“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Florida Historical Markers

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City of Alachua Marker near NW 151st Boulevard image, Click for more information
By Mike Stroud, March 20, 2013
City of Alachua Marker near NW 151st Boulevard
Florida (Alachua County), Alachua — F-206 — City of Alachua
Upon completion to Gainesville of the Savannah, Florida and Western Railway in May 1884, citizens from the former county seat at Newnansville were among those who moved to the present site of Alachua which was near the railroad. The city is located . . . — Map (db m65458) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Alachua — Newnansville Methodist Church Site
On this site the Newnansville Methodist Church was founded in 1822 Presented by Alachua Methodist Church 1972 — Map (db m56180) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Alachua — F-265 — Newnansville Town Site
At the end of 1824, Alachua County was organized as a political unit of the new Territory of Florida. The Seminole inhabitants of the Alachua region had recently been ordered to a reservation, and land was available there for white settlers. . . . — Map (db m65513) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Archer — F-205 — Archer
(Front text) When Europeans first arrived in this area in the 16th century, the inhabitants were Timucuan Indians. In 1774, traveling botanist William Bartram visited Seminole Indians nearby. In the 1850's a town called Deer Hammock was . . . — Map (db m69979) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Archer — Archer Veterans
In Memory of the Men and Woman From the Archer Community who have given their lives in the service of our country. Dedicated to all Veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces with Devotion, Loyalty, Honor and their . . . — Map (db m70119) WM
Florida (Alachua County), Archer — F-320 — David Levy Yulee and Cotton Wood Plantation
Side 1 David Levy Yulee was born at St. Thomas, West Indies, in 1810. He attended school in Virginia from 1819 until 1827 when he went to Micanopy to work on one of the plantations of his father, Moses Elias Levy. He studied law and was . . . — Map (db m97513) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Archer — F-420 — Thomas Gilbert Pearson1873-1943
Thomas Gilbert Pearson was an ornithologist, college professor, and world leader of the bird preservation movement. Pearson grew up in Archer, where he collected bird skins and eggs and taught himself ornithology to pay for his schooling at Guilford . . . — Map (db m70637) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Earleton — F-625 — Earleton, Florida
(Front text) Earleton is named for General Elias B. Earle (1821-1893) who received government land grants in Florida for his service in the U.S./Mexican War (1846-48). Born into a prominent South Carolina family, Gen. Earle fought in the . . . — Map (db m41263) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Evinston — F-317 — Evinston Community Store and Post Office / History of Evinston, Florida
Evinston Community Store and Post Office The Evinston community store, originally a warehouse, was built of heart pine in 1884 by W.P. Shettleworth. it was bought by Joseph Wolfenden, who first operated it as a store. The post office, . . . — Map (db m54240) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — "The Great Endurance Run"
On November 23, 1909, the "Autoists" participating in "The Great Endurance Run" were treated to a gala banquet and overnight stay at "The White House Hotel" which was located at this exact site. This event ended the first day of driving for the . . . — Map (db m68316) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-809 — Alachua General Hospital
Historic Alachua General Hospital (AGH) stood on this site for nearly 82 years. A county or community-supported venture for much of its history, the hospital served the needs of Alachua County citizens for generations as a respected health care . . . — Map (db m93167) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-191 — Alachula County Courthouse
The Alachua County Commission, by authority of the Florida Legislature, selected this site for a courthouse in 1854, moving the county seat from Newnansville. The first courthouse was a frame building completed in 1856. It was demolished on the . . . — Map (db m54997) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — Boulware Springs Water Works Building
The Boulware Springs Water Works Building is located directly adjacent to the brick reservoir for the springs, on a site of gently rolling to steep topography at the northern edge of Paynes Prairie. Boulware Springs, free-flowing and . . . — Map (db m70587) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-163 — City of Gainesville
Designated the County Seat in 1854, and incorporated as a City in 1869, Gainesville takes its name from General Edmund Gaines, captor of Aaron Burr and commander of U.S. Army troops in Florida during the Second Seminole War. The town was the fourth . . . — Map (db m58133) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — Confederate Soldier Memorial(Gainesville Florida)
(North face) In Memory Of The Confederate Dead 1861 1865 (East face) "They Fell For Us and For Them Should Fall The Tears Of A Nation's Grief." (West face) They Counted The Cost And In Defence . . . — Map (db m54998) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-166 — East Florida Seminary
Founded as the Gainesville Academy before the Civil War and later renamed, the East Florida Seminary served Gainesville's need for higher education until the University of Florida was created by the Florida Legislature in 1905. The Seminary school . . . — Map (db m58007) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-805 — Evergreen Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery, known locally as "This Wondrous Place," began with the burial of a baby girl in 1856. The infant, Elizabeth Thomas, was the daughter of wealthy cotton merchant James T. Thomas and his wife, Elizabeth Jane Hall Thomas. The baby . . . — Map (db m93852) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-164 — First Gainesville Skirmish / Battle of Gainesville
First Gainesville Skirmish The first Civil War gunfire in Gainesville's streets came on February 15, 1864, when a raiding party of 50 men from the 40th Massachusetts Cavalry entered the City to attempt the capture of two trains. The raid was . . . — Map (db m57122) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — Florida Extension
Since the early 1900s, the University of Florida has been sharing research discoveries and education programs with the people of Florida through its Extension Service. Faculty from the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station organized farmers' . . . — Map (db m93830) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-201 — Fort Clarke
Near this site was located Fort Clarke, originally a U.S. Army post during the Seminole War, and afterwards a settlement. The name is preserved in nearby Fort Clarke Church. At this site crossed the early settlement and military road connecting the . . . — Map (db m65191) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — Gainesville’s Only Artesian Spring
Located below is Gainesville’s only artesian spring. Tapped directly with a pipe in 1898, the springs provided the City’s only water source for many years. In 1905, Gainesville’s plentiful water supply was used to entice the University of . . . — Map (db m70590) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-473 — Gainesville's Railroads / Past Railroads of Gainesville
Gainesville's Railroads The coming of the Florida Railroad opened up the interior of Florida for both settlement and trading and helped establish Gainesville. On February 1, 1859 the Florida Railroad entered town and connected Fernandina . . . — Map (db m55038) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-548 — Historic Haile Homested At Kanapaha Plantation
One of the oldest houses in Alachua County, the Historic Haile Homestead was the home of Thomas Evans Haile, his wife Esther Serena Chesnut Haile and 14 of their children. The Hailes came here from Camden, South Carolina in 1854 to establish a . . . — Map (db m70202) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-402 — Jesse Johnson Finley
Jesse Johnson Finley was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, November 18, 1812 and educated in Lebanon, Tennessee. After service as a captain in the Seminole War of 1836, he studied law and was admitted to the bar. During a ten year period he served . . . — Map (db m93855) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-321 — Josiah T. Walls
