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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Students Massacred on April 12, 1962 Marker image, Click for more information
By J. Makali Bruton, August 6, 2016
Students Massacred on April 12, 1962 Marker
Guatemala, Guatemala (Zone 1), Guatemala City — Students Massacred on April 12, 1962
Primer marcador: Guatemalteco: Aquí sacrifico su juventud el Br. Cesar Armando Funes, la tarde del 12 de abril de 1962, en defensa de la libertad y la democracia. Guatemala, Sept. de 1962 Segundo marcador: Cesar Armando Funes Noel . . . — Map (db m98013) HM WM
Nevada (Eureka County), Eureka — Charcoal Burners Massacred Aug. 18, 1879
Giovanni Pedroni Marcellus Locatelli Teodoro Zesta Pompeo Pattini Antonio Canonica Charcoal Burners Massacred Aug. 18, 1879 By A Sheriff's Posse Southwest Of The Fish Creek Ranch — Map (db m89510) HM
New Jersey (Salem County), Hancocks Bridge — Patriots Massacred in the Hancock House
In commemoration of the patriots massacred in the Hancock House March 21, 1778. Erected by the Patriotic Order Sons of America of Salem County July 2, 1932. — Map (db m21592) HM

New Jersey (Ocean County), Little Egg Harbor — The Defense of Little Egg Harbor1776-1783 — Pulaski’s Massacre
October 15, 1778, the largest military engagement in what is today Ocean County occurred near this site. A force of 200 British and Loyalist Troops under the command of Capt. Patrick Ferguson surprised and defeated a portion of Brig. Gen. Casmir . . . — Map (db m92441) HM

Quebec (Montréal (region)), Lachine — Lachine MassacreMassacre de Lachine
English: During the night of the 4-5 August 1689, fifteen hundred Iroquois landed at Lachine and placed themselves in small groups near all the houses along the shore. At a given signal the massacre began; two hundred persons perished and . . . — Map (db m82105) HM
Colorado (Kiowa County), Eads — HealingSand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
Though the Sand Creek Massacre has long passed, memories live on. Cheyenne and Arapaho return here to pray and pay tribute to ancestors who both perished and survived that dreadful day. Ever resilient, the Cheyenne and Arapaho nations of today . . . — Map (db m92950) HM
Colorado (Kiowa County), Eads — Pleas for PeaceSand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
"All we ask is that we may have peace with the whites...We want to take good tidings home to our people, that they may sleep in peace." Cheyenne Chief Black Kettle As tensions mounted, Chiefs Black Kettle and Left Hand pled . . . — Map (db m92948) HM
Colorado (Kiowa County), Eads — RemainsSand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
”Many years have passed. The land is still here. We lived here, our clans lived here. The land here is our home - we have come back home.” Arapaho: Wonoo3ei’i ceciniihi’ coowoo’ou’u. Nih’iine’etiino’ hiitiino. . . . — Map (db m71872) HM
Colorado (Kiowa County), Eads — TestimonySand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
In the aftermath of Sand Creek, federal investigations and military inquiry took place. Dozens of eyewitness' provided testimony. Taken in Washington, D.C., Denver City, Fort Lyon, and other locations, officers, soldiers, and civilians came forth. . . . — Map (db m92949) HM
Colorado (Kiowa County), Eads — The Sand Creek MassacreSand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
On November 29, 1864, U.S. Colonel John Chivington and 700 volunteer troops attacked an encampment of Cheyenne and Arapaho along Sand Creek. The thunderous approach of horses galloping toward camp at dawn sent hundreds fleeing from their tipis. Many . . . — Map (db m72552) HM
Colorado (Kiowa County), Eads — Why?Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site
For years, Cheyenne and Arapaho traveled and hunted the Great Plains in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. But in 1858, gold fever struck in Colorado Territory. Miners rushed in and tens of thousands of settlers followed. Competition for land became . . . — Map (db m92947) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Ludlow — Ludlow Tent Colony Site MemorialThe Ludlow Massacre
In Memory of the men, women and children, who lost their lives in freedom's cause at Ludlow, Colorado April 20, 1914. — Map (db m100506) HM
Colorado (Pueblo County), Pueblo — Fort PuebloSite of Indian Massacre — Dec 25, 1854
This memorial commemorating the Old Pueblo Fort Site erected by The Arkansas Valley & Pueblo Chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution. Dedicated Nov. 17, 1923. On Christmas Day, 1854, a massacre occurred at Fort Pueblo on the . . . — Map (db m64755) HM
Idaho (Canyon County), Middleton — Hostility Erupts Into ViolenceWard Massacre
On August 20, 1854, the Alexander Ward Party of 20 men, women, and children were traveling on the Oregon Trail with five wagons, a day behind a larger party led by Alexander Yantis. The Wards pulled their wagons off the Trail for lunch and to water . . . — Map (db m22398) HM
Idaho (Canyon County), Middleton — Peaceful Trading Turns HostileWard Massacre
In the 1830's, local tribes, including the Shoshone, Paiute, and Bannock began trading with Euro-American fur trappers and missionaries passing through southern Idaho. Peaceful exchanges beneficial to both groups increased in 1842 when wagon trains . . . — Map (db m22333) HM
Idaho (Canyon County), Middleton — To the Memory of the PioneersWard Massacre Memorial
To the memory of the pioneers who were massacred by Indians near this spot August 20, 1854. This monument is dedicated by Pioneer Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Boise, Idaho William Ward       Age 44 Margaret Ward        "   . . . — Map (db m22336) HM
Idaho (Canyon County), Middleton — Violence is AvengedWard Massacre
In early September, 1854, Major Granville Hallar set out with a US military force from their post in Oregon to avenge the Ward-party deaths. Upon arrival at the rebuilt Hudson Bay's Fort Boise near the mouth of the Boise River, the Indians they . . . — Map (db m22366) HM
Iowa (Dickinson County), Arnolds Park — Massacre MonumentGardner Cabin
(Side One:) The pioneer settlers named below were massacred by Sioux Indians March 8 to 13 1857. This barbarous work was commenced near this spot and continued to Springfield now Jackson Minn. 39 names listed below

(Side two) . . . — Map (db m82847) HM

New Jersey (Ocean County), Egg Harbor Township — Pulaski Legion MemorialLittle Egg Harbor Massacre
This tablet erected by the Society of Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey to commemorate the massacre of a portion of the legion commanded by Brigadier General the Count Casimir Pulaski of the Continental Army in the Affair at Egg Harbor, New . . . — Map (db m29783) HM
New York (Niagara County), Niagara Falls — Tragedy at Devil's Hole / Natural History of Devil's HoleThe Devil's Hole Massacre
Tragedy at Devil's Hole Pontiac's Rebellion The British victory in the French and Indian War (1754-1763) resulted in an uprising under Pontiac, an Ottawa leader, against the British presence in the Upper Great Lakes region. The Niagara Portage . . . — Map (db m74792) HM
West Virginia (Cabell County), Huntington — Battle of Guyandotte"Massacre of the 9th Infantry"
When the Civil War began, few of Guyandotte’s residents were slaveholders, buy many townspeople resented any infringement on their right as Virginians to own slaves. Guyandotte was reportedly the only town on the Ohio River that voted in favor of . . . — Map (db m73717) HM

Kansas (Linn County), Trading Post — Marais des Cygnes Massacre State Historic Site Trail
A Nation at Odds The mid 1800s were a time of turmoil and tragedy in the U.S. The issue of slavery polarized the nation. It created a moral, political, and economic dilemma. The struggle over slavery ultimately led to the Civil War, splitting . . . — Map (db m39862) HM

Belgium, Wallonie (Leige), Malmedy — American Massacre MemorialBattle of the Bulge
To the memory of the soldiers of the United States Army who while prisoners of war were massacred by Nazi troops on this spot on 17 December 1944.

A la mmoire des soldats deliarmeedesetatsuni prisonniers de guerre massacres par des troupes . . . — Map (db m92232) WM

El Salvador, San Salvador — Massacre at the Central American University (UCA)Masacre de la Universidad Americana (UCA)
∙ Ignacio Ellacuria ∙ Amando Lopez ∙ Joaquin Lopez ∙ Ignacio Martin-Baro ∙ Segundo Montes ∙ Juan Ramon Moreno 16 de noviembre de 1989 — Map (db m84130) HM
Mexico, Distrito Federal, Ciudad de Mexico — Tlatelolco Massacre of October 2, 1968Masacre de Tlatelolco del 2 de octubre, 1968
1968-1993 …Adelante!! A los compañeros caídos el 2 de octubre de 1968 en esta plaza Cuitlahuac Gallegos Bañuelos, 19 años. Ana María Maximiana Mendoza, 19 años. Gilberto Reynoso Ortíz, 21 años. Antonio Solorzano Gaona, 47 años. Agustina . . . — Map (db m91671) HM
United Kingdom, Scotland (Lochaber), Glencoe — Massacre of Glencoe MemorialClan MacDonald
This Cross is Reverently Erected in the Memory of McIan Chief of the MacDonalds of Glencoe Who fell with his people in the Massacre of Glencoe of 13 Feb: 1692 By his direct descendant Ellen Burns MacDonald of Glencoe . . . — Map (db m85791) HM
Alabama (Baldwin County), Tensaw — Fort Mims Massacre
In honor of the men, woman and children massacred by Creek Indians in brave defence of Fort Mims Aug. 30, 1813. — Map (db m86716) HM
Alabama (Butler County), Forest Home — The Butler Massacre / Fort Bibb
(obverse) The Butler Massacre On March 20, 1818, Capt. William Butler, Capt. James Saffold, William Gardener, Daniel Shaw and John Hinson left Fort Bibb to meet Col. Sam Dale. They were attacked near Pine Barren Creek by Savannah . . . — Map (db m83259) HM
Alabama (Clarke County), Whatley — Kimbell - James Massacre←½ mile—
Sept. 1, 1813 Creek Indian War. 1813-14 Part of War of 1812. British used Pensacola as base to arm, incite Indians against U.S.. Prophet Francis led Indians in this raid on Kimbell home. They Killed and scalped 12 of 14 (two survivors . . . — Map (db m47635) HM
Arizona (Maricopa County), Sentinel — Oatman Massacre Site
Site of Oatman Massacre Feb. 18, 1851 — Map (db m72167) HM
Arizona (Maricopa County), Wickenburg — Wickenburg Massacre
. . . — Map (db m29478) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — 280 — Sand Creek Massacre
The controversy surrounding this Civil War Monument has become a symbol of Coloradens' struggle to understand and take responsibility for our past. On November 29, 1864, Colorado's First and Third Cavalry, commanded by Colonel John Chivington, . . . — Map (db m6755) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Ludlow — The Ludlow Massacre
  On April 20, 1914, the State Militia unleashed an un-warranted attack on striking coal miners and their families living in a tent colony at this site. Eleven children and two women suffocated in a cellar beneath a tent when flames engulfed the . . . — Map (db m100509) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Trinidad — 247 — The Ludlow Massacre - Cultural Frontier / Hispano Colorado - El Moro Country
Panel 1 The Ludlow Massacre By April 1914, the striking coal miners encamped at Ludlow (ten miles northwest of here) had nothing to lose but their lives. Poor, powerless, largely immigrant, they had held out for . . . — Map (db m97716) HM
Florida (Pasco County), Darby — The Bradley Massacre
Near this spot, on May 14, 1856, a Seminole war party attacked the home of an early settler Capt. Robert Duke Bradley of the Florida Foot Volunteers. Two of the Bradley children were killed before the Indians withdrew. This was the last such attack . . . — Map (db m37715) HM
Florida (Saint Johns County), Summer Haven — F-85 — Massacre of the FrenchMatanzas Inlet
In 1565 some 300 French castaways, under Jean Ribault, were massacred here by Spaniards, crushing their attempt to occupy Florida. The French ships, sailing from Fort Caroline to attack St. Augustine, were driven ashore by a storm. At this inlet . . . — Map (db m46145) HM
Georgia (Fannin County), McCaysville — 55-1 — The Madden Branch Massacre: Anti-Confederate activity in North Georgia
North of here on Madden Branch in Polk County, Tennessee, on November 29, 1864, during the American Civil War, six Georgians trying to enlist in the U.S. Army—Thomas Bell, Harvey Brewster, James T. Hughes, James B. Nelson, Elijah Robinson, . . . — Map (db m47731) HM
Georgia (Ware County), Waycross — 148-6 — The Wildes Massacre
Here, on a Sunday morning in July, 1832, seven members of the Wildes Settlement were murdered by an Indian raiding party from the Okefenokee Swamp. Six of the victims were of the Wildes family, one was a 12-year-old girl of the Wilkinsons. Five . . . — Map (db m53057) HM
Idaho (Canyon County), Middleton — 75 — The Ward Massacre
Only 2 young boys survived the Indian attack on Alexander Ward's 20 member party, Oregon bound on August 20, 1854. Military retaliation for the slaughter so enraged the Indians that Hudson's Bay Co. posts Fort Boise and Fort Hall had to be . . . — Map (db m22328) HM
Idaho (Franklin County), Preston — Bear River Massacre
Very few Northwestern Shoshoni survived a battle here that turned into a massacre by Col. P.E. Connor’s California Volunteers.

In 1863, Conner and his force set out from salt Lake City on a cold January campaign in response to friction between . . . — Map (db m44461) HM

Illinois (Madison County), Alton — In Remembrance - Wood River Massacre - July 10, 1814
In remembrance of the pioneer days of this area and to the memory of the victims of the Wood River Massacre who were killed by Indians near this site on July 10, 1814 - Rachel Reagan, Elizabeth 7, Timothy 3 wife and children of Reason Reagan - . . . — Map (db m47661) HM
Indiana (Madison County), Markleville — 48.1966.1 — Massacre of Indians
In 1824, nine Indians were murdered by white men near this spot. The men were tried, Found guilty and hanged. It was the first execution of white men for killing Indians. — Map (db m102044) HM
Indiana (Sullivan County), Fairbanks — 77.1989.4 — Fairbanks' Massacre — Sergeant Nathan Fairbanks
A War of 1812 military action occurred in September 1812 three miles west/southwest of here. While escorting supplies from Fort Knox near Vincennes to Fort Harrison at Terre Haute, Sergeant Nathan Fairbanks and approximately a dozen soldiers were . . . — Map (db m21761) HM
Indiana (Whitley County), Columbia City — La Balme Massacre Site
In Memory of Col. Augustin de La Balme and his Soldiers who were killed in Battle with the Miami Indians, Under Little Turtle, at this place, November 5th, 1780 — Map (db m52758) HM
Kansas (Bourbon County), Marmaton — Site of Marmaton MassacreOct. 22, 1864

[Title is text] — Map (db m79765) HM

Kansas (Cherokee County), Baxter Springs — 6 — Baxter Springs MassacreCivil War Tour

On Oct. 6, 1863, Gen. James Blunt and about 125 men from the 3rd Wisc. Cav. and the 14th Kans. Cav. stopped at the creek before coming into Ft. Blair. They were caught in a surprise attack from the rebel forces of William Quantrill. Nearly 100 . . . — Map (db m80214) HM

Kansas (Cherokee County), Baxter Springs — Baxter Springs Massacre

Dedicated in memory of General James G. Blunt and his escort who defenseless, fell victims to the inhuman ferocity of guerrillas, led by the infamous Quantrell in his raid upon Baxter Springs October 6th 1863, in which 135 Union soldiers were . . . — Map (db m80348) HM

