“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Brazil, Amazonas, Manaus — Praça São SebastiãoMonumento Comemorativo a Abertura dos Portos — Monument to the Opening of the [Amazon] Ports
[Panel 1] Mandado Construir em MDCCCXCIX pelo Exmo Senr. Jose Cardoso Ramalho Júnior, Governador do Estado do Amazonas. [In English: Construction Ordered, 1899, by His Excellency, Mr. Jose Cardoso Ramalho Junior, Governor of the State . . . — Map (db m26407) HM
Brazil, Bahia, Salvador — Zumbi dos Palmares Monument
Panel 1: Zumbi dos Palmares “É chegada a hora de tirar nossa nação das trevas da injustica racial.” Nasceu livre, em 1655, na Serra da Barriga, união dos Palmares, Alagoas. Neto de Aqualtune, não permitiu a . . . — Map (db m26125) HM
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro — Augusto Ferreira Ramos
Engenheiro Brasilero que idealisou e realisou o Caminho Aéreo 1912 - 1913 English Translation: The Brazilian Engineer who envisioned and created the aerial tramway. — Map (db m26350) HM
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro — Christ the Redeemer MonumentCorcovado TrainCristo Retender
Uma história de fé A history of faith [Text in Portuguese: ...] De braços abertos sobre a cidade, abençoando-a, o monumento ao Cristo Redentor, foi inaugurado em 12 outubro de 1931 pelo Presidente Getúlio Vargas e o . . . — Map (db m31815) HM
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro — 01246020 — Copacabana FortArmy History Museum
Together with the Arpoador Rock and Cape, the Fort is part of an important landscape group located between two highly populated neighbourhoods: Copacabana and Ipanema. Date: inaugurated in 1914 by President Marechal Hermes da Fonseca. . . . — Map (db m25962) HM
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro — 01056031 — Ordem Terceira do Carmo Church[Church of the Third Order of Carmel]
The Venerable and Archiepiscopal Third Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmo [sic]was founded on July 19, 1648. In 1749, the Order decided to have a new chapel built to practice spiritual exercises more comfortably. But it was only in 1752 . . . — Map (db m31759) HM
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro — Praça 15 de NovembroPrefeitura da Cidade do Rio De Janeiro
Esta região guarda a memória do período colonial Brasileiro. No Século XVII, o núcleo original da cidade desloca-se do morro do Castelo para a várzea e consolida-se ao longo da Rua Direita, hoje Primeiro de Março. Junto à rua, na praia de N.S. do . . . — Map (db m26313) HM
Alberta, Lake Louise — Defining the Boundry of the Great DivideDélimitation de la Ligne de Partage des Eaux
Prior to 1913 the Alberta-British Columbia boundary was defined by the divide or watershed of the Rocky Mountains. The discovery of valuable coal deposits and the availability of marketable timber and the incursion of railroads and roads required a . . . — Map (db m70445) HM
Alberta, Lake Louise — Parting of the WatersLe Partage des Eaux
How many creeks do you know of that split, with each fork reaching a separate ocean, 4500 km apart.

Here, Divide Creek forks on the boundary between Pacific and Atlantic watersheds, commonly called the Great Divide.

Water in the left fork . . . — Map (db m70444) HM
Alberta, Waterton — Waterton
ENGLISH INSCRIPTION Welcome to Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada National Parks protect the natural landscapes of Canada and also provide great places for outdoor adventures and connecting with nature. As you enjoy . . . — Map (db m82962) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Beacon Hill
Death, life and happiness are in the story of Beacon Hill. On these headlands, where an ancient race once buried their dead, early settlers erected beacons to guide mariners past dangerous Brotchie Ledge. Here, too, ever since Victoria was . . . — Map (db m49255) HM
British Columbia (Capital Regional District), Victoria — Fort Victoria
The mooring rings on the rocks below are the only surviving fragment of Fort Victoria built by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1843. From 1846, when the Oregon boundary was drawn at the 49th parallel, this post served as grand depot and headquarters of . . . — Map (db m9195) HM
British Columbia (Cariboo Regional District), Barkerville — Cariboo Gold FieldsDistricts Aurifères de Cariboo — Barkerville - Historic Town
English: A search for the source of placer gold found on lower parts of the Fraser River led to discoveries of lode mines in the Cariboo, of which Williams Creek, is said to have yielded $19,000,000. As a centre of population in the . . . — Map (db m42712) HM
British Columbia (Greater Vancouver Regional District), Vancouver — Meet You Under the Clock
Since 1907, generations of Vancouverites have arranged downtown rendevous with one simple phrase - "meet you under the Birks clock!" Erected as "a public convenience for the people of Vancouver", this stalwart timepiece has stood in front of . . . — Map (db m32970) HM
New Brunswick (Charlotte County), Campobello — Roosevelt Campobello Park
Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson and Mrs. Lester B. Pearson Together opened the Roosevelt Campobello Park on the twenthieth day of August 1964 Lyndon Baines Johnson President of the United States of America and Lester Bowles Pearson Prime Minister of Canada . . . — Map (db m25394) HM
New Brunswick (Charlotte County), Campobello — The Summer Colony
Owners of the Campobello Company hoped to enhance their one million-dollar investment by subdividing their land and selling the smaller lots to hotel guests, island residents, and others. Only a few of the lots were actually sold and built upon. . . . — Map (db m25471) HM
New Brunswick (Saint John County), Saint John — King’s SquareCarré King’s Square — Established 1785/Fondé en 1785
English King’s Square, named for King George III of England, was granted to the City of Saint John by royal charter in 1785. During its early years, the grounds were the site of such public uses as oxen roasts, fireworks displays, militia . . . — Map (db m77534) HM
New Brunswick (Saint John County), Saint John — The Great Fire of 1877/L’incendie de 1877Trinity Royal — Saint John’s First Historic Preservation Area/Premiere de conservation historique de Saint John
There are two side to this marker English The Great Fire of 1877 One of the most destructive fires of modern times occurred at Saint John, N.B., on Wednesday, June 20th, 1877. It was more calamitous in its character than . . . — Map (db m77570) HM
Ontario (Leeds & Grenville Counties), Brockville — Blockhouse Island
On this island, formerly known as Hospital Island, stood the sheds erected to house emigrants who were victims of cholera in the great epidemic of 1832. Many persons died here, including Doctor Robert Gilmour, a native of Scotland and president of . . . — Map (db m87065) HM
Ontario (Middlesex County), London — The Founding of London
In 1793, here on the River Thames, Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe selected a site for the capital of Upper Canada. York, however, became the seat of government and the townsite of London lay undeveloped until its selection in 1826 as the . . . — Map (db m18971) HM
Ontario (Niagara Region), Niagara Falls — Table Rock HouseErected 1853. — Demolished 1926.
