“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Law Enforcement Historical Markers

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By Sandra Hughes, January 17, 2019
Fairhope Museum of History Marker
Germany, Bavaria (Landkreis Schweinfurt), Gerolzhofen — Ehemalige Vogtei / Former Bailiff's Building
1495 errichtete Bischof Lorenz von Bibra an der westlichen Stadtmauer eine neue Vogtei. Um 1600 wurde der Bau unter Bischof Julius Echter von Grund auf umgebaut und erweitert. Zu dem Komplex gehörten noch mehrere Scheunen, Keller, . . . — Map (db m129544) HM
Jamaica, Cornwall (Saint James), Montego Bay — The Cage
The Cage The cage dates back to 1806. A belfry was built in 1811. In about 1823 this was replaced with todays building of bricks and mortar. The Cage was used as an overnight lockup for vagrants, drunks, runaways and plantation slaves . . . — Map (db m129717) HM
Poland, Dolnośląskie (Wrocław Powiat), Wrocław — Dawne więzienie miejskie / Former city prison
Skrzydło połnocne powstało w XIV w., ok. 1500 r. dobudowano trzy pozostałe, tworząc zamknięty dziedziniec. Gruntowna przebudowa w 1683 r. nadała budynkowi kształt zbliżony do dzisiejszego. Po . . . — Map (db m119319) HM
United Kingdom, England (East Sussex), Lewes — Stocks
Stocks Minor criminals used to be punished by being put in the stocks. They sat on the bench with their legs held straight in front of them by the wooden beam, which was locked in place. Sitting in this position soon became very uncomfortable. . . . — Map (db m129664) HM
United Kingdom, England (Greater London County), London Borough of Tower Hamlets — Marine Police
Marine Police Primus Omnium Founded 1798 For Over 200 Years Police Have Patrolled The River Thames From This Site Stepney Historical Trust 1998 — Map (db m128422) HM
United Kingdom, England (Kent), Dover — Instruments of Punishment
Near This Spot Were The Town’s Instrument Of Punishment Including Stocks Pillory Whipping Post And Cage The Dover Society — Map (db m128565) HM
United Kingdom, England (Northumberland), Newcastle upon Tyne — The Custom House
39 Quayside “The Custom House” Built in 1766 to replace the old Custom House at Sandhill. Duties from ships using the Port of Newcastle were collected here. Altered and refronted in 1833 by Sydney Smirke, Architect. . . . — Map (db m126849) HM
United Kingdom, England (Oxfordshire), Oxford — Old County Hall
Oxford Preservation Trust Old County Hall (1841) This castellated building housed two courts, one civil, one criminal. Today, the building forms part of the Oxfordshire County Council offices in County Hall and one of the courts still . . . — Map (db m124521) HM
Alabama (Baldwin), Fairhope — Fairhope Museum of History
Dedicated 2008 A gift to the people of Fairhope from The Fairhope Single Tax Corporation & the City of Fairhope

Dedicated April 5, 2008 The Front Section of this structure was carefully restored to reflect its original use as . . . — Map (db m128887) HM

California (Lake County), Lakeport — 897 — Lake County Courthouse
Lake County’s century-old classic courthouse, designed by A.P. Pettit in 1871, served as the seat of county government from 1871 until 1968 when it was replaced by the new courthouse. Among the court’s landmark cases were the White Cap murders, a . . . — Map (db m121364) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Twentynine Palms — Worth Bagley Bit the DustA Marker for a Missing Marker
Worth Bagley Stone What is it? William F. Keys carved and erected the stone to mark the site of a deadly shoot-out. After the May 11, 1943 gunfight, described by Keys as an ambush, Worth Bagley lay dead and the dispute between . . . — Map (db m129491) HM
California (Ventura County), Ojai — 12 — Ojai City Jail
The county built this jail in 1929. It housed over 650 inmates during its 50 years of use. — Map (db m119678) HM
California (Ventura County), Ventura — 847 — Old County Court House
This imposing building was designed by Albert C. Martin and built in 1912 as the Ventura County Court House. It is an outstanding example of neo-classic architecture, considered the proper style for public buildings of the early 20th century. The . . . — Map (db m124508) HM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — The George Carter House
This house was built in 1903 for George Carter, Citrus County's third sheriff. The Carter House was the first house in Inverness to have a bathroom and was one of the first 13 buildings in Inverness to be “wired up” when electricity came . . . — Map (db m126060) HM
