“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers in Saint Lucia

Lower marker on 27th Inniskilling Regiment monument image, Touch for more information
By J. Makali Bruton, April 28, 2015
Lower marker on 27th Inniskilling Regiment monument
1Saint Lucia, Castries — 27th Inniskilling Regiment
27th Inniskilling Regt On the 24th May 1796 the 27th Regt stormed and captured Morne Fortune. As a mark of the Regiment’s gallant conduct Sir Ralph Abercrombie ordered the French garrison to lay down their arms to the 27th Regt and directed that . . . Map (db m82926) WM
2Saint Lucia, Castries — Charles Eugene Gabriel de la Croix, Marquis de Castries
Charles Eugene Gabriel de la Croix Marquis de Castries 1727-1800 Distinguished Minister for the French Navy and Colonies (1780-1787) after whom the City of Castries is named.Map (db m122851) HM
3Saint Lucia, Castries — Choc Bay War Cemetery
Choc Bay War Cemetery Commonwealth War Grave The men in whose memory this group of headstones has been set up gave their lives in the service of their country and were buried in this cemeteryMap (db m116638) WM
4Saint Lucia, Castries — Derek Walcott Square
Derek Walcott Square This square was renamed 'Derek Walcott Square' on 23rd January 1993 to commemorate the award of Nobel Prize for Literature to Mr. Walcott in 1992. Derek Walcott, poet, painter and playwright was born in St. Lucia on 23rd . . . Map (db m135660) HM
5Saint Lucia, Castries — Free French World War II Memorial
<< Les dissidents Martiniquais en souvenir de l’accueil fraternel de la population de Sainte-Lucie pendant la 2eme guerre mondiale Free French Forces 1939-1945>> English translation: The . . . Map (db m122869) WM
6Saint Lucia, Castries — Government House Saint Lucia
Official Residence of the Governor-General Designed by Mr. C. Messervy Colonial Engineer Foundation stone laid October 15, 1894 Smaller marker: This plaque was unveiled by HRH The Duke of York KCVO, ADC on the 22nd February 2004 in . . . Map (db m94171) HM
7Saint Lucia, Castries — Holy Trinity Anglican Church Foundation Stone
This Stone was laid to the glory of God by His Excellency Sir Charles Bruce. K.C.M.G. Governor of the Windward Islands on Nov. 25th 1894 Rev J.R. Bascom. Incumbent. S.T. Wenborn. Architect.Map (db m122884) HM
8Saint Lucia, Castries — Hon. Derek Alton Walcott
Born in St Lucia January 23, 1930 Nobel Prize for Literature 1992 "Moi c'est gens Ste. Lucie: C'est la moi sorti: is there that I born" Excerpt from the poem "Sainte Lucie"Map (db m93908) HM
9Saint Lucia, Castries — Inniskilling Fusiliers: 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot
In 1688 the inhabitants of Enniskillen in Co Fermanagh, Ireland took up arms in defense of their town against the threat of occupation by the forces of James II. The troops so raised, The Inniskillingers, Foot and Dragoons, made repeated expeditions . . . Map (db m82930) HM WM
10Saint Lucia, Castries — Jean Baptiste Bideau
Jean Baptiste Bideau c. 1770-1817 Born at Desruisseaux in Saint Lucia A sea captain who dedicated his life to freedom and heroically saved the life of Simon BolivarMap (db m116642) HM WM
11Saint Lucia, Castries — Simon Bolivar
. . . Map (db m116646) HM WM
12Saint Lucia, Castries — Sir George Frederick Lawrence CharlesK.C.M.G. · C.B.E. · S.L.C. · J.P.
Born in Saint Lucia June 7, 1916 Pioneer of the Trade Union Movement 1946. Founding Father of the Saint Lucia Labour Party October 1950. First Minister of Education and Social Services March 1, 1956. First Chief Minister of Saint Lucia January 1, . . . Map (db m94219) HM
13Saint Lucia, Castries — Sir John George Melvin Compton
The Right Honourable Sir John George Melvin Compton Saint Lucia’s First Primer Minister & Champion of Caribbean Integration 1925-2007Map (db m116692) HM
14Saint Lucia, Castries — The “Cannon” at Walcott Place
The “Cannon” at Walcott PlaceReclaiming our history…. The intersections of Chaussee Rd., Chisel St. and Mary-Ann St form this tiny rectangular "island" green. For many years, this place has been known as the "Cannon." One . . . Map (db m116647) HM
15Saint Lucia, Castries — William Arthur Lewis
William Arthur Lewis KT Nobel Laureate Economist Born 23rd January 1915 Died 15th June 1991 For whom this college is named Beloved husband of Gladys, Father of Elizabeth and Barbara First Vice-Chancellor of the University of the . . . Map (db m82686) HM
16Saint Lucia, Castries — World Wars Memorial
To the Glory of God and the abiding memory of the men of Saint Lucia who lost their lives in the Great War 1914-1918. British West Indies Regiment. No. ∙ Rank ∙ Name ∙ Batt. ∙ 1092 Pte. Arthur Augustin 2nd. ∙10458 . . . Map (db m93815) WM
17Saint Lucia, Castries — Sir William Arthur Lewis
Born in St Lucia January 23, 1915 Nobel Prize for Economics - 1979 "A country without the Arts is a cultural desert" 1971 Graduation Address, U.W.I. Cave Hill Died June 15, 1991.Map (db m93903) HM
18Saint Lucia, Choiseul, Rivière Dorée — The Rivière Dorée Grace Church
Welcome to the Rivière Dorée Grace Church Was built in 1846 by the Alexander Family of Scotland. The family remains and those African Prince – Prince John lie in the cemetery across the road The school was the first to be built after . . . Map (db m122874) HM
19Saint Lucia, Dennery, Grande Riviere — In Memory of Two Banana Farmers Killed
In Memory of 2 Banana Farmers Killed by police on Oct 7th 1993 during protest action for better price for our bananas Julious Joseph Born Feb 22n 1970 Killed 7 Oct 1993 Buried 16th Oct 1993 Rendy Joseph Born May 4th 1993 Killed Oct 7th 1993 . . . Map (db m135661) HM
