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Dodge County Markers
Georgia (Dodge County), Chauncey — 045-3 — Normandale1868-1896
Normandale was named for Norman W. Dodge, one of seven sons of William E. Dodge, for whom Dodge County was named in 1870. The home of over 500 people, Normandale was headquarters of the Dodge Land & Lumber Company which was established after the Civil War using questionable deeds. The company claimed over 300 square miles of the finest longleaf yellow pine in the world. The area included the counties of Telfair, Dodge, Laurens, Montgomery, and Pulaski. Settlers had earlier claimed most of the . . . — Map (db m57283) HM
Georgia (Dodge County), Eastman — 045-1 — Dodge County
This County created by Act of the Legislature Oct. 26, 1870, is named for William E. Dodge, a New York lumberman who owned large areas of the forest lands and who persuaded Congress to remove taxation from “the great staple of our state.” He built and gave to the new county its first Courthouse, which was replaced in 1908. The first County Officers included: Superior Court Judge J.R. Alexander, Clerk of Superior Court Ruben A. Harrell, Sheriff Jordan Brown, Tax Collector T. P. . . . — Map (db m57197) HM
Georgia (Dodge County), Eastman — 045-2 — Jefferson Davis
On May 4, 1865, Jefferson Davis arrived in Washington, Georgia (132 miles NE, where he performed what proved to be his last duties as President of the Confederate States of America. Shortly thereafter, with a small staff and escort, he departed enroute to the trans-Mississippi Department, from which vantage point he hoped to negotiate a just peace. Traveling via Warthen and Sandersville he reached the home of Mr. E. J. Blackshear (10 miles N of Dublin) early on May 7th, after finding his family . . . — Map (db m57175) HM
Georgia (Dodge County), Eastman — Old Eastman School
Eastman’s first public school, serving both elementary and high school students, opened on this site in 1898. A second building was added in 1904. In 1946, financed through individual and community contributions, the school was remodeled. In 1957, the school at this site became known as Eastman Elementary School. The original buildings were destroyed by fire in 1970. Those parts of the school were replaced and in the following years, additional buildings were added. With . . . — Map (db m57232) HM
Georgia (Dodge County), Eastman — 45-2 — Orphans Cemetery
Albert G. Williamson, a Dodge County entrepreneur, donated land for a burial place in Orphans community following the death of a neighbor’s child, George P.A. Barnes, in 1887. The community was named in honor of the six orphaned Williamson brothers who moved here in 1873-74 from North Carolina. The earliest burials were children of the Thomas, Weldy, and Lashley families. Other common names in the original acre are Hardy, Manley, Steele, Stuckey, and Williamson. The statuary above their . . . — Map (db m8463) HM
Georgia (Dodge County), Eastman — Stuckey's
In 1937 W.S. and Ethel Stuckey opened the first Pecan Shoppe at this location. That began the introduction of the pecan, Ethel`s candy and the distinctive blue-roofed shoppe to the motoring public. Today, a Stuckey`s can be found in nearly every state of the Union and has become an important part of the lives of those who travel the highways of this great Country. This spot has been dedicated to the memory of that first step forward by Mr. and Mrs. Stuckey and the many employees who have been a part of this heritage. — Map (db m9722) HM
Georgia (Dodge County), Eastman — GA 87 F-6 — The Blackshear Road
At this point the highway was originally known as the Blackshear Road. It was planned and cut out in 1815 by Major Elijah Blackshear and a company of Georgia Volunteer Militia. This road gained fame as the alternative route used by General David Blackshear during his defense of the threatened invasion of the Southern border of Georgia in the War of 1812 — Map (db m14295) HM
Georgia (Dodge County), Eastman — 45-1 — The Eastman-Bishop-Bullock House
This house, constructed in 1872, is the oldest house in Eastman. In 1868, William Pitt Eastman founded the 400,000 acre Georgia Land and Lumber Company. Upon learning in 1870 that Station No. 13 along the Macon and Brunswick Railroad had been named in his honor, Eastman created the town of Eastman and was instrumental in the formation of Dodge County. He established the Eastman Hotel Company and Woodlawn Cemetery and served as mayor in 1885. His daughter sold the house to Judge James Bishop, . . . — Map (db m57331) HM
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