Idaho (Ada County), Boise — Frank SteunenbergGovernor of Idaho — 1897-1900
When in 1899 organized lawlessness challenged the power of Idaho, he upheld the dignity of the state, enforced its authority and restored law and order within its boundaries, for which he was assassinated in 1905. “Rugged in body, . . . — Map (db m128543) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Idaho City — Idaho Territorial Penitentiary
Built in May, 1864 by G.B. Walker at a cost of $10975. Jointly used by Idaho Territory and Boise Co. Original site was on Buena Vista Bar west of City. Building was moved in 1930 to make way for gold mining, and move twice more before being placed . . . — Map (db m119105) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Idaho City — Pest House and County Jail
Idaho City Fire Station Served as Boise County Jail during the 20's - 30's. — Map (db m119063) HM
Idaho (Cassia County), Albion — Cassia County CourthouseFrontier Law in Cassia County
The year was 1885 when Cassia County purchased an unfinished hovel for its first courthouse. Idaho was still a territory - a place where disagreements were at times decided by the business end of a gun. Sparked by disputes between cattle and . . . — Map (db m124028) HM
Idaho (Clearwater County), Pierce — 307 — Chinese Hanging
Charged with hacking a prominent local merchant to pieces, five Chinese were hanged here by vigilantes Sept. 18, 1885. They were just setting out on a long, hard 240 mile trip from Pierce to face trial at the county seat in Murray when the . . . — Map (db m121442) HM
Idaho (Clearwater County), Pierce — Murder & Vigilantes
One summer's night in 1885, it is alleged that five Chinese men gained entrance to the Fraser General Store, while their fellow countrymen set-off fireworks up and down Main Street. It was a stormy night and the fireworks supposedly helped drive-off . . . — Map (db m121515) HM
Idaho (Gem County), Emmett — 295 — Freezeout Hill
In 1862 Tim Goodale opened an Oregon Trail Cutoff which descended a steep ridge just west of here into the valley below. Later that year a gold rush to Boise Basin came up Payette Valley, and the next summer farmers along the river started . . . — Map (db m119238) HM
Idaho (Shoshone County), Burke — 424 — Frisco Mill
During a gun war that broke out between company and union miners here, several boxes of dynamite were exploded shattering a four-story mill, July 11 1892 Overwhelmed by union miners, company managers surrendered. Six fatalities -- half from . . . — Map (db m122820) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Fallen Deputy Memorial
Since 1822, the Deputies of the Marion County Sheriff''s Office have provided the highest measure of public safety to the people of this great County. The tradition continues today only because these outstanding men and women in uniform . . . — Map (db m128013) HM
Iowa (Dubuque County), Dubuque — Old Dubuque County JailOld Jail Museum (1857)
Old Dubuque County Jail was built in 1857 by architect John Francis Rague. The Old Jail is one of only three surviving Egyptian Revival buildings in the entire United States. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is also an . . . — Map (db m126597) HM
Kansas (Douglas County), Lecompton — Sheriff Samuel J. Jones1827-1885
Samuel Jones was an entrepreneur. He constructed Constitution Hall in 1856 and it is now a National Landmark. He was appointed Sheriff of Douglas County, Kansas, in 1856 by Territorial Governor Daniel Woodson. Sheriff Jones enforced the laws of the . . . — Map (db m119138) HM
Kentucky (Boyd County), Catlettsburg — 2547 — Here Lies James H. McCoy / Here Lies Floyd McCoy
James H. McCoy. Oldest son of Randall and Sarah. Last living McCoy feudist before passing away in 1929. He was a peacemaker in the feud and tried to talk Frank Phillips out of killing Jim Vance & Bill Dempsey. In 1928, James & Tennis Hatfield, . . . — Map (db m126114) HM
Kentucky (Boyle County), Danville — Jail
In 1785, the District of Kentucky ordered the construction of a jail, “to be constructed of 9-inch logs”. This replica of the jail was built in 1942. — Map (db m121731) HM
Louisiana (Bienville Parish), Gibsland — Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow Ambush Site
On This Site May 23, 1934 at 9:15 a.m. The Infamous Outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow Met Their Demise At The Hands Of These Dedicated Law Enforcement Officials Lest we Forget These Brave And Vigilant Conservators of the . . . — Map (db m128271) HM
