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Taliaferro County Markers
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — 131-3 — Birthplace of Alexander Hamilton Stephens>>>------>
"Little Alec,” Vice-President of the Confederacy, was born nearby in a log cabin Feb. 11, 1812, son of Andrew B. & Margaret Grier Stephens, a poor farm family. At his parents’ death he was educated by an uncle, Gen. A. W. Grier, at Washington, and at Franklin College (U. of Ga.) and was admitted to the Bar in 1834. He served as state legislator and senator from ‘36 to ‘42, as congressman from ‘43 to ‘49 and again in ‘55. After the War he was elected U. S. Senator but was not allowed to . . . — Map (db m24853) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — 131-4 — Crawfordville Academy Alexander Stephens Institute
This school, one of the finest of the early Georgia Academies, was chartered by the Legislature, Dec. 26, 1826. First trustees were Archibald Gresham, R. Q. Dickinson, Wylie Womack, Hermon Mercer, Leonidas B. Mercer. Among the first masters were William D. Cowdrey and Simpson Fouche, outstanding classical scholars. The name was officially changed to Stephens High School in 1886 to honor Alexander Stephens and a new building was erected. That building burned in 1907 and was replaced by another. . . . — Map (db m15747) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — 131-11 — Crawfordville Baptist Church
This, the first Protestant Church in the Taliaferro area and originally called Bethel, was established in 1802 by Rev. Jesse Mercer and Rev. James Matthews on land given by William Janes, one of Georgia's largest planters. The first pastor was Rev. James Robertson; first deacons were John Walker and Etheldred Wilder. Known widely for its liberalality, this church granted the use of its building to other denominations while their churches were being organized. Many fiery political speeches have . . . — Map (db m15733) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — Crawfordville Confederate Memorial
1861-1865 Erected to the memory of our Confederate Dead Apr. 26, 1898 — Map (db m15284) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — 131-20 — Crawfordville Methodist Church
This church, originally known as "Bird's Chapel," was founded in 1826 as the first church in the newly formed town of Crawfordville. It was an outgrowth of the now defunct Powder Creek Meeting House near Sandy Cross, which came into existence about 1805. "Bird's Chapel" was ministered to by the Rev. Williamson Bird, Jr., who built and lived in the house now known as "Liberty Hall," the home of Alexander Hamilton Stephens. This chapel, originally located at the corner of what is now Jackson and . . . — Map (db m15288) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — Liberty Hall
Liberty Hall Home of Alexander Hamilton Stephens 1845-1883 Property Deeded by Executors to Stephens Monumental Association June 4, 1885, to State of Georgia, December 31, 1932. Building Dedicated July 18, 1935. W.P.A. 1936 U.D.C. — Map (db m26237) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — Liberty Hall
Liberty Hall Has been designated a National historic Landmark This site possesses National significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America 1983 National Park Service United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m46025) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — 131-7 — Old Tavern Site
On this site, Lot 17, provided for, in 1826, in the Town Plan by Hermon Mercer, who laid out the town of Crawfordville, a tavern, inn or hotel has stood continuously. The original tavern, built by Gilbert Rossignol, a refugee from the French Revolution, stood near Locust Grove. That building, a large two-story house with broad veranda and columns, was bought in 1826 by Sylvester B.J. Cratin and reerected on this site. It was operated by Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Little. The old tavern stood until 1902 when the present brick hotel was built. — Map (db m21444) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — 131-17 — Roselle Mercier Montgomery
The renowned Georgia poetess, Roselle Mercier Montgomery, daughter of Col. William Nathaniel and Emma Smith Mercier, was born on this site in 1874. Educated at Washington Female Seminary and Mary Baldwin Seminary, she married distinguished N.Y. lawyer, J. Seymour Montgomery and lived in Conn. Her early death in 1933 cut short an outstanding career. Her famous poem, "Evening on a Village Street," was written about this corner in Crawfordville. Considered Georgia's best and one of America's . . . — Map (db m15255) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — 131-16 — Site of Childhood Home of Richard Malcolm Johnston
Richard Malcolm Johnston (1822–1898), educator and author, was born at Powelton. Later, his father moved to Crawfordville for better school facilities for his children. The Powelton home was torn down and reerected on this site. Johnston was educated at old Crawfordville Academy and Mercer University. Among his best known works are “Dukesborough Tales,” “Old Mark Langston,” and with W.H. Browne, “Alexander H. Stephens.” Stephens is said to have received . . . — Map (db m15371) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — 131-15 — Site of Chivers Plantation and Store>>>------>
At this crossroads stood the store and drug shop of Col. Robert Chivers, father of Georgia’s “lost poet,” Dr. Thomas Holley Chivers. Born at his father’s plantation home nearby in 1809, Dr. Chivers graduated in medicine at Transylvania Univ. in 1830. He practiced for a short time at this store and, after an unhappy marriage, left this section. After wandering for some time, he settled in Decatur until his death in 1858. “The Lost Pleiad and Other Poems” (1842) is his . . . — Map (db m24866) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — 131-1 — Taliaferro County
