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Laurens County Markers
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — "Patriot in Petticoats"Mary Musgrove Monument
This monument, erected in the early 20th century, stands as a reminder of the legendary Mary Musgrove. She is remembered as a character in the 19th century novel Horseshoe Robinson who took great personal risks spying for the Patriots. While we do know that an actual Mary Musgrove (1755-1795) lived on this site, we do not know what specific role she played in the American Revolution. Her legend does, however, stand as a tribute to the countless women who served as spies, . . . — Map (db m13845) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — American Flag Pole
In Loving Memory Captain Kimberly Nicole Hampton, PC '98 United States Army First female combat pilot shot down and killed in United Stated military aviation history Fallujah, Iraq, January 2, 2004 — Map (db m11978) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Battle of Musgrove Mill
Site of Battle of Musgrove Mill American Revolution August 18, 1780 — Map (db m13387) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Clinton Confederate Monument
[East] Erected by the Stephen D. Lee Chapter -- 1910 [West] Our Confederate Heroes 1861 -- 1865 "Lest We Forget" — Map (db m23434) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Clinton Veterans Monument
Honoring Veterans of All Wars — Map (db m23432) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Davison McDowell Douglas1869-1931 — Minister, Educator, Humanitarian
This building -- dedicated as a memorial to alumni killed in World War II and the Korean War -- is named Douglas House in memory of that beloved servant of God, the Reverend Davison McDowell Douglas, B.A., B.D., M.A., D.D., LL.D., who served faithfully and effectively as President of Presbyterian College from 1911-1927. His Works Live After Him to Glorify God Map (db m11980) WM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Eugene Blakely Sloan
Son of Eugene Blakely Sloan I and Janie Pressly Lindsay Sloan Born February 22, 1922, Clinton, S.C. Died April 6, 1969, Hunting Island, S.C. Editor, Author, Photographer, Naturalist, Teacher Educated at Erskine College and University of S.C. Law School. Army Air Corps Officer, World War II He was the First Recipient of The Gonzales Award for Distinguished Journalism "He wrote knowingly about South Carolina, it's people, places, issues, and its life's . . . — Map (db m48655) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Ford Country
During the Revolutionary War, river fords were a vital resource in controlling communication and transportation in the South Carolina backcountry. With few bridges or roads, these fords offered a tremendous tactical advantage to whomever possessed them. After capturing Charles Towne in May of 1780, the British sent Loyalist militias to backcountry fords to secure these strategic locations. When a group of Loyalists secured the ford at Musgrove's Mill, they unwittingly set the stage for the battle that took place here on August 19, 1780. — Map (db m13857) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Henry Clinton Young
The City of Clinton is named after Henry Clinton Young (1794 - 1875) A Laurensville Attorney who planned the original streets. The City of Clinton has been chartered four times 1852, 1864, 1886 and 1890 Young also served as a Major in the South Carolina State Militia. As a member of the State House of Representatives and a State Senator from 1842-1856 and as Director of the Laurens Railroad — Map (db m63429) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Jacobs Hall
Erected in Honor of Rev. William Plumer Jacobs, D.D. Founder of the College ----------- Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Clinton for half a century and founder of Thornwell Orphanage — Map (db m11945) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — James Ferdinand Jacobs
In Memory of James Ferdinand Jacobs 1868 - 1931 Whose foresight conceived and whose spirit founded these two highways The Calhoun Highway ———› The Jacobs ‹——— Highway — Map (db m11990) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Malcolm A. MacDonald
An educational scholarship established and this street named in memory of Malcolm A. MacDonald, D.D., third president of Thornwell Home and School, September 1944 - January 1971. His love and dedication to Thornwell's children in his care is gratefully acknowledged with praise given to God from whom all blessings flow. — Map (db m48658) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Mrs. Lillian G. Brown
