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Merced County Markers
California (Merced County), Gustine — Enterprise School
This building house the Enterprise School 1887 – 1911 Gustine’s first school moved to this site in 1911 Restored in 1981 by William J. Hayes Mary Lou Hayes 368 Fifth St., Gustine — Map (db m68941) HM
California (Merced County), Gustine — Gustine MuseumMerced County Courthouse/Jail
This Mission Revival Style building, the only surviving one of four, constructed in 1911 in Gustine as a justice court and served as Township No. 6's jail from 1911 to 1980. Leased by the Gustine Historical Society in 1985 and refurbished with the aid of many donations and volunteers it was reopened in 1990 as the Gustine Museum. August 11, 1995 it was designated to be a California Point of Historical Interest. Dedicated in Truth, Liberty, and Toleration April 14, 1996 By The Grand . . . — Map (db m26272) HM
California (Merced County), Gustine — Men of Gustine War MemorialSacrificed their lives serving Our County
They gave up their Tomorrows so we could have our Todays Pvt. Manuel M. Lopes, Army, 1895 - 1920, WWI – Europe, American Legion Post 240 – Named in his honor • S.F.C. Frank A. Salsa, Jr., Navy, 1918 – 1944, K.I.A. – Anzio Beach, Italy • Sgt. Floyd L. Jones, Jr., Army Air, 1921 – 1943, M.I.A. – WWII, Burma Hump • C/M Charles Lee Ross, Navy, 1916 – 1944, K.I.A. – WWII, Philippine Sea • W/O Edwin E. Steinberg, Marines, 1912 – 1945, K.I.A. . . . — Map (db m69131) WM
California (Merced County), Gustine/Santa Nella — First Marine Division – FMF
Dedicated To those men of the First Marine Division – FMF Who gave their lives in the service of their County World War II, Korea, Vietnam Southwest Asia — Map (db m38742) HM
California (Merced County), Gustine/Santa Nella — San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery
This cemetery is dedicated to the memory of all the patriotic men and women who answered their country’s call to service. Their inspiring contribution will help preserve in the hearts and lives of all Americans the spirit of patriotism, the love of country, and the willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. George Bush President of the United States Edward J. Derwinski Secretary of Veterans Affairs Allen B. Clark Director . . . — Map (db m38731) HM
California (Merced County), Gustine/Santa Nella — United States Submariners Memorial
These trees are dedicated to the memory of those United States Submariners who made the ultimate sacrifice, so that we might live in freedom. — Map (db m38981) HM
California (Merced County), Hilmar — Irwin City
W.A. Irwin came from Santa Monica, California, where as a developer, he owned thousands of acres and established colony tracts. He laid out Irwin City, which was surveyed by George Manuel, and had it recorded on May 8, 1907. The colony was less than a mile south of present day Hilmar. Irwin himself promoted the area in brochures claiming the climate was the best in the world. No hard winters, no snow storms, no cyclones, only eternal summer. Irwin City had a hotel, bakery, jeweler and . . . — Map (db m62790) HM
California (Merced County), Le Grand — The Old Millerton Road Crossed Here
From Stockton to Los Angeles via Millerton where the Friant Dam now is, was the first, and for many years the main road used by goldseekers and settlers. The route followed the edge of the hills to be near the mines and to provide a firm roadbed in wet weather and narrow river crossings. Much of the old road was abandoned when the advent of railroads changed the route of travel but its east line between Phillip's Old Toll Ferry on the Merced and Newton's, on the Chowchilla, as traveled in . . . — Map (db m61343) HM
California (Merced County), Los Banos — 548 — Canal Farm Inn
This original San Joaquin Valley Ranch headquarters of California pioneer and cattle baron Henry Miller (1827-1916), was established in 1873. His farsighted planning, development in the 1870’s of a vast gravity irrigation system, and the founding of Los Banos (1889) provided the basis for the present stability and wealth of this area. — Map (db m46958) HM
California (Merced County), Los Banos — Guglielmo Marconi1874 - 1937
Who giving voice to silence benefitted the world irradiating a new glorious light upon Italy I Figli D'Italia of Los Banos Devoted to their great country of adoption but unforgetful of their mother country, in perpetual memory of their admiration and great love Dedicated Dec. 19, 1937 Done by G. B. Ghilotti, Modesto Cal. — Map (db m41187) HM
