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Garfield County Markers
Montana (Garfield County), Mosby — Bearpaw Shale and the Inland Ocean
The black shale rocks seen in this area represent the muddy sediments deposited by the last ocean to exist in Montana. The shale, known by geologists as the Bearpaw Shale contains fossils of sea-going creatures that lived and died some 70 million years ago. Twenty foot long swimming reptiles like Mososaurus and Tylosaurus fed on fishes and ammonites, relatives of squids and octopi. The remains of the gigantic coiled ammonites called Placentaceras and the straight shelled ammonites called . . . — Map (db m9697) HM
Montana (Garfield County), Mosby — Fort Musselshell
Fort Musselshell was located on the Missouri River about 35 miles north of here. It was a trading post in the ’60s and ’70s and as such had a brief but colorful career. The only whites in that part of the state were woodchoppers for the Missouri River steamboats, wolfers, trappers and Indian trappers. The River Crows and Gros Ventre Indians traded there. A buffalo robe brought them 3 cups of coffee, or 6 cups of sugar, or 10 cups of flour. It was a tolerably profitable business from the . . . — Map (db m9698) HM
Montana (Garfield County), Mosby — Kerchival City
Competition to supply the mining camps was fierce in Montana in the 1860s. Many opportunists realized that the real money was not in mining for gold, but in “mining the miners” by providing essential goods and services. Fort Benton dominated upper Missouri trade. Steamboat landings and trading posts established downriver of the world’s innermost port sought to circumvent Fort Benton’s monopoly. The mouth of the Musselshell River, about 35 miles north of here, was ideal for a . . . — Map (db m9700) HM
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