“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Sauk County Wisconsin Historical Markers

Baraboo River Marker image, Click for more information
By Keith L, June 7, 2009
Baraboo River Marker
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — Baraboo River
The river front was once the heart of Baraboo. Railroads, industry and commercial trade gravitated toward the river, making it the initial center of activity. On the river in this area at various times 1844 - 1902 were saw mill, lathe, shingle, bed . . . — Map (db m20302) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — 441 — Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Devil's Lake
In an effort to get the economy moving during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Federal Government initiated a number of work projects. One of these was the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was for males, ages 18 to 25. Men were . . . — Map (db m19986) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — Devil's Lake and the Local Residents
Even though visitors were drawn to the Lake by its beauty, the hotels would not have been as successful without the workers and the services provided by the local families in the area. Caption for upper left photo: Workers at the . . . — Map (db m37652) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — Early History of Devil's Lake
In 1911, Devil's Lake became the third State Park in Wisconsin. Devil's Lake was created when the last glacier to visit this area began to retreat approximately 14,000 years ago. Glacial debris plugged both ends of the Devil's Lake Gorge as . . . — Map (db m37613) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — Ice Age National Scientific Reserve
[A map in the upper left corner of the marker shows the extent of glaciation over North America and Wisconsin's position. Below it, a map shows the extent of glaciation in Wisconsin, with the locations of National Scientific Reserve Sites . . . — Map (db m38943) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — Indian Mounds and Village
At this site was the village of Chief Car-A-Maue-Nee of the Winnebago Indians. Across the St. was his Council House in the midst of 7 effigy Earth mounds representing animals. In this area were about 90 effigies and conical mounds, second largest of . . . — Map (db m65670) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — Site 4 — Man Mound
This huge likeness of a man is thought to represent a powerful Indian God. The aborigines who made it may have been the Effigy Mound Builders. These Indians lived here about 1000 years ago. Nearly 900 of their earthworks have been found in Sauk . . . — Map (db m57940) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — North Shore Hotel Era
The Hotel Era at Devil's Lake lasted from 1866 into the early 1900's. The north shore area catered to an upscale clientele. Caption for top left photo: On February 22, 1866 the "Hotel Era" began at Devil's Lake with the opening of . . . — Map (db m37645) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — 42 — Ringling Brothers Circus
“The Greatest Show on Earth” was born and grew to maturity in Baraboo, just north of here. When the five Ringling brothers gave the first performance of their "Great Double Shows, Circus and Caravan," May 19, 1884, the main tent was 45 . . . — Map (db m933) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — Sauk County Civil War Monument
Erected to the memory of Sauk County soldiers in the War for the Union by Joe Hooker Post No. 9, Dept. of Wis. Grand Army of the Republic The Women's Relief Corps No. 36 and Citizens of Sauk County. —— 1896 1861 . . . — Map (db m42540) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — South Shore Hotel Era
While the north shore catered to a more elegant lifestyle, the south shore retained a touch of rustic charm. Caption for upper left photo: A "Public House" was first erected on the south shore in 1870 by H.B. Sheldon. It would go by . . . — Map (db m37655) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — 338 — The Lower Narrows
This large gap, called the Lower Narrows, is one of three major gorges that cut through the 50 mile circumference of the Baraboo Range. These gorges were created by rivers more than 500 million years ago and then buried by sediments in a vast sea . . . — Map (db m3951) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — The Ringling Bros. and Baraboo, Wisconsin Circus Heritage
In Recognition of The Ringling Bros. and Baraboo, Wisconsin Circus Heritage presented by Irvin Feld and Kenneth Feld Owners of the Greatest Show on Earth This historical marker, commemorates the birthplace of the . . . — Map (db m42591) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — The Ringling Brothers of Baraboo
The Ringling family resided in Baraboo for many years. Being of German & French extraction, they literally went from rags to riches while operating their circus out of Baraboo. This closely knit family brought fame & prominence to their hometown, . . . — Map (db m62309) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — Thompson House Hotel
Thompson House Hotel 1899 is listed in the State Register of Historic Places The State Historical Society of Wisconsin — Map (db m75985) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — Warner Memorial Road
This enduring highway connecting Baraboo with Devils Lake was made possible through the generosity of Wilbur William Warner (1850 – 1916) Whose boyhood home was here. To his cherished memory this tablet is gratefully . . . — Map (db m20251) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — World War I Memorial
. . . — Map (db m42551) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Ironton — 2 — The Ironton Mine
The first iron deposits in Sauk County were discovered about 1½ miles south of here in 1849. The commercial production of iron was begun by Jonas Tower in 1858. Large slag deposits at the smelter site still give evidence of the iron operation. . . . — Map (db m59786) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Lake Delton — 26 — Dawn Manor Site of the Lost City of Newport
Here on the Wisconsin River the village of Newport was begun in 1853, planned for a population of 10,000. Assuming that the Milwaukee & LaCrosse Railroad would cross the river here, over 2000 settlers quickly came to Newport, causing a lively land . . . — Map (db m7984) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Lake Delton — 527 — Lake Delton Catastrophe
