“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Battle of Wilson's Creek by markers.
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By Craig Swain, August 29, 2010
Missouri State Guard
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — The Battle of Oak Hills August 10, 1861
In early August, 1861 the Missouri State Guard under the command of Major General Sterling Price was camped along Wilson's Creek preparing to march into Springfield, Missouri ten miles northeast of their encampment. Shortly after 5:00 A.M. they were . . . — Map (db m35141) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Gibson's Mill Wilson's Creek
The mill and house of John Gibson once stood in the valley in front of you along Wilson Creek. On August 9, 1861, the day before the battle the Gibson family and their neighbors found themselves surrounded by more than 12,000 Confederate soldiers . . . — Map (db m35142) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Way to the Mill Wilson's Creek
Many before you... have traveled the path to the mill. Although our reasons have changed, the way to the mill has always been popular. In the days before supermarkets and, pre-packaged "ready-made" foods, families depended on small mills such as . . . — Map (db m35143) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Signs From The Past Wilson's Creek
The surrounding young forest can tell us much. Agriculture has long dominated the landscape. Nearby, John Gibson's horsedrawn plow broke ground for an oat field. Later, tractors would shape and alter the countryside. In the course of this evolution . . . — Map (db m35144) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Gibson's Mill Site Wilson's Creek
In the summer of 1861, the small mill of John Gibson stood here. Although Confederate soldiers camped nearby and Union soldiers forded the stream here, the mill escaped the heavy fighting that raged just downstream. In 1966 archeologists discovered . . . — Map (db m35147) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Gibson's House Site Wilson's Creek
An archaeological study is a lot like a detective story. In 1966 an archeological investigation uncovered many bits of evidence from the area in front of you - the remnants of John and Martha Gibson's home. Bone handled dinner service, pewter . . . — Map (db m35146) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Ray Springhouse Wilson's Creek
In the valley just below is a stone springhouse, part of the historic property of John Ray, whose house stands on the hill above you. The springhouse provided water, and also a cool place to store milk, eggs, butter, vegetables, and other . . . — Map (db m35182) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — The Ray Family Wilson's Creek
The Ray House is the only park structure on its original site that dates back to the Battle of Wilson's Creek. Postmaster and farmer John Ray built it in the 1850s. For ten years it served as the Wilson's Creek Post Office, a stopping place on the . . . — Map (db m35198) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Fight in Ray's Cornfield Wilson's Creek
John Ray watched the first stage of the Union defeat from the porch behind you. At 6:30 in the morning, August 10, 1861, soldiers appeared in his cornfield. The cornfield is the fenced high ground in front of you, just beyond Ray's springhouse. . . . — Map (db m35199) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Price's Headquarters Wilson's Creek
Since August 6, 1861, thousands of Confederates had been camping in this area surrounding Major General Sterling Price's headquarters, waiting to attack the Union Army in Springfield. On the night of August 9, the long-awaited orders were issued. . . . — Map (db m35213) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Pulaski Arkansas Battery Wilson's Creek
In the opening moments of the battle, Union infantry swept back Southern cavalry, over-running two camps and topping the crest of Bloody Hill. Nothing stood in the Federals' way. At the bottom of Bloody Hill lay the main Southern camp, virtually . . . — Map (db m35210) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — A Union Plan / The Broken Pincer Wilson's Creek
(Left Side): A Union Plan From this spot on August 10, 1861 the complicated fury of the battle of Wilson's Creek would have unfolded before your eyes. The large field in front of you is the south slope of Bloody Hill. Union troops . . . — Map (db m35215) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Pulaski Arkansas Battery Wilson's Creek
From this position the four cannon of the Pulaski Arkansas Battery supported Confederate infantry during the Battle of Wilson's Creek. Two artillerists were killed by opposing cannon shot here, and one was wounded by a minie ball. Despite the . . . — Map (db m35204) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — The Eye of the Storm Wilson's Creek
On August 6, 1861, the Southern army entered this valley from your left on the Wire Road, the restored historic road in front of you. The soldiers camped on both sides of the creek for a mile or more upstream and downstream from this point. Here, . . . — Map (db m35207) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Sigel's Attack Wilson's Creek
Here on the southern end of the battlefield, Union soldiers commanded by Col. Franz Sigel mounted a surprise attack on the Confederate camps. The battle plan called for Sigel to attack from the south, while General Lyon attacked from the north. On . . . — Map (db m35223) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Rout of Sigel's Column Wilson's Creek
The Union strategy at Wilson's Creek called for a two-pronged surprise attack. General Lyon's main column with about 4,000 men would strike the Confederate camps from the north, while Col. Franz Sigel's brigade of about 1,200 men would attack from . . . — Map (db m35229) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Guibor's Battery Wilson's Creek
From this spot one can imagine the challenge which faced the Confederate army. Further up the hill in front of you, over 4,000 Union soldiers and 10 pieces of artillery were positioned to repulse any Southern effort to regain the high ground. On a . . . — Map (db m35233) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Bloody Hill Wilson's Creek
Fierce changes and countercharges led to heavy casualties on Bloody Hill. Considering the numbers of troops engaged, it was one of the bloodiest fights in the war. Union artillery batteries on this hill dueled with opposing batteries in the valley . . . — Map (db m35240) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — XIV — Death of Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon
At or near this spot fell Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon Born Ashford, Conn. 1818 Graduated U.S Military Academy, 1841. Commander of the Federal forces In The Battle of Wilson Creek August 10, 1861 This marker is erected by The . . . — Map (db m8113) HM
Missouri (Greene County), Battlefield — Battle's Beginning ... and End Wilson's Creek
This Northern spur of Bloody Hill saw the beginning and end of the battle. In the days proceeding the fight, the field before you was the camp of the 1,200 cavalrymen of Colonel James Cawthorne's Missouri State Guard Brigade. At dawn on August . . . — Map (db m35241) HM

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