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Salem Markers
Virginia, Salem — 9-11-2001 Memorial
Old Virginia Brick Company’s employees, officers and directors dedicate this memorial to all the innocent people killed by the terrorists on September 11, 2001. These two beams are from the 33rd – 36th floors of the North tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The following is the total number of innocent people that perished in each tragedy on 9/11. World Trade Center, New York, NY                       2,645 American Airlines Flight 11, New York, NY               . . . — Map (db m15093) HM
Virginia, Salem — K-77 — Andrew Lewis’ Grave
This famous pioneer, patriot, statesman, and soldier, is buried here on part of his 625 acre estate. Member of House of Burgesses, 1772-1775; defeated Indians at battle of Point Pleasant 1774; drove Lord Dunmore from Virginia 1776. Died 1781. — Map (db m3903) HM
Virginia, Salem — 74-K — Colonial Mansion Site
The home of James Campbell, a leading colonial pioneer, who settled here in 1742, stood on this site. On his land Fort Lewis was built in 1756. — Map (db m14800) HM
Virginia, Salem — East Hill Cemetery North
(Center marker of three) If I walk in the pathway of duty, If I work till the close of the day, I shall see the great King in His beauty, When I've gone the last mile of the way. And if on Earth I have earnestly striven, and have tried all His will to obey; Twill enhance all the rapture of heaven, When I've gone the last mile of the way. The City of Salem's East Hill North Cemetery Established 1868 Dedicated 2006 Forest G. Jones, City Manager • James E. Taliaferro, . . . — Map (db m4873) HM
Virginia, Salem — Fort Lewis
Pre-Revolutionary stronghold of the pioneers of this section against the Indians. — Map (db m14802) HM
Virginia, Salem — Garst/Kesler Mill — Hanging Rock Battlefield Trail
At this location in 1842, John Garst purchased 130 acres of fine land on Mason’s Creek. John was born in 1796, and was the son of Frederick Garst. Frederick is buried on a nearby knoll. John Garst built a dam across the creek, and in 1845 he completed his mill. It was situated on the west bank between a wagon road (now Kesler Mill Road) and the stream. Farmers brought their wheat and corn to be ground into flour, meal and feed for livestock between the mill’s burrstones. Flour and meal were . . . — Map (db m15146) HM
Virginia, Salem — General Andrew Lewis
1716 - 1781 Pioneer Patriot Hero of the battle of Point Pleasant which was the most closely contested of any battle ever fought with the Northwest Indians: was the opening act in the drama whereof the closing scene was played at Yorktown. — Map (db m3904) HM
Virginia, Salem — K-75 — General Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis was born on 9 Oct. 1720 in Ireland, and his family immigrated to Virginia by 1732. He attained prominence as a frontier soldier during Dunmore's War when on 10 Oct. 1774 his troops defeated Indians led by Shawnee Chief Cornstalk, at Point Pleasant in present-day West Virginia. As a brigadier general in the Revolutionary army, his troops drove Lord Dunmore from Virginia in July 1776, but he resigned his commission in 1777. Lewis also served in the House of Burgesses, participated in . . . — Map (db m3907) HM
Virginia, Salem — General Andrew Lewis of Salem
General Andrew Lewis (1720 - 1781) Sculptor Anne Bell Architect Byron R. Dickson Conceived and Developed by: Dr. Richard H. and Anne Katherine Fisher Commissioned by Salem Educational Foundation and Alumni Association Last Brigade of General Andrew Lewis Robert Craighead • Anne Katherine Fisher • Dr. Charles H. Fisher • Dr. Richard H. Fisher • Robert S. Fisher • Dr. Walter A. Hunt • Emma K. Hunter • John Lamanca, Jr. • Jacquelyn Renee Lilly-Volk • June H. Long • . . . — Map (db m3908) HM
Virginia, Salem — K-79 — Lynchburg and Salem Turnpike