20Saint Lucia, Gros Islet — The Bells of Gros Islet
This stone was laid by his Grace Archbishop Kelvin Felix D.D. 16th December 1993, to commemorate the centenary of the blessing of these bells by Archbishop Flood. In faith and celebration this new belfry was built by the community with support . . . Map (db m116718) HM
21Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — C.O.'s Quarters
C.O.’s Quarters 1782, rebuilt 1824 These quarters were never used by Admiral Rodney; he preferred to stay on his flagship “in comfort”. Traces of a kitchen garden were found above to the left, behind the water tank, and two patios . . . Map (db m82716) HM WM
22Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Carib Caves
Carib Caves The Caribbean Sea gets its name from the Calingo or Carib people from South America who began their migration northward into the Antilles about 1000 A.D. They settled in areas close to the mainland supplies of fresh water, flora and . . . Map (db m82697) HM
23Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Cooperage
Cooperage 1778 In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries British warships, transports and supply ships came and went in Gros Islet Bay and were refitted and resupplied at Pigeon Island. Barrels were the containers of the day. . . . Map (db m116717) HM
24Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Fort Rodney
Fort Rodney 1778 Pigeon Island, only some 40 kilometres (25 miles) south of the French base at Fort Royal, Martinique, had long been recognized by the British Admiral Rodney as an important observation and defensive site. In 1780 he wrote . . . Map (db m82693) HM WM
25Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Gunslide
Gunslide Looking down the canyon you can see the deep bay where Admiral Rodney’s ships anchored during the years 1778-1782. The ships were able to lie at anchor in the deep water close to the island, and seamen where employed in hauling cannon . . . Map (db m82694) HM
26Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Josset's House
Josset’s House 1969 This private house was destroyed in the hurricane of 1980 and by the action of the sea. By that time the owner, Josset Legh, had returned to England after a forty-year romance with her tropical island paradise. In 1937 . . . Map (db m82696) HM
27Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Lime Kiln
Lime Kiln Eighteenth century The most intensive period of British occupation on Pigeon Island was from 1779 to 1783. The lime kiln was one of the first structures built. Lime was used as a binding agent for all masonry work. White lime was . . . Map (db m82695) HM WM
28Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Musket Redoubt
Musket Redoubt 1782 This outpost to Fort Rodney was built in 1782 to protect the ridge top from surprise attack from sea. The soldiers could be hidden in the sunken area and they could stand on the platform and look down on both sides of the . . . Map (db m82691) HM WM
29Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Officers' Kitchen
1778, rebuilt 1824 Although the heyday of Pigeon Island as a British base in the Caribbean was in the late eighteenth century during the Rodney period, the garrison continued to be manned until 1861. Built originally in 1778, this kitchen . . . Map (db m82875) HM
30Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Officers' Quarters and Mess
Officers’ Quarters and Mess 1824 Pigeon Island National Landmark Interpretation Centre 1993 The only existing structural elements from the original Officers’ Quarters and Mess, built in 1824, are the foundation walls and arches below the main . . . Map (db m82719) HM WM
31Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Ridge Battery
Ridge Battery The heaviest gun on Pigeon Island was sited here. It was a 32-pounder which could be turned from north to south to cover the St. Lucia Channel and Gros Islet Bay. The gun was used effectively in 1781 to repel the French invasion of . . . Map (db m82692) HM
32Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Soldiers' Barracks
Soldiers’ Barracks 1808, rebuilt 1824 The colonial struggle between Britain and France and her allies continued into the 1800s, although fighting was interrupted by short-lived treaties and peace settlements. British troops were still sent to . . . Map (db m188061) HM WM
33Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — Two-Gun Battery
Two-Gun Battery In 1780 HMS Cornwall was damaged and Admiral Rodney requested that her deck timbers be used in construction of the two-gun battery on Pigeon Island. This gun battery was to protect the island from a sea attack from the . . . Map (db m83231) HM WM
34Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Pigeon Island — U.S. Signal Station1941
U.S. Signal Station 1941 Nearly two centuries after Rodney recognized its importance, Pigeon Island was again used as a strategic base, during World War II. This U.S. Signal Station was built over Rodney’s existing mortar battery dating from . . . Map (db m82690) HM WM
35Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Rodney Bay — José Martí
José Martí National Hero Republic of CubaMap (db m122803) HM WM
36Saint Lucia, Soufrière — The Pitons World Heritage Site
The Pitons Management Area (PMA) was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a natural site on Wednesday, 30th June 2004 at the 28th session of the World Heritage Committee. The status as a World Heritage Site was conferred on the basis . . . Map (db m82687) HM
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