Maryland (Charles County), Port Tobacco — Port Tobacco Jail
You are standing near the site of the last jail associated with the County Courthouse at Port Tobacco. The jail was built in 1860 and was demolished in 1906. Imagine a two-story brick building with a slate roof. Each floor had two cells or rooms . . . — Map (db m128924) HM
Michigan (Cheboygan County), Cheboygan — L2056 — Jail and Sheriff's Residence
(side 1) This structure served as the Cheboygan County sheriff’s residence and jail from 1880 to 1969. The building originally had seven cells. Faced with overcrowding, the county built an additional sixteen cells in 1912. During the . . . — Map (db m121800) HM
Michigan (Eaton County), Charlotte — S190 — Eaton County / Eaton County Courthouse Square
Eaton County Eaton County was organized in 1837 and named for President Andrew Jackson's war secretary, John H. Eaton. Pioneers had come to Bellevue, the first county seat, in 1833. The county was settled chiefly by New Englanders who . . . — Map (db m121314) HM
Michigan (Shiawassee County), Owosso — S376 — Birthplace of Thomas Edmund Dewey
Born here, above his grandfather's general store, on March 24, 1902, Thomas Dewey is known as one of Owosso's most famous sons. After attending the University of Michigan and Columbia University, he began a long and distinguished legal career. . . . — Map (db m119418) HM
Mississippi (Madison County), Canton — Old Madison County Jail
Architecturally distinctive 19th century penal facility. Jailer's quarters in front; cell block in rear. Built 1870 by Valentine Warner and architect C.W. Oates. Jail closed in 1969. — Map (db m121567) HM
Missouri (Iron County), Ironton — Iron County Missouri Courthouse ComplexNational Register of Historic Places
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m119538) HM
Missouri, St. Louis — R — Life In The FiftiesCherokee-Lemp Historic District
Due to the housing shortage that had developed during the Depression and World War II, the Antique Row neighborhood was a crowded and busy community during the 1950's -- when Larry Akley grew up here. "We lived in the upstairs flat. It had . . . — Map (db m124503) HM
Montana (Madison County), Twin Bridges — Road Agent Trail
Gold was the key to the success or failure of many of Montana's mining camps in the 19th century. Roads were almost as important as gold because they made possible the movement of supplies, people, and precious metals between the remote territory . . . — Map (db m127286) HM
Montana (Powell County), Deer Lodge — 1870-1931 Federal BuildingOld Montana Prison
The first prison building was constructed on this site in 1870 while Montana was still a territory of the United States. It served as a territorial prison and federal penitentiary. In 1889, when Montana attained statehood, it became the Montana . . . — Map (db m127793) HM
Montana (Powell County), Deer Lodge — 1896 Cell HouseOld Montana Prison
Overcrowding reached a critical point by the spring of 1896. The cell capacity of 182 was exceeded by 150 prisoners who were confined in a single log building without cells. The log building was deemed “insecure, unsafe and liable to . . . — Map (db m127791) HM
Montana (Powell County), Deer Lodge — 1912 Cell HouseOld Montana Prison
To ease increasing overcrowded conditions, the 1912 Cell House was constructed, adding two hundred cells to the prison complex. Erected in only eleven months using convict labor, the cell house was a model facility for its day. Each cell had running . . . — Map (db m127797) HM
Montana (Powell County), Deer Lodge — 1931 Administration BuildingOld Montana Prison
This administration building was the heart of security and prison operations. Here new prisoners were admitted, inmates received visitors, and departing prisoners were counseled about outside employment. The main floor contained the offices of the . . . — Map (db m127794) HM
Montana (Powell County), Deer Lodge — Execution of George RockOld Montana Prison
On this site in 1908, George Rock was executed by hanging. A year later, William Hayes met a similar fate. Rock and Hayes killed Deputy Warden John Robinson and severely wounded Warden Frank Conley in an escape attempt. Conley surprised the . . . — Map (db m127795) HM
Montana (Powell County), Deer Lodge — Siberia EastOld Montana Prison
So called for their isolation, the cells located in the towers of this cell house were used to remove troublesome inmates from the rest of the prison population. Inmates assigned to the Siberia cells had committed major rule infractions, or in rare . . . — Map (db m127796) HM
