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Fond du Lac County Markers
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Auburn — 539 — Haskell Noyes Memorial Woods
This scientific area preserved in natural condition for future generations is symbolic of the spirit of Haskell Noyes of Milwaukee (1886-1948) - one of Wisconsin's foremost conservationist's. Leader of citizen action for outdoor programs featuring youth participation, he was: Wisconsin Conservation Commission Chairman (1931-1933) and member (1928-1933). President Milwaukee Chapter Izaak Walton League of America (1926) when they purchased Mauthe Lake area for conservation use; instrumental . . . — Map (db m35203) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Auburn — St. Matthias Mission
St. Matthias Mission Built in 1861 Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m73834) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Brandon — 370 — The Raube Road Site
The Raube Road Site is one of Wisconsin's few remaining intact Old Military Road segments from the state's territorial period. Located on farmland purchased by Albert and Martha Raube in 1911, this 123-foot-long Military Road segment was part of the first constructed roadway to cross Wisconsin. Originally planned as an army supply and communication route between Fort Crawford at Prairie du Chien, Fort Winnebago at Portage and Fort Howard at Green Bay, the 234-mile-long road was surveyed and . . . — Map (db m36007) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — 452 — County Home CemeteryFond du Lac
This site marks the Fond du Lac County Farm Cemetery. The Farm, no longer extant, was founded in 1856 to assist indigent and mentally ill county residents. The cemetery, about 65' x 295' in size, was also known as the Courthouse Burial Grounds. Wooden markers once denoted the burial plots of the residents, interred here over a period of 100 years. — Map (db m73387) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Fond du Lac County Veterans Memorial
Fond du Lac County Rolling Meadows Golf Course Dedicated to All War Veterans of Fond du Lac County This Bicentennial Year 1976 A Time Capsule Containing Historical Information Sealed Herein – To Be Opened in the Year 2076 Map (db m47067) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — G. A. R. Memorial Drive
Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Drive Lest We Forget Placed by Colonel C. K. Pier Circle Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic 1932 — Map (db m61247) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — 484 — Home of Governor James Duane Doty(1799-1865)
The home of James Duane Doty, oldest residence in Fond du Lac County, was built in 1839. Doty served as Federal Judge, Congressman, Governor of the Territory of Wisconsin and Superintendent of Indian Affairs. He was Governor of Utah when he died. Doty laid out the Military Road between Green Bay and Prairie du Chien in 1835. He then organized the Fond du Lac Land Company and developed this area. He named Taycheedah from an Indian word meaning "our home." The land was purchased in 1914 by the . . . — Map (db m38487) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Locomotive No. 2714...a memorial to the era of steam railroading
     This engine was built in 1911 by the American Locomotive Company of New York. It was one of four engines purchased by the Wisconsin Central in May, 1911. It was built light for passenger service. It weighs almost 100 tons. It was fired by a stoker and the tender held 12,000 gallons of water and 175 tons of coal and was able to maintain 200 pounds of pressure. It pulled up to 18 passenger cars and could reach 80 miles per hour.      While in service No. 2714 logged over 2 million . . . — Map (db m77548) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Pier Cemetery — Fond du Lac County Historical Society
On March 1, 1838, Fanna Pier, the first white woman to live in Fond du Lac County, died at the age of 30 after a short illness. Her death was the first of a white person in the county. This plot of high ground was selected for the burial two days later. The eleven remaining pioneers in the county attended the funeral officiated by Rev. Cutting Marsh, missionary to the Stockbridge Indians. After arriving in Green Bay from Vermont in 1834, Fanna's husband, Colwert, and his brother, Edward, . . . — Map (db m70250) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Pier Cemetery 1838Resting Place of Fond du Lac's First Pioneer Family
(engraving) First Fond du Lac Home Fanna Pier 1838 Daughter of Nathan and Betsey Kendell, wife of Colwert Pier, died March 1, 1838 aged 30. Being the first white female resident and the first death in the County of Fond du Lac. • Colwert E. Pier 1857 Died April 5, 1857. Aged 47 years. First resident of Fond du Lac County. • Oliver W. Pier 1851 Died Nov. 3, 1851, aged 28. • Calvin Pier 1856 Died Feb. 13, 1856 aged 76. Esther, wife of Calvin Pier . . . — Map (db m71325) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Pioneer Military Road1835