Kansas (Cherokee County), Baxter Springs — 49 — Baxter Springs Massacre
On October 6, 1863, Gen. James Blunt and about 100 men were met near Baxter’s springs by William Quantrill and several hundred Confederates masquerading as Union troops. As Blunt’s band was preparing a musical salute the enemy fired. This surprise . . . — Map (db m37840) HM
Kansas (Cherokee County), Baxter Springs — Baxter Springs Massacre 1863

The blood that flowed in Kansas before and during the Civil War nourished the twin trees of Liberty and Union. — Map (db m80216) HM

Kansas (Cherokee County), Baxter Springs — 9 — Baxter Springs Massacre Burial SiteCivil War Tour
First burial site for victims of the Baxter Springs Massacre and the attack on Ft. Blair. In 1869, the bodies were moved to the National Cemetary plot west of town. — Map (db m37836) HM
Kansas (Linn County), Trading Post — 46 — Marais des Cygnes Massacre
Nothing in the struggle over slavery in Kansas did more to inflame the nation than the mass killing which took place May 19, 1858, about four miles northeast of this marker. Charles Hamelton who had been driven from the territory by Free-State men, . . . — Map (db m4359) HM
Kansas (Sherman County), Goodland — The Kidder Massacre
About July 1, 1867, Lt. Lyman S. Kidder with ten men of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry, and an Indian guide, were attacked by Indians one mile east of this marker. On July 12 their mutilated bodies were found by Lt. Col. George A. Custer, who ordered the . . . — Map (db m78880) HM
Kentucky (Ballard County), Wickliffe — 1309 — Fort Jefferson Site / Indian Massacre
(North Side):Fort Jefferson Site Built in 1780 by George Rogers Clark as part of impressive plan of settlement, conceived by Gov. Patrick Henry of Virginia, later pursued by and named for Gov. Thomas Jefferson. The fort was to protect US . . . — Map (db m18639) HM
Kentucky (Grant County), Crittenden — 936 — An Indian Massacre
Three miles west. Reputedly scene of one of last massacres in Ky. McClures and Kennedy's lived on hills above Bullocks pen creek and the Bran family occupied cabin on creek at foot of hills. Around 1805, party of Indians burned the Bran home after . . . — Map (db m82149) HM
Kentucky (Letcher County), Pound Gap — Pound Gap Massacre
About 500 yards southeast of Pound Gap, along the Fincastle Trail (Virginia side) is the location of the infamous “killing rock” where the Mullins’ family and friends were massacred on May 14, 1892. Five people were killed: Ira Mullins, . . . — Map (db m90801) HM
Massachusetts (Essex County), Georgetown — Goodrich Massacre1630 - 1930
Ten rods east stood the house of Benjamin Goodrich who, with his wife and two children, was slain by the Indians on October 23, 1692 — Map (db m47864) HM
Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Framingham — Site of Eames Massacre
. . . — Map (db m54859) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — A Riot, the Massacre, and the Tea Party
From 1769-1776 Boston was the flashpoint for events leading up to the American Revolution. On February 22, 1770, a crowd gathered around the house and shop of a Tory sympathizer and customs agent, Ebenezer Richardson. When they started pelting the . . . — Map (db m18766) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — The Boston Massacre
On March 5, 1770, in the street before you, nine British soldiers were confronted by an angry mob.

"The soldiers did fire without orders and killed five of his Majesty's good subjects...How fatal are the effects of posting a standing army among a . . . — Map (db m76632) HM

Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Victims of the Boston Massacre
The remains of Samuel Gray Samuel Maverick James Caldwell Crispus Attucks and Patrick Carr Victims of the Boston Massacre, March 5th, 1770, were here interred by order of the Town of Boston. ---------- Here also lies buried the body of Christopher . . . — Map (db m19282) HM
Massachusetts (Worcester County), Oxford — The Johnson Massacre1630 - 1930
John Johnson and three children were killed by Indians in his house on this spot August 25, 1696. His wife was saved by her brother. — Map (db m48785) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), New London — The West Lake Massacre
Rev. Andrew Jackson had two services arranged in his Norway Lake Swedish Lutheran Parish for Wednesday, the 20th of August, 1862. In the forenoon a meeting was held at the Lundborg cabin at West Lake, now known as Monson Lake in Swift County. Here a . . . — Map (db m79405) HM
Minnesota (McLeod County), Brownton — White Family Massacre
     About 1200 feet north-east of this point stood the pioneer log cabin of Samuel White.      There on September 22, 1862, Samuel and his wife Laura, and two children, Susan and Otis were brutally murdered by a small party of Sioux Indians . . . — Map (db m69995) HM WM
Minnesota (Wright County), Howard Lake — The Dustin Massacre
A state of terror prevailed on the Minnesota western frontier for many months after the Sioux Uprising of 1862. Roving bands of Sioux continued to elude pursuers and attack settlers. The Dustin massacre occurred on June 29, 1863, one third mile . . . — Map (db m69855) HM
Missouri (Jackson County), Kansas City — In Memory of Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the "Kansas City Massacre"June 17, 1933
RAYMOND J. CAFFREY Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation OTTO REED Chief of Police, McAlester, Oklahoma WILLIAM J. GROOMS Detective, Kansas City Missouri Police Department FRANK HERMANSON Detective, Kansas City Missouri Police . . . — Map (db m19942) HM
Missouri (Lafayette County), Concordia — Massacre Site / Concordia
Side A: Massacre Site On August 22, 1861, "State Guard" troops under Col. Edwin W. Price plundered this community taking household goods, farm animals and merchandise from Brockhoff's Store. Sunday, Oct. 5, 1862, sixty drunken . . . — Map (db m43980) HM
Missouri (Marion County), Palmyra — Palmyra MassacreA State Divided — The Civil War in Missouri
The Palmyra Massacre The Palmyra Massacre was a grim ending to Confederate Col. Joseph Porter's 1862 recruiting campaign in northeast Missouri. Besides recruiting local men for the Confederate army, Porter attacked Union outposts and patrols . . . — Map (db m55390) HM
Missouri (Saint Louis County), Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery — Victims of the Japanese MassacrePuerto Princesa, Palawan, P.I. [Philippine Islands] — December 14, 1944

These U.S. prisoners of war of the Japanese were on the island of Palawan, P.I. as slave laborers building an airfield for the Japanese military. Believing that an invasion by the U.S. forces was imminent, the prisoners were forced into three . . . — Map (db m96282) HM WM

Nebraska (Hitchcock County), Trenton — 8 — Massacre Canyon
The adjacent stone monument erected in 1930 was first placed about a mile south of this area. Originally on the highway overlooking the canyon, it was moved to this location after the highway was relocated.

