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Georgia (Cobb County), Marietta — 033-22 — Hardee's Salient
June 16, 1864. From this point as a pivot, the Confederate line W. to Gilgal Church & Lost Mtn. was swung back to a N. & S. line E. of Mud Creek, thereby making a salient angle -- Hardee's A. C. on the left or S; Polk's & Hood's Corps on the right, or E.(CS) This shift of Hardee's line was due to pressure on his front by the 20th & 23d Corps (US), from June 9 to 15. Further pressure by the 4th, 14th & 20th Corps (US) upon Hardee's salient, June 17, 18, forced Johnston to abandon his entire . . . — Map (db m11481) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Kennesaw Mountain — KM-4 — Atlanta Campaign ~ 1864
May 7- 100,000 Federal Troops under Sherman start south from Chattanooga. Joseph E. Johnson with 50,000 Confederates oppose them.Sherman uses flanking movements more than battles to push Confederates back. June 19 - Confederates entrench here at Kennesaw Mountain on an 8 mile front. June 27 - Union attacks on Cheatham Hill and Little Kennesaw fail. July 2 - Sherman again executes a flanking movement, forcing Confederates back toward Atlanta. . . . — Map (db m15401) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Kennesaw Mountain — KM-1 — War Comes To Kennesaw
In May, 1864 Sherman with 100,000 men drove into north Georgia hoping to destroy Johnston's army of 50,000 and lay waste vital railroads and factories. Sherman attacked at Dalton, Resaca, Cassville and New Hope Church. These attacks were repulsed, and Sherman flanked to drive the Southern army back. The last movement brought Sherman to Allatoona, and he moved south with actions at Pine Mountain, Gilgal Church, Lost Mountain, Mud Creek and the Lattimore Farm. Johnston retired to . . . — Map (db m15465) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Marietta — Battle of Kolb's Farm - June 22, 1864
A costly Confederate attack here stopped the Union army's attempt to bypass Kennesaw Mountain. On June 22, 1864, Confederate Gen. Joseph E. Johnston sent Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood's 13,000 troops down Powder Springs Road to stop the Federal army's threat to his flank. When Confederate skirmishers encountered Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker's 11,000-man Union corps here at Kolb's farm, Hood ordered his troops to attack. Hooker, having learned of Hood's plans from some captured Confederates, ordered . . . — Map (db m17280) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Marietta — 033-13 — Battle of Kolb's FarmJune 22, 1864
The extension of the right wing of Federal forces S. of the Dallas Rd. threatening to outflank him, Johnston sent Hood’s Corps [CS] from the right (E. of Kennesaw) to this, the extreme left, with directions to stop further Federal advances. Hood sent Stevenson’s 4 brigades [CS] -- 2 astride the road, and 2 N. of it, against the 20th and 23d corps troops [US] posted astride the road to the W. This, and later attempts failed to check the Federal extensions southward. — Map (db m17158) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Marietta — 033-9 — Schofield's HeadquartersHome of Andrew J. Cheney (1815-86) — -- Built about 1856 --
Hdqrs., Maj. Gen. John M. Schofield, Commanding Army of the Ohio [US] -- rt. wing of Sherman’s forces on the Kennesaw front, June 22-30, 1864, while directing flanking march of 23d A.C. [US] S. on the Sandtown Road. Cox’s 3d Div. camped here & supported Hascall’s 2d Div. [US] near the McAdoo house in Battle of Kolb’s Farm. Sherman inspected rt. of Kennesaw line [US] here, June 23 & 25. — Map (db m19699) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Kennesaw Mountain — KM-3 — Trading Hard Blows
As Sherman approached the Kennesaw line, Hood's Corps struck his right on June 22 at Kolb Farm. The Federals, warned, repulsed Hood with a loss of 1,000 men. Sherman decided to assult and cut the Southern center at Cheatham Hill and Little Kennesaw, and then destroy the fragments of Johnston's army. In these attacks on June 27 the entrenched Confederates had 800 casualties while Sherman lost 2,500 men. Again the Federals restorted to less costly flanking tactics, which were to force Johnston to give up his Kennesaw position. — Map (db m15475) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Marietta — 033-15 — Gen. George H. Thomas' HeadquartersArmy of the Cumberland [US] — June 24 - July 3, 1864
In field west of rd., where right of 14th joined left of 20th corps [US]. From this point, June 27, Gen. Thomas [US] directed the assault of 5 brigades of 4th and 14th Corps, against Hardee’s Corps [CS] posted on Cheatham's Hill, E., across valley of Nose’s Cr. This attempt to penetrate Johnston’s [CS] Kennesaw line was void of results. — Map (db m17179) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Marietta — 033-52 — Kennesaw Battlefield
One of the two abortive attempts to break Johnson’s line, * June 27, 1864, was made in this area by 3 Federal brigades. Deployed on the ridge W. of the stream & astride Burnt Hickory Rd., they moved E. toward the Spur of the mountain, which was the center of the attack. The left of the charging line entered the gorge between the Spur & Little Kennesaw; the right swung around the point where the Spur impinges on the road. During this battle, Federal regiments from Missouri battled . . . — Map (db m867) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Kennesaw — 033-49 — Federal 15th Corps
June 19, 1864. Maj. Gen. John A Logan’s 15th A. C. * was deployed astride this, the old Marietta road; Smith’s 2d div., N. E. of it; Osterhaus’ 1st, S. W.; Harrow's 4th, in reserve. This was the 2d & final sector held by Sherman’s left wing on the Kennesaw Mountain front. Heavy fire from the Confederate artillery on the mountain, was countered, June 23, by 2 batteries of Rodman & Parrott guns, erected by Osterhaus on the hill just W. —the excavations being still visible. . . . — Map (db m80729) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Marietta — 033-55 — Cheatham Hill
The intrenched line of the Confederate Army of Tenn., as of June 19-July 3, 1864, crossed the road here. This sector was held by Lt. Gen. Wm. J. Hardee's A.C. -- the right of his line at Kennesaw Mtn., the left, from 1 to 2 miles southward of this point. June 27. Cheatham's & Cleburne's divs. withstood an assault by 5 Federal brigades -- the spearhead of the attack directed toward a salient angle 3/4 mi. S., held by Vaughan's & Maney's brigades of Cheatham's division. The Illinois monument to . . . — Map (db m5239) HM
Georgia (Cobb County), Marietta — 033-18 — Gen. J. E. Johnston’s Headquarters
Cyrus York house-site; June 10-19, 1864. Johnston’s forces [CS] moved from Paulding Co. to Kennesaw area, June 5, & occupied lines from Lost to Brushy Mtns. June 16: the left was withdrawn E. of Mud Creek. June 19: all forces shifted to mountain line. June 19: Hdq’rs moved to the Kirkpatrick house south of the mountain. The advanced Fed. line crossed the road several hundred ft. W. Between June 19 & 27, the two-story York house, used by Fed. sharpshooters, was destroyed by Confederate artillery fire from the mountain. — Map (db m17650) HM
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