In Memory of Mrs. Lillian G. Brown Loving Author of Bee-Mail World War II — Map (db m11976) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Musgrove Mill State Historic Site
Musgrove Mill State Historic Site is devoted to preserving a portion of the site of the Battle of Musgrove's Mill. On August 19, 1780, a small, yet battle-tested band of Patriot militia outmaneuvered and outfought a larger loyalist force compromised of both Militia and British Provincial Soldiers. The Battle of Musgrove's Mill epitomized the "guerrilla" type of warfare fought by the Patriot Militia in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. South Carolina State Park Service . . . — Map (db m13756) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — No Rest for the Weary
Edward Musgrove had been in the backcountry long enough to experience the brutality of frontier warfare, being involved in the Cherokee Wars and the Regulator Movement. Although he had hoped to live in peace, his home would draw the attention of the British and pull his family in the war. “So you see I have interfered on neither side, only so far as you might have expected me, which I would not have come short of by any means. If I was to undertake, I would be very sorry to . . . — Map (db m13493) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Pinelawn Memory Gardens Veterans Monument
Dedicated to the Honor and Glory of all American Veterans who served in all wars in defense of our great country — Map (db m55954) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Presbyterian College Armed Forces Memorial
World Wars I & II / Korean War Left Plaque The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, March 3, 1863, had awarded in the name of the Congress the Medal of Honor to Lt. Colonel George L. Mabry, Jr. United States Army for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the rick of his life above and beyond the call of duty: Lieutenant Colonel George L. Mabry, Jr., 2d Battalion, 8th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division, distinguished himself by . . . — Map (db m11954) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — 30-3 — Providence Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
The cemetery located about 1/2 mile SW, marks the original site of the church, founded Sept. 10, 1836. Buried here is William Blakely, Sr., survivor of Hayes Station Massacre, 1871, who with Samuel Blakely donated the land for the church and cemetery. The congregation moved to Clinton about 1902. — Map (db m12030) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Summer Camp
Even though Edward Musgrove chose to stay neutral in the Revolutionary War, his property was desirable real estate for the British. The ford across the Enoree River could provide a known crossing, the grist mill on the property could provide food for hungry soldiers, and its location provided a convenient and recognizable gathering place for the British. In an effort to gain control of communication and transportation throughout the backcountry, the British took control of the ford and the mill, setting up camp around Edward's home. — Map (db m13494) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — The Reverend William Plumer Jacobs(1842-1917)
Graduate of the College of Charleston and Columbia Theological Seminary Pastor of Clinton, Duncan Creek, Shady Grove, and Thornwell Presbyterian Churches Founded and President of the Thornwell Home and School for Children Founder of Clinton College, now Presbyterian College Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Presbyterian College How one man could accomplish all that Dr. Jacobs has done, is indeed a marvel...the explanation is...found in his indefatigable industry . . . — Map (db m11943) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — Where There's a Mill...
In the years before the American Revolution, Edward Musgrove saw his land as the perfect location for a gristmill. The nearby Enoree River provided power for the mill, and demand was high among Backcountry residents for means to grind their crops without having to make a trip that could take days to complete. The British, however, also became interested in Musgrove's Mill. To them, the mill was a good central point for the movement of supplies, and its location at a river ford meant the . . . — Map (db m13889) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — William C. Dobbins Highway
