKilled in Action July 28, 1967, North Vietnam — Of The Warrior Breed
"Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?... Here am I. Send me." Isaiah 6:8 "Here dead lie we because we did not choose to live and shame the land from which we sprung. Life to be sure is nothing much to lose, but young men think it is, and we were young." A.E. Housman [Unveiled 13 June 1992] — Map (db m64566) HM WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Air University / Maxwell Air Force Base
(Side A) Air University The Air Corps Tactical School moved to Maxwell in 1931. Brilliant young officers like Chennault, Eaker, Fairchild, Hansell, Kuter, LeMay, Quesada, and Vandenberg formulated the aerial strategies and tactics employed in World War II. In 1940, Maxwell became the home of HQ Southeast Air Corps Training Center responsible for pilot, Navigator and bombardier training, producing over 100,000 aviation cadets. Air University was established in 1946 as the USAF . . . — Map (db m64437) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Air University Commanders
Maj Gen Muir S. Fairchild February 1946 – May 1948 Maj Gen Robert W. Harper May 1948 – October 1948 Gen George C. Kenney November 1948 – July 1951 Lt Gen Idwal H. Edwards August 1951 – February 1953 Lt Gen Laurence S. Kuter April 1953 – May 1955 Lt Gen Dean G. Strother May 1955 – Jun 1958 Lt Gen Walter E. Todd August 1958 – July 1961 Lt Gen Troup Miller, Jr. August 1961 – . . . — Map (db m64368) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — AU "Thinks War"
Post-Vietnam Era marked a turning point for AU. Lt Gen Furlong, AU commander, launched a three year campaign to overhaul the curriculum which became known as “Putting the ‘War’ back into War College.” Between 1975 and 1976 AU gained five new functions, greatly expanding its mission. ”Air University epitomizes all that we have fought for in our efforts to build a strong defense structure that will always meet the requirements of the hour.” Honorable Lister Hill, Alabama Senator, 2 Sep 1947 — Map (db m64375) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Boeing B-52D "Stratofortress"
Remaining in operation longer than any bomber in U.S. military history, the B-52 was the Strategic Air Command's principal long-range heavy bomber from the time it became operational in 1955. Affectionately known as the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fellow), it first flew on April 15, 1952. Nearly 750 B-52s (170 of them B-52Ds) had been built when production ended in October 1962. The B-52Ds were modified to carry the largest conventional bomb load of any in the series and due to the "Big Belly" and . . . — Map (db m64474) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — British and Commonwealth Pilots Trained in the U.S.A.
In 1941, before Pearl Harbour, President Franklin D. Roosevelt agreed with Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, to provide flight training for British and Commonwealth pilots in the U.S.A. by the U.S. Army Air Corps. Over 4,000 pilots were trained, some of them at this airfield, and many of them lost their lives in air operations against our common enemies. This plaque is placed in remembrance by those who by the grace of God survived. September 1996 — Map (db m64476) HM WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Cessna T-41A "Mescalero"
The Cessna T-41 was derived from a standard Cessna Model 172 light aviation aircraft. Between 1965 and 1969 the USAF purchased 211 T-41A variants "off the shelf" for the preliminary flight screening of pilot candidates; another 52 T-41C variants were obtained in 1968-69 for use by the Air Force Academy. The T-41 also saw service in the U.S. Army, and large numbers were exported to friendly nations under the Military Assistance Program. This T-41A aircraft (AF Ser. 67-14977) was built in . . . — Map (db m64482) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Changing Roles of AU
Charged with developing doctrines and concepts for the employment of air power, AU produced the first basic doctrine manuals for the Air Force. AU also gained notoriety with projects such as Corona Harvest, which studied and developed lessons learned during the Vietnam Conflict – the first time a study was conducted while a conflict was in progress. ”We must not only be prepared for the peace to come, we must be prepared to preserve it.” General Hap Arnold, 1 Aug 1945 — Map (db m64374) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Chennault Circle