Born in 1842 to slave parents in Winchester, Va., little is known of Josiah T. Walls' early life. After a short term of Confederate service, he enlisted in the Third Regiment, U.S. Colored Troops in 1863. Transferred to Picolata on the St. Johns . . . — Map (db m55400) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — Matheson House
Side 1: The Matheson homestead dates from 1857, when Alexander Matheson brought his family from Camden, South Carolina to establish a home on the Sweetwater Branch at the eastern edge of the new town of Gainesville. The present one and a . . . — Map (db m97622) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-585 — Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church
Mount Pleasant Methodist Episcopal Church was founded on July 16, 1867, with the Reverend Isaac Davis serving as the first pastor. The Board of Trustees of the oldest black congregation in Gainesville purchased the lot on which the present church . . . — Map (db m55606) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-577 — Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
The Mt. Pleasant Cemetery was established c. 1883 by the Mt. Pleasant Methodist Episcopal Church as a final resting place for its members and other African Americans in the city of Gainesville. Founded in 1867, the church purchased the 5.38-acre . . . — Map (db m55915) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-679 — Old Stage Road
The Old Stage Road, one of Alachua County’s original highways, passed near here. Dating from the 1820s, it connected the county’s two major towns, Newnansville (once the county seat near present day Alachua) and Micanopy to the south. The road . . . — Map (db m67689) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-492 — Roper Park / Old City Park
Roper Park is the original site of the parade grounds and barracks for the East Florida Seminary, a non-sectarian educational institution and a forerunner of the University of Florida, which was located in Gainsville in part due to the . . . — Map (db m55994) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-705 — Serenola Plantation
(side 1) In 1857, David Rogerson Williams II (1822-1907) of Darlington Co., SC, purchased 1,000 acres, including this site bordering Paynes Prarie, and developed them as a plantation known as "Serenola." The 1860 census shows 120 slaves . . . — Map (db m67687) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-165 — Spanish Cattle Ranching
Present-day Gainesville was the center of a large Spanish cattle ranching industry, founded on the labor of native Timuqua Indians, during the 1600s. LaChua, largest of the ranches, was a Spanish corruption of an Indian word, and in turn was . . . — Map (db m72916) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-302 — The Bailey House
This is one of the oldest houses in the city of Gainesville. It was constructed about 1850 by Major James B. Bailey, a prominent citizen of Alachua County. Bailey was a leading proponent of moving the county seat away from Newnansville to a new . . . — Map (db m55424) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-645 — The Gainesville Servicemen's Center / Thelma Boltin Center
The Gainesville Serviceman's Center The City of Gainesville purchased the Servicemen’s Center lot on December 7th 1942. The Federal Works Agency constructed a $37,000 building with a ballroom, stage, dressing rooms, second floor reading . . . — Map (db m67690) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-360 — University of Florida Historic Campus
The University of Florida Campus Historic District and two individual campus buildings were listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1989 and 1990 in recognition of their architectural and cultural significance and the coherence of the . . . — Map (db m54828) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Hawthorne — F- 212 — Hawthorne
(Front text) In 1774, noted botanist William Bartram travelled across what is now the southeastern corner of Alachua County following an old Indian and trading trail. In Florida's territorial period, English-speaking settlers used the same . . . — Map (db m41100) HM
Florida (Alachua County), High Springs — 1824 - The Bellamy Road - 1952
The construction of this road was authorized by the 18th Congress and approved February 28, 1824. The section from Tallahassee to St. Augustine was built be John Bellamy and followed the Old Spanish Road. — Map (db m93361) HM
Florida (Alachua County), High Springs — American Legion Veterans Memorial
(front) In Honor of those who served in time of war A mighty mother turns in tears the pages of her battle years lamenting all her Fallen sons Erected by Gordon Rimes Post 97 The American Legion October 11, . . . — Map (db m81993) WM
Florida (Alachua County), High Springs — F-217 — High Springs, Florida
The northwest region of Alachua County was probably first settled on a permanent basis by English speaking people during the late 1830's. One of the earliest settlements `in the vicinity was at Crockett Springs, located about three miles . . . — Map (db m64251) HM
Florida (Alachua County), High Springs — F-359 — Railroading In High Springs
This old passenger depot, built c. 1910, is all that remains of the vast railroad complex located southwest of downtown that made High Springs a bustling railroad center for nearly 50 years. In 1895 the Plant Railroad System chose the town as the . . . — Map (db m54911) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Lacrosse — F-865 — LaCrosse
Settlement in the LaCrosse area started in the 1840s with the arrival of John Cellon, a young French immigrant. Other early settlers were Thomas Green, Abraham Mott, Richard H. Parker and family, William Scott and Thomas Standley. The town was built . . . — Map (db m93838) HM
Florida (Alachua County), LaCrosse — F-287 — LaCrosse, Florida
The LaCrosse area was settled before the Civil War. Cotton was the chief crop. John Eli Futch was a cotton buyer who built a warehouse for cotton, a store to serve the growers, and his home near the store. This store became the first post office and . . . — Map (db m93840) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Melrose — Melrose
(Front text) The region south of Santa Fe Lake was not settled until after the Seminole War in 1842, although it was on the Spanish mission trail from St. Augustine from about 1600 to 1763 and, during the English (1763-1784) and second . . . — Map (db m82026) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Micanopy — F-706 — Micanopy
Founded after Spain relinquished Florida to the United States in 1821. Micanopy became the first distinct American town founded in the new US territory. Originally an Indian trading post, Micanopy was built under the auspices of the Florida . . . — Map (db m54271) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Micanopy — F-860 — Moses Elias Levy
Moses Elias Levy (1782-1854), a Moroccan born Jewish merchant, came to Florida after its cession from Spain to the United States in 1821. Before his arrival, Levy acquired over 50,000 acres in East Florida. In 1822, Levy began development on . . . — Map (db m93854) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Micanopy — F-75 — William Bartram Trail1739 ~ 1823
The great Quaker naturalist of Philadelphia made a long journey through the southeastern states in the 1770's collecting botanical specimens. In May, 1774, he visited the Seminole Chief, Cowkeeper, at the Indian village of Cuscowilla located near . . . — Map (db m48676) HM
Florida (Alachua County), near Alachua — F-597 — Bland Community and Ogden School / Odgen School
Bland Community and Ogden School Settled in the 1840s by cotton planters from Georgia and South Carolina, Bland became a diverse agrarian area where farmers and sharecroppers raised cattle and grew cotton and a variety of fruits and . . . — Map (db m64715) HM
Florida (Alachua County), near Alachua — F-325 — Santa Fe de Toloca
A Spanish Mission was established near here within sight of the Santa Fe River about A.D. 1606 by Franciscan missionaries. The river took its name from the mission, as did the modern town of Santa Fe. At one time, Santa Fe de Toloca was said to be . . . — Map (db m64880) HM
Florida (Alachua County), near Fairbanks — F- 516 — Turpentine Industry Community and Family
(Front Text) The naval stores industry was important to maritime power worldwide. Pine tar and pitch were used to seal wooden ships and protect sails and rigging. When settlers came to America - in Florida (1565), in Virginia (1607) and in . . . — Map (db m42012) HM