Fort Howard, Green Bay to Fort Crawford, Prairie du Chien Erected by Col. C. K. Pier Circle Ladies of G. A. R. 1931 Map (db m36004) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Spanish–American War Memorial
Memorial to Those Who Served in the War With Spain 1898 — 1902 (U.S.S. Maine plaque) In Honor to Our Dead Freedom Patriotism Humanity — Map (db m77527) WM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Supple's Marsh
Supple's Marsh came into being along with Lake Winnebago after retreat of a glacial ice sheet that covered this region 10,000 years ago. The retreating glacier deposited gravel and rocks that blocked ancient northward flowing drainage systems thereby creating a large lake known as Glacial Lake Oshkosh. Centuries later a portion of this lake became Lake Winnebago and its adjacent marshlands. From that time forward, Supple's Marsh has been a haven for fish and game. Here was where the . . . — Map (db m62063) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — 208 — The Military Road
The Military Road, built in 1835, became the first highway to cross the state. Congress appropriated $5,000 to connect the St. Lawrence and Mississippi River basins. The troops at Fort Crawford constructed the road from Prairie du Chien to Portage; those at Fort Winnebago extended it to Fond du Lac; and those at Fort Howard completed it to Green Bay. Blazed trees and ploughed furrows marked the route. Brush laid in river beds made wagon crossings possible. The early thoroughfare followed . . . — Map (db m46182) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Union Soldiers Monument
Dedicated to the memory of the Brave Men of Fond du Lac County, Wis., who to save the Union, fought victoriously on land and sea, in the great struggle of the Civil War, 1861 – 1865. — Map (db m36374) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to all veterans who have served our country past – present – future. We shall not forget. 1995 Second Ward Honoring those who answered their countries call in World War II. These gave their lives: William H. Altnau • William J. Blanck • James C. Hecker • Elno L. Jacobs • Robert D. Kellett • Kenneth P. Leach • John H. Quinn • Harvey W. Stroup • Melvin F. Wagner — Map (db m61245) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — 227 — Wisconsin Progressive Party
Near this site on May 19, 1934, the Wisconsin Progressive Party was formally organized. The Party was the result of a movement begun forty years before on the principle that the will of the people should be the law of the land. The legislation it initiated in Wisconsin was later adopted throughout the nation. Laws fostered by the Party protected the workers of Wisconsin against the calamities of injury and unemployment. To commemorate the Progressive Party's contribution to worker's . . . — Map (db m3648) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Johnsburg — Father Caspar Rehrl / St. John the Baptist Parish
Father Caspar Rehrl A priest, missionary, teacher, founder of churches and schools, and organizer of parishes, Father Rehrl was born in Salzburg, Austria, in 1809. He became a mission­ary to North America, arriving in the new diocese of Milwaukee in the Wisconsin Territory in 1845. He traveled on foot through the Wisconsin wilderness to Johnsburg, a small community of German settlers established in 1841, where he was appointed the first resident pastor of St. John the Baptist Parish. . . . — Map (db m3293) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), New Fane — Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church
Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church • Built 1871 New Fane, Wisconsin Has Been Placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m60194) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), North Fond du Lac — North Fond du Lac Veterans Memorial
All Gave Some – Some Gave All Dedicated to the memory of all who proudly served and protected their country. — Map (db m61638) WM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Ripon — 401 Watson Street
1905–1973 · Public Library (relocated) 1973–1996 · Pearl's House of Fashion 1996–Present · Accurate Controls The majority of the money for the building of this library was given to the city by Andrew Carnegie. There was much dispute over where to place the Public Library, but the city board soon decided to build it at 401 Watson Street. — Map (db m61763) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Ripon — 135 — Birthplace of Republican Party
In 1852 Alvan Earle Bovay of Ripon met with Horace Greeley in New York and advocated dissolution of the Whig Party and formation of a new party to fuse together anti-slavery elements. At the same time he suggested the name "Republican" because he felt "it was a good name.....with charm and prestige." The opportunity to act came in January 1854 when Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois introduced the Kansas-Nebraska Bill, which permitted the extension of slavery beyond the limits of the . . . — Map (db m3225) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Ripon — Birthplace of the Republican Party