Massacre Canyon is the large canyon . . . — Map (db m79361) HM

Nebraska (Phelps County), Bertrand — Plum Creek Massacre SiteAugust 8, 1864
An early morning attack on a train of 12 wagons at this spot resulted in the death of 11 men and the capture of Mrs. Thomas Morton and 9 year old Danny Marble. The attack was by Indian “Dog Soldiers” of the Cheyenne Tribe led by Chief . . . — Map (db m62794) HM
New Hampshire (Strafford County), Durham — Oyster River Massacre
On July 18, 1694, a force of about 250 Indians under the command of a French Soldier, de Villieu, attacked settlements in this area on both sides of the Oyster River, killing or capturing approximately 100 settlers, destroying five garrison houses . . . — Map (db m96442) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — “The Baylor Massacre”September 28, 1778
Late one night in 1778, the woods you are standing in suddenly echoed with the sounds of battle. A surprise attack by British soldiers nearly destroyed an American regiment, Baylor’s 3rd Continental Light Dragoons. Today, this park tells the story . . . — Map (db m8455) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — Baylor Massacre Millstone
“This millstone is the only visible marker of the Baylor Massacre in existence today. On September 28, 1778, a detail of Baylor’s Continental Dragoons camping at Haring’s Tannery in River Vale was betrayed into the hands of the British by a . . . — Map (db m7876) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — 47 — Baylor Massacre Park
In memory of American soldiers killed during the Revolutionary War in the “Baylor Massacre” on September 28, 1778. Lt. Col. George Baylor’s 3rd Regiment of Continental Dragoons took quarters for the night on several nearby farms. Tories . . . — Map (db m7874) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — The Baylor Massacre
Here as they slept at dawn on Sept. 28, 1778 Col. Geo. Baylor and 116 Virginia Dragoons were attacked by the British under General "No Flint" Grey. Major Clough, Surgeon George Evans, with fifty other Colonial troopers were killed. — Map (db m55831) HM
New Jersey (Ocean County), Barnegat Light — Massacre at Long Beach
October 25, 1782, a British vessel ran aground near Barnegat City and was captured by patriot militiamen under Capt. Andrew Steelman. That night, while sleeping on the beach, Steelman and his men were massacred by Tory raiders led by John Bacon. — Map (db m34603) HM
New Jersey (Salem County), Hancocks Bridge — Hancock House Massacre
The winter of 1777 – 1778 had been particularly harsh on both the British and the Colonial troops. British commanders learned that the rich agricultural supplies in lower New Jersey could be obtained with little resistance and sent detachments . . . — Map (db m21604) HM
New York (Otsego County), Cherry Valley — Cherry Valley Massacre
Cherry Valley Sacred to the Memory Of Those who Died by Massacre In the Destruction of this Village At the Hands of the Indians & Tories Under Brant & Butler, Nov. 11. AD. 1778 — Map (db m42579) HM
New York (Schenectady County), Schenectady — Commemorating Massacre
Commemorating Massacre of Feb. 8-9,1690. One Hundred and Fourteen French and Ninety-Six Indians Entered During Night at North Gate, Located at this Point. Assault was Commenced Here. Seventy Houses were Burned, Sixty Persons Killed and . . . — Map (db m77520) HM
North Carolina (Madison County), Marshall — P 71 — " Shelton Laurel Massacre "
Thirteen men and boys, suspected of Unionism, were killed by Confederate soldiers in early 1863. Graves 8 mi. E. — Map (db m23126) HM
Ohio (Coshocton County), Coshocton — Broadhead Massacre
Around the spring nearby, was perpetrated, on April 20, 1781, the massacre of 20 Indians by Col. Daniel Broadhead's army of 300. This slaying was committed following destruction, the same day, of the two villages, Goschachgunk, (Coshocton) and . . . — Map (db m14707) HM
Ohio (Lucas County), Maumee — C27 — Dudley's MassacreOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
. . . — Map (db m18774) HM
Ohio (Miami County), Fletcher — The Dilbone Massacre
In memory of Henry and Barbara Dilbone who were killed by the Indians on their farm to the north August 18th, 1813 Buried at this place — Map (db m29840) HM
Ohio (Morgan County), Stockport — 11-58 — Big Bottom Massacre
Following the American Revolution, the new Federal government, in need of operating funds, sold millions of acres of western lands to land companies. One such company, the Ohio Company of Associates, brought settlement to Marietta in 1788. Two years . . . — Map (db m16713) HM
Ohio (Tuscarawas County), Gnadenhutten — 15-79 — Gnadenhutten / The Gnadenhutten Massacre, "A Day of Shame"
Side A Gnadenhutten The Moravian Church in America began missionary work among the Delaware and Mohican tribes of North America in the mid-18th century. David Zeisberger, one of the best-known Moravian missionaries, came to the Ohio . . . — Map (db m81569) HM
Ohio (Wood County), Perrysburg — A122 — to Dudley's Massacre / to Portage StockadeOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail — Harrison-Hull-Tupper Marches
Ohio's Revolutionary Memorial Trail Text on South Side : Harrison-Hull-Tupper 1812 • Marches • 1813 - - - - - 6 Miles to Dudley's Massacre Text on North Side : . . . — Map (db m93456) HM
Ohio (Wood County), Perrysburg — A126 — to Whittaker's Reserve / to Dudley's MassacreOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail — Harrison's March
Ohio's Revolutionary Memorial Trail Text on West Side : Harrison's March • 1813 - - - - - 25 Miles to Whittaker's Reserve Text on East Side : Harrison's March • 1813 - - . . . — Map (db m93495) HM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Massacre Farm / 19th Century House
Massacre Farm North To E. Whiteland Included A Site. Southwest of This Marker. The 19th Century House and Springhouse, Headwater of Crum Creek. Were torn down in 1989 — Map (db m48226) HM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Paoli Massacre Monument
(front of monument) Sacred to the memory of the patriots who on this spot fell, a sacrifice to British barbarity during the struggle for American Independence on the night of the 20th September 1777. (left side of monument) The . . . — Map (db m13444) HM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Site of Paoli Massacre
Site of Paoli Massacre MALVERN Sept. 20, 1777 — Map (db m49381) HM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Site of the Paoli Massacre20 September 1777
These Memorial Grounds commemorate the engagement in the Revolutionary War known as the Paoli Massacre, an attack by the British Army on American troops, that took place near this spot toward midnight of September 20, 1777. About 150 American . . . — Map (db m13505) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Hazleton — Lattimer Massacre
Near here at Harwood, on Sept. 10, 1897, immigrant coal miners on strike began a march for higher wages and equal rights. Unarmed, they were fired upon at Lattimer by sheriff's deputies. Nineteen marchers--Polish, Slovak, and Lithuanian--were . . . — Map (db m32151) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Lattimer — Lattimer MassacreSeptember 10, 1897
"It was not a battle because they were not aggressive, nor were they on the defensive because they had no weapons of any kind and were simply shot down like so many worthless objects; each of the licensed life takers trying to outdo the others in . . . — Map (db m44136) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Lattimer — Lattimer Massacre
Here on September 10, 1897, nearly 400 immigrant coal miners on strike were met and fired upon by sheriff's deputies. Unarmed, they were marching from Harwood to Lattimer in support of higher wages and more equitable working conditions. Nineteen of . . . — Map (db m44043) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Sugarloaf — Sugarloaf Massacre
After an unsuccessful attack on Fort Augusta, Indians and Tories surprise a detachment of Northumberland Co. militia on Sept. 11, 1780. The site of the massacre is just beyond the town. — Map (db m44057) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Sugarloaf — The Sugarloaf Massacre
Near this spot occurred The Sugarloaf Massacre On September 11, 1780 a detachment of Captain John van Etten's Company, Northampton County Militia, resting at the spring was surprised by a band of Indians and Tories led by the Senece Chief . . . — Map (db m93465) HM
Pennsylvania (Snyder County), Selinsgrove — Penns Creek Massacre
October 16, 1755, a band of Indians ambushed and killed, wounded, or took captive some 26 settlers of this region. The attack was just west along Penns Creek, and first to follow Braddock's defeat. — Map (db m43293) HM
Pennsylvania (Snyder County), Selinsgrove — The (John) Penn's Creek Massacre
In commemoration of The (John) Penn's Creek Massacre, which occurred along this stream on October 16, 1755 when the settlers were attacked by the Indians and about 26 were killed, wounded or carried into captivity. This was the first Indian . . . — Map (db m43881) HM
Pennsylvania (Union County), Mifflinburg — Leroy Massacre
Near here John Jacob Leroy was killed by Indians on Oct. 16, 1755, following the Penn's Creek Massacre. This was the first Indian hostility in the region after Braddock's defeat. — Map (db m84425) HM
Pennsylvania (Union County), Winfield — Lee Massacre
Major John Lee and his entire family, with the exception of a son Robert, were massacred near here by an Indian war party of August 16, 1782. — Map (db m70663) HM
Pennsylvania (Westmoreland County), East Huntingdon — Morewood Massacre
On April 2, 1891, at the nearby Morewood Mines of the H.C. Frick Coke Company, sheriff's deputies killed seven strikers; two more died later. These were among some 16,000 workers striking for higher wages in the coke region. Thousands of mourners . . . — Map (db m55591) HM
South Carolina (Greenville County), Greer — 23-33 — Early White Settlement / The Massacre of Jacob Hite
[Marker Front]: Early White Settlement By 1768 Indian traders and land speculators Richard Pearis (d. 1794) and Jacob Hite of Virginia acquired large tracts from the Cherokees in present-day Greenville County. Though royal . . . — Map (db m24254) HM
South Carolina (Greenwood County), Troy — 24-1 — Long Canes Massacre
Three miles west is the site of an attack by Cherokee Indians upon settlers of Long Canes in the Cherokee war of 1759-1761. There on February 1, 1760, about 150 settlers, refugeeing to Augusta, were overtaken by 100 Cherokee warriors. Twenty-three . . . — Map (db m9433) HM
South Carolina (Lancaster County), Buford — Battle of the Waxhaws: Massacre or Myth?
The Story of the Waxhaws Immediately after the engagement, reports spread that many were stabbed and killed as they tried to surrender. Many were taken to a local Presbyterian church where local residents cared for them, including a young Andrew . . . — Map (db m95555) HM
South Carolina (Lancaster County), Buford — Buford's MassacreMay 29, 1780
On this site, Col. Abraham Buford's force of about 350 American patriots, while returning to Hillsborough, N.C., following the fall of Charles Town, were overtaken by British troops commanded by Col. Banastre Tarelton, it is historically told that . . . — Map (db m23890) HM
South Carolina (McCormick County), Troy — 33-12 — Long Canes Massacre
Three miles west is the site of an attack by Cherokee Indians upon settlers of Long Canes in the Cherokee War of 1759-1761. There on February 1, 1760, about 150 settlers, refugeeing to Augusta, were overtaken by 100 Cherokee warriors. . . . — Map (db m11640) HM
South Carolina (Orangeburg County), Orangeburg — 38-27 — The Orangeburg Massacre
On February 8, 1968, after three nights of escalating racial tension over efforts by S.C. State College students and others to desegregate the All Star Bowling Lanes, 3 students died and 27 others were wounded on this campus. S.C. Highway . . . — Map (db m25299) HM
South Dakota (Oglala Lakota County), Wounded Knee — Massacre of Wounded Knee
[Front side]: Dec. 29, 1890, Chief Big Foot, with his Minneconjou and Hunkpapa Sioux Band of 108 warriors, 250 women and children were encamped on this Flat, surrounded by the U.S. 7th Cavalry (470 soldiers) commanded by Col. Forsythe. . . . — Map (db m40643) HM
Tennessee (Monroe County), Tellico Plains — 1F 14 — Fort Loudoun Massacre
Four miles N.E., at junction Cane Creek, Tellico River, Fort Loudoun’s Garrison, which had surrendered to Attakullakulla and other Cherokee chiefs, was betrayed Aug. 9, 1760 - while returning under safe conduct to Charleston. 25 were killed; 200 . . . — Map (db m49577) HM
Texas (Bexar County), San Antonio — Dawson Massacre MemorialSeptember 18, 1842
Dawson Massacre Memorial September 18, 1842 Erected by Alamo Mission Chapter Daughters of The Republic of Texas — Map (db m85982) WM
Texas (Bexar County), San Antonio — 1182 — The Dawson Massacre
Occurred in this vicinity on September 18, 1842 when Captain Nicholas Mosby Dawson and 53 men from La Grange, in attempting to join Captain Mathew Caldwell (Old Paint) and his company of Texas volunteers during the Battle of the Salado, were . . . — Map (db m85981) HM
Texas (Gillespie County), Harper — 10077 — Site of the McDonald Massacre
Pioneer preacher Matthew Taylor and the families of his daughter and two sons moved here in 1863 from their homestead on the Llano River. They built a cabin on this site near the source of the Pedernales River. In August 1864, Matthew and his son . . . — Map (db m59741) HM
Texas (Mitchell County), Colorado City — 995 — Comanche Village Massacre
In this vicinity on a bank of the Colorado October 21, 1840 a Comanche Indian village was completely destroyed and much stolen property recovered including 500 horses 128 Indians were killed 34 were captured The expedition . . . — Map (db m73318) HM
Texas (Real County), Leakey — 4831 — Site of McLaurin Massacre(Last Indian Raid in Frio Canyon)
On April 19, 1881, Catherine "Kate" Ringer McLaurin (Sometimes McLauren) was with her three small children and 14-year old Allen Lease in the garden when a band of Lipan Apaches started to plunder her home. Lease, thinking there were pigs in the . . . — Map (db m24376) HM
Texas (Throckmorton County), Throckmorton — 15093 — Bush Knob Massacre
In 1873, rancher Bill Hayes organized a group to drive cattle to the Indian Territory. They gathered cattle, including some belonging to rancher and outlaw John Larn, who Hayes believed had earlier rustled his cattle. Larn and a deputy secured a . . . — Map (db m93566) HM
Texas (Williamson County), Leander — 9369 — "Webster Massacre"
Here sleep the victims of the "Webster Massacre" of August 27, 1839 About thirty homeseekers headed by John Webster enroute to what is now Burnet County, were attacked by a band of Comanche Indians After attempting to flee . . . — Map (db m60279) HM
Texas (Williamson County), Leander — 9368 — Webster Massacre
1 ¾ miles east to the graves of the victims of the Webster Massacre which occurred August 27, 1839 when John Webster and a party of about thirty, en route to a land grant in Burnet County, were attacked by a band of Comanche Indians. After . . . — Map (db m69260) HM
Utah (Juab County), Nephi — 11 — Salt Creek Canyon Massacre
This monument replaces one previously erected (that crumbled through weather conditions) by Langley A. Bailey, Sr., Jacob Bowers and Henry Knowles in memory of the following pioneers: Jens Jergensen and wife, Jens Terkelsen and Christian E. Kjerulf . . . — Map (db m75247) HM
Utah (Millard County), Delta — 447 — Gunnison Massacre Site
In 1853, Captain John W. Gunnison was selected to lead an expedition to find a trans-continental railroad route. He followed the Old Spanish Trail through Salina Canyon, over the mountains to Pahvant Valley, and upon reaching Fillmore, visited his . . . — Map (db m69536) HM
Utah (Sanpete County), Ephraim — 144 — Indian Massacre
Near this spot on Tuesday, October 17, 1865, Black Hawk, a Ute chief, led his warriors out of Cottonwood Canyon foraging for cattle. They stole the entire Ephraim herd. Settlers who were working in the fields were massacred and lie buried in one . . . — Map (db m74951) HM
Utah (Washington County), Central — Mountain Meadows Massacre
Massacre of Men and Boys On September 11, 1857, a procession of Arkansas emigrants bound for California marched northward up this valley having been persuaded to leave their beseiged camp by Mormon militiamen, bearing a white flag, who . . . — Map (db m60898) HM
Utah (Washington County), Central — Mountain Meadows Massacre Grave Site Memorial
Built and maintained by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Out of respect for those who died and were buried here and in the surrounding area following the massacre of 1857. — Map (db m46792) HM
Utah (Washington County), Central — The Mountain Meadows Massacre
Led by Captains John T. Baker and Alexander Fancher, a California-bound wagon train from Arkansas camped in this valley in the late summer of 1857 during the time of the so-called Utah War. In the early morning hours of September 7th, a party of . . . — Map (db m46765) HM
Vermont (Windham County), Westminster — The Westminster Massacre
(east face) William French Shot at Westminster March 13, 1775, Erected by the State Of Vermont in 1873. (north face) Daniel Houghton Shot at Westminster March 13, 1775, by an act of the Vermont Legislature of 1904 These Bronze . . . — Map (db m98017) WM
West Virginia (Hancock County), Newell — Logan Massacre
One of the events which led up to Dunmore's War was the killing at this point of the family of Chief Logan, eloquent leader of the Mingo Indians, April, 1774, opposite their village at the mouth of Yellow Creek in Ohio. — Map (db m44727) HM
West Virginia (Marshall County), McMechen — Foreman Massacre
Near this spot occurred the massacre, by Indians, of Captain William Foreman and Twenty of his men on September 27th, 1777.--•-- This marker erected by Wheeling Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution. — Map (db m71009) HM WM
West Virginia (Marshall County), McMechen — Forman Massacre
In the "Narrows," September 27, 1777, Capt. Wm. Forman (Foreman) and his Hampshire County troops were ambushed by Indians; 21 were killed. They had joined Fort Henry garrison, located on the Ohio at Wheeling to protect western settlements. — Map (db m71010) HM
Wyoming (Carbon County), Sinclair — Rock Springs Massacre
Anglo-European Coal Miners Near Rock Springs, Wyoming... killed 26 Chinese on Thursday afternoon, September 3, 1885, and torched their nearby settlement. More than 550 other Orientals fled into the hills. Two days later, Fort Fred Steele's . . . — Map (db m89829) HM
Wyoming (Sheridan County), Banner — Fetterman Massacre Memorial
On this field on the 21st day of December, 1866, three commissioned officers and seventy six privates of the 18th U.S. Infantry, and of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry, and four civilians, under the command of Captain Brevet-Lieutenant Colonel William J. . . . — Map (db m85998) HM

Kansas (Douglas County), Lawrence — 10 — Lawrence
Lawrence was established in 1854 by the Emigrant Aid Company, a New England organization formed to prevent the new Kansas territory from becoming a slave state. When the first legislature enacted the so-called Bogus Laws with severe penalties for . . . — Map (db m20460) HM
Kansas (Douglas County), Lawrence — Pioneer CemeteryEstablished 1854
This Cemetery, known originally as Oread, was opened in 1854 by the New Englanders who founded Lawrence. Following burials in 1882, Oread fell into disuse. In 1928, the City of Lawrence changed the name to Pioneer Cemetery. The marble obelisk . . . — Map (db m20474) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — The Old State House
The Old State House, Boston’s oldest public building, was built in 1713 as the seat of British colonial government. Here the Royal Governor and the Massachusetts Assembly debated the Stamp Acts and the Writs of Assistance. The Declaration of . . . — Map (db m18096) HM
Minnesota (Meeker County), Litchfield — 3 — Ness Cemetery State Monument
First Blood In memory of the first five victims of the great Indian massacre of August 1862, and buried here in one grave Robinson Jones • Viranus Webster • Howard Baker • Ann Baker • Clara D. Wilson Erected by the State in 1878 . . . — Map (db m70407) HM WM
New York (Otsego County), Cherry Valley — Colonel Alden Felled
On this spot Col. Alden was felled by the tomahawk on the day of the massacre Nov. 11. 1778 — Map (db m42462) HM
New York (Schenectady County), Schenectady — Schenectady
Updated 2008 Marker: The Chamber of Schenectady County Welcomes You To Schenectady Settled by Arent Van Curler 1661 Burned by the French and Indians Feb. 8, 1690 The original 1924 marker read: Erected by Chamber of . . . — Map (db m15074) HM
New York (Schenectady County), Schenectady — South Gate of Stockade
Located at centre of present State Street in east line of stockade, which extended north, through a point nine feet west of northeast corner of present State and Ferry Streets. Watch house was located southwest of, and near this . . . — Map (db m7251) HM
South Carolina (Lancaster County), Buford — Disaster in South Carolina
A Declaration After years of tension over taxation and trade, the America colonies declared their independence from Great Britain in 1776. The British Government was determined not to let the colonies go without a fight. The Fight for . . . — Map (db m95553) HM
Utah (Washington County), Central — The Old Spanish Trail and The California Road
An arduous 1,200-mile route between Santa Fe and Los Angeles, the "Old Spanish Trail" passed through Mountain Meadows during its heyday, between 1830 and 1848. The trail served traders who loaded their pack mules with woolen goods from Santa Fe each . . . — Map (db m46799) HM

Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Paoli
Front of Monument: Sacred to the memory of the patriots who on this spot fell a sacrifice to British barbarity during the struggle for American Independence on the night of the 20th September 1777. Left Side of Monument: The atrocious . . . — Map (db m13399) HM

Virginia (Lee County), Stickleyville — K 5 — Fanny Dickenson Scott Johnson
In this valley in June 1785, Fanny Dickenson Scott's husband, Archibald Scott, their four children and a young male member of the nearby Ball family were killed by members of four different Indian tribes. The rest of the Ball family escaped, but . . . — Map (db m35982) HM

New York (Niagara County), Niagara Falls — Old Blockhouse
Here stood one of a line of blockhouses built 1764 by Montresor to protect the Army of Bradstreet from Indian massacres on march — Map (db m54363) HM

Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), New London — 4 — Lundborg-Broberg State Monument
This Monument is Erected by the State of Minnesota, in Memory of Anders Petter Lundborg, born Mar. 23, 1837. Gustof Lundborg, born Apr. 30, 1839. Lars Lundborg, born Dec. 22, . . . — Map (db m78140) HM WM
New York (Washington County), Argyle — The Family of John Allen
Nine persons were massacred about 100 yards east of here by a band of Indians attached to Burgoyne's army July 25,1777. The Cairn marks their burial place. — Map (db m58512) HM
Vermont (Windham County), Westminster — Court House
Westminster "Massacre" Northward stood the Cumberland County Courthouse, seat of New York's colonial administration. Opposition to holding a court session led to the "Massacre" of March 13, 1775. Here the New Hampshire Grants on Jan. 16, 1777, . . . — Map (db m94378) HM
West Virginia (Greenbrier County), Lewisburg — Pontiac's War/Welsh Cemetery
Pontiac's WarMassacre of white families of Muddy Creek and of the Clendenins near here by a band of Shawnee Indians led by Chief Cornstalk, in 1763, completed the destruction of the early settlements in the Greenbrier Valley.

Welsh . . . — Map (db m50395) HM

Missouri (Jackson County), Kansas City — Union Prison Collapse
Very near here at 1425 Grand Avenue during The Civil War, a tragedy occurred that was to intensify the ferocious hatred of the Border guerrillas for the Union forces. Under Union General Ewing's orders, the guerrillas' women were imprisoned in a . . . — Map (db m42056) HM

Switzerland, Lucerne (Lucerne (District)) — The Lion MonumentDer Löwendenkmal — Le Monument du Lion
The Lion Monument is dedicated to the memory of the Swiss mercenaries who, in the service of Louis XVI, King of France, were killed during the French Revolution in Paris when the Tuileries were invaded on August 10, 1792, or who were guillotined on . . . — Map (db m67330) HM WM
Arizona (Maricopa County), Sentinel — The Oatman Family
In memory of The Oatman Family Six members of this pioneer family massacred by Indians in March 1851 — Map (db m72168) HM
Missouri (Caldwell County), Braymer — Haun's Mill
. . . — Map (db m22502) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — A Night of “Savage Cruelty”September 28, 1778
The evening of September 27, 1778, found Baylor’s Dragoons settling for the night near this site. The neighborhood’s name, Overkill, came from the small bridge “Over de kill”, a kill being a creek or river to the Jersey Dutch . . . — Map (db m8454) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — Propaganda: The Mighty Pen
The American army may have had trouble supplying its soldiers and keeping them fit for fighting, but in one way the Americans were superior: their propaganda writers were experts at whipping up anti-British feelings. An incident like the Baylor . . . — Map (db m8474) HM
New York (Albany County), Berne — Johannes Dietz
Near this spot in September 1781 Johannes Dietz and seven members of his family were massacred by Tories and Indians. — Map (db m30756) HM
Pennsylvania (Snyder County), Selinsgrove — John Harris, Founder of Harrisburg
On October 25,1755 John Harris, Founder of Harrisburg, and a party of 40 men who came up the river to investigate the (John) Penn's Creek Massacre, were ambushed by a party of Indians near the mouth of this creek at the head of the Isle of . . . — Map (db m43884) HM
South Carolina (Lancaster County), Buford — Buford's Defeat
Tarleton's Ploy After leaving General Cornwallis' army on May 27, Tarleton drove his men and horses relentlessly, covering 105 miles in 54 hours. He sent a messenger ahead with a surrender demand. Colonel Buford refused. Tarleton's ploy delayed . . . — Map (db m95554) HM
South Carolina (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Memorials and Archaeology
Early Memorialization In the decades after the Revolution, the woodland surrounding the battlefield was gradually converted to farm fields and pasture. In 1845, James A. Witherspoon led an effort to raise money for a grave monument and . . . — Map (db m71573) HM

Alabama (Clarke County), Whatley — Fort Sinquefield
Fort Sinquefield Kimbell - James Massacre Creek War 1812-13 Erected by Clarke County School Children 1931 Lest we forget Hayden and his dogs. — Map (db m47701) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Groton — Ye Ebenezer Avery House
Shelter was afforded our wounded & dying soldiers within this house, after the massacre at Fort Griswold, Sept. 6, 1781. — Map (db m19046) HM
Kansas (Cherokee County), Riverton — Cosmopolitan CornerKansas Historic Route 66 Byway

The people of the Cherokee Nation left a lasting legacy to this corner of the State.

