“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Tuscarawas County Ohio – Historical Markers

Fort Laurens Marker image, Click for more information
By Carl Breth, circa October 2007
Fort Laurens Marker
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Bolivar — Fort Laurens
The first and only fort of the Revolutionary War, established within the limits of what is now Ohio, was built here in December 1778 by General Lachlan McIntosh, as a defense against the British and Indians, and held until early in August 1779 when . . . — Map (db m3277) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Bolivar — In Commemoration of Our Patriot Ancestors
In commemoration of our patriot ancestors who served with the 8th Pennsylvania and the 13th Virginia regiments at Fort Laurens from November 18, 1778 - August 2, 1779. To assure that their sacrifice to the newly founded republic was not in vain, . . . — Map (db m81585) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Bolivar — 4- 79 — Treaty of Greene Ville
Treaty of Greene Ville With the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, England lost the American Revolution and ceded to the former colonies land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River. By this time, pioneer settlers had reached . . . — Map (db m77320) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dennison — 17-79 — Dennison High School
Side A On October 23, 1927, ceremony was held for the laying of the cornerstone for the Dennison High School Building. It opened in the fall of 1928 and was called "Angel's Castle" in honor of school superintendent William Hiram Angel. The . . . — Map (db m81550) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dennison — 21-79 — Dennison Railway Chapel / The Manse
Side A Dennison Railway Chapel From its founding in 1865, Dennison was a railroad town and became the second largest rail center for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Rail presence was so strong that the industry dictated social and economic . . . — Map (db m81547) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dennison — 8-79 — Dennison Yard and Shops / Dennison Depot
Side A Dennison Yard and Shops Panhandle Division, Pennsylvania Railroad The Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and St. Louis Railway began construction of the Dennison Railroad Shops here in 1864. This rail line was chartered as the . . . — Map (db m81546) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dover — 23-79 — Camp Meigs
Camp Meigs was established in 1861 at what later became the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds. At this site, two regiments of Ohio Volunteer Infantry, the 51st and 80th, were mustered into the Union Army. The 51st OVI was organized in October 1861. Six . . . — Map (db m81576) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dover — Christian Deardorff
In memory of Christian Deardorff Founder of the city of Dover Ohio in 1807 — Map (db m15189) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dover — Dover Concert Band, 1924On the steps of the Ohio Statehouse
The Dover Concert Band, shown here in new uniforms, was popular and successful for many years. This photo was taken when the band traveled to Columbus to perform at the Ohio State Fair. Front and center are Bandleader Domenic Greco and Governor Vic . . . — Map (db m15181) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dover — 20-79 — Jeremiah E. Reeves / The J.E. Reeves Victorian Home
Side A Jeremiah E. Reeves Jeremiah Reeves was born in England in 1845 and began his career in the mills of Wales, United Kingdom, at the age of ten. In 1867, he immigrated to the United States where he worked in the steel mills of . . . — Map (db m81573) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dover — Reeves Steel World War II Memorial
1941 (eagle) 1945 In honor of the former employees of Reeves Steel and Mfg. Co. Who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of their country in World War II Thomas Forbes Ralph Lab George Mikulich Robert Paisley Duane J. Stalder . . . — Map (db m81575) WM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dover — 5-79 — The Ohio and Erie Canal / Canal Dover Toll House1825 - 1913
The Ohio-Erie Canal 1825-1913 Seeking an alternate transportation route to distant markets, many farmers and manufacturers in Ohio wanted to connect the Ohio River to Lake Erie with a canal. Beginning in Cleveland the Ohio-Erie Canal ran south, . . . — Map (db m15190) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dover — W. W. Scott, 1891Editor of the Iron Valley Reporter
W. W. Scott, shown at the right in the photo, was a very colorful character from Dover's past; opinionated and outspoken, he had a personality ideally suited for his role as the Editor of a small town newspaper. Mr. Scott has a wide range of . . . — Map (db m15216) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Dundee — 7-79 — The Bouquet Expedition - Camp 14 / Henry Bouquet 1719-1765
