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Clark County Markers
Wisconsin (Clark County), Colby — 161 — The Home of Colby Cheese
At his father's cheese factory about one mile south and one mile west of here, Joseph F. Steinwand in 1885 developed a new and unique type of cheese. He named it for the township in which his father, Ambrose Steinwand, Sr., had built northern Clark County's first cheese factory three years before. The town had taken its name from Gardner Colby, whose company built the Wisconsin Central railroad through here. Colby is a mild, soft, moist cheese. Its taste became known in the neighboring . . . — Map (db m9189) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Curtiss — History of The Big White Pine
This tree was a landmark near the Iron-Ashland Co. line northeast of Glidden, Wis. The first section of 20 ft. is in Glidden. Les got the next cut of 12 ft. The tree measured 6 ft. on the stump. The tree was 144 ft. high. The first limb was 65 ft. up. The age of the tree is over 400 years. This tree was located in the area where the Les Bowen family and friends have hunted since 1939. Dec. of 1985 — Map (db m22327) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Curtiss — The Yellowstone Trail — 1912–1930
The first coast-to-coast auto route across the northern tier of states. "A Good Road from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound" Before 1912 Railroads dominated long distance transportation. Local roads were dust and mud. There was little help from government so owners of the newly arrived autos rose to the challenge. 1912 Small town businessmen from South Dakota formed the Yellowstone Trail Association to "get out of the mud" and to pressure counties to build usable automobile . . . — Map (db m43262) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Curtiss — Veterans Memorial
This memorial is solemnly dedicated to our living war veterans and to those who made the supreme sacrifice. — Map (db m50289) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Dorchester — Dorchester Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to all men and women who fought to gain and maintain our great American freedom. 2002 Donated by Dorchester's American Legion American Legion Auxiliary Lions Lioness — Map (db m47677) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Dorchester — S.S. Dorchester Memorial
The Ship Built 1926 Statistics: Length overall · 368' Beam · 52' Draft · 19' Gross tons · 5,649 Speed (knots) · 12 Radius (miles) · 5,500 Propulsion · Recip. eng. Passengers · 788 Cargo (cu. ft.) · 187,250 Jan. 24, 1942 Became U.S. Warship USAT Jan. 22, 1943 Departed N.Y. to Greenland (6th trip) Feb. 3, 1943 Torpedoed in the North Atlantic (by U-223) Lat. 59° 23' N Long. 48° 42' W The Men [number On Board, Saved, Lost] . . . — Map (db m29648) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Greenwood — 23 — Mormon Settlements
The Mormons, Clark County's first loggers, came in 1844 and established camps between Wedge's Creek and Greenwood to cut timber for their Illinois city of Nauvoo. After the murder of their leader Joseph Smith at Carthage, Illinois in mid-1844, the Mormons soon left. The sole legacy of their Clark County settlements is Cunningham Creek, named for Jonathan Cunningham who drowned in it while running logs. — Map (db m21953) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Loyal — Castner–Mack Cemetery — Est. 1855
1st Cemetery in the Loyal Township Child of Daniel & Mary Mack 1858 Daniel Mack 1866 13th child of Erastus & Maria Mack 1860 Mary Benedict Mack 1874 Frank Castner 1877 Infant child of John & Lydia Castner 1880 Twin infants of John & Lydia Castner 1880 Mr. King 1880 An Indian Baby — Map (db m21947) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Loyal — Loyal Veterans Memorial
All Gave Some Some Gave All This memorial is dedicated to our Loyal area veterans of the past and present for their bravery, service, and sacrifice in times of peace and war while protecting the principles of our United States of America.                                  August 2003 — Map (db m49534) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Loyal — Samuel Hartford — Soldier of 1812 — 1798 – 1884
When a lad of 14 he went as a substitute for his brother in law that his sister and her 7 little ones might not be deprived of a husband and father’s care. Served as Private in N. Y. Militia. Was in Battle of Niagara. Honorably discharged Sept. 30, 1818. — Map (db m9691) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — 1897 Clark County Jail
The Clark County Historical Society 1897 Jail Museum has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior December 8, 1978 Wisconsin Historical Marker This property is listed in the Wisconsin State Register of Historic Places The State Historical Society of Wisconsin Clark County Jail has been recognized as a . . . — Map (db m41452) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — 1919 Case Steam Engine
Originally used for threshing grain in the area by William Neville, this steam engine was owned by Martin "Max" Feuerstein from the 1930s through the 1960s to power a sawmill along 18th Street on Neillsville's northside. This sawmill produced lumber used by the B & F (Bruhn and Feuerstein) Machine Shop for framing truck bodies used for hauling milk cans, as well as lumber for other local uses. Since 1969 this steam engine has been on display as a memorial to the life and times of threshers and . . . — Map (db m41389) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — 42 — Clark County Moraines
