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Waupaca County Markers
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Big Falls — History of Big Falls
In 1887, A.W. Whitcomb erected a sawmill on this site and water from the river supplied the power. In 1890, the land was platted and the settlement became the Village of Big Falls. In 1923, Big Falls was incorporated. Today it is one of the smallest incorporated villages in the U.S.A. The early forests were logged and lumber and shingles were milled here. A granite quarry was located below the dam. Stores, churches, hotels, railroads, saloons, a blacksmith shop, creamery, roller skating rink, . . . — Map (db m25108) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Clintonville — 138 — Birthplace of an Airline
It was here in Clintonville that Wisconsin Central Airlines, now known as North Central Airlines, was founded in 1944. Fostered and promoted by the Four Wheel Drive Auto Company, the airline was an outgrowth of the company’s need for air transportation. Four Wheel Drive had been operating a non-scheduled airline serv­ice to Chicago for months before making application for scheduled airline service to the Civil Aeronautics Board in June, 1944. Since beginning service on February 1, 1948, with a . . . — Map (db m8178) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Clintonville — Clintonville Veterans Memorial
On these bronze plates are the honored names of those courageous men and women from the Clintonville area, who died while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States. They gave all their tomorrows so that we can have our today. We shall always remember. World War I William F. Bertram • Arthur R. Gensler • Matt T. Goodwin • Walter H. Kluth • Frank E. Ladusine • Andrew J. Layman • Edward J. Malliet • Maurice C. O'Brien • Ernest A. Smith • Oscar J. Tilleson . . . — Map (db m78963) WM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Clintonville — 102 — Four–Wheel Drive
In this machine shop, in 1908, Otto Zachow and William Besserdich developed and built the first successful four-wheel drive automobile. Their first car, the “Battleship”, soon proved that it "could go anywhere a team of horses could go” and led to the founding, in 1909, of The Badger Four Wheel Drive Auto Company, (word “Badger” dropped in 1910 and name changed to FWD Corporation in 1958). Government interest in motor vehicles and the success of the four-wheel . . . — Map (db m8108) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Clintonville — Portion of Wall of ChinaTaken Near Canton
Each stone represents a type of the stones used. The burned brick are 1700 years old. Donated by Sun Yat Sen · Harvey Decker Ek Hock Fung · James A. Bell Edward Mo Fung · Walter A. Olen — Map (db m25190) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Fremont — 48 — Old Wolf River Crossing
This landing was the chief point of entry for pioneers who first settled the land between the Wolf and Wisconsin Rivers. On June 1, 1852, a legislative proclamation opened these lands for settlement. The Big Crossing almost immediately followed and several hundred pioneer families crossed here. Before occupation by the white man this site was an ancient Indian village and later became important as a steamboat landing and stopover on the famous log drives. — Map (db m33978) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Iola — 2 — 1999 Father's Day Fire
(side 1) June 20, 1999 – Father’s Day – was disrupted by a blaze that destroyed seven buildings on the west side of Main Street in downtown Iola under a gorgeous blue-sky and calm weather. More than 200 firefighters from Iola, Scandinavia, and eight other Central Wisconsin fire departments, along with volunteers from the large group of bystanders, battled the blaze that destroyed historic century-old buildings, some dating to pre-1890. Eleven businesses and eleven . . . — Map (db m44330) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Iola — 3 — Birthplace of Numismatic News
Side A The first issue of “Numismatic News” was born here Oct. 13, 1952. From this start over the next 50 years grew Krause Publications, a business that published 50 periodicals and hundreds of book titles.