Side A The Bouquet Expedition - Camp 14 Desperately trying to protect their homeland, the Delaware Indian Nation who lived here in the Tuscarawas Valley, joined the French against the English during the French and Indian War, . . . — Map (db m81571) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Gnadenhutten — 15-79 — Gnadenhutten / The Gnadenhutten Massacre, "A Day of Shame"
Side A Gnadenhutten The Moravian Church in America began missionary work among the Delaware and Mohican tribes of North America in the mid-18th century. David Zeisberger, one of the best-known Moravian missionaries, came to the Ohio . . . — Map (db m81569) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — Al MaloneyAugust 15, 1928 - March 15, 1999
For 17 years Chairman of “First Town Days Festival” “Al Maloney Midway” Dedicated: July 1, 1999 For any organization to survive and prosper, there must be a strong driving force within the organization. That . . . — Map (db m15252) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — C. William "Bill" KiddNovember 2, 1909 - November 8, 1978 — Head Football Coach, New Philadelphia High School, 1947 - 1960
Dedicated in the memory of C. William “Bill” Kidd 14 Years New Philadelphia Football Record - 82 wins - 48 loses [sic] - 8 ties Bill Kidd was one of the finest high school coaches in America. The players who played for him . . . — Map (db m15250) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — Congressional Medal of Honor RecipientsState of Ohio, Tuscarawas County
United States of America Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients State of Ohio, Tuscarawas County Civil War Archinal, William J.        Corporal    Mississippi 1863 Blickensderfer, Milton A.    Sergeant     Virginia 1865 Campbell, William . . . — Map (db m15246) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — Revolutionary War Memorial
In Memoriam This monument is dedicated to all who fought for freedom during the Revolutionary War — Map (db m15238) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — 16-79 — Schoenbrunn Schoolhouse 1772 / Schoenbrunn Church 1772
Schoenbrunn Schoolhouse 1772 In December 1772, Brother David Zeisberger and his followers began the construction of Schoenbrunn schoolhouse. The school was built in the Tuscarawas Valley on land given to Zeisberger in the spring of 1771 by . . . — Map (db m73218) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — 3-79 — The History of Tuscarawas County Courthouses
When David Knisely, the founder of New Philadelphia, first arrived in the Tuscarawas Valley on August 27, 1803, he found a sparsely populated, pristine wilderness. Five years later the state legislature approved a bill organizing Tuscarawas County . . . — Map (db m292) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — 1-79 — The New Schoenbrunn Mission
Here, on April 10, 1779 during the Revolutionary War, David Zeisberger founded one of the five Delaware Christian missions to occupy the Tuscarawas Valley between May 3, 1772 and September 8, 1781. Living at the Lichtenau mission near the Delaware . . . — Map (db m295) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — 5-79 — The Ohio-Erie Canal In Tuscarawas County
1825–1913. Seeking an alternative transportation route to distant markets, many farmers and manufacturers in Ohio wanted to connect the Ohio River to Lake Erie with a canal. Beginning in Cleveland the Ohio-Erie Canal ran south, the length of . . . — Map (db m293) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — Tuscarawas County Civil War Memorial
Erected to my brave and gallant comrades of Tuscarawas County who fell in defence of our glorious Union, by a member of the 51st Ohio Vols. 1861 - 1865. Erected May 19, 1887 — Map (db m15247) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — Tuscarawas County Operation Desert Storm Memorial
We believe in God, our country, liberty and the American way. The citizens of Tuscarawas County pay tribute to all the brave men and women of our armed forces who served our country in times of peace and war. We take pride in your devotion and it . . . — Map (db m15239) WM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — Tuscarawas County Viet-nam Veterans Memorial1959 - 1975
“To those who survived, we are grateful and welcome you home.” “To those who still suffer, either in mind or body, we acknowledge it and appreciate what you've done for us and we will not forget.” “For those who . . . — Map (db m15243) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — Tuscarawas County World War I MemorialSpirit of the American Doughboy
In memory of the men and women of Tuscarawas County who served their country in the World War — Map (db m15263) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — Tuscarawas County World War II and Korean Conflict Memorial
A tribute to the living and dead of Tuscarawas County who served in World War II and the Korean Conflict. — Map (db m15240) WM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), New Philadelphia — War Saving Stamps
In recognition of the patriotism of the people of Tuscarawas County who so generously purchased War Saving Stamps in 1918 this tablet is gratefully erected by the Ohio War Savings Committee — Map (db m15241) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Newcomerstown — 19-79 — Cy Young