California (Merced County), Los Banos — Henry MillerJuly 21, 1827 - October 14, 1916
There is one description of Henry Miller, California's cattle king, that sums up his contributions to this community: Henry Miller - Founding Father of Los Banos. Born 1827 in Brackenheim, Kingdom of Wurtemberg, Germany, Miller left the family farm at age 14 to make his way in the world. He arrived in New York City in 1847, just as California's Gold Rush was getting underway. Lured by the promise of treasure, Miller joined a myriad of others heading West, arriving in San Francisco in 1850 . . . — Map (db m41164) HM
California (Merced County), Los Banos — 550 — Los Banos
Los Baños (The Baths) del Padre Arroyo was a favorite bathing place for padres from San Juan Bautista Mission during their travels to San Joaquin Valley. Visited as early as 1805 by Spanish explorers, its name was changed to Los Banos Creek by later American emigrants. The town of Los Banos was established at its present site in 1889, after the location of the post office of Los Banos near the creek in 1874. — Map (db m92940) HM
California (Merced County), Los Banos — San Luis Camp Adobe
Oldest building in Merced County built in 1848 by Francisco Perez Pacheco and his son on Rancho San Luis Gonzaga. Later a stopping place for vaqueros while driving cattle to the gold fields. Eventually became part of Rancho Santa Rita. Long owned by Henry Miller, now property of Wolfsen Land and Cattle Company — Map (db m68940) HM
California (Merced County), Los Banos — The Old Adobe of Rancho San Luis Gonzaga
At a watering hole on the east side of Pacheco Pass, Juan Pacheco built this adobe for his rancho in the early 1840’s. The gun ports in the walls are visible reminders of the dangers from Yokuts Indians, marauding bands of ex-Mission Indians, and bandits emerging from the San Joaquin Valley. This was the frontier of Mexican California. Paula Fatjo Paula Fatjo (fah-tcho),descendent of the Pachecos and the Malarins and heir to Rancho San Luis Gonzaga, restored the adobe as her home . . . — Map (db m63503) HM
California (Merced County), Merced — 934 — Merced Assembly Center
This was one of 15 temporary detention camps established during World War II to incarcerate persons of Japanese ancestry, a majority of whom were American citizens, without specific charges or trial. From May to September 1942, 4669 residents of Northern California were detained until permanent relocation camps were built. May the injustices and humiliation suffered here as a result of hysteria, racism and economic exploitation never recur. — Map (db m46957) HM
California (Merced County), Santa Nella — 829 — Pacheco Pass
On June 18, 1805, Lieutenant Gabriel Moraga, on his first exploratory journey into the San Joaquin Valley traversed this pass and recorded it. Since then it has been trail, toll road, stagecoach road, and freeway -- the principal route between the coastal areas to the west and the great valley and mountains to the east. Calfornia Registered Historical Landmark No. 829 Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Merced County Historical Advisory . . . — Map (db m70493) HM
California (Merced County), Snelling — First Court Housein Merced County
Erected 1857 This monument commemorates the Seventy-fifth anniversary of the organization of Merced County and is dedicated to the memory our pioneers by Yosemite Parlor No. 24, N.S.G.W. Merced May 20, 1930 — Map (db m7325) HM
California (Merced County), Snelling — Merced Falls
First known as California Ranche Crossing, then as Belt’s Ferry. The site of a large Indian Rancheria. The Post Office at Merced Falls opened Sept. 4. 1856. The flour and woolen mills were built in 1854 and 1867. The town was destroyed by fire in August 1895. Yosemite Lumber Co. had a large mill here from 1912 until 1943. — Map (db m46956) HM
California (Merced County), Winton — The Montpelier-Oakdale Railroad1890 to 1942
This important Southern Pacific Route was called by many names, also including, "The Stockton-Tulare Railroad", "The Oakdale Line", "The Oakdale-Montpelier Railroad", and "The Eastside Route". There were North and South bound trains daily. Passengers, wheat, cattle, equipment, and new settlers were its daily cargo. From the North the train would depart Stockton. Stopping at Peters, Oakdale, Waterford, Hickman, Montpelier, Ryre, Basel (Merced River), Arundel, Amsterdam, Nairn, Ferrin, and . . . — Map (db m91847) HM
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