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2nd Iraq War Markers
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Global War on Terrorism — Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial
The Global War on Terrorism and Afghanistan War commenced on 11 September 2001, after Islamic terrorists hijacked and deliberately crashed four airliners in New York City, Washington D.C. and Shanksville, Pa. The following month, American air and ground forces were attacking Al Qaeda and Taliban targets in Afghanistan; by November 2001 American and allied Afghan forces had driven the Taliban from the capital of Kabul. Despite this early victory, the war continues into 2011 as the Taliban and Al . . . — Map (db m85494) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Memorial Fountains — Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial
The Memorial Fountain System begins with a flow of water cascading over the continuous weir, which is punctuated by 8 Black Granite Markers. This flow symbolizes the blood which has been spilled defending our nation's freedom and flows into the Sacrifice Pool, the Courage Pool, and the Defender Fountain. The small white headstones in the Defenders Fountain are replicas of those in Arlington National Cemetery and represent all of our fallen warriors. Water feeds through the Defender Fountain . . . — Map (db m68728) WM
Arizona (Pinal County), Sacaton — Honoring Native American Women Veterans
Honoring Native American Women Veterans Dedicated February 22, 2003 American Legion Post 84 Sacaton, AZ Sculptor: Oscar Urrea Artist: Jim Covarrubias — Map (db m32844) WM
Arkansas (Benton County), Bella Vista — Operation Iraqi Freedom

After Iraq's defeat in the Persian Gulf War, the Iraqi dictator ignored numerous United Nations Resolutions which resulted in America declaring a "regime change" as an official goal of U.S. policy. In the context of the new terrorist threat after 9/11, the Bush administration accused the Iraqi regime of gross wrongdoing: oppressing its own people, frustrating the U.N. weapons inspectors, developing weapons of mass destruction, and supporting terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda. . . . — Map (db m92337) HM WM

Arkansas (Benton County), Bella Vista — War on Terrorism

The paradox of power is that a weaker nation will seek help from a stronger nation to resolve a problem, then hate the stronger nation because the weaker nation could not solve the problem themselves.

Though it was not realized at the time, America's war on terrorism began in 1983 when Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon were bombed, killing 266 and wounding 169. Other acts of terrorism occurred over the next two decades. Most notable of these were the atrocity in Somalia, the tragedy at . . . — Map (db m92254) HM WM

California (Butte County), Paradise — Paradise Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to those Who made the Ultimate Sacrifice Arguello, Robert • Collins, Clarence, Cpl • Casey, Liam Soueph, Pfc • Clewett, Kenneth, Cpt • Darting, Leslie • Hill, Dale Evan, Pfc • Collins, Clarence H. • Knox, Merrill Irven, Cpl • Knudsen, Harold E. Jr., 1Lt • Foster, Gordon Price • MacDonald, James H., Cpl • Rogers, Robert Gene, Sp4 • Foster, Stanley Marshall • Richardson, Dean, Pfc • Hansen, Nels Gunner • Orner, Ray • Walberg-Riotto, Steven Joseph, Pfc • Schultz, Garnett . . . — Map (db m66137) WM
California (Butte County), Paradise — PFC. Steven J. Walberg-Riotto
In Memory Of PFC. Steven J. Walberg-Riotto August 19, 1988 0 April 14, 2007 Operation Iraqi Freedom — Map (db m66136) WM
California (Plumas County), Taylorsville — Taylorsville Veterans Memorial — Jason Poindexter
To honor the men and women who have fought, and those that have died in the War on Iraq. To remember their courage and especially their sacrifice while doing their duty. In memoriam Private First Class Jason Poindexter, 2nd Platoon, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Killed in combat 12 September, 2004 Ramadi, Iraq. “From these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion – that we here . . . — Map (db m66161) WM
California (Riverside County), Riverside — National POW MIA Memorial
We honor here the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Americans held prisoner of war, and those still listed as Missing In Action since the time of the American Revolution. Some died from disease and starvation, some perished in death marches, some were tortured, and some were lost, gone forever from their families. All were deprived of their liberties so that you may enjoy yours. This Monument Declared as The National Prisoner of War Missing in Action Memorial by President . . . — Map (db m54380) WM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — September 11, 2001
Dedicated to the memory of those who tragically lost their lives on September 11, 2001 in New York City, The Pentagon, and Shanskville, Pennsylvania May God Shed His Grace on Thee — Map (db m13420) WM
California (San Bernardino County), Victorville — Old Town Victorville Veterans Memorial — City of Victorville
We Remember That smile, that twinkle or tear in your eye, that laugh; We remember when you were growing up on the streets, the grocery stores, the soda fountains, pharmacies and shops; We remember When you attended our elementary schools and Victor Valley Highs School; We remember when war or conflict came, our nation called on you and you responded; We remember when you came home on leave, proudly wearing your uniform We remember when you where . . . — Map (db m63923) WM
California (San Joaquin County), Stockton — We Shall Never Forget — “September 11, 2001”
Americans heal, not by forgetting, but by remembering. It is with this in mind that we dedicate this Memorial City of Stockton September 11, 2007 — Map (db m15969) WM
California (Stanislaus County), Ceres — Ceres War Memorial
Remember those who Remembered us. The Living – The Dead The POW – The MIA They Will Not Be Forgotten. Dedicated November 11. 1989 Founder Glen R. Perales Vietnam Vet W.W. I Sterling Pack • H. Barker • Harold Johnson • Oscar Snover • Cecil Thompson • Edgar Annear W.W. II Tillson Barrows • Paul Hickey • John Boyd • Dale Swift + • Walter F. Perra • Richard T. Everts • Poney L. Amant + • Fred E. Koepky • Stan E. Stevens • Jerold . . . — Map (db m19462) WM
California (Yolo County), Woodland — Yolo County War Memorial
"From these honored dead, we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave their last full measure of devotion, that we highly resolve that the dead shall not have died in vain." World War I Virgil W. Agard • Charles V. Alford • Harry Bauer • W. H. Bellows • Thurston R. Chamberlain • Edward C. Delray • Claude J. Dince • Percy C. Eugene • Oliver O. Grayson • Roy Hamilton • Christ Hegelan • Frank J. Hermle • Joseph D. Holman • Charles D. Hunt • Harry . . . — Map (db m57595) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Fairfield — Fairfield Honor Roll
. . . — Map (db m27370) WM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Weston — Weston Vietnam War & Persian Gulf War Monument
[North side] Vietnam Era Veterans 1963 – 1974 V Christopher O"Brien Ashe • Dana Graham Brayton • Timothy Gustav Bucky • William Charles Cable • John Walter Carpenter • John Paul Coniglio • V Peter Alan Cote • V Arthur Thomas Curren, Jr. • Katherine Nadith Dannerman • Bruno Ivo-Elio De Luca • Giuliano De Luca • To Todd De Van • V Sidney Allan Dudash • John Albert Erisman • V Peter Jerry Falla • Robert Leslie Ficks III • Frank Kenneth Fitch, Jr. • Mark Lauren Flinton • V . . . — Map (db m30815) WM
Connecticut (Hartford County), New Britain — Captain Brian S. Letendre
Captain Brian S. Letendre United States Marine Corps 5/13/79 – 5/3/06 1/25 MITT Al Anbar Province, Iraq — Map (db m41654) WM
Connecticut (New Haven County), Madison — Monument to the Citizens of Madison
This monument is dedicated to the citizens of Madison who have served our nation in the Armed Services since 1975. Their dedication to service in numerous conflicts, campaigns, and operations continues to protect our liberty, freedom and way of life. Let no one ever forget the sacrifice and courage of these patriots. — Map (db m66461) WM
Connecticut (New Haven County), West Haven — SSg Thomas E. Vitagliano
1st West Haven Soldier Killed In Action in Operation Freedom SSg Thomas E. Vitagliano Aug. 31, 1971 – Jan 17, 2005 — Map (db m28752) WM
District of Columbia (Washington), Northwest — Second Infantry Division Memorial
[From 1936:] The Second Division To Our Honored Dead, 1917-1919 Toulon Troyon Bois de Belleau Vaux Soissons Marache St. Mihiel Blanc Mont Meuse-Argonne The Rhine [From 1962, west inner wing:] Organized in France in October, 1917; original unit consisted of Army, Marine and Navy troops. [From 1962, west outer wing:] Normandy Rhineland Brest Remagen Siegfried Line Leipzig The Bulge Czechoslovakia [From 1962, east inner wing:] United Nations . . . — Map (db m15096) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — Operation Iraqi Freedom Memorial I
(Raised section) A grateful county honors the memory of these brave individuals for their unquestioned valor and sacrifice in defense of freedom and liberty during combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom Dedicated 2003 Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners Marine Lance Cpl. Brian Rory Buesing Army Capt. James F. Adamouski Army Staff Sgt. Wilbert Davis Medal of Honor recipient Army Sgt. First Class Paul R. Smith Marine Lance Cpl. Andrew J. Aviles Army Cpl. John T. . . . — Map (db m32949) WM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — Operation Iraqi Freedom Memorial II
(Raised section) A grateful county honors the memory of these brave individuals for their unquestioned valor and sacrifice in defense of freedom and liberty during combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom Dedicated 2003 Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners Petty Officer 3rd Class Ronald Ginther Marine Lance Cpl. Nicholas Wilt Marine Lance Cpl. James Ronald Phillips Army Sgt. Antwan Walker Marine Lance Cpl. Kevin Waruinge Army Sgt. Michael Lehmiller Army Private . . . — Map (db m32975) WM
Florida (Polk County), Fort Meade — Fort Meade Veterans Memorial
This memorial is to honor all U.S. military veterans for serving our country with honor & self sacrifice to insure the freedom of the greatest country in the world United States of America Dedicated Nov. 11, 2006 American Revolution 1776 - 1783 Served 217,000 Battle deaths 4,435 Wounded 6,188 Civil War 1861 - 1865 North Served 2,213,363 Battle deaths 140,414 Wounded 281,881 South Served 1,050,000 Battle deaths 74,524 Wounded unknown World War I 1917 - 1918 . . . — Map (db m57357) WM
Florida (Seminole County), Sanford — Second Seminole War — 1835-1842
The Second Seminole War was the most costly war, in lives and money, ever fought by the United States government against Native Americans. This second of three wars resulted from the Treaty of Payne's Landing in 1832 which required the Seminoles to leave Florida. The Seminoles refused to leave and the war began. In 1836, Camp Monroe was established as the East Florida headquarters for the US Army. The camp was positioned strategically on the southern shore of Lake Monroe on the St. Johns River. . . . — Map (db m57542) HM
Georgia (Muscogee County), Columbus — Specialist Ross A. McGinnis
The Infantry Honors Specialist Ross A. McGinnis 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Division Medal of Honor Operation Iraqi Freedom 14 June 2009Specialist Ross A. McGinnis distinguished himself by acts of gallantry, and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action with an armed enemy in Adhamiyah, Northeast Baghdad, Iraq, on 4 December 2006. On that day, his platoon was conducting combat control operations in an effort to reduce and control sectarian violence in the area. While Specialist . . . — Map (db m61862) HM
Illinois (Jefferson County), Mount Vernon — Women Veterans Memorial
We honor all women, past, present, and future for their patriotism to the United States of America To honor all women veterans for their service to God, home & country — Map (db m61760) HM WM
Illinois (McHenry County), Crystal Lake — Veterans Memorial

