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Battle of Sailor's Creek by markers. Use the “First >>” button above to see these markers in sequence.
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — Rice’s DepotRetreat and Pursuit — Lee’s Retreat
Gen. James Longstreet’s corps, leading the Confederate retreat westward, reached Rice’s Depot along the South Side Railroad and entrenched on April 6, 1865, while the Battle of Sailor’s Creek raged to the east. Here Longstreet guarded the road from Burkeville Junction and blocked Union access to High Bridge via the railroad. From here, Gen. Robert E. Lee rode back towards the Sailor’s Creek battlefield and learned of the disaster that had befallen the army there. Part of Gen. Edward O.C. Ord’s . . . — Map (db m11829) HM
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — M 25 — Battle of Sailor's Creek
Six miles north took place the battle of Sailor's Creek, April 6, 1865. Lee's army, retreating westward from Amelia Courthouse to Farmville by way of Deatonsville, was attacked by Sheridan, who surrounded Ewell's Corps. After a fierce action the Confederates were overpowered. Ewell, other generals, and several thousand men were captured. This was the last major engagement between Lee's and Grant's armies. — Map (db m31287) HM
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — M 24 — Lee's Retreat
Two miles north are the battlefields of Sailor's Creek, April 6, 1865. There Grant captured more men than were captured in any other one day's field engagement of the war. — Map (db m10222) HM
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — Marshall’s CrossroadsLee’s Retreat — April 6, 1865
Union cavalry found Confederate infantry posted here along the road to Rice’s Depot. While others fought along Little Sailor’s Creek at Hillsman’s farm, the horse soldiers attacked this portion of Lee’s army which eventually withdrew from the field or were captured. Next Stop Lockett House 4.9 miles — Map (db m11794) HM
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — Battle of Sailors Creek
(Front):Battles of Sailors Creek April 6, 1865 "My God! Has the army been dissolved?" General R. E. Lee Hillsman's Farm US 442 CS 3400 Marshall's Crossroads US 172 CS 2600 Lockett's Farm (Double Bridges) US 536 CS 1700 Totals include killed, wounded, missing and captured. (Back):In remembrance of the Confederate and Union Soldiers who fought in the surrounding hills with great honor and perseverance on April 6, 1865. During the three engagements each regiment participated . . . — Map (db m11798) HM
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — Ewell’s Line of DefenseThe Confederates Dig In
On Thursday, April 6, 1865, this high ground above Little Sailor’s Creek was protected by troops from the Richmond fortifications under Confederate General Richard S. Ewell. They hurriedly threw up a line of breastworks consisting of fence rails and earth in preparation for the inevitable attack. For many, this would be their first and last battle. Shortly after 5 p.m., Union artillery under Major Andrew Cowan, positioned directly across the valley at the Hillsman farm, began a thirty minute . . . — Map (db m11793) HM
Virginia (Amelia County), Jetersville — Hillsman HouseLee’s Retreat — April 6, 1865
Union forces assembled along this ridge while Confederate troops prepared on the opposite slope. Federal forces crossed Little Sailor’s Creek for a fierce battle which compelled many Southerners to surrender. The house served as a hospital for both armies. Next Stop Marshall’s Crossroads 1.3 miles — Map (db m11795) HM
Virginia (Amelia County), Jetersville — Overton / Hillsman HouseWar's Horror Knocks at the Door
As night began to fall here on, April 6, 1865, the hard fought battles of Little Sailor's Creek and the crossroads near the Marshall Farm draw to a close. Federal surgeons work by the little natural light that's still available. They are inside the main doorways trying to save as many of the wounded as possible from both armies. Hospital stewards prepare men for surgery and assist with the gruesome task of amputating limbs, bandaging wounds, and trying to comfort the wounded. This house, built . . . — Map (db m10274) HM
Virginia (Amelia County), Jetersville — M-26 — Battle of Sailors (Sayler's) Creek
[Obverse]: This is the Hillsman House, used by the Unionists as a hospital in the engagement of April 6, 1865. From the west side of the creek the Confederates charged and broke through the Union infantry, but were stopped by the batteries along the hillside here. A mass surrender followed, including a corps commander, Gen. R. S. Ewell, several other generals, many colonels, about 7000 rank and file, and several hundred wagons. It was the largest unstipulated surrender of the . . . — Map (db m8284) HM
Virginia (Amelia County), Jetersville — Holt’s CornerLee’s Retreat — April 6, 1865
While passing through this intersection, the Confederate column was attacked by Union cavalry. Consequently, part of Lee’s army, and the main wagon train, turned north onto the Jamestown Road while the main portion continued straight ahead to Rice’s Depot. Next Stop Hillsman House .9 miles — Map (db m11799) HM
Virginia (Amelia County), Jetersville — W. R. Turner Memorial Trek
Erected in memory of W. R. Turner, historian of Blackstone, Virginia, for his work to preserve the historic battlefields and routes of General Robert E. Lee’s retreat Centennial Year 1961 Piedmont Area Explorer Scouts B.S.A. Erected by Blackstone Virginia Lions Club — Map (db m11800) HM
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — Lockett HouseLee’s Retreat — April 6, 1865
While Confederate troops were attempting to cross Sailor’s Creek on the bridges below, the fighting between the two forces began here and continued into the bottomlands. After the battle, James Lockett’s bullet-ridden house was then pressed into service as a field hospital. Next Stop Double Bridges .7 miles — Map (db m11805) HM
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — Lockett HouseBattle of Sailor’s Creek — Lee’s Retreat
Here, around the home of James S. Lockett, desperate fighting occurred near sundown on April 6, 1865, when the Union corps commanded by Gen. Andrew A. Humphreys almost overwhelmed Gen. John B. Gordon’s Confederate corps. The house, just across the road, still bears the scars of battle. Gordon’s corps, which served as the rear guard for the Army of Northern Virginia, also protected the Confederate wagon train. To avoid the fighting near the Hillsman House, the train was rerouted first to the . . . — Map (db m11804) HM
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — Sailor’s Creek
Here Lee fought his last battle, April 6, 1865. Ewell almost won a great vic- tory but was overwhelmed by Sheridan. Nottoway Chapter U.D.C. 1928 Map (db m11806) HM
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — Double BridgesLee’s Retreat — April 6, 1865
In this ground, the Confederate column and wagon train became bogged down while crossing Sailor’s Creek. The Union forces in pursuit then assailed the Southerners and captured a large number of prisoners and wagons before darkness put an end to the fighting. Next Stop Rice’s Depot 5.1 miles — Map (db m11808) HM
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