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Battle of Glendale or Frayser's Farm by markers. Use the “First >>” button above to see these markers in sequence.
Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — PA 159 — Glendale (Frayser’s Farm)
In this vicinity, the Union Army of the Potomac made a stand on 30 June 1862, during its retreat from the Chickahominy River toward the James River. Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan posted several Union divisions facing east and north to protect this intersection, known locally as Riddell’s Shop. In the ensuing battle, Confederate divisions commanded by Major Generals James Longstreet and A. P. Hill attacked the Union divisions of Brig. Gen. George A. McCall and Maj. Gen. Philip Kearney. The . . . — Map (db m15058) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — 15 — Riddell's Shop
West and Southwest, distant one-half mile lies the Battlefield of Glendale or Frazier's Farm, where the Confederate divisions of Longstreet and A.P. Hill on June 30, 1862, attacked and forced the withdrawal of Federal troops covering McClellan's march toward James River. — Map (db m14214) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — PA 175 — Seven Days’ BattlesGlendale (Frayser’s Farm)
Willis Church Road runs from here to Malvern Hill. A large part of Union Gen. George B. McClellan’s Army of the Potomac followed this road south toward the James River, four miles ahead, near the end of the Seven Days’ Battles in 1862. On 30 June, at the Battle of Glendale / Frayser’s Farm, seven Union infantry divisions stretched across a wide arc north and west of here to keep this road open. Although Confederate infantrymen pushed to within sight of the critical road, they could not sever . . . — Map (db m15061) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — 16 — Frazier's Farmor Glendale Battlefield
Here, on the Charles City Road, the Confederate forces of Major General Benjamin Huger in their attempt to intercept the Federal withdrawal to the James opened with artillery the Battle of Frazier's Farm, June 30, 1862. — Map (db m14215) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — 17 — Frazier's Farmor Glendale Battlefield
North and South of this point lay the line of battle in which the Confederate commands of James Longstreet and A.P. Hill engaged indecisively the Federal forces in the Fourth Battle of the Seven Days’ Campaign. This spot marks the furthest Federal advance, June 30, 1862. — Map (db m14216) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — 18 — Frazier's Farmor Glendale Battlefield
Here, the Confederate line of Longstreet's Division crossed this, the Long Bridge Road. Southeasterly one-quarter mile occurred the fiercest encounter, in which the Federal forces under McCall were forced to retire at nightfall June 30, 1862. — Map (db m14222) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — PA 163 — Seven Days BattlesGlendale (Frayser's Farm)
Here stood the center of Longstreet's line of battle in the afternoon of June 30, 1862. The Confederates, coming from the west, attacked the Union line just beyond. The battle lasted all afternoon, with varying fortunes and much hand-to-hand fighting. Near nightfall Longstreet sent in A. P. Hill to relieve his exhausted men. — Map (db m16180) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — PA 190 — Seven Days BattlesGlendale (Frayser’s Farm)
This was the extreme left of the Union line at Glendale, and was held by Hooker’s Division. When McCall (just to the north) was broken, Hooker, supported by Burns’s brigade, drove the Confederates back. In the night the Union army marched southward. — Map (db m15077) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Glendale — V 51 — Pvt. Benjamin B. Levy22 Feb. 1845 - 20 Jul. 1921
Benjamin B. Levy, a young Jewish volunteer, received the Medal of Honor on 1 Mar. 1865, one of the first Jews so recognized. He entered service in the 1st New York Infantry in New York City on 22 Apr. 1861. During the Battle of Glendale (Frayser's Farm) on 30 June 1862, under heavy fire near here, Levy "took the gun of a sick comrade, went into the fight. and when the color bearers were shot down, carried the colors and saved them from capture." He later reenlisted in the 40th New York Infantry . . . — Map (db m16183) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — White Oak SwampControversy for Stonewall Jackson — 1862 Peninsula Campaign
After the twilight battle at Savage’s Station on June 29, 1862, the Army of the Potomac abandoned the final remnants of its line in front of Richmond and retreated through the darkness toward the James River. Once across White Oak Swamp, the Union army deployed at several key spots to challenge the Confederate pursuit. Here at White Oak Swamp Bridge, two Federal divisions – led by Gen. William F. Smith and Gen. Israel Richardson – occupied the heights one-third of a mile south of . . . — Map (db m3720) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA 155 — Seven Days BattlesWhite Oak Swamp
Here Franklin, aided by Richardson, held the passage of White Oak Swamp against Jackson while the Battle of Glendale raged near by, June 30, 1862. A fierce duel went on all afternoon between the Union batteries here and Jackson’s guns on the north side of the swamp. — Map (db m3723) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — 14 — White Oak Swamp
Here on June 30, 1862, “Stonewall” Jackson’s command, pursuing McClellan’s army was halted by fire from troops of Franklin’s corps posted across the stream. Failing to effect a crossing, Jackson could not participate in the converging attacks Lee planned to deliver that day near Glendale. — Map (db m14221) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — W 1 — Darbytown Road
During the Seven Days' Campaign, Maj. Gen. James Longstreet's and Maj. Gen. A. P. Hill's Confederate divisions moved east along Darbytown Road toward its junction with the Long Bridge Road. This junction is about three miles southwest of Riddell's Shop. Late on the afternoon of 30 June 1862, Longstreet's and Hill's divisions moved up the Long Bridge Road and attacked Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan's retreating Union army at Riddell's Shop (Glendale or Frayser's Farm) on Darbytown Road. — Map (db m15921) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — W 3 — Charles City Road
This strategically important road ran from the Williamsburg Road southeast past White's Tavern, across White Oak Swamp, and into the Riddell's Shop intersection with the Long Bridge and Darbytown roads, eight miles distant. As Gen. Robert E. Lee's forces converged on Riddell's Shop on 29-30 June 1862 to cut off Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan's retreating Union army, Maj. Gen. Benjamin Huger's Confederate division moved along the Charles City Road, which had been obstructed by felled trees. After . . . — Map (db m15923) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — PA 240 — Engagement at Malvern Cliffs
On 30 June 1862, as Gen. Robert E. Lee concentrated his troops to attack Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan's retreating Union army at Glendale, Maj. Gen. Theophilus H. Holmes brigade of Confederate troops moved down New Market Road on Lee's right. Union forces on Malvern Hill noticed dust rising above the trees and suspected the movement of the Confederates on New Market Road. As he advanced, Holmes observed the Union troops atop Malvern Hill to the east and deployed his artillery and infantry. . . . — Map (db m9247) HM
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