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Virginia (Madison County), Locust Dale — F 22 — Jackson’s Crossing
Here at Locust Dale, Stonewall Jackson's army crossed the river moving north to the Battle of Cedar Mountain, August 9, 1862. The Battle was fought a few hours later. — Map (db m4751) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — Battle of Cedar Mountain
Fought August 9, 1862. A Confederate victory. • Commanders • Confederate, Gen. T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson Federals, Gen. John Pope Casualties, Confederate, 1369. Federal, 2263 • Gen. C.S. Winder, C.S.A. fell here • This is the only battlefield on which Gen. Stonewall Jackson drew his sword. — Map (db m4437) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — F 20 — Battle of Cedar Mountain
Near here Jackson formed line of battle and received the attack of Banks Corps of Pope's army. From here he attacked in turn, driving the Union force northward. — Map (db m4436) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — The Battle of Cedar Mountain — August 9, 1862
In the summer of 1862 General John Pope formed the Federal Army of Virginia. While the elements of this new 63,000-man army were converging upon Culpeper, Confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson saw that part of the Union army - 12,000 men led by Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks - had become isolated here beside Cedar Mountain. Jackson took the opportunity to attack. On the blistering hot afternoon of August 9 the armies clashed in a mismanaged battle, but in the end, Jackson's 24,000 soldiers . . . — Map (db m4444) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — Cedar Mountain — Jackson Draws His Sword
In the summer of 1862, Federal Gen. John Pope threatened to retaliate against Southern civilians who tried to thwart the efforts of his new army. The threats prompted Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee to issue Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson the somber order: "I want Pope to be suppressed." Outnumbered by Pope's forces, Jackson sought an opportunity to attack an isolated portion of the Union command, and discovered one at Cedar Mountain on the severely hot day of August 9, 1862. . . . — Map (db m41662) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — The Battle of Cedar Mountain — The Artillery Duel
The road to Culpeper ran on the other side of the fence to your right. A line of Confederate cannon angled from this point back to the Crittenden farm lane, currently the paved road along the edge of the field to your right. A second grouping of guns was posted on the shelf of Cedar Mountain and more artillery pieces clustered on a small knoll mid-way between here and the shelf. About 3:30 p.m., a duel erupted with Federal gunners about 2/3 mile away across the field. The barrage continued for . . . — Map (db m4447) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — The Battle of Cedar Mountain — The Awkward Position of the 21st Virginia
Without the leadership of either Generals Jackson or Winder, subordinate officers formed their men along the edge of woodlines where the ground offered a better field of fire. The men of the 21st Virginia were positioned here just inside the woodline, facing across this field, but they did not face the enemy to their left. About 5:30 p.m. Federal infantry under Gen. C.C. Auger attacked Confederates along the Crittenden Lane. The 21st Virginia found themselves perfectly aligned to fire right . . . — Map (db m4448) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — The Battle of Cedar Mountain — The Federal Attack Reaches Its Climax
The fighting turned desperate and many combatants struggled hand-to-hand. Some of Crawford's Federal soldiers passed completely behind the 21st Virginia and entered the road near the Confederate artillery line. Confederate soldier John Worsham of the 21st Virginia noted, "I have heard of a 'hell spot' in some battles, this was surely one." He continued, "A great dread filled me for Jackson, because I had seen him at this spot only a moment before." "Stonewall" Jackson was in peril, in the thick . . . — Map (db m4449) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — The Battle of Cedar Mountain — Jackson Rallies His Men
As the Confederate line broke, "Stonewall" Jackson stood firm and many of his soldiers witnessed the general as he rallied his troops while other officers motivated their men by pointing out the presence of their commanding general. "I recollect well his attempt to draw his long cavalry sabre to help him stop the rout, when he found it so rusted from non use, that he could not withdraw it... so he deliberately unsnapped it from his belt holdings and used it scabbard and all on the heads of . . . — Map (db m4450) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — Hand-to-Hand Fighting
The focal point on the battlefield of Cedar Mountain was several hundred yards to the left of this location, at a gate where the Crittenden farm lane met the old main road. Confederate artillery around that site duelled enemy guns to their right front: during that firing, General C.S. Winder of the "Stonewall" Brigade was mortally wounded there. The climax of the battle erupted when seven Northern regiments burst from a woods to the left front and pressed nearly to that point. Jackson rode into . . . — Map (db m4438) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — The Battle of Cedar Mountain
