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Pepin County Markers
Wisconsin (Pepin County), Durand — 508 — Old Pepin County Courthouse
Built in 1873-74 for $7,000, this building served as the center of Pepin County government for 105 years and is Wisconsin's last remaining wood-frame courthouse. The temple-front Greek Revival style architecture represents strong democratic ideals of government. Building the courthouse settled a turbulent controversy surrounding the selection of the county seat. The courthouse lawn was the scene of a lynching that gained widespread attention. On November 19, 1881, an angry mob seized Ed . . . — Map (db m21459) HM
Wisconsin (Pepin County), Lund — Little House Wayside
"Once upon a time......a little girl lived in the Big Woods of Wisconsin in a little gray house made of logs." Writing about herself and her life here, Laura Ingalls Wilder thus began "Little House in the Big Woods," the first of her famous "Little House" books. Laura was born here on February 7, 1867. Late in 1868 or in the spring of 1869, the Ingalls family left Wisconsin and traveled by covered wagon to Kansas. They found Kansas to be Indian country, so shortly after . . . — Map (db m21299) HM
Wisconsin (Pepin County), Pepin — Anchor from the "Phil Scheckel"
A steamboat which was run on the Chippewa River for many years during the last half of the 19th century. Captain Scheckel was perhaps the best known pilot that ever put his hand to a wheel of a Chippewa River steamboat. — Map (db m10077) HM
Wisconsin (Pepin County), Pepin — 118 — Laura Ingalls Wilder
This park is named in honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the "Little House" books which were awarded a medal in 1954 as "lasting contributions to children's literature." Laura Ingalls was born in a log cabin seven miles northwest of here February 7, 1867. In the 1870s her parents moved the family to Kansas Territory, then to Minnesota and finally to South Dakota. At 15 Laura was teaching school and three years later married Almanzo Wilder. They lived for awhile in South Dakota before . . . — Map (db m10064) HM
Wisconsin (Pepin County), Stockholm — 157 — Maiden Rock
The story of Maiden Rock has several versions. One by Mary Eastman was published in 1849. She heard the story from an old Indian friend, Checkered Cloud, who firmly believed the event happened around 1700. A more romantic version in verse was written by Margaret A. Persons. James Duane Doty accompanied the Henry Schoolcraft expedition into this area and on June 3, 1820, Doty wrote in his journal: "It is told that many years since, a young and beautiful Sioux girl was much attached to a . . . — Map (db m10052) HM
Wisconsin (Pepin County), Stockholm — 22 — Site of Fort St. Antoine 1686
Nicholas Perrot was a daring adventurer, fur-trader and able diplomat. The handsome Frenchman built Fort St. Antoine on the shore of Lake Pepin near here in 1686. Alarmed by the aggressions of the English, the French government felt it was necessary to repeat their claims with sufficient pomp and ceremony to impress the Indians and to assure their allegiance. Accordingly, here at Fort St. Antoine on May 8, 1689, Perrot formally took possession of the entire region west of the Great Lakes "no . . . — Map (db m10056) HM
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