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Adams County Markers
Colorado (Adams County), Aurora — Colorado Freedom Memorial
"It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here... to the great task remaining before us... that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion, that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain." Abraham Lincoln — Map (db m75613) WM
Colorado (Adams County), Bennett — 218 — Front Range Flight
The Rocky Mountains proved a formidable barrier to early aviation, leaving Colorado in a familiar position: bypassed. As with the railroads fifty years earlier, transcontinental air traffic went through Wyoming; Colorado had to make do with a Denver-based spur line—in this case, Colorado Airways, which began flying the fifty-five-minute Denver-to-Cheyenne route in 1926. Airplane technology quickly conquered the mountains, and Front Rangers began taking to the skies. In 1938 Continental . . . — Map (db m70525) HM
Colorado (Adams County), Bennett — 218 — High-Five Plains Towns / Ten Miles a Day
High-Five Plains Towns Watkins, Bennett, Strasburg, Byers, Peoria, Deer Trail, Agate, Godfrey, Cedar Point, Riverbend—most of these Colorado high plains towns were founded around the time when the Kansas Pacific Railroad arrived in 1870. Five of these towns, Watkins, Bennett, Strasburg, Byers, and Deer Trail, all became busy agricultural shipping centers. Through the first half of the twentieth century these five communities, now along the east I-70 corridor, were the very . . . — Map (db m70522) HM
Colorado (Adams County), Buckley Air Force Base — Buckley
In honor of 1Lt John Harold Buckley (1896-1918) Longmont, Colorado Lost his life in World War I, on a mission behind German lines. Buckley Field 1942-1947 Denver Naval Air Station 1947-1959 Buckley Air National Guard Base 1959-2000 Buckley Air Force Base 2000- — Map (db m75593) HM WM
Colorado (Adams County), Denver — Larimer StreetLower Downtown Historic District — Established 1988
General William H. Larimer, Jr., founder of Denver City which was established on November 22, 1858, named the city after the Governor of the Kansas Territory and the principal street after himself. Some of Denver’s first cabins were located at the corner of 15th and Larimer Streets. Larimer Street gained prominence as Denver’s main thoroughfare when it escaped the 1863 fire, which destroyed buildings along Market and Blake Streets. By the 1880’s, Larimer Street has gained the reputation . . . — Map (db m51710) HM
Colorado (Adams County), Strasburg — First Transcontinental Railroad
A continuous chain of rails, from the Atlantic to the Pacific had long been a vision of pioneer railroaders and frontier tamers. It became a reality at 3:00 pm on August 15, 1870 at a point 928 feet east of railroad milepost 602, near Comanche Crossing. Named for a usually dry but sometimes rampaging creek, Comanche Crossing is about 3/4 of a mile east of present day Strasburg, Colorado. The last rails were spiked by Kansas Pacific Railroad crews driving west from Kansas and East from Denver to . . . — Map (db m87596) HM
Colorado (Adams County), Strasburg — The Rail Chains Final LinkPacific       Atlantic
A continuous chain of rails from Atlantic to Pacific -- long a vision of pioneer railroaders and frontier-tamers -- became reality at 3:00 P.M. on August 15, 1870. At a point 3,812 ft. east of the depot in what now is Strasburg, Colorado. Near Comanche Crossing, named for a usually dry, sometimes rampaging creek, the last rails were spiked by Kansas Pacific Railroad crews driving west from Kansas and East from Denver to give the Nation its first truly continuous coast-to-coast railroad. On the . . . — Map (db m17596) HM
Colorado (Adams County), Westminster — 12 — Ma Barker GangLloyd William Barker
Ma Barker's infamous son, Lloyd "Red" Barker traded in a life of crime for a life in Westminster in the 1940s. Lloyd grew up as part of the Barker Gang, described by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover as "the toughest gang of hoodlums the FBI has ever been called upon to eliminate." Lloyd served a 25-year prison sentence, then left his criminal past behind in 1938. After serving honorably in the U.S. Army during World War II, Lloyd moved to Westminster and worked at a bar and grill in Denver. He . . . — Map (db m69547) HM
Colorado (Adams County), Westminster — WFD Volunteers 1934 - 2000
The value of one's life can be measured by how he or she has added value to the lives of others. In 2003 this statue was dedicated to those who gave freely of their time to serve Westminster Citizens through the fire service and community activities. — Map (db m4648) HM
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