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Hillsborough County Markers
New Hampshire (Hillsborough County), Bedford — 102 — Colonel John Goffe — (1701 - 1786)
This is considered to be the site of Colonel John Goffe's log dwelling. In 1744 Goffe build a gristmill on Bowman's Brook, later run by his son, Major John Goffe (1727–1813), and his grandson, Theodore Atkinson Goffe (1769–1860). The stream eventually powered several other mills. In 1939, Dr. George Woodbury (1902–1973), a Goffe descendant, built a mill that is now part of the hotel complex across the road, as told in his book, "John Goffe's Mill." Prominent in local history, . . . — Map (db m88052) HM
New Hampshire (Hillsborough County), Hillsborough — 065 — Pierce Homestead
The Pierce Homestead was built in 1804 by Benjamin Pierce, a general in the American Revolution, twice governor of New Hampshire (1827-28, 1829-30), and father of Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States (1853-57). Franklin Pierce was born in Hillsboro November 23, 1804 and the family occupied this dwelling shortly thereafter. — Map (db m83659) HM
New Hampshire (Hillsborough County), Manchester — 124 — Amoskeag Mills
Samuel Blodgett began a canal to bypass the steep falls in 1793, with money provided by a lottery. The canal was finished in 1807. Mills then sprang up on both sides of the river below the falls. The world renowned Amoskeag Manufacturing Company flourished here for a century, operating 64 mills, covering a mile and a half of ground, housing 700,000 spindles and 23,000 looms which turned out 500,000 yards of cloth each week. — Map (db m64872) HM
New Hampshire (Hillsborough County), Manchester — Merci Box Car
This Box Car was a restoration project of the Grand Voiture du N.H. of the Forty and Eight. This Box Car is one of the 49 Freedom cars sent by the French Government to each one of the 48 states and one to be shared by District of Columbia and Hawaii in 1949. This car is a Memorial to those who lost their lives in all wars and to Franco American friendship. — Map (db m19825) HM
New Hampshire (Hillsborough County), Manchester — 208 — St. Mary's Bank Credit Union / La Caisse Populaire Saint-Marie
Marker Front: The first credit union in the U.S. was founded here in 1908, the inspiration of Monsignor Pierre Hevey, the pastor of Sainte-Marie Parish. Monsignor Hevey sought to improve the economic stability of the French-speaking mill workers by giving them a safe and welcoming place to save and borrow money. Until 1913 the credit union was located here in the home of attorney Joseph Bolvin, its first president and manager. Initially open just evenings and holidays, the credit union . . . — Map (db m65149) HM
New Hampshire (Hillsborough County), Mason — 035 — Uncle Sam’s House
Nearby stands the boyhood home of Samuel Wilson (1766 to 1854) who was generally known as “Uncle Sam.” He supplied beef to the Army in 1812. The brand on his barrel was “U.S.” The transition from U.S. to Uncle Sam followed and became the popular symbol for the United States. — Map (db m75238) HM
New Hampshire (Hillsborough County), Merrimack — 079 — Matthew Thornton — 1714 - 1803
One of three New Hampshiremen to sign the Declaration of Independence, Matthew Thornton, physician, soldier, patriot, agitated against the Stamp Act of 1765, presided over the Provincial Congress in 1775, served in the State Senate and as an associate justice of the Superior Court. The nearby monument honors his memory. He is buried in the adjacent cemetery. His homestead stands directly across the highway. — Map (db m74577) HM
New Hampshire (Hillsborough County), Merrimack — 029 — Old Dunstable
Was the original town, chartered by Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1673, which embraced parts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The New Hampshire portion of this area, following determination of the province boundary in 1741, was subsequently divided into Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, Merrimack and Nashua. — Map (db m88053) HM
New Hampshire (Hillsborough County), Peterborough — The War Of The Rebellion — Peterborough Soldiers Sacrificed
Capt. Gustavus A. Forbush 13th N.H. Regt. • Lieut. Timothy K. Ames 6th “ “ • Lieut. Charles L. Fuller 6th N.H. Regt. • Lieut. John M. Dodd 6th “ “ Charles O. Collister 2nd N.H. Regt. • Newman Hall 2nd “ “ • Edward Bolio 2nd “ “ • Frank E. Howe 2nd “ “ • George Welding 4th “ “ • Luther G. Crosby 4th “ “ • German N. Breed 5th “ “ • George M. Spaulding 5th “ “ • George W. Hadley 6th . . . — Map (db m73732) WM
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