The 1836 Treaty of New Echota forced the removal of the Cherokee Nation from lands east of the Mississippi to the new Indian Territory. In addition to . . . — Map (db m81141) HM

Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Billerica — John Rogers Homestead1630 - 1930
Near this spot stood the John Rogers homestead, which was destroyed in the Indian massacre of 1695, and the entire family killed. — Map (db m48838) HM
New York (Otsego County), Cherry Valley — Cherry Valley Museum
The Cherry Valley Massacre of 1778 was led by British Captain Walter Butler and Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant on this strategically important frontier settlement. — Map (db m33655) HM

Georgia (Echols County), Statenville — 050-3 — Skirmish at Cow Creek
Near here, on August 27, 1836, Georgia Militia companies commanded by Col. Henry Blair, Captain Lindsay and Capt. Levi J. Knight, fought a skirmish with Creek Indians and routed them, killing two and taking several prisoners. During this summer the . . . — Map (db m27036) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), Essig — Taken by Surprise
In the summer of 1862, after years of broken treaty promises and late payments that fueled growing tensions and conflict, some Dakota began an attempt to forcibly reclaim their homeland. After attacking the Redwood (Lower Sioux) Agency . . . — Map (db m67915) HM WM
Tennessee (Polk County), Benton — 2A10 — Nancy Ward
High priestess of the Cherokee and always loyal friend of white settlers, is buried on the ridge to the west. She repeatedly prevented massacres of white settlers and several times rescued captives from death at the hands of her people. She is also . . . — Map (db m80167) HM
Virginia (Scott County), Gate City — K-12 — Faris (Ferris) Station
About two miles east of Moccasin Gap, Elisha Faris (Ferris) in 1787 obtained l16 acres on both sides of the Moccasin Creek. He and his family settled in the area about 1782 and their home became a stop on the Wilderness Road. On 26 Aug. 1791, . . . — Map (db m90926) HM

El Salvador, San Salvador — Three Decades of Alberto Masferrer University
Universidad Alberto Masferrer símbol y lema: Tres decadas formando ganadores La junta central de directores de la Universidad Salvadoreña Alberto Masferrer USAM En conmemoración del trigésimo aniversario de su fundación, y con la . . . — Map (db m71225) HM
El Salvador, Usulután, Alegría — House Where Alberto Masferrer Was BornCasa del nacimiento de Alberto Masferrer
Alberto Masferrer Humanista insigne y maestro meritísimo Homenaje de la Facultad de Humanidades en el centenario de su nacimiento 1968 English translation: Alberto Masferrer Distinguished humanist and the best of teachers The . . . — Map (db m95208) HM
North Carolina (Alamance County), Alamance — G 111 — Battle of Clapp's Mill
Troops led by Henry Lee ambushed British cavalry of Banastre Tarleton one mile north, Mar. 2, 1781. Americans retreated under heavy British fire. — Map (db m32592) HM
North Carolina (Alamance County), Burlington — Battle of Clapp's Mill
Battle of Clapp's Mill On March 2, 1781, the American light troops under Colonel Otho Holland Williams of Maryland and Lieutenant Colonel Henry "Lighthouse Harry" Lee of Virginia engaged the British light troops near Clapp's Mill on Beaver . . . — Map (db m28062) HM
North Carolina (Alamance County), Snow Camp — G 76 — Snow Camp
Settled by Quakers in 1749. Cornwallis camped in area after Battle of Guilford Courthouse and used home of Simon Dixon as headquarters. — Map (db m32292) HM
Tennessee (Lauderdale County), Henning — 4E 22 — Fort PillowApril 12, 1864
Federal forces captured this important Confederate work, 18 miles west, in 1862. To end depredations committed by the Federal garrison, Forrest, with a force from his Confederate Cavalry Corps, attacked and captured the fort. Of the garrison of 551 . . . — Map (db m43263) HM
Texas (Goliad County), Goliad — 2257 — Grave of Colonel J. W. Fannin and His Men
After battle of Coleto (March 19 - 20, 1836), where a Texas Army under Col. James Walker Fannin met defeat by Mexicans in superior numbers, the Texas soldiers were held in Presidio La Bahia, supposedly as war prisoners. However, by order of Mexican . . . — Map (db m35516) HM
Texas (Kendall County), Comfort — 15 — Treue Der Union Monument("Loyalty to the Union")
[Panel 1:] This German language monument, erected 1866, honors the memory of 68 men (mostly Germans) from this region who were loyal to the Union during the Civil War. Trying desperately to reach U.S. Federal troops by way of Mexico, about . . . — Map (db m34985) HM

Colorado (Denver County), Denver — Colorado Soldier's Monument
(West side): Colorado Territory - Organized February 28, 1861 Colorado Admitted as a State August 1, 1876 Census of Territory in 1861 - 23,331 War Governors William Gilpin Richard Ed Whitsitt Adjutant General 1861-1862 John . . . — Map (db m4745) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Katyn Remembered
When duty called they answered. When they refused the embrace of Stalin—they died. Now we commend them to the ages to be included amongst history’s martyrs. In 1939, the Soviet Union in league with Nazi Germany attacked Poland . . . — Map (db m2422) HM
South Carolina (Beaufort County), Beaufort — Beaufort County, South CarolinaExploration and Settlement
1520 - 1711       In 1520 the Spaniard, Francisco Gordillo, sailing from Hispaniola, stopped near Port Royal Sound long enough to call the place Santa Elena. Fourty-two years later, in 1562, Jean Ribaut and his French Huguenots named the . . . — Map (db m5886) HM

Costa Rica, San José — Miguel Hidalgo
Miguel Hidalgo 1753-1811 Padre de la Independencia Mexicana del pueblo de Mexico al pueblo de Costa Rica Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Presidente Constitucional de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos 1966 English translation: Miguel Hidalgo 1753-1811 . . . — Map (db m92454) HM WM
El Salvador, Morazán, Arambala — El Mozote
Ellos no han muerto Estan con nosotros, Con ustedes y Con la Humanidad entera El Mozote, 11 de dic. de 1991 English translation: They have not died They are with us, With you and With Humanity El Mozote, December . . . — Map (db m83151) WM
Guatemala, Chimaltenango (Municipality of San Juan Comalapa), San Juan Comalapa — San Juan Comalapa Memorial to Genocide Victims
Coordinador Nacional de Viudas de Guatemala “Conavigua” “Las osamentas y la historia de la verdad” “En memoria a nuestros niños, niñas, mujeres y hombres quienes fueron victimas del genocidio y la represión en los . . . — Map (db m101213) WM
Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala City — Fire at the Spanish Embassy in GuatemalaIncendio de la Embajada de España en Guatemala
Quede escrita aqui la palabra de los conciudadanos perseguidos y masacrados por los cuerpos represivos del estado por hacer oir la voz de los pueblos del Quiche Programa Nacional de Resarcimiento 31 de enero de 1980 31 de . . . — Map (db m80258) HM
Colorado (Elbert County), Kiowa — Pioneer Women of Colorado
Erected by Pioneer Women of Colorado 1939 A.D. in memory of pioneers massacred by Indians. 1864 A.D. Hungate, Nathan W. and Ellen and Children Laura V., Florence V. 1868 A.D. Dietemann, Henrietta and son John, Louis Alma, Joseph Bledsoe — Map (db m45748) HM
Florida (Pinellas County), Safety Harbor — Bahia Espiritu Santo Mission
   Menendez, Spanish Governor of Florida, after building fort at St. Augustine (1565) came to this site in 1567 and persuaded the Indian Chief Tocobago and his 1500 braves who lived here, to accept Christianity. Menendez erected a blockhouse for a . . . — Map (db m46671) HM
Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Fort Dearborn
Defense Fort Dearborn stood almost on this spot. After an heroic defense in eighteen hundred and twelve, the garrison together with women and children was forced to evacuate the fort. Led by Captain Wells, they were brutally massacred by the . . . — Map (db m47670) HM
Indiana (Allen County), Fort Wayne — Site of Last French Fort
Erected, 1750, by Captain Raimond Surrendered to the British under Lieutenant Butler in 1760. Ensign Richard Holmes and British garrison massacred by Miami Indians in 1763. The most severe engagement of battle between Gen. Josiah . . . — Map (db m21036) HM
Indiana (Scott County), Scottsburg — Pigeon Roost
A community established here in 1809 was attacked by Indians on September 3, 1812; 15 children and 9 adults were massacred; only one family escaped to spread the alarm. — Map (db m99659) HM
Indiana (Whitley County), Columbia City — Colonel Augustin De La BalmeAmerican Revolution
[Front Side of Marker]; With recommendation from Benjamin Franklin, Augustin de La Balme, former French Cavalry officer, came to America to assist in the American Revolution. In November 1780, allegedly under secret orders from . . . — Map (db m52817) HM
Kansas (Douglas County), Lawrence — Free State Hotel
This marks the site of the Free State Hotel erected in 1855 by the New England Emigrant Aid Society. Destroyed by Sheriff Jones and his posse May 21, 1856, and rebuilt by Col. Schaler W. Eldridge. Quantrill and his raiders destroyed Lawrence August . . . — Map (db m20397) HM
Kansas (Ellis County), Victoria — Union Pacific Employees Killed In Cheyenne Indian Raidon August 1, 1867

R. S. Ashley, Foreman (Wisconsin) Thomas Carney (Iowa) • Charles Watson (Canada) John Harrington (Kansas City) Pat Rafferty (Kansas City) • Hugh McDonaugh (Denver) . . . — Map (db m95693) HM

Kentucky (Carroll County), Carrollton — 1094 — Scott's BlockhouseThe Anchor Point of the Greenville Treaty Line — The Mouth of the Kentucky River
Blockhouse built here, 1789, by Gen. Charles Scott for protection of settlers against Indians who had massacred and driven off earlier families. Scott came from Va., 1785. He was in the French and Indian Wars. Organized first company south of . . . — Map (db m77353) HM
Kentucky (Hickman County), Clinton — 895 — County Named, 1821
For Capt. Paschal Hickman who was massacred by Indians after River Raisin battle, Jan., 1813, one of nine Ky. officers killed in that action for whom counties named. Resided Franklin County, extensive landowner. Originally, Hickman comprised the . . . — Map (db m36945) HM
Kentucky (Scott County), Georgetown — 508 — Remember the Raisin!
Rendezvous of Kentucky Volunteers, Aug. 15, 1812, ordered to relieve Gen. Hull at Detroit. Kentuckians took Frenchtown (Monroe) on Raisin River Jan. 18, 1813. Four days later enemy attacked-killed, massacred, wounded, or captured all but 30. Of 1050 . . . — Map (db m70577) HM
Massachusetts (Franklin County), Northfield — Nathanial Dickinson House1630 - 1930
Nathaniel Dickinson lived here nineteen years in a fortified house but was scalped and killed by the Indians on April 15, 1747, at Pachaug Hill. — Map (db m42634) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Boston CommonFounded 1634
Neighborhood of Revolution “Paul Revere . . . started on a ride which, in a way has never ended.” - Esther Forbes, author of the classic study, Paul Revere and the World He Lived In In the course of just two pivotal days . . . — Map (db m19101) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — The Freedom Trail
Neighborhood of Revolution “Paul Revere . . . started on a ride which, in a way has never ended.” - Esther Forbes, author of the classic study, Paul Revere and the World He Lived In In the course of just two pivotal days . . . — Map (db m19151) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Charlestown — The Freedom Trail
Neighborhood of Revolution “Paul Revere . . . started on a ride which, in a way has never ended.” - Esther Forbes, author of the classic study, Paul Revere and the World He Lived In In the course of just two pivotal days . . . — Map (db m19104) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Pioneer MonumentCivil War Monument
east side In memory of our honored brave who fell in defence of The Union. north side In memory of those who fell in defence of New Ulm 1862. west side In memory of those massacred by the Indians in Brown Co. . . . — Map (db m68705) WM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Hackensack — Armenian Genocide
In remembrance of the Armenian Genocide 1915 – 1923 where 1,500,000 innocent Armenians were massacred by the Ottoman Turks. Dedicated July 8, 1990 — Map (db m62945) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — The British General
In September 1778, British commanders sent huge foraging parties up both sides of the Hudson River, stripping the local farms of their autumn harvest and livestock. Washington’s forces in the area were seriously outnumbered, but he sent small . . . — Map (db m8456) HM
New Jersey (Salem County), Hancocks Bridge — Hancock House1778
In memory of those patriots who were massacred by the British in this house March 21, 1778 ---------- Erected by Oak Tree Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Salem New Jersey 1903 — Map (db m21591) HM
New York (Washington County), Fort Edward — Memorial to Jane McCrea
Memorial to Jane McCrea massacred near this spot by the Indians July 27, 1777. Erected by the Jane McCrea Chapter, D.A.R. 1901 — Map (db m9237) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Castalia — Snow's Grist Mill
In 1810 Snow's grist mill was built near here. Unfailing water supply brought people from great distances to Cold Creek mills. Snow's family was massacred by Indians in 1813 — Map (db m31746) HM
Ohio (Jefferson County), Steubenville — Lest We Forget - Chief Logan"Tah-Gah-Jute" — A Chief of the Mingoes - A Friend of the Whites
From near this place in 1774, all the family of Logan was lured across the Ohio River and massacred by Whites thus sending Logan and Ohio Indian nations on a path of war for vengeance now known to history as Cresap's War. "Who Shall Mourn" — Map (db m44144) HM
Oklahoma (Garfield County), Bison — Buffalo SpringsOn the Old Chisholm Trail. 1/3 mi West
From this noted watering place came the name of "Bison," 1 mi. so., "Buffalo Springs" was the camp site of Pat Hennessey and his men just before they were massacred, 7 mi. so., July 4, 1874. Next day, a war band of Indians was stood off by ranchmen . . . — Map (db m39801) HM
Pennsylvania (Beaver County), Rochester — Logans Town
Talgayeeta, a Cayuga Indian also known as Chief Logan lived here 1772. Logans sister Koonay married trader John Gibson here. Logans family was massacred by renegade whites at Yellow Creek in 1774. He then wreaked terrible vengeance on white settlers . . . — Map (db m44880) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Conestoga — Conestoga Indian Town
The Conestoga Indians lived in scattered settlements along this stream. They were the last of the once mighty Susquehannocks. Their final location was the Conestoga Indian Town which was along the road leading to Creswell. William Penn visited the . . . — Map (db m5766) HM
Pennsylvania (Lawrence County), Moravia — Friedensstadt
Marker #1 Founded 1770 by Christian Delaware Indians brought from upper Allegheny by the Reverend David Zeisberger. Settling on the eastern river-bank on May 3, they moved to the west side about three months later.

