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Barrow County Markers
Georgia (Barrow County), Auburn — 1983 — Perry-Rainey Institute
Perry-Rainey Institute founded 1892 by Mulberry Baptist Assn. at Appalachee Baptist Church, Auburn. Predecessors of Perry-Rainey Institute - Harmony Grove Academy, Mulberry High School and Perry-Rainey College. Named for Reverend Hiram Rainey and Mrs. W.T. Perry, donors. Institute opened 1893, chartered in 1894, first graduation 1896. Sold in 1915 to the Christian Church and became SOUTHEASTERN CHRISTIAN COLLEGE until 1924. Sold to Barrow County in 1928 and Administrative . . . — Map (db m14883) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Bethlehem — Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Oldest Methodist Church in Barrow County, organized in the 1780ís. Services first held two miles N.E. in log house. In 1790 a church was built nearby. The present site was originally a camp ground with an arbor, tents & cottages for camp meetings. Arbor used as mobilization center during War Between the States. Exact date church moved to this site unknown. Land deeded by Rev. John W. B. Allen to trustees in 1847. First church here torn down in 1878 and another erected. Present church was built . . . — Map (db m46843) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Hoschton — Bethabra Baptist Church
Clayborn Dalton built an arbor for public Worship across Mulberry River in Jackson County in the early 1800ís. It was called “Daltonís Stand”. In 1813 the church was moved on this side of Mulberry River near the Maynard Cemetery. Rev. Anslem Anthony was the first Pastor serving from 1813 to 1855. He donated 2 1/2 acres of land for the present church with buildings and improvements April 15, 1857. Another building was built about 1880, and stood until the present building was built in 1962. — Map (db m16125) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Jefferson — Jackson Trail
This is the same road over witch marched the famous Gen. Andrew Jackson. This marker erected April 1926 By Georgia Daughters of The American Revolution. Atlanta Chapter Atlanta and Sunbury Chapter Winder. — Map (db m19769) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Statham — Statham High School ó In Honor - Paul T. Barrett
Educator; 52 years service in education. Born Feb. 12, 1900 Ila, Ga., Graduate of University of Georgia. Taught: Maysville, Cornelia, Buford 1920-1933. Principal - Coach Statham School 1933 - 1957. Supt. Barrow County Schools 1957 - 1965. Professor of Education Brenau College 1965 - 1973. Barrow County Educator of the Year 1978. Married Weebie Jones Dec. 17, 1922. Baptist: deacon, Sunday School Supt. and teacher 42 years. His influence touched the lives of many students and he will be remembered always with love and profound respect. — Map (db m17364) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Statham — Statham House
Built circa 1850. Owned by M. John C. Statham. He provided homes for widows of Civil War Veterans; donated land for right-of-way of railroad; streets for town, and a lot for a Methodist Church -- now the city cemetery. Statham, incorporated Dec. 20, 1892, named in honor of its founder, M.J.C. Statham. First Post Office known as Barberís Creek, 1846; then DeLay, 1854; and changed to Statham in 1892. Statham was originally known as Calamit Village, part of the Talasee Colony on the Ocoloco Trail, . . . — Map (db m17348) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Wiinder — William Pentecost ó Born Nov. 4, 1762 – Died Jan. 27, 1839
Served 3 years in Revolutionary War from Dinwiddie Co., Va. in Bufordís Detachment. Lost an arm at Waxhaws, May 29, 1780. Remembered as successful business man, educator and civic worker, but most outstanding as devout Methodist minister. Is credited with establishing five churches. He established Pentecost Methodist Church in 1785. William and Delilah Pentecost were buried in family plot. In 1909 their bodies were re-interred in a single grave in the Pentecost Church cemetery. — Map (db m19763) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Winder — 007-2 — Barrow County
Barrow County was created by Act of July 7, 1914 from Gwinnett, Jackson and Walton Counties. It was named for David Crenshaw Barrow, Chancellor of the University of Georgia for many years. Born in Oglethorpe County, October 18, 1852, he died in Athens January 11, 1929. Affectionately known to thousands as "Uncle Dave," he spent most of his life teaching. First officers of Barrow County, commissioned January 11, 1915 were: H.G. Hill, Ordinary; Geo. N. Bagwell, Clk. Sup. Ct.; H.O. Camp, Sheriff; . . . — Map (db m19070) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Winder — 007-3 — Battle of King's Tanyard
On July 31, 1864, at the Battle of Sunshine Church (19 miles NE of Macon), Maj. Gen. Geo. Stoneman [US] surrendered with 600 men to Brig. Gen. Alfred Iverson, Jr., [CS], after covering the escape of Adamsí and Capronís brigades of his cavalry command. Both units retreated via Athens, intending to resupply their troops there, but were stopped early on August 2nd at the river bridge south of Athens by Home Guard units with artillery. Unable to cross, they turned west; Capron on the Hog Mountain . . . — Map (db m23454) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Winder — Builder of the Nation