Baseball's most successful pitcher, Denton True “Cy” Young (1867-1955) won 511 games during his 22-year career, and compiled a record of sixteen 20-win seasons, including five seasons where he topped 30 wins. Young displayed remarkable . . . — Map (db m16388) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Newcomerstown — Denton "Cy" YoungBaseball's Immortal Pitcher — Member of Baseball's Hall of Fame
In honored memory Denton “Cy” Young Mar. 29, 1867 Nov. 4, 1955 Baseball's Immortal Pitcher In his youth on a nearby farm, “Cy” played baseball for love of the game, a quality that remained with him . . . — Map (db m16389) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Newcomerstown — Newcomerstown Desert Storm Memorial
Let us always remember “OUR’S” who served in Desert Storm Jan 16 - Feb 27, 1991 Gary Abbuhl Jr • Lawrence Beaber • Michael Berger • William T Bradford • Terry Buchanan • David Cleveland • C W Colvin • Steve Dietrich . . . — Map (db m16390) WM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Newcomerstown — Newcomerstown Korean War Memorial
Korea “The Forgotten War” June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953 Dedicated to the men and women of the Newcomerstown area who served — Map (db m15264) WM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Port Washington — 2-79 — The Salem Mission
Here, on April 6, 1780 during the American Revolutionary War, a contingent of Delaware Christian Indians, led by John Heckwelder, an assistant to Moravian missionary David Zeisberger, founded the last of five missions to occupy the Tuscarawas Valley . . . — Map (db m296) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Sugarcreek — Flame of Freedom
Honoring all those who serve, past, present, and future Thank you for your service. May 17, 2008 [Originally installed May 30, 1969] — Map (db m28849) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Sugarcreek — History of Shanesville
1814 • 100 lots recorded as laid out by Abraham Shane with “ten perches for a public square and street.” 1820 • Lutheran Church began with Rev. Abraham Snyder 1821 • First Reformed Church of Shanesville organized by Rev. . . . — Map (db m28851) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Tuscarawas — 12-79 — The Ohio & Erie Canal in Warwick Township
The greatest engineering achievement in Ohio during the pre-railroad era, the Ohio & Erie Canal traversed nearly six miles of Warwick Township. Completed in 1830, the canal brought prosperity to the village of Trenton (now Tuscarawas) and to . . . — Map (db m294) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Uhrichsville — 14-79 — Uhrich's Mill 1806 / Clay Capital 1833-1980s
Side A Uhrich's Mill 1806 Michael Uhrich, Sr. founded Uhrich's Mill on this site in 1806. Uhrich emigrated from Pennsylvania in 1804 and became one of the first County Commissioners upon the formation of Tuscarawas County in February . . . — Map (db m81567) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Zoar — 13-79 — Ohio and Erie Canal
Side A Construction of the Ohio and Erie Canal, beginning in Cleveland and running south to Portsmouth, began in 1825. As a means to pay for debts on the community's 5,500 acres of Tuscarawas County land, members of the Society of . . . — Map (db m81577) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Zoar — 18-79 — Zoar Cemetery
Side A Here, in what has been described as "God's Acre," is the final resting place of members of the Society of Separatists of Zoar (1817-1898) as well as today's descendants and residents. The early Zoarites' simple religion forbade . . . — Map (db m81584) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Zoar — 19-79 — Zoar Garden
Side A The Zoar Garden was the Separatist's most public manifestation of their faith, its religious symbolism masked by its lush beauty. It provided both residents and visitors with a place to relax and reflect. This "lustgarden," or . . . — Map (db m81579) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Zoar — 9-79 — Zoar Town Hall / Zoar and The Ohio & Erie Canal
Side A Zoar Town Hall The Society of Separatists of Zoar built the Zoar Town Hall in 1887 when the village was formally incorporated. Established in 1817 by German religious dissidents, Zoar became one of the most successful . . . — Map (db m81578) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Zoar — Zoar Village
Zoar was founded in 1817 by a group of immigrants from Wurttemburg, Germany, who sought religious freedom. The mandatory military service in Germany prompted many pacifist groups, like the Zoarites, to immigrate to the United States. The separatist . . . — Map (db m81582) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Zoarville — 10-79 — Zoarville StationFink Through Truss Bridge
The Zoarville Station Bridge is a rare survivor of the earliest period of iron bridge construction in the United States, an era when unprecedented railroad expansion gave American bridge builders an international reputation for innovation. German . . . — Map (db m36759) HM

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