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Nye County Markers
Nevada (Nye County), Beatty — 173 — Beatty Center of the Gold Railroads "Chicago of the West"
Beatty was the center of three short-lived, so-called "gold" railroads that were spawned by the strikes of the early 1900's in Tonopah, Goldfield and Rhyolite. During 1906-'07 three railroads were built in this area. The Las Vegas and Tonopah built from Las Vegas through Beatty and Rhyolite to Goldfield. The Bullfrog Goldfield built south from Goldfield to Beatty and Rhyolite. The Tonopah and Tidewater built north from Ludlow, California to Gold Center and used the BG . . . — Map (db m31924) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Beatty — 57 — Old Boundary Nevada's Southern Boundary 1861 -1867
The 37th Degree North Latitude is marked at this point as the dividing line between the territories of Utah and New Mexico under the provisions of the Compromise of 1850 which originally organized the land ceded by Mexico in 1848. When the Territory of Nevada was carved from western Utah in 1861, this line became the southern boundary of the new territory and continued to serve as such when the territory and state were enlarged by extensions to the east in 1862 and 1866, respectively. . . . — Map (db m46382) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Belmont — 138 — Belmont
Once visited by prehistoric man, Shoshone Indians also used this site for jackrabbit drives and for celebrations. Silver ore discoveries in 1865, the convenience of wood and water and a naturally fine location resulted in the attractive tree-shaded, mining and milling center of Belmont. Once the most flourishing town in eastern Nevada, it was the county seat from 1867-1905. English-Irish feuds flared frequently and the German-dominated merchant section of town once flew its own flag. . . . — Map (db m86419) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Goldwell — Rhyolite's District of Shadows
Up the hill lies the financial and population core of Rhyolite, capital of Rhyoleind, and trade center for rhyoleir, the rare lighter-than-air mineral that gave the city its power, wealth and, some said, purpose. You'll see bottlehouses built from discarded rhyolyaseh and the Cook's Banke, where the pure substance was stored and the Brave 57 killed by Federica the Unifier. Indeed, the city feels much the same today as it did after her forces looted it. But there were those . . . — Map (db m51128) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Manhattan — 1 — Lady Guardian of Old Belmont
The grand old building to the left, once known as the Philadelphia House was built by the Combination Silver Mining Company of New York in 1866. Constructed of native stone acquired from a nearby quarry, the building served as headquarters for mine operations, living quarters for the Superintendent, and for a brief period a temporary Sheriff's office and courthouse during the early glory days of Belmont. During this time, Belmont grew to a population of several thousand and over a 20 year span . . . — Map (db m60215) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Mercury — 165 — Nevada Test Site
Testing of devices for defense and for peaceful uses of nuclear explosives is conducted here. The nation's principal nuclear explosives testing laboratory is located within this 1,350 square mile, geologically complex, area in the isolated valleys of Jackass, Yucca, and Frenchman Flats. Selected as on-continent test site in 1950, the first test took place on Frenchman Flat in January, 1951. Archeological studies of the NTS area have revealed continuous occupation by prehistoric man from . . . — Map (db m32982) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Tonopah — "Big" Bill Murphy
This statue depicts Big Bill Murphy, hero of the tragic Tonopah Belmont Mine fire that killed 17 miners on February 23, 1911. Murphy went down in the mine cage a number of times to bring up stricken miners. On the last trip he did not return. Statue designed and built by Adam Skiles. Dedicated May 28th, 2005 Map (db m62320) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Tonopah — Belmont Mine Fire Mural Dedicated November 19, 2005
The mural you are viewing was painted by noted mural artist, Lee Bowerman of Grand Junction, Colorado and is dedicated to Nevada Mine Safety in remembrance of the Belmont Mine Fire of February 23, 1911 and the heroism of cage tender, Wiliam F. (Big Bill) Murphy. The mural depicts Big Bill's heroic attempts to rescue fellow miners from the depths of the earth where he and seventeen others lost their lives on this tragic day in the mining history of Tonopah. This mural was made possible . . . — Map (db m59377) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Tonopah — County Court House - Nye County
Built in 1905 at a cost of $27,965.00 by Continental Construction Company. Site selected by commission April 1 and donated by Jim Butler's Tonopah Mining Company. On Tuesday, February 7, 1905 Governor Sparks signed the bill to remove the county seat of Nye County from Belmont to Tonopah. When news was received in Tonopah arrangements were made to have every mine with steam whistles to blow them at six o'clock that evening in honor of the event—and blow they did. It was a red hot occasion. . . . — Map (db m3916) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Tonopah — Jim and Belle Butler
In May 1900, Jim and Belle Butler came prospecting from their hay ranch at Belmont to stake the claims that gave rise to Tonopah. This was the first silver bonanza of the 20th century. It prompted a mining renaissance and this heritage is Tonopah's greatest attraction along with good food, lodging and all necessary services. This monument was designed and built by local artist Adam Skiles and dedicated by Tonopah citizens, May, 2007 — Map (db m62321) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Tonopah — 1 — John G. Kirchen
Born - June 13, 1874 Lake Linden, Michigan Died - March 4, 1931 San Francisco, California This monument, constructed in 1931 was dedicated in memory of John G. Kirchen. Tonopah businessman and manager of The Tonopah Extension Mining Co. 1906-1931. The Monument was built over the Denver Load, site of Mr. Kirchens last silver discovery on the 1,800 ft level of the Victor Shaft which is east of here. John's ashes were scattered at this site on March 14, 1931. His wife Florence's . . . — Map (db m46508) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Tonopah — 101 — Millers
As a result of the mining excitement at Tonopah in 1901 and subsequent construction of the Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad, Millers was founded in 1904 as a station and watering stop on that line. The name honors Charles R. Miller, a director of the railroad and former Governor of Delaware. He was also Vice President of the Tonopah Mining Company and was instrumental in having their 100-stamp cyanide mill build here in 1906. In 1907 the town boomed with the construction of the T & G R.R.'s . . . — Map (db m3494) HM
Nevada (Nye County), Tonopah — The Tonopah Mining Boom
In 1900. Jim Butler stopped at a site known as Tonapah, or Little Water, in the Western Shoshone language. Taking a few rock samples, he discovered a mine that led to one of the most important mineral finds of the early twentieth century. As the extent of the bonanza became known, miners and prospectors flocked to the area.

The Tonopah boom revitalized the mining West. From 1900 to 1910, newspaper reporters kept busy writing about spectacular new mining camps throughout southern Nevada, . . . — Map (db m52843) HM

Nevada (Nye County), Tonopah — 15 — Tonopah
To Jim Butler, District Attorney of Nye County, goes the credit for making the ore discoveries which ended the twenty-year slump in Nevada's economy. Migratory Indian bands originally applied the name Tonopah to a small spring in the nearby San Antonio Mountains, long before Butler camped in this area in May of 1900. Tonopah became the richest silver producer in the nation and replaced Belmont as the county seat in 1905. The mines spawned a railroad, several huge mills and a busting population . . . — Map (db m42454) HM
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