Florida (Alachua County), near Rochelle — F-314 — Madison Starke Perry1814- 1865 Planter, Legislator, Governor, Soldier
(Front Text) Madison Starke Perry, born in Lancaster County, S.C., moved to Alachua County, Florida and became a prosperous planter. His plantation was located about six miles east of Gainesville in the area of present-day Rochelle. Perry . . . — Map (db m55537) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Newberry — F-363 — City of Newberry Historic District
The discovery of hard rock phosphate in Alachua County in 1889 sparked the appearance of boom towns wherever large deposits of the mineral were found. Incorporated in 1894, Newberry thrived until 1914 when the onset of World War I forced the mines . . . — Map (db m65216) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Newberry — Newberry Community Veterans Memorial
Honoring those who served — Map (db m81994) WM
Florida (Alachua County), Newberry — F-210 — Newberry, Florida
   Only after about 1870 did phosphates become an important world industry. In Alachua County, phosphates were discovered late in the 1870's, but as in other regions of Florida, the major developments in phosphate mining and processing began about . . . — Map (db m64506) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Newberry — William Bartram TrailTraced 1773 - 1777 — Deep South Region
Blue Sink Visited by William Bartram, America's first naturalist, in 1774. Erected by Newberry Garden Club in cooperation with Dist. V. FFGC National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc. Fla. Dept. of Transportation — Map (db m65202) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Rochelle — F- 353 — Rochelle Vicinity
(Front text) Colonel Daniel Newnan led a troop of the Georgia militia on a raid into the area in September 1812 in an attempt to annex Florida to the United States in the War of 1812. The raiders engaged a force of Seminole Indians under . . . — Map (db m54642) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Waldo — F-127 — Dickison and His Men / Jefferson Davis' Baggage
Dickison and His Men John Jackson Dickison (1816-1902), Florida's famous Civil War guerrilla leader, bivouacked at Camp Baker, south of here, during the closing weeks of the conflict. Dickison and his men became legendary figures. As Company . . . — Map (db m40315) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Waldo — For All Who Served( Waldo, Florida)
(Left ) Police Officer Waldo When I start my tour of duty God, Wherever crime may be, As I walk the darkened Streets alone, let me be close to thee. Please give me understanding with both the young and old Let me listen . . . — Map (db m41877) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Waldo — F-214 — Waldo
(Front text) The first permanent English-speaking settlers came to the northeast portion of Alachua County in the 1820's. In 1837, during the Second Seminole War, an army post, Fort Harlee, was established on the Santa Fe River about three . . . — Map (db m41072) HM
Florida (Baker County), Olustee — A Legacy Remembered
(Left side text) During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt approved a plan to recruit thousands of unemployed young men into a "Civilian Conservation Corps" (CCC) From 1933-1942 the CCC employed over 3 million Americans. They built and . . . — Map (db m55674) HM
Florida (Baker County), Olustee — Battle of Ocean Pond (or The Battle of Olustee)
Here was fought on February 20, 1864 the Battle of Ocean Pond under the immediate command of General Alfred Holt Colquitt "Hero of Olustee" This decisive engagement prevented a Sherman-like invasion of Georgia from the south. . . . — Map (db m54361) HM
Florida (Baker County), Olustee — Brig. Gen. Joseph Finegan
Placed by The United Daughters of the Confederacy Florida Division In Memory of Brig. Gen. Joseph Finegan Commander of the District of Middle and East Florida "So well did he perform his part that a . . . — Map (db m54978) HM
Florida (Baker County), Olustee — Olustee Battlefield
(Right Panel) Welcome to the Olustee Battlefield Battlefield Map included with Park rules and regulations (Center Panel) How Many Would Die ? The morning of February 20, 1864, dawned clear and cool. . . . — Map (db m54917) HM
Florida (Baker County), Olustee — The Battle of Olustee
(Front):The Battle of Olustee was fought on this ground February 20th, 1864. Between 5,000 Confederate troops commanded by General Joseph E. Finegan and 6,000 Federal troops under General Truman Seymour. The Federals were defeated with a loss . . . — Map (db m13708) HM
Florida (Baker County), Olustee — The Yankees are Coming
"At 8 a'clock in the morning on the 20th instant we were informed that the Yankees were advancing. A part of the brigade was immediately ordered to some rifle pits hastily constructed near at hand, the remainder forming line of battle . . . — Map (db m54829) HM
Florida (Baker County), Sanderson — F-18 — Camp at Sanderson
This site was used by both Union and Confederate soldiers as a camp during the campaign of 1864. The camp was used as a Confederate supply depot but it was abandoned on February 9, 1864. From the 9th to the 13th, it was held by Federals and used as . . . — Map (db m54604) HM
Florida (Bay County), Callaway — F-728 — Old Callaway One-Room School House
The Callaway School House was built in 1911 (two years prior to the creation of Bay County in 1913) on the SW corner of Beulah Avenue and Letohattchee Street. Callaway had been surveyed and platted in 1908 by Pitt Milner Callaway for whom the . . . — Map (db m73287) HM
Florida (Bay County), Mexico Beach — Vamar(formerly Eleanor Bolling)
Built in 1919 for the British Navy, this 170-foot steamer originally was christened Kilmarnock. Admiral Richard E. Byrd purchased the ship for use in his Antarctic expedition of 1928-30 and renamed her Eleanor Bolling in honor of . . . — Map (db m73753) HM
Florida (Bay County), Panama City — F-657 — John Christo, Senior
(side A) Built in 1927 by A.A. Payne, a banker, and bought by John Christo, Sr., the house is significant in architecture, a mixture of styles typical of the late 19th and early 20th centuries which includes Neo-Colonial Revival and . . . — Map (db m42117) HM
Florida (Bay County), Panama City — F-154 — Panama City Airport
Established 1945 on Fannin Field Panama City-Bay County Airport 1964 Panama City-Bay County Airport and Industrial District 1967 Developed and controlled by Representative Airport Authorities in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Agency Control . . . — Map (db m8150) HM
Florida (Bay County), Panama City — F-315 — Robert Lee McKenzie's Home and Office
(Front Side): The McKenzie House is a large two-story clapboard frame dwelling built in the Dutch Colonial style typical of the turn of the century houses still standing in Northern Michigan. It was built 1909 by Belle Booth who married R. . . . — Map (db m8155) HM
Florida (Bay County), Panama City — Salt Kettle
. . . — Map (db m8163) HM
Florida (Bay County), Panama City — F-425 — St. Andrew Skirmish
Near this site on March 20, 1863, Confederate soldiers commanded by Captain Walter J. Robinson repelled a landing by Union sailors led by Acting Master James Folger of the blockading vessel U.S.S. Roebuck. The 11-man scouting party of Union . . . — Map (db m8160) HM
Florida (Bay County), Panama City — F-603 — St. Andrew(s) School
The first school in St. Andrew, a community established ca. 1827, was built in 1850. That building burned down. The second school was a two-story wooden structure with two large rooms on each floor. The school had four teachers and 100 students. In . . . — Map (db m42116) HM
Florida (Bay County), Panama City — F-479 — The Gideon Versus Wainwright Case
This is the site of the landmark Gideon case, after which the Public Defender system was established in Florida and throughout the nation. In 1961, Clarence Earl Gideon (1910-1972) stood trial in this courthouse for the felony of burglary. Lacking . . . — Map (db m42115) HM
Florida (Bay County), Panama City — The Old Sentry
This Heritage Oak Tree is estimated to be over 250 years old It was standing during The War Between the States as if a Sentry standing guard over Old St Andrews Bay — Map (db m87324) HM
Florida (Bay County), Panama City — F-477 — The St. Andrew Bay Saltworks
Between 1861 and 1865, the St. Andrew Bay Saltworks, one of the largest producers of salt in the South, contributed to the Confederate cause by providing salt, fish, and cattle for southern troops and citizens. A necessary preservative in those . . . — Map (db m8158) HM