Marker #2 . . . — Map (db m40214) HM

Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Exeter — Battle of WyomingJuly 3, 1778
The British battle line was formed almost parallel with and a little north of this street by Major John Butler, the commander, and Sayenqueraghta, chief of the Senecas. After advancing in formation for a mile to about 100 yards south of the British . . . — Map (db m56393) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Wyoming — Battle of Wyoming
Nearby on July 3, 1778, 300 patriots under Col. Zebulon Butler were defeated by 1100 British, Tories, and Indians with Maj. Gen. John Butler. Captives were massacred; survivors fled to Forty Fort. — Map (db m18895) HM
South Carolina (Pickens County), Clemson — Quercus lyrata (Overcup Oak)
This tree is planted as a living memorial to the faculty and students who lost their lives in the April 16, 2007 tragedy at Virginia Tech. — Map (db m20565) HM
Tennessee (Blount County), Maryville — 1E 5 — Houston's Station
Established by James Houston in 1785, it stood about 300 yards east on Little Nine Mile Creek. From here, in 1786, John Sevier led 160 horsemen against the Cherokee towns. In 1788, the Kirk family was massacred about three miles south; shortly . . . — Map (db m58500) HM
Tennessee (Hawkins County), Rogersville — 1B 50 — Rogers Cemetery
Many of the early settlers of Hawkins County are buried in this cemetery, 170 yards south, including Joseph Rogers, the founder of Rogersville, and his descendants. The grandparents of David Crocket who were massacred by the Indians are also . . . — Map (db m91864) HM
Tennessee (Knox County), Knoxville — 1E 31 — Cavett's Station
About 1/2 mile north was this early fortified settlement. Here on Sept 25, 1793, Alexander Cavett and 12 other settlers were massacred by a Cherokee war party under Doublehead, one of the more savage chiefs of the tribe. — Map (db m32688) HM
Tennessee (Sumner County), Castalian Springs — 3B 36 — General William Hall
Revolutionary War veteran Major William Hall settled in this area in 1785 and built a station, 1 1/4 miles northeast. He and two sons were massacred a few years later. Born in North Carolina in 1775, General William Hall, his son, served in the . . . — Map (db m68471) HM WM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14101 — Robert Rankin
(front) Born in Virginia, 1753 • Died in Cold Springs, San Jacinto County, Texas, 1837 (back) Robert Rankin was an officer in the Continental Army, Virginia Troops, 1776, in the same company with his near kinsman, John . . . — Map (db m79919) HM
Virginia (Chesterfield County), Richmond — Falling Creek Iron Works1619-1622
Vanished now but for a trace, Falling Creek is the site of the first industrial ironworks in the New World. The close proximity of iron ore, wood for fuel and power provided by the falling water made the Falling Creek site perfect for this . . . — Map (db m32587) HM
Virginia (James City County), Williamsburg — Attempted Settlement
A small group of Spanish Jesuits attempted a settlement in Virginia in September, 1570. They are said to have entered James river and landed along this creek and crossed the peninsula to establish a mission near York River. Six months later all were . . . — Map (db m30732) HM
West Virginia (Berkeley County), Martinsburg — Fort Neally
During the French and Indian War, Fort Neally was captured and its garrison massacred, Sept. 17, 1756. Many settlers in the vicinity also were killed. Among captives was Isabella Stockton, later wife of William McCleery, Morgantown. — Map (db m12790) HM
West Virginia (Marion County), Farmington — Indian Raid
Here Nicholas Wood and Jacob Straight were killed and Mrs. Elizabeth Dragoo captured during Indian raid in 1786. Mrs. Straight and her daughter made their escape from the Indians by hiding under sheltering rocks near by. — Map (db m75089) HM
West Virginia (Monongalia County), Blacksville — Statler's Fort
John Statler built a fort here in 1770. In its vicinity a number of settlers were Indian victims in 1777 and 18 white men lost their lives the next year. Later Statler himself and companions were massacred. — Map (db m73801) HM
West Virginia (Monongalia County), Stewartstown — Stewartstown
William Stewart settled here in 1771. Northeast was Fort Dinwiddie. Forks of Cheat Baptist Church was organized here, 1775, by John Corbley, the pioneer minister, whose family was massacred later by the Indians. — Map (db m74597) HM
West Virginia (Pendleton County), Oak Flat — Fort Seybert
Fort Seybert, strong frontier post with blockhouse, cabins, and stockade, surrendered to the Indians after three-day siege in 1758. Twenty of the prisoners were massacred and the others were carried into captivity. (Site 2 Mi. North) — Map (db m34461) HM
West Virginia (Randolph County), Beverly — Beverly
Settled about 1753 by Robert Files and David Tygart. Files' family was massacred near by. Site of Westfall's Fort, 1774. In Mt. Iser Cemetery are the Union trenches and graves of Confederate soldiers killed in Battle of Rich Mountain. — Map (db m24579) HM
Wyoming (Goshen County), Lingle — The Grattan Fight
Sioux Indians massacred 29 Soldiers with their Officer Brevet 2nd Lt. L. Grattan, on Aug. 19, 1854. Site is 1/2 mile north-west. An Indian killed a cow from a Mormon caravan. The detachment of soldiers was sent to receive the . . . — Map (db m79706) HM

Alabama (Butler County), Greenville — Butler CountyA County Older Than The State
Side 1 Created in 1819 by Act of Alabama Territorial Legislature from lands ceded by the Creek Indian Nation by the Treaty of Fort Jackson, 1814. Named for Captain William Butler, soldier of Creek Indian War, 1813-14, early settler . . . — Map (db m70755) HM
New York (Chemung County), Elmira — The Battle of Newtown
(Front Plaque):Near this site Sunday August 29, 1779 was fought The Battle of Newtown between Continental troops commanded by Major General John Sullivan and combined force of Tories and Indians under Colonel John Butler and Joseph . . . — Map (db m33554) HM
South Carolina (York County), Blacksburg — Liberty!
Gunshots and the shouts of hundreds of men battered the slope you see just ahead as one of the fiercest battles of the American Revolution broke out. Every man here that day knew that the Carolina backcountry had burned and bled since May when the . . . — Map (db m17672) HM
Vermont (Windham County), Vernon — Fort Bridgman Marker
Fort Bridgman The first white settlement In Vernon, Vt. Built in 1737, The scene of many Indian massacres Sacked and burned by the Indians For the third time June 27, 1755, After having slain Caleb Howe And taken captive fourteen . . . — Map (db m48061) HM
West Virginia (Lewis County), Jane Lew — Hacker's Creek/Jane Lew
Hacker's Creek At mouth of Jesse's Run was home of Jesse Hughes, Indian fighter and scout. About 1770, John Hacker settled here. Near by is scene of Cozad and other border massacres. Several Indian villages and burying grounds were . . . — Map (db m78395) HM
West Virginia (Randolph County), Huttonsville — Elkwater / Col. J. A. Washington
(Obverse) Elkwater Trenches made by Federal troops under Gen. Reynolds, 1861. Nearby were the two Haddan Indian forts, scene of the Stewart and Kinnan massacres. Important features of 4-H Club work among rural youth started here in . . . — Map (db m34370) HM

