“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
St Matthews in Calhoun County, South Carolina — The American South (South Atlantic)

“Lest We Forget”

To the memory of The Confederate Soldiers of Calhoun County 61 ~ 65

"Lest We Forget" Marker image. Click for full size.
By Anna Inbody, January 15, 2012
1. "Lest We Forget" Marker
Inscription. Col. A.P. Amaker; J.B. Amaker; Henry Arant; Morgan Arant; Mike Arant; David Arant; Dr. J.C. Arant; Allen Arant; Jas. Arant; Jno Arant; J.H. Arthur; H.M. Assman; W.J. Assman, Sr.; W.J. Assman, Jr.; D.A. Ayers; W.H. Baker; Jacob Bailey; J.J. Bair; J.W. Bair; M.S. Bair; Valentine Bair; Russell Barber; Emanuel Barber; Jno. Barber; O.D. Barber; Jas. Barber; Wm. Barber; W.T. Barsh; Dr. W.T.C. Bates; Dr. L.B. Bates; J.D. Baxter; Capt. W.M. Beckham; D.B. Bookhardt; D.P. Bookhardt; Russell Braddy; E.W. Braddy; Derrill Braddy; Wm. Braddy; Lawrence Bradham; J.M. Brandenburg; T.P. Brandenburg; Lewis Brandenburg; Jno. Brandenburg; W.D. Brandenburg; R.W. Browning; Capers Bull; Irvin Burke; Wm. Burkett; F.J. Buyck; J.W. Buyck; E.J. Buyck; Jack Byrd; W.P. Cain; J.N. Carr; Ed. Carr; W.B. Carr; Madison Carr; Richard Carr; B.J. Carson; D.T. Carson; David Cameron; T.J. Crider; W.B. Crider; Jacob Crider; D.J. Crider; Adam Crider; Geo. Crider; Conrad Crider; J.B. Criderí Thos. Crim; D.W. Crook; J.M. Crosswell; W.D. Cofer; David Culclasure; Rev. N.W. Culclasure; J.J. Culclasure; D.J. Culclasure, Col. O.M. Dantzler; I.P. Dantzler; Ed. Dantzler; C.M. Dantzler; J.A. Dantzler; Dartas Dantzler; Abram Dantzler; Jas. Dantzler; Jno. Dantzler; Dr. J.T. Darby; Dr. A.T. Darby; Dr. C.S. Dantzler; Dr. J.B.Darby; F.R. Darby, Sr.; F.R. Darby, Jr.; I.G. Darby; W.J. Darby;
Calhoun County Courthouse image. Click for full size.
By Anna Inbody, January 15, 2012
2. Calhoun County Courthouse
Marker is in vestibule outside the front door.
Serj. J.K. Davis; Mike Dolin; Rev. G. Dufford; Allen Ezekiel; Aaron Ezekiel; Chas. Furtick; Geo. Furtick; J.B. Furtick; Joe Furtick; J.A. Furtick; Joe Felkel; Jno. Felkel; Boyd Felkel; Ovediah Felkel; Gabriel Felkel; Assolum Felkel; Nicholas Felkel; F.R. Felder; M.W. Felder; S.F. Felder; Capt. Alfred Frederick; W.J. Fralic; W.A. Fogle; D.R. Fogle; N.W. Fogle; W.S. Gaffney; Wm. Gaffney; F.I. Gates; S.W. Gates; W.P. Gates; Jeff Gates; Aaron Gates; J.P. Garick; Dr. R.J. Geiger; N.H. Geiger; J.W. Geiger; R.B. Geiger; W.N. Geiger; J.D. Geiger; R.M. Geiger; R.M. Glaze; Florence Glover; Wm. Glover; J.P. Golson; J.W. Golson; J.D. Golson; O.H. Golson; Jno. Graves; Rev. S.H. Graves; F.G. Haigler; F.M. Haigler; Esau Haigler; Joshua Haigler; Jesse Haigler; Sam Haigler; J.A.M. Haigler; Peter Haigler; N.A. Haigler; Henry Haigler; Breck Haigler; S.S. Haigler; W. Haigler; W.T. Hair; J.K. Hane; W.O. Hane; Jno. Harmon; Jake