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Calhoun County Markers
South Carolina (Calhoun County), Cameron — 9-3 — Jericho Methodist Church Mile And A Half East
Bishop Francis Asbury stopped in this region in 1801 and 1803. About 1811, a congregation was organized and by 1815 Jericho Meeting House was standing on land given by Jacob Felkel. The present building there was apparently erected before 1850. A low partition separating the men and women and a slave gallery were removed in 1890 and a porch was added. Two annexes were built later. — Map (db m26875) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), Cameron — 9-8 — Mt. Lebanon Cemetery
This is the original site of Mt. Lebanon Lutheran Church, organized January 13, 1844, as an extension of the St. Matthew's Church, Creston. Later, Mt. Lebanon Church moved to Cameron about 2 miles NW, dedicated its new building in 1917, and was renamed the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection. The congregation maintains the old cemetery here. — Map (db m27239) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), Cameron — 9-6 — Shady Grove Church
Shady Grove Methodist Church was an outgrowth of Tabernacle Church, the parent Methodist body of this area. It was built in the early 1800s on land of Adam Holman, has a framework of hewn logs held together with wooden pegs, and has been remodeled three times. Ministers of Orangeburg Circuit, St. Matthews Circuit, and Cameron Charge have served Shady Grove. — Map (db m26201) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), Creston — 9-4 — St. Matthew's Lutheran Church Parent Lutheran Church of This Area
In 1737-38, the elder Rev. John U. Giessendanner from Orangeburg began Lutheran work in this area; this was continued by his nephew until 1749. By the 1760s, St. Matthew's Lutheran Church near here was in use. A later building erected at this site in 1826 was replaced by the present church in 1900. — Map (db m26240) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), Gaston — 9-7 — Sandy Run Church / Christian Theus
Sandy Run Church This Lutheran church, one of the oldest in the state, is thought to have been organized ca.1765. By 1774, the Rev. Lewis Hochheimer was minister here. The church was incorporated in 1788 as "The German Lutheran Church of Salem, on Sandy Run" and located at the present site by 1806. The SC Synod has met here several times. Christian Theus Buried in this cemetery is the Reverend Christian Theus, whose grave was moved here in 1932 from its original location near the . . . — Map (db m28827) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), Gaston — Sandy Run Lutheran Church
Lutheran and Reformed (Calvinistic) Congregations were worshiping in a church three miles north of this site prior to the year 1751. The church was incorporated in 1788 under the name German Lutheran Church of Salem on Sandy Run but later came to be known as Sandy Run Lutheran Church. The present building was erected in 1919. — Map (db m28386) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), Lone Star — 9-10 — Good Hope Picnic
The Good Hope Picnic, a celebration of the end of the planting season, is the oldest African-American event in the Lone Star community. Founded in August 1915 by farmers to market their produce and held on the second Friday in August, it has often included games and music. Members of several African-American churches in and around Lone Star helped found the picnic and still support it. — Map (db m27879) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), St Matthews — "Lest We Forget" To the memory of The Confederate Soldiers of Calhoun County 61 ~ 65
Col. A.P. Amaker; J.B. Amaker; Henry Arant; Morgan Arant; Mike Arant; David Arant; Dr. J.C. Arant; Allen Arant; Jas. Arant; Jno Arant; J.H. Arthur; H.M. Assman; W.J. Assman, Sr.; W.J. Assman, Jr.; D.A. Ayers; W.H. Baker; Jacob Bailey; J.J. Bair; J.W. Bair; M.S. Bair; Valentine Bair; Russell Barber; Emanuel Barber; Jno. Barber; O.D. Barber; Jas. Barber; Wm. Barber; W.T. Barsh; Dr. W.T.C. Bates; Dr. L.B. Bates; J.D. Baxter; Capt. W.M. Beckham; D.B. Bookhardt; D.P. Bookhardt; Russell Braddy; E.W. . . . — Map (db m51701) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), St Matthews — John Adam Treutlen
John Adam Treutlen Governor of Georgia, 1777 A stern revolutionary patriot Born at Berchtesgaden, Austria in 1726 Brutally murdered by Tories about 1782 near this spot — Map (db m51711) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), St Matthews — Patriots of Calhoun County 1775 ~ 1781
In Grateful Appreciation of the Services of the Patriots of Calhoun County 1775 ~ 1781 Gov. John Adams Treutlan; Col. Wm. Thompson; Maj. Lewis Colson; Maj. Jacob Geiger; Capt. Jacob Rumph; Com. Alexander Gillam; Capt. Wm. Heatley, Jr.; Lt. Wm. Russell Thomson; 2nd Lt. John Capers Colson; Paymaster John James Haig; Adj Chas. Heatley; Andrew Houser; Wm. Pauling; Jacob Amaker; John Amaker; David Rumph; John Rumph; John Moorer; John Zimmerman; John Whetstone; Henry Whetstone; John Dantzler; John . . . — Map (db m51702) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), St. Matthews — 9-5 — Calhoun County
First settled in 1704, this region by 1733 included Amelia and lower Saxe Gotha townships. In 1765 much of it was made part of the new St. Matthew's Parish and was so named until 1865. Efforts in 1890 and 1896 led to an act signed on Feb. 14, 1908 forming a new county from parts of Orangeburg and Lexington, named for John C. Calhoun. — Map (db m26057) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), St. Matthews — 9-1 — First Land Granted in Calhoun County Area
George Sterling was granted 570 acres of land here on March 14, 1704. During the lifetime of his daughter, Mary Sterling Heatly Russell, the plantation was a stopping place for Indians and travelers on the Cherokee Path. The Rev. John Giessendanner held early religious services in the house (1750-1754). — Map (db m27218) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), St. Matthews — Honoring a Pioneer Woman
South Carolina [Colonial Dames Medallion] C A. 1699 D. 1754 Mary Sterling Heatly Russell Chapter Honoring a Pioneer Woman Mother of First White Child Born in Calhoun - Orangeburgh Area — Map (db m27215) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), Wiles Crossroads — 9-9 — Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
[Front]: The first church built by African Americans at Fort Motte grew out of services held by slaves at nearby Bellville, Goshen, Lang Syne, and Oakland plantations. It was formally organized in 1867 by Caleb Bartley, Israel Cheeseborough, Cudjo Cunningham, Anderson Keitt, William McCrae, John Spann, and Harry Stuart. [Reverse]: Rev. S.A. Evans, the first minister, was succeeded by Rev. Henry Duncan, who served until his death in 1905. The sanctuary, built in 1869 . . . — Map (db m26789) HM
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