U.S. 76 Between Clinton and Laurens Named in 1979 in Honor of William C. Dobbins, Jr. Member, South Carolina House of Representatives 1957-62 Member, South Carolina Senate 1965-68 Member, South Carolina State Highways and Public Transportation Commission 1975-79 For His Many Contributions to the Cause of Good Highways and the General Welfare of His Community and State. A Dedicated Public Servant — Map (db m12018) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — William Plumer Jacobs, D.D., LL.D.1842-1917
This stone, erected on the fiftieth anniversary of Thornwell Orphanage by men and women whose childhood was blessed by the founder and first president, is grateful testimonial of The Thornwell Orphanage Alumni 1875 - 1925 — Map (db m11938) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Cross Hill — Cross Hill Confederate Monument
[North Inscription]: To Our Confederate Soldiers [West Inscription]: 1861 CSA 1865 Confederate [South Inscription]: "Who were not Terrified by Death nor Dishonored by Defeat." — Map (db m81211) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Gray Court — 30-15 — Dials Methodist Church
[Front]: This is one of the oldest Methodist congregations in Laurens County. Its earliest records have been lost, but tradition holds that Martin Dial (1744-1843), a veteran of the Revolution, organized a “Methodist Society” about 1808. It met for years in his log cabin nearby. After a camp meeting in 1835 his family donated an acre here for the first permanent church, a log building. [Reverse]: The present frame sanctuary was built about 1860. Dials Male . . . — Map (db m43067) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Gray Court — Gray Court Owings Consolidated High School
Created by consolidation of the following schools: Dials, New Harmony Friendship, Owings Gary Court, Riddles Old Field Dedicated to our children 1928 Kate V. Wofford, County Supt. of Education C.B. Owings, R.L.Gray, T.H. Babb Board of Trustees — Map (db m43360) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Gray Court — 30-10 — Laurens County Training School
[Front]: The Laurens County Training School, located here 1924-1954, had its origins in Gray Court School, a one-room school founded ca. 1890 on the grounds of Pleasant View Baptist Church. The training school, opened in 1924 in a building constructed with assistance from the Rosenwald Fund, taught grades 8-11 until 1948. [Reverse]: This school, at first emphasizing farming and homemaking skills, later expanded its curriculum to include more academic courses and became . . . — Map (db m22904) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Gray Court — 30-5 — Young’s School
Here at Young’s School in 1915, Dr. Wil Lou Gray (1883–1984) initiated for her native county of Laurens a seven-school program of night education for adults which led to the adoption of a state-wide system and her national recognition as a tireless and effective opponent of illiteracy. — Map (db m9951) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Honea Path — John C. Taylor Bridge
. . . — Map (db m15592) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Joanna — 30-16 — Belfast Plantation
[Front] This Federal plantation house was built between 1786 and 1815 for John Simpson (1751-1815), merchant and planter. Simpson came to S.C. from England in 1786 and named Belfast after his birthplace in Ireland. A post office here was called Belfast by 1804. Simpson was the first of four generations representing Laurens County in the S.C. House of Representatives from 1797 to 1886. [Reverse]; John Simpson’s grandson William Dunlap Simpson (1823-1890), born here, was . . . — Map (db m49455) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Joanna — 30-1 — Jefferson Davis Flight
Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy on his flight from Richmond, Va. with his Cabinet and other high ranking officers spent the night of April 30, 1865 at the house 1½ miles west, then the home of Lafayette Young. Arriving there from Union, Davis left early the next morning for Cokesbury and Abbeville. — Map (db m55837) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Joanna — Joanna Veterans' Memorial
Top plaque: This hospital erected as a lasting tribute to the men and women of Joanna who served their country in World War II and as a memorial to those who gave their lives H. Odell Barrett • Floyd R. Edwards • Henry W. Dobbins • Horace W. Ridings • Winford O. Price • George B. Browning • G. Marion Bragg • Willis J. Phillips • Woodrow W. Whelchel Middle plaque: Korea Robert Wilburn Viet-Nam Michael Banks • Reginald Morse • Carrol . . . — Map (db m18896) WM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — A.I. (Gus) Mason Bridge
