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Carlton County Markers
Minnesota (Carlton County), Carlton — Geology of MinnesotaJay Cooke State Park
     This point overlooks the St. Louis River Valley. The steeply inclined rocks in the river channel upstream are alternating beds of slates and graywackers of the Thompson Formation thousands of feet thick.      Slates are rocks formed from original deposits of mud which are first compacted into shale and subsequently converted into slate by heat, pressure, and movement in the Earth's crust. Graywackers originate as beds of sand with enough gray and . . . — Map (db m44627) HM
Minnesota (Carlton County), Carlton — Henry C. Hornby
540 acres of land southwest of this point, embracing Silver Creek in Jay Cooke State Park are dedicated to the memory of this pioneer civic leader who made great contributions to the establishment and development of this park. Lands donated by Mr. Hornby's daughters in January 1953 in memory of their father. – 1957 – — Map (db m53599) HM
Minnesota (Carlton County), Carlton — Josiah B. Scovell
One half mile south of this point lie three islands, known as numbers 1, 2, & 3, in the St. Louis River, which were settled by Josiah Boardman Scovell, original U.S. patentee in 1881, who retained ownership for the balance of his life. Islands donated as part of Jay Cooke State Park by Edith Scovell on Nov. 18, 1944 in memory of her father. –1957– — Map (db m53857) HM
Minnesota (Carlton County), Kettle River — 1872
In memory of the Finnish pioneers who arrived here in the western part of Carlton County in 1872 and thereafter, and made their homes with courage and perseverance. Erected 1952 by Minnesota Finnish American Historical Society Chapter No. 3. Muistoksi Suomalaisille esiraivaajille jotka saapuivat tanne lansi osaan Carlton Kauntia vuonna 1872 ja sen jalkeen rohkeasti, sitkeydella kotinsa. Perustivat pystyttanyt 1952 Minnesotan Suomalainen Amerikan Historiallinen Seura Osasto No. 3. — Map (db m3266) HM
Minnesota (Carlton County), Kettle River — The 1918 Fire
On October 12, 1918, a massive forest fire raced through northeastern Minnesota from Sturgeon Lake to the shores of Lake Superior north of Duluth. When it was over, this region had suffered through one of Minnesota’s worst disasters. Weather conditions on October l2, 1918, were right for the tragedy which ensued. Hot, dry weather had prevailed for several months. Railroads were determined to have started the fires as sparks from the engines ignited dry brush along the tracks. On this day, . . . — Map (db m3031) HM
Minnesota (Carlton County), Mahtowa — The Iron Range
One hundred miles north and west of Duluth lies the Iron Range. North America's largest iron ore region consists of three major iron ranges: the Vermillion, the Mesabi, and the Cuyuna. The Vermillion was the first to ship iron ore from Minnesota beginning in 1884 at Tower-Soudan. Extending from Tower to Ely, the Vermillion ore was found in vertical deposits requiring the use of underground mining techniques. The great Mesabi Range, extending for nearly one hundred miles from Grand Rapids to . . . — Map (db m44038) HM
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