No Honor is greater than to Serve your Country. This memorial is placed here to express our Thanks to all persons who have served in the Military Forces —————————— [Honored Dead from the Global War on Terrorism]

Jonathan W. Collins Lance Corporal, United States Marine Corps Operation Iraqi Freedom December 31, 1984 - August 8, 2004

Ryan J. Cummings Corporal, United States Marine Corps . . . — Map (db m94596) WM

Illinois (Moultrie County), Gays — Cole Edward Spencer — Operation "Iraqi Freedom"
1st Battalion - 15th Infantry Regiment 3rd Brigade Combat Team 3rd Infantry Division Cole Edward Spencer October 26, 1985 - April 28, 2007 "American by Birth" "Patriot by Choice" — Map (db m31110) WM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Our Fallen Illinois Service Members
In memory of Our fallen Illinois service members in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi freedom

"The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans - born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage - and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed." President John F. Kennedy Presented on November 11, 2003 — Map (db m57341) WM

Illinois (Vermilion County), Potomac — Potomac (Illinois) War Memorial
Center Section Spanish American War - Civil War - W.W. I - W.W. II - Korean War - Vietnam - Gulf War - Lebanon Conflict In Honor of all men aand women who served our Nation in war and peace. Left - Memorial ] Row One Robert Keal • Jack Bergman • Robert Raymond • Phillip Thornton • Greg Thornton • Dallas Denison • Allan Criblez • Ray Frank Butler, I • Mark O. James • Sherman O. James • Edward P. James • Marlou F. James • Tyrus (Ty) Franklin • John Osborn, . . . — Map (db m17191) WM
Illinois (Will County), Lockport — War Memorial — In Memoriam

Erected in honor of all citizens of Lockport community who served in the Armed Forces in World War II and in memory of those listed below who lost their lives while in the service of our country

Harold Adamson • Hugh Allison • Russell Ayers • John Baxter • Arnold Bertelson • Melvin Boe • John Bosnak • James Brennan • Anthony Capitino • Elwood Dale • Scottie Dunham • Nolan Etchison • David Faut • Stephen Fracaro • Michael Galajdik • Frank Graning • James Henderson • Bernard Homerding • . . . — Map (db m94032) WM

Indiana (Clay County), Brazil — Memorial Building — Clay County (Indiana) Honor Roll
MEMORIAL BUILDING Erected and Dedicated 1945 Clay County Post No. 2 American Legion Honor Roll Committee David W. Henry, Chairman Leo J. Murphy, Leo E. Dubois, Victor P. George, Claude Reese, Albert R. Morgan — Map (db m18894) WM
Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Gibson County Desert Storm and Desert Shield Veterans Memorial — Aug. 1990 --- Mar. 1991
Dedicated to All Gibson County service Men and Women that served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield in support or in combat from Aug. 1990 — Mar. 1991 ( Obverse Side ) Erected by Gibson Navy Mothers American Legion Post 25 American Legion Aux. Post 25 V. F. W. Post 1147 South Gibson V. F. W. Post 2714 South Gibson V. F. W. Ladies Aux. Post 2714 Map (db m47874) WM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Persian Gulf Veterans Memorial — Grant County (Indiana)
( Front Side ) ( Engrossed ‘Shield’ -and- ‘Seals of U.S. Armed Services’ ) 1990 - - - - 1991 In Honor of the men and women of Grant County who served in the Persian Gulf ( Obverse Side ) ( Engrossed ‘Shield’ -and- ‘Seals of U.S. Armed Services’ ) 1990 - - - - 1991 Desert Shield Desert Storm — Map (db m44260) WM
Indiana (Henry County), New Castle — Persian Gulf War Memorial — Henry County Indiana
This monument is dedicated to the men and women of Henry Co. Who have served their country with pride and dignity in the Armed Forces of the United Stats of America * * * * * * * * * We loaned our sons and daughters to Uncle Sam, the ones God loaned to us. Our constant prayers will always be that they will safely return to us. Author Unknown — Map (db m32075) WM
Indiana (Huntington County), Huntington — Huntington County War Memorial
Dedicated to the heroes of Huntington County who bravely fought in the great wars.

To the men and women who gave their lives on land, sea, and in the sky that mankind might live in freedom.

Left Plaque: Dedicated in Honor of all those who served to protect freedom around the world; Korean Conflict June 27, 1950- Jan. 31, 1955; Vietnam Aug 5, 1964 - May 7, 1975; Grenada Aug 24, 1982 - July 31, 1984; Panama Dec. 20, 1989 - Jan. 31, 1990.

