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Seminole County Markers
Georgia (Seminole County), Donalsonville — City of Donalsonville
According to a map "Plan of Donalson" dated April 1889, the town was laid out by John Earnest Donalson. On December 8, 1897, a charter, signed by Governor William Yates Atkinson, was granted incorporating the town of Donalsonville. Officers appointed were: Thomas Chason, Mayor; John E. Donalson, W. B. King, S. D. Cherry, R. D. Carr, Aldermen. This charter was amended August 12, 1922 and the name changed to City of Donalsonville. — Map (db m9858) HM
Georgia (Seminole County), Donalsonville — Sabacola El Menor
Located in Seminole County, near the forks of he Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers, was a town of Hitchiti-speaking, Lower Creek Indians. A Spanish mission, Santa Cruz de Sabacola el Menor, was established there in 1675. By 1685, English traders from Charles Town had contact with the Lower Creeks. The English in Carolina and the Spanish in Florida were both seeking the alliance of the tribe. Reverse side: Spanish efforts to establish missions further up the Chattahoochee were . . . — Map (db m17834) HM
Georgia (Seminole County), Donalsonville — 125-1 — Seminole County
This County, created by Act of the Legislature July 8, 1920, is named for the Seminole Indians. Members of the Creek Confederacy, the Seminoles (meaning “separatist”) left the main body in Georgia and settled in Florida. After two bloody wars in 1817-18 and 1835-42, under Osceola, the majority were moved to western reservations but several hundred escaped to the Everglades where the tribe still dwells. Among the first County Officers were: Sheriff J. M. Richardson, Clerk of . . . — Map (db m55645) HM
Georgia (Seminole County), Iron City — Site of U.S. Post Office Reynoldsville, Georgia / Reuben Arthur Reynolds
Side 1: Site of U.S. Post Office Reynoldsville, Georgia On this site was situated the Reynoldsville Post Office from April 5, 1898 to April 20, 1913. The community was named by the Post Office Department in honor of Reuben Arthur Reynolds who served as its first postmaster. He was a pioneer environmentalist who practiced forestry management and soil conservation on his vast land holdings of several thousand acres. Reynolds erected the post office building directly across the road . . . — Map (db m55677) HM
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