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Saluda County Markers
South Carolina (Saluda County), Delmar — 41-10 — Hare’s Mill
[Front] Hare’s Mill, which stood here on Cloud’s Creek, was a large grist mill owned by James Hare (1838-1929). Hare bought the mill from the Rinehart family in 1885 and moved it here. The two-story mill ground both corn and wheat, using water power to grind corn and steam power to grind wheat. It was also an important meeting place for this community over many years. [Reverse] James and Elizabeth Black Hare had nine sons: John Allen, Samuel Jacob, Noah Ephram, Butler . . . — Map (db m28221) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Leesville — 41-8 — Delmar School
This school, established in 1896 as both a grammar and high school, was built as a 1-room building and was expanded to 3 rooms by 1900. With as many as 4 teachers and well over 100 students in its best years, Delmar School taught over 600 students in its 56-year history. Though the high school (grades 8-10) closed in the mid-1930s the grammar school (grades 1-7) continued to serve the Delmar community until it closed in 1952. — Map (db m13008) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Leesville — Delmar School
Delmar School was established in 1896 on property obtained from Elijah Wilson & Lula Fulmer Shealy. This property was previously owned by his parents, Mary Ann Gorley & Simeon Richard Shealy. A Confederate soldier who died during the war, Richard had purchased the land from his father, Mathias Shealy, who married first Polly Fulmer and second Barbara Risinger. Mathias is buried in the family plot located .3 mile southwest of this site. The Mt. Hebron Lutheran Church Cemetery, located .1 mile . . . — Map (db m13011) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Monetta — 41-3 — Jacob Odom House
This site, approximately halfway between Augusta and Columbia, was the location of Jacob Odom's house, where George Washington spent the night of May 21, 1791, on his trip northward through South Carolina. His escort at this time consisted of Colonels Wade Hampton and Thomas Taylor, and Mr. Robert Lythgoe. This stop is noted in Washington's diary. — Map (db m7115) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Ninety Six — 41-5 — Lucinda Horn
At Chestnut Hill Baptist Church is the grave of Lucinda Horn, Confederate War heroine, wife of Cornelius Horn and mother of William Horn, both members of Company K, 14th S.C. Volunteers. She accompanied her husband and son to the front and remained with McGowan's Brigade during the hardest fighting of the war, nursing the wounded and dying. — Map (db m12967) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Owdoms — 41-7 — Faith Cabin Library Site
Built in 1932 about ½ mi. NE and stocked with donated books, this library was the first of over 110 libraries founded by W.L. Buffington for rural blacks. — Map (db m28224) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Ridge Spring — Alexander Hamilton Stevens1905-1948
In Memory of Doctor Alexander Hamilton Stevens 1905-1948 Whose kindness and genial personality endeared him to all with whom he came in contact. Graduated from the University of South Carolina, the Medical College of Georgia, and Tulane University of Louisiana. Served his country in the Navy in World War II for six years with the rank of Commander when discharged. His remains interned in the U.S. National Cemetery at New Bern, N.C. with full military . . . — Map (db m41551) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Ridge Spring — 41-11 — Jones Cemetery / General James Jones
[Front] This is the family cemetery of Mathias Jones (1779-1829), planter, merchant, and state representative 1814-17. Jones moved from Virginia to Ridge Spring, in what was then Edgefield District, about 1800. He, his wife Clara Perry Jones (1786-1841), and 4 of their 12 children are buried here. The 1887 will of daughter Elizabeth Watson set up an endowment for perpetual maintenance. [Reverse] Gen. James Jones (1805-1865), the son of Mathias & Clara Jones, is buried . . . — Map (db m28219) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Ridge Spring — 41-13 — Ridge Hill School / Faith Cabin Library
Ridge Hill School This school, built in 1934, replaced the Ridge Hill Rosenwald School, a six-classroom frame school built in 1923-24. That school was funded in part by the Julius Rosenwald Foundation, building more than 500 African-American schools in S.C. 1917-1932. It burned in 1934, but the new school was built on the sale plan, at a cost of about $8000. Grades 1-11 attended this school until grade 12 was added in 1947. Ridge Hill School closed in 1957. Faith Cabin . . . — Map (db m41548) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Ridge Spring — Ridge SpringSmall Town Living
Ridge Spring is populated by descendants of the early settlers as well as others who have discovered its beauty and friendly people. Although a public road opened in 1770 connecting the village to nearby cities, and a 1771 document reveals that King George awarded a land grant to settler John Anderson, the town was not incorporated until 1882. The town's name comes from the natural ridge on which the town sits and the spring behind Ridge Spring Baptist Church. The land has been farmed . . . — Map (db m41519) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Ridge Spring — 41-12 — Ridge Spring Cemetery / W.H. Scarborough
[Front] This cemetery, dating to the early 19th century, was originally the Watson and Boatwright family cemetery before it was enlarged to become the town cemetery. Many descendants of Capt. Michael Watson (1726-1782) are buried in the walled section, built ca. 1850 by Chloe Wimberly Watson. They include Sarah Pressley Watson (1885-1959), who directed the Foyer International des Etudiantes in Paris 1920-1959. [Reverse] William H. Scarborough (1812-1871), the leading . . . — Map (db m28217) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — At Old Saluda Town...
