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Waushara County Markers
Wisconsin (Waushara County), Almond — 336 — Sir Henry Soloman Wellcome (1853 – 1936)
Sir Henry Soloman Wellcome, key figure in the development of pharmaceutics and the promotion of medical research, was born to Yankee settlers on a hardscrabble farm in the vicinity of Almond, Wisconsin, where he spent the first eight years of his life. Wellcome moved to Minnesota with his family in 1861 and was later educated in pharmacy schools in Chicago and Philadelphia. In 1880 he went to London, England, where he and Silas Mainville Burroughs formed a business partnership creating . . . — Map (db m3158) HM
Wisconsin (Waushara County), Auroraville — 455 — The Auroraville Fountain
The Auroraville Fountain has been providing water to this community since just after the Civil War. The land surrounding Auroraville is abundant in natural springs called artesian wells. In 1867, John Keneister of Auroraville bored this natural spring well in the center of town. Heading north or south, many travelers and their teams of horses refreshed themselves at this location in the 19th century. Originally, the fountain was built as a wooden trough, but by 1927, it had deteriorated . . . — Map (db m20139) HM
Wisconsin (Waushara County), Hancock — Sacred to the Memory of the Soldiers
Sacred to the memory of the Soldiers of the War of 1861 to 1865. — Map (db m26391) HM
Wisconsin (Waushara County), Hancock — 457 — Whistler Mound Group and Enclosure
The Whistler Mound Group and Enclosure originally consisted of 70 conical or round burial mounds and a low, earthen double enclosure. The site has never been scientifically investigated so the exact date of construction is unknown. Archaeologists, however, believe that these mounds were constructed during the late period of mound building circa 650~1200 A.D. Enclosures, like the one in the Whistler Mound Group, were once found throughout the northeastern United States. The functions of . . . — Map (db m18192) HM
Wisconsin (Waushara County), Wautoma — Pioneer Wautoma
In November 1848, in a log cabin, George Atkins here began sheltering travelers over the “Pinery Road.” The next spring John Shumway bought out Atkins and built “The Wautoma Hotel.” A hundred feet east he built a sawmill and started sawing lumber in December, 1849. Across the road stood the first Court House. At the crossroads stood the McKeaque Wagon Shop, Lymans Cabinet Shop, and the Furniture Factory. East of the sawmill still stands the Gristmill. — Map (db m4014) HM
Wisconsin (Waushara County), Wautoma — Waushara County Civil War Memorial
WRC Erected in memory of the defenders of our country 18611865 by the GAR: WRC & the citizens of Waushara County GAR — Map (db m39357) HM
Wisconsin (Waushara County), Wautoma — Waushara County Veterans Memorial
This 155mm Howitzer is dedicated to All Waushara County, Wisconsin Veterans Past and Present Wolman-Minskey American Legion Post 317 May 20, 2000 Map (db m41802) HM
Wisconsin (Waushara County), Wautoma — Waushara County World War I Memorial
Lest We Forget Waushara County's memorial to its sons and daughters who served as soldiers, sailors, marines and nurses in the World War. 1917 1919 — Map (db m39457) HM
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