Florida (Bay County), Parker — F-459 — Site of Loftin's Ferry
Loftin’s Ferry, on Pitts Avenue, which later became Parker, was an important part of the major land route called the “Military Road” that ran from Apalachicola through St. Joseph to Marianna and beyond. This road, constructed from 1836 . . . — Map (db m42114) HM
Florida (Bradford County), Starke — F-13 — Captain Richard C. Bradford
On December 6, 1861, Gov. John Milton signed a law changing the name of New River County to Bradford County. The Legislature had passed the law in honor of Captain Richard G. Bradford of Madison who was killed October 9, 1861, in the Battle of Santa . . . — Map (db m15316) HM
Florida (Bradford County), Starke — F-431 — Woman's Club of Starke
(Front text) The Woman’s Club of Starke, formerly known as the Mother’s Club, was founded in the late 19th century and held its meetings in the Bradford County High School. Their purpose was to assist the Bradford County High School. Only . . . — Map (db m34517) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Cape Canaveral Lighthouse
Originally constructed in 1868 overlooking the Cape Canaveral beach. Due to shoreline erosion, the lighthouse was dismantled and moved 1 ½ miles inland in the early 1890's. In July 1894, the light was relit at the new location. — Map (db m23522) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — F-628 — Cape Canaveral Lighthouse
On May 21, 1838, Florida territorial delegate Charles Downing requested a lighthouse be built on Cape Canaveral. The first lighthouse completed in Jan. 1848 stood 65-feet tall, had a 55-foot tower and a 10-foot lantern room equipped with 15 lamps on . . . — Map (db m64798) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Complex 14
Vc = Ro √(g/Ro+h) "… one of the most complex tasks ever presented to man in this country -- the achievement of manned flight in orbit around the earth." - John F. Kennedy Thirty-Fifth President of the United States This marker . . . — Map (db m69963) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Launch Complex 34Friday, 27 January 1967 — 1831 Hours
Dedicated to the living memory of the crew of the Apollo 1: U.S.A.F Lt. Colonel Virgin I. Grissom U.S.A.F. Lt. Colonel Edward H. White, II U.S.N. Lt. Commander Roger B. Chaffee They gave their lives in service to their county in . . . — Map (db m72912)
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Port Canaveral Historic MilestonesCruise Industry
1964 – First cruise ship visit, S/S Yarmouth 1980 – First Queen Elizabeth II visit 1982 – First Cruises to Nowhere, S/S Scandinavian Seas 1984 – First homeported ship, Premier Cruise Lines S/S . . . — Map (db m59645) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Port Canaveral Historic MilestonesFishing and Cargo Industries
1953 – Commercial fishing began 1954 – First oil imported for Central Florida power plants 1955 – First merchant ship, S/S Mormac Spruce arrived 1962 – First bulk cement silos built 1966 – First . . . — Map (db m59647) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Port Canaveral Historic MilestonesSpace
1961 – Freedom 7, First space capsule recovered through the Port 1989 – Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 136 activated 1989 – First quadramodal connection between sea, land, air and space 1992 – SPACEHAB, First FTZ . . . — Map (db m59648) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Port Canaveral Historic MilestonesNorth Side Development / South Side Development
North Side Development 1971 – Courageous, First Coast Guard Cutter, arrived 1974 – First warehouse built 2000 – Container Yard completed South Side Development 1965 – First refrigerated . . . — Map (db m59665) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Port Canaveral Historic MilestonesEnvironment and Recreation
1968 – Jetty Park Opened 1990 – Central Park (renamed Freddie Patrick Park) opened 1992 – First Florida deepwater port to develop an Inlet Management Plan 1995 – Malcolm E. McLouth Fishing Pier dedicated 1995 . . . — Map (db m59666) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Port Canaveral Historic MilestonesNovember 4, 1953
Port dedicated by U.S. Senator Spessard L. Holland. Serving on the Canaveral Port Authority Board of Commissioners: Colonel Noah Butt, Chairman; David S. Nisbet; L.M. Carpenter; A.A. Dunn and G.W. Laycock. N.M. Argabrite, Secretary. Barbara . . . — Map (db m59729) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Port Canaveral Historic MilestonesMilitary
. . . — Map (db m69964) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cocoa — F-69 — Hernandez Trail
One half mile to the west ran the Hernandez Trail used during the Seminole War. It connected forts along the east Coast to Ft. Dallas in Miami and across from Ft. Pierce and Ft. Capron to Ft. Brooke near Tampa. Brig. General Joseph M. Hernandez, . . . — Map (db m72606) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cocoa — F-689 — St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
On June 2, 1878, the Right Reverend John Freeman Young, bishop of Florida, and Dr. William H. Carter of Holy Cross Church of Sanford, Florida, held the first meeting of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church at a nearby Rockledge residence. The mission was . . . — Map (db m70299) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cocoa Beach — I Dream of Jeannie
I Dream of Jeannie was part of Cocoa Beach when a television sitcom ran from 1965 to 1979 starring Barbara Eden as a 2000 year old female genie and Larry Hagman as an astronaut. The TV series was set in and around Cocoa Beach. Barbara Eden visited . . . — Map (db m58754) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Grant — F-629 — Bensen HouseCirca 1916
Atley Bensen Paid $1,200 for the precut yellow pine lumber which arrived by riverboat from Jacksonville in 1916, to build this house for his wife Clara Christensen. The Bensen brothers married the Christensen sisters, both pioneer families of Grant. . . . — Map (db m55099) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Indialantic — F-730 — Indialantic Casino
The Indialantic Casino was constructed on this site in 1923. The two-story Mediterranean Revival style building was designed by architect William Christen and developed by Herbert Earle. It opened on December 22, 1923, and boasted shops, an . . . — Map (db m81316) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Indian Harbor Beach — F-487 — Winter-Time Ais Indian Town of Pentoaya
In 1605 Florida's Spanish Governor Pedro de Ybarra sent Lt. Alvaro Mexia on a diplomatic mission to the Ais Indians. Mexia recorded his passage from St. Augustine down the coast to the principal Ais Indian town near present-day Vero Beach. At the . . . — Map (db m82927) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Advent Christian Church
On October 10, 1910, the original church, known as the Second Advent Church of Eau Gallie, was formally organized by the Rev. H. V. Skipper. Early meetings were held in neighborhood homes and in the Riverside Hotel, owned by John R. Mathers. Mathers . . . — Map (db m49380) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Billy Wallace House
This house was built circa 1898-1900 by William O. Wallace from Indiana, who lived here with his wife, May Bell and their four children. An expert fisherman and musician, Wallace kept backyard pens filled with live alligators, turtles and fish for . . . — Map (db m73084) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Breckenridge Landing
Following the Civil War, Confederate Secretary of War, John C. Breckenridge, and his entourage came down the Indian River in a sailboat on their journey to Cuba where Breckenridge knew he would be safe from prosecution by the United States . . . — Map (db m71424) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Campbell Park
Many acres in this area were originally owned by Peter Wright a black man and one of the first settlers of this area. He sold his property to Thomas Mason, an English recluse, who later sold the property to Richard W. Goode for $110. The . . . — Map (db m50309) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Carleton Hotel - Idlewylde Hotel
The first Carleton Hotel was built on this site about 1887, under the ownership of Jennie and Emma Strawbridge, sisters, who were natives of Sharon, PA. That hotel burned in 1904. At the same time, the Idlewylde Hotel to the north, also burned. . . . — Map (db m73120) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Corner of Highland and Eau Gallie Blvd.
