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Resaca Markers
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — Atlanta CampaignResaca — May 13-15, 1864
National Historic Site Atlanta Campaign Resaca May 13-15, 1864 In this vicinity the Confederate lines North and West of Resaca held firm against Federal attack. Sherman then executed a successful flank movement to the west and south around Johnston’s position thus making the Confederate line untenable and compelling the troops of the Confederacy to move deeper into Georgia. — Map (db m44790) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-11 — Battle of Resaca
May 16, 1864. Johnston's forces (CS) withdrew from Resaca via pontoon, R. R. & trestle bridges over the Oostanaula River. The 4th & two divs. Of the 14th Corps (US) rebuilt 2 bridges which had been burned & followed the retreating Confederates S., along R. R. and highway. Davis' (2d ) Div., 14th A. C. (US) moved W. of R. to Rome. The 20th & two divs. Of 23d A.C. (US) moved E. to Fites Ferry, Conasauga R., enroute to Coosawattee R. crossings - McClure's Ferry & the one at Fields Mill. Army of . . . — Map (db m11551) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-9 — Battle of Resaca
May 13, 1864, McPherson's 15th and 16th A.C. (US) moving from Snake Creek Gap reached this cross-roads where his forces were deployed for advance toward Camp Cr. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick's Cav. Div. (US) led advance; during a sharp engagement he was wounded by skirmishers of Polk's Corp(CS). Night found the 20th, 14th & 23d Corps (US) N. on Dalton - Calhoun road, & by noon May 14th, Federal forces W. of Resaca were deployed on ridges parallel to & overlooking Camp Creek. The battle began 2.5 . . . — Map (db m11552) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-3 — Battle of ResacaMay 14-15, 1864
0.5 mi. W. is Camp Creek Valley, scene of the 23rd Corps (US) assaults on Hood's left and Hardee's right (CS), May 14. On ridge 0.2 mi. W. was the position of Wood's (3rd) Div., 4th A.C. and Capt. Wm. Wheeler's 13th New York battery (US), May 14-15. 225 yds. E. on wooded ridge is the emplacement of Capt. Max Van Den Corput's Cherokee Battery (CS) - 4 twelve pounders-captured and removed by 2d and 3d Divs. Of the 20th A.C (US) May 15. — Map (db m11553) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-4 — Battle of ResacaMay 14-15, 1864
At this point the intrenched line of Gen. John B. Hood's Corps (CS) crossed the road ~ this corps being one of the three composing Gen. J.E. Johnston's Army of Tennessee. Line faced N., Hindman's Div. (CS) on the left extended W. to Camp Creek Valley; Stevenson's Div. (CS) was astride the road and the right of Stewart’s Div. (CS) was E. at State R.R. near Conasauga River. Hardee's and Polk's Corps (CS) were aligned parallel to Camp Creek 0.5 mi. W. ~ left of Army (CS) being on Oostanaula River. — Map (db m11554) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-5 — Battle of Resaca
Hood's line, (CS) beginning E. at State R.R. ran W. to point atop ridge (S) where Hardee's rt. joined it & together with Polk's Corps, (CS) the line was prolonged 3 miles S. to the Oostanaula River. May 13, 1864, Sherman's forces (US) reached the old Dalton-Calhoun rd., W. of here (via Snake Cr. Gap). On 14th, from ridges W. of Camp Creek, 2 assaults were made on Johnston's line (CS) - one, 2.5 mi. southward - the other in this vicinity. In both attacks, the Federals moved across the creek . . . — Map (db m11555) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-6 — Battle of ResacaMay 14, 1864
A portion of Hood's A. C. (CS), thrust forward to hold ridge in fork of cr. was driven back to hills this side of the valley & N. of the road. Cox's ( 3d ) Div., 23d A. C. (US) having taken the ridge in creek - fork, was relieved by 4th A.C. which with 20th A. C. troops, (US) moved E. seizing the area between the creek & the State R.R. near the Conasauga River. This movement completed the Federal alignment parallel to the Confederate line N. & W. of Resaca. — Map (db m11556) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-13 — Battle of Resaca
May 13, 1864. The 15th and the 16th A.C. (US) deployed astride road on ridges W. of those next to and this side of Camp Creek, where Polk's Corps (CS) was posted. May 14: The 15th and the 16th A.C. drove Polk's troops across creek from this ridges and occupied it. Polk established a line on a chain of hills just E. of creek. 5:30 pm: the 15th and the Veatch's (4th) Div. 16th A.C. (US) moved across creek and carried Polk's position, holding it against repeated attempts to regain it. Polk . . . — Map (db m11557) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-7 — Battle of ResacaMay 14, 1864