The Lynchburg and Salem Turnpike Co. was incorporated in 1818 to construct a turnpike from Lynchburg west to Salem "to establish a communication between Lynchburg [to Salem] and the western part of Virginia." It was funded by stock bought by the state as well as the public. The road reached Liberty (now Bedford) in 1828 and was completed to Salem in 1836. This turnpike, with five tollgates, served as the main thoroughfare in the region until the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad was built in the . . . — Map (db m3902) HM
Virginia, Salem — K-88 — Old Salem Inns
Salem, founded in 1803, was a notable stopping place on the route to the West. The inns located near this spot were the Bull's Eye, Ye Olde Time Tavern, the Globe, the Indian Queen, and the Mermaid. — Map (db m14808) HM
Virginia, Salem — I-11-b — Roanoke College
At Salem is a liberal arts institution for men and women. Founded in Augusta County in 1842 as Virginia Institute, it was chartered in 1845 as Virginia Collegiate Institute; moved to Salem in 1847; chartered as Roanoke College in 1853, and was in operation throughout 1861-65. The students formed a company in the Confederate Army, Virginia Reserves, September 1, 1864. — Map (db m14809) HM
Virginia, Salem — Roanoke County Confederate Monument
In memory of the Confederate soldiers of Roanoke County 1861—1865 Love makes memory eternal — Map (db m43043) HM
Virginia, Salem — K-78 — Sgt. James Walton — Salem Flying Artillery, C.S.A.
Here at East Hill Cemetery is buried Sgt. James Walton (1838-1875). A gunner in Capt. Charles B. Griffin's Battery (Salem Flying Artillery), Walton fired one of the last artillery shots by Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House. Stationed in the yard of the George Peers house at the northeastern end of the village, Griffin's battery fired at Union cavalry until ordered to stop. Walton had just loaded powder into a gun when the order arrived; he discharged the . . . — Map (db m3905) HM
Virginia, Salem — The Catawba Branch — Hanging Rock Battlefield Trail
The rail line later referred to as the Catawba Branch of the Norfolk and Western Railway had its beginnings on March 25, 1902, when the Catawba Valley Railway and Mining Company was approved by the General Assembly of Virginia. This line was typical of the numerous small, single purpose railroads begun in the period from 1880 to 1910. The line was constructed to haul a fine grade of silica sand for glass container manufacturing from the base of Catawba Mountain to a plant located just east of . . . — Map (db m15144) HM
Virginia, Salem — The Valley Railroad — Hanging Rock Battlefield Trail
The Valley Railroad, chartered February 23, 1866 and developed between 1867 and 1870, is of significance to the nation’s railroad industry. In the mid-1800’s the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad planned a railroad line to span the length of the Shenandoah Valley and tap the region’s valuable resources – agricultural products, iron, and manganese – as well as to access the new coal fields in Southern West Virginia and Kentucky. The new railroad was designed to link Salem, Lexington, and . . . — Map (db m15145) HM
Virginia, Salem — To honor our Confederate Soldiers
(Front): 1861      C.S.A.      1865 Erected by Southern Cross Chapter U.D.C. May 30, 1935 (Front): Unmarked Graves These men of the 17th Virginia Cavalry died during the 1863 and 1864 "winter camps" in the Salem area. Their bodies may lie here in unmarked graves. Charles A. Abbott, Co. A • Calvin Burris, Co. D • William Cooper, Co. G • Oliver J. Davis, Co. G • John S. Groves, Co. C • George Kale, Co. E • Elijah G. McCord, Co. C • George W. Sims . . . — Map (db m4011) HM
Virginia, Salem — World War 1917 - 1919 Memorial
Erected by Salem Post No. 19 Department of Virginia of The American Legion to honor those soldiers and sailors from Roanoke County who gave their lives for the cause of democracy during the World War 1917 - 1919 George F. Adams • Addison A. Deyerle • T. Blair Dillard • Everette R. Epperly • Charlie B. Ferguson • William Bertil Ferguson • Harry V. Garman • Lucian F. Garman • Isaac H. Gibson • R. E. Greer • Howard Johnston • Claude G. Lancaster • . . . — Map (db m3987) WM
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