The First State Bank building was open for business on the south side of Eau Gallie Boulevard in 1883. One day in 1896, the cashier of the First State Bank was seen boarding a northbound train with two large suitcases. He was never heard from again, . . . — Map (db m48990) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Corner of Highland and Law Street
The three story building on the corner of Law and Highland was built by the Gleason family in 1910. The third floor was the Masonic temple. The building was built on some of the highest ground in the area and still had an artesian well with enough . . . — Map (db m48982) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Crenshaw HotelSite of the First Melbourne Hospital
This is the original building erected by Harry Crenshaw in 1926 and opened as a hotel and apartments in April of that year. On February 2, 1928, the hotel became the Melbourne Hospital, operated by Dr. and Mrs. I.M. Hay who came here from St. . . . — Map (db m48646) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Downtown Eau Gallie
Lansing Gleason, a descendant of the pioneer Gleason family, recalled that downtown Eau Gallie had numerous fish houses, each with a barrel of whiskey set up at holiday times. A tin cup was provided on a help yourself basis. Things got pretty rowdy . . . — Map (db m69035) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Eau Gallie Bridge to the Beach
The first wooden bridge from Eau Gallie to "Eau Gallie Beach" was started in 1924. The bridge was formally opened in February 1926. Soon after John R. Mathers began plans to build a bridge from the barrier island to the tip of Merritt Island. That . . . — Map (db m75971) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Eau Gallie Public Library
This library is the second oldest library in Brevard County. It was founded by the members of the Avilah Club in 1898. Its first location was in the Eau Gallie Post Office (See marker on Highland Avenue.) The Eau Gallie Woman's club took over . . . — Map (db m48983) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Eau Gallie Yacht Basin
Aaron Bennett established the Eau Gallie Yacht Basin in 1896. But even before that the basin was the terminus of a steamboat line in the days before the railroad reached Eau Gallie. Phillip David Barbour, a native of Louisville, KY. was the man . . . — Map (db m48984) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Eau Gallie Yacht Club
The Eau Gallie Yacht Club was completed in January, 1912, at a cost of $3,000. The officers of the club were George F. Paddison, President; Col. C. W. Fowler, Vice-President; J.E.M. Hodgson, Secretary and Treasurer. J.A. Carr was Commodore. The . . . — Map (db m48987) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — First Post Office Site
Here at what was once known as Hatterman's Point, in the early years, John Cornthwaite Hector settled and had a store built, completed in 1880 by carpenter U. D. Henderson of Eau Gallie. Hector was described as "tall, heavy-set, with white hair . . . — Map (db m48889) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Florida East Coast Railroad
Henry M. Flagler, Florida East Coast Railroad owner, was influenced to extend his railroad south from Rockledge by a Melbourne resident: E.P. Branch. The railroad tracks were built into Eau Gallie about 1892. Considerable delay was experienced in . . . — Map (db m50308) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — F-610 — Florida Institute of Technology
A 37-cent donation, given to Florida Institute of Technology founder Jerome P. Keuper (1921-2002), would launch one of the most remarkable stories in American higher education. Keuper, a scientist working at Cape Canaveral, founded Florida Tech in . . . — Map (db m53822) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Front Street
Front Street was the original business section of Melbourne. It came into existence in the 1880's as dry goods stores, grocery stores, a fish house boat building and the post office were located along the waterfront. In 1894, Melbourne's second . . . — Map (db m48886) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Gen. John B. Castleman House
This house was built prior to 1900 by Gen. John B. Castleman, a veteran of the Civil War and the Spanish-American War. Gen. Castleman, from Louisville, KY., used this as his winter home for many years. The General was active in political and . . . — Map (db m49039) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Ginter Building
In 1926 the Ginter Building was constructed by Clifford Ginter. It was built as a professional building with natural wood floors and high ceilings. The Ginter Building went up during an era of expansion in Eau Gallie, the Florida land boom of the . . . — Map (db m49359) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Harbor City Hotel
A spur track for the Florida East Coast Railway was once located on the north side of this site. The track went out on a dock where freight and passengers were loaded onto river boats for the journey south. In 1902, the East Coast Lumber and . . . — Map (db m49042) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Henegar School Complex
The western most building of this complex was built in the period 1919-1921 and the first high school graduating class graduated May 12, 1921 with 13 students. The building was soon overflowing and six "shacks" were built to care for the . . . — Map (db m49940) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Highland and St. Clair Street
The Florida East Coast Railway arrived in Eau Gallie on May 20, 1893. The first engine arrived on June 24, 1893. A ticket from Jacksonville to Eau Gallie was $7.00. Eau Gallie was the terminus while construction continued to Miami. A "Y" was built . . . — Map (db m49248) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — History of the 1900 Building
1924 The midway city of Melbourne boasts the grand opening of the Melbourne Hotel. Built by developer Elton Hall. Late 1920's to Early 1960's Several specialty shops, a barbershop, a taxi dispatch station and drug store enjoyed bustling . . . — Map (db m50745) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Hodgson Brothers Store and Boatways
Alexander R. Hodgson, H.U. Hodgson and John Edwin Hodgson, brothers, together with their families,came to Eau Gallie about 1883. they founded the Hodgson Brothers mercantile business at this location in the 1890s. they later added a marine ways . . . — Map (db m49046) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Hodgson Home and Drugstore
The Hodgson Brothers (John, Alexander and Henry) settled in Eau Gallie in 1883, coming here from Canada. They operated a general store and boat ways at the south end of Houston Street and at one time ran a small steamboat line. This building was . . . — Map (db m71423) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — F-538 — Holy Trinity
First organized in 1884, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church was erected in 1886 on land donated by Lucy Boardman, who also provided plans for the building. Founding members of the congregation included the Goode, Campbell, Miller, Ely, Ellis and Grubb . . . — Map (db m52927) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Houston Pioneer Cemetery
The pioneer Houston family built its first home just southeast of this location. It was customary in those days of the nineteenth century to bury the dead on the family property, thus this cemetery was established in 1883 when 27 year old Samuel . . . — Map (db m49047) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — F-572 — James Wadswsorth Rossetter House
Descended from 17th Century New England pioneers, James Rossetter (1863-1921) was born in Hamilton County, Florida. Rossetter arrived in Eau Gallie in 1902 and became a leader in the local fishing industry, harvesting the many local waterways as a . . . — Map (db m49214) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Karrick's Grocery
Karrick's Grocery opened in 1918 in a small 16x30 ft. building with an inventory worth $800. Sugar was selling at 28 cents a pound, butter 60 cents a pound, rice 15 cents a pound, and flour $2.35 for 25 pounds. The U.S. was engaged in World War I. . . . — Map (db m69036) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Land Yacht Port-O-Call
Land Yacht Port-O-Call, travel trailer park, originally for Airstream trailers only, was begun in 1969 on 21 acres leased from Melbourne Airport. In 1979 seven and one half acres were added to the park, making room for a total of 647 trailers. . . . — Map (db m52376) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Lincoln Hotel(Now the Florida Air Academy)
The south side of this building was originally built in 1923 as the home for the Ernest Kouwen-Hoven family. During the year they lived in it, it was the scene of many spectacular parties, as well as more down-to-earth "crab-boils" held on the . . . — Map (db m66833) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Little Red SchoolhouseMelbourne Florida's First School
Melbourne's oldest surviving schoolhouse built 1883 by John Goode at his house on the river. Both black and white students, attended 5-6 summer months, sat on benches. Wrote on slates, drank from well near by. Bought by South Brevard Historical . . . — Map (db m55420) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Melbourne Hotel