The Battle of Resaca was one of the few places where the entire armies of Sherman and Johnston faced each other in the Atlanta Campaign. Judah´s (2nd) Div., 23rd Army Corps & part of the 14th Corps [US] moved from the high bluff west of Camp Creek ¾ mile west to the valley floor & attempted to carry Confederate works east of the stream. Met by blazing musketry & artillery fire from Hindman´s and Bates Divs. [CS], posted on the ridge (east) the Federals sought refuge in the stream-bed & made . . . — Map (db m13914) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-15 — Confederate Cemetery Resaca
Established shortly after the war by Miss Mary J. Green & Associates for burial of Confederate soldiers who fell at the battle of Resaca. May 14, 1864, Maj. Gen. A. P. Stewart´s Div., Hood´s A. C. (rt. Of Johnston´s line) [CS], posted 600 yds. N. E., attacked Stanley´s Div., 4th A. C. [US] near Nance´s Spring and drove it N. W. to old Union Ch. above the County Line. May 15. Stewart again attacked the Federals posted ¼ mi. S. of the County Line (near Scale´s house) but failed to dislodge Williams´ Div., 20th Corps [US]. — Map (db m13915) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-21 — Harlan’s Cross RoadsMaj. Gen. John M. Schofield’s Headquarters, May 16, 1864
Hovey’s 1st and Judah’s 2d divs. Of Sheffield’s 23 A.C. [US], enroute from Resaca battlefield crossed the Conasauga river at Fite's Fy. intending to pass the Coosawattee at McClure’s Ferry, 1.25 mi. east of here. But the 20th A.C. [US], diverted from Newtown ferry by Gen. Hooker got ahead of Schofield & crossed at McClure’s. This forced Schofield’s 2 divs. 2 mi. S.E. to Field’s Fy. Cox’s (3d) div. [US] crossed the Conasauga near Tilton, and via Holley, marched to Fields Fy. — Map (db m19281) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-22 — McClure’s Ferry
May 16, 1864. Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker (20th A. C.) [US], moving E. from Resaca, with orders to cross at Newtown Fy., elected to usurp the crossing at McClure’s thereby forcing Schofield’s 23d A. C. [US] to proceed E. to Field’s Mill & Ferry. William’s (1st) & Geary’s (2d) divs. [US] crossed at night on a temporary bridge. To hasten progress, Butterfield’s (3d) div. [US] moved on to Field’s -- further complicating affairs by getting there ahead of Schofield. The 23d A. C., with Stoneman’s & . . . — Map (db m19283) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — Miss Mary Green
This tablet is dedicated by the Atlanta Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to the memory of Miss Mary Green, who established this Resaca Cemetery –- the first in this state -- for our Confederate soldiers. Made by the Georgia School of Technology – W.P.A. — Map (db m26347) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Resaca — 064-14-2 — Polk's Line Withdrawn to Resaca
May 14, 1864. After being driven from hills W. of Camp Creek by troops of the 15th and 16th Corps (US), Polk's A.C. (CS) was aligned on the E. side of the creek, its center posted on a chain of hills S. of this road and overlooking the creek ~ its extreme left on the Oostanaula River. 5:30 P.M., the Federals crossed the creek and carried Polk's line, forcing it E. to a position near U. S. Highway 41. Polk's repeated and unavailing attempts to recover his line prolonged the battle into the night. — Map (db m11558) HM
Georgia (Whitfield County), Resaca — 155-3 — Battle of Resaca
May 14: Stewart’s Div., Hood’s Corps (CS) moved from intrenchments near the John Green house and attacked left of Federals then extending toward the State R. R. This attack fell upon the left of Stanley ’s (1st) div., 4th A. C. and 5th lnd. Battery (US) (on ridge NW). The timely arrival of Williams’ (1st) div., 20th A.C. (US) checked Stewart’s (CS) advance and stabilized the left flank of the Federal forces. May 15: Stewart (CS) repeated attack of 14th – the assault falling on . . . — Map (db m10971) HM
Georgia (Whitfield County), Resaca — 155-2 — Battle of Resaca
At this point the entrenched line of Stanley’s (1st) Div., 4th A.C. (US) crossed the highway, facing Hood’s line (CS) 0.5 mi. South. May 14, 1864: 0.4 mi. E. (near Nance’s Spring) Hood’s rt.(CS) made a spirited attack on Stanley’s left (US), which was foiled by timely arrival of 20th Corps troops. May 15: Hood’s rt. (CS) attacked 1st Div., 20th A.C. (US) near State R.R., E., & the 2d & 3d Divs., failing to break Hood’s line (CS) in their front, captured Corput’s 4-gun battery. — Map (db m10972) HM
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