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Chisago County Markers
Minnesota (Chisago County), Harris — Minnesota's Arrowhead Region: A Tourist Mecca
"The North Country is a siren Who can resist her song of intricate and rich counterpoint?" (Grace Lee Nute, The Voyageur's Highway, 1941) Lured by America's premier wilderness canoe region, Lake Superior's rugged shoreline and cascading streams, and Duluth's reputation as America's great inland seaport, tourists have been coming to the northeastern Minnesota since the 1890s. In recognition of this great natural treasure, President Theodore Roosevelt established the Superior . . . — Map (db m4948) HM
Minnesota (Chisago County), Taylors Falls — Chisago Hotel 1852
Stephen A. Douglas "Little Giant" spoke from this hotel balcony 1854 — Map (db m78665) HM
Minnesota (Chisago County), Taylors Falls — Folsom House
William Henry Carmen Folsom, St. Croix River Valley lumberman and land speculator, chose this imposing site for his home in 1854. He, his wife Mary Jane, and their two small sons lived in an open barn on this property to prove up the claim while the five-bedroom home, reflecting both Federal and Greek Revival styles, was constructed. In 1855, after the family moved in, Mary Jane wrote to relatives in Maine, "We shall have plenty of room for as many as will come." W.H.C. Folsom arrived in . . . — Map (db m44027) HM
Minnesota (Chisago County), Taylors Falls — Geology of the Taylors Falls Region
About 1.1 billion years ago, a great rift valley formed across the North American continent from the Lake Superior region southwest to Kansas. As this rift valley opened, basaltic lavas erupted into it, accumulating to a thickness of up to 20 kilometers in the Lake Superior region. The dark-grey basalt rock that form the St. Croix River gorge are made from these rift lava flows. Continental rifting with volcanism is common in the geological record and often leads to the breakup of continents . . . — Map (db m45814) HM
Minnesota (Chisago County), Taylors Falls — Glacial Potholes
The potholes at the St. Croix Dalles have their origins in a tale of fire and ice. They are carved in a dark volcanic rock called basalt, which erupted as lava 1.1 billion years ago. This basalt is related to lava flows that line the North Shore of Lake Superior. About 500 million years ago, when shallow tropical seas covered this area, the basalt was buried beneath a thick blanket of sand, which later became sandstone. During the last two million years, glaciers have advanced from the . . . — Map (db m46434) HM
Minnesota (Chisago County), Taylors Falls — Taylors Falls United Methodist Church
This is the oldest Methodist Church building in continuous use in Minnesota. Methodist circuit riders of the Sunrise Mission served the Taylors Falls area 1852-59. On March 27, 1859, the Rev. Sias Bolles organized the Taylors Falls Methodist Episcopal Church with 35 members. Services were held in the Town House School as the church was erected 1860-61. It was dedicated January 1, 1862 by the Rev. Cyrus Brooks, Presiding Elder. The church served as an enlisting site for those who went . . . — Map (db m44571) HM
Minnesota (Chisago County), Taylors Falls — Town House School Built 1852
Minnesota's Oldest Existing Public School House — Map (db m78666) HM
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