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Wars, Non-US Markers
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo — Plaza Patriótica a los Caídos de AbrilPatriotic Plaza Dedicated to those that Fell in April
Homenaje del pueblo dominicano a los héroes y mártires de la Guerra Patria de 1965 Gobierno Constitucional Dr. Fernández Reyna 2008-2012 English translation: Tribute from the Dominican people to the héroes and martyrs of the War of 1965 Constitutional Government of Dr. Fernández Reyna 2008-2012 — Map (db m87597) WM
El Salvador, Santa Ana, Metapán — Bicentennial of the First Cry of Central American Independence
Conmemorando los 200 años del Primer Grito de Independencia Centroamericana… Plasmamos un reconocimiento en Metapán a los y las patriotas reconocidos históricamente y a los aun anónimos que participaron en el movimiento independencista de 1811. El pueblo salvadoreño y las autoridades civiles militares y municipales les recordamos Con admiración y gratitud. “Ne techan Metapan, tajipaluli ipal simuat iuan takat”, “El pueblo de Metapan saluda a sus . . . — Map (db m88420) HM WM
El Salvador, Santa Ana, Metapán — Municipality of MetapánLa Municipalidad de Metapán
Jaguares: Simbolo de Fortaleza y destreza de los indigenas, ahora de nuestro municipio, cañones obtenidos en batalla librada en Metapan en el año de 1903 contra el ejercito de Guatemala Forman el barandal de nuestro portal. Fronton principal, columnas dórica herencia de la cultura y arquitectura traída por España a los metapanecos. Al fondo un maguey representando nuestro nombre y en lo alto nuestra bandera que al ondear envuelve nuestros sueños. Palacio Municipal en Homenaje al buen gusto . . . — Map (db m88958) HM
France, Basse-Normandie (Calvados Département), Arromanches-les-Bains — 3 — Arromanches-les-Bains : La Bataille d’ArromanchesArromanches-les-Bains : The Battle of Arromanches — Mon village se raconte
En français: Arromanches possédait une batterie de deux pièces d’artillerie depuis 1793. Située à la base de la falaise Est, cette batterie s’illustra lors de la bataille navale de 1811. Six canonnières venant de Boulogne faisaient route vers Cherbourg, en longeant la côte. Elles étaient équipées de quatre canons chacune. Ayant aperçu au large d’Arromanches trois navires anglaise de taille et de force plus importantes, elles s’approchèrent d’Arromanches qu’elles savaient défendue par . . . — Map (db m89133) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Longford), Lanesborough — fáilte go Lanesborough
Brief History of Longford Longford is a focal point of the northern midlands where the provinces of Leinster, Ulster and Connaught all converge. Longford, where history and literature, tradegy and triumph are all woven together, takes its name from the ancient stronghold of the O'Farrell family (Long Fort - Fort of the O'Farrells) who ruled from the 11th Century. Bordered to the west by the majestic River Shannon, Longford is a county of rolling plains and picturesque stretches of . . . — Map (db m27498) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Culmullen — Culmullen & 1798They Gave Their Lives For Their Cause
Erected by the People of Culmullen and District to the memory of the Men and Women of Wexford and Meath who died for their Country and lie buried in the surrounding area There were two periods of intense Rising activity around Culmullen in 1798 Thursday May 24, 1798 Dunshaughlin was the rallying point for the United Irishmen of Meath, Dublin and North Kildare where a Tree of Liberty was planted. The following day, the rebels moved to one side of the Bog of Culmullen . . . — Map (db m33354) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Kells — Market CrossKells Heritage Trail
This 9th century high cross, the cross of the gate of the Kells monastery, is one of five high crosses still surviving in Kells. The cross of the gate, currently at or near its original site, was a termon cross and signified that a fugitive could claim sanctuary once inside the boundary of the monastic area. The carved faces of the high crosses depict scenes from the Old and New Testament and were used primarily for the religious instruction of the faithful. These scenes may originally have . . . — Map (db m27341) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Kells — St Columba's ChurchKells Heritage Trail
