“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Clark County Ohio – Historical Markers

Mad River Township Civil War Memorial (west face) image, Click for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., October 28, 2008
Mad River Township Civil War Memorial (west face)
Ohio (Clark County), Enon — Mad River Township Civil War Memorial
In memory of the Patriots of Mad River Township who died for the Union. 1865. — Map (db m13302) HM
Ohio (Clark County), New Carlisle — Gordon I. Henslee — Memorial to a Village Police Chief
. . . — Map (db m82558) HM
Ohio (Clark County), New Carlisle — Honey Creek Presbyterian Church — Original Site
Original site of Honey Creek Presbyterian Church Founded 1804 Dedicated June 13, 1999 — Map (db m80678) HM
Ohio (Clark County), New Carlisle — Honey Creek Presbyterian Historical Marker — Registered Site #183 — Current Location of Historical Congregation
American Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site #183 (logo) registered by the Presbyterian Historical Society Philadelphia, Pa. — Map (db m80680) HM
Ohio (Clark County), New Carlisle — John Paul, First White Settler in Clark County, Ohio — Also, First Casualty
In memory of John Paul first white settler in Clark County killed by Indians 1793 — Map (db m80677) HM
Ohio (Clark County), North Hampton — North Hampton Veterans Memorial
In memory of those who served God and Country. [Post 4358 Veterans Panel on Memorial]: Post 4358 Gerald Armstrong • George Armstrong • Harry Baker • James Baker • Robert Donnelly • Glen Fuller • Robert Fuller • . . . — Map (db m13905) HM
Ohio (Clark County), North Hampton — 5-12 — Springfield, Troy, & Piqua Electric Railway
[Marker Front]: Asa Bushnell, former Governor of Ohio, encouraged by the light grade of the land, decided to establish the Springfield, Troy, and Piqua Railway (ST&P) in July 1904. The interurban traction line utilized sixty-pound rail and . . . — Map (db m13890) HM
Ohio (Clark County), South Vienna — Asbury Veterans Monument — Rural Memorial in Old Cemetery
(Eagle logo) Veterans Monument We sincerely thank all the veterans past, present & future for their courage and devotion to duty & immeasurable sacrifice. — Map (db m86722) WM
Ohio (Clark County), South Vienna — Buena Vista Tavern — The Historic National Road in Ohio — Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Travel Accommodations
Built in 1836, the Buena Vista Tavern operated as an inn from 1849 to 1856, when it became a private residence. In 1930, it returned to public life as a tourist camp with cabins or cottages located behind the old inn. The Buena Vista Tavern is . . . — Map (db m86729) HM
Ohio (Clark County), South Vienna — Pleasant Township Veterans Memorial — McConkey Cemetery — Rural Clark County, Ohio
We sincerely thank the Pleasant Township Veterans past, present and future for their courage and devotion to duty and immeasurable sacrifice — Map (db m92542) WM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — A. B. Graham — Founder of 4-H
On January 15, 1902, Mr. Albert B. Graham called to order the first meeting of a “Boys' and Girls' Agriculture Experiment Club”. Before growing season 85 children from 10 to 15 years of age had already volunteered to join. One hundred . . . — Map (db m13217) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Asa Smith Bushnell — 1834 - 1904

Asa Smith Bushnell, born in Rome, New York, settles in Springfield in 1850. After serving in the Civil War, Bushnell begins to work for a company partially owned by Benjamin Warder, eventually becoming a partner, now the Warder, Bushnell, and . . . — Map (db m81955) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Asbury Methodist Church — Memories in rural Clark County, Ohio
Site of Asbury Methodist Church 1840- 1907 — Map (db m79498) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Battle of Piqua — August 8, 1780
Within this park and immediate vicinity, former site of the Shawnee Indian Village of Piqua. The Shawnees and their British Allies were defeated by General George Rogers Clark with his army of Kentucky Frontiersmen. This battle greatly advanced the . . . — Map (db m35295) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — 2-12 — City Building
The Old City Building and Market, also known as the Municipal Building or Marketplace, was designed by local architect Charles A. Cregar. It was completed in 1890 at a cost of $250,000. Vendors, who sold meats, fish, provisions, vegetables, and . . . — Map (db m13309) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Clark County Memorial
This building erected AD 1915 by the People of Clark County in memory of the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines & Pioneers of Clark County — Map (db m13284) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Clark County Revolutionary War Memorial
In memory of the men buried in Clark County who fought in the American Revolution 1775 - 1783 Lt. John Bancroft • Jacob Ellsworth William McIntire • Frederick Brown Samuel Lippincott Sr. • James Kelly Corneilus Toland • Isaac . . . — Map (db m28796) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — 1-12 — Davey Moore Park
Davey Moore was the Featherweight Champion of the World from 1959 to 1963, punching his way to a 56-6-1 record while always admitting that "Only 10 seconds separate me from being champion or nothing." A tough little boxer with a powerful punch, he . . . — Map (db m13277) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — DeMint Memorial Park
Where Would We Be Without Them Dedicated to the Veterans of Clark County and the DeMint Family — Map (db m13354) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Eliza D. Stewart — 1816 - 1908