Montana (Powell County), Deer Lodge — The Old Montana PrisonOld Montana Prison
Gold was discovered near Deer Lodge in 1862. Subsequent discoveries in Bannack and Virginia City prompted a gold rush that attracted men and women of both good and bad character. Thievery, lawlessness, and murder prevailed until vigilante groups . . . — Map (db m127789) HM
New Mexico (Dona Ana County), Mesilla — Billy the Kid
This building, which dates from 1850, once housed the Capitol of Arizona and New Mexico. Later it was the Courthouse in which Billy The Kid was tried and sentenced to hang. — Map (db m126893) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Sirius Dog Run
This dog run is named in honor of PAPD K-9 Sirius #17. He was a four year old yellow Labrador Retriever who served as an explosives detector canine for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Sirius lost his life during the World Trade . . . — Map (db m128900) HM
Ohio (Ashtabula County), Jefferson — 13-4 — Joshua R. Giddings Law Office
Side A This building served as the law office to Joshua Reed Giddings, a Whig congressman who advocated for the abolition of slavery and an end to the domestic slave trade. Born in 1795, much of Giddings' young life was occupied by working . . . — Map (db m122053) HM
Ohio (Licking County), Newark — Honoring Carl EtheringtonDecember 6, 1892 – July 8, 1910
On July 8, 1910 Deputy Marshal Carl Etherington was killed for enforcing the County Option Law, which prohibited the sale of alcohol in Licking County. The County Option Law was a result of the Rose Law of 1908 and a precursor to the National . . . — Map (db m117887) HM
Ohio (Portage County), Garrettsville — 14-67 — "Creepy" Karpis and The Last Great Train Heist
Side A "I thought of the great bandits of the old West [like] the James Brothers...They knocked over trains, and I was going to pull the same stunt," exclaimed notorious gangster Alvin "Creepy" Karpis. On November 7, 1935, Karpis and his . . . — Map (db m122064) HM
Ohio (Trumbull County), Kinsman — 12-78 — Darrow Octagon House / Clarence Darrow (1857-1938)
Side A Darrow Octagon House This eight-sided house reflects a widespread pre-Civil War architectural fad. Promoted by phrenologist Orson S. Fowler in his 1848 book A Home for All as a way to "bring comfortable homes within the reach . . . — Map (db m121479) HM
Oregon (Lane County), Junction City — Junction City’s First Jail
Junction City was incorporated as a town on October 29, 1872 by an act of the Oregon Legislative Assembly. One of the first contracts let by the city was awarded May, 1873 to Thomas Humphrey to build a city jail which was completed at a cost of . . . — Map (db m119412) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Greenmount — David L. Grove
In Memory of Wildlife Conservation Officer David L. Grove March 5, 1979 - November 11, 2010 Officer Grove made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty while protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth and its wildlife resources. — Map (db m105534)
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
Governor Andrew G. Curtin signed an act on March 30, 1866, establishing a commission to improve water quality and restore migratory fish passage. It serves as a leader for national initiatives, including state fish hatcheries and environmental and . . . — Map (db m121980) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Old Jail
The Lancaster jail was located a half block to the north from 1753 to 1851. The last remaining Conestoga Indians were held here in protective custody in 1763. They were killed by a vigilante group, the Paxton Boys. No arrests were made. — Map (db m122635) HM
South Dakota (Fall River County), Hot Springs — An Old Jail - 1888
Nobody suspected that this old jail existed until it was found within the walls of a frame house on 332 South Chicago Street, Hot Springs. The old residence was being taken down for salvage. Although it’s earliest history is obscure, it was . . . — Map (db m123995) HM
South Dakota (Hughes County), Pierre — Alexander McDonald Putello
Alexander McDonald Putello alias “Arkansaw” killed here by Vigilantes November 18, 1880 Erected 1950 by L.B. Albright & Co. PierreMap (db m124284) HM
South Dakota (Hughes County), Pierre — 630 — First and Only Hanging in Hughes County
