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Ottawa County Markers
Michigan (Ottawa County), Grand Haven — Grand Trunk Western Bridge Approach Signal
This signal for many years guarded the east-end approach to the Grand Trunk Western Swing Bridge over the entrance to the Spring Lake channel. This electrified signal with its colored lights indicated to the engineer of the train whether the bridge was open to water traffic or closed and lined up for railroad and was safe to bring the train across the bridge. The tracks and swing bridge were removed in 1970's. The signal was donated by the Village of Spring Lake to the City of Grand Haven in 1981. — Map (db m4786) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Grand Haven — Grand Trunk Western Standard Coaling Tower
Built in 1925 by Ogle Construction Co. of Chicago. Illinois. All ladders, stairways and other steel hardware were stripped from the tower when it was removed from operation in the early 1950's. In use, a hopper car of coal was spottedover the pit, under the arches, the bottom hopper doors were opened and the coal dropped by gravity from the car into the pit where a bucket hoisted the coal to the storage bin at the top of the tower. The attached concrete shed contained the power . . . — Map (db m4780) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Grand Haven — Grand Trunk Western, Wood Caboose No. 77915
This caboose of the Grand Trunk of Canada was of the 1894 design and was transferred to the Grand Trunk Western. Early car department records indicate that it was rebuilt in 1925. This all-wood caboose was used by the conductor as a rolling office, complete with desk and chair to prepare his paperwork. The rear brakeman sat in the seat in the cupola to watch over the train while it was in motion. Typically, the caboose was outfitted with a coal or wood stove, ice box, drinking water . . . — Map (db m4781) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Grand Haven — Pere Marquette Auto Box Car No 72222
Built in December, 1946 by the Ralston Steel Car Co. in Columbus, Ohio. It was used for transportation of automobile parts, furniture, and general merchandise. Later it was retired from service and used as a storage car in the Chesapeake and Ohio freight yard in Saginaw, Michigan. It is presently used by the restoration crew members as a workshop, tool shed and equipment storage. Donated by the Chessie System and restored by the West Michigan Railroad Historical Society of . . . — Map (db m4783) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Grand Haven — Pere Marquette Caboose No. A-986
Built in November, 1941 by the St. Louis Car Company of St. Louis, Missouri. The caboose was truly a rolling office, complete with a coal stove, ice box, drinking water tank, sink and sleeping bunks. The conductor used desk space provided to do his paper work and the rear brakeman sat in the cupola to watch over the train while it was in motion. This car was equipped with the unique "Duryea Cushioned Underframe". This caboose was at one time used on the nightly "Cannonball" . . . — Map (db m4782) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Grand Haven — Pere Marquette Steam Locomotive No. 1223 Class N-1, 2-8-4 Berkshire Type
Built by the Lima Locomotive Works, Lima, Ohio in November 1941. The boiler number is 7837. This is one of two surviving steam engines of its type that were used in fast freight service between Chicago, Saginaw, Detroit and Toledo. Engine 1223 was retired from service on December 31, 1951, and was donated to the State of Michigan where it was placed on display at the Michigan State Fairgrounds. In 1981 after falling in disrepair, the State of Michigan accepted competitive bids with the . . . — Map (db m4785) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Holland — L1780 — Central Avenue Christian Reformed Church
In 1865, The Holland Church, the city's first Christian Reformed congregation, was founded. In 1866 the group bought this lot on what was then Market Street and moved a school here to use as a church. The following year the congregation built a new church and adopted the name True Dutch Reformed Church. It became popularly known as Market Street Church. By 1899 the street and the church were renamed Central Avenue. The present church was built in 1952. — Map (db m67736) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Holland — 89 — Dutch in Michigan
On February 9, 1847, the Reverend Albertus C. Van Raalte and a band of Hollanders founded the city of Holland. Within two years the other four original colonies--Graafschap, Zeeland, Vriesland, Overisel--had also been established. Plagued by illness and not accustomed to the task of clearing a wilderness, the settlers found their first year a hard one, but their suffering was to be repaid in the bountiful days ahead. — Map (db m55403) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Holland — L551 — Holland City Hall and Firehouse No. 2
The city of Holland bought this lot in 1882, and contractor James Huntley began construction of a fire hall the next year. Completed in 1884, the building housed Holland's city offices and library until 1912 and served as a fire hall until 1978. During World War II the west annex was built. In 1983 the firehouse was rehabilitated for use as office space. Grooves in the engine house floor that provided traction for the horses have been filled, and the doors, once replaced to accommodate trucks, have been restored. — Map (db m68221) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Holland — L0394 — Holland Harbor Lighthouse / Holland Harbor
(side 1) Holland Harbor Lighthouse The first lighthouse built at this location was a small, square wooden structure erected in 1872. In 1880 the lighthouse service installed a new light atop a metal pole in a protective cage. The oil lantern was lowered by pulleys for service. At the turn of the century a steel tower was built for the light, and in 1907 the present structure was erected. Named the Holland Harbor South Pierhead Lighthouse, it has a gabled roof that reflects the . . . — Map (db m41967) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Holland — 2027 — Holland Post Office
In 1848, in response to pressure from the settlers of Holland, the U.S. Congress created the community's first post office, with Henry D. Post as postmaster. Originally named Black River, the Holland post office relocated to rented quarters several times before this building was constructed. The Neoclassical, Indiana limestone building, completed in 1915, was notable for its oak paneling, marble trim, fashionable windows and electric lighting. After postal operations relocated in 1986, the city . . . — Map (db m64907) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Holland — HB49 — Third Reformed Church
Side 1: Under the leadership of the Rev. Albertus C. Van Raalte, founder of the Holland colony, the Third Reformed Church was organized on September 9, 1867. The first house of worship, measuring 90' long, 56' wide, and 32' high, was erected on this site. In the great Holland fire of October 8 and 9, 1871, the first structure was destroyed. On January 2, 1873, disaster struck again as the newly erected framework of a second building was demolished in a high wind. The present . . . — Map (db m67571) HM
Michigan (Ottawa County), Macatawa — L394 — Holland Harbor / Holland Harbor Lighthouse
(Side 1) Holland Harbor When seeking a location for his Netherlands emigrant followers in 1847, the Reverend A.C. Van Raalte was attracted by the potential of using Black Lake (Lake Macatawa) as a harbor. However, the lake's outlet to Lake Michigan was blocked by sandbars and silt. Van Raalte appealed to Congress for help. The channel was surveyed in 1849, but was not successfully opened due to inadequate appropriations. Frustrated, the Dutch settlers dug the channel . . . — Map (db m67577) HM
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