Center Plaque: To all veterans in prior . . . — Map (db m45124) WM

Indiana (Johnson County), New Whiteland — Proctor Park — Joseph E. Proctor
Joseph E. Proctor SGT US Army Killed in action May 3, 2006 Awarded Silver Star Tammin, Iraq WCHS Graduate 1987 When I first arrived on the scene 15 minutes after the blast, a lightly wounded Iraqi approached me and told me “Proctor kill driver. Make truck stop.” The first realization was how incredibly wrong I was in my assessment of the Iraqi’s story. The second realization was how clear it became that Proctor had done what very few men in this world could . . . — Map (db m69369) HM
Indiana (Kosciusko County), Warsaw — Kosciusko County War Memorial
This memorial is dedicated in memory and in honor of the brave men and women of Kosciusko County who served God and Country in the armed force. Rededicated July 4, 2005 — Map (db m16278) WM
Indiana (LaPorte County), La Porte — La Porte County Afghanistan–Iraq–Kuwait Memorial
. . . — Map (db m78201) WM
Indiana (Lawrence County), Bedford — Indiana Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
Portrait of Freedom ( Art Work ) (Including Words) - - Courage • Sacrifice • Service • Liberty In Memory of Indiana Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars — Map (db m48427) WM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Lafayette — Iraq War Memorial — " Most Precious Offering "
( Individual Plaques - Left to Right ) SPC Luke P. Frist 209th Quartermaster Co., Lafayette, IN United States Army Reserve January 5, 2004, Ar Ramadi, Iraq Marine Cpl. Bryan Scott Wilson 2nd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment 1st Marine Div. 1st Marine Exp. Force Dec. 1, 2004, Al Anbar Province, Iraq Army Spc. Matthew C. Frantz 1st Special Troops Battalion 1st Brigade Combat Team 101st Airborne Division MI January 20, 2006, Huwijah, Iraq Army Cpl. Nathaniel S. . . . — Map (db m34971) WM
Indiana (Vermillion County), Cayuga — Honor Roll of Iraq and Afghanistan War Deaths from Indiana
( West Side ) Iraq and Afghanistan War Deaths from Indiana ( Row One ) Steven Faulkenburg ▫ Jeffrey Corban ▫ Jason Profitt ▫ Christopher Monroe ▫ James Brown ▫ Richard Langenbrunner ▫ Michael Hiester ▫ Roy Lewsader, Jr. ▫ Raymond White ▫ Nathan Frigo ▫ Lance Thompson ▫ Michael Bechert ▫ Paul Pabla ▫ Morgan Strader ▫ Paul Heltzel ▫ Nicholas Hartge ▫ David Austin Kirkpattrick . . . — Map (db m58668) WM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Operation Iraqi Freedom - War Memorial — Vigo County Indiana
( Front ) Operation Iraqi Freedom Killed In Action From Vigo County ( Obverse ) Kyle W. Childress — Map (db m19904) WM
Indiana (White County), Monticello — War on Terrorism Memorial Garden
( Center - Engraved Walk Stone ) War on Terrorism Memorial Garden ( Left - Engraved Rock ) SPC Luke Frist Brookston, In U.S. Army Jan. 5, 2004 Iraq ( Left - Engraved Rock ) Staff Sgt. Kenneth K. McAninch Monticello, In U.S. Army Oct. 21, 2010 Afghanistan ( Left - Engraved Rock ) CPL Nathaniel Baughman Idaville, In U.S. Army July 17, 2006 Iraq ( Right - Engraved Rock ) CPL Cody Putman . . . — Map (db m43005) WM
Iowa (Appanoose County), Centerville — Centerville Freedom Rock Veterans Memorial — Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II

Brig Gen Francis Drake

The First USS Iowa ———————— Gold Star for the Fallen ———————— Thank You Veterans — Map (db m90363) HM

Iowa (Mills County), Emerson — Emerson Freedom Rock Veterans Memorial — Mills County — Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II

You Have Done Your Duty. To Honor You Is Ours. ————————————— [Soldiers] ————————————— [Eagle and Flag] — Map (db m93931) WM

Iowa (Page County), Essex — Veterans Memorial

Dedicated to the men and women who served in the Armed Forces — Map (db m87827) WM

Iowa (Page County), Shenandoah — War Memorial

To honor all those who have fought in a foreign war

Dedicated Nov. 11, 2014 — Map (db m87825) WM

Iowa (Wapello County), Eldon — Veterans Memorial — All Gave Some • Some Gave All

In honor of All Eldon Area Veterans

This memorial honors all veterans, men and women who, although separated by generations, valiantly protect our country's freedoms. The memories of these veterans will continue to live on whenever and wherever democracy exists.

The American veteran -- forever a symbol of heroism, sacrifice, loyalty and freedom.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Dedicated May 28, 2007 — Map (db m90302) HM

Iowa (Wapello County), Ottumwa — Ottumwa Freedom Rock Veterans Memorial — Never Forget • Thank You Veterans — Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II

Gold Star for the Fallen —————————— Tuskegee Airmen —————————— Ottumwa Naval Air Station —————————— 833rd Engineering Company Iowa Army National Guard — Map (db m90272) WM

Kansas (Barber County), Medicine Lodge — Barber County Veterans Memorial — Honoring All Barber County Veterans
[Barber County Veteran Tiles] Twin Towers Beam This steel beam is from the Twin Towers that were destroyed by foreign terrorists on 9-11-01. New York City has donated it to the Barber County Veterans Memorial in remembrance of the lives that were lost in this incident. We should never forget the importance of freedom and those who help to protect it. "Lord, may the ruins of that day be the foundation for the freedoms of tomorrow." . . . — Map (db m65211) WM
Kansas (Dickinson County), Chapman — Veterans Memorial — All Gave Some, Some Gave All

The grateful members of the American Legion Post 240 dedicate this monument to keep alive the memories of all men and women who served the United States of America in peace and war

Dedicated July 4, 2005 — Map (db m90425) HM

Kansas (Geary County), Fort Riley — Global War on Terrorism Monument
Both Towers In honor of those who mobilized and deployed through Fort Riley who dies in support of the Global War on Terrorism — Map (db m43930) WM
Kansas (Harper County), Harper — U.S. (Army) Sgt. Willsun Marcus Wayne Mock — Born: December 19, 1982 - KIA: October 22, 2006 — "Strength and Honor"
Son of Ann E. Reida and Michael W. Mock Grandson of Alro and Louise Reida Serving in "Operation Iraqi Freedom" on his second tour and was killed in action, Baghdad, Iraq. He earned his 1st Bronze Star in the Battle of Fallujah in 2004 and was awarded another bronze Star and a Purple Heart posthumously. — Map (db m62824) HM WM
Kansas (Jackson County), Soldier — Veteran's Memorial
[Seals of the Armed Services] — Map (db m63859) WM
Kansas (Leavenworth County), Leavenworth — CPL David M. Unger — In Memory Of — Freedom Is Not Free

First Leavenworth native killed in Iraq October 31, 1984 - October 17, 2006 Headquarters Platoon, Charlie Company 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment Fourth Infantry Division (Mechanized)

[Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart] — Map (db m86736) HM

Kansas (Leavenworth County), Leavenworth — Jeremy Lee Drexler — In Honor Of — "He Made A Difference"

July 20, 1980 - May 2, 2004 KIA - Operation Iraqi Freedom 1st Cavalry, 91st Engineers

[Purple Heart] — Map (db m86746) WM

Kansas (Neosho County), Chanute — Chanute Area Veterans Memorial

This memorial is dedicated to all Chanute Area Veterans, past, present and future. We must never forget the sacrifices made by these brave men and women while protecting our freedoms and our way of life.

11 November, 2013 —————————— History of the Chanute National Guard The Kansas National Guard Unit of Chanute was organized on 25 February 1954 as Battery B 297th Field Artillery. It was reorganized on 1 March 1957 as . . . — Map (db m92304) HM WM