The first and only hanging in Hughes County was April 18, 1885 when James H. Bell, who killed Forest G. Small with a hatchet on Dec. 4th, 1884, was hanged to a ladder leaned against the county flag pole here after a mob took him from the county jail . . . — Map (db m124279) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Deadwood — Jack McCall Capture Site
Site of capture of the assassin Jack McCall who shot "Wild Bill" Hickok Aug 2, 1876 — Map (db m120110) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Deadwood — Lawrence County Jails & Capital Punishment
Since 1877, four county jails have been constructed within the Deadwood city limits. The first jail was erected in May of 1877 in the Ingleside Townsite (today's Presidential Neighborhood) and consisted of a 30 x 50 foot log structure enclosed by a . . . — Map (db m120998) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Deadwood — Wild Bill Hickok
James Butler Hickok Gunfighter, Peace Officer, Gambler Born: May 27, 1837, Troy Grove, Illinois Died: August 2, 1876, Deadwood, Dakota Territory Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back while playing cards in a Deadwood saloon. He is . . . — Map (db m120094) HM
South Dakota (Minnehaha County), Sioux Falls — Divorce Capital
(side one) Between 1877 and 1909, Sioux Falls was known as the “Divorce Capital of the Nation.” Lenient residency laws and multiple divorce grounds were available in Dakota Territory and South Dakota. Wealthy men and women from . . . — Map (db m124187) HM
South Dakota (Minnehaha County), Sioux Falls — 544 — The Hanging of an Innocent Man
(side 1) Early day justice Minnehaha County, Dakota Territory, overlooked innocence when gallows were erected near this site for the hanging of Thomas Egan, a pioneer immigrant farmer from County Tipperary in Ireland. Egan . . . — Map (db m124100) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — The Lynching of Lee Walker
A mob estimated at 3,000 people gathered near this spot on the night of July 22, 1893, with the intent of breaking into the Shelby County Jail and seizing Lee Walker, a black prisoner accused of attempting to rape a young white woman. Four days . . . — Map (db m121570) HM
Texas (Anderson County), Palestine — 16925 — Col. Homer Garrison, Jr.
Born in Kickapoo (Anderson Co.) in 1901, Homer Garrison was the son of Mattie (Milam) and Homer Garrison, Sr. The family moved to Angelina County, where Homer, Sr. served as District Clerk. Homer, Jr. graduated from Lufkin High School and worked for . . . — Map (db m128944) HM
Texas (Austin County), Bellville — 244 — Austin County Jail
Calling their old jail "unsafe, unfit, and inadequate," the Austin County Court contracted in 1896 with Pauly Jail Building Co. of St. Louis to erect this structure at cost of $19,970. Romanesque Revival style, with crenelated parapets, bartizans, . . . — Map (db m125600) HM
Texas (Borden County), Gail — 457 — Borden County Jail
Built of hand-hewn native stone from Gail Mountain, this jail planned for maximum security. Is one of the oldest jails in use in West Texas. Diebold Safe and Lock Co. was awarded the $4,500 contract in 1896. Behind two-foot thick outside walls, . . . — Map (db m127251) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Old County Jail / Fernandez Building-1882-
(English) Built in 1882-1883, designed by the firm J.N. Preston and Son, it is the first building specifically built as the county jail. It is an example of the Border Brick style. In 1912 it was sold to the brothers Jose & Joaquin . . . — Map (db m119398) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Old Jail
(English) Built in 1883, this Spanish Colonial style structure served as the Cameron County Jail until 1913, when Jose and Joaquin Fernandez purchased the property. They converted the building into a store, with living quarters to the . . . — Map (db m119399) HM
Texas (Clay County), Henrietta — 25 — 1890 Clay County Jail
Constructed in 1890 by the Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri, this is Clay County’s third jail building. Construction of the jail included adjacent living quarters for law officers and their families. Stuccoed in . . . — Map (db m128677) HM
Texas (Comanche County), Comanche — Calaboose and rock with irons
Commissioners court minutes of 3-17-1872 ordered Jo G Hardin, County Treasurer "To solicit donations to build a jail on Lot 12, Block 7, orig. addn, Comanche jail house shall be 14' x 20', a partition dividing it into rooms." The building, called . . . — Map (db m125943) HM
Texas (El Paso County), San Elizario — 14760 — Old County Jail
