“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Norfolk County Massachusetts – Historical Markers

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By Michael Herrick, July 10, 2010
Larz Anderson Auto Museum Entrance
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Brookline — Anderson Carriage House
Anderson Carriage House c. 1889 One of the most magnificent surviving carriage houses in New England, the Anderson Carriage House was designed by Edmund Wheelwright, former city architect of Boston, for the summer estate of William Fletcher Weld . . . — Map (db m33022) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Brookline — Putterham School
Putterham School c. 1768 The only remaining eighteenth-century schoolhouse in Brookline, Putterham School was built to serve the farm families of South Brookline. Classes were held at this one-room schoolhouse for more than 150 years. Around . . . — Map (db m33020) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Canton — Birthplace of U.S. Copper Industry
In this building in 1801 Paul Revere-famed " Midnight Rider" Patriot and silversmith- founded an industry as well as a business. Here he rolled copper successfully for the first time in America. Thus beginning one of the most vital industries . . . — Map (db m56048) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Canton — Canton Viaduct
Constructed in 1835 National Register of Historic Places Placed by Canton Historical Commission Dedicated July 4th 1993 National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Designated by the American society of Civil Engineers Dedicated in . . . — Map (db m52387) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Canton — Ponkapoag Plantation — 1630 - 1930
The north line of Ponkapoag Plantation second of the Apostle Eliot's Praying Indian towns, set apart by the Dorchester Proprietors in 1657. — Map (db m48803) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Cohasset — Antoine and Wilson Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of Joseph Antoine and Joseph Wilson, keepers of the first Minot Ledge Lighthouse who, while manning the Light on the night of Apr. 17, 1851, lost their lives when the lighthouse was swept into the sea during a violent . . . — Map (db m42104) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Cohasset — Minot's Ledge Lighthouse — Built 1855–1860
On this site 3,514 tons of Quincy granite were hewn into 1,079 dovetailed blocks whose final weight totalled 2,367 tons. On the two circular forms seen here, the cut stones were carefully assembled to assure perfect fit; then disassembled . . . — Map (db m42102) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Dedham — Dedham — 1630 - 1930
Settled in 1636 by people from Watertown and Roxbury. In early years the town extended to the Rhode Island line. — Map (db m48173) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Dedham — Dedham Boat Club
Founded April 25, 1874 "For promoting the boating interests of the town" Incorporated October 29th 1874 First boathouse built on Ames Street site in 1875. Destroyed by lightning in July 1882. Second boathouse built on this site in . . . — Map (db m56100) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Dedham — Fairbanks House — 1630 - 1930
Oldest house in Dedham, a part of it built about 1636. Homestead of Jonathan Fairbanks, who, with his sons John, George, and Jonathan, Junior, signed the Dedham Covenant September 10, 1636. Ancestral home of the late Vice- President Fairbanks. — Map (db m48808) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Dedham — The Powder House
The Powder House Built by the Town 1766 — Map (db m56095) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Dedham — Vietnam War Memorial — John A. Barnes III — Vietnam War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Dedicated to the men and women of Dedham who served their country with honor and Valor and the lasting memory of those who gave their lives during the Vietnam War.

PFC John A. Barnes III, U.S. Army 12 Nov. 1967, Awarded Congressional Medal of . . . — Map (db m62533) WM

Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxboro — East Foxborough
Settled by members of the Atherton, Boyden, Hodges, Morse, Pratt, Robbins and other families, This section was known as Robbins Corner for many years. The identity changed with the arrival of the railroad and the establishment of East Foxboro Depot . . . — Map (db m55869) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxboro — First Settler / Roads and Boundaries
First Settler The first dwelling in what would become Foxborough was erected in 1669. It was located west of nearby Wading River on a farm laid out for Captain William Hudson who was a Boston tavern keeper. Hudson never lived here, but leased . . . — Map (db m55866) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxboro — Memorial Hall
Proud of those who fought and died in the Civil War, as well as those who assisted the war effort in so many ways, the people of Foxborough wanted a more suitable monument than just a tablet as a symbol of their appreciation. In 1868 they erected . . . — Map (db m55877) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxboro — Wading River Farm
Wading River Farm Location of First house in Foxborough 1670 — Map (db m55854) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — Centre Burial Ground
In 1783, Nehemiah Carpenter, Samuel Baker and Jeremiah Hartshorn conveyed to the selectmen and their successors in office forever four acres of land on which the meeting house had been built for use as a town common. Mr. Carpenter also gave one . . . — Map (db m55878) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — Entering Baker Street Historic District
The homes on Baker Street represent people and diverse architecture from two significant periods of Foxborough history, the 19th century straw hat era and the 20th century transition to industrial manufacturing. — Map (db m55872) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — Foxborough State Hospital Cemetery
Not all patients of the Massachusetts Hospital for Dipsomaniacs and Inebriates or its successor, the Foxboro State Hospital, had known family contacts or families able to provide for their burial. To insure a proper final resting place, the . . . — Map (db m55873) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — Lakeview
Hervey Pettee built a thread mill at this site in 1813. A spring freshet in 1831 washed out the dam and ruined the factory. A stone structure soon replaced it. Charles Freeman & Son later operated a wool scouring mill. The flood of Feb. 2, 1886 tore . . . — Map (db m55874) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — Morseville
Populated by members of the Morse family since the early 1700's, this section of Foxborough was known as Morseville. By 1737, Jedediah Morse had dammed the Neponset River forming Crack Rock Pond and built both a saw mill and a bloomery forge near . . . — Map (db m55879) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — Paineburgh-Foxvale
Originally settled as Paineburgh, taking its name from the many members of the Paine family who settled here, this section of Foxborough had a strong sense of community with its own elementary school, chapel, railroad station and Post Office. . . . — Map (db m55870) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — The Dorchester School Farm — Town of Foxborough Incorporated 1778
To help support its public school,Dorchester set aside a 650 acre farm in this vicinity which it leased in 1710 to Robert Calef for a total of 308 years. Solomon Hews was operating a tavern here in 1728 when governor William Burnet and the . . . — Map (db m55885) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — The Lodge at Foxborough
Is built upon portions of the estate of Ebenezer Warren, who answered the call in the battle Lexington April 19, 1775. He served in the American revolution with two brothers, general Joseph Warren, later killed at the battle of Bunker Hill, and . . . — Map (db m55871) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — The Reservoir on Powder House Hill / The Town House
The Reservoir on Powder House Hill The circular granite structure to the rear of the town hall lot is the reservoir erected by Union Straw Works in 1858. A windmill provided power to draw water up from the reservoir which was then gravity fed . . . — Map (db m55875) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — The Town Lot
Here in unmarked graves lie the poor, the destitute, the strangers known only to God. Struck down by death in our midst, they were afforded the decency of a proper burial by a caring community. Some were residents of the town's poor farm. Others . . . — Map (db m38449) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Foxborough — Union Straw Works / Birth of the Straw Hat Industry
Union Straw Works Members of the Carpenter family became engaged in various straw manufacturing operations. In 1843 they built the Great Bonnet Shop at 18-22 Wall Street and in 1845 the Hamlet House at 12-16 Wall St. Erastus P. Carpenter then . . . — Map (db m55881) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Franklin — Birthplace of Horace Mann
Pioneer of the Public School System Born May 4, 1796 — Map (db m60494) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Franklin — Korean Conflict Memorial
27 June 1950 • 31 January 1955

Dedicated to the men and women of Franklin who served their country when the democracy of a free people was threatened. — Map (db m61265) WM

Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Franklin — Operation Iraqi Freedom Memorial
Dedicated to the men and women of Franklin who served their country in the pursuit of a free Iraq. 20 March 2003 We commemorate and shall remember those who gave their lives on our behalf. — Map (db m61263) WM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Franklin — The Spanish American War Memorial
April 21, 1898 In remembrance of the men of Franklin who volunteered to serve in the war against Spain because of: · Conflict of Spanish policies threatening the United States power in the western hemisphere · Mysterious Sinking of the U.S. . . . — Map (db m61369) WM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Franklin — Vietnam Conflict Memorial
5 August 1964 • 7 May 1975 Dedicated by the people of Franklin to honor those who served their country during hostilities in Vietnam. — Map (db m61264) WM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Franklin — World War I Memorial
This Monument is dedicated to those who left their daily tasks among us to fight and die if needed be that freedom may live. Those who have made the supreme sacrifice in the World War

Lawrence J. Clark • Edward L. Grant • James R. Murray • . . . — Map (db m61262) WM

Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Franklin — World War II Memorial
7 December 1941 • 31 December 1946 Dedicated to the honor and sacrifice of the men and women of Franklin who answered their country's call when hostile nations made unprovoked attacks upon free nations of the world. — Map (db m61261) WM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Medfield — Peak House — 1630 - 1930
The original house, built in 1651, was burned when King Philip's Indians burnt the town of Medfield in 1676. Seth Clark, the owner, received indemnity from the colonial government and in 1680 rebuilt the present Peak house, so called because of its . . . — Map (db m48797) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Milton — Indian Trail — 1630 - 1930
Churchill's Lane. When the Indians sold their land near the mouth of the Neponset River they removed to the territory south of the Blue Hills, which they called Ponkapoag, sweet water. — Map (db m48814) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — Abigail Adams — Adams Nat’l Hist Park — Quincy, Mass
“Improve your understanding for acquiring useful knowledge and virtue, such as will render you an ornament to society, an Honour to your Country, and a Blessing to Your parents.” Abigail Adams in a letter to her 10-year-old son, . . . — Map (db m18502) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — Adams National Historical Park
John Adams John Quincy Adams Birthplaces — Map (db m40653) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — Hancock Cemetery — The Old Burial Ground
Set apart after 1640 • • • • • Here lie buried The early settlers of the town the first minister the first teacher Rev. John Hancock (1702 – 1744) for whom this place is named Father of the patriot Henry Adams (1583 – 1646) and . . . — Map (db m31249) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — Henry Adams
Here lyeth the body of Henry Adams founder of the Braintree branch of the Adams family in America buried in this cemetery Oct. 8, 1646 — Map (db m31253) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — John Adams
Farmer Lawyer Patriot Diplomat First Vice President Second President of the United States Side of Monument: There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public . . . — Map (db m18052) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — Moswetuset Hummock — 1630 - 1930
Moswetuset Hummock was the seat of Chickatawbut, Sagamore of the Massachusetts Indians; adjoining were their planting grounds. "Massachusetts" means "at the Great (Blue) Hills." With Chickatawbut Governor Winthrop made a treaty which was never . . . — Map (db m48818) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — Old House — Adams National Historical Park
National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior [ Back of marker ] “It is but the farm of a Patriot” • • • • • John Adams,   1788 — Map (db m40652) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — The Granite Railway
National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. The Granite Railway Designated by the American Society of Civil Engineers 1976 This marker commemorates the 150th anniversary of the ground breaking for the first commercial railroad in the . . . — Map (db m49466) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — The Men of Quincy, Mass.
In Grateful Remembrance of The Men of Quincy, Mass. formerly called Braintree who on land and sea fought to establish the independence of the United States of America in The Revolution of 1775-1783 Ebenezer Adams • Daniel Arnold • Hezekiah Bass • . . . — Map (db m31244) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — United First Parish Church
Within this church are the tombs of two Presidents of the United States and their wives John Adams – Second President 1735 1826 Abigail Adams 1744 1818 their son John Quincy Adams – Sixth President 1767 1848 Louisa Catherine Adams 1775 . . . — Map (db m18051) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — William Hutchinson's Grant — 1630 - 1930
In William Hutchinson's house near this spot his wife Anne tarried on her way to Rhode Island, exiled from Massachusetts by the General Court in April, 1638. — Map (db m48816) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), South Weymouth — A4D-2 (A-4B) Skyhawk — Shea Field Memorial Grove
On June 12, 1952, the U.S. Navy contracted with Douglas Aircraft Company to build one prototype XA4D-1 Skyhawk attack aircraft. Before delivery of the A4D to fleet units, an improved version, the A4D-2 was ordered into production. This Skyhawk . . . — Map (db m66307) WM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), South Weymouth — History of NAS South Weymouth — Shea Field Memorial Grove
Naval Air Station South Weymouth was a U.S. Navy installation from 1942 to 1997. It was established as a blimp base during the Second World War. Later, during the post-war era, NAS South Weymouth hosted a changing variety of regular Navy, Navy . . . — Map (db m66309) WM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), South Weymouth — Shea Field Memorial Grove
Shea Field Memorial Grove was conceived by Captain Robert A. Duetsch, the last Commanding Officer of Naval Air Station, South Weymouth. The Grove has been created to remember CDR Jack Shea; to remember the Naval Air Stations Squantum and South . . . — Map (db m66277) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Walpole — Old Meeting House Common
Site of Walpole's first houses of God, Those of Reverend Philip Payson and Reverend George Morey, Early Harvard Graduates.

O Zion Mount of pleading, our forefathers earlier shrine. Though now shorn of crest and hillsides art thou "Auld Lang . . . — Map (db m56102) HM

Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Wollaston — Sailors Home Cemetery
Sailors Home Cemetery-This cemetery, the last remnant of the National Sailors’ Home in Quincy contains the remains of at least 119 veterans of this country’s Civil War. The Home located on 6 ½ acres in Wollaston, operated as a farm for 66 . . . — Map (db m62458) WM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Wrentham — First Meeting House in Wrentham
This stone is the door-step and now marks the site of the first Meeting House in Wrentham erected in 1684 that the people might have a suitable place to attend the worship of God. Here the townsmen held their meetings and to this spot they were . . . — Map (db m56105) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Wrentham — First Wrentham School House
Near this spot stood the first Wrentham School House built in 1702-1703. Theodore Mann, son of Samuel Mann, first minister of Wrentham was chosen by the selectmen, in behalf of the town, to keep the school — Map (db m56106) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Wrentham — Helen Adams Keller
A symbol of strength, courage, and determination Born June 1880 - Dedicated June 1980 "I shall always think of Wrentham as my home" — Map (db m56103) HM

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