The first Table Rock House stood 150 yards north of here. Erected in the year 1853, it occupied a site opposite the historical landmark of Table Rock, an overhanging limestone ledge which fell into the Niagara Gorge in the year 1850. — Map (db m78088) HM
Ontario (Niagara Region), Niagara Falls — Thompson Point
This depression was the site in the early 1800’s where John Thompson quarried the exposed limestone ridge at the edge of the gorge, and processed it into agricultural lime. There were two lime kilns and a water-powered sawmill on the site which . . . — Map (db m79421) HM
Quebec (Ville-Marie Borough), Montréal — Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac
[The coat of arms of Quebec] “Je Me Souviens” Ici vécut -- Here lived Antoine Laumet de Lamothe Sieur de Cadillac (1658-1730), Fondateur de -- Founder of Détroit, -- Detroit, Governeur de -- Governor of La . . . — Map (db m78185) HM
Yukon Territory, Dawson City — Discovery ClaimConcession de la Découverte
[English:] The names Robert Henderson, Skookum Jim, Tagish Charlie and George Carmack are inextricably linked to the discovery of gold on Bonanza Creek. Henderson was first to systematically explore the gold bearing potential of the region, only . . . — Map (db m44702) HM
Czech Republic, Hlavní město Praha (Staré Město), Prague — The Novotny FootbridgeNovotného Lavka
{Marker text in Czech:} Novotného Lavka • Nazvaná mlynáře Karla Novotného R. 1878. Lemuje ji soubor býv. Staromĕstských mlýnu z let 1432-1436 s vodárenskou vĕží R. 1489, barokně prěstavěný a po a . . . — Map (db m41262) HM
El Salvador, Cuscatlán, Cojutepeque — History of Cerro de las PavasHistoria del Cerro de las Pavas
¡Oh Cerro de Las Pavas!, más antiguo que el pueblo que a tu vera se acuna, sin más noticia de que fuiste formado en la era Cenozoica, en la Colonia ya tenías caminos a tu lomo y al menos tu nombre se decía. El bosque antiguo del cerro que muchos . . . — Map (db m88833) HM
El Salvador, San Miguel, Ciudad Barrios — Oscar Romero Park
Parque Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez Ciudad Barrios se honra en eregir este monumento alegórico a su Hijo Meritísimo, quien dio la vida por los habitantes de este país por amor, por justicia y por el evangelio de Jesucristo. Alcalde . . . — Map (db m83251) HM
Estonia, Harjumaa MaakondTallinn — 1199 — The Historic Centre (Old Town) of Tallinn
Text in Estonian: … [Seals of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention] Text in English: The Historic Centre (Old Town) of Tallinn has been inscribed upon the World Heritage List of the Convention concerning the protection . . . — Map (db m57529) HM
Finland, Uusimaa Region, Helsinki — The Senate SquareVanhaa HelsinkiäGamla Helsingfors
Seaatintori: Text in Finnish ... : Senatstorget: Text in Swedish ... : CEHATCKA: Text in Russian ... : Text in English: Helsinki was moved to its current location from the mouth of the River Vantaanjoki in . . . — Map (db m57703) HM
Finland, Uusimaa Region (Helsinki), Suomenlinna — KirkkopuistoKyrkparken - Church Park — [Suomenlinna Sea Fortress]
[Text in Finnish:] … [Text in Swedish:] … [Text in English:] The crownwork (1) comprises the southern flank of an ambitious plan for a public square originally drawn up by Augustin Ehrensvard. The foundation stone . . . — Map (db m57779) HM
France, Île-de-France (Paris), Paris — Place Louis XVPlace de la Revolution — (Place de la Concorde)
Cette place inauguree en 1763, fut appellee a l’oringine, Place Louis XV De novembre 1792 a mai 1795 alors denommee Place de la Revolution Elle fut le lieu principal des executions publiques, dont celle de Louis XVI, le 21 janvier 1793, et de . . . — Map (db m61453) HM
France, Languedoc-Roussillon (Hérault Département), Capestang — Les Remparts[The Ramparts]
Capestang a connu plusieurs enceintes successives pour accompangner sa croissance durant le Bas Moyen Age. Ce vestige appartient à la dernière, construite à la demande de l’archevêque de Narbonne en 1356, en pleine guerre de Cent Ans. L’année . . . — Map (db m60083) HM
France, Languedoc-Roussillon (Hérault Départment), Capestang — La fontaine du Théron[The Theron fountain ]
Seules quatre fontaines “d’eau bonne” mis à part les puits, desservaient le village à la fin des années 1950. Celle-ci était la plus ancienne. Située à l’arrivée de la source captée, l’eau s’écoulait dans une galerie souterraine maçonnée . . . — Map (db m60176) HM
France, Languedoc-Roussillon (Hérault Départment), Capestang — Le Bassin Rond[The Round Basin]
1861, le vignoble est en plein essor et avec lui le village dont la population a plus que doublé depuis le début de siècle. Pour les 2700 habitants, deux fontaines publiques ne suffisent plus. Une troisième, par souscription, est donc ediflée . . . — Map (db m60086) HM
France, Languedoc-Roussillon (Hérault Départment), Capestang — Le Domaine CASTRES
Une “campagne” au coeur du village. Malgré le patronage officiel de Rouget de Lisle, pour les gens du cru, le “plan de Castres” sert toujours à designer la place et tour le quartier. [Translation by Google Translate (with . . . — Map (db m60084) HM
France, Midi-Pyrénées (Tarn Département), Albi — Le bourg Saint-Salvi
Le bourg Saint-Salvi Ce bourg s’est développé aux XIe – Xlle siècles autour de la collégiale Saint-Salvi, à partir d’un anneau de rues commerçantes et artisanales, appelé en occitan «roda de la plassa» , la roue de la place. Le nom occitan . . . — Map (db m60291) HM
France, Midi-Pyrénées (Tarn Département), Albi — Le Castelnau
Le Castelnau, désignait «le bourg nouveau»» par opposition au Castleviel, qui constituait le site originel de la ville au début du Moyen Âge. Il s’est développé aux XIIe et XIIIe siècles entre la cathédrale Sainte-Cécile, au nord, et la fontaine de . . . — Map (db m60372) HM
Germany, Bavaria (Ansbach District), Rothenburg ob der Tauber — Jews's Alley and Jewish QuarterJudengasse und jüdisches Viertel — (ca. 1371 - 1520)
Im letzten Drittel des. 14. Jahrhunderts siedelten sich jüdische Einwohner auf dem Gebiet unmittelbar außerhalb der früheren Stadtmauer an. Der Name „Judengasse” ist seit 1377 belegt. Sowohl jüdische als auch christliche Mieter . . . — Map (db m77705) HM
Germany, Berlin — Baudenkmal Berliner Mauer[Berlin Wall Monument]
German Text: … English Text: The Berlin Wall became an international symbol of the division of Germany after the Second World War and also of the Cold War between East and West. The construction of the Berlin Wall began on . . . — Map (db m57785) HM
Germany, Berlin — Checkpoint Charlie Site
[Panel 1:] During the time Germany and Berlin were divided by THE WALL, the sign which symbolizes world history was standing here: The victorious powers of World War II and the two Germanies confronted each other here, and the Western powers . . . — Map (db m56213) HM
Germany, Berlin — Pariser Platz
[English text] Pariser Plaz (Paris Square) is one of Berlin’s most distinctive squares and occupies a unique place within the groundplan of the city. Its planning is attributed to Philipp Gerlach (1697-1738), the architect commissioned by . . . — Map (db m56361) HM
Germany, Berlin — Soviet War MemorialTiergarten
Вечный славу героев, которые входят в . . . — Map (db m57182) HM
Germany, Saxony-Anhalt (Mansfeld-Südharz District), Lutherstadt Eisleben — Martin Luther Death House
In diesem hause starb Dr. M. Luther den 18. Februar 1546. —————————— In this home, Dr. Martin Luther died on February 18, 1546. — Map (db m70220) HM
Greece, Attica Periphery, Athens — Areopagus Hill
[Left columns - text in Greek] [Right columns - text in English] The Areopagus, a rocky outcrop approximately 115 m. high is situated between three other hills, the Acropolis, the Pnyx, and the Kolonos Agoraios. Its name . . . — Map (db m47716) HM
Greece, Attica Region (Central Athens Regional Unit), Athens — A. The Propylaia, B. The Shrine of Athena Hygieia and Hygieia
English Text: A. The Propylaia The Propylaia, the monumental entrance of the sanctuary of the Acropolis, was built at the west edge of the hill in the frame of the building programme of Perikles. The building's . . . — Map (db m85103) HM
Greece, Attica Region (Central Athens Regional Unit), Athens — A. The Sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia, B. The Chalkotheke
English Text: A. The sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia After passing through the Propylaia, the sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia, the so-called Brauronion, lies to the right of the processional way of the Acropolis. It was . . . — Map (db m85203) HM
Greece, Attica Region (Central Athens Regional Unit), Athens — The "Old Temple" of Athena
The large Archaic temple to the south of the Erechtheion, which today preserves only its foundations, was called the "Old Temple" according to epigraphic evidence. Dedicated to Athena Polias, the patron deity of the city, it housed the . . . — Map (db m85232) HM
Greece, Attica Region (Central Athens Regional Unit), Athens — The Erechtheion
English Text: The elegant building of the Ionic order is called, according to later literary sources, Erechtheion from the name of Erechtheus, the mythical king of Athens. The construction started before the outbreak of the . . . — Map (db m85173) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — "Kouloures""Kουλούρες"
English Text: Three large pits, known as "Kouloures" (rings) (Figure 1), with stone-lined walls were built in the West Court during the Old Palace period (1900-1700 B.C.). The excavation workmen gave them their name and Arthur Evans kept . . . — Map (db m85436) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — "North Lustral Basin"
English Text: The room before you resembles a cistern. Its floor is lower than the surrounding area and is reached by steps. The "Lustral Basin" was surrounded by columns and was lined with slabs of gypsum giving it a luxurious . . . — Map (db m85439) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — "Piano Nobile"
English Text: The great staircase and the upper floor to which it leads are largely Evan's creations. Evans thought that it had a function rather like the first floor of Italian Palazzi of the Renaissance, which was called the "Piano . . . — Map (db m85453) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — "Shrine of the Double Axes"
English Text: The room before you was made into a shrine at the end of the Postpalatial period (1375-1200 B.C.). It is known as the "Shrine of the Double Axes" (Figure 1). On a bench at the back, different ritual objects were found . . . — Map (db m85476) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — "Theatral Area", "Royal Road"
English Text: The area before you was called the "Theatre" by Evans because its shape reminded him of later theatres (Figure 1). It is a platform and rows of steps that form an angle. At the bottom of the steps is the end of a narrow . . . — Map (db m85403) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — "Throne Room""Αίθουσα του Θρόνου"
English Text: You are in the antechamber of a complex of rooms that Evans named the "Throne Room". Its name comes from the stone seat found in the room behind the antechamber (Figure 1). Stone benches are preserved in the . . . — Map (db m85440) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — Palace of KnossosMain Visitor's Route
English Text: 1. West Court 2. "Kouloures" 3. "West Porch" 4. "Processional Causeway" 5. "South House" 6. "South Propylaeum" 7. "West Magazines" 8. "Throne Room" 9. "Tripartite Shrine" 10. Central Court 11. Copy of . . . — Map (db m85412) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — Conservation - restoration of the "West Magazines"
The complex of the "West Magazine", an impressive row of eighteen long, narrow spaces (numbered in Latin numerals from one to eighteen), forms the main storage area of the Palace of Knossos. The construction-restoration work, undertaken . . . — Map (db m85556) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — North Entrance, North Pillar Hall
