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Hudspeth County Markers
Texas (Hudspeth County), Fort Hancock — Camp Rice — Built in 1884-5
Department Commander Brigadier General D.S. Stanley, U.S.A. Planned by Major J.G.C. Lee, Chief Quartermaster. Post Commander Captain T.A. Baldwin, 10th Cav’y. Officer in charge of Construction Lieut. E.B. Ives, 19th Inft’y. Contractor W.S. Pleasants. — Map (db m79374) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Fort Hancock — 3180 — Cpl. Benito Martinez — (April 24, 1932 – Sept. 6, 1952) — Machine Gunner, U.S. 25th Inf. Div.
Graduated from Fort Hancock High School, May 1951. In Korean War, earned Congressional Medal of Honor in lone 6-hour stand near Satae-ri, Korea, Sept. 6, 1952, enabling his unit to regain key terrain. He rejected offers of aid; was cited for incredible valor, supreme sacrifice. — Map (db m60746) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Salt Flat — 1435 — El Paso Salt War
Resentment over private control of the salt lakes in this region, often called Guadalupe Lakes, led to the El Paso Salt War 1877 which entailed the loss of many lives and much property — Map (db m61508) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Sierra Blanca — 148 — America's Second Transcontinental Railroad — (Joined Here in 1881)
Great achievement in American history. Victory for statesmen, including Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun, who early as 1845 had supported in the United States Congress the idea of a transcontinental railroad. This was effected in 1869, but a need remained—as advocated in the Congress—for a southern route. In 1869 the Southern Pacific began constructing such a line eastward from the west coast. In 1871 the Texas & Pacific began building a line, under a special Act of Congress, . . . — Map (db m60748) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Sierra Blanca — 238 — August Fransal — (August 9, 1843 – July 30, 1927)
One of the many fearless stage drivers who traveled on the Ben Ficklin Overland Mail Line from San Antonio to El Paso. On this dangerous route, threatened by wild Apaches, Fransal regularly drove his mule-drawn stage. He served as a Texas Ranger 1881-1882 and in 1883 under Capt. George W. Baylor. He was also a teamster at Fort Davis. Later he was a hunter, selling fresh game (a welcome substitute for dried, cured meat) in El Paso. Recorded-1968 Map (db m60760) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Sierra Blanca — 907 — Claude Hudspeth — (1877 - 1941)
State Senator and member of U.S. House of Representatives for whom Hudspeth County was named. Became a ranch worker at age 9 and editor-publisher of an Ozona newspaper at 16. Was largely self-educated. Won seat in legislature in 1902-starting 29-year public career. He authored many bills to benefit working man. Served in Texas Senate 1907-1919. During this time, he studied law and was admitted to the bar, 1909. Served in U.S. Congress 1919-1931. Upheld sending U.S. force to defend El . . . — Map (db m60747) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Sierra Blanca — 2007 — Fort Quitman — C.S.A.
Site 16 miles southwest on Rio Grande on old military and stage road from San Antonio to El Paso. When U.S. posts were surrendered at outbreak of civil war, designated part confederate far western frontier defense line. Occupied by unit of Texas mounted rifles. On supply and communication line for troops to and from 1861-1862 Arizona-New Mexico campaign designed to make the Confederacy an ocean to ocean nation. Occupied briefly by Union troops from California, August 1862. A memorial to Texans . . . — Map (db m54178) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Sierra Blanca — 2590 — Hudspeth County
Formed from El Paso County Created February 16, 1917 Organized August 25, 1917 Named in honor of Claude Benton Hudspeth Born in 1877 A native Texan Holder of larger ranching interests Member of the Texas Legislature and the United States Congress Sierra Blanca, the county seat — Map (db m60750) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Sierra Blanca — 2591 — Hudspeth County Courthouse
Hudspeth County created by the 35th legislature and organized September 4, 1917, by the following commissioners appointed by the governor of Texas. T.D. Love • B Bean • Joe Gardner J.M. Walling • L.R. Millican This adobe courthouse constructed May 12, 1919 — Map (db m60752) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Sierra Blanca — 4694 — Sierra Blanca Methodist Church
Organized 1907. County's first Protestant church. Held service in a school until present structure was built 1909; adobe, with Gothic windows, bell tower. Early settlers of all faiths worshipped here. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark-1968 Map (db m60751) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Sierra Blanca — 5367 — The Killing of General J. J. Byrne — (Event occurred 15 miles south of here, in Quitman Canyon)
One of the final acts of violence in raiding led during 1880 by the feared Apache chieftain, Victorio. Just prior to this incident, Victorio's band--100 to 200 strong-- had finished a sanguinary two years of raiding in southwest Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. His brilliant guerrilla tactics baffled his U. S. Army pursuers and earned their grudging admiration. J. J. Byrne, a surveyor and retired military man, had fought in U. S. Army in the Civil War (1861-65), having been cited both for . . . — Map (db m60749) HM
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