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Oconto County Markers
Wisconsin (Oconto County), Lakewood — 179 — Holt & Balcom Logging Camp No. 1
Generally called "Depot Camp," it is the oldest standing lumber camp in Wisconsin. It remains where originally built in 1880, in what was one of the greatest white pine regions of the middle west. Expert woodsmen built the camp as is evidenced by the skilled workmanship on the hewn corners, floors, and bunks. The winding trail along McCaslin Brook was the supply road over which countless lumberjacks on foot and on bobsleds entered and left the woods for over half a century. Erected 1972 Map (db m36898) HM
Wisconsin (Oconto County), Oconto — 25 — First Church of Christ, Scientist Oconto, Wisconsin
This church was organized June 10, 1886. The first service was held here October 31 of the same year. Seven years earlier Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, had founded the Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. Services were held elsewhere in the United States before this church was built, but it is the first edifice erected solely for this purpose. It was dedicated in February, 1887. — Map (db m13164) HM
Wisconsin (Oconto County), Oconto — 78 — Mission of St. Francois Xavier
On December 2, 1669, the Eve of St. Francis, Father Claude Allouez arrived at Oconto, then a village of about 600 Indians. Here Allouez founded the Mission of St. Francois Xavier, the first mission in north eastern Wisconsin. Six French fur traders happened to be here at that time. The primitive chapel made of bark and cedar boughs remained until 1671 when the mission moved to Red Banks on the East shore of Green Bay. — Map (db m13440) HM
Wisconsin (Oconto County), Oconto — Nicholas Perrot
On this site of Oconto in 1668 Nicholas Perrot settled an inter tribal Indian dispute. — Map (db m15612) HM
Wisconsin (Oconto County), Oconto — 53 — Old Copper Culture Cemetery
At this site approximately 4,500 years ago, Wisconsin Indians gathered to bury their dead. Because of their use of copper tools, weapons and ornaments, this group became known as the Old Copper people. They fashioned spearpoints, knives and fishhooks from pure copper nuggets that may have been transported from mines as far away as Isle Royale in Lake Superior. Through a process of heating and hammering, the nuggets were made into tools and various other objects. Old Copper people lived by . . . — Map (db m58143) HM
Wisconsin (Oconto County), Oconto — 538 — Stanley Toy Company
This building is all that remains of the once-larger Stanley Toy Company building. Established by Chester Schwedler in 1946, the Stanley Toy Company made cast-metal horse-drawn carriages and bunny toy carts. On December 29, 1949, fire destroyed the building and production ended. — Map (db m58140) HM
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