Kentucky (Monroe County), Tompkinsville — Operation Iraqi Freedom Monument
Louisiana (Allen Parish), Oakdale — SSG Timothy B. Cole, Jr. — All Gave Some - Some Gave All
The people of Oakdale, Louisiana, Allen Parish, and VFW Post 3687 dedicate this memorial in honor of SST Timothy B. Cole, Jr., who sacrificed his life in Ah Sadah, Iraq, for the love of his country and fellow soldiers. Born April 26, 1979 - Died June 6, 2007. Served in the U.S. Marines 1998-2003 and the U.S. Army 2005-2007. — Map (db m86776) WM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Zachary — Heroes Of The War On Terrorism
We will not forget those who served our country and gave all… Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend… John 15:13 — Map (db m93327) WM
Louisiana (Lafourche Parish), Kraemer — Bayou Boeuf Veterans Memorial
This memorial is dedicated to the men and women who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America during times of war and peace. When called upon they responded with dignity, honor and valor. We enjoy freedom today because of their sacrifice. — Map (db m87898) WM
Louisiana (Vernon Parish), Fort Polk — Global War on Terrorism Monument
The Global War on Terrorism monument honors the Fort Polk soldiers, families and civilians whose support and sacrifice will forever be remembered — Map (db m38362) WM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Pasadena — Fort Smallwood Park Flagpole
Dedicated in Honor of Anne Arundel County Residents Who Lost Their Lives in the Global War on Terrorism May their scarifice be honored and remembered forever The Citizens of Anne Arundel County John R Leopold, County Executive County Council Cathleen Vitale, Chairman Edward Reilly, Vice Chairman James Benoit Joshua Cohen Ronald Dillon Daryl Jones Edward Middlebrooks Text on 9 seperate markers near the main marker: Collin J. Bowen, . . . — Map (db m9387) WM
Maryland (Frederick County), Jefferson — Journalists Who Gave Their Lives
In Memory of Those Journalists Who Gave Their Lives Reporting on the War on Terrorism Daniel Pearl The Wall Street Journal Afghanistan - February 2002 David Bloom NBC News Iraq - April 2003 Michael Kelly The Atlantic Monthly The Washington Post Iraq - April 2003 Elizabeth Neuffer The Boston Globe Iraq - April 2003 — Map (db m86942) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Thurmont — Thurmont Memorial Park
Dedicated to the memory of all the men and women of this community who have served their country. In memory of the unknown veterans who gave their all in the service of their country. Established by the Town of Thurmont with the help of community citizens and local service organizations. This memorial is erected and dedicated to those of Thurmont District who served their country and in honor of those who gave their all for the cause of liberty, justice, democracy. . . . — Map (db m14030) WM
Maryland (Wicomico County), Salisbury — Here We Mark the Price of Freedom — Duty Honor Country
To honor and commemorate all Wicomico County citizens whose valor and sacrifice in defense of our country must never be forgotten. "All gave some - some gave all." Those listed here gave all.

Dedicated on May 26, 2003 by the Wicomico County War Memorial Committee. The construction and perpetual care of this monument is funded entirely through donations by caring citizens. — Map (db m41906) WM

Massachusetts (Berkshire County), Pittsfield — Sgt. Glenn R. Allison
This Tree Was Planted In Honor Of Sgt. Glenn R. Allison Died December 18, 2003 In Baghdad, Iraq Dedicated on April 30, 2004 — Map (db m85511) WM
Massachusetts (Essex County), Swampscott — Capt. Jennifer J. Harris U.S.M.C.
Capt. Jennifer J. Harris U.S.M.C. Memorial Tree KIA Iraq   7 February 2007 — Map (db m36773) WM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Revere — City of Revere
Dedicated to the memory of those who gave their lives in the service of our nation during the Iraq-Afghanistan conflict.

SPC Daniel F Cunnigham, US Army SP3 Lawrence Salamone, US Navy SPC Matthew J Stanley, US Army SGT Nelson D Rodriguez Ramirez, US Army — Map (db m89285) WM

Michigan (Saint Joseph County), White Pigeon — White Pigeon Fallen Soldiers Memorial
“These Gave Their Last Full Measure”      World War I Pvt Robert E. Swartz     Sep 23, 1918      World War II S2C Lyle E. Burdick       Sep 24, 1942 PFC Arthur R. Gowker        Feb 21, 1944 SGT Richard L. Dickonson     Sep 28, 1944      Vietnam SP4 Kenneth D. Bennett     May 12, 1970      Iraq 1LT Jonathan W. Edds     Aug 17, 2007 “When you go home, tell them of us and say, for their tomorrow, we gave our today” John . . . — Map (db m73055) WM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Bloomington — Fallen Heroes Memorial
Fallen Heroes SPC Benjamin J. Slaven June 9, 2006 · SGT Brent W. Koch June 16, 2006 · SPC Kyle R. Miller June 29, 2006 · SSG Jeffery J. Hansen Aug. 21, 2006 · SSG Joshua R. Hanson Aug. 30, 2006 · SGT Germaine L. Debro Sept. 4, 2006 · SPC Kampha B. Sourivong Sept. 30, 2006 · SFC Scott E. Nisely Sept. 30, 2006 · SGT Bryan T. McDonough Dec. 2, . . . — Map (db m42804) WM
Missouri (Buchanan County), Saint Joseph — SPC Edward "Eddie" Lee Myers — June 12, 1984 - July 27, 2005
Killed in Action Operation Iraqi Freedom United States Army 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Ga “I made the ultimate sacrifice for you” — Map (db m55833) WM
Missouri (Buchanan County), Saint Joseph — SPC Joshua James "Josh" Munger — May 6, 1983 - November 2, 2005
Killed in Action Operation Iraqi Freedom United States Army 1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 101 Airborne Div. “Freedom Isn’t Free” Dedicated to the Memory of Our Fallen Hero — Map (db m55834) WM
Missouri (Cass County), Pleasant Hill — Defenders of Freedom Veterans Memorial — "Some Gave All, All Gave Some"

"I see that the old flagpole still stands. Have your troops hoist the Colors to its peak, and let no enemy ever haul them down." Gen. Douglas MacArthur

"To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace." George Washington

"That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Abraham Lincoln

"Uncommon valor was a common . . . — Map (db m88344) HM WM

Missouri (Livingston County), Chillicothe — Veterans Memorial
This memorial is dedicated to these men and women who gave the supreme sacrifice in defense of our great country. Killed in Action [Honor Roll] Prisoners of War [Honor Roll] This memorial is dedicated in honor and memory of area veterans who served and fought for our great nation in order to preserve our freedom and ideals as a free country. [Honor Roll of Veterans] — Map (db m67303) HM
Missouri (Pettis County), Sedalia — All American Veterans Memorial

Dedicated to All American Veterans who served in peace & war

May 23, 2007 — Map (db m85197) WM

Missouri (Platte County), Platte City — Veterans Memorial — Lest We Forget — Duty • Honor • Country
A Grateful Tribute to the Living and the Dead In memory and in honor of all Platte County men and women who served in the Armed Forces of our country in times of war and peace Designed and dedicated by VFW Post 4055 on Nov 11 2006 with the cooperation and support of the Platte County government — Map (db m63523) WM
Nebraska (Gage County), Beatrice — Freedom Fighters — We Answered the Call — 1861 - Today
The United States Congress officially ended the draft in September 28, 1971. Since then, volunteer armed forces have been called to protect freedom throughout the world. In 2001, the Beatrice National Guard was deployed to Kuwait with the 1-167 Cavalry, the first deployment of Company C since the end of World War II. Our Guard Unit continues to "Answer the Call": in Bosnia in 2003 and in Iraq in 2006 and 2007. For the last 60 years, because of our success as a super power, American . . . — Map (db m48228) HM
Nebraska (Keith County), Ogallala — Keith County Veterans Memorial — Dedicated to all Keith County Veterans
[Torch and medallions of the five service branches] Dedicated to all Keith County Veterans Inscribed are the names of those veterans from Keith County who made the supreme sacrifice in the defense of the freedom we hold so dear.

World War I Daniel Hankins • Harold Miller • William Kilgore

Vietnam Jack Canfield • Raymond Daubendick • Cynthia Dickey • Darrell Gehrke • Leonard Hultquist • Kenneth Johoner • William Kildare • Rodger McQuay • Roy Mohr • Robert . . . — Map (db m51256) WM