The Melbourne Hotel was first opened on the evening of September 23, 1924, with several hundred guests in attendance. Elton Hall was the promoter of the hotel and celebrated his 36th birthday on the day of the opening. That same year . . . — Map (db m50320) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Melbourne Ice PlantThis building is on the National Register of Historic Places
This building was started in December, 1926, by Florida Power and Light Co. as a 150-ton ice plant. The plant was to be built in units, with the first unit having a 50-ton capacity. Cost of the building was about $100,000. However, the ice . . . — Map (db m48887) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Melbourne Public Library
The library began in Mrs. Campbell's store called The Bazaar, on lower New Haven Avenue, in 1918. It soon outgrew the store, moved to a building on the corner of New Haven Ave. and Vernon Place, then across the street to the display room of the . . . — Map (db m50307) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Myles Building
This building was erected in 1913 and contained a billiard parlor and restaurant on the ground floor, and the Midway Hotel upstairs. The Melbourne Times moved from its Front Street location to this building almost as soon as it was finished, and . . . — Map (db m49939) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — F-441 — Naval Air Station Melbourne
This site was the 129-building Naval Air Station constructed at the Melbourne Municipal Airport at the beginning of World War II. It was commissioned as Operational Training Unit No. 2 on October 20, 1942 and closed on February 15, 1946. The Station . . . — Map (db m52374) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Old City Hall Complex
Brevard Art Museum was at one time City Hall, police, and fire department of Eau Gallie. Whenever there was a fire, a siren, located on top of the three story roof, would inform all the local volunteers they were needed. Local businessmen on . . . — Map (db m49279) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Old Eau Gallie Post Office and Surrounding Area
This building was the Eau Gallie Post Office circa 1900-1925. Before the advent of automobiles, old-timers recall tying their horses and buggies to the big oak tree in the back. The building just south of the Post Office was Eau Gallie's first . . . — Map (db m49235) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Orange Spot Inn
The original hotel on this site was built in 1884 on property which Richard W. Goode purchased from Thomas Mason first white settler of Melbourne. Mrs. R.W. Goode operated the "Rooming House." She called it the Goode House. In 1894, the . . . — Map (db m50311) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — F-800 — Pentoaya
The Ais Indian town of Pentoaya is thought to have been located atop the arc-shaped sand bluffs that surround the western edge of what is now Ballard Park. Pentoaya was an important prehistoric Indian settlement on the east coast of Florida, and was . . . — Map (db m82819) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Population on the Rise
In 1880 about 200 people lived in the cities of Eau Gallie and Melbourne. Eau Gallie's population in 1886 was 50. By 1890 the combined population in and around the two settlements was 374, of which 187 actually lived within the two communities. . . . — Map (db m49123) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Roesch House
The exact year the Roesch house was built is unknown. It was probably constructed sometime after 1892. It was constructed by William Russell Roesch. Roesch was made city treasurer of Eau Gallie in 1887. Roesch was also mayor of Eau Gallie numerous . . . — Map (db m49136) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Site of First Houston Homestead
The first hickory log cabin built by John C. Houston, original settler of Eau Gallie, was erected in this area. Houston came here in 1859 with his older sons and 10 slaves. He had served in the U.S. Army during the Seminole Indian wars and had been . . . — Map (db m49240) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Site of First Permanent Log Cabin
Richard W. Goode, wife Jessie Goode and three small children arrived in the area of Crane Creek in 1877. They came here from Evanston, Illinois. Goode explored the area, on foot and by boat, while his family remained in the small settlement of . . . — Map (db m73132) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Site of the B-24 Crash During W.W. II
On the night of March 26, 1944, three B-24 aircraft were flying loose formation from Chatham field in Savannah, Georgia on a training flight. Somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, two of the planes went down without even giving a distress signal. The . . . — Map (db m66829) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — St. John's Episcopal Church
St. John's Episcopal Church parish was founded in 1890, but the church was not built until 1897. The first services were held Feb. 20, 1898. The design of the church is copied from one in Como, Canada, where the Hodgson family formerly lived. The . . . — Map (db m49137) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — St. Paul's United Methodist Church
A Methodist circuit rider, with the aid of early settlers in Eau Gallie, erected a small mission cut out of logs on the north bank of Horse Creek. It was finished with a puncheon floor. Travel to the services was by boat. From 1888 until 1900 the . . . — Map (db m49237) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — F-767 — The First Congregational Church of Melbourne
The First Congregational Church of Melbourne had its beginnings in 1887 when Edward Branch and his wife Abbie began to hold regular Bible study and worship meetings. In December 1887, five men and seven women signed a covenant that was the first . . . — Map (db m66831) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — The Hernandez-Capron Trail
The Hernandez-Capron Trail parallels I-95 here in Brevard County. Laid out in 1838 by U.S. Army during Second Seminole war, it linked King's Road in St. Augustine and forts along St. John's River with Ft. Capron, 4 mi. north of present Ft. Pierce. . . . — Map (db m75839) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — The James W. Rossetter House
James Wadsworth Rossetter, Sr., came to Eau Gallie in 1902. He purchased this property in 1903. The house was built before the War Between the States and is on the former site of the Houston family's slave quarters. One member of that pioneer family . . . — Map (db m48975) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Tin Can Tourist Campground
Almost this entire block was a campground for tin can tourists in the year 1918(?) - 1923. Travelers from all over the country camped here in tents, homemade trailers and even wooden shelters built on the back of Model T Ford trucks. Out houses and . . . — Map (db m50746) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Trysting Steps and Bluff Walk
Originally wooden steps mounted the bluff, providing a means for pedestrians to go from the front street business section to the hotels and residences along the high bluff. At the top of the steps, along bluff walk, were the Carelton Hotel, . . . — Map (db m48888) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Twin Oaks
The two large oak trees that lent their presence to the naming of this house have been damaged and subsequently cut down because of a windstorm. The house has significant history because it was built in the early part of the twentieth century for a . . . — Map (db m49280) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — F-618 — Union Cypress Sawmill1912-1932
The Union Cypress Co. was Melbourne’s first big industry, bringing employment, growth and development to the region. Their big cypress/pine sawmill was a three-story, all-steel structure about 50 by 150 feet. Five, 150-horsepower boilers provided . . . — Map (db m71092) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — F-764 — William H. Gleason House
The William H. Gleason House was built around 1884 by William Henry Gleason (c. 1830-1902) and his wife Sarah Griffin Gleason. Gleason came to Florida in 1866 with his wife and two sons from Eau claire, Wisconsin, and settled in Dade County. In . . . — Map (db m63911) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne Beach — Community Chapel of Melbourne Beach FloridaNon-Denominational — Built in 1892
This historic Chapel, the oldest Church on the Beaches, has been the center of community religious life since it was built in 1892 on land donated in 1890 by Mr. And Mrs. Henry Whiting. At a cost of $200 and a donation for interior finishing, . . . — Map (db m52929) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne Beach — Melbourne & Atlantic RailroadMelbourne Beach Historic Site — Cyrus E. Graves
On this site, in February of 1889, Captain Alfred Wilcox took delivery of a shipment of steel rail that would be used in the building of the Melbourne & Atlantic Railroad. Over the coming months, railroad track would be laid to connect the Indian . . . — Map (db m52544) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne Beach — Melbourne Beach Pier