On August 9, 1862, a Confederate army under "Stonewall" Jackson fought a hot engagement here in the shadow of Cedar Mountain against a Federal force commanded by the brashly confident John Pope. Jackson's army was much stronger, but a bold Federal advance nearly routed the Confederates. When Jackson's reserves under A.P. Hill arrived they stabilized the front and then steadily drove the Union army from the field. Although his brilliant exploits as Lee's right arm were to continue for the nine . . . — Map (db m4443) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — F 19 — Battle of Cedar Mountain
During the afternoon of 9 Aug. 1862, Confederate Maj. Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's division led by Maj. Gen. Richard S. Ewell and Brig. Gen. Charles S. Winder fought Union troops led by Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks about three miles south. Winder was mortally wounded. Banks attacked Winder's troops, who buckled under the Federal assault until Jackson rallied them. Assisted by the arrival of Maj. Gen. A.P. Hill's Light Division, the Confederates struck back early in the evening and Banks's . . . — Map (db m4434) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — 46th Pennsylvania Infantry
46 Penn. Inf Aug. 9, 1862 Charged across wheat field against Stonewall Jackson's command. Engaged, 504 Loss, 244 — Map (db m15572) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — F 16 — Lee and Pope
To the south is Clark's Mountain, behind which Lee's army was gathered, August 17, 1862. From a signal station on the mountain top Lee looked down on Pope's army, which he wished to attack. Pope, realizing his danger, retired northward. — Map (db m4433) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — F 34 — Mount Pony Signal Station
In Aug. 1862, during the Civil War, Union Maj. Gen. John Pope established a signal station on Mount Pony, just northeast of here. On the summit of the mountain, a high scaffold was constructed out of trees for an observation post and a communication center. Because of the good visibility, "powerful glasses" were used to watch troop movements from this vantage point. Both the Federal and Confederate Signal Corps used this site during the war. Other signal stations were built by the Union army on . . . — Map (db m4442) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — Seventh Ohio Regiment — 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 2nd Corps
Erected by the Seventh Ohio Regimental Association in honor of the officers and soldiers of that regiment who fought in the battle of Cedar Mountain Virginia August 9, 1862 many of whom are buried in unknown graves in this cemetery Killed 37 ——— Wounded 153 Total loss 190 out of 307 present Field and Staff Colonel William R. Creighton Major O.J. Crane, Adj't J. B. Molyneaux (Along the Base): 1st Brig. 2nd Div. 2nd Corps — Map (db m13451) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — Second Massachusetts Infantry
The Second Massachusetts Infantry Have raised this stone in memory of their dead who fell in the Battle of Cedar Mountain Aug - 9 - 1862 — Map (db m13452) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — 10th Maine Volunteer Infantry
(Front):To the memory of Twenty-two officers and soldiers of the 10th Maine Volunteer Infantry killed at Cedar Mountain, Va., August 9th, 1862. (Back): Capt. Andrew C. Cloudman Co. E. 1st Lieut. James C. Folsom, Co. H. Sergt. George H. Huro, Co. C. Sergt. Charles W. Marston, Co. F. Zachariah L. Hamlin, Co. A. Silas H. Bean, Co. D. Sewall Phillips, Co. A. Paul Legassie, Co. D. Henry C. Emerson, Co. D. Daniel Plummer, Co. D. John N. Knowland, Co. D. Patrick McNally, Co. D. . . . — Map (db m13454) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — Pennsylvania
(Front):Pennsylvania remembers with solemn pride Her Heroic Sons who here repose in known and unknown graves may their sacrifice be an inspiration to the people and promote civic virtue, love of liberty, peace, prosperity and happiness in all the states. "Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori." (Left):In memory of Pennsylvania Soldiers interred in this cemetery(Listing of the soldiers in the cemetery) (Back):Erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania A.D. 1910 by . . . — Map (db m13457) HM
Virginia (Culpeper County), Culpeper — 28th Regiment New York State Volunteer Infantry
28th Regt. New York State Volunteer Infantry 1st Brig. 1st Div. 12th Corps Army of the Potomac Organized at Albany, N.Y., May 18, 1861 in response to the first call for volunteers. Mustered into the United States service for two years, May 22, 1861. Ordered at once to the field. Serving in the Shenandoah Valley and Army of the Potomac under Generals Patterson, Banks, Pope, McClellan, Burnside, and Hooker - Total number enrolled, 1010 - Total casualties 488 - Mustered out at Lockport, N.Y. June . . . — Map (db m13459) HM
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