To accommodate expansion of programs, a five million dollar construction project began in 1954 to give AU a modern, integrated academic center with a collegiate atmosphere and facilities in keeping with its educational mission. We’re entrusting to General Kuter the future of the Air Force for it is here at Air University that we either make or break the Air Force.” General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, 28 Feb 1953 — Map (db m64372) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Establishment of Air University 1946
The Army Air Forces school was assigned its first commander, Major General Muir S. Fairchild, in February 1946, and renamed Air University in March. The dedication ceremony occurred 3 Sep 1946. The first classes at the Air War College and the Air Command and Staff School began 4 Sep 1946. ”We conceive it to be the high and noble goal of Air University to educate and to aid in producing the planners and future leaders of that Air Force.” General Muir S. Fairchild, 3 Sep 1946 — Map (db m64370) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Expansion of Air University
During the early 1950’s, Air Force leaders decided to consolidate and relocate professional military and continuing education activities, as well as commissioning and specialized schools to Maxwell and Gunter Air Force Bases. ”(Air University’s) anticipated influence is measured only by the reach of Air Power. Its horizon is unlimited.” General Carl Spaatz, 3 Sep 1946 — Map (db m64371) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Former POWs And Those MIA
In honor of former Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action for serving their country 2 October 1987 — Map (db m64438) WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — General Larry D. Welch12th Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force — Served 1951 - 1990, Aviation Cadet 1953
General (ret) Welch was born in 1934 in Guymon, Okla., and graduated from Liberal (Kan.) High School in 1952. He enlisted in the Kansas National Guard in October 1951, serving with the 161st Armored Field Artillery until enlisting in the U.S. Air Force. In November 1953, he entered the aviation cadet program and subsequently received his pilot wings and commission as a second lieutenant. He served initially as a flight instructor until his assignment in July 1958 to Headquarters, Air . . . — Map (db m64500) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Joint Programs
Air University began new Air War College and Air Command and Staff College programs in 1987 which met newly mandated “Joint” education requirements. These programs emphasized joint war fighting. ”The basic reason for the essentiality of Air University lies in the fact that it trains, prepares, and inspires the future leaders of all our commands.” Lieutenant General Ira C. Eaker, 17 Mar 1961 — Map (db m64378) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Lt. William C. Maxwell / Air Force ROTC
Lt. William C. Maxwell (Side A) William Calvin Maxwell was born Nov. 9, 1892 in Natchez, Ala. An Army ROTC student at the University of Alabama, he left in 1917 to enlist in the Army. He received his commission in April 1918, after completing flight training at Kelly Field, Texas. In 1919, he was assigned to 3rd Aero Squadron, Philippines. On August 12, 1920, engine trouble forced Lt. Maxwell to attempt to land his DH-4 in a sugarcane field. Maneuvering to avoid a group of children . . . — Map (db m64367) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Major General James Harrison Wilson, USVWilson's Raiders
(Side A) Major General James Harrison Wilson, USV 1837-1925 Exceptional American soldier, born Illinois, West Point Class of 1860, MG at 27. Civil War service: Port Royal 1861-62, Aide to McClellan '62; Vicksburg and Chattanooga Campaigns, Grant's staff '63-64, Chief of Cavalry Bureau '64; Wilderness and Valley Campaigns, Commander Cavalry Division, Sherman's Corps'64; Franklin, Nashville, AL & GA '64-65. Retired from Army 1870; pursued railroading career in U.S., Latin America, . . . — Map (db m64436) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — McDonnell Douglas F-4D "Phantom II"
First flown in May 1958, the Phantom II originally was developed for U.S. Navy fleet defense and entered service in 1961. The USAF evaluated it for close air support, interdiction, and counter-air operations and, in 1962, approved a USAF version. The USAF's Phantom II, designated F-4C, made its first flight in November 1963. The F-4D was an improved F-4C and made its first flight on December 9, 1965. The F-4D offered an improved bombing and air-to-air capability. The USAF credited F-4D . . . — Map (db m64504) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — McDonnell RF-101C "Voodoo"