English Text: An open air passage linked the Central Court with the North Entrance. It was paved and sharply inclined towards the north. The passage is narrow. Right and left were two raised colonnades known as "Bastions" (Figure . . . — Map (db m85549) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — South Entrance, Corridor with the "Prince of the Lilies" Fresco
English Text: The south part and south facade of the Palace is very eroded. Today one can only see foundations on tiered levels. At the bottom, a tower-like projection is all that remains of the south entrance to the Palace. An ascending . . . — Map (db m85469) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — The "Hall of the Double Axes" and the "Queen's Megaron"
English Text: Archaeological information concerning political organization during the Minoan period is very limited. Nevertheless, the mythological tradition concerning King Minos and Evan's notions concerning the institution of kingship . . . — Map (db m85496) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — The “Magazines of the Giant Pithoi”, and the “East Bastion”
English Text: The great pithoi (storage jars) you see before you, were found in a place named by Evans, the "Magazines of the Giant Pithoi" (Figure 1). These magazines are one of the older parts of the Palace. The pithoi are set apart by . . . — Map (db m85506) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — The work of the Knossos Scientific Committee on the Palace and the archaeological site
English Text: The "Palace and Archaeological Site of Knossos" project, intended both to deal with the various problems faced by the monument and to promote it, was included in the 3rd Community Support Fund (CSF) in 2000, to be . . . — Map (db m85562) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — Water and Drainage Conduits
English Text: In front of you can be seen part of the water system that channelled drinking water from a source in the vicinity of the palace. This took the form of a series of clay pipes with one end narrower than the other so that they . . . — Map (db m85520) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — West Magazines
English Text: Looking down, you can see the start of the corridor that joins eighteen long and narrow storerooms, covering an area of 1300 square meters (Figure 1). In the floor of both the storerooms and corridor, there are . . . — Map (db m85449) HM
Greece, Crete (Heraklion), Knosos — West WingΔυτική Πτέρυγα
English Text: The stairs on the right lead from the Central Court to the upper floor of the West Wing. This is largely reconstructed by Evans. The area left of the stairs has been identified as a shrine, called by Evans the . . . — Map (db m85442) HM
Greece, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region (Kavala Regional Unit), Krinides — Ancient Theater
English Text: The ancient theater of Philippi is a very important monument, located on the southeastern hillside of the acropolis leaning against the eastern city wall. Its initial phase is dated in the reign of the King of Macedonia . . . — Map (db m84753) HM
Greece, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region (Kavala Regional Unit), Krinides — Annexes to Octagon at Philippi
North of the octagonal church, and with the Hellenistic tomb-heroon continuing to function as nucleus, the spaces of prothesis, diakonikon, phiale and baptistery were developed. The later consisted of apodyterium, catechumena, baptistery and . . . — Map (db m84813) HM
Greece, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region (Kavala Regional Unit), Krinides — Archeological Area Filippi
Αρχαιολογικός Χώρος Φιλίππων 1. Acropolis 2. Neapolhs Gate 3. Theatre 4. Sanctuary of Sylvanus 5. . . . — Map (db m84743) HM
Greece, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region (Kavala Regional Unit), Krinides — Christian Philippi
English Text: Philippi was a flourishing city in eastern Macedonia during the Hellenistic, Roman, and Early Christian periods, with continuous habitation from the mid-4th century BC to the 14th century AD. The city's 3500-meter long . . . — Map (db m84801) HM
Greece, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region (Kavala Regional Unit), Krinides — Philippi
English text: The ancient city of Philippi was built on the fringes of the marshes that occupied the south-east part of the plain of Drama. The first settlers were colonists from Thasos who were aware of the rich sources of precious . . . — Map (db m84747) HM
Greece, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region (Regional unit of Kavala), Kavala — Black Sea - Silk Road
Marker's English Text: Kavala The history of the town begins in the 7th century BC, in the reign of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, flourished here the seaport of Neapolis (Kavala) which served the city of . . . — Map (db m84727) HM
Greece, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region (Regional unit of Kavala), Kavala — Neapolis-Christoupolis-Kavala (7th C.BC. - 20th C.AD.)
Marker's English Text: Historical Outline The Panagia peninsula has been inhabited since the Early Iron Age (1050-700 BC). In the second half of the 7th century BC, Parian settlers from Thasos founded a new . . . — Map (db m84729) HM
Greece, Kalymnos (peripheral unit) (Pátmos municipality), Chorá — Historic Centre (Chorá)Monastery of Saint John the Theologian — World Heritage Site
[Marker text printed in Greek and English script:] 1999 The Historic Centre (Chorá) with the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse World Heritage Site The Historic Centre (Chorá) with the Monastery . . . — Map (db m43647) HM
Greece, Kalymnos peripheral unit (Patmos municipality), Chorá — Historic Centre (Chorá)Cave of the Apocalypse — World Heritage Site
1999 The Historic Centre (Chorá) with the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse World Heritage Site The Historic Centre (Chorá) with the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse . . . — Map (db m43646) HM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — Ancient Corinth
English Text: 1. Temple of Apollo 2. Lechaion Road 3. Propylaia 4. Bema 5. Race Course 6. Heroon of the Crossroads 7. Underground Shrine 8. Central Shops 9. South Stoa 10. Bouleuterion 11. South Basilica 12. Julian . . . — Map (db m85149) HM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — Archaeological Site of Ancient Corinth
Αρχαιολογικός Χώρος Αρχαίας Κορίνθου English Text: . . . — Map (db m85135) HM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — Buildings at the West End of Roman Agora
English Text: The buildings in the west end of the Roman Forum date from the 1st and 2nd century AD. In contrast to most temples of both Greek and Roman periods in Greece, the temples each stood on a high podium constructed of rubble and . . . — Map (db m84867) HM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — Glauke Fountain
English Text: The fountain of Glauke, a large cubic mass of limestone, was formed when the surrounding bedrock was quarried away. Originally, the fountain was contained within a long limestone ridge running west from Temple Hill. . . . — Map (db m84823) HM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — Lechaion Road
English Text: Propylaie on the Lechaion Road The Propylaia, the main entrance to the Forum, consisted of three archways; one main and two smaller ones. At the time of Pausanias the gilded bronze chariots of Helios and . . . — Map (db m84967) HM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — Peirene Fountain
English Text: Peirene is one of the most important topoi in the urban landscape of both Greek and Roman Corinth. Human activity is attested in the area from the Neolithic period, and the first efforts in water management date to the . . . — Map (db m84991) HM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — South Stoa
English Text: The South Stoa, one of the largest porticoed buildings in ancient Greece, was built in the late 4th century B.C., to the south of the race track of Corinth. The excavation of it by the American School of Classical Studies . . . — Map (db m85076) HM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — Temple E
English Text: Standing 9.00 meters above the Forum, Temple E occupied as prominent a place in the Roman city as the Temple of Apollo. In its first phase, the temple had stone foundations, probably with a triple crepis measuring . . . — Map (db m85084) HM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — Temple of Apollo
English Text: The seven standing columns of the Archaic temple are one of the most prominent landmarks of Corinth. Contrary to one's first impression, however, the view from this point is back of the building. The dedication of the . . . — Map (db m84826) HM
Greece, Peloponnese Region (Corinthia Regional Unit), Archea Korinthos (Old Corinth) — The Rostra (Bema) of the Roman Forum
English Text: The Rostra was a complex marble structure dating from the middle of the 1st century A.D. which dominated the face of the terrace of the Upper Forum at Corinth. It took the form of an open propylon with a n-shaped . . . — Map (db m84874) HM
Ireland, Connacht (County Galway), Inishmore, Aran Islands — Dún Aonghus
This, one of the finest prehistoric fortresses in Western Europe, consists of three dry-stone ramparts, and the remains of a fourth, the outermost of which encloses an area of 11 acres. Outside the second rampart there is a 30 foot band of . . . — Map (db m25053) HM
Ireland, Connacht (County Roscommon), Cloonyquin — Percy French1854 - 1920
This memorial is erected on the site of the birthplace of William Percy French Born 1st May 1854 and commemorates his life as engineer, song-writer, entertainer, artist and journalist. “Remember me is all I ask, and yet if . . . — Map (db m28177) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Dublin), Dublin — Lord Ardilaun
Prior to 1877 St. Stephen's Green was a private square for the use of the residents of the Green. In that year, through the generosity of Sir Arthur Edward Guinness (Lord Ardilaun) negotiations were concluded for converting it into a public park. . . . — Map (db m25311) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Longford), Kenagh — fáilte go Kenagh
Brief History of Longford Longford is a focal point of the northern midlands where the provinces of Leinster, Ulster and Connaught all converge. Longford, where history and literature, tradegy and triumph are all woven together, takes its . . . — Map (db m27946) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Louth), Monasterboice — Monasterboice / Mainistir Bhuithe
Monasterboice — from Mainistir Bhuithe (the Monastery of Buithe) This is the only early Irish monastery whose name incorporates the Irish word mainistir. Monasterboice was founded by St Buite, who died around 520. The . . . — Map (db m24628) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Louth), Monasterboice — 98 — The South Church / An Teampall Theas
At one time a church consisting of nave and chancel stood on this site. In the 13th century re-edification the west gable was moved back to add over two feet to the nave. The chancel having by this time disappeared, the plain round arch in the east . . . — Map (db m24717) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Kells — Headfort PlaceKells Heritage Trail
Headfort Place was purposely widened and lined with trees in the 18th century to make it a suitable setting for its attractive Georgian houses. It is also here that a site for a parish church was donated to the Roman Catholic community by Lord . . . — Map (db m27339) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Kells — Kells Courthouse