The idea for the paper was Chester L. Krause’s, who lived in this house with his parents. He was a professional carpenter by day and a coin collector at night. Because it was difficult for coin collectors to interact outside the main urban areas, Chet felt they . . . — Map (db m47672) HM

Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Iola — 4 — Birthplace of the Iola Old Car Show
The Iola Old Car Show’s birth was a humble one. Its origins date to July 16, 1972, when Chet Krause extended to a couple score area collector car enthusiasts of his acquaintance to attend the 17th annual Iola Lions Club Chicken Roast fundraiser held at the Ingval Olson Memorial Park as his guests. Having enticed them with the offer of two free chicken dinners if they would drive one of their vintage vehicles to the event, this resulted in the display of more than 20 vehicles, including Chet’s . . . — Map (db m55166) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Iola — 518 — Iola Mills
Colonel J.W. Chandler, S.S. Chandler, and S. Miller built Iola's first dam and sawmill in 1853. The partners then constructed a grist mill, adding a flour mill two years later. In 1860, Henry Wipf purchased a controlling interest in the Iola Mills. Wipf secured sole ownership to his two sons, Jacob and Conrad, who renamed it J. & C. Wipf Mills. The Wipfs continued investing in the property, adding a rail spur in 1893. They rebuilt the sawmill and added a stone engine house and . . . — Map (db m32951) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Iola — Iola Veterans Memorial
In Memory of our Veterans [names] Dedicated to Veterans of the Iola Scandinavia Area Erected 1976 Post 14 Map (db m33143) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Iola — 1 — Iola Winter Sports Club
The Iola Winter Sports Club’s origins trace back to January 11, 1910, with the organization of the Iola Ski Club. The first organized ski jumping tournament in Waupaca County was held at the School House Ski Hill, located in the 300 block of west Iola Street, on January 30, 1910.

A second Iola hill (Slaughterhouse ski Hill) was erected five blocks east of Main Street in December, 1910, a location now within Glacier Wood Golf Course. On Sunday, January 15, 1911, the first tournament was . . . — Map (db m47671) HM

Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Iola — 6 — Iola’s Dr. LoopeMember of First University of Wisconsin Football Team
Side 1 The office and home of Dr. T.E. Loope, a member of the first organized University of Wisconsin football team back in 1889, stood on this site. Truman Elbert Loope was born on May 3, 1870, in Eureka, Wis., and graduated from the University of Madison Medical School in 1891. He began his Iola practice in 1899, became completely blind in the fall of 1928, but prior to his death on Dec. 6, 1942, had continued practicing for several more years. An interview conducted by a . . . — Map (db m78334) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Iola — 5 — Iola’s Early History
(side 1) Iola is located in the area previously known as the “Indian Land” – the land west of the Wolf River and north of the Waupaca (Tomorrow) River. It was opened for settlement after an 1848 treaty, initially disputed by members of the Menomonee tribe who resided here, that was finally formally accepted June 1, 1852. The area was initially settled by Yankees from New England and Swiss immigrants, followed by Norwegians, who became the predominant ethnic group by . . . — Map (db m67232) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), King — Fish Raceway
In 1976, fish managers filled this raceway with 20,000 hybrid tiger muskies and installed mechanical feeders. Why? To find out if muskies would eat food pellets dispensed from mechanical feeders instead of minnows. The experiment worked! Pellets significantly reduced both the cost and labor involved with raising muskies. This was the only fish experiment that took place here since the hatchery closed in 1954. Hartman Creek State Park opened in 1966. — Map (db m76130) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), King — 422 — General Charles King1844 – 1933
Charles King, one of America's most illustrious soldiers, was born in New York and came to Milwaukee in 1845. His father was Rufus King, editor and publisher of the Milwaukee Sentinel and first commander of the famed Civil War Iron Brigade. Charles King graduated from West Point, took part in the Civil War, and served on active duty until 1879, when a serious battle wound during an Indian campaign forced his retirement. Returning to Wisconsin, King began a writing career popularizing the . . . — Map (db m4961) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), King — 283 — Grand Army Home
The Grand Army Home was established in 1887 by the Wisconsin Department of the Grand Army of the Republic, a nationwide organization of Union veterans of the Civil War (1861-1865). The Home provided care for indigent veterans and their wives in a pleasant community setting. The city of Waupaca donated seventy-eight acres along scenic Rainbow Lake to the veterans, and the local branch of the Women's Relief Corps (an auxiliary of the G.A.R.) constructed several cottages on the site. This was the . . . — Map (db m4272) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), King — Hellestad House