This County, created by an act of the Legislature Dec. 24, 1825, is named for Colonel Benjamin Taliaferro, Revolutionary soldier in Lee's Legion and a member of Congress from 1799 to 1802. In this city stands Liberty Hall, now a State Shrine, beloved home in life and the last resting place of Alexander H. Stephens, affectionately known as "Little Alec" and "The Great Commoner." Born in a log cabin in this county in 1812 and graduating from the University of Georgia in 1832, Mr. Stephens . . . — Map (db m15236) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — Taliaferro County World War I Memorial
1917-1918 Dedicated to those of Taliaferro County, GA. who offered their lives in Humanity's defense in the War of the Nations and in memory of those who gave their full measure of devotion — Map (db m15282) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — Taliaferro County World Wars Memorial
In sacred memory of the men of Taliaferro County who made the supreme sacrifice World War I Roy Dozier World War II L.A. Cason Henry C. Simons Roger W. Gunn Charles Roberts On fames eternal camping ground, their silent tents are spread and glory guards with solemn round the bivouac of the dead. "They died that we might live" — Map (db m32340) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Crawfordville — 131-9 — The Common Road of the English Following Old Indian Trail
The colonial road from Charleston to Vicksburg followed the highway at this point. The route, used by Col. Langdon Welch on his expedition to the Mississippi in 1698, was thereafter followed by British traders. Through Taliaferro Co., it followed the present route, Raytown to Crawfordville to Union Point, then Ogeechee River Old Town. Wm. Bartram, celebrated traveler, crossed here in 1773 with the party, headed by Col. Barnett, which surveyed 2,000,000 acres of land ceded by the Creeks and . . . — Map (db m15242) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Robinson — 131-6 — Confederate Gun Shop
Fifty yards from here, in a brick building, stood the gun shop of Henning Daniel Murden (1815-1903), who, during the War Between the States, made and supplied guns and molds to Confederate troops. Like virtually all rural gun shops in the South, it was a limited operation. "Stephens Home Guards," later Co. D., 15th Ga. Inf. Reg., first company organized in Taliaferro County, was equipped with guns made by Murden. Grandson of Rev. soldier Richard Asbury Sr., Murden is buried in the cemetery slightly to the east of here. — Map (db m15277) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Sharon — 131-14 — Grave of Brig. Gen. Aaron W. Grier
About 3/4 miles from here, in the Grier family cemetery, is the marked grave of Gen. Aaron Grier, born near here Dec. 2, 1794. When quite young, with Gen. Floyd, he fought the Creek Indians, distinguishing himself at the Battles of Autossee and Chalibbee in Alabama. Promoted rapidly for his military talent, he became a Brig. Gen. in the Indian and later the Mexican Wars. In 1826, his home became that of his orphan nephew, Alexander H. Stephens. He lived to see his nephew and ward become . . . — Map (db m24909) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Sharon — 131-8 — Ray’s Place – Now Raytown
Ray’s Place, oldest community in Taliaferro County, was, in the late 1790’s and early 1800’s, a recreation center on Little River for the “livelier social set” of Washington. It was named for a Ray family from New York who lived in Washington for several years. In later years the famed Wrightsboro Road came through Raytown and the stage road from Double Wells (Barnett) to Washington. The parents and grandparents of Jefferson Davis owned plantations near Raytown in the early 1800’s. . . . — Map (db m25124) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Sharon — 131-19 — Raytown Methodist Church
This church is located in that part of the original Wilkes Circuit of 1786, “the cradle of Georgia Methodism,” from which Bishop Francis Asbury formed the Little River Circuit at the Camden, S. C. Conference in January 1802. The Raytown Methodists from Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, were “formed into Society” in the early 1800’s, held their first meetings in the homes of members, and, after 1828, worshiped for some years in the old South Liberty Meeting . . . — Map (db m25129) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Sharon — 131-13 — Robert Grier, Astronomer>>>------>
On this land, in the plantation home of his father, Aaron Grier, Sr., Revolutionary soldier, Robert Grier, founder of the nationally famous “Grier’s Almanac,” was born in 1782. The remarkable astronomical calculations which led to the publishing of the almanac were made on the large boulders in the fields near this road. First published in 1807 as “The Georgia and South Carolina Almanack,” the almanac made Robert Grier’s name a household word in the nation until his . . . — Map (db m25127) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Sharon — 131-12 — South Liberty Presbyterian Church
In 1820, several members of Liberty Church, Wilkes County, petitioned to form a new church, South Liberty, because of “distance, bad roads, high water in winter.” A log church was built in 1828 about 4 miles east of Sharon on land given by Joshua Morgan. Services began in May 1828 and were held continuously except during the War Between the States when the minister and members were on military duty. In 1855 the log church was replaced by a frame building and, in 1877, that was moved . . . — Map (db m24899) HM
Georgia (Taliaferro County), Sharon — 131-5 — The Church of the Purification Locust Grove Academy
In 1790 several Catholic families of English descent from Maryland settled near Locust Grove. They established the first Roman Catholic Church in Georgia and erected a log church in 1792. A priest, Father John LeMoin, was sent to it from Baltimore. French families, fleeing the French Revolution and, later, several Irish families joined the colony. After 1860 a church was erected in Sharon, as the Locust Grove location had become too remote. Locust Grove Academy, the first chartered Roman . . . — Map (db m24896) HM
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