The courthouse, built in 1801, was designed by the prominent Irish architect Francis Johnston. Johnston also designed the General Post Office and Nelson's Pillar in Dublin, and Townley Hall, County Louth. A Vantage Point to the Past . . . — Map (db m27340) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Loyd — Kells Union Workhouse Paupers' Graveyard
Erected to the memory of the poor interred here during the operation of the English Poor Law System. 1838 - 1921. R. I. P. In the immediate aftermath of the Great ‘Famine’, this mass burial place was opened in 1851 for . . . — Map (db m27326) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Newgrange — The Woodhenge/Pit circle / The Winter Soltice
The Woodhenge/Pit circle If you were here 4000 years ago in the Early Bronze Age you would be standing inside a large wooden enclosure. The passage tomb was no longer in use at this time but the site was still a focal point for ritual and . . . — Map (db m22522) HM
Ireland, Leinster (County Meath), Slane — Slane AbbeyMainistir Shláine
Slane Abbey It is believed that in 433 AD, the first Christian missionary to Ireland, later known as St. Patrick, lit a large celebration fire here on the Hill of Slane. Soon after St Patrick, a monastery associated with St Earc was built . . . — Map (db m22533) HM
Ireland, Munster (County Kerry), Dunquin — The Blaskets
This group, the most westerly off the Irish coast, comprises 7 sizeable islands and isolated rocks spread in a line west by south over 2½ miles of the Atlantic, the largest (Great Blasket) 2 miles off shore. Antiquities of the early . . . — Map (db m24096) HM
Ireland, Munster (County Kerry), Fahan — Dunbeg Promontory Fort / An Dún Beag
Dunbeg Promontory Fort This Promontory Fort consists of four fosses (ditches) and five mounds. Behind this we have the terraced dry-stone masonry rampart, originally straight but which became curved during later construction work. The . . . — Map (db m24780) HM
Ireland, Munster (County Kerry), Reask — Reask Monastic Site / Láthair Mhainistreach an Riaisc
Reask - from An Riasc (the marsh). This important early monastery was probably founded in the 6th century. Little is known of the history of the site. The enclosing wall is roughly circular and its interior is divided by a . . . — Map (db m24147) HM
Israel, Jerusalem District, Jerusalem — Gethsemane
Garden of Olives Jesus went out with his disciples across the Kidron valley to a place where there was a garden, which he and his disciples entered. (Gospel of John 18:1) “Gethsemane, a place where the Savior prayed before . . . — Map (db m44596) HM
Israel, Jerusalem District, Jerusalem — Western WallTemple Mount — [Old City of Jerusalem]
The Divine presence never moves from the Western Wall. Jewish tradition teaches that the Temple Mount is the focal point of Creation. In the center of the mountain lies the “Foundation Stone” of the world. Here Adam came . . . — Map (db m44722) HM
Italy, Campania (Naples Province), Pompei — Pompei Giubileo [Pompeii Jubilee] 2000Edifici Privati/Private Buildings
[Text in Italian …] Text in English: The destructive fury of Vesuvius raged the 24th August in 79 a.C. Buried under three metres of ash, Pompeii suddenly stopped living. From the Forum to the Temple of Iside; from the House of the . . . — Map (db m48081) HM
Italy, Campania (Naples Province), Pompei — Teatro Grande e Quadriportico/Great Theatre and Quadriporticus — Pompeiviva
Il Teatro Grande fu costruito nel II secolo II a.C., addossando la struttura ad una collina lavica e ristrutturato in epoca augustea. La cavea costituita da gradini in tufo o calcare, ospitava circa 5000 persone in tre zone separate da corridoi . . . — Map (db m47980) HM
Italy, Lazio (Rome Province), Castel Gandolfo — World’s First Mailbox
Città di Castel Gandolfo Il 23 Novembre 1820 Il Consiglio Comunale di Castel Gandolfo Composto da Paolo Mallozzi - Luogotenente Marco Troiani - Capo Pretore Candido Marazzi - Pretore Filippo Albenzi - Pretore E dai . . . — Map (db m32347) HM
Italy, Lazio (Rome Province), Rome — The Spanish Steps / La Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti

The Spanish Steps Built between 1723 and 1726 following the project of the architect Francesco De Sanctis (1693-1740), the Spanish Steps (Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti) link the Church of Trinità dei Monti located on the slopes of Pincian . . . — Map (db m84492) HM

Italy, Lazio (Rome Province), Rome — Vittorio Emanuele II — [Capitoline Hill]
Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II secc. XIX-XX Architetti: G. Sacconi, P. Piacentini, G. Koch, M. Manfredi Renderings of the Monument: Pianta * Sezione longitudianle * Prospeto [Left column - Text in . . . — Map (db m47437) HM
Palestinian Territories, West Bank, Bethlehem — Nativity Church
(Arabic inscription precedes English inscription) The oldest church in use, the Nativity Church is home to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The Byzantine Queen Helena inaugurated the construction of a Basilica at the Nativity in 339 A.D. . . . — Map (db m44631) HM
Philippines, Cavite Province, Corregidor Island — CorregidorMonument to Peace, Human Valor and International Understanding
Corregidor derived its name from Corregimiento or “Municipal District”. About 1225 the island became a stronghold for Chinese pirates until the latter were driven by the Moros. Became Spanish possession, 1570, when Spaniards . . . — Map (db m63652) HM WM
Philippines, Laguna, Los Baños — Pook ng Bilangguang Kampo sa Los Baños — "Los Baños Internment Camp"
Panel 1: Pook ng Bilangguang Kampo sa Los Baños Ginamit ng mga Hapones bilang bilangguang kampo para sa mga bihag na Amerikano at ibang banyaga noong 1943. Nilusob ng pinagsanib na pangkat ng gerilyang Filipino mula sa mga kasapi ng ROTC . . . — Map (db m63618) HM WM
Philippines, Manila, Intramuros — Plaza de Roma
Formerly called Plaza Mayor. Converted into a park in 1797. Renamed Plaza McKinley after U.S. President William McKinley in 1901. Renamed Plaza de Roma in 1961 to honor Sacred College of Cardinals in Rome following the elevation of . . . — Map (db m25154) HM
Philippines, Manila, Intramuros — Plaza Santo Tomas
Lot originally purchased by the Dominican Order in 1627 for their cemetery and garden. Bought by city government in 1861 as a public plaza. Given to the University of Santo Tomas in 1879. Bronze statue of U.S.T. founder Archbishop Miguel de . . . — Map (db m25285) HM
Philippines, Metro Manila, Sampaloc, Manila — University of Santo TomasUniversidad de Sto. Tomas — Main Building
Panel 1: Founded in 1611 by legacy of Archbishop Miguel de Benavides. Authorized to confer degrees in 1624. Granted university privileges in 1645 by Innocent X upon Philip IV’s request. Made a royal university in 1785 by Charles III and a . . . — Map (db m72333) HM
Philippines, Zambales (Subic Bay Freeport Zone), Olongapo — Old West Gate"Spanish Gate"
This gate was the entrance to the original Spanish Naval Station established in Subic Bay in 1885. The principal Spanish construction lay to the east along what is now Rivera Point and consisted of an arsenal, several warehouses, and a number of . . . — Map (db m68100) HM
Switzerland, Lucerne (Lucerne (District)) — "Deer Square"Hirschenplatz
Im Spätmittelalter als schmale Gasse städtischer Schweinemarkt. Er wurde um 1545 vor das Baslertor verlegt. Nach einem Brand legte man 1555/56 zwei Häuser nieder und schuf so den << Neuen Platz >>. Den Namen erhielt der Platz vom Gasthaus Hirschen, . . . — Map (db m67699) HM
Switzerland, Lucerne (Lucerne (District)) — "Star Square"Sternenplatz
Der Platz, auf dem fünf Gassen zusammentreffen, hiess 1259 und bis weit über das Mittelalter hinaus << Unter den Bäumen >>. Der Name verrät eine lockere, baumbestandene Überbauung, die sich seit dem Mittelalter zunehmend verdichtete. Die seit dem . . . — Map (db m67730) HM
Switzerland, Lucerne (Lucerne (District)) — "Sweet Spot"Süesswinkel
Die abgwinkelte Gasse, seit 1314 Winkel genannt, war lange Zeit von Ställen und Misthaufen gesäumt. Von da stammt wohl der 1538 erstmals erwähnte Spottname << Süesser Winkel >>. German-English translation: This angled alley, . . . — Map (db m67722) HM
Switzerland, Lucerne (Lucerne (District)) — Teiling AlleyTeilinggasse
Die Verbindung zwischen Sternenplatz und Weggisgasse hiess, wie seit dem 17. Jahrhundert bezeugt ist, früher Strehlgasse. Der Name wurde 1890 in Erinnerung an Frischhans Teiling geändert. Dieser zeichnete sich 1478 bei Giornico als Hauptmann der . . . — Map (db m67724) HM
Turkey, İzmir (Selçuk District), Ephesus — Last Home of the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of Jesus Christ
Notice About The Shrine This place is considered to be the last home of the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of Jesus Christ. The Facts According to the Scriptures: St. John, in his Gospel, tells us that Jesus, before dying on the . . . — Map (db m44049) HM
Turks and Caicos Islands, Grand Turk, Cockburn Town — Horatio Nelson Lookout Point
Lookout Point is named in honor of British Admiral Horatio Nelson who fought for Grand Turk's liberation from French occupants in March 1783. The French occupied Grand Turk for a short time and famed Horatio Nelson led a daring but failed attack to . . . — Map (db m40663) HM
U.S Virgin Islands, St John — Annaberg Historic TrailAnnaberg Sugar Mill
As you wander the ruins, picture the thriving 18th-19th century sugar factory: big rollers crushing the cane, juice pouring down to the boiling room, and everywhere the thick scent of rum and molasses. This was the Danish plantation era, when sugar . . . — Map (db m60776) HM
United Kingdom, Kent, Walmer — Caesar’s Invasion of Britain
The first Roman invasion of Britain led by Julius Caesar landed near here LV BC. — Map (db m24553) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (South Lanarkshire), Lanark — Lanark Castle
On this mound, site of an ancient Roman fortification, stood the Royal Castle of Lanark, a residence of David I (1124-1153), William the Lion (1165-1214), and later kings from which many of their royal charters are dated. It was the meeting place of . . . — Map (db m85668) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Stirlingshire), Stirling — Battle of Bannockburn
"For God and St. Andrew" Robert the Bruce King of Scots Planted his standard near this spot when the Scottish Patriots under the command vanquished the Army of Edward II of England at the Battle of Bannockburn 24th . . . — Map (db m85598) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Stirlingshire), Stirling — The Battle of Stirling Bridge
In early September 1297 a mighty army arrived in Stirling to put down Scots resistance to English rule. The Scots allowed around half the invaders to advance across the narrow bridge over the Forth. Then William Wallace and the Scots swept forward . . . — Map (db m85596) HM
Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — Fort Bowyer War of 1812
At, or near, this site, the United States, after seizing this point of land from the Spanish in 1813, built Fort Bowyer, a structure of wood and sand. A small garrison of men courageously fought to defend the fort against two British attacks, one . . . — Map (db m28692) HM
Alabama (Blount County), Locust Fork — Gabriel Hanby, 1786-1826← Grave and Homesite 300 Yards
Member Constitutional Convention 1819 First Senator of Blount County Brigadier General, Alabama Militia County road and court systems organized at his house 1820. — Map (db m32484) HM
Alabama (Blount County), Oneonta — Champion Mines
John Hanby came in 1817 and found a rich seam of brown iron ore. Named Champion in 1882 when Henry DeBardeleben and James Sloss bought land and brought L&N Railroad causing county seat to be moved from Blountsville to Oneonta in 1889. Most ore was . . . — Map (db m28362) HM
Alabama (Bullock County), Midway — Confederate Memorial