Ontario (Middlesex County), London — London Women's Monument
The London Women's Monument was dedicated on December 6, 1994. The 5th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. It is a place to remember and reflect on violence, particularly violence against women, and all women and men who work to end it. — Map (db m18932) HM
Alabama (Baldwin County), Tensaw — Fort Mims— 500 yards →
Here in Creek Indian War 1813-14 took place most brutal massacre in American history. Indians took fort with heavy loss, then killed all but about 36 of some 550 in the fort. Creeks had been armed by British at Pensacola in this phase . . . — Map (db m86293) HM
Alabama (Calhoun County), Alexandria — TallasseehatcheeCreek Indian War 1813-14 — Nov. 3, 1813
Gen. John Coffee, commanding 900 Tennessee Volunteers, surrounded Indians nearby; killed some 200 warriors. This was first American victory. It avenged earlier massacre of 517 at Ft. Mims by Indians. — Map (db m27610) HM
Arizona (Cochise County), Tombstone — Boothill Graveyard and Jewish Memorial1879
Buried here are the remains of Tom McLaury, Frank McLaury, Billy Clanton - killed in Earp Clanton battle Oct 26, 1881. Dan Dowd, Red Sample, Bill DeLancy, Dan Kelly: Tex Howard hanged legally by Sheriff Ward for Bisbee massacre Mar 1884, John . . . — Map (db m100173) HM
California (Amador County), Drytown — Drytown
Rich placer mining, 1850’s. Origin of town’s name: Lack of water in nearby creek to wash gold. Many Chinese laborers in fields & mines. East gateway to New Chicago, New Philadelphia, Amador City; Quartz mines: Fremont-Gover & Treasure (1867), Bunker . . . — Map (db m74124) HM
California (Shasta County), Fall River Mills — 555 — Lockhart Ferry
Established by Samuel Lockhart in 1856 as a link in the first wagon road from Yreka to Red Bluff, the Lockhart Ferry crossed below the confluence of the Fall and Pitt Rivers near this spot. After a massacre in December 1856, the ferry was . . . — Map (db m10292) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — Silas S. Soule
At this location on April 23, 1865, assassins shot and killed 1st Colorado Cavalary Officer Capt. Silas S. Soule. During the infamous Sand Creek Massacre of November 29, 1864, Soule had disobeyed orders by refusing to fire on Chief Black Kettle's . . . — Map (db m67133) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Groton — Col. William Ledyard
On this spot Col. William Ledyard fell by his own sword in the hands of a British officer to whom he had surrendered in the massacre of Fort Griswold, Sept. 6, 1781. — Map (db m18048) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Groton — Groton Battle Monument
The monument was erected under the patronage of the State of Connecticut, A. D. 1830, and in the 55th year of the Independence of the U. S. A. in memory of the brave Patriots, who fell in the Massacre at Fort Griswold, near this spot, on the 6th of . . . — Map (db m18050) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Groton — Site of Ye Ebenezer Avery House
Shelterwas afforded our wounded and dying soldiers within this house after the massacre at Ft. Griswold Sept. 6, 1781 Moved in 1971 to Ft. Griswold State Battlefield Park — Map (db m19050) HM
Florida (Columbia County), Lake City — F-68 — Alligator
Originally called Alpata Telophka, or Alligator Town, this site was a Seminole village, ruled by the powerful chief Alligator, an instigator of the Dade Massacre, which began the great Seminole War of 1835. Following the cessation of hostilities, a . . . — Map (db m57686) HM
Florida (Highlands County), Fort Basinger — F-54 — Fort Basinger
Col. Zachary Taylor had Fort Basinger built in 1837, during the Seminole Wars, on the Kissimmee River 17 miles above its mouth. It was a small stockade which served as a temporary fort and supply station on the line of forts extending from Tampa to . . . — Map (db m54083) HM
Florida (Polk County), Lake Wales — Old Indian TrailsFort Gardner — 1837
On Kissimmee River sixteen miles northeast of Lake Wales government trail leading to fort crosses highway between Gum Lakes. Lake Rosalee, where Seminole Indians stopped before moving to Everglades, is near this trail. — Map (db m95053) HM
Georgia (Gwinnett County), Lawrenceville — Memorial to the Fallen of 1836
In memory of Gwinnett Company of Mounted Volunteers, under the command of Capt. Hammond Garmany who were slain by Creek Indians 9 June 1836 in a Battle at Shepherd's Plantation in Stewart County: Ens. Isaac Lacy Sgt. James E. . . . — Map (db m85721) HM WM
Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Alexander Robinson
(Chee Chee Pin Quay) Chief of the Potawatomi, Chippewa, and Ottawa Indians Who died April 22, 1872 Catherine (Chevalier) his wife who died August 7, 1860 and other members of their family are buried on this spot - Part of the . . . — Map (db m55451) HM
Indiana (Madison County), Pendleton — Three White Men Were Hung Here
Three white men were hung here in 1825 for killing Indians. — Map (db m225) HM
Indiana (Washington County), Salem — 88.1981.1 — Brock Cemetery
Located 40 rods west of this spot. Est. before 1812. Salem's early settlers are buried here including Brocks, Kemps, Hendersons; also John Zink, a ranger with Col. Dawalt, fatally wounded by Indians after the Pigeon Roost Massacre. — Map (db m74079) HM
Indiana (Whitley County), Columbia City — 92.1959.1 — Wm. Wells 1770 - 1812
Miami captive at 14; adopted by Little Turtle; appointed chief scout by Wayne in 1793; granted farm near Ft. Wayne by Congress for "valiant and conspicuous service." Died in Ft. Dearborn Massacre. — Map (db m58108) HM
Kansas (Cheyenne County), St. Francis — Cherry Creek Encampment, 1864-65Last Buffalo
These iron sculptures by Todie Zweygardt are in memory of the Cheyenne and other Indians, survivors of the 29 Nov. 1864 Massacre at Sand Creek, Colo., who fled to this Cherry Creek Valley, remaining until joined by forces of there Plains tribes for . . . — Map (db m78887) HM
Massachusetts (Franklin County), Greenfield — Capt. William Turner
A military commander during King Phillip's war. Capt. Turner was killed near here in a retreat after leading a massacre of Indians fishing at the Great Falls of the Conn. River in Gill on May 19, 1676. — Map (db m51133) HM
Massachusetts (Franklin County), Greenfield — Eunice Williams1630 - 1930
Eunice Williams, wife of the Reverend John Williams "The Redeemed Captive," was killed at this place on March 1, 1704, during the Deerfield massacre. — Map (db m29069) HM
Massachusetts (Franklin County), Northfield — Indian Council Fires1630 - 1930
Two hundred and fifty yards eastward are the sites of three large Indian council fires. The Beers Massacre of September 4, 1675, took place in a gorge one-quarter mile to the northeast. — Map (db m48780) HM
Michigan (Mackinac County), Mackinac Island — 187 — British Landing
Here, during the night of July 16-17, 1812, a small force of British regulars and several hundred voyageurs and Indian allies from St. Joseph Island landed. They occupied a height that overlooks Fort Mackinac and demanded its surrender. Lt. . . . — Map (db m96411) HM
Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — First District Court
Here in the log house of Jean Baptiste Jereaume the Federal Court of the Erie District, Territory of Michigan, held its first session July 3, 1805. President Thomas Jefferson named Judge Augustus B. Woodward to preside. Beginning in 1807 the . . . — Map (db m20909) HM
Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Michigan's Tribute to Kentucky
This Monument is dedicated to the Memory of the heroes who Lost their lives in our country's defense, in the Battle and Massacre of the River Raisin, January 22nd, and 23rd, 1813. — Map (db m20937) HM
Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Site of Battles of Jan. 18 - 22
[Marker Front] Site of Battles of Jan. 18 - 22 Gen. Winchester in Command, and River Raisin Massacre Jan. 23, 1813 [Marker Reverse] 800 Americans under Cols. Allen, Lewis and Wells Fought desperately against . . . — Map (db m20041) HM
Minnesota (Renville County), Morton — RN-BFS-002 — Earle Monument
Erected by the Renville Co. Pioneers, Aug. 18, 1907. In Memory of Radnor Earle who was killed by the Indians in the massacre of Aug. 18, 1862 while Saving his Father's life. — Map (db m70510) HM WM
Minnesota (Renville County), Morton — RN-BFS-002 — Henderson Monument
Erected by the Renville Co. Pioneers, Aug. 18, 1907. In memory of Mrs. S. R. Henderson and her two little daughters, Jehiel Wedge, and Eugene White, who were killed by the Indians in the massacre of Aug. 18, 1862. . . . — Map (db m70514) HM WM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Fort Rosalie
On bluff to south stood Ft. Rosalie, established by the French in 1716. Became nucleus of settlements from which the Miss. Territory was founded. Near this marker stood the French warehouse that was a center of bloodshed during the Natchez Massacre . . . — Map (db m5143) HM
Montana (Yellowstone County), Billings — Boothill Cemetery
Named Boothill because so many of its occupants went to their deaths with their boots on, this cemetery was the burying ground for Coulson, Yellowstone River town existing from 1877-1885 on the edge of what was to be Billings. Most famous buried . . . — Map (db m28939) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — Gravesite
Six soldiers of those killed in the Baylor Massacre were buried here in three abandoned tan vats. The vats were part of a small tan yard which existed here before the Revolution. The gravesite was discovered in 1967 and the soldiers were . . . — Map (db m7875) HM
New Mexico (Hidalgo County), Animas — The Clanton Hideout
The infamous Clanton Gang had two crude dugouts here in the 1880s that served as hideouts and a base for wide-ranging outlaw activities, particularly in connection with the Curly Bill Gang’s depredations along the Smugglers’ Trail that passed by . . . — Map (db m37771) HM
New York (Onondaga County), Clay — Oak Orchard
Oak Orchard Sacred area for natives Haudenosaunee gathering, fishing and fording place. Site of massacre of Haudenosaunee people. — Map (db m83896) HM
New York (Ontario County), Rushville — Marcus Whitman
Pioneer missionary patriot colonizer in Oregon Ter. Born here Sept. 4, 1802 — Map (db m61349) HM
New York (Rockland County), Tappan — Reformed Dutch Church of Tappan
Organized 1694 Used as a military hospital and prison during the Revolution. The trials of Major John Andre as a spy, and of Joshua Heit Smith for treason, were held here in 1780. — Map (db m7375) HM
New York (Schenectady County), Schenectady — Southwest Corner of Stockade
Southwest Corner of Stockade, was twenty-eight feet South, from a point one hundred feet west, of this tablet. A blockhouse or fort, containing the royal flagstaff, stood in this angle of stockade, and was burned on night of massacre, Feb. 8-9, . . . — Map (db m32410) HM
New York (Warren County), Lake George — Royal Sussex Regiment Memorial
This plaque commemorates the memory of those officers, N.C.O.s and men of the 35th Regiment of Foot (now the Royal Sussex Regiment), their wives and families who lost their lives during the defence of Fort William Henry, and the subsequent massacre . . . — Map (db m9043) HM
Ohio (Lucas County), Toledo — George Duncan Forsyth
[Text on Front Side of Marker] F. C. L. [Text on Right Side of Marker] George Duncan Forsyth Lt. Co. B. 100th O. V. I. Captured at Limestone Station Sept. 8, 1863. Shot and Killed in Libby Prison. Apr. 12, 1864, . . . — Map (db m44765) HM
Ohio (Wood County), Pemberville — 15-87 — William Henry Harrison's Encampment
During the War of 1812, Northwestern Army Commander General William Henry Harrison led troops through northwest Ohio on the way to Detroit and Ft. Malden in Michigan. After the decimation of General James Winchester's division at Frenchtown (Monroe, . . . — Map (db m20429) HM
Ohio (Wyandot County), Crawford — C52 — Burning of CrawfordOhio Revolutionary Memorial Trail
Burning of Crawford »»«« One-half mile northeast, June 11, 1782, the Indians burned Colonel William Crawford at the stake, in revenge for massacre of the Christian Moravian Indians by William- son's earlier . . . — Map (db m20362) HM
Oregon (Clackamas County), Oregon City — Peter Skene Ogden House
400 feet south of this marker stood the home of Peter Skene Ogden Chief Factor of Hudson's Bay Co. and rescuer of the survivors of the Whitman Massacre. — Map (db m8714) HM
Pennsylvania (Fulton County), McConnellsburg — Big Spring Graveyard
Among those buried here are victims of the Great Cove Massacre of Nov. 1, 1755, at present McConnellsburg. The raid was conducted by Delawares and Shawnees led by Shingas, the Delaware "king." Houses were burned, and about 50 settlers were killed . . . — Map (db m27267) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Colonel Matthias Slough1733-1812
Officer in Revolutionary War Member of General Assembly Coroner who presided at inquest of Paxton Massacre Proprietor of White Swan Tavern Member of St. James Church — Map (db m5212) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Edward Shippen1703 - 1781
Chairman of Committee of Correspondence During American Revolution Chief Burgess of Lancaster at time of Paxton Massacre Judge of the County Court One of Founders and a Trustee of Princeton University Grandfather of Peggy, wife of . . . — Map (db m5207) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Forty Fort — Forty Fort
Named for the forty Connecticut settlers of 1769. Begun in 1770. The Wyoming Massacre followed its surrender to Maj. Butler's force of British, Tories, and Indians, July 4, 1779. — Map (db m18850) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Wilkes-Barre — Fort Wilkes Barre 1778
This monument was erected by the Wyoming Valley Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution assisted by the Sons of the Revolution to mark the spot where Fort Wilkes-Barre stood in 1778 at the time of the Wyoming Massacre. The fort was . . . — Map (db m68786) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Wilkes-Barre — Wilkes-Barre
Laid out 1770 by a group of Connecticut settlers, on land claimed by that state. Seat of "County of Westmoreland," erected 1776. Near here took place the Wyoming Massacre, 1778, and the "Pennamite Wars" of 1769-72 and 1784. — Map (db m90612) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Wilkes-Barre — Wilkes-Barre
Laid out 1770 by a group of Connecticut settlers, on land claimed by that state. Seat of "County of Westmoreland," erected 1776. Near here took place the Wyoming Massacre, 1778, and the "Pennamite Wars" of 1769-72 and 1784. — Map (db m19060) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Wilkes-Barre — Wilkes-Barre
Laid out 1770 by a group of Connecticut settlers, on land claimed by that state. Seat of "County of Westmoreland," erected 1776. Near here took place the Wyoming Massacre, 1778, and the "Pennamite Wars" of 1769-72 and 1784. — Map (db m32163) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Wilkes-Barre — Wilkes-Barre
Laid out 1770 by a group of Connecticut settlers, on land claimed by that state. Seat of "County of Westmoreland," erected 1776. Near here took place the Wyoming Massacre, 1778, and the "Pennamite Wars" of 1769-72 and 1784. — Map (db m19060) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Wilkes-Barre — Wilkes-Barre
Laid out 1770 by a group of Connecticut settlers, on land claimed by that state. Seat of "County of Westmoreland," erected 1776. Near here took place the Wyoming Massacre, 1778, and the "Pennamite Wars" of 1769-72 and 1784. — Map (db m32163) HM
Pennsylvania (Monroe County), Pocono Pines — Hungry Hill MemorialSullivan's Expedition
This encampment site was named by General Sullivan’s Expedition of the Revolutionary War, 1779, en route north to avenge the Wyoming Massacre. They called the adjacent swamp Hell’s Kitchen. Army engineers built this first road on the Pocono Plateau, . . . — Map (db m84565) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Benj. H. HodgsonLieut. 7th U.S. Calvery
Son of J. B. & M. A. Hodgson Killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn Custer Massacre June 25, 1876 in the 28th year of his age [ Left of Monument ] U. S. Military Academy West Point Class 1870 [ Right of Monument ] He the . . . — Map (db m40982) HM
Pennsylvania (Pike County), Lords Valley — Wyoming-Minisink Path
The highway here follows closely the route of the Delaware Indian trail from Minisink Island to Wyoming. Refugees from the Massacre of Wyoming, 1778, camped by the “boiling” spring, which may be seen in the woods a few yards SW of here. — Map (db m23643) HM
Pennsylvania (Snyder County), Middleburg — Snyder County
Formed March 2, 1855 out of Union County. The name honors Simon Snyder (Governor, 1808-17) who made his home in Selinsgrove. The county seat of Middleburg was laid out 1800, incorporated 1864. County was scene of the Penns Creek Massacre of 1755. — Map (db m43849) HM
Pennsylvania (Union County), Mifflinburg — John Jacob LeRoy
John Jacob LeRoy was killed by the Indians near this spot during the time of the Penns Creek Massacre, October 18, 1755. This was the first act of hostility by the Indians of this Province following the defeat of General Edward Braddock, July 9, . . . — Map (db m87574) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — Colonel Thomas Hartley
On this site was the house of Col. Thomas Hartley, first congressman from York County. In 1777, he was prominent in the defense of Philadelphia; led an expedition to avenge the wyoming Massacre in 1778. — Map (db m4566) HM
South Carolina (Laurens County), Clinton — 30-3 — Providence Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
The cemetery located about 1/2 mile SW, marks the original site of the church, founded Sept. 10, 1836. Buried here is William Blakely, Sr., survivor of Hayes Station Massacre, 1871, who with Samuel Blakely donated the land for the church and . . . — Map (db m12030) HM
South Dakota (Spink County), Redfield — Abbie Gardner
. . . — Map (db m102060) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Goodlettsville — 3A 14 — Mansker’s Station
Here, near Mansker’s Lick, Casper Mansker established a station of the Cumberland Settlements in 1780. The road connecting with Nashboro was built in 1781. John Donelson and his family moved here after abandoning his Clover Bottom Station, following . . . — Map (db m2375) HM
Tennessee (Gibson County), Rutherford — 4B 27 — David Crockett's Last Home
This pioneer finally settled on a farm about 4 1/2 mi. east. Following his last defeat for reelection to Congress, he went to Texas, where he died in the Alamo massacre. This cabin, restored partly from timbers of his original dwelling by . . . — Map (db m81555) HM
Tennessee (Hamblen County), Morristown — 1B-9 — Crockett Tavern
Here stood the Crockett Tavern, established and operated by John and Rebecca Crockett. It was the boyhood home of David Crockett (1786-1836), pioneer and political leader in Tennessee, and a victim of the Alamo Massacre at San Antonio, Texas. — Map (db m43711) HM
Tennessee (Washington County), Limestone — David Crockett1.8 mi
A flat limestone slab, said to be the doorstone of the original cabin, marks the birthplace of this pioneer. Before his death at the Alamo Massacre in 1836, he had been soldier, trapper, explorer, member of the State Legislature and Representative . . . — Map (db m69615) HM
Texas (Fayette County), La Grange — 12756 — Monument Hill Tomb
In September 1848, the remains of Texans killed in the 1842 Dawson Massacre and the 1843 “Black Bean Death Lottery” were reburied at this site in a sandstone vault. The Kreische family did its best to care for the grave during their . . . — Map (db m53218) HM
Texas (Fayette County), West Point — 5902 — Site of Woods' Fort
Used by colonists of this vicinity as a protection against Indian attacks 1828-1842 fortified residence of Zadock Woods veteran of the War of 1812 One of the old "Three Hundred" of Austin's colonists Oldest man killed in the "Dawson Massacre" . . . — Map (db m79696) HM
Texas (Haskell County), Haskell — 2404 — Haskell County
Created February 1, 1858 Recreated August 21, 1876 Organized January 13, 1885 Named in Honor of Charles Ready Haskell, 1817-1836 A Tennesseean who was shot with Fannin in the Massacre at Goliad Haskell, the County Seat . . . — Map (db m82083) HM
Texas (Shackelford County), Albany — 4647 — Shackelford County
Formed from Bosque County Created February 1, 1858 Organized September 12, 1874 Named in Honor of Dr. Jack Shackelford 1790–1857 Captain of the “Red Rovers”, a company from Alabama which became a . . . — Map (db m80001) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15302 — Seiders Oaks
Site of 1839 home and 1842 massacre of Gideon White. A daughter, Louisa, wed (1846) Edward Seiders, for whom oaks are named. — Map (db m100088) HM
Utah (Washington County), Central — 1990 Mountain Meadows Monument
In Memoriam In the valley below, between September 7 and 11, 1857, a company of more than 120 Arkansas emigrants led by Captain John T. Baker and Captain Alexander Fancher was attacked while en route to California. This event is . . . — Map (db m46776) HM
Virginia (Isle of Wight County), Smithfield — K 238 — Old Town
Half a mile north, stood the Warrascoyack Indian village. Captain John Smith obtained corn there for the starving colonists in 1608. The Warrascoyacks took part in the massacre of 1622 and their village was destroyed in 1623. In 1680, Old Town was . . . — Map (db m18655) HM
Virginia (James City County), Williamsburg — Archers Hope
The great Indian massacre of March 22, 1622, during which a quarter of the population of Virginia was slain came nearest to Jamestown here in a community known as Archer's Hope. At the house of Ensign William Spence five persons were killed-- John . . . — Map (db m31085) HM
Virginia (Northampton County), Eastville — Debdeavon
"Laughing King of Accomacke Emperor of the Easterne Shoare King of the Great Nussawattocks" A gallant warrior and a loyal friend to the early settlers of the Eastern Shore. His timely warning to the colonists of an intended uprising in 1621, saved . . . — Map (db m7591) HM
Virginia (Page County), Luray — The Reverend John Roads (Rhodes)
Died 1764. A Pioneer and Christian father, who with his wife and six of his thirteen children, was a victim of the last Indian massacre in Page County. — Map (db m57721) HM
Virginia (Surry County), Surry — Chanco
In memory of Chanco The Indian who lived with Richard Pace at Pace’s Paines in this county and who on the night before the massacre of March 22, 1622 informed Pace of Opechancanough’s plot and thus saved the Jamestown Colony . . . — Map (db m36052) HM
West Virginia (Berkeley County), Darkesville — Darkesville
Named for Gen. William Darke, veteran of the Revolution and the Indian wars. He saves the remnants of St. Clair’s army from massacre in 1791 when badly defeated by the Miami Indians. His son Capt. Joseph Darke, lost his life. — Map (db m1979) HM
Wyoming (Goshen County), Fort Laramie — John (Portugee) Phillips
Here on December 25, 1866 John (Portugee) Phillips finished his 236 mile ride to obtain troops for the relief of Fort Phil Kearny after the Fetterman Massacre. — Map (db m79773) HM
Wyoming (Sheridan County), Banner — Portugee Phillips
In honor of John (Portugee) Phillips who Dec. 22-24, 1866, rode 236 miles in sub-zero weather through Indian infested country to Fort Laramie to summon aid for the garrison of Fort Phil Kearny beleaguered by Indians following the Fetterman . . . — Map (db m86069) HM

Louisiana (Grant Parish), Colfax — Colfax Riot
On this site occurred the Colfax Riot in which three white men and 150 negroes were slain. This event on April 13, 1873, marked the end of carpetbag misrule in the South. — Map (db m34602) HM