Ordered in 1951 by the Strategic Air command as a long-range escort fighter, the F-101 lineage included several versions: Low-altitude fighter-bomber; photo-reconnaissance; two-seat interceptor; and transition trainer. To accelerate production, no prototypes were built and the first Voodoo, an F-101A, made its initial flight on September 29, 1954. When production ended in March 1961, nearly 800 Voodoos had been built. Development of the unarmed RF-101, the world's first supersonic . . . — Map (db m64503) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Montgomery Chapter of the American Ex-Prisoners of WarIn Honor Of
September 17, 1999 Non Solum Armis Map (db m64439) WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — North American B-25 Mitchell
The North American B-25 Mitchell, named after America's greatest military martyr (Gen Billy Mitchell), made its maiden flight on 19 August 1940 and was ordered in large numbers straight off the drawing board by the Army Air Corps. Internal improvements, armament innovations, and engine changes resulted in several variants, including the B-25G which was armed with a 75mm cannon in the nose - the largest gun ever carried in an aircraft up to that time. The most lethal of all versions was the . . . — Map (db m64449) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — North American F-100D "Super Sabre"
Developed as a follow-on to the F-86 Sabrejet used in the Korean Conflict, the F-100 was the world's first production airplane capable of flying faster than the speed of sound in level flight (760 mph). The prototype, the YF-100A, made its first flight on May 25, 1953, at Edwards Air Force Base, California. Of the 2,294 F-100s built before production ended in 1959, 1,274 were F-100Ds, more than all other series combined. The F-100D, which made its first flight on January 24, 1956, was the . . . — Map (db m64553) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — North American F-86A "Sabre"
The F-86, the USAF's first swept-wing jet fighter, made its initial flight on October 1, 1947. The first production mode flew on May 20, 1948, and on September 15, 1948, an F-86A set a new world speed record of 670.9 mph. Originally designed as a high-altitude day fighter, it was subsequently redesigned into an all-weather interceptor (F-86D) and a fighter-bomber (F-86H). As a day fighter, the airplane saw service in Korea in three successive series (F-86A, E, and F), where it engaged . . . — Map (db m64586) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Northrop T-38A "Talon"
In the mid-1950s, the USAF required a trainer with higher performance than the T-33 to better prepare student pilots for the latest tactical aircraft that were then coming into service. The aircraft chosen was the T-38A which offered high performance with low maintenance and operating costs. Destined to become the USAF's first supersonic trainer, the T-38A prototype first flew on April 10, 1959, and production continued until 1972. A total of 1,189 T-38As were built. Some were later . . . — Map (db m64433) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Reorganization
During the late 1950’s three courses at Air Command and Staff College: the Weapons course, the Squadron Officer course, and the Academic Instructor course, became separate schools under the AU umbrella. ”…It is regrettable that what is being done at the Air University is not known by the millions of our citizens; they would worry less and sleep better.” Lieutenant General Harold L. George, 5 Feb 1954 — Map (db m64373) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Reorganization
HQ USAF realigned AU under Air Training Command (ATC) in 1978. For five years AU remained a part of ATC. On 1 July 1983, AU regained its major command status. ROTC was reassigned to ATC. The College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, was born to research and analyze current and future issues of concern to the USAF. ”Air University turns out tomorrow’s leaders.” Army Times Headlines, 1 Mar 1947 — Map (db m64376) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Republic F-105D "Thunderchief"
In 1951, Republic Aviation began a project to develop a supersonic tactical fighter-bomber to replace the F-84F. The result was the F-105 "Thunderchief," later affectionately nicknamed the "Thud." The prototype YF-105A first flew on October 22, 1955, but the first F-105D did not fly until June 9, 1959. F-105s were produced in the single-seat F-105B and F-105D series, and in the two-seat F-105F model. Later, some F-105Fs were modified to become F-105Gs. A total of 833 Thunderchiefs of all . . . — Map (db m64505) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Sikorsky MH-53M 'Pave Low IV' Helicopter