Drill Ground of the Midway Guards 1860, later Company B 15th Alabama C.S.A. ordered to Richmond. Second Company 1861 assigned to Company C 45th Alabama C.S.A. ordered to Army of Tennessee. These and many later volunteers met the enemy in . . . — Map (db m89636) HM
Alabama (Calhoun County), Alexandria — The Tallasahatchie Battle Field
This Stone Marks The Site Of The Tallasahatchie Battle Field. On this spot Lieut. Gen. John Coffee with Gen. Andrew Jackson’s men won a victory over the Creek Indians, Nov. 3, 1813. Erected by the Frederick Wm. Gray Chapt. Daughters of . . . — Map (db m36554) HM
Alabama (Calhoun County), Jacksonville — Downtown Jacksonville Historic District
Selected as a landmark contributing to a deeper understanding of our American Heritage. Entered on The National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior May 13, 1986 Centered around Jacksonville’s . . . — Map (db m36479) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Muscle Shoals — Howell & Graves School
Marker Front: Muscle Shoals City was incorporated on April 24, 1923. Among the leading developers were New York realtors A.L. Howell and C.T. Graves. Their interest in Muscle Shoals was inspired by the vision of Henry Ford to use power from . . . — Map (db m28580) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Sheffield — President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
On Jan. 21, 1933 President-elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed an immense crowd at this crossing from his railroad car and promised "to put Muscle Shoals back on the map." He then toured the idle U.S. Nitrate Plant No. 2 and Wilson Dam with . . . — Map (db m83392) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Sheffield — Village One
Front In 1918, during World War I, the U.S. Government built this unique village of 85 bungalows, school, and officers barracks to house personnel at nearby Nitrate Plant No. 1. Prefabricated and standard size materials were used in . . . — Map (db m88110) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — Colbert County Courthouse Square District
22 structures, first Northwest Alabama historic district placed on National Register of Historic Places (1973): Courthouse, erected 1881, shows Italianate and Greek Revival influences. Fifth Street, Commercial Row, seven adjoining brick structures . . . — Map (db m28584) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — Ivy GreenBirthplace of Helen Keller
The Family Home of Captain Arthur M. & Kate Adams Keller was build 1820, being the second house erected in Tuscumbia. Here on June 27, 1880 was born America's First Lady of Courage Helen Adams Keller — Map (db m29089) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — St. John's Episcopal Church
This congregation was organized in the 1830's, with services being held in private homes and the Methodist meeting house. The present building was first used in October 1852 and completed the following year. During the Civil War, Union troops . . . — Map (db m28422) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — William Winston Home
Construction on the home which became the center building of Deshler High School was begun in 1824 by Clark T. Barton. William Winston purchased and completed the Georgian-style dwelling in 1833. The largest remaining antebellum house in Tuscumbia, . . . — Map (db m28565) HM
Alabama (Conecuh County), Burnt Corn — Longmire Stagecoach Stop & First Post Office in Conecuh County
Garrett Longmire had an early trading center, tavern and stage stop near here. He served as the postmaster when his store became a post office in 1818, one of the earliest in what was then the Alabama Territory. The Burnt Corn Post Office served as . . . — Map (db m81298) HM
Alabama (Cullman County), Cullman — Evangelical Protestant Church
The first church in the City of Cullman was established on this block of land donated by the North and South Railroad in February 1874. Lots 154, 155, and 181 were granted to Henry Dietz, August Henning, and George Stoback as trustees of the . . . — Map (db m33841) HM
Alabama (Cullman County), Cullman — Sand Mountain Plateau
Thrifty German colonists, led by Col. John G. Cullman, in 1873 settled this thinly populated plateau. This section, previously thought unproductive, became famous for its diversified crops. — Map (db m29976) HM
Alabama (Dallas County), Cahaba — Cahaba First State Capital1818-1826
This stone marks the site of Cahaba, selected November 21, 1818 as the first permanent capital of Alabama. The seat of goverment remaining here until removed to Tuscaloosa by the Legislature, January 1825. On December 13, 1819, it was fixed as . . . — Map (db m22609) HM
Alabama (Dallas County), Cahaba — Cahawba's Changing Landscape
In 1818, Alabama's first governor carved the capital city of Cahawba out of the wilderness. In less than 50 years, Cahawba grew from a frontier capital full of log cabins to one of America's wealthiest communities, with some of the finest . . . — Map (db m83508) HM
Alabama (Dallas County), Cahaba — Site of Alabama's Statehouse1820 - 1825
This structure collapsed in 1833 and its fallen remains were reportedly heaped into a railroad embankment. Consequently, we have no picture of the Statehouse that was drawn by someone who actually saw the building. Any modern picture you see of this . . . — Map (db m75909) HM
Alabama (Dallas County), Selma — Edmund Winston Pettus House Site
Edmund Winston Pettus, lawyer, General C.S.A., U.S. Senator, was born Limestone County, Alabama, 1821. Admitted to bar, 1842. Moved to Cahaba, 1858. Major, C.S.A., 1861. Brigadier General, 1863. U.S. Senator, 1897-1907. Resided here . . . — Map (db m38273) HM
Alabama (Dallas County), Selma — Highlights of Selma History / William Rufus DeVane King 1786-1853
[Side A:] Highlights of Selma History Dallas County was created by Territorial Legislature Feb. 9, 1818. Selma Land Company formed Mar. 19, 1819 by George Phillips, William Rufus King, Jesse Beene, Gilbert Shearer and Caleb Tate. . . . — Map (db m37679) HM
Alabama (Escambia County), Brewton — Burnt Corn Park Cistern(Water Tank)
Side 1 This tank was used to hold water for the City of Brewton Electric Light and Water Works Fire Protection System and was built circa early 1890's. This location was originally the Blacksher Miller Lumber Company, which became . . . — Map (db m94172) HM
Alabama (Etowah County), Alabama City — Howard Gardner Nichols 1871-1896Scholar, Engineer, Industrialist, Naturalist, Humanitarian
Nichols came to Alabama City in 1894 to supervise construction of the Dwight Manufacturing Company. While serving as the mill's first agent, he planned and began a model mill village and was elected Mayor of Alabama City. — Map (db m18578) HM
Alabama (Etowah County), Attalla — First United Methodist Church Of Attalla
In 1851 twelve Methodists met in Newton (later Attalla) to plan a Methodist Episcopal Church. A crude log building on North Fifth Street served as the first church. In 1861 and again in 1882 the church relocated on Fifth to accommodate the growing . . . — Map (db m83731) HM
Alabama (Etowah County), Gadsden — Dwight Mill Village
Dwight Manufacturing Company of Chicopee, Massachusetts selected this site in Alabama City for a cotton mill in 1894. The Mill and the village covering 240 acres was constructed under the direction of Howard Gardner Nichols. There were 160 . . . — Map (db m18575) HM
Alabama (Etowah County), Gadsden — Etowah County, Alabama
Created by state legislature on December 1, 1868 from territory taken from Cherokee, DeKalb, Marshall, Blount, St. Clair and Calhoun Counties, having originally been formed December 7, 1866 as Baine County in honor of Confederate hero David W. . . . — Map (db m83735) HM
Alabama (Etowah County), Gadsden — Gadsden, Alabama
Side A: In the early 1840’s, John S. Moragne, along with Gabriel and Joseph Hughes, began surveying for a city on the banks of the Coosa River near the settlement of Double Springs. The new city would be located on 120 acres of land at the . . . — Map (db m39139) HM
Alabama (Franklin County), Red Bay — Pride in Our Past, Faith in Our Future
Side A Red Bay is nestled in the northwest corner of the state in Franklin County. The oak trees, planted by the Garden Club in 1937, issue a Main Street welcome through the “tunnel of trees.” Originally inhabited by Chickasaw . . . — Map (db m41133) HM
Alabama (Hale County), Moundville — Moundville
Site of a prehistoric Native American political and ceremonial center from about A. D. 1100-1500 that, at its height in the 13th century, was America’s largest community north of Mexico. Between 1,000 and 3,000 people lived in this town fortified by . . . — Map (db m30700) HM
Alabama (Jackson County), Stevenson — Crow Town
Side A One of the Five Lower Towns established by the Chickamauga Cherokees in 1782 under the leadership of Dragging Canoe. Territorial Governor William Blount reported to the Secretary of War in 1792 that: “Crow Town lies on the north . . . — Map (db m28473) HM
Alabama (Jackson County), Woodville — Decatur County1821~1825
Created by an Act of the Legislature on December 7, 1821, Decatur County was comprised of portions of Madison and Jackson Counties. "Old Woodville," two miles north along County Highway 7, was designated as the County Seat. An 1823-‘24 completed . . . — Map (db m33314) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Belview Heights Neighborhood
The Corey Land Company, a group of prominent local businessmen headed by Robert Jemison, Jr., developed Belview Heights as a neighborhood for the professional employees of U.S. Steel in the 1910's. Extending the grid system being used in Ensley over . . . — Map (db m24351) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Brock Drugs Building
The Brock building was established in 1915, located at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and 18th Street North, was built while the area was residential. The three-story building housed a hotel upstairs that catered to professional musicians and . . . — Map (db m26723) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Concord CenterTime Capsule
To Be Opened March 1, 2022 Dedicated at the construction completion March 1, 2002 Project Team Owners - BLH Group, LLC Brookmont Investors II, LLC Spire Holdings, LLC Developer - Brookmont Realty Group, LLC General . . . — Map (db m27010) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Designing Vulcan Park
Vulcan Park isn’t just Vulcan’s home; it’s also a public park. The original project, funded by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) aimed for “general beautification of the entire acreage” to create” an ideal spot for untold . . . — Map (db m69015) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — East Lake Community
The Creek Indian Cession of 1814 opened this section of Alabama to settlement. At the time of statehood in 1819 many pioneer families had located here in what later became known as Jones Valley. By 1820 the area was called Ruhama Valley as a result . . . — Map (db m26680) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Eddie James KendrickDecember 17, 1937 - October 5, 1992
Eddie James Kendrick, nicknamed "cornbread", was born the eldest of five children to Johnny and Lee Bell Kendrick in Union Springs, Alabama. After attending Western-Olin High School in Ensley, Alabama, Eddie was persuaded by his childhood . . . — Map (db m26724) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Five Points South
This neighborhood developed in the 1880s as one of Birmingham's first streetcar suburbs. It was the Town of Highlands from 1887 to 1893, when it became part of the City of Birmingham. The heart of the neighborhood was Five Points Circle, a major . . . — Map (db m83829) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Foot Soldier TributeRonald S. McDowell, Artist I.B.J.C.