"Mother Stewart" as she is affectionately called, is the pioneering spirit behind the local and statewide temperance movement. In 1858 she lectures on and promotes temperance for the "Good Templars Society". During the Civil War she serves the . . . — Map (db m81938) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Esplanade/Fountain Square
Since 1826, the Esplanade has been the traditional center of Springfield and Clark County. The National Road passed within one block of “Market Square” as it was then called. Three city halls, several hotels, train stations, and numerous . . . — Map (db m13316) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — General George Rogers Clark / Tecumseh
[Front Side of Marker] Here General George Rogers Clark With his Kentucky soldiers Defeated and drove From this region The Shawnee Indians August 8 1780 Thus aiding to make The Northwest Territory Part of the . . . — Map (db m35379) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — George Rogers Clark — Namesake of Clark County
In June of 1780 British and Indian forces seized Ruddle's and Martin's Stations in Kentucky. On August 8, 1780 George Rogers Clark led a force of nearly 1000 Kentucky militia under authority of Virginia to engage the British led Shawnee at the . . . — Map (db m13887) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — H. A. "Harry" Toulmin Sr. — (1859 - 1942) — Offices at Suites 47 - 48 Bushnell Building
Toulmin, as patent attorney for the Wright Brothers, plays a key role in one of the greatest sagas in American history. After failing to obtain the necessary patents on their own, the Wright's hire Toulmin to defend their inventions. His legal work . . . — Map (db m13907) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — In Memory of Those Men Who Died in the Battle of Piqua
"In memory of those men who died in the Battle of Piqua, August 8, 1780, the largest Revolutionary War battle West of the Alleghenies." — Map (db m35288) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — James Demint Cabin — 1799 - 1925
One hundred feet south of this spot, James Demint, the founder of Springfield, built the first cabin in the city. In 1803 he completed the first plat of the city. — Map (db m83855) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — James Leffel — 1806 - 1866

Springfield's "first inventor", born in Virginia, brings a genius previously unparalleled in the history of our community. His passion for the use of the abundant water supply in the area accelerates Springfield into the early beginnings of the . . . — Map (db m81932) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Jeremiah Warder and Ann Aston Warder — 1780 - 1849 and 1781 - 1871

Jeremiah and his wife Ann, wealthy Quakers from Philadelphia, arrive in Springfield in 1830 to claim extensive acreage inherited from his late father’s estate. That same year, he purchases from the estate the village of Lagonda consisting of . . . — Map (db m81890) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — John Dick — 1834 - 1906

John Dick, born in Aryshire, Scotland and educated at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, comes to the United States with his family in 1854 spending several years working on Long Island laying out the park system. He later moves to . . . — Map (db m81892) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — John Ludlow — 1810 - 1883

Affectionately called by some, “The Father of Ferncliff Cemetery”, John Ludlow is a member of an early pioneer family in Clark County, eventually becoming a well-known pharmacist. In 1851, he is elected as a director of the . . . — Map (db m81896) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — John M. Temple — 43rd Infantry US Army — 12/10/31 - 02/21/99
Dedicated to the Springfield community in memory of John M. Temple, 43rd Infantry US Army He was a man of honor and integrity. This is the legacy he left behind for others to follow and build upon to continue their journey, pursue their dreams . . . — Map (db m13906) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Madonna of the Trail
In 1912, Congress appropriated funds for a new highway, the National Old Trails Road, or Ocean-to-Ocean Highway. The route crossed 12 states from Maryland to California following much of the National Road and the Santa Fe Trail. To celebrate the . . . — Map (db m45529) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Oliver S. Kelly — 1824 - 1904
Raised on farms in Greene Township, O.S. Kelly became one of the most respected local businessmen and benefactors of his age. A skilled carpenter, he made his fortune building housing for miners during the California gold rush. Upon returning to the . . . — Map (db m13312) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Oliver Smith Kelly — 1824 - 1904