This steam locomotive was presented to the City of Winder and Barrow County in 1959 by the Seaboard Air Line Railroad Company. It was placed here as a permanent exhibit in memory of the important service engines of this type rendered to the country. Built in 1930, it operated for a number of years on the Gainesville Midland Railroad. At the time of its retirement in 1959, No. 208 was one of the last steam locomotives in service in this section of the country — Map (db m14528) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Winder — Concord Methodist Cemetery
In 1836 Byrd Betts, Pioneer Steward of the Concord Methodist Church, later to become the First Methodist Church of Winder, gave 10 acres land for the church and cemetery. Those known buried here. Susan, Wife of S. E. Beddingfield, 1829 - March 1851 J. B. Betts, Jan. 26, 1847 - June 19, 1886 O. G. Betts, Dec. 23, 1844 - Jan. 1884 - C.S.A. Margaret Betts, May 4, ----; 1872 - Leila and Wade Bush Malinda F. Coker, Aug. 22, 1859 - Sept. 13, 1871 T. C. Hardegree, May 25, 1825 - May . . . — Map (db m17407) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Winder — 007-1 — Fort Yargo ó <------<<<<
This remarkably preserved log blockhouse was built in 1793, according to historians. There are several references to Fort Yargo as existing prior to 1800. Its location is given as three miles southwest of “Jug Tavern,” original name for Winder. Early historians say Fort Yargo was one of four forts built by Humphries Brothers to protect early white settlers from Indians. The other three forts were listed as at Talassee, Thomocoggan, now Jefferson, and Groaning Rock, now Commerce. . . . — Map (db m22396) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Winder — 7-1 — Glenwood Elementary and High School
Glenwood Elementary and High School was established in 1951 as one of Georgiaís first public consolidated schools for African Americans. Part of a statewide equalization effort to improve school buildings and preserve segregation, Glenwood became the only public school for black students in Barrow County, consolidating several smaller rural schools including Bethlehem, Tanner's Bridge, Fairfield, and Bush Chapel. Through academics and extra-curricular activities like chorus and drama Glenwood . . . — Map (db m56487) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Winder — Rockwell Universalist Church
Organized 1839 -- second oldest Universalist Church in Georgia. Located here near original site of Rockwell School, oldest school in this section, and Rockwell Masonic Lodge. Confederate Soldiers enlisted and drilled here 1861-1865. Church reorganized in 1867 by Dr. L. F. W. Andrews as first Universalist Church of then Jackson County, and called Mulberry Church. Voting precinct and Justice Court, known as Houseís District, were located here until 1900. Present building erected 1881, and name . . . — Map (db m19548) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Winder — Russell House
The Russell House was built in 1912 by Richard Brevard Russell, Sr., B. 1861 - D. 1838, and his wife, Ina Dillard, B. 1868 - D. 1953, who were married June 24, 1891. Fifteen children were born of this marriage. Judge Russell was elected Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia in 1922, and served in this capacity until his death. Mrs. Russell was Georgiaís Mother of the year in 1950. In 1954, the late Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr., the oldest son, became the owner of the house and made it his . . . — Map (db m17288) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Winder — 007-4 — The Stoneman Raid Battle of King's Tanyard
Closing in on Atlanta in July, 1864, Maj. Gen. W.T. Sherman found it "too strong to assault and too extensive to invest." To force its evacuation, he sent Maj. Gen. Geo. Stoneman's cavalry [US] to cut the Macon railway by which its defenders were supplied. At the Battle of Sunshine Church (19 miles NE of Macon), Stoneman surrendered with 600 men to Brig. Gen. Alfred Iverson, Jr., [CS], after covering the escape northward of Adams' and Capronís brigades. Both units retreated via Athens, . . . — Map (db m17307) HM
Georgia (Barrow County), Winder — Winder's Most Historical Site
For years inestimable the CREEK INDIAN VILLAGE of SNODON stood here. In 1793 ALONZO DRAPER, HOMER JACKSON and HERMAN SCUPEEN and their families became the first white people to establish homes in SNODON. This same year SNODON became JUG TAVERN. In 1862, BRYD BETTS gave a portion of land for JUG TAVERNíS first church, the First Methodist. In 1880 HILLMAN D. JACKSON, DR. JAMES M. SAUNDERS and REV. D. FRANK RUTHERFORD purchased 11 1/2 acres and built JUG TAVERN`S FIRST SCHOOL on this spot . . . — Map (db m17349) HM
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