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Hamilton County Markers
Florida (Hamilton County), White Springs — Florida’s Original Tourist Destination
From the Native Americans who first sought the healing sulphur waters of the spring, to the present-day travelers who enjoy the wide variety of recreational opportunities along the Suwannee River and the historical significance of the Town of White Springs, tourists have historically been lured to the natural resources around the Suwannee River’s White Springs. The Suwannee River, made famous by Stephen Foster in the song “Old Folks at Home,” serves as the backdrop for the . . . — Map (db m44591) HM
Florida (Hamilton County), White Springs — The Residents of White Springs
Florida's native Timucuan Indians lived for hundreds of generations in what is now north Florida and southeast Georgia. Beginning in the 1580s, they were organized into mission villages by Spanish Franciscan priests. While exploitation and epidemics caused native populations to decline, the destruction of Spanish missions early in the eighteenth century by the Carolina militia and their Native American allies also caused the scattering and enslavement of the remaining native populations. . . . — Map (db m44609) HM
Florida (Hamilton County), White Springs — Wars and Conflicts in White Springs
Although residents living here have always been somewhat insulated, outside influences such as war and conflict have historically influenced the Town of White Springs. The Spanish, French, British, and Americans all fought wars to won the peninsula of Florida. The Seminole War proved to be the longest and most expensive war in US history, lasting from 1817 until 1842. Since most of the population of the Florida territory was in north central Florida, most of the early conflicts of the war . . . — Map (db m44512) HM
Florida (Hamilton County), White Springs — F-24 — White Springs
These sulphur springs were thought to have medicinal properties and were considered sacred by the Indians. Warriors wounded in battle reputedly were not attacked when they came here to recuperate. Settlers moved into the vicinity in 1826 and the springs became an ante bellum resort noted for natural beauty and good cuisine. The village was a refuge during the War Between the States and many planters brought their families and slaves here for safety. — Map (db m13675) HM
Florida (Hamilton County), White Springs — White Sulphur Springs"Fountain of Health"
White Sulphur Springs was once a popular health resort, attracting large numbers of people to drink the water and bathe in the spring. This structure encircles a natural spring that was thought to possess great healing qualities. An early advertisement claimed the water cured everything from rheumatism and indigestion to dandruff and insomnia. Constructed in 1908, the building housed a concession area, clinical examination and treatment rooms, and dressing rooms on either side of the . . . — Map (db m44610) HM
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