Named in Honor of Tireless Civil Worker Active Leader in Seeking Industry Proud Booster of Hometown in Every Worthwhile Local Endeavor 1896 - 1977 — Map (db m48693) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — American Legion Post 25 Veterans Monument
Dedicated to Veterans of All Wars, for Service to God and Country 1776-1976 — Map (db m42990) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — Eugene Blakely Sloan (1922-1969) - Eugene Blakely Sloan
Eugene Blakely Sloan 1922-1969 Son of Eugene Blakely and Janie Pressly Lindsay Sloan. Educated at Erskine College, U.S.C. Law School. First Lieutenant, Fifth Air Force, World War II. Court Reporter, Editor, Author, Historian, Naturalist..."He wrote knowingly about South Carolina, its people, places, issues, and its life's blood." Eugene Blakely Sloan Born at this site Feb. 22, 1922. Died April 6, 1969. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery, Clinton. Author-photographer Scenic . . . — Map (db m48753) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — Korean ConflictThe Forgotten War — June 26, 1950 - July 27, 1953
To cherish liberty one need only remember how it was earned. Laurens County shall never forget their own who have served their country in war and peace. — Map (db m18499) WM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — 30-6 — Laurens County / Laurens Historic District
Laurens County Laurens County was one of six counties created from Ninety - Six District March 12, 1785. The courthouse here, built in 1838 by Dr. John W. Simpson, and remodeled and enlarged in 1858, 1911, 1940, and in 1973, was entered in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. Three Laurens women, Ann Pamela Cunningham, Dr. Wil Lou Gray, and Dr. Anne A. Young are in the S.C. Hall of Fame. Laurens Historic District This historic district, part of a Royal landgrant to . . . — Map (db m10133) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — Laurens County Confederate Monument
[Front]: In Memory of The Boys in Gray ---------- Erected 1910 by the Citizens of Laurens Co. Under the Auspices of J.B. Kershaw Chapter U.D.C. Our Heroes [Reverse]: On flames eternal camp- ing ground Their silent tents are spread And glory guards with solemn round The bivouac of the dead. — Map (db m12034) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — Laurens County Veterans Monument
In honor of our armed forces past and present dedicated to the preservation of freedom under God — Map (db m39270) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — Laurens County World Wars I & II Veterans Monument
Erected in loving memory of the men of Laurens County, S.C. who made the supreme sacrifice World War I White Lewis Felton Abercrombie, Casper W. Waldwell, Mason L. Copeland, Earl A. Davidson, George Lawson Duncan, Burke Fuller, Claude S. Garrett, William W. Gaultney, Luther Clarence Hellams, Plumer L. Henderson, Robert E. Hill, Harry Horton, Loomie Lafayette Hughes, Joe H. Jackson, Thomas Davidson Lake, Jr., Devault League, Ryan Ellerbe McDaniel, Thomas E. Peden, Alvin D. . . . — Map (db m12063) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — 30-8 — Lindley's Fort / Jonathan Downs
Lindley's Fort On July 15, 1776, a number of Indians and Tories attacked this frontier fort where area settlers had gathered for protection. Major Jonathan Downs, with a company of men, had arrived the previous evening & helped repulse the attack. This victory gave encouragement to the American cause locally. The site is located about 600 yds. south. Jonathan Downs One of the Justices of the Peace to settle a courthouse site for Laurens County, Jonathan Downs was a member of the . . . — Map (db m12102) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — 30-7 — Masonic Lodge #19 / Samuel Saxon
Masonic Lodge #19 The first recorded meeting of this organization, known as Palmetto Lodge #19, took place Aug. 7, 1794, at the Samuel Saxon home, which stood nearby. Officers present were: Master, Joseph Downs; Deputy Master, Nathaniel McCoy; Senior Warden, Wm. Holiday; Junior Warden, John Wolff; and Secretary, Ezekiel Roland. Still in existance, this is the oldest Masonic Lodge in Laurens County; its minutes date from 1794. Samuel Saxon In 1792, this local attorney, merchant . . . — Map (db m12031) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — Vietnam War
Once in Our Lives Forever in Out Memories Joseph B. Adams                 Jimmy I. McMorris Michael E. Banks               Reginald G. Morse Roy J. Brackwell, Jr.           Sanford L. Nelson Frankie B. Johnson, Jr.*     Willie J. Payne Robert E. King                   Cary J. Smith Milton B. Luster                 Sammie R. Sneed Leon S. Madden                 Dennis C. Stroud Willie E. Madden                John W. Teague Joseph O. McGee               Danny S. Thompson . . . — Map (db m12099) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — Watts Mills' World War II Veterans Memorial