This sculpture is dedicated to the Foot Soldiers of the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement. With gallantry, courage and great bravery they faced the violence of attack dogs, high powered water hoses, and bombings. They were the fodder in the . . . — Map (db m27394) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Forest Park
A residential district extending from the crest of Red Mountain to the floor of Jones Valley with roads built along natural land contours. Birmingham real estate promoter and civic leader, Robert Jemison, Jr., began development as Mountain Terrace . . . — Map (db m26983) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Fraternal Hotel Building
The Fraternal Hotel Building was built in 1925. Some of the businesses that were located in this building included: 1925 - 1980 Fraternal Hotel 1925 - 1970 Fraternal Café 1950 - 1966 Monroe Steak House 1985 - 1994 Grand Lodge Knights of . . . — Map (db m27518) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Glen Iris Park
Founded in 1898 by Robert Jemison, this 30-acre historic district is a private residential park containing an almost intact collection of some of Birmingham's finest 20th century houses. It was the first professionally landscaped residential . . . — Map (db m27520) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — North Birmingham
On October 1, 1886, the North Birmingham Land Company was formed to develop a planned industrial and residential town on 900 acres of land, formerly part of the Alfred Nathaniel Hawkins plantation north of Village Creek. The plan included sites for . . . — Map (db m26700) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Redmont Park Historic District
Extending across the crest of Red Mountain, is the state’s second oldest garden-landscaped residential area. Developed from 1911 to 1935 by Robert Jemison, Jr., Hill Ferguson, and Henry Key Milner using landscape architects C. W. Leavitt of New York . . . — Map (db m41129) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Rickwood FieldOpening Day: August 18, 1910
Built by Birmingham industrialist A. H. “Rick” Woodward, Rickwood Field served as home to the Birmingham Barons and Birmingham Black Barons for most of the 20th century. Recognized as “America’s Oldest Baseball Park,” . . . — Map (db m83837) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Roebuck Spring
In 1850 George James Roebuck and his wife Ann Hawkins Roebuck built a log cabin at the mouth of Roebuck Spring. His Influence and leadership led to the area around it to be known as Roebuck. In 1900 Alabama Boys Industrial School was located . . . — Map (db m26688) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Roebuck Springs Historic District
Roebuck Springs was the first large residential suburb in Birmingham where planning and development were tied to the automobile, and the first community in the city associated with a golf course development. The 1910 land plan was designed to . . . — Map (db m26684) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Sloss Furnaces
The crossing of railroads in 1872 adjacent to this site gave rise to the industrial city of Birmingham. In 1881 Alabama railroad magnate and entrepreneur James Withers Sloss, capitalizing on the unusual coincidence of coal, iron ore and limestone in . . . — Map (db m23498) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Smithfield
Marker Front: This residential area was carved from the Joseph Riley Smith plantation, a 600 acre antebellum farm, one of the largest in 19th century Jefferson County. Smithfield lies to the west of Birmingham's city center on the flat land . . . — Map (db m26990) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — The Heaviest Corner On Earth
At the turn of the 20th century, Birmingham was a small town of two and three story buildings with a few church steeples punctuating the skyline. During the industrial boom from 1902 to 1912 which made Birmingham the largest city in the state. Four . . . — Map (db m27500) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Wilson Chapel And Cemetery("The Little Brown Church in the Wildwood")
Wilson Chapel was built in 1916 as a memorial to James and Frances Wilson by their daughters, Rosa Wilson Eubanks and Minerva Wilson Constantine. At the time of its construction the area was developing into a community of country homes known as . . . — Map (db m26681) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Homewood — “We Love Homewood”
Side A Located in Jefferson County in Shades Valley, Homewood came into existence with the combination of Edgewood, Rosedale, and Oak Grove. Hollywood, a fourth community, joined Homewood later. The City of Homewood was incorporated in 1926, . . . — Map (db m37712) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Homewood — Hallman Hill
In the early 1900's, among the many craftsmen who migrated south to build the booming industrial cities was Swedish brick mason A. G. Hallman. Hallman moved from the Lake Michigan area and purchased an acre of farmland along the north side of Oxmoor . . . — Map (db m26986) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Homewood — Hollywood / Hollywood Town Hall / Hollywood Country Club
Clyde Nelson, born in Columbiana, Alabama, was only 26 when he began development of the Town of Hollywood in 1926. With a sales force of 75 and the slogan "Out of the smoke zone, into the ozone" his beautiful community soon took shape. Homes were . . . — Map (db m27091) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Hoover — Founding Of Hoover
The City of Hoover has grown rapidly since its incorporation in 1967 from a small four block area west of this site. A metal shed behind Employers Ins. Co. became the first fire station and “city hall.” A bank, grocery, hardware, drug . . . — Map (db m28448) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Hoover — Lover’s Leap1827 - 1973
The poetic lines inscribed on the boulder below is a replica of those carved in 1827 by Thomas W. Farrar. Thomas W. Farrar was the Founder and first Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge in Alabama 1821-22-24. This historical site donated to the . . . — Map (db m28490) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Hoover — Monte D'OroA Historic Hoover Neighborhood
A neighborhood of 158 homes, Monte D'Oro was established July 23, 1964, which was prior to the incorporation of the City of Hoover. The neighborhood was build by developer William M. "Bill" Humphries. These homes were designed by architect and noted . . . — Map (db m83253) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Hoover — Shades Crest Road Historical District
Indian, Wagon Trail, now Shades Crest Road, led to popular chalybeate springs. Summit, now Bluff Park, was a resort known for its view, cool air and healing mineral water. In 1899 school / church was built. In 1909 Bluff Park Hotel, built on land . . . — Map (db m28517) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Hoover — The Park Avenue Historical District
51 Structures, 70% residential, built early 20th century to post World War II period. The 1885 sale of Gardner Hale’s land began the housing development. The 33 acre 1924 Independent Presbyterian Church Children’s Fresh Air Farm, 1923 Bluff Park . . . — Map (db m28518) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Trussville — Cahaba Project"Slagheap Village" — A government project under President Franklin D. Roosevelt
A total of 243 houses and 44 duplex units were constructed from 1936 - 1938 at an overall cost of $2,661,981.26. Cahaba residents rented from the government until 1947, when the houses and duplexes were sold to individuals at prices ranging from . . . — Map (db m26227) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — "Mountain" Tom ClarkHanged September 4, 1872
The notorious outlaw gang leader who boasted that no one would ever run over Tom Clark lies buried near the center of Tennessee Street where now all who pass by do run over him. In 1872, Clark, who terrorized helpless citizens during the Civil . . . — Map (db m80320) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — 115th Signal BattalionOrganized 1940
At this site where once stood Fort Willingham (Armory) the 115th Signal Battalion was organized December 1, 1940. Originally the 2nd Battalion, 151st Engineers, it was organized a number of times from 1940 to 1959 as its mission was changed to meet . . . — Map (db m28562) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Cherry Street Historic District(early 20th Century)
Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997, this district contains 52 structures, most of which were built after 1900. Cherry Street was laid out in 1818 near the east boundary of Florence. Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Sigismund . . . — Map (db m28406) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Downtown Florence Historic District
From the time Florence was established in 1818, a slow but steady growth occurred. In the late 1880s the town's population increased by 500 percent as an industrial boom began. This area became the core of the business district. Most of the . . . — Map (db m35177) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Dr. Ethelbert Brinkley NortonCity of Florence Walk of Honor
Dr. E. B. Norton was a member of the U.S. Education Mission sent to Japan after World War II to advise Gen. McArthur on the complete reorganization of the Japanese School System, which is still in place today. — Map (db m29266) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Gilbert Elementary School
Gilbert School, named in honor of Henry C. Gilbert, school superintendent 1892-1904 and long time member of Board of Education was built in 1920, costing $79,000. The structure was planned by George D. Waller, architect. A relief sculpture . . . — Map (db m83988) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — John McKinley Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
John McKinley (1780~1852), native of Virginia, prominent attorney, member of Cypress Land Company, built a large three story mansion near this site in 1820's which later burned. McKinley served in Alabama Legislature, U.S. Senate (1826~31); was . . . — Map (db m28926) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Prehistoric Mound(Probably Built Between 100 B.C and 400 A.D.)