On the morning of June 9, 2008, after several days of drenching rains, flood waters overtopped the banks of Lake Delton and washed away a narrow strip of land separating the lake from the Wisconsin River. Raging waters sent the 267-acre Lake Delton . . . — Map (db m33281) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Leland — Natural Bridge State Park The Bridge / The Rockshelter
The Bridge This Natural Bridge of sandstone, 35 feet high, was carved by the uneven dissolving of mineral deposits holding the sand grains together. The result after many years of erosion by water, frost action, wind, and gravity is the . . . — Map (db m20195) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), North Freedom — 461 — Mid–Continent Railway Historical Society
Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society has operated steam trains at North Freedom since 1963 preserving early 1900s railroading history. The museum runs vintage rolling stock on a branch line opened in 1903 to serve iron mines. Its . . . — Map (db m19951) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), North Freedom — Vodak Memorial Park
Joseph A. Vodak 1898 – 1974 Julia Wopat Vodak 1903 – 1985 The Vodak family moved to North Freedom in 1927 from Hillsboro, Wis. Joe operated a sawmill at railroad museum location and a lumber shop at this site. Joe and . . . — Map (db m20228) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Prairie du Sac — 89 — The Baraboo Range
The rugged range of hills which can be seen to the north of here is among the oldest visible physical features on the earth. The hard quartzite rock that forms them was deposited as sand in a shallow sea which once covered this region. Although . . . — Map (db m19488) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Reedsburg — 89 — Babb's Ford 1844 1851
In Memory. J.W. Babb. First White Settler. Babbs Ford 1844 1851 Donated By M. Baker, Grandson. Made By H.V. Hamilton. — Map (db m33428) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Reedsburg — 245 — Clare A. Briggs – Cartoonist
Clare A. Briggs was born in Reedsburg on August 5, 1875 to Mr. and Mrs. William Pardee Briggs. At an early age Briggs became a sketch artist, and in 1896 he accepted a job as an illustrator with the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. After . . . — Map (db m1649) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Reedsburg — Clare Briggs, Cartoonist
Clare A. Briggs was born in Reedsburg on 5 August 1875 to Mr. and Mrs. William Pardee Briggs; he lived here into his early teens. Briggs became one of our nation's best known cartoonists, often using local scenes and names in his popular . . . — Map (db m33609) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Reedsburg — Veterans Memorial
Fuhrman-Finnegan Post 350 American Legion Reedsburg, Wisconsin Dedicated Nov. 11, 1958 — Map (db m34051) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Rock Springs — Van Hise Rock
The material of this rock was once sand on the sea bottom, and has since hardened into quartzite. It was tilted to the present position by a slow earth movement, and then separated from the adjacent cliff by erosion. The vertical light and dark . . . — Map (db m19848) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Rock Springs — 413 — Van Hise Rock
This outcrop of Baraboo Quartzite, located in the Baraboo Hills and known as Van Hise Rock, has been the focus of national and international scientific interest for over one hundred years. The rock is named in honor of University of . . . — Map (db m32445) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Sauk City — 226 — August W. Derleth
Born February 24, 1909, in Sauk City, August Derleth lived virtually his entire life in his native Sac Prairie. He began writing at the age of thirteen and had over 150 books to his credit at the time of his death on July 4, 1971. Versatile as he . . . — Map (db m2949) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Sauk City — Culver's
The George Culver family opened the original Culver's Frozen Custard Restaurant on this site July 18, 1984 The current restaurant opened April 27, 2000 This monument is a tribute to the Sauk-Prairie area residents . . . — Map (db m19479) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Sauk City — 52 — Free Congregation of Sauk County
Organized in 1852 by German-American settlers, the Free Congregation (Freie Gemeinde) dominated the cultural, economic and intellectual life of Sauk City well into the twentieth century. This is one of two congregations surviving a once prominent . . . — Map (db m67226) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Sauk City — Site 3 — Sauk City
Sauk City originally was the site of an important Indian village. Jonathan Carver visited here on October 9, 1766 and wrote, "This is the largest and best built Indian town I ever saw. It contains about 90 houses, each large enough for several . . . — Map (db m57935) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Spring Green — 410 — Western Escape
On July 22, during the Black Hawk War of 1832, Sac Indian leader Black Hawk and about 700 followers escaped down the Wisconsin River after the Battle of Wisconsin Heights. Traveling the river in hastily built canoes and rafts or on foot along the . . . — Map (db m35337) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Wisconsin Dells — Site of Fort Dells Theme Park
Modeled after Frontierland at Disneyland, Fort Dells was built here in 1959 bringing the Disney Experience to Dells Visitors for 26 years. Featuring–Stagecoach, Railroad, Paddlewheel Steamboat, Swinging Bridge, Blockhouse Exhibits, Escape . . . — Map (db m9294) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Wisconsin Dells — Stanton Peter Helland
This American Flag was dedicated November 22, 2002 to honor Stanton Peter Helland, who is symbolic of unwavering leadership, determined dedication and peerless contributions to preserving the unique beauty and scenic splendor of . . . — Map (db m26182) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Wisconsin Dells — 104 — Wisconsin Dells
The Indians believed that many years ago the Great Spirit, in the form of a snake, created the Dells when it forced its huge body through a narrow opening in the rocks. Geological studies, however, show that the Dells were formed some fifteen . . . — Map (db m1882) HM

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