Top Plaque: Watts Mills' employees who gave their lives in World War II Rumsley Thompson Bennett   Chester Calvin Miller Joe Edward Carlton                   Rex Darvin Power Tommy Cogdill                          Luther Prather John Elmer Davis                      Robert Lee Putman James Byron Gray                      Allen Rhodes Alvin Ludie Hazle                   Ryan Telford Satterwhite Ernest Geter Hewitt, Jr.            Samuel Hasting Stewart . . . — Map (db m12100) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Laurens — 30-9 — Watts-Todd-Dunklin House
[Front]: The Watts-Todd-Dunklin House, built about 1818, is an excellent example of a Federal-era upcountry farmhouse. According to family tradition, it was built for Washington Williams (1777-1829), who gave it to his daughter Nancy (1799-1845) when she married James Watts, Jr. (1795-1833). In 1845 Nancy Watts sold the house and 30 acres to Samuel R. Todd (1809-1891). It remained in the Todd family until 1938. [Reverse]:
The Todd family owned this house from 1845 to . . . — Map (db m23196) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Owings — 30-13 — Francis Rapley Owings House / Owings
Francis Rapley Owings House Owings is named for Francis Rapley Owings (1840-1920), who lived in this house after the Civil War. His ancestor Richard Owings III had settled 2 mi. W in 1757. Francis R. Owings, a farmer and merchant, built the general store across the road in 1873. It also housed the town’s first post office. Owings The town was originally named Rapley since there was already one in S.C. named Owings. After Francis Rapley Owings donated the land and lumber for a . . . — Map (db m30415) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Ware Shoals — Irvin Pitts Park / Ware Shoals
Irvin Pitts Park Saluda River Natural Resources Irvin Pitts Park is a corridor of land sandwiched between the Saluda River and a canal, which conducts water from the dam to the hydroelectric powerhouse that supplied electricity for Riegel textile mills and the village of Ware Shoals for most of the twentieth century. In fact, the Saluda River was the natural resource that spawned the town of Ware Shoals.The dam, the mill and the town were born in the same year - 1902 - and . . . — Map (db m31268) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Ware Shoals — 30-11 — Martin's Store
[Front]: This store, first known as Daniel’s store or the “Beehive,” was built before the Civil War by James Wright Daniel (1814-1904) and several business partners. In 1878 James Martin (1815-1879) bought the store from the other partners and became sole owner until his death early the next year. Martin’s son J.C. Martin (1861-1949) and his grandsons ran this general store for the next 119 years. [Reverse]: The grandsons, J.Y. Martin (1906-1969) and J.H. . . . — Map (db m22966) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Ware Shoals — Mt. Bethel United Methodist ChurchMother of 5 Churches — Bicentennial Anniversary 1768-1972
[Front]: 1768 Bethel Methodist Society Org. at Indian Springs by Rev. Geo. Whitefield and families of Arnold, Giraud, Taylor, Sullivan Mitchell, Box, Wood 1825 Rec'd. Meth. Cone Rev. Barnett Smith 1842 Sunday School Org. G.L. Riley, Elisha South, J.M. Eppes Rev. John Humbert, Judge T.J. Sullivan 1854-1884 Camp Meeting Org. by Rev. R.J. Boyd 1878 1st Local Foreign Missionary Society of S.C. Meth. Church Org by Minerva Kinard Humbert Memorial to Deceased . . . — Map (db m22926) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Ware Shoals — Western Laurens Volunteer Fire Department
The land for this building is donated to Western Laurens County Fire District by Joseph Edwin and Francis P. O'Dell as a memorial to their son Simuel Dennis O'Dell, one of the original Western Laurens County firemen. Born August 31, 1951 -- Died April 15, 1993. — Map (db m22969) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Waterloo — 30-2 — Rosemont
About 2½ miles southwest, a granite monument stands on the site of Rosemont, birthplace and home of Ann Pamela Cunningham, founder and first regent of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union. Through her efforts Mount Vernon was purchased by the association in 1858, and Washington's home was restored and maintained for posterity. — Map (db m74870) HM
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