Harmon; Robt. Harmon; Geo. Hair; David Hair; Jake Hair; Lewis Hair; T.N. Heape; Andrew Heckle; J.N. Hook; Frank Hook; Jas. Hooker; Geo. Hooker; P.M. Houser; Andrew Houser; Madison Houser; Felder Houser; J.D. Houser; David Houck; Robt. Houck; Calvin Houck; Jesse Houck; J.T. Hungerpeler; Lewis Hungerpeler; Swarts Hungerpeler; Sheck Hungerpeler; Jim Hungerpeler; J.J. Hungerpeler; Jno. Humphreys; Wm. Huffman; Andrew Huffman; P.M. Huffman; David Huffman; W.R. Huffman; Jno. Huffman; Thos. Hinton; D.L. Hildebrand; D.N. Hildebrand; Jacob Herlong; N.F. Herlong; Capers Holman; Adam Holman; S.H. Holman; Sam Inabinet; I.J. Irick; J.I. Irick; Robt. Irick; Wm Irick; R.G. Irick; D.A. Irick; J.K. Irick; L.M. Irick; J.F. Jones; L.G. Jones; - - Jocey; Jno. Jackson; J.D. Kaigler; J.A. Kaigler; T.M. Kaigler; Lieut. G. F. Kaigler; J.M. Kaminer; J.W. Kaminer; D.D. Karick; Jake Karick; Emanuel Karick; Artimus Karick; Adam Karick; D.W. Kennerly; D.N. Kennerly; J.R. Kennerly; Capt. Sam Kemmerlin; Shedrack Kemmerlin; S.M. Kemmerlin; W.H. Keller; M.J. Keller; Dr. J.A. Keller; Dr. T.K.K. Keller; W.R. Keller; R.L.A. Keller; J.W. Keller; Col. L.M. Keitt; J.D. Keitt; J.A. Keitt; D.A. Kind; J.A. Laws; W.M. Livingston; Josh Lucas; J.W. Mack; L.G. McCode; Jno. McGrill; Richard McGrill; David McIver; D.A. McIver; R.C. McMicken; Lawrence McKinzie; Ladson McKinzie; Jno. McKinzie; Taylor McKinzie; J.A. Mitchell; J.M. Moss; Frank Moorer; W.N. Muller; Maj. W.G. Murray; J.G. Murph; J.W. Murph; N.H. Murph; T.W. Murph; Jake Myers; Tom Myers; Samíl Oliver; T.W. Oliver; J.P. Ott; W.F. Ott; D.F. Ott; F.A. Ott; Henry Ott; Samíl Ott; Wm. Ott; H.G. Paullino; Wm. Paullino; E.J. Peck; Dr. W.L. Pou; J.S. Pou; J.W. Prickett; J.H. Prickett; D.J. Rast; J.T. Rast; J.L. Rast; Isaac Redmon; Wm. Reeves; Wm. Reese; J.N. Reid; J.V. Reid; Samíl Reid; F.N. Reid; Capt. J.F. Riley; D.B. Riley; D.A. Riley; J.W. Riley; Wm. Rickenbaker; Jake Rickenbaker; Tallapheur Rickenbaker; Harmon Rickenbaker; R.W. Riser; David Ross; Amos Rooks; Amos Roof; F.J. Roof; U.S.L. Rucker; W.A. Rucker; A.D.P. Rucker; Addison Rucker; J.M. Rucker; Henry Rucker; W.J. Rucker; Gerdard Rucker; J.W. Rucker; David Rucker; D.H. Rush; Ben Rush; Jim Rush; Lewis Rush; Fred Rush; Paul Rush; Jacob Searight; A.C. Searight; Henry Sellers; M.H. Sellers; J.W. Sellers; G.D. Sellers; H.J. Seibles; Mack Stabler; H.S. Stabler; D.V. Stabler; Geo. Stabler; Sam Stabler; N.C. Stabler; Jacob Stabler; W.D. Stabler; J.W. Stabler; W.G. Stabler; C.A. Staley; H.N. Staley; Henry Staley; Malcolm Slagle; Jno. Slagle; Tom Stillinger; Frank Stillinger; Albert Shumaker; Marion Shumaker; Morgan Shumaker; Lon Shulnight; Warren Shuler; J.W. Shuler; Thos. Sherlock; Wm. Shirer; Dr. J.M. Shirer; Capt. J.R. Shirer; J.R. Shirer; J.N. Shirer; Henry Shirer; J.D. Stoudmire; D.O. Stoudmire; N.S. Stoudmire; David