New Jersey (Bergen County), Lyndhurst — Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom — Township of Lyndhurst Veterans Alliance
Frank Jiosi, Sr.,   USMC • Robert Sammarone,   USMC • Robert Bozik,   USMC • Scott Devlin,   • Michael Brown,   USA • Michael Tooey,   USN • Carmine Giangeruso,   USAF • Doug Dowson,   USMC • John Thompson,   USA • Christopher Heller,   USNR • Daniel Murphy,   USA • Jennifer Johnson,   USA • Anthony Cicero,   USAF • Antonio Sousa,   USA • John Cordone,   USMC • Ryan Lee,   USN • L. Michael Zollo,   USA • Armando Acosta,   USMC • James Bonas,   USA • Damaso Rosa,   USA • Anthony DeMarco,   USA • . . . — Map (db m54144) WM
New Jersey (Hunterdon County), Hampton — Veterans Park
Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices. President Harry S. Truman Map (db m17921) WM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Red Bank — 1941-2007 Red Bank Veterans Monument
Four sided monument ingraved with names of veterans serving from 1941 through 2007. Map (db m12974) WM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Rumson — 1945 - 2005 Rumson Veterans Monument
1945 - 1955 Berlin Cold War Korea [127 names are engraved for the decade 1955-1965] 1955 - 1965 Berlin Cuba Lebanon Taiwan Vietnam [72 names are engraved for the decade 1955-1965] 1965 - 1975 Cambodia Laos Thailand Vietnam [102 names are engraved for the decade 1965-1975] 1975 - 1985 Cold War Lebanon Grenada [18 names are engraved for the decade 1975-1985] 1985 - 1995 Kuwait Panama . . . — Map (db m13042) WM
New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — Iraq War Memorial — 3rd Battalion 112th Field Artillery
For the brave men of the 3rd Battalion 112th Field Artillery who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq. June 2004 SSG Francis Carvill SPC Christopher M. Duffy SSG Humberto F. Timoteo SGT Ryan E. Doltz "Gone but not forgotten" — Map (db m36857) WM
New Jersey (Somerset County), Basking Ridge — Bernards Township Veterans Monument
A tribute to the armed forces personnel from Bernards Township who have served our country. Dedicated with deep appreciation, we honor their great courage in the defense of freedom throughout the world. Korea 1950-1955 Vietnam 1964-1975 Grenada & Beirut 1982-1984 Panama 1989-1990 Persian Gulf 1990- *Thomas R. Ike • *Anthony K Johnson • *Brendan J. Kearns • *Richard J. Seibert • *William L. Williams — Map (db m36866) WM
New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — Afghanistan and Iraq/ Plattsburgh Barracks Monument
We honor all those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq — Map (db m47535) WM
New York (Erie County), Buffalo — This Memorial is Dedicated to All of the Service Members from WNY
This memorial is dedicated to all of the service members from WNY who answered our nation's call to duty following the attacks of September 11, 2001... In memory of our brothers and sisters who have given their lives while serving their country in support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan... We shall never forget their sacrifice... — Map (db m84655) WM
New York (Niagara County), North Tonawanda — United States Marines
United States Marines Cpl. Jason L. Dunham, born 10 November 1981 - died 22 April 2004. Awarded the Medal of Honor. United States Marine Corps. Mobile Bay, Alabama, August 5, 1864. Semper Fidelis. Cpl. Willard M. Smith. Medal of Honor Recipient. "He stuck to his gun." 2nd. Lt. John P. Bobo, born 14 February 1943 - KIA 30 March 1967. Awarded the Medal of Honor. PFC Conrad F. Kania, born August 9, 1924 - KIA November 9, 1942 — Map (db m80304) WM
New York (Orange County), Highland Falls — USMA Iraq and Afghanistan Deaths
In honor of the first male and female graduates of the United States Military Academy killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Global War on Terrorism Iraq CPT James F. Adamouski ’95           2 April 2003 2LT Emily J. T. Perez ’05              12 September 2006 Afghanistan LTC Michael J. McMahon ’85           27 November 2004 1LT Laura Walker ’03               18 August 2006 Donated by The Association of Graduates United States Military Academy and Highland Falls Local . . . — Map (db m54994) WM
New York (Queens County), Belle Harbor — Michael D Glover
Dedicated to the memory of U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Michael D Glover "Semper Fi" Born January 19 1978 Died in the service of his country August 16 2006 "Your light will never go out" — Map (db m57321) WM
New York (Saint Lawrence County), Ogdensburg — Global War on Terrorism Memorial
Dedicated to all those who served and fought in the Global War on Terrorism Nicholas J. "Nic" Sovie U.S. Marines — Map (db m75645) WM
New York (Saint Lawrence County), Ogdensburg — Operation Iraqi Freedom Monument — Army National Guard — Ogdensburg, NY
SPC Michael Ames • PFC Timothy Amo • SPC Clay Armstrong • SSG David Beaudin • SGT Todd Brown • SPC Mark Burnham • SPC Matthew Chase • SGT Rodney Chase • SPC Kevin Coleman • SPC Christopher Curran • SPC Raymond Curtis • SPC Frank Cushing • SGT Scott Dermott • SGT David Donley • SPC Joshua Earle • SPC Daniel Edwards • SPC Patrick Edwards • SPC Bradley Elliott • SPC Gerald Garland • SSG Paul Gokey • SGT Wayne Hamilton • SGT Benjamin Katzman • 1LT Jeffrey Kiggins • SSG James Law • SGT David . . . — Map (db m75667) WM
New York (Saratoga County), Schuylerville — Desert Shield / Desert Storm
U.S.S. Saratoga (CV 60) and Carrier Air Wing Seventeen (CVW 17) Deployment August 7, 1990 – March 28, 1991 In memory of our twenty-three fallen shipmates during Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm Dedicated by the crew of the U.S.S. Saratoga (CV 60) and Carrier Air Wing Seventeen (CVW 17) and Residents of the County of Saratoga, New York June 7, 1991 — Map (db m66825) WM
North Carolina (Alamance County), Graham — Alamance County War Memorial
The Memorial Is Dedicated To The Honor Of All The Brave Men And Women Of Alamance County Who Fought In Service To Their Country And In Memory Of Those Inscribed Here Who Died In Defense Of Our Freedom. Civil War Jacob Adams, W.B. Adams, Calvin Albright, George M.G. Albright, Henry C. Albright, John S. Albright, Joseph A. Albright, Lawrence Albright, Samuel A. Albright, Sauren Albright, E.M. Allen, Lea Allison, Thomas Allred, Calvander Andrews, S. Andrews, Jacob Anthony, Alfred . . . — Map (db m31485) WM
North Carolina (Cumberland County), Fort Bragg — 82d Infantry Division
Activated 25 August 1917 Reactivated 25 March 1942 Reorganized and redesignated an airborne division 15 Augus 1942 To Our Honored Dead Campaigns Lorraine • St. Mihiel • Meuse-Argonne Sicily • Naples-Foggia • Anzio Normandy • Holland • Ardennes Central Europe Dominican Republic Vietnam Grenada • Panama Persian Gulf Afghanistan • Iraq …There will always be an 82d Airborne Division, because it lives in the hearts of men. And somewhere young men . . . — Map (db m31179) WM
North Carolina (Cumberland County), Fort Bragg — USASOC Memorial Wall — In Memory of Our Fallen Special Operations Soldiers — United States Army Special Operations Command
Welcome Kinsman, Comrade, Friend. Recorded here on this humble Wall are the names of our fallen Heroes. They were and will always be cherished Soldiers of Army Special Operations, our comrades in arms. Know that they eagerly sought and accepted our Nation's most difficult missions against our most dangerous enemies. Know that they willingly endured hardship and danger and, at the end, sacrificed all for us. With solemn pride, know that in doing so they proved true to their oath to the . . . — Map (db m31488) WM
North Carolina (Dare County), Manteo — Dare County Veterans Memorial — 1989
In honor of all who served World War I 1917 – 1918 Dennis S. Twiford World War II 1941 – 1945 Thomas C. Fearing M. Blackwell Creef Lawson H. Barnett Charles F. Midgett, Jr. Norman W. Payne James D. Williams Darius T. Midgett Robert W. Duvall Palmer L. Gray Elvin E. Hooper Thomas R. Johnson John A. Mackey John C. O’Neal Chesley G. Wise Myron F. Hooper Edward D. Midgett Korea 1950 – 1953 Vietnam 1964 . . . — Map (db m79797) WM
North Carolina (Mecklenburg County), Charlotte — Boeing/Vertol CH-46A/E Sea Knight
The Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight is a medium-lift tandem rotor cargo helicopter, used by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) to provide all-weather, day-or-night assault transport of combat troops, supplies and equipment. Assault Support is its primary function, and the movement of supplies and equipment is secondary. Additional tasks include combat support, search and rescue, support for forward refueling and rearming points, medivac and Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP). This . . . — Map (db m63713) HM
North Carolina (Onslow County), Jacksonville — Onslow County 9/11 Memorial
Steel Beam From World Trade Center Dedicated July 4, 2003 Presented by The Fire Family Transport Foundation of the NYC Fire Department For the 343 Firefighters who fought a Battle in New York City on September 11, 2001 To the Marines who honored them on the Battlefields of Iraq in the Spring of 2003 Gone but not forgotten Leather Helmets                   Leathernecks Semper Fidelis — Map (db m24052) WM
North Carolina (Richmond County), Rockingham — Richmond County Iraq & Afghanistan War Memorial
In memory of the men and women from Richmond County who lost their lives in the following wars and conflicts Iraq Afghanistan — Map (db m56515) WM
North Carolina (Warren County), Norlina — Admiral Kirk Donald — United States Navy — Director, Naval Propulsion Program
A native of Norlina, North Carolina and son of Howard A. Donald and Doris Donald. Kirk Donald joined the United States Navy on June 30, 1971 as a midshipman of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering and volunteered for service in the Submarine Force. He made numerous deployments in the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean from 1977 to 1987 on submarines USS Batfish (SSN 681) USS Mariano G. . . . — Map (db m69953) HM
Ohio (Clinton County), Sabina — Lance Corporal Brett Wightman — Jan. 11, 1983 - Aug. 3, 2005 — Marine Corps
To Honor and Remember a True Hero — Map (db m27980) WM
Ohio (Delaware County), Delaware — Delaware County War on Terrorism Memorial
Dedicated by the people of Delaware County in memory of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and those who are still fighting to keep us free. Sept 11 2001 - — Map (db m18241) WM
Ohio (Delaware County), Sunbury — Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial
In remembrance of those who have fallen in the War on Terrorism The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten Duty • Honor • Country These heroes endured all and gave all that justice among nations might prevail and that mankind might enjoy freedom and inherit peace Worse than death is to be forgotten Let us never forget — Map (db m19653) WM
Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — Forest Lawn Veterans Memorial
Dedicated November 11, 2006 to the men and women of Franklin County Ohio that served our country bravely and honorably so our freedoms endure. The sacrifices of few ensured the freedom of many. A grateful community remembers those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States during times of war and peace, whose courage and personal sacrifices defended and preserved our freedom. Medal of Honor Recipients for Franklin County Civil War David Cockley Army Oliver Colwell . . . — Map (db m13487) WM
Ohio (Franklin County), New Albany — New Albany and Plain Township Veterans and First Responders Memorial
New Albany and Plain Township Residents having served their country in times of war. Men who died in action while serving their country during war World War II William Lee Bigony Edward Carson Orris Needles Herbert Sines Vietnam War Mike Butsko Iraq War Capt Shawn English Plain Township Volunteer Fire Department “They Answered Their Last Call” Police Department — Map (db m14454) WM
Ohio (Franklin County), Worthington — Veterans Fountain
The people of Worthington dedicate this memorial to those here named who entered the Armed Services from this community in time of war and died in service to our country. Their names are etched in our hearts. Our freedom is their gift. Persons who entered the Armed Forces from Worthington who were killed in action or died from injury or disease War of 1812 Luther Palmer • Zophar Topping Civil War Eli Barker • Henry C. Burr • George McIlvan • Walter A. Tuller World War I . . . — Map (db m12720) WM
Ohio (Hancock County), McComb — McComb Veterans Memorial — One of Multiple Markers in McComb Union Cemetery
Side A (colored flag) In honor of all who served (5 bronze service medallions)