This is the highest domiciliary mound in the Tennessee Valley. It was probably built between 100 B.C. and 400 A.D. by a prehistoric people of the ancient Woodland Culture. Such mounds served as bases for ceremonial temples or chief's houses. This . . . — Map (db m28457) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Prehistoric Native Americans / Historic Native Americans(Circa 8,000 B.C. ~1500 A.D.) / (Circa 1550 A.D.~ 1816 A.D.)
Side A This area near the mouth of Cypress Creek was inhabited by Archaic People as early as 8,000 B.C. Their main food consisted of freshwater mollusks from the river. (These mussels were the origin of the name "Muscle Shoals.") The . . . — Map (db m84044) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — The Father of Rock ’N’ Roll / Sam Phillips in Florence
Side A Sam Phillips fell in love with the miracle of sound and the unifying power of music. Moving to Memphis, Tennessee, he embraced the beauty of the blues with his early recordings of Howlin Wolf, B.B. King and other delta artists. In . . . — Map (db m29270) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Veterans Memorial Park
In the late 1960s, Point Park was developed by the City of Florence on this 82-acre site, leased from TVA, for outdoor recreation. It was the first multi-use sport complex in the State of Alabama. In the early 1970s, plans were developed for a . . . — Map (db m74407) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Walnut Street Historic District
Walnut Street began as a residential area in the national economic boom of the 1880s and 1890s and continued its development through the 1920s. Industries and businesses grew in Florence, the population of the city increased, and business and . . . — Map (db m84158) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Wilson Family Cemetery 19th Century / Slave Cemetery 19th Century
Side A In 1818 three Wilson brothers John, Matthew and Samuel, came from Virginia to purchase large farms in this area. The plantations of John and Matthew joined near this cemetery. All three brothers and their families are buried here. . . . — Map (db m28160) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Woodrow Wilson Park1818
This park, first designated as a Public Walk, was laid out as part of the original plans of Florence in 1818. On February 20, 1924, the Board of City Commissioners officially changed its name from City Park to Woodrow Wilson Park in honor of the . . . — Map (db m35665) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Killen — Daniel WhiteSettled Here in 1818
Daniel White, native of North Carolina, purchased land here in 1818, a year before Alabama became a state. His home and stagecoach stop, "Wayside Inn" was a large two~ story log house located on the North side of the highway from this site. In 1834 . . . — Map (db m29170) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Killen — Muscle Shoals Canal1836 - 1918
Lock Six, headquarters of Muscle Shoals Canal, was located 1.3 miles south of here. An 1836 attempt to build a bypass canal around the shoals proved unsuccessful. On November 10, 1890 the canal from Rogersville to Florence was successfully . . . — Map (db m28452) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Waterloo — WaterlooSettled 1819~Incorporated 1832
One of Alabama's oldest incorporated towns. Waterloo was an important Tennessee river port during the steamboat era. In low~water season after large boats from Louisville, Cincinnati and other places downriver unloaded here: smaller craft . . . — Map (db m84302) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Courtland — Courtland's Early Architecture(circa 1820-1940)
Side A Structures within the Courtland historic district represent over 150 years of changing tastes in building design. Although only a few of Courtland’s earliest buildings survive, the Federal~style architecture of the oldest houses . . . — Map (db m28990) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Courtland — Harris-Simpson Home
Side A This circa 1820 house is thought to be one of the oldest houses in Courtland. Occupying a lot platted by the Courtland Land Company in 1818, the house faces North toward what was once the main Tuscumbia Road. Dr. Jack Shackelford . . . — Map (db m84306) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Hillsboro — Home of Annie Wheeler
Born July 31, 1868 ~ Died April 10, 1955 Daughter of General Joseph Wheeler Gallantly served her country three times on foreign soil. Volunteer nurse, Santiago, Cuba~1898. Spanish~American War and Manila, P.I. ~1899 during Philippine . . . — Map (db m29558) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Oakville — Historic Indians
Five Historic Indian tribes lived in this area. By 1701, The Yuchi were living at the shoals on the Tennessee River. In early 1700s the Yuchi left, some moving to the Cherokee Nation on the Hiwassee River, TN and others to Chattahoochee River, GA. . . . — Map (db m36040) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Town Creek — Trail of Tears
Form the late 1700's to 1807 a Cherokee Chief named Doublehead guarded this area, that was claimed by both the Cherokee and Chickasaw Nations as sacred hunting grounds against encroachment of white settlers. Chief Doublehead had the reputation of . . . — Map (db m84646) HM
Alabama (Lee County), Auburn — The Bottle
Built in 1924 and billed as the "the world's largest bottle", The Bottle (also know as the "Twist Inn") was built by John F. Williams, owner of the Nehi Bottling Company in Opelika, Alabama. A wooden replica of a bright orange Nehi soda bottle, it . . . — Map (db m85167) HM
Alabama (Lee County), Auburn — Toomers Corner And The Bank Of Auburn
This famous intersection, now known as Toomers Corner was named for businessman and State Senator Sheldon Toomer who founded the Bank of Auburn here in 1907. He served 45 years as bank President and 25 years on the Auburn City Council. Toomers . . . — Map (db m39813) HM
Alabama (Limestone County), Mooresville — MooresvilleIncorporated in 1818
Post office contains original call boxes Old tavern, 1817 used as stagecoach stop Red Brick Methodist church 1817 U.S. Gen. James A Garfield was stationed here 1862 White frame church is more than a century old Andrew Johnson was . . . — Map (db m28154) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Alabama’s Constitution And Statehood
Before statehood, the Alabama Territory had only limited rights of self government. Between July 5 and August 2, 1819, forty-four delegates from across the Territory convened in Huntsville to draft a constitution for statehood. Lawyers, merchants, . . . — Map (db m26592) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Andrew Jackson
On this spot, camped his army, October 11, 1813, after marching from Fayetteville, Tenn.,~"32 miles without halting,"~ enroute to the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. — Map (db m30382) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Huntsville
City was scene of these "firsts" in Alabama: 1811 first town incorporated 1812 first Masonic Lodge chartered 1816 first bank incorporated 1819 first state constitution drafted 1819 first Governor inaugurated 1819 first session of . . . — Map (db m27843) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — John Hunt
For whom Huntsville was named lived in a cabin near this spring about the year 1805. — Map (db m27847) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Northern Terminus Indian Creek CanalFirst Canal in Alabama
Incorporated 1820 Completed 1831 This canal was constructed to the Tennessee River to facilitate the transportation of cotton to market. Developers were: Thomas Fearn, LeRoy Pope, Stephen S. Ewing, Henry Cook, and Samuel Hazard. — Map (db m27844) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Old Town Historic District
Designated by the City of Huntsville, Alabama on December 12, 1974 as a Huntsville historic district, it contains houses dating from 1828 onward with the majority dating from 1880 to 1929. Approximate boundaries: East Clinton Avenue north to . . . — Map (db m30381) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Site The Huntsville InnA three-story brick building erected before 1817
Here, President James Monroe was honored at a public dinner on June 2, 1819, while on a three-day visit to the Alabama Territory. Here, also, the First Alabama Legislature convened on October 25, 1819, while Huntsville was the first Capital. — Map (db m27851) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Madison — City of Madison
Establish in 1856 as a shipping station on the Memphis and Charleston R.R., the town was platted on land owned by James Clemens and incorporated by vote of its citizens in 1869. First officials included William R. Johnston, mayor, and five . . . — Map (db m61625) HM
Alabama (Madison County), New Market — Buckhorn Tavern
(Front): Located in Section 18, Township 2, Range 2 East, this site was an early wayside stop for pioneer settlers as they traveled the road from Winchester, Tennessee into Madison County. The tavern predates the creation of the county, Dec. . . . — Map (db m85840) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Riverton — Site of Bell Factory
Mile and one-half southeast on Flint River ---------> Earliest important textile mill in Alabama Incorporated by Patton Donegan Company in 1832 3,000 spindles and 100 looms operated by skilled slave labor. In production as late as 1885. Name . . . — Map (db m31722) HM
Alabama (Marengo County), Demopolis — The Demopolis Theater District
Side A Establishing a history of theaters in this district, the Braswell Theater introduced its ornate interior to Demopolis on October 23, 1902, with a performance of the melodrama Unorna. Built by Frederick Henry Braswell in . . . — Map (db m85845) HM
Alabama (Marshall County), Grant — Kate Duncan Smith - Daughters of the American Revolution School
(Side A) In 1924, the Alabama Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) established Kate Duncan Smith School to provide a patriotic education dedicated to academic achievement and service to "God, Home, and Country" for . . . — Map (db m33308) HM
Alabama (Marshall County), Guntersville — History of Guntersville