Stoudmire; Lewis Stoudmire; Jas. Stoudmire; Chas. Strowman; M. Strowman; Wm. Smith; Albert Smith; Ballentine Smith; G.L. Smith; A.M. Snyder; J.P. Spigener; Jno. Spigener; Dr. J.W. Summers; Geo. Smoak; J.R. Smoak; Andrew Smoak; Wesley Smoak; Dr. C.R. Taber; Dr. A.P. Taber; Geo. Tilley; Isaac Tiley; G.O. Tindal;Capt. J.D. Trezevant; Jake Troutman; Dr. Chas. Thomson; Dr. T.S. Thomson; Wm. Thomson; Chas. Thomson; J.B.Thomson; Fred Ulmer; Tom Ulmer; David Ulmer; J.D. Vice; C.P. Vice; Jas. Vice; Capt. F.M. Wannamaker; Dr. W.W. Wannamaker; I.W. Wannamaker; N.E. Wannamaker; J.J. Waltz; A.L. Waltz; J.L. Watt; J.L. Watt; W.R. Watt; G.L. Wactor; J.T. Walsh; Robt. Walling; Joe Walling; Ben Walling; Jas. Walling; Artimus Walling; W.R. Wise; Wm. Wise; D.H. Wise; A.J. Wise; R.G. Wise; J.M. Wise; W.W. Wise; Gerhard Wise; V.P. Wise; C.M. Whetstone; G.W. Whetstone; David Wolfe; D.W. Wolfe; Caliway Wolfe; Richard Wolfe; W.H. Wolfe; Maj. J.C. Wolfe; J.D. Wolfe; J.F. Wolfe; A.H. Wolfe; Martin Wiles; W.W. Wiles; Henry Wiles; L.W. Weeks; Jabe Weeks; Jos. Weeks; Fred Zeigler; Watty Zeigler; H.H. Zeigler; M.C. Zeigler; C.J. Zeigler; Jno. Zeigler; C.F. Zeigler; A.S. Zeigler; K.K. Zeigler; Mall Zeigler; Geo. Zeigler; W.C.L. Zeigler; D.W. Zeigler; Lewis Zeigler; Jacob Zeigler; R.D. Zimmerman; W.C. Zimmerman; Dan Zimmerman; S.W. Mack
Erected 1914 by The St. Matthews Chapter U. D. C. No. 958.
Location. 33° 39.798′ N, 80° 46.741′ W. Marker is in St Matthews, South Carolina, in Calhoun County. Marker can be reached from Railroad Avenue (State Highway 9-48). Click for map. On the North wall of the Courthouse vestibule just outside the main entrance. Marker is in this post office area: Saint Matthews SC 29135, United States of America.
Other nearby markers. At least 8 other markers are within 8 miles of this marker, measured as the crow flies. Patriots of Calhoun County (here, next to this marker); Calhoun County (within shouting distance of this marker); First Land Granted in Calhoun County Area (approx. 4.6 miles away); Honoring a Pioneer Woman (approx. 4.6 miles away); John Adam Treutlen (approx. 4.7 miles away); Miller Cemetery (approx. 6 miles away); St. Matthew's Lutheran Church (approx. 6.9 miles away); Mount Pleasant Baptist Church (approx. 7.7 miles away). Click for a list of all markers in St Matthews.
Additional comments.
1. Historical Event
The St. Matthews Chapter, U.D.C., under the direction of its president, Mrs. G. V. Cannon, placed this four-foot bronze tablet in 1914 at a cost of $350. Appearing on the plaque are the names of 462 men who served in the Confederate Forces from the part of South Carolina that became Calhoun County in 1908.
    — Submitted January 17, 2012, by Anna Inbody of Columbia, South Carolina.

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