The Sikorsky MH-53 is a variant of the USAF's HH-53 'Super Jolly Green Giant' air rescue helicopter, which was developed in turn from the US Navy's CH-53 'Sea Stallion' heavy lift helicopter. The MH-53 has been optimized for long-range infiltration, exfiltration and resupply of special operations forces in darkness or marginal weather flying conditions. The USAF began using early models of this helicopter for special operations missions in the late 1960s, and later versions continued to . . . — Map (db m64451) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — The Air Power Legacy
In 1931 Maxwell Field began its mission to educate Army Air Corps officers in strategy, tactics, and techniques of air power. Many early Air Force leaders attended Air Corps Tactical School here including Generals Vandenberg, Twining, White, and LeMay. ”If we should have to fight, we should be prepared to do so from the neck up instead of the neck down.” General Jimmy Doolittle — Map (db m64369) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — The Next Fifty Years
The tradition of excellence established by Air University pioneers will continue throughout the next fifty years… AU’s ability to educate people and develop critical thinkers is a mission that continues today. Now, more than ever, the United States needs dedicated leaders and visionaries to guide us successfully through an uncertain future. Air University has always produced such men and women and will continue to do so well into the twenty-first century. The founding of Air . . . — Map (db m64427) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — The ThunderbirdsThe Epitome of Teamwork
All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful, yet, for those who are trained by it, afterwards, it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness. Hebrews 4:11 Maj. Norman L. Lowry III Capt. Willie T. Mays Capt. Joseph "Pete" Peterson Capt. Mark E. Melancon We salute your commitment to duty, honor, and country. — Map (db m64484) WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — William R. Lawley, Jr.Colonel USAF (Ret) — 1920 - 1999
Recipient of the Medal of Honor for Conspicuous Gallantry and Intrepidity in Action 20 February 1944 Mission on 20 February 1944 Target: Leipzig, Germany 1st. Lt. William R. Lawley, Jr. & Crew 305th Bomb Group 8th Air Force United States Army Air Corps European Theater of Operations [Dedicated 3 November 2000] — Map (db m64450) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Year of Training
Deja vu, once again, 1993, AU was aligned with ATC but this time to form Air Education and Training Command. Enlisted professional military education was consolidated, Officers Training School moved to Maxwell, and ROTC and CCAF were again part of AU. Warfighting courses for flag officers and staff officers increased and mandatory commanders courses began. ”Smart systems, smaller forces, and an uncertain future require Brilliant Warriors.” Lieutenant General Jay Kelley, 16 Aug 96 — Map (db m86055) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — A County Older Than the StateMontgomery County — 1816
Created by Mississippi Territorial Legislature from lands ceded by Creek Indian Nation in Treaty of Fort Jackson, 1814. Named for Major Lemuel Purnell Montgomery, killed at Horseshoe Bend, 1814, while leading charge on Indian fortifications. During Colonial times many Indians lived in this area which was claimed by Spanish Florida and French Louisiana, British Carolina, Georgia and West Florida, and Spanish West Florida. The City of Montgomery, incorporated 1819 by Alabama Territorial . . . — Map (db m36579) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Jefferson DavisJune 3, 1808- December 6, 1889 — Soldier Scholar Statesman
A graduate of West Point Military Academy, he served the United States as Colonel of Mississippi Volunteers, Mexican War; member of House of Representatives, Senator, and as Secretary of War. Inaugurated President of the provisional government, Confederate States of America, February 18, 1861. — Map (db m36677) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Major Lemuel Purnell Montgomery1786 - 1814
Brilliant lawyer, valiant soldier, in whose honor Montgomery County, Alabama was named — Map (db m94029) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Marquis de Lafayette
On this site stood, until December 1899, the house in which Marquis de Lafayette was given a public reception and ball, April 4, 1825, while on his last tour through the United States. This tablet is placed by the Society of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of Alabama in lasting memory of this illustrious patriot and soldier of the Revolution, the friend of Washington and the youthful champion of liberty. April 4, 1825 - April 4, 1905 — Map (db m70727) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Thunderbird Park