Diarmuld MacCarroll, High King of Tara, is said to have granted the dun of Cenannus to St Columcille in the 6th century for the purpose of establishing a monastery. This may explain why in 804 the Columban community on the island of Iona (Hebrides), then the principal Columban monastery, moved to Kells to escape the reaches of Norse raiding parties. St Columba's church stands on the site of the original Columban monastery. It became a cathedral church 1152 when the diocese of Kells was . . . — Map (db m26444) HM
Ireland, Ulster (County Donegal), Donegal — "The Frenchman's Anchor"
This Napoleonic anchor and chain from the French frigate Romaine has connections with Napoleon's failed invasion to assist the Irish in the 1798 rebellion, Irish patriot Wolfe Tone's arrest and subsequent death and in later years Admiral Horatio Nelson's famous Battle of Trafalgar. In September 1798 a small French fleet of about 12 ships and 2,900 troops sailed to Ireland to assist the French General Humbert who had earlier arrived to the Irish in their rebellion. Among the fleet were . . . — Map (db m88327) HM
Ireland, Ulster (County Donegal), Donegal Town — Donegal Castle
Built in 1474 by Hugh O'Donnell. Destroyed in 1595 by Red Hugh O'Donnell to prevent seizure by the British. Rebuilt circa 1614 by Sir Basil Brook. [Top view drawing showing evolution of the castle in] 15th century, 17th century, Modern — Map (db m71569) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico — The March of LoyaltyLa Marcha de la Lealtad
México Gobierno de la República en Conmemoración del Centenario de la Marcha de la Lealtad en la que cadetes del Heroico Colegio Militar custodiaron al Presidente Francisco I. Madero rumbo a Palacio Nacional, refrendando su patriotismo y respeto a las instituciones. Gobierno de la República 9 de febrero de 2013 English translation: Mexico Government of the Republic In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the March of Loyalty, where cadets of the Heroic Military College . . . — Map (db m88705) HM
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Fermanagh), Lisnaskea — Castle Balfour
Castle Balfour, built for Sir James Balfour of Glenawley by about 1620, was one of many castles designed to secure the plantation in Ulster during the 17th century. It is of the Scottish-style strong house type, identifiable by such characteristic features as corbelled stair turrets and parapets, high pitched gables and tall chimneys. In 1619 Captain Nicholas Pynnar described Castle Balfour which was just being built, as 'a Bawne of Lime and Stone 70 ft square, of which two sides are . . . — Map (db m71324) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Lothian), Edinburgh — Memorial to Wallace
Memorial to Wallace ________________ Erected by The Corporation of Edinburgh Under Captain Hugh Reid's bequest Unveiled 28th of May 1929 The Rt. Hon. Sir Alexander Stevenson Lord Provost — Map (db m85669) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Renfrewshire), Elderslie — William Wallace Birthplace MemorialElderslie, Scotland
Welcome to the traditional site of William Wallace's birthplace. Wallace was a hero of Scotland's Wars of Independence against England during the 13th and 14th centuries. Recent archaeological work on this site proves that during the 13th/14th centuries there was a significant fortified structure here which may have been the Wallace family home. The foundation walls which you can see, are the remains of a 15th/17th century building known as Wallace's House. They contained the . . . — Map (db m85741) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Scottish Borders), Melrose — Royal ConnectionsMelrose Abbey
For centuries, Melrose Abbey was connected to the Scottish Crown. While it never gained the regal position of Iona or Dunfermline, its location close to England and association with kings has given it a special place in Scottish history. David I David was instrumental in inviting the pious Cistercians to Melrose. The abbey's location on the border with England sent a strong message about the wealth, power and worldliness of the Scottish king. (Caption:) Above: David was a . . . — Map (db m88486) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Stirlingshire), Falkirk — Battle of Falkirk Muir
The Battle of Falkirk was fought around here 17th Jany 1746 — Map (db m88101) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Stirlingshire), Falkirk — Sir John de Graeme
Sir John de Graeme, William Wallace's right hand man, died during the Battle of Falkirk, when the English defeated Wallace in 1298. Victorian admirers honoured de Graeme's tomb with a wrought iron canopy and replica sword. 'They carried him with worship and dolour - Into Fawkyrk graith'd him in sepulture' Blind Harry, c1477 — Map (db m88042) WM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Stirlingshire), Falkirk — Sir John De Graeme Memorial