Built in Scandinavia, WI in 1864 by Ole Hellestad. Restored on this site in 1999 by friends of Hartman Creek. — Map (db m79055) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), King — Lake with a Secret
George Allen's crude birch bark cribs provided habitat to grow 1-inch trout fingerlings large enough to be transplanted into area streams. These cribs still exist, preserved and concealed beneath the lake. In 1939, the State of Wisconsin took over the hatchery and built a dam, located to your left, that flooded the cribs and created Allen Lake. The lake was named in honor of Mr. Allen. — Map (db m79038) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), King — Old Coach Road
The old Coach Road ran from Oshkosh to Stevens Point and connected the towns of Rural and Amherst. Horses snort, wheels rattle and dust flies. If you were traveling between Oshkosh and Stevens Point during the 1880s, you'd have traveled via the Coach Road. Maybe you stayed at the Coach House, now a private residence located on Rural Road just outside the park. When the railroad came to Waupaca, the stage was abandoned, but you can still imagine this bygone era as you hike and bike along the Coach Road Trail. — Map (db m74529) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), King — Windfeldt Estate
In 1962, the Windfeldts sold this 80-acre site to the Wisconsin Conservation Department to be included in Hartman Creek State Park. Windfeldt Road honors this family. Can you spot any reminders of the old Windfeldt estate? Look for flowering shrubs and lone trees that may have been planted by Mrs. John J. Windfeldt when she and her husband settled here in 1927. They raised livestock and crops and managed the large apple orchard that you can see in the distance. Three generations of Windfeldts lived at this site. — Map (db m74969) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Manawa — 485 — Melvin O. HandrichCongressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Master Sergeant Melvin O. Handrich of the U.S. Army was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his courageous action in battle near Sobuk San Mountain, Korea on August 25–26, 1950. Handrich was born in Manawa, Wisconsin on January 26, 1919 and received the country's highest military award for his conspicuous gallantry above and beyond the call of duty in battle. Near midnight on August 25, 1950 the enemy attempted to infiltrate Handrich's company's . . . — Map (db m10758) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Marion — 73 — Chief Waupaca
Chief Waupaca, better known as Sam Wapuka, was a friendly Potawatomi Indian who lived in this vicinity about the time the first white men arrived. Although he was friendly to the settlers, his tribesmen were bitterly opposed to the invasion of the white man. Once on a trip with several of his warriors, they stopped where the present city of Waupaca is located. His men were eager to massacre the entire small settlement and Waupaca talked long and eloquently to prevent it. He succeeded but when . . . — Map (db m20634) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), New London — 282 — Birthplace of the American Water Spaniel
Of all the breeds of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club, only five were developed in the United States and one, the American Water Spaniel, originated in Wisconsin. The development of the Water Spaniel as a purebred was due largely to the efforts of Dr. F.J. Pfiefer of New London, Wisconsin, who perfected and stan­dardized the breed and obtained official recognition by the United Kennel Club in 1920 and the American Kennel Club in 1940. The Water Spaniel is characterized by its ability . . . — Map (db m8224) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Scandinavia — Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer
Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, first Lutheran church in Waupaca county, was built in 1856 directly across the road. It was enlarged in the form of a Cross in 1867, and demolished in 1928. Pastor Nils Brandt dedicated the cemetery June 6, 1853. O. F. Duus, first resident pastor called from Norway, served from 1854-58. Before Scandinavia township was incorporated in 1854, this area was known as Waupaca Settlement or "the Indian Land." The first Norwegian pioneers arrived August 20, 1850. — Map (db m21919) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Symco — Veterans Memorial
✞ Dedicated to Our Veterans Who so Honorably Served God and Country — Map (db m79673) WM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Waupaca — Waupaca County War Memorial
Korea • Vietnam Erected to honor those of Waupaca County Wisconsin who answered their country's call and gave their lives for the great cause of liberty 1917 – 1919 Erected to honor those of Waupaca, Wisconsin who answered their country's call and gave their lives for the great cause of liberty 1941 – 1945 Erected to honor those of Waupaca, Wisconsin who answered their country's call and gave their lives . . . — Map (db m47077) WM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Weyauwega — Veterans Memorial
In Honor of All United States Military Veterans Past Present Future Especially those that gave all of their tomorrows for our today Lest We Forget Veterans of Foreign Wars emblem American Legion emblem Map (db m71193) WM
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