Most of the topographical features to be seen here can probably be attributed to deposits or moraines left when the glacier receded. The castellated hills or mounds northwest of Neillsville are of greater geological significance and interest, however. These are believed to be nunataks -- hills which projected through the ice sheet so that their tops were left untouched by the glacier. — Map (db m9851) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — Dickinson-Hoesly House
. . . — Map (db m76734) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — Fragments — Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Honoring the men and women from Wisconsin who served in Vietnam. We left pieces of ourselves in Vietnam. We brought parts of Vietnam home. Each fragmented figure supports the others. A close inspection of the figure with the helmet reveals the long hair of a woman – the first depicted on a U.S. veterans memorial. Her poncho supports 1244 rods engraved with the names of those who didn't return. Their chimes hang among the rod clusters allowing them to speak to us. The rifle . . . — Map (db m25146) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — Kilroy Was Here
During World War II this was a symbol for the American serviceman. Any place in the world where one of them went he would see it. It was found in restrooms, on trucks, tanks, ships, bombed out walls, and almost any place it could be painted, penned, scratched, or chalked. Even during an invasion or battle, someone would leave this symbol where those following would see it. It was a symbol of courage, pride, encouragement, and very definitely a morale booster. That is why it was selected to . . . — Map (db m18637) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — 41 — Major General Clarence L. Sturdevant — 1885 – 1958
General Sturdevant, chief architect and father of the Alcan Highway, was born in Neillsville and married Beth Youmans of this city. During forty years of devoted service General Sturdevant was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Bronze Star, and for his Alcan Highway feat, the Legion of Merit. Sturdevant was characterized by General Douglas MacArthur as "great soldier, great engineer, great American." — Map (db m30863) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — National Native American Vietnam Veterans Memorial — "The Forgotten Warrior"
This memorial statue was envisioned to serve as a touchstone where the quiet tears of unresolved grief from mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends could be shed in an honorific setting and be strengthened by the groundswell of pride that their departed loved ones stand in an elite company of Native American warriors who fought in America's longest and costliest undeclared war. "The Forgotten Warrior" stands forth symbolically to uphold an memorialize the honor of those . . . — Map (db m29599) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — Neillsville Civil War Memorial
Erected 1908 by G.A.R. & W.R.C. 1861–1865 — Map (db m38763) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — Neillsville Post Office
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Neillsville Post Office 1937 Henry Morgenthau Jr Secretary of the Treasury James A Farley Post Master General Louis A Simon Supervising Architect Neal A Melick Supervising Engineer 1937 — Map (db m47630) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — The Korean War Tribute — Dedicated to those who served
We, the Korean Veterans Tribute Committee, designed this tribute to convey to you insight into the hardships and isolation experienced by our troops. The three bronze figures represent bitter cold, extreme heat and seemingly never ending monsoons. They rest on a platform in the shape of the Korean Peninsula – a reminder of the ongoing uneasy truce. The hillside is sculpted to resemble the terraced rice paddies in Korea. The Korean War began as a civil conflict between communist . . . — Map (db m78738) WM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — Women Airforce Service Pilots Monument
Women Airforce Service Pilots W.A.S.P. World War II 1942-1944                               Dedicated July 31, 2006 Map (db m78703) WM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — Women Veterans Memorial
In Honor and Remembrance of the Women of Wisconsin Who Have Served Our Nation Dedicated September 19, 1992 Donated by The Wisconsin Women and Men of Vietnam Veterans of America — Map (db m78718) WM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Stanley — The Worden Church of the Brethren
Site of The Worden Church of the Brethren Erected in 1904 Destroyed by tornado in 1958 Dedicated Sept. 28, 1975 by members and friends — Map (db m22324) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Thorp — Liberty Tree Memorial
Planted in honor of those who lost their lives in the tragic events on September 11, 2001 The American Liberty elm was named after "The Liberty Tree": Our Country's first Symbol of Freedom. On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the hated Stamp Act. From that day forward, that elm became known as the "Liberty Tree". For the next ten years, it stood in silent witness to countless meetings, . . . — Map (db m47912) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Thorp — 537 — St. Hedwig's / Poznan Colony
St. Hedwig's In 1891, a wooden church was built and named St. Hedwig's for a queen of Poland. In 1904, the present-day structure was built and accommodated the growing congregation with seating for 700 people. Members of the congregation furnished labor and contributed artistic talent. Some families took out second mortgages on their farms to help pay for the cost of the new building. Poznan Colony As the lumber industry waned in the late 1880s, Polish land agents hoped to . . . — Map (db m48771) HM
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