Constructed 1889 Restored 1985 Originally built by the Melbourne and Atlantic Railroad company, this pier was the gateway to the barrier island. A "Port Facility" for tourists, residents, freight, and mail, it supported a standard gauge . . . — Map (db m53167) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne Beach — F-688 — Myrtle Cottage
Constructed on this site in 1888, Myrtle Cottage was built by Mrs. Hannah Cummings and her daughter Grace, and was the first house in the area known as Melbourne Beach. The house's construction was made difficult by the lack of roads or docks, and . . . — Map (db m52569) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne Beach — F-640 — Old Melbourne Beach Town Hall
This building was constructed in 1908 facing the Indian River Lagoon in the area now know as Ryckman Park in Melbourne Beach. It originally held offices of the Melbourne Beach Improvement Company. The officers, Capt. Rufus Beaujean, son Donald . . . — Map (db m53166) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne Beach — F-565 — Possible Vicinity of Juan Ponce de Leon’s Landing
While there is disagreement among scholars, it is believed that this site may be in an area where Juan Ponce de Leon made landfall in April 1513. It has long been thought that this event took place near St. Augustine, based upon studies of de Leon's . . . — Map (db m69481) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne Beach — F-750 — The Ryckman House
One of the first homes in Melbourne Beach, the Ryckman House was built in 1890 for Jacob Fox by Captain Rufus W. Beaujean. Both men were original investors in the Melbourne Beach Company, later named the Melbourne Beach Improvement Company. The . . . — Map (db m93164) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne Beach — The Villa Marine
The Villa Marine Hotel was erected in 1912 by W.L. Sweet. Its construction provided a sorely needed boost for Melbourne Beach as a vacation resort, for other well known resorts north and south were by this time outstripping this community in growth, . . . — Map (db m52928) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne Village — F-542 — Original Melbourne Village Hall
This community hall was constructed, circa 1941, as a barracks on the Banana River Naval Air Station. Following World War II, the Naval Air Station became Patrick Air Force Base. In 1948, this building was declared surplus, and sold to the American . . . — Map (db m52733) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Merritt Island — F-607 — Georgiana Railway: 1892-1894
In 1892, Frank Cass Allen, a Georgiana merchant, began building a 0.6-mile standard-gauge railway with steel rail and wood ties across Merritt’s Island at this location, connecting docks on the Indian and Banana Rivers. It was part of his private . . . — Map (db m94408) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Merritt Island — F-571 — Provost Hall
Provost Hall was originally constructed in 1910 as the Georgiana Club house on land provided by Charles D. Provost and his wife Gertrude Breese Provost. Until their grandchildren, Charles D. Provost and his sister, Mary Virginia Provost Katz, gave . . . — Map (db m94407) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Merritt Island — SATAN Tracking Antenna
The primary function of the SATAN tracking antenna was to receive radio signals in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) range of 136 to 137 megahertz from orbiting unmanned spacecraft. In service from 1964 until 1979 the . . . — Map (db m13923) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Merritt Island — F-583 — The Last Naval Battle of the American Revolutionary War
The last naval battle of the American Revolutionary War took place off the coast of Cape Canaveral on March 10, 1783. The fight began when three British ships sighted two Continental Navy ships, the Alliance commanded by Captain John Barry . . . — Map (db m94406) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Merritt Island — F-659 — Ulumay
The Ais were one of the most influential and powerful tribes in Florida when Spanish Army Lt. Alvaro Mexia mapped Ulumay Lagoon in 1605. He wrote in his diary “Here is the town of Ulumay, the first one of the province of Ais. In back of and . . . — Map (db m72602) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Rockledge — F-600 — Valencia Historic District
The Valencia Historic District was developed during the Florida Land Boom of the 1920s. The Valencia Homes Company was formed in 1924 by local businessmen C. Sweet Smith, Charles D. Smith, L. S. Andrews and Horace R. Bruen. The company acquired a . . . — Map (db m70298) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Satellite Beach — Percy L. HedgecockIn memory of — 1916 - 1987
A strong Christian man who cared for the needs of others more than his own. Founder and first Mayor of Satellite Beach. A man who invested his time, talent and resources to help others. Through 16 years of dedicated service as Mayor, from 1957 to . . . — Map (db m48978) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Satellite Beach — United States Air Force1976 - 2075
The men and women of the Air Force Eastern Test Range proudly dedicate this monument to our national progress in missile and space technology in recognition of the American revolution Bicentennial. Erected on site of support elements for early space . . . — Map (db m57602) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Titusville — F-589 — Oliver's Camp
This site derives its name from the Oliver family who migrated from Missouri and homesteaded this area of Turnbull Hammock in the early 1870’s. They owned large tracts of timberland and citrus groves, and the main “camp” was located . . . — Map (db m72737) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Titusville — F-602 — The Addison/Ellis Canal
In 1911, Edgar W. Ellis and J. H. Beckwith put together a consortium of developers known as the Titusville Fruit and Farm Lands Company. They acquired 22,500 acres in the western portion of the old Delespine Grant with plans to drain marshland in . . . — Map (db m50129) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Titusville — F-558 — The Pritchard House1891
Captain James Pritchard bought a lot from Mary Titus, and in the spring of 1891 contracted Pleasant J. Hall, who had built St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, to build a Queen Anne style house of heart pine. It appears today much like it did then. On . . . — Map (db m25752) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Titusville — Titusville Negro School
Following temporary sites on Washington Avenue in 1883 and Dummitt Avenue in 1886, the Titusville Negro School was located on this site in 1915; it housed grades 1-8. The original building was burned in 1931, and a new eight-classroom frame building . . . — Map (db m67691) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Titusville — F-486 — Windover Archaeological Site
Discovered by accident in 1982, the Windover site is a burial place of Early Native Americans who inhabited this region 7,000 to 8,000 years ago. The burials were placed underwater in the peat of the shallow pond. This peat helped to preserve . . . — Map (db m60342) HM
Florida (Brevard County), West Melbourne — F-619 — Union Cypress Railway1912-1932
This 18.5-mile standard-gauge railway was built to carry logs from the large cypress/pine holdings of George W. Hopkins, at Deer Park, to the Union Cypress sawmill just south of Melbourne. Two new and seven used steam locomotives would eventually . . . — Map (db m52423) HM
Florida (Broward County), Coral Springs — Museum of Coral Springs History
Coral Ridge Properties built the City's first real estate office in 1964 at the intersection of Route 441 and Wiles Road, just outside the City limits. This 30-by-20 foot single-room wooden structure displayed maps and plats of subdivisions, none of . . . — Map (db m47421) HM
Florida (Broward County), Davie — F-534 — Old Davie School
This historic structure was the first permanent school in the Everglades and is now Broward County’s oldest existing school building. The Davie School was designed in 1917 by August Geiger (born 1888), who came to Miami in 1905 from New Haven, . . . — Map (db m41666) HM
Florida (Broward County), Fort Lauderdale — F-472 — Evergreen CemeteryEstablished 1910
Many Civil War veterans are buried at Evergreen Cemetery in addition to the founding families of Fort Lauderdale including the Stranahans (who built Stranahan house on SE 6th Avenue), Bryans, Kings, Cromarties (the maiden name of Ivy Julia Stranahan . . . — Map (db m72809) HM
Florida (Broward County), Fort Lauderdale — F-716 — Fort Lauderdale Beaches Wade-Ins
On July 4, 1961, local NAACP president Eula Johnson and black physician Dr. Von D. Mizell began a series of nationally publicized "wade-ins" of Fort Lauderdale beaches. Johnson, Mizell, a third black adult, and four black college students . . . — Map (db m48852) HM
Florida (Broward County), Fort Lauderdale — Indian Haulover
Bahia Mar is the site of a haulover where Indians took their canoes from New River Sound into the Atlantic Ocean. A Second Seminole War fort named for Major William Lauderdale was built near here in 1838. It was active until the War ended in 1842. . . . — Map (db m47419) HM
Florida (Broward County), Fort Lauderdale — Mackey Airlines, Inc.
