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Cowlitz County Markers
Washington (Cowlitz County), Castle Rock — Mount St. Helens - You Are Edge of the Blast Zone
The eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980 triggered a huge landslide causing a powerful, laterally directed blast. A pyroclastic flow consisting of rock fragments, highly charged gas and super heated steam, devastated almost 150,000 acres of private, state and federal forests. Side Bar: In 1982 Congress established the 110,000 acre Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Inside the monument no salvage and no tree planting were permitted. — Map (db m50737) HM
Washington (Cowlitz County), Castlerock — In Memoriam 1917 World War 1918
Chas S Chism George Eaton Elmer O. Leonard Thomas Martin Harlan Merrill Rudolph Rockwell Albert W. Rosin Richard Sugars — Map (db m94544) WM
Washington (Cowlitz County), Woodland — The Finn Hall
In 1916 Finnish immigrants constructed a hall near this site under the name of a literary association (Kirjallixuus Seura), forming a lending library. Although they brought their diet, language, and saunas with them, some old country beliefs were left behind. These people found it necessary to meet where they could study the social customs of their new country, challenge and question partisan politics, and reflect on new theological insights. At this cultural center were held language classes, . . . — Map (db m8382) HM
Washington (Cowlitz County), Woodland — Woodland Community Veterans Memorial
World War I James A Forbes Frank L. Gaddis Walter Kalahan Alfred Earl Wells Tom C. Bair Fred S. Millard World War II Elmer Beebe Harold R. Chilcoat Harry A. Lillard, Jr. Elmer Mattila Claude M. Miller Walter E. Modin Robert E. White Donald F. Turner Robert D. Hobert Harold L. Lutz Osmo H. Reijonen Donald D. Robins Dwight C. Schiffhauer Jack M. Stilts James W. Yenne Daryle Edward Artley Francis Dick . . . — Map (db m8399) WM
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