(Front) This Memorial Fountain is erected near the spot where Sir John De Graeme Fell (Back) Presented by Robert Dollar ESQ, of San Francisco To Falkirk his native town in honour of Sir John De Graeme and his men who fell in The Battle of Falkirk 22nd July 1298. — Map (db m88100) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Stirlingshire), Falkirk — The Bute Memorial
The 3rd Marquess of Bute erected this Celtic cross in 1877 to the gallant men of Bute'. They died to a man defending their leader, Sir John Stewart, at the Battle of Falkirk, in 1298 during the Wars of Independence. — Map (db m88044) WM
Connecticut (New Haven County), Milford — The Regicides
The Regicides Whalley and Goffe Were Hidden In A House Located on This Site Presented by The Class of '37 Milford High School — Map (db m54716) HM
Connecticut (New Haven County), New Haven — Col Edward Whalley
In Memory of the Regicide Col Edward Whalley Son of Richard Whalley Esq a member of Parliament in the last days of Queen Elizabeth and first cousin of Oliver Cromwell. A stalwart Puritan he rose to high command in the Civil Wars. He was the fourth signer of the death warrant of King Charles 1st was one of the major generals governing England under Cromwell and after serving two Parliaments was elevated to Cromwells Other House. In 1660 at the restoration of the monarchy he fled to America . . . — Map (db m34822) HM
Connecticut (New Haven County), New Haven — Col William Goffe
In Memory of the Regicide Col William Goffe A member of the High Court of Justice which in 1649 tried and condemned King Charles 1st of England and a signer of the kings death warrant. He served with distinction in the Parliamentary Army and in 1655 was appointed one of the major generals who governed England under Cromwell. He was in turn a member of both Houses of Parliament. At the restoration of the monarchy he fled to New England with his father in law Col Edward Whalley. After several . . . — Map (db m34817) HM
Connecticut (New Haven County), New Haven — Judges Cave
Judges Cave Here May Fifteenth 1661 and for some weeks thereafter Edward Whalley and his son-in-law William Goffe, members of the Parliament General, officers in the army of the Commonwealth and signers of the death warrant of King Charles First, found shelter and concealment from the officers of the Crown after the Restoration. "Opposition to tyrants is obedience to God" 1896 — Map (db m34719) HM
Maryland (St. Mary's County), St. Mary’s City — In 1648 Margaret Brent Asks for “Vote...And Voyce”
Margaret Brent (ca. 1601–1671), a Catholic gentlewoman, lived in Maryland from 1638 to 1650. In June 1647 the dying governor, Leonard Calvert, made her executrix of his estate with power to pay the soldiers he had hired to put down a Protestant rebellion. Margaret Brent’s skill in carrying out this mission preserved Lord Baltimore’s authority and his policy of religious toleration. During this crisis she unsuccessfully requested two votes in the Assembly, one for herself and one as Lord . . . — Map (db m950) HM
North Carolina (Edgecombe County), Princeville — Historic PrincevilleFrom Slavery to Freedom Hill
During the Civil War, thousands of slaves escaped to U.S. Army lines, and more than thirty African Americans from Edgecombe County enlisted in the 35th, 36th, and 37th U.S. Colored Troops, 14th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery, and U.S. Navy. After the war, former slaves sought refuge at a U.S. Army camp located here on the plantations of John Lloyd and Lafayette Dancy. The freedmen called their settlement of huts and shanties on the Tar River floodplain Freedom Hill. Freedman Turner Prince, . . . — Map (db m74138) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — Sir John Colleton(1608-1666)
Colonel in English Civil War Gallant Naval Officer Retired to Barbados County Named for Him — Map (db m50941) HM
West Virginia (Hardy County), Old Fields — Battle of MoorefieldWhere the Fighting Started
The Confederate cavalry brigade of Gen. Bradley T. Johnson bivouacked in the fields to your left on August 7, 1864. Willow Wall (built ca. 1830), visible to your left down the road, was Johnson’s headquarters. Johnson’s brigade and that of Gen. John McCausland (bivouacked closer to Moorefield) had taken part in Gen. Jubal A. Early’s raid on Washington, D.C., and had burned Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, in retaliation for Federal “depredations” in the Shenandoah Valley, which had . . . — Map (db m48970) HM
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