(Side A) This area's proximity to the Tennessee River and Indian trails made it a crossroads for early habitation, settlement, and trade. Archaeological studies reveal it was first inhabited about 12,000 years ago by Paleo-Indians. They . . . — Map (db m33305) HM
Alabama (Marshall County), Guntersville — John Gunter
. . . — Map (db m33306) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Big Zion African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
This congregation originated in 1842 with a group of slaves who worshipped in their masters' church, a Methodist congregation. They were required to move to a small house provided for them. Their perseverance and faith held them together through . . . — Map (db m86573) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Mobile's First Jail
Here within Fort Charlotte was Mobile's first jail. — Map (db m86436) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Portier HouseCirca 1833
Title to this land, part of a Spanish grant and formerly a burial ground, was clarified by the American State Papers in 1828. Michael Portier, Mobile's first Bishop, made this his home from 1834 until his death in 1859. Four subsequent bishops of . . . — Map (db m86344) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Richards D.A.R. House Museum — 1860
One of the premier antebellum structures in the city, the house was built by Charles Richards, a riverboat captain originally from Maine. The building is considered to have Mobile's finest cast iron, featuring figures in a garden setting and . . . — Map (db m86511) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — St. Louis Street Missionary Baptist Church
The church was organized in 1853 by ten African-Americans who were former members of Stone Street Baptist Church. It is the second oldest Missionary Baptist Church in Alabama. The first three pastors were Caucasian; however, following passage of the . . . — Map (db m86578) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — The Convent of Mercy
On this site in 1884 the Sisters of Mercy established the Convent of Mercy. In 1908 the front building, the convent, was constructed and in 1927 the adjacent school building was occupied by pupils attending Convent of Mercy Academy. The school . . . — Map (db m86584) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base — Khobar Towers MemorialDhahran Saudia Arabia — 25 June 1996
Front Khobar Towers Saudia Arabia 25 June 1996 Right side Eglin AFB Florida MSgt Kendall K. Kitson, Jr. TSgt Daniel B. Cafourek TSgt Patrick P. Fennig TSgt Thanh Van Nguyen Sgt Millard . . . — Map (db m95392) WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Camp Sheridan
From Division Headquarters, located at this point from August 1917 to May 1918, was directed the training of the Thirty Seventh Division, National Guard Troops of Ohio, for Service in the World War. The Relief map below indicates the locations . . . — Map (db m38899) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Court Square Fountain1885
Placed by the City over Artesian Basin and crowned by Hebe, Goddess of Youth and Cup-bearer to the Gods. Fountain was cast by J.L. Mott Iron Works of New York. Restored by Robinson Iron of Alexander City in 1984 during the administration of Mayor . . . — Map (db m36501) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — High Red Bluff(Chunnanugga Chatty in Creek Indian Language)
Also called Hostile Bluff or Thirteen Mile Bluff, this spot located in a deep bend of the Alabama River was once the key to the Southeast and a strategic point in Colonial days. The first steamboat, the Harriet, arrived at this point in 1821, and . . . — Map (db m86120) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Swayne College / Booker T. Washington School
Side A Named for Union General and Freemen’s Bureau Agent Wager Swayne, Swayne College was dedicated 21 April 1869. The Bureau appropriated $10,000 for the building and the local black community purchased 3.5 acres for the site. Future . . . — Map (db m28171) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — 8 — The Five Points Area: A Unique Blend of Communities in 1965Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail
Located at the hilltop overlooking Downtown Montgomery, Five Points is an intersection of history and humanity. Here the historic black communities of West Montgomery meet the Cottage Hill neighborhood featuring Montgomery's most preserved . . . — Map (db m91734) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Waugh — Lucas TavernCirca 1818
Stood 2800 feet north of this point, just west of Line Creek on the Federal Road. Moved to Montgomery in 1978 to serve as the Visitor and Information Center for the Old North Hull Historic District, it is the oldest remaining building in Montgomery . . . — Map (db m60906) HM
Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — Ingalls Shipyard
Ingalls Iron Works was established in 1910, by Robert Ingalls, in Titusville Alabama. It became the largest steel company in the region. Looking for new opportunities for the steel his company fabricated, Ingalls opened Ingalls Shipyard in 1937 to . . . — Map (db m86507)
Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — Site of Benson FieldDecatur’s Football Stadium 1931 - 47
Named in honor of W. W. “Barney” Benson, Supt. Ed. 1927 - 38 H. L. “Shorty” Ogle, Coach 1934 - 64 Aubrey Fuller, Asst. Coach 1929 - 58 The “T” formation was introduced to Alabama here in 1941 On . . . — Map (db m28268) HM
Alabama (Morgan County), Hartselle — City of Hartselle, Alabama / Hartselle Facts
City of Hartselle Hartselle, named after early pioneer George Hartsell (with no "e") rose from modest beginnings to an important position in the growing economy of Morgan County. Founded in 1870, the town owes its existence to the construction . . . — Map (db m37205) HM
Alabama (Saint Clair County), Ashville — A County Older Than The State, St. Clair CountyCreated in 1818 in first session of Alabama Territorial Legislature
from lands ceded by Creek Indian Nation in Treaty of Ft. Jackson, 1814. Named for Gen. Arthur St. Clair, hero of Revolution, governor of Northwest Territory. First settlers from Tennessee, Georgia - veterans of Creek Indian War, 1813-14. . . . — Map (db m28143) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Montevallo — University Of Montevallo National Historic District
Originally named Alabama Girls' Industrial School and later Alabama College, this institution was founded Oct. 12, 1896, by the Alabama Legislature. It was the state college for women until 1956, when it became coeducational. In 1969 the name was . . . — Map (db m37289) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Montevallo — Welcome To Historic Montevallo
Home of the University of Montevallo, American Village and the Alabama Veterans Cemetery, Montevallo is located in the geographical center of Alabama at 33° 6’ 18” N 86° 51’ 46” W. In 1814, Jesse Wilson laid claim to “Wilson’s . . . — Map (db m37178) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Pelham — Shelbyville, A. T.
Near this site stood Shelbyville, A. T., first county seat of Shelby County; named for Isaac Shelby, governor of Tennessee. Shelby County was established February 7, 1818 by an act of the Alabama Territorial legislature. The first orphans’ court was . . . — Map (db m28441) HM
Alabama (Talladega County), Talladega — Talladega Courthouse Square Historic District
The City of Talladega was incorporated in 1835. Not long after the founding of Talladega, the Square became the town center. The Talladega Courthouse was built in 1836 and is the oldest courthouse in continuous use in Alabama. The courthouse . . . — Map (db m37229) HM
Alabama (Tallapoosa County), Dadeville — Grafenberg Medical Institute1852 - 1861
Alabama’s first medical school. Trained physicians who rendered great service to the State and Confederacy. Closed by war and death of its founder, Philip M. Shepard, M.D. — Map (db m28741) HM
Alabama (Tuscaloosa County), McCalla — Tannehill Furnace And Foundry(1829-1865)
2 ½ miles East - the beginning of Steel Industry in this area. Iron Ore, reduced by charcoal, hauled by oxcart, was made into plows, pots, cannon and munitions. State Park- Camping, Nature Trails, Swimming and Fishing Early American . . . — Map (db m36927) HM
Alabama (Tuscaloosa County), Tuscaloosa — Alabama Central Female College
After the seat of government was moved to Montgomery in 1847, the Tuscaloosa Capitol and its furnishings were deeded to the University of Alabama to be used for educational purposes. In 1857, the University Board of Trustees leased the building . . . — Map (db m29064) HM
Alabama (Tuscaloosa County), Tuscaloosa — Site of Queen City Park Softball Field1936-1967
Built on this site in 1936, Queen City Park Softball Field served as the cornerstone for the first successful community effort to promote the organized play of amateur softball in Tuscaloosa County. Its construction followed nationwide efforts to . . . — Map (db m28788) HM
Alabama (Tuscaloosa County), Tuscaloosa — The Architect
The Capitol in Tuscaloosa was designed by English-born architect, William Nichols, who served as State Architect from 1826 - 1832. Nichols also designed and built the campus of The University of Alabama. Before coming to Alabama he had . . . — Map (db m29117) HM
Alabama (Tuscaloosa County), Tuscaloosa — Tuscaloosa Second State Capital1826-1846
This stone commemorates the City of Tuscaloosa as the second state capital, January 1826 to January 1846. Erected by the Alabama Centennial Commission and the Citizens of Tuscaloosa, and dedicated December 14, 1919. On the occasion of the one . . . — Map (db m28996) HM
Alabama (Walker County), Jasper — William Brockman Bankhead Home1874-1940 — Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
William Brockman Bankhead served Alabama in the U.S. Congress from 1917 until 1940. For the last four years of his life, during Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency, he served as the 47th Speaker of the House. He was the son of U.S. Senator John . . . — Map (db m29980) HM
Alaska (Fairbanks North Star Borough), Fox — Pipeline History
On November 16, 1973, through Presidential approval of pipeline legilation, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company received permission to begin construction of the 800-mile trans Alaska pipeline, its pump stations and the Marine Terminal at . . . — Map (db m20215) HM

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