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Markers as Points-of-Interest for Your TomTom

This Dutch-designed import has come up from behind to become the world’s best selling portable navigation device, with established players such as Garmin rushing to market devices with similar profiles and ease-of-use features. If you have a TomTom with POI download capability, you can store the title and location of every historical marker in this database into your unit.
TomTom showing a marker
Select a Point-Of-Interest Screen
TomTom ONE 130S 3.5-Inch Touchscreen Portable GPS Navigator. More info at

A marker, as you know, is an indication that history is nearby. They are often gatekeepers to historical sites. You can easily ask your TomTom to plot a course to any marker and lead you there, or you can program it to alert you when you are driving (or walking) near a marker.

The free Point-of-Interest file is very small, so it does not take up much space in its memory, and you can easily discard it and replace it with a fresh file. But there’s always a “gotcha,” isn’t there?

The gotcha is that the TomTom accepts downloads only through its TomTom HOME program and website. This rules out the possibility of providing a button on this site that will auto-generate an up-to-date POI file with latest updates to the database. Files must be static because they are stored on the TomTom HOME servers. And since we’re adding hundreds of markers a week to the database, “static” means “stale” within minutes of creation.

But they are easy to download. Here’s how: Plug your TomTom into your computer and wait a few seconds for TomTom HOME to start automatically. Then click this button:

Add-To-TomTom This button will add all markers as of Jan. 9, 2012. (It reports as Jan 9, 2011, but it really is the Jan 9, 2012 file.)

If the file on this button gets too stale, remind the Editor to create a new one. It’s a manual multi-step file conversion process, so don’t ask too often.

Can’t wait? Do it yourself! Follow the links about adding your own content on the TomTom HOME program. You’ll need some computer savvy, this up-to-the-minute GPX file: All markers, title only, and a copy of PoiEdit software to convert from GPX to OV2 file format. PoiEdit is free of charge and downloadable from this site

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