Kansas (Cherokee County), Baxter Springs — The Battle For Fort Blair
William C. Quantrill, a former Kansas school teacher, headed a guerilla army which had committed many outrages around Lawrence and Kansas City, one being the Lawrence Massacre. Quantrill received a commission of Colonel, supposedly either from . . . — Map (db m80834) HM
Missouri (Platte County), Kansas City — B1 — Tribal Heritage
It was not by choice that much of what remained of the original Huron Tribe of Ontario came to live in “the town of Kansas” in the 1840s. They had wandered for 50 years through the northern states after being cut off by the Iroquois. By . . . — Map (db m43187) HM
New York (Warren County), Queensbury — Half Way BrookFort Amherst — The Seven Mile Post
So called because midway between Forts Edward and William Henry. From 1755 to 1780 it was the scene of many bloody skirmishes, surprises, and ambushes. Here the French and Indians inflicted two horrible massacres upon the English and Colonials, . . . — Map (db m18477) HM
Ohio (Ashland County), Mifflin — 8- 3 — Historic Mifflin
Side A Mifflin was founded in 1816. Originally known as Petersburg, the name was changed in 1827 in honor of the settlers that moved here from Mifflin Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The first village jailhouse and crossroad . . . — Map (db m97113) HM

Ireland, Munster (County Tipperary), Cashel — St. Patrick's Rock
The Rock of Cashel, one of Ireland's most historic sites, was the seat of the kings of Munster from the 4th century until 1101, when it was presented to the Church. The most important monuments here are: Cormac's Chapel, built by Cormac Mac . . . — Map (db m78627) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Defending Freedom
I never saw such fighting done as was done by the negro regiment…The question that negroes will fight is settled; besides they make better soldiers in every respect than any troops I have ever had under my command. ~General Blunt after the Battle of . . . — Map (db m59021) HM
California (Lake County), Upper Lake — 427 — Bloody Island (Bo-no-po-ti)
One-fourth mile west is the island called Bo-no-po-ti (Old Island), now Bloody Island. It was a place for native gatherings until May 15, 1850. On that date, a regiment of the 1st Dragoons of the U.S. Cavalry, commanded by Capt. Nathaniel Lyon and . . . — Map (db m1190) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Lewes — deVries Monument — Dutch Settlement of Delaware
Erected By The State of Delaware To Commemorate The Settlement On This Spot, Of The First Dutch Colony, Under De Vries, A.D. 1631. Here was the craddle of a state. "That Delaware exists as a separate Commonwealth is due to . . . — Map (db m37400) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Boston CommonFounded 1634
The Common an Historic Overview In 1634, only four years after John Winthrop and the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony settled the Shawmut Peninsula and created the town of Boston, these colonists bought a 48-acre tract of land on the . . . — Map (db m19160) HM
Massachusetts (Worcester County), Lancaster — Site of Mary Rowlandson’s Capture
In the field nearby was situated the garrison house of the Rev. Joseph Rowlandson first ordained minister of Lancaster. During his absence on February 10, 1675-76 this garrison house was attacked and destroyed by the Indians. The inhabitants were . . . — Map (db m32253) HM
Michigan (Macomb County), Clinton Township — S142 — Moravian Road
In 1782 marauding American militia massacred nearly one hundred Christian Delaware Indians at their village in eastern Ohio. Seeking refuge, the Delaware settled on the Clinton River two and one-half miles north of here, on land granted by the . . . — Map (db m85632) HM
Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Historic River Raisin
“Remember the River Raisin” became a national battle cry in the War of 1812 after settlers and Kentucky soldiers were massacred by Indians on the river’s banks in violation of protection promised by the British, The stream here was . . . — Map (db m25963) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), Essig — 21 — Milford State Monument
Erected by the State of Minnesota in 1929 in the memory of the men, women and children of Milford who were massacred by the Indians, Aug. 18, 1862. John M. Fink • Monika Fink • Max Fink • Carl Merkle • John B. Zettel • Barbara . . . — Map (db m67951) WM
Nevada (Eureka County), Carlin — Gravely Ford
7 miles southeast of here was a favorite pioneer crossing of the Humboldt River, Gravely Ford. Campsite of the Donner Party, here occurred the Snyder-Reed fight, as Snyder lashed at Reed he missed and hit Reed's wife. Reed then killed Snyder. Reed . . . — Map (db m67443) HM
New York (Saratoga County), Wilton — The Hotel and Ulysses S. Grant at Mt. McGregor
Mt. McGregor developed as a resort after a road and a small hotel (now Grant Cottage) were built by Duncan McGregor in the 1870s. A group of investors recognized the site’s potential and, in 1882, built a railroad line here from Saratoga Springs. . . . — Map (db m56921) HM
New York (Washington County), Fort Edward — Sixteen Soldiers
This monument is erected to commemorate the sacrifice of the lives of Sixteen Soldiers who were massacred July, 1758, by a band of hostile Indians in the park which was then only a path in the wilderness. The sixteen soldiers, with a teamster, a . . . — Map (db m9341) HM
Ohio (Lucas County), Maumee — Fallen Timbers Battle Monument
(Front) The Greenville Treaty To General Anthony Wayne who organized the “Legion of the United States” by order of President Washington and defeated Chief Little Turtle’s warriors here at Fallen Timbers August 20, 1794. . . . — Map (db m8175) HM
Pennsylvania (Bedford County), Saxton — Capt. Phillips' Rangers Memorial
Upright Bronze Plaque The following scouts under Capt. Phillips were massacred here by the Indians July 16, 1780.

M. Davis, T. Gaitrell, D. Kelley, G. Morris, P. Sanders, T. Sanders, A. Shelly, R. Shirley, H. Skelly, P. . . . — Map (db m91086) WM

Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Chambersburg — Site of Fort McCord
The site of Fort McCord where twenty-seven pioneer settlers men, women and children were massacred by Indian savages or carried into captivity, April 1st, 1756, was a few rods south east of this spot.

In the list of victims were Mary McCord, . . . — Map (db m84011) HM

South Carolina (Beaufort County), Beaufort — St. Helena's Episcopal Church
St. Helena's Parish was established June 7, 1712 by act of Provincial Assembly. First rector, The Rev. William Guy, was appointed 1713; Glebe lands of 50 acres provided 1717. Original church erected 1724; Enlarged 1770 and . . . — Map (db m25741) HM
Texas (Fannin County), Bonham — 8872 — Fannin County
This area was first settled by Anglo - Americans who traveled up the Red River by steamboat in 1836. Fannin County was created in 1837, organized 1838, and named for James W. Fannin (1805-36), who was massacred with his soldiers at Goliad (March 27, . . . — Map (db m96688) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13929 — African Americans in the Texas Revolution
Many African Americans, free and slave, supported Texas during its 1835-36 war of independence from Mexico. Although official recognition of the African American role was generally denied, recorded accounts of individual acts of bravery and . . . — Map (db m25746) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Lorton — E 80 — Indian Attack
To the east, on Dogue Neck, "Certain Unknown Indians" attacked the house of Thomas Barton about 3:00 P.M. on Sunday, 16 June 1700, killing eight persons with "arrowes & Wooden Tommahawkes." The neighboring Piscataway Indians denied making the attack . . . — Map (db m203) HM

El Salvador, Cuscatlán, Cojutepeque — Expansion of El Salvador's Telephone System
27 de abril de 1880 – 27 de abril de 1977 Ampliacion del sistema nacional de larga distancia inaugurada por el Colonel Arturo Armando Molina Presidente de la Republica Las Pavas, Cojutepeque, El Salvador. English . . . — Map (db m88838) HM
El Salvador, Morazán, Perquín — Direct strike against the Counter-Insurgency PlanGolpe Contundente al Plan Contra Insurgente
Restos del helicóptero UH-1H, de fabricación Norte Americana. Derribado por las fuerzas guerrilleras a las 16.00 horas, del día 23 octubre de 1984, en las alturas cercanas al municipio de Joateca. En que murió el Teniente coronel Domingo Monterrosa . . . — Map (db m83658) HM WM
Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of Guanajuato) — Casimiro Chowell J.
Casimiro Chowell J. ilustre patriota mexicano fue sacrificado en esta plazuela el día 28 de noviembre de 1810. English translation: Casimiro Chowell Jurado illustrious Mexican patriot, was assassinated in this plaza on November . . . — Map (db m100725) WM
Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of Guanajuato) — The Burning of the Alhóndiga de Granaditas
En este lugar estaba una tienda, de donde el 28 de septiembre de 1810, el Pípila y la muchedumbre tomaron lo necesario para incendiar la puerta principal de la Alhóndiga de Granaditas. Ayuntamiento de Guanajuato 1989-91 English . . . — Map (db m100744) HM WM
Alabama (Blount County), Oneonta — Blount CountyA County Older Than the State
Created Feb. 7, 1818 by Alabama Territorial Legislature from lands ceded by the Creek Indian Nation. Named for the Tennessee Governor W. G. Blount, who sent militia under Andrew Jackson to punish the Creeks for Fort Mims massacre. Jackson fought and . . . — Map (db m24353) HM
California (Butte County), Oroville — 809 — The Last Yahi Indian
For thousands of years the Yahi Indians roamed the foothills between Mt. Lassen and the Sacramento Valley. Settlement of this region by the white man brought death to the Yahi by gun, by disease, and by hunger. By the turn of the century only a few . . . — Map (db m100601) HM
California (Mariposa County), Cathey's Valley — Cathey's Valley
[This marker is composed of several panels] [Left Panel:] Origin of the Name of Cathey’s Valley In 1739, the Catheys immigrated from Clones, Ireland to America. Andrew D. Cathey a native of North Carolina, his wife Mary Mariah . . . — Map (db m46839) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — Edward W. Wynkoop
This building is named for Edward W. Wynkoop (1836-1891) to honor his peacemaking efforts, though unsuccessful, to resolve the Indian-white conflict which resulted tragically in the Sand Creek Massacre in 1864. Exaggerated reports of . . . — Map (db m97294) HM
Florida (Broward County), Fort Lauderdale — Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
On this spot, January 31, 1893, Frank Stranahan, the founder of this city, conducted a ferry across New River, established a trading post with the Indians and operated the first U.S. Post Office. Seven tenths of a mile west of this point . . . — Map (db m100795) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — Historic Fort King Trail
The Old Military Road connecting Ft. Brooke (Tampa) and Ft. King (Ocala) ran through this vicinity. On Dec. 23, 1835, Maj. Francis L. Dade set out over the Trail with a detachment of 109 soldiers to reinforce the small garrison of Ft. King. On . . . — Map (db m8980) HM
Florida (Lake County), Umatilla — F-598 — Fort Mason
During the Second Seminole War (1835-1842), troops under the command of Brig. Gen. Abraham Eustis left Volusia County headed toward the Withlacoochee River as part of a military action in response to the December 28, 1835 massacre of Major Francis . . . — Map (db m56224) HM
Florida (Marion County), Ocala — E-65 — Fort King
On a nearby knoll stood Fort King, important military outpost during the removal of the Florida Indians. Adjacent to a Seminole agency established in 1825, it was named for Col. William King and first occupied in 1827. Outside the stockade, on . . . — Map (db m90556) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — Dade CountyCreated Jan. 28, 1836, Named for Major Francis Langhorn Dade — 1784 - 1815
Born 1793 in Virginia. Joined 12th U.S. Infantry in 1813; Served with it thru War of 1812; In 4th Regiment rest of his life. Promoted from 3rd Lieut. to Major, Commanded garrison at Key West. In Seminole War was sent with 117 men to aid Gen. Clinch . . . — Map (db m88531) HM
Florida (Polk County), Lake Wales — Fort Gardiner
A few miles east of here, on the banks of the Kissimmee River stood Fort Gardiner. Named for Captain George Washington Gardiner who died in the Dade Massacre in 1835. Established December 2, 1837 by Colonel Zachary Taylor on his march to the Battle . . . — Map (db m95056) HM
Georgia (Fannin County), Blue Ridge — 055-1 — Fannin County
This County, created by Act of the Legislature Jan. 21, 1854, is named for Col. J. W. Fannin who was killed in the massacre at Goliad, Mar. 27, 1836. He had been captured with about 350 Georgia Volunteers under his command while fighting for the . . . — Map (db m47137) HM
Illinois (Cook County), Franklin Park — Burial Site of Josette Beaubien
Josette Beaubien, a survivor of the Fort Dearborn Massacre, was buried here in 1845. She was married to Jean Baptiste Beaubien, one of Chicago's first settlers. Her brother was Claude LaFramboise, a chief of the Potawatomi Indians. Chief Alexander . . . — Map (db m55452) HM
Indiana (Scott), Nabb — John Kimberlin Farm
(Side 1) Kimberlin, a Revolutionary War veteran, was first person to purchase land in what is now Scott County In 1804, he bought Tract 264 of land grant to soldiers of George Rogers Clark. His family settled 1805 in well-built cabin . . . — Map (db m99663) HM
Kansas (Barton County), Great Bend — 70 — Fort Zarah
In 1825 the Federal government surveyed the Santa Fe trail, great trade route from western Missouri to Santa Fe. Treaties with Kansas and Osage Indians safeguarded the eastern end of the road but Plains Tribes continued to make raids. Fort Zarah, at . . . — Map (db m55315) HM
Kansas (Bourbon County), Fort Scott — Western Hotel: Symbol of Strife
After the army sold Fort Scott in 1855, the infantry barracks located here (reconstructed in front of you) became the pro-slavery Western Hotel. The building across the parade ground directly behind you became the anti-slavery Free State Hotel. . . . — Map (db m36272) HM
Kansas (Linn County), Trading Post — Sounds from the past...hoof beats and heartbeats.Frontier Military Historic Byway
Pro- and anti-slavery forces made their way to this area on horseback and on foot in the fight over whether Kansas would be a free state or a slave state. Skirmishes, scuffles and screams could be heard in the woodlands nearby. The Marias des . . . — Map (db m33944) HM
Kansas (Sedgwick County), Park City — 64 — Indian Treaties of 1865
In October 1865 hundreds of Plains Indians camped on these prairies to negotiate peace with U.S. government officials. Among them were Chiefs Black Kettle and Seven Bulls (Cheyennes), Little Raven and Big Mouth (Arapahos), Rising Sun and Horse's . . . — Map (db m61099) HM
Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — Residence of Don Manuel LanzosCaptain of the Spanish Army — Madam John’s Legacy
Erected 1788 in the French colonial style Robert Jones, an American, builder. Site of the birthplace of Renato Beluche (1781-1860) a lieutenant of Jean Lafitte’s Baratarians who participated in the Battle of New Orleans Later Admiral of the . . . — Map (db m51319) HM
Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Anderson Trading Post
On this property in 1812 was the trading post of John Anderson, famed Scottish pioneer of the River Raisin. Anderson, Colonel of the Militia in 1812, was taken prisoner at Detroit, later escaped. Mrs. Anderson, alone at the time of the . . . — Map (db m27262) HM
Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Death of Capt. Woolfolk
The American Capt. John Woolfolk hid in one of the French homes just east of here during the massacre at the River Raisin, Jan. 23, 1813. Indians searching the settlement found him. They claimed him as their prisoner and forced him to this spot. . . . — Map (db m20882) HM
Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Memorial Place
Here were buried unidentified remains of victims of the River Raisin Massacre of 1813. In 1872 surviving veterans of that war gathered in Monroe from Ohio and Kentucky. They headed a colorful civic pageant which halted solemnly at this spot . . . — Map (db m21006) HM
Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Murder of Captain Hart
Captain Nathaniel G. T. Hart, brother-in-law of Henry Clay and inspector general of American Army of the Northwest under Harrison, was killed here during the massacre of the River Raisin January 22 - 23, 1813. Captain Hart, wounded in battle, . . . — Map (db m27260) HM
Minnesota (Lac qui Parle County), Montevideo — 6 — Camp Release State Monument
Southern side: Camp Release Eastern side: Battles  Redwood Aug. 18, 1862.   Fort Ridgely Aug. 20.-22.    New Ulm Aug. 23.-24.     Birch Coulee Sept. 2.      Fort Abercrombie Sept. 6.       Wood Lake Sept. . . . — Map (db m69158) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Norseland — New Sweden Indian Attack
  Mrs. Maria Jonsson, wife of Erik Jonsson, and their son Pehr, were killed by Sioux Indians on August 23, 1862, near their home in New Sweden Township, about five miles northwest of this marker. Both natives of Sweden, Mrs. Jonsson was . . . — Map (db m73601) HM
Missouri (Caldwell County), Breckenridge — Haun's Millstone Commemorative Marker
Mill Stone believed to be from Haun's Mill (1836- ca. 1845) This relic represents a tragic episode in American Religious history. A testament to an enduring need for greater understanding and tolerance between peoples of differing ideologies, . . . — Map (db m22564) HM
Nebraska (Buffalo County), Elm Creek — 91 — Historic Platte Valley
Through this valley passed the Oregon Trail, highway for early explorers, fur traders, California-bound gold seekers, freighters, and brave pioneers seeking new homes in the West. Traffic was especially heavy from 1843 to 1866. At times as many as . . . — Map (db m45521) HM
Nebraska (Dawson County), Cozad — 182 — Central Platte Valley
Here in Dawson county, much of the early history is concerned with the pioneer trails to the west. The Mormon Trail to Utah and the first transcontinental railroad passed through here on the north side of the Platte River; the Oregon Trail and the . . . — Map (db m68060) HM
New York (Warren County), Lake George — Adirondack Forest PreserveLake George Battlefield Park
At a junction along one of the most historic water routes in America, connecting the Hudson River to Lake Champlain, this site witnessed military engagements during both the French and Indian War (1755-1763) and the American Revolution (1775-1783). . . . — Map (db m16115) HM
Ohio (Harrison County), Deersville — 1 — The Moravian Trail
This ridge road west from Cadiz through Deersville to the Tuscarawas Valley is known locally as the Moravian Trail. Originally an Indian path, it became an important trail for the frontiersmen. The men who participated in the Gnadenhutten Massacre, . . . — Map (db m79828) HM
Ohio (Lucas County), Maumee — Running a Gauntlet
Desperate to break the British and American Indian siege of Fort Meigs, General William Henry Harrison ordered 800 Kentucky Militia under Colonel William Dudley to cross the Maumee River and destroy the British batteries. After seizing the . . . — Map (db m76969) HM
Oregon (Jefferson County), Terrebonne — Peter Skene OgdenOregon History
This park is named for Peter Skene Ogden, 1793-1854. In the fall of 1825, Ogden led a Hudston's Bay Company trapping party on the first recorded journey into central Oregon, crossing the country to the north and east into the Crooked River Valley . . . — Map (db m67889) HM
Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Twenty Murdered and a City Rises UpGreat Railroad Strike of 1877
A pivotal moment in The Great Strike happened here, on July 21st, 1877. Striking railroad workers blocked the tracks, while their families and supporters looked on from the hillside. Militiamen were brought in from Philadelphia to clear the workers . . . — Map (db m26112) HM
Pennsylvania (Bradford County), Wyalusing — Limehill Battlefield / Joseph ElliottApril 14, 1782
Limehill Battlefield In attempting to rescue Mrs. Roswell Franklin and her four children who had been captured by Indians Sergeant Thomas Baldwin and his party met the enemy near this spot after four hours of fighting. Three of the children . . . — Map (db m90498) HM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — This Wall
This wall reconstructed in 1964 under the supervision of Raymond S. Cox and J. Gilmore Wilson. The wall contains some stones taken from the old foundations of the Ezekial Bowen log cabin which was standing and occupied by some American officers on . . . — Map (db m16348) HM
Pennsylvania (Luzerne County), Wyoming — Battlefield of Wyoming
Between 4 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of July 3, 1778, an American force of about 300 men, led by Col. Zebulon Butler, Col. Nathan Denison, Lieut. Col. George Dorrance and Major Jonathan Garrett formed in line of battle east and west of this . . . — Map (db m10515) HM
South Carolina (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Buford Monument
(South Face of Monument) Erected to the memory and in honor of the brave and patriotic American soldiers who fell in the battle which occurred at this place on the 29th May 1780 between Col. Abraham Buford who commanded a regiment of . . . — Map (db m71576) HM WM
South Carolina (Orangeburg County), Orangeburg — 38-25 — South Carolina State University
(Marker Front): S.C. State University was founded in 1896 as the Colored Normal, Industrial, Agricultural & Mechanical College of S.C. with its origins in the Morrill Land Grants Acts of 1862 and 1890 providing for land-grant . . . — Map (db m25252) HM
South Dakota (Pennington County), Interior — Journey to Wounded KneeBadlands National Park
Journey to Wounded Knee-December 24, 1890 a bitter Christmas Eve wind rattled the wagon in which Minneconjou Chief Big Foot lay waiting while his people cleared a pass down the Badlands Wall. Several hours of hard work with axes and spades made the . . . — Map (db m62104) HM
Texas (Bastrop County), Bastrop — 9190 — The Gotier Trace
Originated in 1820s. Crossed the present counties of Austin, Washington, Fayette, Lee, Bastrop; joined San Felipe, capital of Stephen F. Austin's colony, with Bastrop. Marked by James Gotier, a settler who (with several in his family) died in an . . . — Map (db m82606) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9750 — Site of Town of Strickling
Once a busy rural community. Named for Mrs. Martha (Webster) Strickling, who settled here in 1853 with husband Marmaduke. As child, she survived killing of some 30 settlers in infamous Webster Massacre near Leander, and months of Indian captivity. . . . — Map (db m27730) HM
Texas (Cherokee County), Jacksonville — 6636 — Old Neches Saline Road(Crosses Highway 175 Here)
Originally an Indian trail. Used in 1765 by the Spanish priest Calahorra on an Indian peace mission. Gained importance, 1820s, for use in hauling salt from Neches Saline to Nacogdoches. Survivors of the Killough family massacre of 1838 fled via . . . — Map (db m81748) HM
Texas (Goliad County), Goliad — 2203 — Goliad County
First known to Spanish settlers as Nuestra Senora de Loreto, later called La Bahia del Espritu Santo. Established as a mission in 1749. Became a strategic fort under Spanish, Mexican, Texas occupancy, 1810-1821, 1835-1836. Name changed to Goliad . . . — Map (db m34291) HM
Texas (Winkler County), Kermit — 5853 — Willow Springs
Located 6.6 miles east of this site in the Sand Hills, Willow Springs was known to Comanche Indians and to West Texas pioneers as an important source of water. It was frequently used by gold seekers on their way to California after the 1849 gold . . . — Map (db m73313) HM
Utah (Juab County), Levan — 387 — The Walker War
In July 1853, a trade of fish for flour between an Indian and Mrs. James Ivie, ended in a skirmish; one Indian died, Chief Walker refused peace offer of ponies, beef, flour and blankets unless Mr. Ivie stood trial by Indians; raids began. Colonel . . . — Map (db m75456) HM
Virginia, Hopewell — City Point, Virginia
8000 — B.C. Indian occupancy. 1613 Sir Thomas Dale establishes area as “Bermuda Cittie.” 1619 — Name changes to Charles City Point. 1621 — Rev. Patrick Copeland plans to build free public school, financed by the . . . — Map (db m19605) HM
Wisconsin (Dane County), Blue Mounds — 29 — Blue Mounds Fort
The onset of the Black Hawk War in northwestern Illinois in April, 1832 triggered panic in southwestern Wisconsin's lead mining region, prompting erection of over a dozen stockades. On an open prairie knoll 3/4 mile south of this marker, area miners . . . — Map (db m35412) HM
Wisconsin (Douglas County), Superior — 15 — Old Stockade Site
The Sioux uprising in Minnesota during the Summer of 1862, culminating in the New Ulm Massacre, caused great alarm in Superior. A Committee of Safety was chosen, a Home Guard organized, and a stockade built on the bay shore here. An inventory of all . . . — Map (db m33950) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Marion — 73 — Chief Waupaca
Chief Waupaca, better known as Sam Wapuka, was a friendly Potawatomi Indian who lived in this vicinity about the time the first white men arrived. Although he was friendly to the settlers, his tribesmen were bitterly opposed to the invasion of the . . . — Map (db m20634) HM
Wyoming (Natrona County), Casper — The Battle at Platte Bridge
Early on the morning of July 26, 1865 Lt. Caspar Collins led a troop of men to reinforce an army supply train coming into Platte Bridge Station. Only a mile west of the post, the group was ambushed by members of the Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapahoe . . . — Map (db m91691) HM