In this school house on March 20, 1854 was held the first mass meeting in this country that definitely and positively cut loose from old parties, and advocated a new party under the name Republican. — Map (db m64806) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Ripon — 273 — Carrie Chapman Catt
A national leader of the woman suffrage movement, Carrie Chapman Catt was born in Ripon, Wisconsin, in 1859 and spent most of her life as a tireless crusader for women’s rights. A gifted organizer, political strategist and public speaker, Catt suceeded Susan B. Anthony as president of the nation’s most important suffrage group, the National American Woman Suffrage Association, from 1900-04 and 1915-20. She transformed the movement into a purposeful organization and led the suc­cessful campaign . . . — Map (db m4331) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Ripon — 181 — Ceresco
The Long House is one of the few visible remains of the pioneer settlement of Ceresco. Founded in 1844 and named for Ceres, the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, Ceresco was the home of the Wisconsin Phalanx, an experiment in communal liv­ing according to the rule of the French social philosopher Charles Fourier. Under the leadership of Warren Chase, the Phalanx attracted a membership of about two hundred persons. The company enjoyed a few years of vigorous life, then declined, and disbanded in 1851. The village became a part of Ripon in 1853. — Map (db m4330) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Ripon — First Congregational Church of Ripon
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m55385) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Ripon — 184 — Ripon College
Incorporated January 29, 1851. The first College building, East Hall, was staked out that spring by Ripon city founders David Mapes and Alvan Bovay. Chartered as Brockway College, it was renamed Ripon College in 1864 and graduated its first class, four women, in 1867. Although private and non-sectarian, it was given support by the Winnebago Convention of Presbyterian and Congregational Churches until 1868. A regiment of the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry was mobilized here during the Civil War. The three original buildings are still in use. — Map (db m3596) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Rosendale — Sisson’s Peony Gardens
In 1920 Wilbur Sisson established the first section of his Peony Gardens at this location. In 1929 he hired Jesse Phillips as his assistant and eventual partner to design and build a gateway arch and windmill for the entrance. These structures were completed using stones from the original Rosendale State Bank and Methodist Church. Phillips assumed ownership of the gardens following Sisson’s death in 1950. Jesse and his wife, Marie, expanded the gardens to cover 5 acres and include 2500 . . . — Map (db m48438) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), St. Peter — 339 — Edward S. Bragg
Born in New York in 1827, Edward S. Bragg was admitted to the bar in 1848 and moved to Fond du Lac in 1850, where he practiced law and played an active role in politics. When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Bragg joined other "War Democrats" in supporting the military suppression of the Confederacy. Bragg recruited and later commanded a volunteer militia company after it was amalgamated with the Sixth Wisconsin Infantry Regiment. Serving with valor and distinction, Bragg won a colonelcy in . . . — Map (db m4118) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Taycheedah — Toll Gate on the Military Trail
This tablet marks the site of the toll gate on the Military Trail and Old Plank Road 1835 – January 10, 1916. Erected by Fond du Lac Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1932 — Map (db m3650) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Waupun — Clarence Addison Shaler(1860–1941)
Inventor of the Hot-Patch, is fondly remembered by the residents of Waupun for: creating the Shaler Scholarships; being instrumental in the formation of the Rock River Country Club; purchasing for the city the world famous End of the Trail by Fraser and the Recording Angel by Taft; beginning to sculpture at the age of 70 and donating to the city his own works Waubun, Doe and Fawn, and The Pioneers. — Map (db m25637) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Waupun — 120 — The End of the Trail
Created as a tribute to the American Indian by James Earle Fraser (1876–1953) when only 17. His twice life-sized plaster replica gained world fame at the 1915 San Franciso Exposition. Clarence Shaler, Waupun industrialist, commissioned this first bronze casting. Dedication was June 23, 1929. Chief John Big Tree, Fraser's model, was the honored guest at Waupun's 125th Jubilee July 1–4, 1964. — Map (db m25403) HM
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