At Old Saluda Town, about ten miles north of here, July 2, 1755, Governor Glen obtained from Old Hop and other chiefs of the Cherokee Nation the cession of the territory embraced by the present counties of Spartanburg, Cherokee west of Broad River, Union, Newberry, Laurens, Greenwood, Abbeville, McCormick, Edgefield, Saluda and a part of Aiken. — Map (db m13085) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — 41-6 — Butler Family Graves
At Butler Church, about one mile west, is the burial plot of the Butler family. Among the graves are those of William Butler, Captain in the American Revolution, United States Congressman, and Major General of S.C. Militia; Andrew Pickens Butler, United States Senator; Pierce M. Butler, Governor of South Carolina, who was killed in the Mexican War. — Map (db m81696) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Butler Methodist Church
Frame church with gallery for slaves built 1856-1857 on land given by family of Major General William Butler and wife, Behethland, who had lived on these grounds and lie buried in cemetery. First pastor, Rev. T. Sumter Daniel. This church planned 1945 under Rev. T.A. Inabinet, and begun 1947 under Rev. R.A. Hughes. — Map (db m12989) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Cane Break
1050-acre plantation belonging to Thomas Green Clemson, 1842-1851. Clemson Charge d'Affaires to Belgium, 1844-1851, and founder of Clemson University, lived at Cane Break from January to July 1844. In his absence Col. Francis Pickens and Sen. John C. Calhoun often visited Cane Break and attended to its business. — Map (db m41634) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Clock Donated to the Town of Saluda and Saluda County
Clock Donated to the Town of Saluda and Saluda County By Gentry's Poultry Company Inc. June 10, 2007 Founded by Wesley M. Gentry, Sr. (Matt), Gentry's Poultry began as a small family-run business. Continuing as a family-owned, family-run business, it flourished under the direction of second generation, W.M. Gentry, Jr. and his wife, Trannye, with the help of their sons, Wesley M. Gentry III (Wes), and Larry E. Gentry, Into the 21st century, Gentry's Poultry continued . . . — Map (db m13070) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Colonel William Barrett Travis
In Memoriam This Cemetery and This Avenue Named for Colonel William Barrett Travis. The brick for these walls are from chimneys of home of Colonel James Butler Bonham The brick came originally from England and the chimneys were built over 150 years ago. Travis & Bonham both were from Saluda County and were heroes of the Alamo. "Thermopylae had its messenger of death; the Alamo had none." Brick donated by Mrs. Juell Gregory Grigsby. Boy Scout Troup 51 . . . — Map (db m41628) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Flat GroveThe Bonham House
Flat Grove was built in the 1770's by Jacob Smith of hand-hewn, heart-pine logs covered with clapboard. Alamo hero James Butler Bonham, son of James and Sophia Smith Bonham and grandson of Jacob Smith, was born in 1807 in the house, which is today the only extant birthplace of an Alamo hero. The two-story, four-room structure was originally a dogtrot house with an open hall, which was later closed in when two rooms were added downstairs. Originally the kitchen was separate from the house . . . — Map (db m41597) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Historic SaludaA Town with Charm
Built in 1936 in the Art Deco style, Saluda Theater, once the central attraction for local moviegoers closed in 1982. Since the theater's restoration began in 1988, it has become the county's civic center for activities. Its excellent acoustics and small size enhance any theatrical experience. Across the street from the theater, the Saluda County Courthouse has served as the seat of county government since it was built in 1918. Within, Saluda County's Centennial Quilt tells the story of . . . — Map (db m41613) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — 41-4 — Luther Rice(1783-1836)
In Pine Pleasant Cemetery, west of here, is the grave of Luther Rice, prominent Baptist clergyman and orator who organized American Baptists on a national scale for support of foreign missions and education. He traveled into all parts of the nation in his work, and his personal influence helped shape Baptist history. — Map (db m53068) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Michael Watson
As a Grateful Tribute to the Patriotism and Valor of Michael Watson a captain in the militia of the State of South Carolina, who fell in action against the British at Dean Swamp, Orangeburg District in 1781 and was buried in the Episcopal Graveyard Orangeburg, S.C. — Map (db m41491) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Mitchell Hill Advent Christian Chruch
Site of Mitchell Hill Advent Christian Church. Organized December 17, 1885 by Elders J.A. Cargile and J.S. Dubose. Building burned & was rebuitle at present site of Hickory Grove Advent Christian Church. One of the ten charter members, Mrs. Fannie Spearman Mitchell, lies buried in this cemetery — Map (db m59524) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Mr. Philemon B. Waters