United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (County Londonderry), Derry-Londonderry — Ferryquay Gate
Locking the gates In 1688 James II proposed to replace the Protestant garrison in the city with Catholic troops. Rumours were rife that the citizens were to be massacred. Meeting in the Diamond, the city leaders could not make up their . . . — Map (db m71097) HM
Arizona (Cochise County), Dragoon — Confederate Graves at Dragoon Springs
On May 5, 1862, a Confederate foraging party rounding up cattle near the abandoned Butterfield Overland Mail Station battled a group of Apaches. The soldiers were members of Company A, Governor John R. Baylor's Regiment of Arizona Rangers, under the . . . — Map (db m83149) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-504 — Chaires Historic District
The community of Chaires was established in the 1820s during Floridas Territorial Period (1821-1845). The community is named after Green Hill Chaires, who, along with his two brothers, Benjamin and Thomas Peter, came from Georgia and established . . . — Map (db m79536) HM
Kansas (Ellis County), Victoria — 40 — Victoria
Nowhere in America were two colonies more unlike than those that came here. Scarlet-coated Britishers who chased antelope on bob-tailed ponies were joined by frugal and hard-working German-Russian immigrants. A Scotsman, George Grant, with 69,000 . . . — Map (db m80424) HM
Minnesota (Roseau County), Warroad — Fort St. Charles
Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, Sieur de La Verendrye, established Fort St. Charles on Lake of the Woods in 1732. A daring soldier, fir trader, and explorer, La Verendrye had the ambitious dream of finding the fabled "Western Sea" and sought to . . . — Map (db m8375) HM
Missouri (Lafayette County), Higginsville — Our Confederate DeadConfederate Home of Missouri Cemetery

The Confederate Home Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 800 people. It was established early in the history of the Confederate Soldiers Home of Missouri.

The first interment was in 1891; the last occurred in 1950 when John T. . . . — Map (db m91052) HM

Nebraska (Morrill County), Lisco — 296 — Narcissa Whitman
Narcissa Whitman, trail-blazer and martyred missionary, is one of the great heroines of the frontier West. In 1836 she and Eliza Spalding, following the north side of the Platte on horseback, became the first white women to cross the American . . . — Map (db m39706) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — The Marcus Reno Residence and Governors’ Home
In the house at 223 N. Front Street lived two 19th Century Pennsylvania Governors, William Bigler (1852-1855) and James Pollock (1855-1858). Also here resided U.S. Army Major Marcus Reno, the controversial survivor of the Battle of Little Big Horn, . . . — Map (db m6330) HM
South Dakota (Day County), Webster — The Fight at Webster
Following the 1862 Minnesota Indian Uprising where nearly 600 men, women, and children were killed, the United States Army at Fort Wadsworth recruited friendly Indians as scouts to restrict the hostile Indians from white settlements. A half-breed, . . . — Map (db m91405) HM
Tennessee (Grainger County), Bean Station — Bean Station
This was one of the first settlements in Tennessee. William Bean and Daniel Boone camped here in 1775. Indians massacred the first settler, a farmer named English. Permanently settled by William II, Robert, George and Jessie Bean, who were granted . . . — Map (db m69549) HM
Texas (Bee County), Beeville — 354 — Beeville on the Poesta
Long before Mexico granted land (1834) on Poesta Creek to the first settlers, Anne Burke and James Heffernan, savage Indians roamed this valley at will. Their colony, although successful at first, soon met disaster. In 1836 James Heffernan, his . . . — Map (db m32211) HM
Texas (Goliad County), Goliad — 2200 — Goliad
One of the three first Texas municipalities. Old Aranama Indian village called Santa Dorotea by the Spanish. Presidio La Bahia and Mission Espiritu de Zuniga established 1749. Here early events leading to the Texas Revolution were expeditions of . . . — Map (db m34142) HM
Texas (Goliad County), Goliad — 4119 — Presidio de Nuestra Señora de Loreto de la Bahía(Fort of Our Lady of Loreto of the Bay)
One of the most historic Spanish forts in Texas. Popularly called Presidio la Bahía, it was founded on Espíritu Santo (present Lavaca) Bay in 1722. Twice moved, it was re-established here in 1749 to protect Espiritu Santo Mission (1/4 mi. NW). In . . . — Map (db m36230) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8361 — La Bahia Road
One of the first overland routes used by European explorers of Texas, La Bahia Road was originally an east-west Indian trail in southeastern Texas and Louisiana. Earlier it may have been an animal trail. Although not as famous, or long, as El Camino . . . — Map (db m27787) HM
Utah (Sanpete County), Ephraim — 483 — Ephraim Pioneer Cemetery
In 1854, Ephraim's first settlers erected a one and one half acre stone fort for housing and protection against Indian attacks. A cemetery was not included in their plans. The first pioneer to die was Mr. Manwaring. Permission had been granted to . . . — Map (db m75027) HM
Wisconsin (Crawford County), Prairie du Chien — 431 — Black Hawk's Surrender
On August 2, 1832, the Black Hawk War effectively ended when the U.S. Military massacred many followers of Sauk Indian leader Black Hawk at the Battle of Bad Axe, located about 35 miles north of here. Black Hawk, known as Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, . . . — Map (db m43531) HM

California (Tehama County), Butte Meadows — Welcome to the Ishi Wilderness
The Yana Indians are a tribe who lived in northeastern California just east of the Sacramento Valley. There were four sub-groups who occupied different but adjoining tracts of land. They are the Northern Yana, Central Yana, Southern Yana and the . . . — Map (db m88077) HM
Minnesota (Lac qui Parle County), Montevideo — Tried and Sentenced
Just two days after the captives were turned over, the brief military trials of the Dakota who had taken part in the fighting began here at Camp Release on September 28, 1862. The trials moved to the Redwood (Lower Sioux) Agency on . . . — Map (db m71437) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Teaneck — Brett Park / New Bridge AreaHackensack River Greenway through Teaneck — Hackensack River Stories
Site of:Hackensack Indian Village, and The Real George Washington Bridge This 10½ acre park named after Teaneck Mayor and open space advocate Clarence “Jim” Brett is one of the most historically significant site in Teaneck, indeed . . . — Map (db m40228) HM

Alabama (Clarke County), Gainestown — The Canoe Fight
Side 1 On November 12, 1813, the Canoe Fight, one of the key assaults of the Creek War, took place nearby at the mouth of Randon’s Creek where it flows into the Alabama River. Following the Fort Mims Massacre in August, small bands of . . . — Map (db m101574) HM
Alabama (Marshall County), Guntersville — Events in Marshall CountyDuring War Between The States
28-29, July, 1862 Guntersville shelled-burned by Union Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry. Skirmish at Fearn's, Law's, Matthew's Landings and Ft. Deposit. 1, May 1862 - Sand Mountain Cavalry Battle - CSA Gen. Forrest - Union Col. Streight. . . . — Map (db m85857) HM
Arizona (Cochise County), Dragoon — Dragoon Springs Stage StopLand of Legends — Coronado National Forest
The San Antonio and San Diego Mail Line began service across Arizona to the Pacific coast in July, 1857. Its route included a stop here near the Dragoon spring. The San Antonio Line was commonly known as the "Jackass Mail" because mules were used . . . — Map (db m76940) HM

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