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Virginia (Shenandoah County), Fishers Hill — The Battle of Fishers Hill
Was fought on these bluffs - September 22, 1864 - Gen. Philip H. Sheridan's 60,000 Federals attacked Gen. Jubal A. Early's 18,000 Confederates. Through the advantage of overwhelming numbers, the Federals won the victory. — Map (db m4138) HM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Fishers Hill — Battle of Fisher's Hill
September 22, 1864 General Philip Sheridan with 30,000 Federals defeated General Jubal Early with 11,000 Confederates. Driven in route from Winchester September 19, by Sheridan's overpowering numbers, Early formed his line of battle across the brow of this hill, overlooking Tumbling Run, and prepared to check Federal pursuit. The 4-mile front was too long for the badly outnumbered Confederates to hold. On the 22nd, Sheridan concentrated Generals H.G. Wright's and W.H. Emory's corps against . . . — Map (db m4139) HM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Fishers Hill — A 22 — Battle of Fisher's Hill
After his defeat on 19 Sept. 1864 at the Third Battle of Winchester by Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan, Lt. Gen. Jubal A. Early led his 9,500-man army here to Fisher's Hill, a favorite Confederate stronghold. Sheridan pursued, and on 22 Sept. attacked Early with most of his 30,000-man force. Brig. Gen. George Crook, with two divisions, struck Early's left flank about three miles west near Little North Mountain while Sheridan launched a general assault here on Early's center and right. The . . . — Map (db m50313) HM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Fishers Hill — Fisher's Hill Battlefield — Veteran's Picnic Grounds
Soon after the end of the Civil War, veterans on both sides began holding reunions to walk the familiar battlegrounds and renew friendships with former comrades. Here at Fisher's Hill, veterans of the battle fought on September 22, 1864, started gathering in the 1880s to commemorate their war experiences. Local veterans and others purchased portions of the battlefield land to hold annual picnics. Over the years, hundreds and then thousands of Northern and Southern veterans attended with their . . . — Map (db m4146) HM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Fishers Hill — Fisher's Hill — Confederate Gibraltar — 1864 Valley Campaign
This is Fisher's Hill, the Shenandoah Valley's "Gibraltar"—a commanding height that offered Confederate forces a superb defensive position. Confederate Gen. Jubal A. Early's beaten and bloodied army filed into position here on September 20, 1864, one day after the disaster at the Third Battle of Winchester. For the next two days the men strengthened their position, but no amount of digging could make up for Early's lack of men. Early's defensive line extended along Fisher's Hill . . . — Map (db m4169) HM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Fishers Hill — Fisher's Hill — Union Flank Attack — 1864 Valley Campaign
You are standing behind the extreme left flank of Confederate Gen. Jubal A. Early's thinly stretched infantry line. At 4 p.m. on September 22, 1864, the soldiers here found themselves wrapped in a deadly pocket of Federal fire. Union Gen. Philip H. Sheridan had sent Gen. George Crook's corps sweeping around Early's left flank that morning, and around 4 p.m. Crook's men overwhelmed Confederate Gen. Lunsford L. Lomax's cavalrymen at the foot of Little North Mountain to your left. The Federals . . . — Map (db m4170) HM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Fishers Hill — Valley Pike — Tumbling Run Near Fisher's Hill
1864 Valley Campaign Here on Tumbling Run are the remains of the "Old Pike" stone bridge. The Valley Turnpike Company was chartered in 1838 as a joint-stock corporation. The turnpike followed the route of the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia to the backcountry of the Carolinas, a major migration route of the mid-18th century. First an Indian path, then a wagon road, by the time of the Civil War the turnpike was a hard-surfaced macadamized commercial highway. Lack of maintenance and . . . — Map (db m4171) HM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Fishers Hill — A 23 — Battle of Fisher's Hill
Here Early's Adjutant-General, A.S. Pendleton, while attempting to check Sheridan's advance, was mortally wounded, September 22, 1864. — Map (db m4143) HM
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