Side B major donors Hancock County Veterans Assistance Center Jack Harden & Sons Contracting Inc. K & L Ready Mix Ed Harden Excavating Inc. Dan and Patricia Kaple Family Dr. M.V. Arbogast Family First Federal Bank Great Scot Community Markets The Heritage - Findlay, Ohio Mulford – Butler Post #511 American Legion Morrisson – Moorhead Post #9231 VFW Hancock County . . . — Map (db m93663) WM

Ohio (Hancock County), Mt. Blanchard — Mt. Blanchard Veterans Memorial — Delaware Township — Riverview Cemetery
Side A (eagle logo) (5 service medallions) In gratitude to all who’ve secured our freedom

Side B Peace “lest we forget those who served” — Map (db m94063) WM

Ohio (Hocking County), Logan — Hocking County Iraqi Freedom Memorial
In honor of all military personnel who have served in or supported Operation Iraqi Freedom — Map (db m19114) WM
Ohio (Jefferson County), Bergholz — Bergholz Veterans Memorial
To honor those from Bergholz and Community who served their Country in World War I and World War II Korea 1950-1953 Vietnam 1961-1975 Persian Gulf 1991 Iraq Freedom 2003 — Map (db m36333) WM
Ohio (Miami County), Piqua — Piqua Veterans Memorial
To the Piqua area men and women who have honorably served in the conflicts of our country — Map (db m17321) WM
Ohio (Muskingum County), Zanesville — Muskingum County Iraqi Conflicts Memorial
In memory of our fallen comrades from Muskingum County who died during the Iraqi Conflicts “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” John 15:13 11-6-03  Noah Graham               Air Force 1-27-04  Lester “Buddy” Kinney U.S. Army 7-20-04  Todd Godwin               U.S.M.C.   8-3-04  Bradley Harper             U.S.M.C. 4-30-06  Benjamin A. Rush         U.S.M.C.   2-1-07  David Armstrong          U.S. . . . — Map (db m16903) WM
Ohio (Richland County), Mansfield — Allen J. (A. J.) Vandayburg
In Memory Of Allen J. (A.J.) Vandayburg Specialist, US Army Aug. 26, 1983-April 9, 2004 Killed In Action Operation Iraqi Freedom 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Div. Freedom Isn't Free Map (db m20871) WM
Ohio (Union County), Unionville Center — Darby Township Veterans Memorial — In Old Darby Cemetery
In memory of Unknowns from Darby Township who served our country with integrity patriotism and valor Honoring all veterans — Map (db m87069) WM
Oklahoma (Stephens County), Duncan — Persian Gulf, Afghanistan & Iraq War Memorial
We honor the men and women of the United States Armed Forces for their efforts to let freedom reign in the Persian Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq. "You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man's freedom. You can only be free if I am free." Clarena Darrow Eagle Project Dalton Matthews 2008 — Map (db m57651) WM
Pennsylvania (Clinton County), Lock Haven — American Hero — SOC David M. Collins — March 3, 1969-March 12, 2014
David M. Collins was born and raised in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Lock Haven High School in 1987. In April 1988, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served on the USS Independence (CV62) during the Gulf War. In 1991, he successfully completed first class dive school and was assigned to SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team TWO at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek.

In 1995, Collins attended Basic Underwater Demolition Training (UDT)/SEAL Training, graduating with BUD/S Class 203. Upon . . . — Map (db m91069) WM

Pennsylvania (Cumberland County), Carlisle — HESCO at Home — U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center
In late March of 2009 the 817th Engineer Company of the North Dakota Army National Guard used HESCO barriers instead of sandbags to hold back a flood near Fargo North Dakota. “I saw them all the time in Iraq,” Karsky said, ‘but I never ever thought we’d be using them to fight a flood. I thought we’d be over here throwing sandbags.” 1SG Curtis W. Kasman said “the HESCO barriers in Iraq were much larger, sometimes as high as 20 feet, compared to the three-feet-tall . . . — Map (db m84186) HM
Pennsylvania (Cumberland County), Carlisle — Hesco Barriers — U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center
Hercules Engineering Solutions Consortium (HESCO) Barriers HESCO Barriers are a modern type of gabion currently employed in the battlespaces of Iraq and Afghanistan. HESCO barriers are constructed of Galfan coated steel welded mesh and lined with non-woven polypropylene geotextile. They are then filled with local dirt and rock. The use of these barriers had reduced the amount of time and manpower needed to build defensive positions and they are generally sturdier than those constructed of . . . — Map (db m84139) WM
Pennsylvania (Cumberland County), Carlisle — HESCO in Iraq — U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center
From early May 2003-January 2004 we occupied an abandoned Iraqi military base near the town of Sinjar. Soon after our arrival the outer cordon of the base was built using HESCO barriers which we used as guard positions and to control access to the base. Members of my Platoon acquired some HESCO barriers not used in the construction of the outerperimeter to build a shower and some trash cans for our use. SGT Michael Mira A CO 2-187th Infantry Regiment 3rd Brigade 101st . . . — Map (db m84185) HM
Pennsylvania (Fulton County), McConnellsburg — Fulton County War on Terrorism Memorial
Fallen Soldiers of Fulton County, PA. CW2 Jonathan C. Helman 12-11-2002 (Honduras) SSG Christopher E. Cutchall 9-29-2003 (Iraq) LCpl Steven W. Szwydek 10-20-2005 (Iraq) [A Second Marker] In Honor and Remembrance of the Heroes and Victims in the Fight Against Terrorism and to Celebrate the Enduring Spirit of All Americans — Map (db m19550) WM
Pennsylvania (Lebanon County), Fort Indiantown Gap — EC-130E "Commando Solo"
Flown exclusively by the Airmen of the 193rd Special Operations Wing, Middletown, Pa., this EC-130E "Commando Solo" is a one-of-a-kind aircraft in many ways. Conducting the U.S. Military's only airborne psychological operations mission, this aircraft and her crew acted in times of peace and war as a flying broadcast studio by sending messages on standard radio and television frequencies. Beginning its service in 1963 and delivered to the Pennsylvania Air National Guard in 1979, this aircraft . . . — Map (db m12540) HM
Pennsylvania (Lebanon County), Fort Indiantown Gap — EC-130E Commando Solo I — "Never Seen Always Heard"
The EC-130 Commando Solo II provided worldwide airborne radio and television broadcast capability supporting psychological operations around the world during the period 1991-2006. It evolved from earlier C-130 variants known as Valiant Solo and Commando Solo I, which flew from 1979 to 1991, and from the EC-121 broadcast platform known as Coronet Solo which flew from 1968 to 1977. In 2006, the Commando Solo II aircraft displayed here was replaced by Commando Solo III, an upgraded broadcast . . . — Map (db m12542) HM
Pennsylvania (Lebanon County), Fort Indiantown Gap — Fallen Warrior Memorial - 2nd BCT — Fallen Warrior Memorial Symbolism
Fallen Warrior Memorial 2nd BCT The 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 28th Infantry Division (2/28 BCT), Pennsylvania Army National Guard, was mobilized January 2005 to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. Known as the "IRON BRIGADE," it marked the division's largest mobilization for combat since World War II. The 2/28 BCT was comprised of military personnel from 31 states, more than 4,100 members strong, of which 2,143 were members of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Once deployed to Iraq, the . . . — Map (db m12543) HM
Pennsylvania (Somerset County), Shanksville — Flight 93 — National Memorial
Panel 1: America Attacked On the morning of September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda terrorists hijack four commercial U.S. airliners that are departing from East Coast airports. The terrorists fly two jet airliners into the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in New York City and a third aircraft into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. A fourth aircraft, United Airlines Flight 93, crashes into an open field near rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing all on board. The four aircraft . . . — Map (db m49256) HM
Pennsylvania (Tioga County), Liberty — Staff Sergeant Ryan Scott Ostrom — September 25, 1979 - August 9, 2005 — In Memory Of