Founded in 1946 by Colonel Joseph Mackey, Mackey Airlines became (August 5, 1952) the first certificated carrier in Broward authorized to engage in scheduled foreign transportation. Operations began January 2, 1953 between Fort Lauderdale, West Palm . . . — Map (db m61917) HM
Florida (Broward County), Fort Lauderdale — F-404 — Old Fort Lauderdale Village
Old Fort Lauderdale Village at the intersection of the New River and the Florida East Coast Railway (F.E.C.) incorporates four turn-of-the-20th century historic buildings. These include the 1905 New River Inn, the 1905 Philemon N. Bryan House, the . . . — Map (db m63880) HM
Florida (Broward County), Fort Lauderdale — The Lewis Family
Coming over from the Bahamas sometime before 1792, Suries and Frankee Lewis and their three sons settled on the banks of the New River and were the first permanent settlers of European descent in what in now Broward County. In 1793, after reports of . . . — Map (db m63656) HM
Florida (Calhoun County), Blountstown — F-120 — Blunt Reservation and Fields
This is the western boundary of a reservation set aside by the treaty of Fort Moultrie and given to John Blunt (Blount) one of the six principal chiefs of the Florida Indians. The Apalachicola River was the eastern boundary. The treaty was ratified . . . — Map (db m78029) HM
Florida (Calhoun County), Blountstown — F-324 — Cochranetown - Corakko Talofv
(This is Florida's first bi-lingual marker. The second language is Apalachicola Muskogee/Creek.) Apalachicola Creek Indians permanently settled Calhoun County in 1815; wars forced them out of Alabama. A new Tribal Town was built by Chief Tuskie . . . — Map (db m48489) HM
Florida (Charlotte County), Punta Gorda — First White Man Dies in AmericaBahia del Espiritu Santo-1513
On this day, May 24, ships were sent to seek a mainland colony site and to sound and chart the newly found “Bay of the Holy Spirit” (Charlotte Harbor). For three weeks explorations continued, seldom by land. There were at least three . . . — Map (db m95500) HM
Florida (Charlotte County), Punta Gorda — Juan Ponce de Leon
Born - San Tierra de Campos, Palencia, Spain - 1460 Died - Havana, Cuba - (probably Mid-June) - 1522 Interred - Entombment beneath the high altar of the Dominican Cathedral of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Epitah to Ponce de Leon "Beneath . . . — Map (db m95486) HM
Florida (Charlotte County), Punta Gorda — Site of Hotel Punta Gorda
Hotel Punta Gorda, one the first buildings of any kind constructed in Punta Gorda, opened in January 1888 and served over 3300 guests within its first season. The three story building contained 150 rooms, all with a view of the waters of Charlotte . . . — Map (db m32408) HM
Florida (Citrus County), Crystal River — Bicentennial Park War Memorial
WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Desert Storm heroes. — Map (db m3528) WM
Florida (Citrus County), Homosassa Springs — F-696 — Florida Boom Sidewalk
The wide sidewalks of Homosassa Springs are a reminder of the 1920s Florida Land Boom in Citrus County. In 1924, at the height of the boom, the Florida West Coast Development Company bought several thousand acres in what is now Homosassa Springs and . . . — Map (db m67594) HM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — Citrus County Veterans Memorial
In memory of Citrus County Veterans of all wars Dedicated Memorial Day May 30, 1979 By The grateful citizens of Citrus County — Map (db m77489) WM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — Fort Cooper
Fort Cooper was constructed in April 1836 during the Second Seminole War. General Winfield Scott instructed the First Georgia Battalion of Volunteers under the leadership of Major Mark Anthony Cooper to build two bastions and a blockhouse on the . . . — Map (db m93258) HM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church
This church was first organized September 29, 1894 by Rev. A.L. Dutch, Deacon Arthur Bell, and the entire membership of Shialo Baptist Church from Stage Pond, Florida. Over the last 116 years, this congregation has been led by 16 different . . . — Map (db m72781) HM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — F-560 — Historic Citrus County Courthouse
Citrus County was formed from Hernando County in 1887 and Mannfield, in the center of the new county, was chosen as the temporary county seat by the state legislature. After a political tug-of-war and several elections, Inverness was chosen as the . . . — Map (db m3529) HM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — Korea and Viet Nam War Memorial
Korea Maj Daniel Francis Rooks Pvt Arthur P. Carlsen PFC Richard G. Sanders Vietnam Capt. William Hoover Craig Jr. 1st Lt. Stanley Gerald Hartson Sgt. Carl Henry Joiner WO Richard Smith Lowes PFC Herbert D. Suber . . . — Map (db m77488) WM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — Korean War Memorial
In memory of The Korean War Veterans MIA & POWs Donated by KWVA CHP 192 The Forgotten War — Map (db m77487) WM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — Persian Gulf War Memorial
. . . — Map (db m77486) WM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — The McLeod House
Built around 1915, this house is most remembered for the McLeod family who lived here from 1941 to 1998. Oscar Penn McLeod was born to a pioneer family near Perry, Florida. He was awarded a teaching certificate in 1918 and married Mayo Artie . . . — Map (db m72927) HM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — World War I and World War II Memorial
World War I John T. Allen • Bryan I. Barnes • Leroy Black • Iley Herring • William F. Nettles • Willie Rawls • Fred O. Roux World War II Elwood J. Allen • Wilbur M. Bertine • James P. Blanton • Fronie L. Boyd • Jacob . . . — Map (db m77490) WM
Florida (Clay County), Green Cove Springs — F-480 — Fort Fransisco De Pupo
Pupo is first mentioned in 1716 as the place where the trail from the Franciscan Indian missions and the Apalachee (present-day Tallahassee) to St. Augustine crossed the river. The Spanish Government built the fort on the St. Johns River some time . . . — Map (db m62187) HM

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