This structure was built about 1850 of adobe bricks (sundried mud and reeds) and cottonwood logs around steel cell blocks. It served as official county jail 1850-66 and 1868-73, when San Elizario was the first and then third El Paso County seat. It . . . — Map (db m118272) HM
Texas (Ellis County), Waxahachie — 7094 — Old Ellis County Jail
Due to overcrowding in the existing jail facility, this structure was completed in 1888. The Ellis County Commissioners Court awarded the contract to Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, Missouri. A round turret with conical . . . — Map (db m122133) HM
Texas (Fannin County), Bonham — John Wesley HardinThe Most Dangerous Gunman in Texas
Texas Ranger, T.C. Robinson once described him, “He kills men just to see them kick. He can take two six shooters and turn them like wheels in his hands and fire a shot from each at every revolution.” Others have described Fannin . . . — Map (db m128660) HM
Texas (Fort Bend County), Richmond — 9066 — Thomas Jefferson Smith
Born in Virginia 1808, reared in Georgia. Fought in Texas War for Independence, 1836, under James W. Fannin at Refugio Mission. Captured at Goliad, was spared to repair guns for Mexican Army. Escaped during Battle of San Jacinto. Settled in . . . — Map (db m126526) HM
Texas (Fort Bend County), Richmond — 8982 — Walter Moses Burton(August 9, 1840 - June 4, 1913)
Born a slave in North Carolina, Walter Moses Burton was brought to Texas about 1860. At the end of the Civil War, he purchased land from his former owner, Thomas B. Burton, from whom he had also learned to read and write. Walter Burton became a . . . — Map (db m126527) HM
Texas (Gillespie County), Fredericksburg — The GuardhouseArmy Discipline
This stone building, with walls eighteen inches thick, is the only original structure of Fort Martin Scott. It was built in 1849 out of native limestone, and served as the post’s guardhouse where soldiers were jailed for crimes and . . . — Map (db m118503) HM
Texas (Gonzales County), Gonzales — 2218 — Gonzales County Jail
. . . — Map (db m123638) HM
Texas (Karnes County), Kenedy — 18233 — Gregorio Cortez
On June 12, 1901, Sheriff W.T. "Brack” Morris and deputy arrived at the Thulemeyer Ranch to question Gregorio Cortez (1875-1916) about a reported horse theft in Atascosa County. A shootout ensued, leaving Sheriff Morris dead. Cortez fled the . . . — Map (db m121759) HM
Texas (Mason County), Mason — 11287 — Mason County Jail
A good example of a small, nineteenth-century jail, this structure was built in 1894 from the brown sandstone available in the nearby hills. The ground floor of the county's third jail includes living quarters for the sheriff, while the jail . . . — Map (db m118199) HM
Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 1242 — Dog Town Jail
First County Jail, built 1880 at cost of $2800. First expenses included 2 blankets, pair of leg irons, 2 pairs handcuffs. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1966Map (db m118695) HM
Texas (San Patricio County), San Patricio — 14201 — Josepha Rodriguez
Josepha Rodríguez, known as "Chipita," was hanged in 1863 for the murder of John Savage. She remained the last woman legally executed in the state of Texas until 1998. Little is known of Rodríguez' life, though it is believed that she was the . . . — Map (db m122942) HM
Texas (Wilson County), Floresville — 706 — Captain Will Wright(1868-1942)
Founding officer, Co. D, Texas Rangers. Had uncles, brother, sons in Rangers and Border Patrol. Wilson County deputy sheriff, 1896-1900; sheriff, 1902-1917. While in office reared his family in the jailer's quarters. Always was armed. A . . . — Map (db m118698) HM
Texas (Wilson County), Floresville — Wilson County Jail
Public Square built in 1887 Listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m118699) HM
West Virginia (Jackson County), Ripley — Pfost-Greene Murders / Last Public Execution
On November 3, 1897, John Morgan murdered Chloe Greene and two of her three children, James Greene and Matilda Pfost. Daughter Alice Pfost managed to escape despite being wounded during the attack. G.W. Shamblen captured Morgan who was tried . . . — Map (db m124858) HM
Wisconsin (Ozaukee County), Belgium — Murder!
Dominic Manna lived in a shack or cave in the side of this hill, even though he was reported to have had more money than most of his fellow quarry workers. He ate his meals at the home of fellow worker August Falcineli, the company's mule driver. . . . — Map (db m119224) HM

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