United States Army Pennsylvania National Guard Killed in Action - Taqaddum Iraq Operation Iraqi Freedom 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Division Freedom Isn't Free

SSG Ryan S. Ostrom served with Company B-109th Infantry (Mechanized), 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 28th Infantry Division, Williamsport, PA

SSG Ostrom gave the ultimate sacrifice to his country when he was killed during a combat mission in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 05-07. SSG Ostrom's dedication to . . . — Map (db m91237) WM

Pennsylvania (York County), York — Fallen Heroes Memorial

"When you go home. Tell them of us and say For their tomorrow. We gave our today."

John Maxwell Edmonds — Map (db m82373) WM

Rhode Island (Washington County), Exeter — 43d Infantry Division Memorial
In memory of our deceased comrades 43d Infantry Division, Veterans Association Winged Victory — Map (db m66422) HM
South Carolina (Aiken County), North Augusta — Grenada • Panama • Persian Gulf Tribute
Grenada Panama Persian Gulf The eyes of the world were upon you, the hopes and prayers of liberty loving people marched with you to stop unwarranted aggression and oppression of people. — Map (db m31507) WM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — S-3B Viking — BuNo, 159731
The S-3 Viking replaced the S-2 Tracker in carrier-based ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) operations by the mid 1970s. In the 1990s, the Viking's focus shifted to surface warfare and aerial refueling. The versatile Viking (often called "The Swiss Army Knife of Naval aviation"), is being replaced by the F/A-18 Super Hornet. The S-3B Viking on display participated in Operation Desert Shield/Storm in Iraq 1990-1991, Operation Restore Hope in Somalia 1992, Enforce No-Fly Zone in Iraq 1993, 1996-1998, . . . — Map (db m19139) HM
South Carolina (Florence County), Florence — September 11, 2001
This monument contains limestone damaged in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It was recovered from the west facade of the Pentagon and is placed in remembrance of the 2,977 individuals killed in the attacks on our homeland. 184 perished at the Pentagon, 40 were lost on Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, and 2,753 died in New York at the World Trade Center. The events of September 11, 2001 changed our nation forever. By placing this stone, #ES 76, which was part of the Original Pentagon built . . . — Map (db m52253) WM
South Carolina (Georgetown County), Andrews — Georgetown County National Guard Memorial
To our Guardsmen and Families of the 1 BN 178 FA: In appreciation for your sacrifices, bravery and loyalty during Operation Iraqi Freedom (2004~2005) From the Citizens of Georgetown County — Map (db m55063) WM
South Carolina (Georgetown County), Georgetown — 1st Battalion 178th Field Artillery
To our Guardsmen and Families of the 1 BN 178 FA: In appreciation for your sacrifices, bravery and loyalty during Operation Iraqi Freedom (2004-2005) From the Citizens of Georgetown County — Map (db m31642) WM
South Carolina (Greenville County), Greenville — Graceland East Memorial Park Veterans Monument
A Nation that honors its veterans is a nation dedicated to the preservation of freedom won by the sacrifice of life itself. These emblems are appropriately dedicated to the valiant dead of the armed forces who ventured far, fought bravely, and gave their lives to preserve freedom and liberty in our land. Together they lie here in mute testimony to the manner in which they lived, worked and fought to achieve the victories in order that America may life. In Memory of All World War I . . . — Map (db m30823) WM
South Carolina (Greenville County), Simpsonville — Simpsonville Veterans Memorial
To all veterans for their supreme sacrifice faithful to the last full measure always to be remembered. — Map (db m12165) WM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — American Flag Pole
In Loving Memory Captain Kimberly Nicole Hampton, PC '98 United States Army First female combat pilot shot down and killed in United Stated military aviation history Fallujah, Iraq, January 2, 2004 — Map (db m11978) HM
South Carolina (Pickens County), Easley — Captain Kimberly Hampton
Dedicated to the memory of Captain Kimberly Hampton August 18, 1976 - January 9, 2004 United States Army OH-58 Helicopter Pilot Fallujah, Iraq Who gave her life in the service of her country. — Map (db m15462) WM
South Carolina (Pickens County), Pickens — To the Valiant Citizen-Soldiers of Pickens County
To the Valiant Citizen-Soldiers of Pickens County who Answered their Call to Duty and Made the Supreme Sacrifice For our future generations, their youth, they gave away, never again to see the land between the Oolenoy River Valley and the Keowee River Remember always their valor...For they are of us...Pickens...A County That Went to War Carolina Indian Wars 1760 British Army Lieutenant Richard Coytmore Unknown British Soldier Twenty-two Cherokee Indian Chiefs Fort . . . — Map (db m20092) WM
South Carolina (York County), Filbert — York County Veterans Memorial
(Front) York County Veterans Memorial In memory of those who served and those who died in all wars We are one Erected 1986 — Map (db m52270) WM
Tennessee (Wayne County), Waynesboro — Waynesboro Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom Monument
In honor of those who served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom Erected by th Family Readiness Group of Detachment 1 Battery B 2nd Battalion 115th Field Artillery Waynesboro, Tennessee Gary Allen Anderson Jr. • Daniel Baskins • Jeremy Billman • Brandon D. Bradley • David W. Brewer • Myran Lane Brown • Madison Burnett • Roger Dale Butler • John Walter Calton • Shawn Caperton • Randall G. Conway • Dennis Creecy • Joseph Creecy • . . . — Map (db m53556) WM
Texas (Gillespie County), Fredericksburg — Lt. Col. Jack K. Lee Fallen Hero’s Memorial
Lt. Col. Jack K. Lee Fallen Hero’s Memorial U.S. Air Force Nov. 16, 1924 - Aug. 5, 2004 WWII - Korea - Viet Nam For God and Country Capt. Andrew R. Houghton A Troop, 3rd Plt., 1st Sqd., 4th U.S. Cav., 1st Inf. Div., U.S. Army USMA Class of 2001 Sept. 26, 1978 - Aug. 9, 2004 Operation Iraqi Freedom 1st Lt. Phillip I. Neel 2nd Plt., A Co., 3rd Bat., 8th Cav. Reg. 1st Cav. Div., U.S. Army USMA Class of 2005 Nov. 27, 1979 - April 8, 2007 Kosovo - . . . — Map (db m94094) WM
Texas (Runnels County), Ballinger — War on Terror Memorial
Dedicated to the men and women who served during the War on Terror. 9/11/01 - — Map (db m72230) WM
Texas (Tom Green County), Goodfellow Air Force Base — RQ-1K Predator — Dedicated 27 May 2009
Span: 48.7 feet • Speed: 70-135 mph Length: 27 feet • Ceiling: 25,000 feet Cost: $1 million • Engine: Four-cylinder Rotax 914F The aircraft on display is the RQ-1K Predator, SN 95-3013. It is a medium-altitude, long-endurance, first-generation unmanned aircraft system initially used for reconnaissance and surveillance. The RQ-1 entered the USAF inventory in 1994 and was deployed for the first time over Bosnia in 1995. In 2002, the Predator was armed with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, . . . — Map (db m71828) HM
Texas (Tom Green County), San Angelo — Goodfellow Air Force Base — Serving The Nation Since 1940 — 1st. Lt. John J. Goodfellow Jr.