In Recognition of Mr. Philemon B. Waters who envisioned and spearheaded the Saluda County Beautification Program organized February 1966 Pride in his town and county live through his untiring efforts as evidenced by plantings of dogwood, flaming red canna beds, and encouraged display of our American flag. This plaque placed in humble recognition, sincere and deep appreciation. — Map (db m41625) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — 41-1 — Pierce M. Butler / The Palmetto Regiment
Pierce M. Butler Six miles NE, in a family cemetery at Butler Church, is the grave of Colonel Pierce M. Butler, governor of South Carolina from 1836-1838. During his military career, he was a captain in the U.S. Army, a Lt. Colonel in the Seminole War, and was a Commander of the Palmetto Regiment in the Mexican War, when he was killed in battle on August 20, 1847. The Palmetto Regiment The S.C. Volunteer Regiment in the Mexican War entered service in Dec. 1846 and was part of . . . — Map (db m81695) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — 41-2 — Red Bank Church
Red Bank Baptist Church antedates the Town of Saluda by about a century. The congregation, which is said to have been founded in 1784, was incorporated by the state on December 18, 1802. According to tradition, the first church building was a log house. In 1856, a frame structure was erected, which was replaced by the present brick church in 1911. — Map (db m13058) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Saluda County Stockyard and Livestock Market
Built in 1957, the Stockyard has provided a livestock market for over two generations of farmers. Ralph T. McClendon and Georgia Senator Sam McGill opened this ultra-modern auction barn in Saluda. One newspaper article stated that the barn "is the most modern auction house in its kind in the country (it is air conditioned, gas heated, equipped with theater seats and contains a cafe), and it was built with comfort in mind for the people who use it, both the sellers -- and the buyers, who came . . . — Map (db m41641) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Saluda County Veterans Memorial
These are the ones from Saluda County who died in defense of their country in her five most recent wars "They died that others might live free." Spanish American War Woodruff Holston World War I Sammie O. Bedenbaugh, Clattis Bell, Oscar Berry, Lawrence G. Boatwright, Avery Bridges, Henry K. Brown, Ernest Cooner, Olin S. Crouch, Lewis S. edwards, Eddie Herron, Paul Jennings, William Elbert Long., Jr., Elbert E. Lott, Charles Miller, Norman D. Miller, Jim . . . — Map (db m13121) WM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Saluda Old Town Treaty, July 2, 1755"I bring a little child that he might tell future generations what is now agreed to."
At Old Saluda Town, about ten miles north of here, July 2, 1755, Governor Glen obtained from Old Hop and other chiefs of the Cherokee Nation the cession of the territory embraced by the present counties of Spartanburg, Cherokee west of Broad River, Union, Newberry, Laurens, Greenwood, Abbeville, McCormick, Edgefield, Saluda and a part of Aiken. — Map (db m39295) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Savannah Bouknight Springs
In Loving Memory of Savannah Bouknight Springs 3.1 acres donated to Rock Hill Baptist Church on February 25, 2005 by the Family of Caroline Etheredge Hembel — Map (db m42323) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — Travis / Bonham Memorial
Memorial Colonel William Barrett Travis Born near Saluda, S.C. August 9, 1809. Gave his life for liberty and freedom at the Alamo March 6, 1836. His last message for reinforcements ended thus: "I have held this place against overwhelming numbers and will continue to hold it or perish in its defence." ---------- Colonel James Bonham Native of Saluda County Born near here Feb. 20, 1807 Died with Travis in Defence of the Alamo. Travis and Bonham were . . . — Map (db m13112) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Saluda — William Barret TravisLt. Col., Comdt.
[Column Inscription] Commandancy of the Alamo - Bexar, Feby. 24th, 1836- To the people of Texas & all Americans in the world. Fellow Citizens & Compatriots - I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna -- I have sustained a continual bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours and have not lost a man -- the enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken. I have answered the . . . — Map (db m41487) HM
South Carolina (Saluda County), Ward — 41-9 — Spann Methodist Church / Captain Clinton Ward
Spann Methodist Church This church was founded ca. 1805 at the plantation of John Spann, Jr., about 1 mi. N. Bishop Francis Asbury preached there in 1807 and 1811. The first church on this site was built and the cemetery was established ca. 1840. The present Greek Revival sanctuary, built in 1873, is almost unchanged. The church and cemetery were listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. Captain Clinton Ward Clinton Ward (1828-1905), a member of this church, was . . . — Map (db m28222) HM
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