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Virginia (Orange County), Locust Grove — Mine Run Campaign
Amidst numbing cold and stinging rain, in late 1863 Union General George G. Meade and his Army of the Potomac attempted a year-end stroke against Robert E. Lee. This effort climaxed along Mine Run, two miles in front of you. Since Gettysburg, much had happened but little had been accomplished by either side. In late November, General Meade tried to change all that. Meade's plan: cross the Rapidan below Lee's right flank, turn westward, and fight Lee in the open spaces of Orange County. . . . — Map (db m4693) HM
Virginia (Orange County), Locust Grove — Face OffMine Run Campaign
"Men, there is no use denying it, but three-quarters of you are to be left in that marsh with your toes turned up; but remember the Fourteenth never quailed yet, and I'll shoot the first man who does it now." Lt. Col. Samuel Moore to the men of the 10th Connecticut on the eve of the planned attack at Mine Run. For four days the armies - totaling more than 150,000 men - glared at each other across Mine Run. Skirmishers exchanged occasional shots; batteries periodically dueled. The men . . . — Map (db m4692) HM
Virginia (Orange County), Locust Grove — JJ 15 — Robinson's Tavern
Near here stood ancient Robinson's Tavern. Here Meade wished to concentrate his army in the Mine Run Campaign, November 1863, but one corps, coming up late, disarranged his plans. Here Ewell, moving east from Orange in the Wilderness Campaign, camped on May 4, 1864. — Map (db m4694) HM
Virginia (Orange County), Locust Grove — JJ 10 — Mine Run Campaign
Meade, advancing south from the Rapidan River to attack Lee, found him in an entrenched position here on November 28, 1863. Heavy skirmishing went on until December 1. Then Meade, thinking Lee's lines too strong to assault, retired across the Rapidan in time to avoid a counterattack by the Confederates. — Map (db m4695) HM
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