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Marquette County Markers
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Endeavor — John Muir Memorial Park The Land of My Youth
John Muir, the father of America's National Parks, lived on the northeast side of this lake from 1849 to 1855. Although he travelled all over the world, Muir never forgot this land, and tried several times to buy and preserve parts of it, remarking: "...even if I should never see it again, the beauty of its lillies and orchids is so pressed into my mind I shall always enjoy looking back at them in my imagination even across seas and continents and perhaps after I am dead." Erected by the . . . — Map (db m20150) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Endeavor — John Muir, Foster Son of Wisconsin Born in Scotland April 21, 1838
He came to America as a lad of eleven, spent his 'teen years in hard work clearing the farm across this lake, carving out a home in the wilderness. In the "Sunny woods overlooking a flowery glacial meadow and a lake rimmed with water lilies," he found an environment that fanned the fire of his zeal and love for all of nature, which, as a man, drove him to study, afoot, alone and unafraid, the forests, mountains and glaciers of the west, to become the most rugged, fervent naturalist America has . . . — Map (db m20149) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Endeavor — The Wee White Kirk
The congregation of the United Presbyterian Church of North America was organized in 1851 in the town of Buffalo by a group of early Scotch settlers. At first meetings were held in homes and later, in the section schoolhouse. In the year of 1865 the congregation had grown sufficiently to warrant the need of a central place of worship. In that year a church was erected on land which was donated to the General Assembly by William and Adeline Sutfin. John Muir's father was among the . . . — Map (db m21917) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Endeavor — Walter March Ellis
—Principal— Christian Endeavor Academy 1902 — 1925 Born August 24, 1859, Nevinville, Iowa Died November 10, 1945, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Graduate B. A. Tabor College, 1882 Yale Divinity School B. D. 1887, Commencement Speaker Ordained Congregational Church, Howard, South Dakota 1884 Served as pastor there until 1885 Maryville, North Dakota 1887-1889 Wisconsin – Tomahawk, 1889-1892 Elroy, 1892-1901 Endeavor, . . . — Map (db m28165) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Montello — Montello Granite
This quarry was once Montello's leading industry, with approximately 200 employees. It was recognized for its paving blocks covering streets in several cities, its crushed granite for various usages, and most of all, for its beautiful hard monuments. The choosing of Grant's Tomb from this quarry was made after 280 other samples from all over the world found Montello granite to be the strongest and finest. The larger quarry hole is approximately 150 feet in depth. The University of Wisconsin . . . — Map (db m3556) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Montello — Montello Historical District Montello "Mont L'eau" - Hill by the River
Once home to the Mound Builders, the Winnebago and the Menominee, destination of the voyageurs, a pioneer settlement harnessing diverse natural resources, today a modern community with a rich heritage. The earliest eastern visitors observed the bluffs and Indian mounds surrounding "Lac de Boeuf" or Buffalo Lake. Sandhill cranes, deer, fish and ducks thrived in the "oak openings" and in the wild rice enhanced waters of the area. The Fox and Montello Rivers carried the canoes of the Native . . . — Map (db m53074) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Neshkoro — Neshkoro War Memorial
In memory of our dear relatives and friends, who made the supreme sacrifice, in defense of our beloved country. In Memory Of Dean Dennis Crane 12/7/45 - 6/21/67 Joseph Kresic, Jr. 6/30/48 - 11/30/68 They Gave Their All Vietnam Veterans Of America Chapter 659 Map (db m39599) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Pardeeville — 169 — John Muir Country
It was over this road that John Muir traveled to such early settlements as Kingston and Pardeeville. Muir was eleven when he came here from Scotland with his father, brother and sister in 1849. His mother arrived with her other children after a home had been carved out of the wilderness. They settled west of here at “Fountain Lake,” at what is now John Muir Memorial Park. Here, surrounded by the beauties of nature, began his love of wild animals, flowers, trees and waters. Later, . . . — Map (db m4029) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Westfield — Footprints in the Sands of Time
The remarkable crisscrossing pattern on this sandstone was formed by an extinct animal. It crawled across moist, ripple-marked sand at the edge of a shallow tropical ocean, which covered Wisconsin about 520 million years ago during the Cambrian geological period. Ripple marks near the center and also on the bottom of the rock were formed by waves during high tide, but most were destroyed by the animal as it moved across the sand during low tide. The fossil track is named Climactichnites . . . — Map (db m2791) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Westfield — 294 — Korean War
On June 25, 1950, Communist North Korea invaded the Republic of Korea. Backed by Soviet Russia, the North Koreans quickly overran most of the peninsula. South Korea appealed to the United States for assistance, and President Harry Truman immediately ordered General Douglas MacArthur to commit U.S. troops. The United Nations condemned North Korean aggression and solicited military aid from member nations. Following a series of defeats, General MacArthur launched a daring amphibious landing . . . — Map (db m2788) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Westfield — 430 — Russell Flats School
Built in 1867, this one room rural school has served as the center of community life in Russell Flats for over 130 years. Constructed by Scotch - Irish settlers who arrived here in the early 1850s, the school has also functioned as the local Presbyterian church and the Westfield Town Hall. The community is named for the first settlement family, the Russells. They found the area's fertile soil and nearby springs perfect for farming. Today, several descendants of the Scotch - Irish settlers still own or occupy their original family farms. — Map (db m20121) HM
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