O. S. Kelly grows up on a farm in Greene Township of Clark County later turning his efforts into carpentry trade. In 1852, Kelly temporarily leaves his family to seek his fortune in the California gold rush building dwellings for the miners, . . . — Map (db m82050) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Peckuwe Shawnee Memorial
The Shawnee village of Peckuwe stood on this site until August 8, 1780. This village was inhabited by the Peckuwe and Kispoko Divisions of the Shawnee Tribe. The Shawnee, along with the other tribes in Ohio, often placed a large cedar pole in . . . — Map (db m35274) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — 4-12 — Pennsylvania House / The National Road
Pennsylvania House David Snively built the Federal-style Pennsylvania House in 1839 along the newly constructed National Road. This tavern and inn was an important stopover for livestock drovers and pioneers traveling by foot, on horseback, or . . . — Map (db m13278) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Purple Heart Memorial — Combat Wounded Veterans
Dedicated to all men and women wounded in all our wars. My stone is red for the blood they shed. The medal I bear is my country’s way to show they care. If I could be seen by all mankind maybe peace will come in my lifetime. Erected by . . . — Map (db m13355) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Simon Kenton
Famed Indian fighter, associate of Daniel Boone and George Rogers Clark, soldier of the Revolution and the War of 1812 - Leading settler of the Mad River Valley, built his first home in Ohio a few hundred feet east of this spot. — Map (db m44113) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Site of Simon Kenton's First Log Cabin Home in Ohio
Site of Simon Kenton's first log cabin home in Ohio - Built beside the old war trail over which he was led into captivity - Scene of his killing the last Indian slain in combat in Clark County — Map (db m44177) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Site of Springfield's First Church — 1805           1955
Site of Springfield's First Church Placed by Central Methodist Church October 16, 1955 — Map (db m13912) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Snyder Park
Erected June 1904 by the people of Springfield to the memory of John and David L. Snyder who gave and amply endowed Snyder Park — Map (db m13909) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Springfield City Hall Bell
This bell from Springfield's first City Hall, located on this site in 1848, is placed here to honor the school children of Springfield and Clark County who participated in the Esplanade/Fountain Square Project. Time capsule encased beneath this . . . — Map (db m13356) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Tecumseh — (1768-1813)
Statesman, Warrior and Patriot was born March 1768, three miles west of Springfield, close to Route 40 - State Route 369 - at the Shawnee Indian Town called Piqua. Site of the battle of Piqua, August 8th, 1780, presently George Rogers Clark Memorial . . . — Map (db m35123) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — The A. B. Graham Building
In this building, on January 15, 1902, A. B. Graham organized the first boys and girls agricultural club in the United States out of which grew the 4-H Clubs of America. — Map (db m13220) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — The Battle of Piqua — August 8th, 1780
Approximately three miles west of Springfield at the present site of George Rogers Clark Memorial Park lay the Shawnee Indian Town called Piqua. This town was the site of the battle of Piqua on August 8th, 1780 - one of the last battles of the . . . — Map (db m35171) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — The Battle of Piqua, or Picawey
Before you lay Piqua, or Picawey, a Shawnee settlement where 1,000 Kentucky militiamen under Col. George Rogers Clark defeated an alliance of Shawnee, Delaware, Mingo and Wyandot warriors on August 8, 1780 in the largest battle fought west of the . . . — Map (db m34207) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — 3-12 — The Birthplace of 4-H
A. B. Graham, superintendent of Springfield Township Rural schools in Clark County, established the "Boys and Girls Agricultural Experiment Club," which revolutionized agricultural education and non-formal youth development methods. The first . . . — Map (db m13216) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — The Keifer Cabin Site — Pioneer Archeological Work — At George Rogers Clark State Park/ Peckuwe Battle Field
You are standing on the site of a cabin built by John Keifer in 1824. John Keifer (1802- 1863) and his wife Elizabeth Donnel (1805- 1865), daughter of surveyor Jonathan Donnel, resided here until 1830. That year the family moved to another . . . — Map (db m83854) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — The National Road
A short distance west of the Springfield City limits at the top of Sugar Grove Hill ended the continuous metaled or paved portion of the National Road.

The National Road was, outside of the navigable rivers and harbors, the first great internal . . . — Map (db m45531) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Union Soldiers Monument

[Title is text] — Map (db m81872) WM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Vale Veterans Memorial
South side (Sons of the American Revolution logo) East side (Spanish American War logo) United Army Navy Spanish War Veterans 1898- 1899 Cuba Philippine Islands Puerto Rico North side (Civil War logo) Our Defenders 61- . . . — Map (db m86721) WM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — War Memorial

Dedicated to the honor and glory of all veterans of Clark County who have so nobly served their country in all its wars and who, by offering their last full measure of devotion, have purchased freedom for our beloved nation . . . — Map (db m81873) WM

Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — William Whiteley — 1834 - 1911

Known nationwide as the “Reaper King”, William Whiteley places Springfield on the map with his innovative improvements of Cyrus McCormack’s reaper. A born machinist with an inventive mind, Whiteley is constantly seeking ways to . . . — Map (db m82049) HM

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