BT-13 1944-46 • AT-6 1944-54 B-25 1945, 54-58 3545th Pilot Training Wing 1945 • 1958 USAF Security Service School 1958 • 1978 3480th Technical Training Wing 1978 • 1985 Goodfellow Technical Training Center 1985 • 1993 17th Training Wing 1993 • Present Intelligence Training 1958 Joint Service Cryptologic Training 1960s Cryptologic Linguist Training 1990's Hardcopy Imagery Analyst Intel Training • Fire Training PAVE PAWS Radar Facility at Eldorado . . . — Map (db m71905) HM
Virginia, Portsmouth — Q 8h — Portsmouth Naval Hospital
This was begun in 1827 and opened in 1830. The hospital was taxed to its capacity in the Great Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1855 which decimated Portsmouth and Norfolk. This hospital has cared for the sick and wounded of the Navy in all wars of the United States since its establishment. It is the oldest hospital of the Navy. — Map (db m37107) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington — Pentagon Memorial
[Panel 1]: We claim this ground in remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001. To honor the 184 people whose lives were lost, their families, and all who sacrifice that we may live in freedom. We will never forget. [Panel 2]: We will be forever grateful to the thousands of people from across the nation and around the world who contributed their time, resources and energy to create this Memorial. The Pentagon Memorial Fund, Inc. Board of Directors: . . . — Map (db m13109) HM
Virginia (Hanover County), Hanover — Hanover Veterans Memorial
We honor all who served World War I Buchanan, Levy A. • Collins, Robert F. • Duke, William L. • Fleet, William A. • Gallamore, H. • Harper, George T. • Haynes, James A. • Jenkins, Edwin T. • Melton, Lawrence J. • Mills, Guss W. • Satterwhite, Lilbon D. • Woods, S.P. World War II Albertson, Dale W. • Ancarrow, Dalton • Anderson, William E. Jr. • Atkinson, Mell V. • Baskett, Ashby • Binnix, John Henry Jr. • Brooks, Walter H. • Carter, Irwin • Crenshaw, Lawrence • . . . — Map (db m53811) WM
Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — W 181 — Virginia Air National Guard
In 1947, Virginia received its first Air Guard unit designated as the 149th Fighter Squadron. Founded by the Virginia legislature in 1946 and recognized by the National Guard Bureau in 1947, it is directly descended from the historic 328th Fighter Squadron which earned numerous commendations for combat in Europe during World War II. The Virginia units were activated during the Korean War and the 1961 Berlin Crisis. As part of the 192d Fighter Group, it flew missions in Bosnia and Iraq after the attacks of 11 September 2001. — Map (db m24852) HM
Virginia (Northampton County), Eastville — Historic Northampton County Court Bell
This bell was installed in the attic of the 1989 Northampton County Courthouse during the original construction. When court was called into order, the Northampton County Sheriff would ring the bell and then stand out on the balcony and announce that court was in session. In 2005, the bell was dedicated to the memory of US. Army Sergeant Tromaine Troy of Eastville who was Killed in Action while serving his Country in Ramadi, Iraq, during a combat operation. In 2011, Northampton County . . . — Map (db m71858) HM WM
Virginia (Prince William County), Quantico Marine Corps Base — Manion Hall
1st Lt Travis L. Manion United States Marine Corps Company Advisor, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Division Military Transition Team Regimental Combat Team 6, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) Posthumously Awarded the Silver Star Medal for actions in Fallujah, Iraq 29 April 2007 This gallant Marine officer demonstrated inspiring leadership and boundless courage in service to his Country and Corps — Map (db m79042) WM
Virginia (Prince William County), Quantico Marine Corps Base — McGlothlin Hall
1st Lt Donald R. McGlothlin United States Marine Corps Rifle Platoon Commander, Company F, Battalion Landing Team 2/1 Regimental Combat Team 2, 2nd Marine Division II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) Posthumously awarded the Silver Star Medal for actions during Operation Steel Curtain New Ubaydi, Iraq 16 November 2005 This gallant Marine Officer demonstrated inspiring leadership and boundless courage in service to his Country and Corps — Map (db m79041) HM
Virginia (Prince William County), Quantico Marine Corps Base — Pokorney Hall
1st Lt Frederick E. Pokorney, Jr. United States Marine Corps Artillery Forward Observer Company C, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines Task Force Tarawa I Marine Expeditionary Force Posthumously awarded the Silver Star Medal for actions during the Battle of An Nasiriyah, Iraq Operation Iraqi Freedom 23 March 2003 This gallant leader gave his life in service to Country and Corps, illustrating the exemplary character and selfless sacrifice expected of a Marine officer. — Map (db m79040) WM
Virginia (Prince William County), Woodbridge — Roll of Honor
WORLD WAR I Hugh Corum • William Nickens • Harry Hatcher • Omer Smith • Champ L. Jones • Maurice Beavers • Eugene Ross • G. O. Lynch • John C. Blight • John Berry • Floyd Whetzel • William Saffer • Perry Herring • McKinley Dodd • Fewell Athey • Frank Green • Kemp Williams • M.M. Lake • Melvin Cornwell • Vernard Cornwell • Melbourne Varner • Carrington Bailey • Archer Crawford • Clarkson Mayhugh • Wilson D. Garner • John Blackwell • Randolph W. Fair WORLD WAR II Clyde A. Patton . . . — Map (db m3234) WM
Virginia (Pulaski County), Pulaski — Pulaski County War Memorial
Dedicated to those who gave the last full measure and to those who marched beside them. — Map (db m41481) WM
Washington (Clark County), Camas — 58004 — Camas-Washougal War Memorial
This memorial is dedicated to all servicemen from the Camas-Washougal area who have died as a result of hostile action since the beginning of the Vietnam War. — Map (db m58004) WM
Washington (Pierce County), DuPont — Global War on Terrorism Memorial — City of DuPont
Tablet #1 On September 11, 2001, nineteen Al-Qaeda terrorists attacked the United States homeland. In less than 4 hours they killed nearly 3,000 men, women and children. Countless extraordinary Americans answered the call to defend this great nation, many of whom made DuPont their home. They committed their lives to hunt down the enemy and dismantle the network of terrorists across the globe and keep America safe. When a soldier goes to war, the family at home bears a heavy burden. . . . — Map (db m40169) WM
Wisconsin (Manitowoc County), Manitowoc — Manitowoc County Veterans Memorial Park
Dedicated to those who served and died May their sacrifice forever inspire freedom "I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others feared to go, and did what others feared to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing, and reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness should I fail. I have seen the face of terror, felt the stinging cold of fear, and have enjoyed the sweet taste of a moment's love. I have cried, hurt and hoped, but most of all, I . . . — Map (db m57252) WM
Wisconsin (Saint Croix County), Hersey — Rememberance Wall — Wisconsin Veterans of Iraq War — 2003 • 2008
Kirk A. Straseskie • Mathew E. Schram • Dan H. Gabrielson • Paul J. Sturino • Rachel K. Bosveld • Jeremy L. Wolfe • Eugene A Uhl III • Warren S. Hansen • Christopher J. Splinter • Robert J. Cook • Nichole M. Frye • Bert E. Hoyer • John F. Kurth • Sean M. Schneider • Jesse L. Thiry • Ryan M. Jerabek • Michell M. Witmer • Michael A. McGlothin • Charles A. Kiser • Stephen G. Martin • Adrian V. Soltau • Andrew . . . — Map (db m61004) WM
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