Dedicated by the people of Montgomery to the skilled pilots -- past, present and Future -- who risk and give their lives to demonstrate the capabilities of air power to the American people. The Thunderbirds: the Air Force's Ambassadors in Blue February 1, 1982 Emory Folmar, Mayor — Map (db m64429) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — To the Memory of General Marquis De La Fayette
In grateful recognition of his valiant service and in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of his visit to our city — Map (db m36508) HM
Alabama (Pike County), Brundidge — "Lest We Forget"
To honor the memory and valor of our soldiers Civil War W.W.I W.W.II Korean Vietnam Operation Desert Storm — Map (db m36514) HM
Alabama (Talladega County), Talladega — USS Talladega (APA-208)Talladega County — "The Tremblin' T"
Seven Battle Stars * * * * * * * World War II * Iwo Jima Operation * Okinawa Gunto Operation First of the 31 ship convoy with occupation troops to dock at Yokohama on VJ Day, September 2, 1945 Korean War * 3rd Korean Winter * Korea, Summer-Fall (1953) Vietnam War * Vietnam Defense Campaign * Vietnamese Counteroffensive Phase II * Vietnamese Counteroffensive Phase III Commissioned October 31, 1944 Struck from Naval Register September 1, 1976 . . . — Map (db m12212) HM
Alabama (Tallapoosa County), Daviston — Horseshoe Bend Campaign Combatants
In memory of the Soldiers and Indian allies who died in combat with the Upper Creek Indians during the Horseshoe Bend Campaign in the Creek War of 1813-1814 In memory of the Upper Creek Warriors who died in combat with United States forces during the Battle of Horseshoe Bend March 27, 1814 — Map (db m64594) WM
Alabama (Walker County), Jasper — First United Methodist Church Jasper/President Franklin Delano RooseveltAttends Funeral of William Brockman Bankhead — Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
Side 1 Methodism came to Jasper with the city's founder, Dr. Edward Gordon Musgrove, who donated land for the courthouse and for most of downtown Jasper. In 1826, he and others constructed a building of large hewn logs that was used as both a Methodist church and a school. Around 1858, a two-story frame church building was constructed. Unsubstantiated local accounts state the church was burned to the ground in March of 1865 by General James H. Wilson's cavalry corps. Another frame . . . — Map (db m29981) HM
Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Liberty Bell Reproduction
This reproduction of the Liberty Bell was placed on permanent display at the Treasury by direction of Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snyder. It is a duplicate of the original Liberty Bell in tone as well as in structural details and dimensions. Identical reproductions were exhibited through the nation during the Independence Saving Bonds Drive, May 15-July 4, 1950, the Liberty Bell having been inspirational symbol for the drive. At the conclusion of the drive, Secretary Snyder, . . . — Map (db m70759) HM
Arizona (Apache County), Window Rock — About the Navajo Code Talkers
About the Navajo Code Talkers During World War II the Japanese possessed the ability to break almost any American military code. Over 400 Navajos, with 29 being the original Navajo Code Talkers, stepped forward and developed the most significant and successful military code of the time using their native language. So successful was this innovative code that military commanders credited it with saving the lives of countless American soldiers and with the successful engagements of the U.S. . . . — Map (db m51537) HM
Arizona (Cochise County), Douglas — Mormon Battalion
Mormon Battalion Passed here in 1846 — Map (db m40693) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Flagstaff Flag - Raising
Historians generally agree that Flagstaff derives its name from a flag-raising ceremony held July 4, 1876, by a group of settlers from New England who were camped within sight of this historic monument. In February and May of 1876, two groups of settlers left Boston and traveled westward, intent upon establishing a colony in the valley of the Colorado Chiquito (Little Colorado River) near present-day Winslow. Known as the first and second Boston parties, these colonist had been lured by . . . — Map (db m33365) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Flagstaff's Founding
Flagstaff was a name on a map before the area had any significant population. The first permanent settler was Thomas F. McMillan who arrived sometime in 1876. On July 4, 1876, a party of emigrants traveling from Boston to California was camped at Antelope Springs, near McMillan's homestead and in the vicinity of present-day Marshall Elementary School. In honor of the nation's Centennial, the emigrants stripped the limbs from a tall Ponderosa Pine tree and hoisted Old Glory. This event gave . . . — Map (db m41717) HM
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